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'The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism of the weapon, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.' - Karl Marx
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>Be Ernst Thälmann in the late 20s
>Leader of the KPD in Germany
>Get over 10% of the vote in 1928 (4th place)
>Get 13% (3rd place) but Hitler just came out of no where and got 18% (2nd place)
>It's obvious that Hitler is going to keep growing in power
>Hitler brags in speeches that he'll suppress every other party in the Reichstag once he wins
>He even wrote a book where he talks about bolshevism being the blood enemy of fascism
>Be Ernst Thälmann: massively popular, growing at a similar rate to Hitler, but don't know what to do
>Consult pre-1935 Comintern, guidelines only retards would follow (even Stalin admitted this later)
>"Whatever you do, don't make a coalition with the Social Democrats!" says Comintern
>Social Democrats are the only party bigger than the Nazis
>They are interested in forming a coalition with the KPD to beat Hitler
>"Nah, that sounds like social fascism to me"
>Thälmann decides to attack SD rather than Hitler
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Wtf, y Russia betray them?


>"Whatever you do, don't make a coalition with the Social Democrats!" says Comintern
Infighting between leftist leading to millions of communist to be tortured and murdered.


This. After Stalinization (if you'll pardon the term) it is well-known that the comintern went from a coordinating pole of internationalism to a cudgel of the USSR used against other CPs.


Ah yes, it was for precisely this reason that the great comrade Stalin expressed approval for its dissolution


but that's the point. if the strasserists were cultivated then it would have split the party and made Hitler's rise to power less likely.
>It's just meme politics
fair enough


I am making this thread, because I need to learn study habits that actually improve my chance of getting a good grad in university. After having studied quite a lot for my thermodynamics course and feeling very confident that I will pass with a good grade and still fucking up so bad that I now having to worry about my future at university, I hope I can steer things around.
This is not about getting motivation to sit down for studying, but actually putting the knowledge to the paper. I really feel like shit right now, so any help would be greatly appreciated
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>the most intelligent people in society avoid professions that require very sophisticated mental labor altogether, and choose "boring" work
Interesting. Could you elaborate


>Interesting. Could you elaborate
There isn't much to go on except for studies made that involved cognitive aptitude testing. The result: the people that scored unusually high (the top 5 percentile), had really mundane jobs like mailman or office clerk. None of them held positions like a high powered CEO nor did they have much of academic achievements. I wouldn't read to much into it, it's not very scientific, but it indicates that our societal institutions probably are hostile to intelligence and galaxy brained smarty pants avoid them.


But didn't you just state that we can't measure intelligence?


File: 1643215304803.pdf (843.06 KB, 208x255, CALNEW~2.PDF)

I'm in the same boat as you OP. I literally thought I was at the top of my class and doing well too, until I got back my final grades. Don't worry, we can learn from our mistakes.

This book is from an American college perspective, but I think even if you're not American the fundamentals should still be the same: "How to be a Straight A Student" by Cal Newport

Take some time to reflect on where you could've improved and make a strategy for next semester.

It really comes down to this


That book looks worth a read. Thanks and yeah I hope I can learn from my mistakes.

File: 1643070081073.jpg (199.84 KB, 1000x666, Engels-statue.jpg)


How do you deal with someone that starts waffling and making no clear points at all in a discussion? And also will double down? And doesn't involve just dropping it?


File: 1643079389359.png (347.82 KB, 1085x509, ClipboardImage.png)

- Perhaps ask them elucidate their thoughts more clearly.
- Maybe use a syllogism to show their logic does not make sense.
- Or sumarize its flaws and incoherence in an adequately succinct way so that even the most braindead of morons can get it.

File: 1608528064617-0.jpg (124.93 KB, 449x600, 8955.jpg)


To bring up my back ground before getting into the topic at hand. I am a historian and have been interested in seeing how we humans throughout history cope with deadly diseases. As we have seen in recent times of deadly diseases, such as the "spanish" flu, ebloa, sars, etc.

