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'The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism of the weapon, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.' - Karl Marx
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File: 1708920293882.jpg (32.29 KB, 300x450, Fa8GsPZXgAAkvXr.jpg)


David Harvey can't explain what value is. In his original lectures/book he totally fucks up the description. This leads him to start talking nonsense about "oxidizable money". Guy is a con artist, who gets his marks by flashing his academic credentials. Even though he's a geographer.
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File: 1709837545896.jpg (79.49 KB, 1404x761, Shinobu-ped5fk gun.jpg)

Bitch, did you read anything after the first dot?


There's nothing marxist about talking of colonization when the whole world has already achieved a capitalist mode of production nor is simping for a country against another country just because they're poorer.


David Harvey is an economist, he calls himself a geographer because that's who employs him. Marxist economists get kicked out of economics departments, so they establish themselves in geography. There are lots of Marxist geographers, who are just economists that draw pretty maps of economic stuff from a Marxist lens.


a bad economist and an even worse marxist lol


read lenin retard

File: 1712065463691.png (1.91 MB, 736x1104, ClipboardImage.png)


And by contrast, unironically get along with, and would give their allegiance to, almost anyone as long as they aren't Taiwanese

>Europeans (Dutch and Spanish)

>Waishengren (Koxinga, KMT)


The reason Taiwanese Aboriginals today predominantly live in the highlands is that, when the Han Chinese settled Taiwan, they killed and expelled the ones in the lowlands. For hundreds of years, the Chinese in Taiwan killed Aboriginals. They even ate their flesh, believing it had medicinal properties: https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E7%95%AA%E8%86%8F (use Google Translate). As you can imagine, this bred resentment among the Aboriginals, who therefore vote for the KMT against the Benshengren-dominated DPP.


Also why does this Ainu man look like a mixed Native American/Polynesiasn?


File: 1712222438755-0.png (6.72 MB, 2000x1333, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1712222438755-1.png (442.35 KB, 500x333, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1712222438755-2.png (1.8 MB, 1200x800, ClipboardImage.png)

some Taiwanese Aborigines weirdly look more caucasoid than typical east asians

File: 1705777187324.png (171.96 KB, 500x500, ClipboardImage.png)


My party is going through line sturggle on the lgbtq question. i had read red fightbacks marxism and trangender liberation. i need this and more marxist bibliography on the question to help form a revolutionary line.
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put me in the screencap


> Like another anon said, insofar as there are children in need of legal guardians for natural reasons, then allowing queer couples and individuals to adopt is helpful to the problem. [no i dont have studies :,( ]
It's actually a much bigger deal than that (prepare to get mad when you learn this). As it happens, people seeking to adopt children (heterosexual couples primarily of course), one of the main factors in deciding to adopt is the desirability of "fashionability" if you will of the child in question. Prospective adopters are NOT SHY about telling agencies or the foster care system what kind of children they DO NOT WANT - disabled, nonwhite, "problem" behavior, history of trauma, etc. It's OVERWHELMINGLY the LGBT couples who are willing to adopt children in the "undesirable" category, presumably because, you know, we can relate.


>There is a reason why every single corporation support gay rights and BLM.
They do not. You made that up.
>They don't hurt profit. An united working class does.
Even assuming this is strictly true, that doesn't really say anything about what the socialist movement should have to say/do regarding LGBT people, or anything else for that matter. Being concerned with "hurting profit" isn't even really a socialist concern - what matters is fomenting and leveraging the conditions that will lead to proletarian revolution and an overturning of capitalism. "Hurting profit" is at most subordinate to that goal, and using it as a criterion to dismiss a group of people (who by the way tend to be on average a lot more radical than the typical worker) is an extreme vulgarization and stupid on its face. What an embarrassing thing to think, let alone post.


