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'The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism of the weapon, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.' - Karl Marx
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Seems like there are a few people on leftypol interested in this subject so I thought I'd create a thread dedicated to discussing the Wydna collective and Pseudodoxology podcast
>What is Wydna?
Wydna is a research collective dedicated to reading history through a unique lens. Taking inspiration from Marxism and Accelerationism, Kantbot and other members of the collective dedicate themselves to uncovering the conspiracies, traditions and ideologies that circle the elites of the British and American Empires. Through their podcast, they discuss secret societies, scandals, and factions of the deep state in a fashion considered unconventional to our current interpretation of history.
>That sounds great, where can I learn more?
Their episodes are paywalled, so that's why I'm making this thread. I will be uploading some of their more noteworthy episodes on request here for those who aren't interested in paying the 5$ a month on patreon.
You can listen to their most popular episodes for free on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/show/45p4IYDT96zuulXl1oH5wW?si=4uuH0B85RjWbbqdEmnwQkw
And I will be filling this thread with links to episodes I consider noteworthy.
I'll start by uploading their episode on the history of political economy, which is 7 hours, so I'll be breaking the audio up into several parts. This post, OP, contains the first 3.
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I just want to spill my guts about KB because I've been following his stuff for about 5 years and it's way too bizarre to share with my normie life.

Basically, I have one of those overeducated PMC asshole jobs. I know, I suck. I'm surrounded by social Liberalism 24/7 so I often get into deranged conspiracy/pseud crap. It's overcompensating in some way, I'm sure.

Anyway, I find the arc of KB to be fascinating. KF treats him like a lolcow but he hasn't done anything very self-degrading and for that I think really represents a hope that alt-right weirdos can take the pipeline. Essentially, I find his left turn to be sincere, although it's probably just motivated by his spectrum-y need to have obsessive epiphanies.

The way that KB is doing his "research" is shit at the level of source quality and critical history, but the method he's generating in the process is fascinating. More on that next.


So if I had to sum up the main "finding" of KB's "research", it would be to say that he identifies intentional agency where normal history finds inert crap, and inert crap where others find intentional agency. But this leads KB down the rabbit trail of of Jim Garrison-style paranoia with no real insight. And in many of the cases where he goes at very established areas, KB usually just repeats the paranoid red-string charts of people like LaRouche.

The WYDNA group shines, however, in their willingness to dive deep on issues adjacent to primary research (even if they can't really do primary research on many topics) and connect it to the high theory of the classical enlightenment. KBs chops are legit when it comes to Kant, Herder, and the 18th century novel. Every insight he makes that draws back to German Idealism (like his acosmism spiel) is really rock-solid.

This kind of leads me to KB's method. He's been trying to teach himself critical bibliography, code, and to a lesser degree, postscholastic rhetoric. At some level he recognizes that all the red-string diagramming he's doing can be boiled down to association and abductive reasoning. This is the part that's actually the interesting tension in KB's work: he can explain the whole rationale of a priori reasoning etc etc but when it comes to this show, he is doing a massive gonzo historiography. So there's this romantic irony under the hood that reminds me of Borges.

Furthermore, I can't think of any other source that can do these playful interludes, like Parzifal and All Quiet, or Dune and Iran-Contra. KB is a genuinely funny guy when he gets to do a gimmick.

I do have complaints. More on that next.


Let me make some petty complaints about the podcast: basically, it's too much of a rant delivered by the hyperfixated. KB gets very compressed speech that's hard to follow. Ed is great and gives a deliberate, steady unraveling of an argument, but he's not structuring the pod.

Ed also needs to stop recording in noisy spaces. It's audio garbage.

For that matter, complex networks lend themselves to 2d graphic display, NOT narrative. It's next to impossible to narrate the interrelations of the many networks that wydna covers, and they don't rise to the challenge. Every episode is a kind of soup of hard-to-track references. Multiple listens (of 8hr podcasts) are necessary.

I should also mention that Logo is pure deadwood. He's the real pseud in the pack, and it shows painfully. He's too interested in being cool and defining a novel aesthetic.