Now to focus on thentopic, humans throught hidtory tend to personify diseases. One of the best examples woth the related pictures are from the bubonic plague. Where medieval artists would cope with the death by creating personfications of the plague. This is what intrests me is why do we cope with the death by making into a person? I would like to hear from some of you on this, for its an interesting subject.
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You just wanted to make a topic about corona-chan didn't you, admit it.


There is already a thread about that on /GET/ already and lets be honest. This is only but another example of what I am trying to tall about. Because during the internet age we have been making art of things like the ebola or now the corona virus. I wanted to have a discussion about why we personify these deadly dieases as we did throughout history.

This might be the case, I wonder what makes us as humans feel more at ease being able to see the virus as a humanoid. I know from what happened in the mid 14th century with the black plague it drastically changed the world in those five years it lasted. Art changed showing the depiction of death, as a sort of comforting thing.


Here's something for you; Apollo started out as such a personification


It could be theoretically argued that the tendency to personify things extends outwards to all boundaries of human existence, as a sort of inevitable anthropocentrism which permeates all facets of our perception due to qualities which are inescapably ingrained in our consciousness: i.e. that a human recognizes their own humanity, as its species essence, is a rather unique feature, even though it might sound mundane. The symbolic realm arguably derives from this, and if said realm does indeed owe its origins to such a tendency, then it would make sense for it to always be 'textured' with the recurrence of specifically human imagery. Even animals, as we often depict them, are more or less projections of our own sense of mythos… representational metaphors–a fox, for example, is not 'just a fox', but is connotated as 'sneaky, mischievous, suave–an archetypal trickster', etc.
People will probably accuse me of coming off as overly Jungian, but I'm not really much of a subscriber to him, that is, outside of the base realization that there's probably some kind of innate anthropocentric lens which colors our figurative ideals of reality. So at any rate, I don't think the phenomenon spoken of here is so exclusive to death, although at the same time, I guess the 'coping theory' isn't mutually exclusive with what I'm saying either.


*is so particular to death


Hello comrades. I have doubts about materialism since the philosophical part of Marxism isn't my strength, but I want to be able to understand it better since materialism is the foundation of marxist theory and the communist movement.
I've had arguments in the past with people who claim that modern science doesn't prove materialism or that materialism cannot explain things like the origin of the universe or quantum mechanics. Well, where do I begin with this? Is materialism the truth? The most basic part of marxist philosophy is the assertion that matter is objectively real, right? How do I prove this then? Maybe one of you STEMlords around here can help me out with this. Any resources on this is appreciated.
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Bumping for this guy again


Can this be archived please?
It was two new threads from deletion, basically already dead.


QM is a mess (having actually studied in academically in some capacity) but its a materialist conception of history not really a metaphysical one. Also the idea that reason falls back on a quantum mechanical world was fucking destroyed by Bell in the 60s so the idea that any broad metaphysical statement has any scientific backing is rather suspect.


Perhaps I dont understand materialism, scientific value, communism, marxism, or what you mean
The way I see it, materialism is all that matters because its all that can be proved to exist
>inb4 solipsism brain in a jar shit, I dont care if my house isnt actually real, I have performed numerous repeat experiments by living in it and all evidence points toward corporeality
I guess this is one of those things that can be really easy to bring into a navel gazing circlejerk about what is reality, what is real, etc, like in the same vein as Last Thursdayism where technically you could have been created a few days ago and it just so happens that all your memories are generally pretty accurate and also congruous with reality moving forwards


Post videos of 1800s life.

>Man Born in 1867 Talks About Working in the 1880s - Filmed in 1930 - Colorized & Restored Video

>Albert l. Salt, born in 1867, was 14 years old when he began working for Western Electric in 1881. He rose up through the ranks to become President of the Graybar Company, which was spun off from Western Electric in 1925 and handled their electrical appliance market. Graybar is still in business today and was named after the founders of Western Electric, Elisha Gray and Enos Barton. This was filmed in 1930.