> Do we talk about "cancer patient liberation"?
yeah it's called health care


>Transgender is a term for a medical condition called body dysmorphia
It's called gender dysphoria, not body dysmorphia, those are distinct disorders with different symptoms and are classified differently in the DSM-5. To put it shortly, body dysmorphia is excessive worrying about someone's body and this may or may not coexist with gender dysphoria.
According to the DSM-5, body dysmorphia is classified under "Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders" while gender dysphoria is given it's own heading.
Please refer to the DSM-5 for more details.
>for which the best treatment we have now is gender re-assignment surgery
There is no "best treatment" for gender dysphoria, and SRS is not an appropriate treatment for all patient, in fact SRS is the last treatment that is offered to patients when all other treatment options fail:
<It is important to understand that, at reputable gender identity clinics, sex reassignment is not the first treatment offered to patients, but rather, it is the last. At the CAMH Gender Identity Clinic, for example, patients are required to live full-time as the opposite sex for two years before they are even considered eligible for surgery; our requirements further specify that patients must work, attend school, or perform bona fide charity work in the cross-gender role during this trial period, and that they must provide us with documentation proving they have done so. This requirement alone screens out the 80% of new referrals whose gender dysphoria is clearly not strong enough to merit sex reassignment, and gives the other 20% plenty of time to decide whether life in the cross-gender role is, in fact, a substantial improvement over life in their original gender role.
Source: http://individual.utoronto.ca/ray_blanchard/psychiatry_rounds.pdf

File: 1633273718534.jpg (122.67 KB, 1024x1453, thally wally in color.jpg)

 No.8151[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

>Be Ernst Thälmann in the late 20s
>Leader of the KPD in Germany
>Get over 10% of the vote in 1928 (4th place)
>Get 13% (3rd place) but Hitler just came out of no where and got 18% (2nd place)
>It's obvious that Hitler is going to keep growing in power
>Hitler brags in speeches that he'll suppress every other party in the Reichstag once he wins
>He even wrote a book where he talks about bolshevism being the blood enemy of fascism
>Be Ernst Thälmann: massively popular, growing at a similar rate to Hitler, but don't know what to do
>Consult pre-1935 Comintern, guidelines only retards would follow (even Stalin admitted this later)
>"Whatever you do, don't make a coalition with the Social Democrats!" says Comintern
>Social Democrats are the only party bigger than the Nazis
>They are interested in forming a coalition with the KPD to beat Hitler
>"Nah, that sounds like social fascism to me"
>Thälmann decides to attack SD rather than Hitler
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Glowpedia source doesn't require refuting


File: 1710451853931.png (527.24 KB, 680x680, f0c.png)

If he was a retard then why did the GDR make that cool ass movie about him with the great ending? Didn't think of that, did you OP, you faggot?


Source? Also, I'd like to learn how the transition from parliaments to soviets happened and how it work.


Ooooh boys I love this debate, this is the real heart of the thread. Too bad it's a short argument. These two lines indicate wildly diverging strategies going forward; on the one hand, independent working class institutions that must be based only on their own strength and able to weather the severe repression and reactionary climate they will engender, versus mixed class institutions with a working class mass base, the goal of which being the channeling of working class needs and desires, for immediate gains, including immediate control of the wider political climate, which they hope to keep mild. Isn't this basically THE political question of our time? (and also of a century ago…)

IMO it's wrong to say that the social democrats built up proletarian institutions; they were supported by unions, and they offered concessions which helped their mass base, but they were not interested in revolutionizing their members, or in actively building the infrastructure necessary for proletarian rule. They were more or less populists, drawing on a proletarian base, but a base of supporters rather than a base of members. The leashed left is ultimately on a deadline, because their politics won't be relevant forever. Eventually the compromise that undergirds them will fall apart, as they threaten bourgeois power. Either they threaten from a position of revolutionary proletarian power, independent institutions, or they do it from a position of bourgeois power, and that can simply be taken from them [and a third option, which they went with, was to try to maintain the concessions granted while not further antagonizing the bourgeoisie. This failed, and left both workers and bourgeoisie unsatisfied]. If the limp left chooses option one, they accelerate the freefall into violent repression. If they choose option two, they lifelessly allow it, but potentially spare themselves and let the communists, minorities, and international working class take the hit for them.

Ultimately I think we should look in the far opposite direction - rather than a wide class coalition betwPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


The KPD became politically useless after the 1923 insurrections failed and the Weimar Republic became more and more right wing and authoritarian. After that point, it was only natural for the Stalinists in the Comintern and idiots like Thalmann to take it over and steer the party in an increasingly wacky, revisionist direction. If they hadn't, then someone else would have.