The wydna pod needs a heavy story edit every time. They need a writing consultant who turns the annotated bibliography into a structured, deliberate account. I think Ed might be able to do it, but I think KB would never allow it because he drives a lot of pressure from his stimmed-out,compressed, hyperfixation rants.


The anti-dialectics website is good though. This woman is absolutely destroying pseuds that defend dialectics


so what do these people believe?

File: 1659859339837.jpg (28.22 KB, 367x487, if only you knew.jpg)


I've been making my way through Karl Kautsky's major works lately and have made it to Lenin's personal favorite, The Road to Power of 1909. Only one problem: the public domain translation on marxists.org is by the Simons couple, and judging by their other German translations I've read, it's probably hot garbage.

Which is why I've come here: apparently there is a 1996 new translation by Raymond Meyer that is "much better". Does anyone know if this book has been scanned anywhere? It's not on Libgen, but I was wondering if anyone with access to academic library services could look for a digital copy. I'm not even 100% sure that the Meyer translation can be bought physically anymore, the reviews are complaining about library scans and the like which would suggest it's the old public domain Simons translation.

Also I guess any discussion of the book goes here too. I recommend reading Kautsky, you'd be surprised how many concepts and slogans originate with him ("socialism or barbarism" for instance).
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Thanks. This will definitely be my next project to get the speeches transcribed into the actual W. Liebknecht archive. After that, there's a good chance I'll do Lassalle and Bebel too.


Work on Wilhelm Liebknecht's volume is well underway. I've just got to finish linking up all the contextual notes and it will be ready to publish.

On another note, I found this promotion at the end of the Lassalle book. It looks like the Voices of Revolt series was originally slated to be far larger than it ended up being. Babeuf and Blanqui in particular I wish could have been released.

PS: does anyone have any idea who translated these? It's a total shot in the dark, but they don't list it in the book.


File: 1668204651951.png (126.81 KB, 400x642, in preparation.png)

forgot pic:


Fuck me, these contextual notes are not worth the effort. They're not endnotes per say, instead it's just a glossary at the back of the book you can refer to if you don't know a person, etc. That means to add them I basically have to memorize the whole glossary and then read the whole book a second time to find all the terms and add them in order. I've already done half of the book so I'm committed now, but if I ever do any of the other Voices of Revolt books I'm doing a straight transcription of the glossary with none of that hyperlink shit.

File: 1608527957129.jpeg (92.79 KB, 1214x697, 5aad0c9117db7.jpeg)

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This is not a debate thread. I encourage debate on this topic to happen in /leftypol/, as it would have anyway. This is an /edu/cational thread only.

Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, the third and highest stage of communist theory, was synthesized in 1982 by the Peruvian Communist Party (known in bourgeois sources by the epithet "Sendero Luminoso"). Here is the document they published concerning this: http://library.redspark.nu/1982_-_Maoism._On_Marxism-Leninism-Maoism
Parties and organizations that uphold MLM theory in the modern day include:
>Communist Party of Ecuador – Red Sun
>Peru People’s Movement (Reorganisation Committee)
>Communist Party of Brazil (Red Faction)
>Red Faction of the Communist Party of Chile
>Maoist Organization for the Reconstitution of the Communist Party of Columbia
>Revolutionary Nucleus for the Reconstitution of the Communist Party of Mexico
>Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist
>Committee Red Flag, FRG
>Maoist Communist Party, French State
Red Flag Collective, Finland
>Committees for the Foundation of the (Maoist) Communist Party of Austria
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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i'll direct you towards:

the DotP will incorporate workplace democracy. (Though for modern conditions, unless the union wave grows and spreads, it might be more workable to go for taking delegates from poor neighborhoods as well as workplaces). At the same time, historical example has shown that the DotP centralizes into a state form, at least under the conditions of being besieged by capitalist countries - this is the condition of any revolution, so i wouldn't hold on to the idea of councils of workers (and other proletarian) delegates being the main force of economic planning for long, but being incorporated into a larger system as the human side. (There can be some professional specialization into the subject of ordering production, since it's a technical rather than political job. The political aspect should belong to the councils who directly represent the people and their interests, and who ultimately control production of a given area. This ordering follows democratic centralism (or the mass line) - take the particular knowledge and desires of the people, give it to professionals to analyze and figure out how to make workable, then hand this back down to the people as a plan of action)


