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'The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism of the weapon, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.' - Karl Marx
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I'm starting this after asking in reading general because there was some interest shown. A thread for the encouragement, maintenance, and organisation of different reading groups- a regular thread will be maintained in order for reading groups to rhizomatically organise. No specific topic of reading is mandated. I would like to start by organising a group, I have a few texts I would be interested in reading but would like to get any kind of feedback because I don't want to propose we read a book and then have a buncha people be like 'nooo i dont like that book' so here are some initial suggestions for what we could read to begin with:

CURRENT BOOK: engels' origin of the family (prehistoric society)

- Baruch Spinoza's 'Ethics'
- Vladimir Lenin's 'Imperialism, The Highest Stage of Capitalism'
- Murray Bookchin's 'Post-Scarcity Anarchism'
- Felix Guattari's 'Three Ecologies'
- Alfred North Whitehead's 'Process and Reality'
- Guy Debord's 'Society of the Spectacle'
- Theodor Adorno's 'Negative Dialectics'
- Fredy Perlman's 'Against His-Story, Against Leviathan'
- Friedrich Engel's 'The Origin of the Family'

We humbly invite you all! Feel free to organise and maintain your own group here!
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>it was interesting to me some of the developments of like how fishing and pottery play into human development.
Yup, and how the ones who chose to research animal husbandry got horsemen first.


ok. i gave u bitches enuf time to read and discuss. next chapter!!!


We are on chapter II, the family


I'd like to emphasize the end of this chapter


right, Morgan says (and Engels seems to be agreeing) that reproductive relations may still evolve with society


File: 1683348403084.pdf (723.55 KB, 197x255, origin_family.pdf)

Chapter III. The Iroquois Gens
>Outside the tribe was outside the law.
Nota Bene

File: 1643892025551.png (102.05 KB, 864x812, ClipboardImage.png)


Hey y´all. I´m on a translating journey and I thought that others might benfit from a general thread for others that might be interested in the effort or to give their input.

Ill be translating from Spanish to English myself, but perhaps other anons will use this thread for other languages.
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did you find it?


Cambodia was socialist, only ultras don't understand this.


I think I sall the Holocaust in there tho?


Yes. I finally found the book. It's called Démocratie. Histoire politique d’un mot. Aux États-Unis et en France by Francis Dupuis-Déri (Democracy. Political History of a word. In the United States and France). Pdf related.

I've just started translating the book to English using Adobe Acrobat and a translator. I'll use this thread for updates and keep you guys posted on the progress. I don't think it should take ages to translate because, without counting the references/bibliography, the book is just 215 pages.


Sounds awesome


Any recommendations on works detailing how Japan became an imperialist economy from its third-world origins?

I'm well aware that Japan and USSR are the two Third World "success stories"(with the latter being used by shitlibs to justify imperialism in my experience) but I have no concrete knowledge on how they became this way. I would like to fix that weakness.
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>in russian
>hour and a half of subtitles

I might as well just read a book. Do you have a book?


How do you watch foreign media man


When I watch a kurosawa movie I'm watching a movie. Subtitles are fine. But like, why would I watch a 2 hour documentary in another language when I could just read a book.



Isolationism during the Tokugawa Shogunate produced a powerful and independent urban bourgeoisie, and the mass importing of industrial equipment from Europe and America and mercantilist policies during the Meiji Era established soft power over mainland Asia
Kozo Uno kind of discusses it in this book, alongside the other big monopoly powers of the late 19th early 20th century

File: 1680174975106.jpeg (9.46 KB, 275x183, download.jpeg)


I mean like are they actually working toward socialism considering they're pretty much a nationalist state heavily relying on state capitalism for funding right now? At this point, they're more likely to turn into the next globalist world power if they do manage to outlast the US.
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haliburton reconstruction contracts


no youre right king everything should be owned by porky but go off i guess


yeah exactly what i said well done


counterpoint: socdem parties dont ever get shit done

I'll take overtly violent socdems where some of the members do genuinely want to do a socialism other neoliberalism that shit not even a competition


They get as much shit done as China in that regard
Once again, if the height of your radicalism is just a wish for mild socdem reforms you might as well be honest about it

File: 1680350723254.jpg (19.92 KB, 254x391, Motobook7.jpg)


I'm talking about non-fiction books telling a more focused, vividly detailed story akin to fiction. Like pic related or Pity the Nation by Robert Fisk

File: 1650832978316-0.jpg (352.5 KB, 1473x2268, 814cR9d6LuL.jpg)


Recently got this book, because it sounded interesting and reading the first pages I found it to be promising. So I'm dropping it in here. Perhaps we can talk about it.

It's a collection of essays by Evald Ilyenkov, a Soviet philosopher, who acted as a figure to make Hegel's role in Marxism understandable and accessible to the general public.
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Okay, stick to jerking off to TikTok then


damn crypto positivist.
Diamat is theory.


>Evald Ilyenkov
I like some of his stuff but he's a bit too much of a hegelian for me. I lean towards the anti Humanist stances, kinda like althusser though I think his structuralism leans too far much into postmodern positions and his comments on political economy can be retarded especially on the productive relations. their was a brand of anti Humanist sentiment within the early Soviet Union though (prolekult specifically, though I have my issues with them).
> i never read any hegel, only marx+lenin+stalin
Have you ever thought about reading Plekhanov before?