File: 1710983496278.jpg (617.47 KB, 2048x1536, chicken-2193305283.jpg)


Reposting to /edu/

I want the best materialist theory/practice texts that have had more than ten people compose them. I may be mistaken, but all the big figurehead texts seem to be monographs or just 2 or 3 guys worked on them; please clear me up if Mao's and Lenin's big works weren't just by them. I don't care if these monographers backed their stuff up with loads of data and citations, I want commitees involved. I dont want anthologies either, i want it so that every block of text went through multiple changes by multiple people, if possible


P.s. By materialist i mean left like leftypol


some parties or orgs publish theses, these will have been worked on by multiple people before being agreed upon. That's where I'd look.

File: 1645843540784.jfif (193.18 KB, 822x537, azov.jfif)

 No.9906[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Thread dedicated to debunking western propaganda and information relating to the NATO encirclement of Russia, Ukrainian government's mistreatment of ethnic Russian minorities and support of fascist militias to do its bidding. Criticism of Russia and its occupation is welcomed aswell.
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great contributions to this thread. Thank you, anon.


Всегда пожалуйста!


File: 1698682580176-1.png (440.07 KB, 572x1042, Ivan Katchanovski.png)

Long thread with links and info on the Euromaidan snipers:

>Wow! Unreported 1,000,000-word Maidan massacre trial verdict corroborates my academic studies by stating as its “categorical conclusion” that there were snipers shooting from Maidan-controlled Hotel Ukraina & that it cannot be ruled out that 8 protesters were killed & 20 wounded by “unknown persons,” who were not "law enforcement officers." This implies Maidan snipers since the verdict states that the trial disproved claims about presence of Russian snipers.

>The verdict also confirms my study findings that there is no evidence of order given by Yanukovych or his ministers to massacre Maidan protesters and that 4 police officers were killed & 39 wounded by Maidan-snipers. In addition to acquitting two Berkut policemen for killing and wounding protesters, it states that all accused Berkut members were baselessly blamed for killing 13 & wounding 29 Maidan protesters. As usual there are zero media reports.

>Prosecution, Maidan lawyers, media with some exceptions, self-proclaimed experts & propaganda peddlers denied shooting by snipers located in Maidan-controlled Hotel Ukraina & called it conspiracy theory.



File: 1711388429714-0.mp4 (4.27 MB, 1280x720, basedzpow.mp4)

File: 1711388429714-1.jpg (128.87 KB, 1022x681, Z POWs.jpg)

<Inside the PoW camp where Ukraine ‘re-educates’ Russians
>“I grew up in the Soviet Union so I feel that we are one country,” he said, sitting in the camp’s sick bay where he is recovering from a bullet wound in his arm.
>It is this neo-imperialist ideology, famously expounded by President Putin in a 7,000-word essay, that the camp authorities are trying to deprogramme from their charges before they are returned home.
>“Russians have been subjected to propaganda their whole lives,” said Petro Yatsenko, spokesman for Ukraine’s co-ordination headquarters for the treatment of PoWs, during a tour of the camp at an undisclosed location in western Ukraine. “It’s like trying to pull someone out of a religious sect.”
<To get from their living quarters to the canteen, prisoners must pass along an alleyway lined with photographs of figures from Ukraine’s past, such as Stepan Bandera, the divisive and controversial leader of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) during and after the Second World War, and Taras Shevchenko, the 19th-century national bard.


It doesn't seem to be working either however, although I suppose it's preferable to prior Ukrainian treatment of POWs (torture, murder, etc.)


File: 1711678764625.jpg (194.64 KB, 1490x1080, 1677204482139.jpg)

I know their ilk all too well living in Alberta. This is interesting shit


Can there be a proletarian nationalist revolution according to Lenin? I've seen people argue that nationalism is reactionary and that it advocates for class-collaboration instead of workers revolution, since a nation is an abstract that includes all classes.
Also, did Lenin advocate for self-determination of nations? And in what context did he do so?