Castro on the shining path:

http://lanic.utexas.edu/projec>Oscar Eduardo Bravo] Oscar Eduardo Bravo of Radio Programs of Peru.
>Commander Fidel Castro, I have two questions. First, what is the Cuban Government's position regarding the terrorist group Shining path, which is operating in Peru, and now according to reports is also in Bolivia, Chile,and in Tucuman, Argentina?
>Second, do you have doubts about President Alan Garcia's abilities? This I ask based on your message in which you seem to question him, as if doubting what he has promised. Do you have any fear of losing some of your leadership in Latin America, especially among the group of debtors?
>[Castro] You have asked at least three questions in one, which do not seem to have any relation. You ask me about Shining Path. I absolutely have no links with Shining Path. I do not know and have never known anyone linked to Shining Path. I know as much about Shining Path as you do. It is a mystery. I have said in some of my inter views that it seems to confirm the country's state of social instability. It seems to confirm a very deep economic crisis in the country. That is what Shining Path seems to mean – more so, when you read the statistics on Cuzco, about the number of illiterate and hungry peasants and undernourished children.
>A Peruvian peasant leader who spoke here recently complained about very few people having more than 200 calories daily and according to what the charts recommended a person should consume 2,500 calories daily. There are children who are only getting 10 to 15 calories [corrects himself] 15 to 20 grams of protein daily, who should be consuming an average of 60, 70 or 80 grams of protein. More than 100 children for every 1,000 die every year. I call this terrorism of the worst kind. How many children are going to be born in Peru? Peru has approximately 20 million inhabitants. Suppose we place the birthrate at 3 percent.This means that at least half a million will be borne and if 10 percent of these die in their first year of life,this will mean that 50,000 children will die. However, with a health system like the one we have in Cuba, more than 40,000 of those children could be saved. This means that the existing social system is the cause of the death of 40Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


What's it like being so retarded that you idolize a grifting Peruvian schizo?


Very interesting. Thank you for sharing. He is notably understanding in his statement on the growing civil war, even though he gives reserved support for Garcia. Of course from the PCP's point of view, they found this non-sufficient, as they were building force to overthrow the bourgeois state of Peru.
Pointless to throw around words you can't define


Thanks anon, some nice pdfs right there


Thread to discuss his philosophical and political work. Feel free to share opinions, insights and material on Alexander Dugin and his literature.
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Not that this was a good thread in the first place, but why would you bump a 2 month old thread just to post filth lmao


should have deleted this thread


And why isn't it a good thread? Because you personally aren't interested in Dugin?


File: 1664784743218.jpg (36.83 KB, 436x435, qr9Z4cNlwxs.jpg)

Letov about Dugin:

>EL: And there was also a story: once we lived at Kuryokhin - Dugin, me and Nyurych. We wake up, I open the window, Dugiin lies on the bed thinking about something and asks: "But where is Omsk located?" I say: "Well, where: in the south of Siberia. Near Kazakhstan." - "Kazakhstan is near Omsk? And what if the Kazakhs poisoned the air? They can poison the air! Immediately close the window: the wind is poisoned!" And, in all seriousness: he was scared terribly, he began to walk around the room. "The Kazakhs, damn it, poisoned the wind - where will I go? It is, for sure. I know they have the reed people. They have Lake Balkhash, and reeds grow in large quantities there. And the reed people live there, reed people who never stick out, only breathe through a tube." Then he thought again, thought and said: "And in the middle of Balkhash there is a huge island, where lives a gigantic, gigantic cat, whom they all worship." He had this from Kuryokhin, unambiguously. Where else could he get these ideas? He says: “Damn, reed people are all around, what can we do? They can arrange an invasion! That’s all - then we’ll be finished! If the reed people get out, they’ll climb on us with their cat! And the cat is huge, three meters tall!”