File: 1679592066577.png (3.23 MB, 1125x1492, ClipboardImage.png)

Say what you want about Althusser, but he put anti-humanism into practice



Hey /e/Im a brainlet prole that recently got a scholarships to university, and Im wondering if there are any resources that you could recommend to improve general academic skills with an emphasis on essay writing. I've done a general scan for books and courses on libgen and TPB. But I wanted to get some advise with a left perspective. When I say brainlet I mean dyslexic and when I say prole I mean any unskilled job I can land (bar work, kitchen work, construction, etc.) My degree is in healthcare and administration.
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File: 1608528377875.jpg (139.43 KB, 750x259, 1604926583823.jpg)

I like this one.


The academic writing style for undergraduates can be summed up with a few key points/

1: Never make any claim that you don't have a source for. Have references for everything.
2: Write from the third person impersonal perspective.




Fundamentally learning is an active process of engaging with material. While what you say is true, some stupid 18 year old kid isn't going to understand the point without putting the work in to understand it. Much like people who think someone elses notes are a good cope for actually reading a book.


I am very glad, that I have 1 whole year off for myself and id like to extreme educate myself. Besides math, biology etc. I want to study Philosophy in that time and political science so please, help me gather some quality Books, Its ok if its just the name i have my places to get them.

If possible, id love to read books made in the USSR.

In philosophy, Metaphysics, Ethics and political philosophy
and in political science, books written by Lenin, stalin, translations of kurginyan?
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If someone was never taught or never picked up how to read systematically then the book is a good read. People who already know how to skim and think don’t need to read it. But I’d hate for you to fall in that “it could be summarized in a picture” bullshit when the whole point is the process of reading.


oh nono dont get me wrong. The only thing i really need to work on is concentration, tho i have these problems in general. They exist because of "tiktok" and all these retarded things, my mental state and shitlife etc. etc. I generally want to use that year to better myself at everything.


>translations of kurginyan
have you considered reading literally anything else


what do you have against him? he is a very intelligent and good person.


6 days later, kohai. How much reading have you done?

File: 1626503930324.jpeg (91.28 KB, 393x500, a_aaaamoDeleuze.jpeg)


Give me the TL;DR on him.
I've skimmed through some introductory materials of his writings and they catch my curiosity yet I am too brainlet to actually read them. What exactly is schizoanalysis and how does capitalism relate to schizophrenia?
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Body without organs.


Lol. Always the dysgenic with all the opinions.


Shut up idiot. Define a BwO right now before you get the right to speak


fuck off with this fascist shit


Hey, I've seen this thread before a bunch of times, but upon searching it in the catalog I couldn't find anything.

The site is filled up with amazing PDF's that I really want to read, but because I've spent most of my life coasting on general knowledge and cramming, I have no study habits to speak of. I really want to be able to write theory, but to do so I'm going to need a lot more books under my belt.

Additionally I spent a lot of my life playing lots and lots of video games and browsing lots of social media so as a result my attention span is completely fucked. I want to get back to the attention span I had when I was a kid. When I felt like I could stop playing video games whenever I wanted when I felt like reading books were just ss interesting as everything else i wanted to do.

Largely kicked my addiction to video games but I've just supplanted it with social media. The problem seems to be that I need to use my computer and my phone but the distraction and seduction of fast food media is often too great.

Largely kicked my addiction to video games but I've just supplanted it with social media. The problem seems to be that I need to use my computer and my phone but the distraction and seduction of fast food media is often too great.

This thread is for:

-it's about how to build study habits.
-how to effectively organize your time
-Posting your progress and gaining back their attention span.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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That’s what using a computer or fixing problems feels like all the time and I’ve become so accustomed to failure I just stopped.


File: 1677625300712.jpg (187.07 KB, 3464x3464, gdaz6c5atbc41.jpg)

After realizing that I didn't check the google drives, (since the only site r/opendirectory had that was was still online I thought it didn't work), I tried it and in 3 minutes I found a drive full of them:

Honestly, it can't be a more fitting ending than this.
I stayed up 6 hours past my bed time because of this

Well with this experience, I learned:
If you're taking too long, do it on a different day.

Too bad I'm too stupid and obsessive to learn this


To download on archive.org you have a few options. If the book is public domain, it usually is available to download straight from the page, no problems. If it is loan only, you have a couple of options, both of which entail having an archive.org account:
1. You can manually loan the book, download the adobe drm file thing and open it in adobe's spyware software (Adobe Digital Editions); it'll download the book, which you can find by clicking in "go to folder" (or something like that) in the drop down menu, where a pdf file will be; you then have to drop this pdf file on a Calibre with the DeDRM plugin installed, which will promptly remove the drm. By then you can just find the book in Calibre's folder strutcture and voilà, you got a free pdf. (I recommend testing if it really removed the DRM by just opening the file). Then you can return the book. This is time-consuming and annoying, but it works.
2. Just use this python script: https://github.com/MiniGlome/Archive.org-Downloader. It works pretty good, and it can do bulk downloads.
I know you solved your problem, but this might be useful for other comrades.


bumping for interest


just tried option 2, thanks anon! it works perfectly.

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