>Can there be a proletarian nationalist revolution
>according to lenin
if so then he'd be a revisionist
>I've seen people argue that nationalism is reactionary
it is
>and that it advocates for class-collaboration instead of workers revolution
not inherently, but even with that it'd be useless


File: 1711676786961.jpg (336.06 KB, 1600x1200, 1711516360762917.jpg)

nationalism is gay. if you are a nationalist you like men and u are gay. you like pride parades, flags, butch dudes marching, and idpol and big manly leader to overpower u. thats gay. GAAAAY. u are a faggot OP.


I agree!

File: 1711306198619.png (891.89 KB, 789x583, ClipboardImage.png)


I recently came across a heritage post about a castle in Lebanon built by the Crusaders, It got me curios and I did some digging and I was surprised to learn that pretty much all castles in the MENA countries were either built by the Crusaders or the later Ottomans.
So I have to ask, what gives? The Arabs were a smart people and castles and fortresses are a fairly useful resource for defeating cavalry forces. Even outside large scale war sand politics, in small petty tribal warfare, they would have been incredibly useful, that's why they appeared so much in Europe and why did the Ottomans adopt them more thoroughly then the Arabs.
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the middle east had kasbahs, citadels that included a palace, which are similar
castles are just a specific style of military fortification specific to medieval western europe
they probably came about from decentralization of feudal polities and a need to project noble power in the provinces


Then why did the Ottomans build them.


Arabs are plenty capable of building stone forts(they most likely built great Zimbabwe). they just don't build castles that much.


did they? i would assume common influence from byzantine architecture that both western europe and the ottoman empire had


From what i understand, successful rural guerrillas like the Shining Path and FARC weren't able to overthrown their governments because of low popular support on cities.
Why is that? How can we overcome this problem? I want to study that. If anyone got good books/videos/documentaries on the history of the Shining Path, the FARC, IRA, the Red Faction, and whatever you think will help, please share them.
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What a coincidence. Cuck Philosophy just uploaded a doc related to this subject.

URBAN GUERRILLAS: The Decade of Left-Wing Terrorism


gonna watch it, but from what I understand, while they did shock the general public, they were completely ineffective against even local poloce forces.


He's not endorsing it or something. He's just going through the history of it. And you are correct, as he puts it near the beginning it's largely a cope for the degeneration of the western left during the period, and the movements with actual mass organizing did a lot better, including at achieving the goals of the urban guerillas.


didn't the CPC actually give out training to potential cadres back then? did any of those groups ever go there


yea, not much you can do against tanks and planes, also wtf is this vid


"Determined" by Robert Sapolsky challenges fundamental notions of human agency and free will, delving into the intricate web of causality that shapes human behavior. In this thought-provoking exploration, Sapolsky navigates the complex terrain of neuroscience, genetics, and psychology to argue that our actions are deeply rooted in biological and environmental influences, leaving little room for the traditional concept of free will.

Sapolsky's examination of determinism holds particular relevance to leftist thought, which often emphasizes systemic analysis and critiques of established power structures. By dismantling the notion of individual agency as traditionally understood, Sapolsky's work aligns with leftist critiques of neoliberalism and meritocracy, which often attribute social and economic inequalities to structural factors rather than personal responsibility.

Moreover, Sapolsky's emphasis on the role of luck and circumstance in shaping human outcomes resonates with leftist critiques of capitalism's inherent injustices and unequal distribution of opportunities. From a leftist perspective, Sapolsky's argument underscores the need for collective responsibility and societal interventions to address systemic inequalities and create a more equitable world.

Furthermore, Sapolsky's humane approach to grappling with the implications of determinism aligns with leftist values of compassion and solidarity. His advocacy for forgiveness and understanding in the face of moral dilemmas reflects a commitment to empathy and social justice, principles that are central to many leftist movements.

In conclusion, "Determined" offers a compelling exploration of free will that intersects with key themes and concerns of leftist thought, making it a relevant and thought-provoking read for those interested in understanding the complexities of human behavior within broader socio-political contexts.
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You are taking yourself way too seriously man. What do you mean „we should“? You‘re on an anonymous imageboard.


>genetics are mediated by environment
>environment is affected by personal choices
>use minor amount of free will to act to change environment
>environment changes genetic expression
>gain more free will
nothin personnel, evopsychoids


>What do you mean „we should“?
Regarding the socialist response to hegemonic moral philosophy, what else?


Torrent for audiobook (m4b format, apple itunes).

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