>(…) And then he drank a little, and started with this Kurekhin's hubbub again. He said that a huge plasma is flying at us from the galaxy. This plasma is approaching us, and soon we are done - literally in a year, or something. I say: "Well, yes, of course, Lenin is a mushroom." He was terribly offended, it almost came to a fight


Is the source on this in russian? I can't find this anywhere

File: 1640183585474.jpg (1.84 MB, 2048x1340, jwst.jpg)


Once this thing launches it will be a massive step forward for astronomy. This thread is for any future discoveries it makes. Or for discussing the implications of any discoveries that JWST makes.
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Stop shitting up this board and coping when getting called out


you first


File: 1668187537529.png (143.75 KB, 448x601, ClipboardImage.png)

You lost, Blake
Back to ghostwriting for Thiel


File: 1668188317686-0.png (3.49 MB, 2000x1157, Tarantula Nebula.png)

File: 1668188317686-1.png (1.88 MB, 1500x7297, Diffraction Spikes.png)

>In this mosaic image stretching 340 light-years across, Webb’s Near-Infrared Camera (NIRCam) displays the Tarantula Nebula star-forming region in a new light, including tens of thousands of never-before-seen young stars that were previously shrouded in cosmic dust. The most active region appears to sparkle with massive young stars, appearing pale blue. Scattered among them are still-embedded stars, appearing red, yet to emerge from the dusty cocoon of the nebula. NIRCam is able to detect these dust-enshrouded stars thanks to its unprecedented resolution at near-infrared wavelengths.
>To the upper left of the cluster of young stars, and the top of the nebula’s cavity, an older star prominently displays NIRCam’s distinctive eight diffraction spikes, an artifact of the telescope’s structure. Following the top central spike of this star upward, it almost points to a distinctive bubble in the cloud. Young stars still surrounded by dusty material are blowing this bubble, beginning to carve out their own cavity. Astronomers used two of Webb’s spectrographs to take a closer look at this region and determine the chemical makeup of the star and its surrounding gas. This spectral information will tell astronomers about the age of the nebula and how many generations of star birth it has seen.
>Farther from the core region of hot young stars, cooler gas takes on a rust color, telling astronomers that the nebula is rich with complex hydrocarbons. This dense gas is the material that will form future stars. As winds from the massive stars sweep away gas and dust, some of it will pile up and, with gravity’s help, form new stars.
Full res (140.68 MB): https://stsci-opo.org/STScI-01GA76Q01D09HFEV174SVMQDMV.png


>This image of the Cartwheel and its companion galaxies is a composite from Webb’s Near-Infrared Camera (NIRCam) and Mid-Infrared Instrument (MIRI), which reveals details that are difficult to see in the individual images alone.
>This galaxy formed as the result of a high-speed collision that occurred about 400 million years ago. The Cartwheel is composed of two rings, a bright inner ring and a colorful outer ring. Both rings expand outward from the center of the collision like shockwaves.
>However, despite the impact, much of the character of the large, spiral galaxy that existed before the collision remains, including its rotating arms. This leads to the “spokes” that inspired the name of the Cartwheel Galaxy, which are the bright red streaks seen between the inner and outer rings. These brilliant red hues, located not only throughout the Cartwheel, but also the companion spiral galaxy at the top left, are caused by glowing, hydrocarbon-rich dust.
>In this near- and mid-infrared composite image, MIRI data are colored red while NIRCam data are colored blue, orange, and yellow. Amidst the red swirls of dust, there are many individual blue dots, which represent individual stars or pockets of star formation. NIRCam also defines the difference between the older star populations and dense dust in the core and the younger star populations outside of it.
>Webb’s observations capture the Cartwheel in a very transitory stage. The form that the Cartwheel Galaxy will eventually take, given these two competing forces, is still a mystery. However, this snapshot provides perspective on what happened to the galaxy in the past and what it will do in the future.
Full res (30.47 MB): https://stsci-opo.org/STScI-01G9G4J23CDPVNGCYDJRZTTJQN.png
Full res NIRCam only (30.54 MB): https://stsci-opo.org/STScI-01G9G4KWCB7CHGD6Z1A26G9CVT.png


What are some of the most ethical careers a leftist can take part in with regards to not exploiting anyone under them and not doing damage to the environment? Which blue collar and white collar jobs are leftist approved (preferably careers that don't require a degree)?
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thank you for your service


Ethical is weird when you consider different approaches to the spook that is 'good'.