>Ex Slaves talk about Slavery in the USA

>A story done by ABC News in 1999 about slavery as told by people who were slaves. Recorded in the 1940's.


>Rebecca Latimer - 94yrs old born 1835 - US Senator & Slave owner

>filmed 1929


everyone in the comment section is going on a list

File: 1641530872418.jpg (14.52 KB, 201x302, Juan_Posadas.jpg)


This Thread is created to have serious discussion on J. Posadas works. Critiquing, analyzing, and learning from his works and understanding why his Party was very big in South America. Below are some of the translated works that I could find:





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File: 1641535455124-0.pdf (27.58 MB, 197x255, 1621878045108.pdf)


I have read that book it was quite interesting to get the life of Posadas and how Trots turned against him. Despite the fact that there was valid reasons for it, as the Fourth International were very Eurocentric. They did not listen nor cared about the blight of the South American Comrades. When Posadas with his influence decided to do the Fourth Inernational Posadas, he basically pissed off all the Trots doing soo.

It was when he addressed one of his comrades on the UFO phenomena was why the Flying Saucers article everyone knows was written. It was originally a speech and was written down as the minutes, what this speech was supposed to do was basically saying, if advance civilizations exist they would be Socialist'. It was this twisting of words that caused the Posadist to be seen as the ufo cult by the jealous trots that still had beef with Posadas.

If you read some of his other articles like the ones I posted and the book he written. You would see that Posadas was very much a ecologist, wanting Nuclear Power to be out of the hands of the capitalist and into the hands of the populace. That Workers state should be in control of the nuclear weapons to defend themselves in a capitalist world.

File: 1640985701043.jpg (8.59 KB, 231x346, 1221.jpg)


Is this book any good? It was published while Lenin was still alive, but I can't find him mentioning it anywhere. I assume its on the same tier as The ABC of Communism. Good, just not often recommended. At any rate, I'm going to read it over the next week to see for myself.
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I would agree usually, but Bukharin is an exception. His imperialism and works on marginal utility are all fine


Lenin and Bukharin are the exceptions to your rule


didnt bukharin get purged by stalin?


The book has recently gotten some new attention since it got republished by Cosmonaut Magazine not too long ago: https://shop.cosmonaut.blog/product/historical-materialism-a-study-in-sociology/16?cp=true&sa=false&sbp=false&q=false&category_id=2
Now I haven't read it myself but I've heard very good things about it and Bukharin in general was a pretty great theorist. This book is on my personal reading list, though I don't know when I will get to it. Let us know what you think of it when you're done, OP.

Yes, unfortunately.


It's quite nice so far. I recently read Stephen Cohen's biography on Bukharin, which is what spurred my interest. I will say, however, it's restating mostly the basics of stuff. If you have read Engels 4 letters on historical materialism, the first chapter of the german ideology, capital, or even the manifesto, you are probably set enough. Probably. It's good to have things restated clearly anyways. It does remind me that purging Bukharin was an unforgivable and senseless tragedy. It's a determining factor in being a non-stalinist communist, among other factors.


Baudrillard is one of the few who was able to critique Marxism from a resonable and not cucked perspective.
Especially in The Mirror of Production his criticisms are from the prespective of some one knowledgeable of Marx.
Now that the dust has settled was he right nearly about everything?
I mean look at China
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Make an argument anytime


Baudrillard only had vapid literary critiques of Marx, also suck my dick anytime


This is not fucking /leftypol/. Stop shitting this board.


OP shat up this board


It sounds like a reasonable perspective until you realize that this concept was already addressed by later marxists.
Alienation being a fundamental feature of humanity is something explored by Zizek.

File: 1640960840219.jpg (86.71 KB, 640x807, Janos_Kornai_2005.jpg)


We had already thread on him I think but can't find it anymore. Are there any good books or reviews on his work? Did Cockshott ever talk about him?
In general also a /thread/ about current AES economics.


Contemporary socialist economics aren't your "AES" economics because all serious socialist economists have moved beyond your insipid apologia for state capitalism.


To what exactly?



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