Is it more ethical to exploit no other workers, or to become the people who exploit them and therefore have the power to enable change for them?
I make a lot of money protecting a capitalist financial company from capitalist financial crime. I have a singular income in the top 5-10% of the country. I would prefer a socialist to have that income than a capitalist or griller. Money is a major part of power under capitalism, I can and do use it to financially support communist parties and unions.
So is it more ethical to exploit no-one, or to seize the power over them and attempt to use it to relieve their exploitation? That's a subjective question.

I provide their mom a service


Based. My goal is to become as rich as possible for personal gain, but it is undeniable that monied people have more influence on society after a certain threshold.

My org does wonders with paltry money. With a monthly donation of 1k USD, man, I can only dream. If I were properly monied, an easy 100k donation would propell us forward ridiculously.


File: 1667995314115.png (37.21 KB, 200x200, ClipboardImage.png)

hmm today I will become a police officer to fix the system by being a good cop


if you go into management, it's a mafia. you will one day have to bend the knee and kiss the pope's ring, and if you don't you can say goodbye to your career. it could be that one day you'll have to fire a comrade, or defend a manager who was abusing a disabled man. or a pedo who was grooming the 16 yr old checkout girls.


Audiobook thread.

Post audiobooks links ITT.

I'll start.

Eric Hobsbawm - On Nationalism



Im doing to dump my audiobooks from audible but it will take a while to download and convert them all.


Convert them to .opus


File: 1632260229953.png (83.07 KB, 1000x813, MEL-bg.png)


Hello /edu/! /read/ ( >>5912 ) here to announce a new project to you. It's https://archive.marxists.xyz. It's a new public archive of Marxist texts and books, where anyone can edit and format texts.

We're running what is essentially the Marxist counterpart to The Anarchist Library, same software and all. There are a few advantages this software provides us over a traditional site like marxists.org:
>uses a database for storing data, easier to maintain over time
>texts are formatted in a simple markup language, adding new texts is incredibly easy
>site automatically generates various formats of ebooks for use on different devices or even printing
>advanced search and browsing function
and best of all, it's public, so anyone can contribute! Whether adding new translations or just fixing a typo on an already published piece, anyone can help!

The goal of the archive is to be a public place anyone can use to publish Marxist literature in a general sense, whether republished content from other sources, or new translations and original writings. We try to be non-sectarian, as our community itself is diverse. We'll let most classic works be published right away, but original pieces will require a closer look by moderation.

We've already published a few different pieces so you can see for yourself how it all works. For example this one: archive.marxists.xyz/library/friedrich-engels-principles-of-communism

We'd love to have contributions from you! We also invite the translation team at >>2085 to publish their work on our site.

That is all for now, thank you.
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Probably, as eveything else was seemingly fine.


Typo fixed, thanks for pointing it out. That said, if you ever find a mistake in a text like this, you can edit it yourself. There's a button for that on the top header where the different file downloads are, simply click it, edit the text and submit it for moderation.

Nothing very formal, just a quick look through texts as they get edited. We should probably get a proper spellchecking set up.

Glad you're making good use of the site anon.


Did the site die?


I have the same question.



>Food and decolonisation
>How is it that war in Europe should threaten people in Africa and the middle east with starvation?
>Read here: https://thecommunists.org/2022/06/16/news/food-and-decolonisation-hunger-imperialism/


File: 1608528375091.jpg (101.2 KB, 1200x1114, who shills the USSR.jpg)


Since /leftypol/ is downright autistic at times I decided to make a Debunk thread where anticommunist arguments are presented with their debunks by users.
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There are no search bubbles on the booru…


???? who said anything about the booru


>People Don't Read Anymore
<all this time used by other things
Not to mention the impact social media has had in rapidly decreasing attention spans. It's really fucked up, but a prole unable to concentrate or think critically, or educate themselves, is a prole easier to control for porky. Reminds me of Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron (https://archive.ph/pofEg).


Video by DemocraticSocialist01 (currently renamed DemocraticMarxist01) debunking anti-Che rhetoric.



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