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'The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism of the weapon, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.' - Karl Marx
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Is there like an abridged version of "Imperialism, the highest stage of Capitalism"? It just goes on, and on, and on about outdated figures from a century and a half ago. I just want to cut to the point of it. I can't understand how people actually read this shit in current year.




It's literally just 100 pages


It's not a very engaging book, but you can safely skim over the tables and stuff, and the discussions with Kautsky rely on some knowledge of the debates about imperialism during the early 20th century so that's not all that useful nowadays either (though quite interesting as a critique of second international theorizing; shame Lenin didn't respond to Luxemburg in that book). But as with all theory you just gotta power through, one page at a time. No easy way out.

File: 1655352839444.png (316.3 KB, 960x720, ClipboardImage.png)


recommended reading to learn about the IMF and the world bank? They're the financial arm of US imperialism and power projection into the third world. They force structural adjustment programs and high interest loans and labor discipline and austerity and resource extraction onto the 3rd world through soft power, but I wanna know the deets


I haven't managed to read it yet, but apparently Ha-Joon Chang's "Kicking Away the Ladder" is quite good. He's not a marxist since it's pretty much illegal to be one in South Korea, but he seems to be pretty legit as far as the historical information goes.


Also you might want to check out John Perkins' Confessions of an Economic Hitman, which though it is not a great book, sheds some light into the actual experiences of the agents that enforce IMF policies.


Could anyone give a rundown of what exactly was it that Einstein proposed in response to Bohr's stochastic atomic model, and more to the point, what are the actual material implications of either interpretation being true?

Also I am curious what exactly was the point of disagreement? As I understand, the Einstein's critique was that a particle couldn't be undefined (the whole god playing dice quote), and that it is a mistake to propose it as being statistically determined in its position. But isn't this a case of both Bohr and Einstein being right and wrong at the same time? As far as I understand, Bohr's idea is just a best-effort way to empyrically predict and describe a particles location, basically meaning that yes, Einstein is correct and the particle does have a concrete and determined physical location, its just that for the limited power of human observation the best we can do to find it is the probabilistic Bohr model. But this is just how I understand with my limited knowladge on the subject. Is this a correct understanding of the situation?

And finally, has the Bohr model (Copenhagen interpretation) even have any legitimate alternatives? It seems Einstein was decisively the "loser" of the debate, and the Bohr model is now globally accepted as correct.



So the gist of Einstein's position (from the EPR paper which you can find on the internet) is that the quantum state is not a complete description of reality, because he assumes some "hidden variables" – i.e. that a particle HAS a specific value for a variable, but that it cannot be measured exactly.

In fact, this position has proven to be incorrect thanks to the expreimental verification of Bell's Inequalities. So it has been experimentally proven that a quantum system does NOT have a specific eigenstate for non-commuting operators. It's not about the inability to measure it due to technical limitations. If you are slightly savy in the technical details of QM you can watch John Preskill's lecture on Bell's Inequalites.

The current interpretation that most working phycists hold would be the "minimal interpretation" which can't be boiled down to "it's just how things are don't try to explain it further". Personally, I quite like this because you can't expect human intuition to actually correspond to how things work on different scales, in the same way that Special and General relativity are also, to say the least, counter-intuitive. If you're interested in this there is a section at the end of Chapter 2 of Audretsch's book called "Entangled Systems".

There are literally no material implications of either interpretation being correct due to the fact that historical materialism is a theory dealing with a specific scale, that of human life and experience, which is unaffected by the laws at the quantum level.

Thanks for reading my blogpost.


is it worth it to study Hegel? How does the Marxist even interpret his works? Just replace every time he mentions spirit or god with matter? His logic seems to be the primary focus of marxists but what of his phenomenology?
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Directly he doesn't, yes, but it's important to understand the process of philosophical developments and their relations throughout history in order to fully holistically grasp the philosophy itself; it will embellish one's self with a deeper range of angles and conceptuality. As a random example, imagine trying to read someone like Quentin Meillassoux (weird philosopher, relevant in the sense that he poses a 'challenge' to materialism, albeit not a rigorously formidable one) without first having read Kant. You theoretically could, in that you could ascertain his novel framework independently, but you'd be deprived of the very important partial context which informed Meillassoux's basis.


File: 1654899933976.png (292.15 KB, 820x980, ClipboardImage.png)

these guys won the russian civil war because they knew their hegel


No but they listened to someone who understood Hegel


File: 1654911153082.png (1.98 MB, 1195x823, bolsheviks-posing.png)

Those guys won the Russian civil war because they listened to people that followed a materialist dialectical critique of all that is Hegelianism. This is called Marxism.


There was an active split of Marxism right after the Russian Civil War between Deborinists and Mechanists. The former won out and attributed dialectics as the foundation of Marxism. The Mechanists rejected dialectics and wanted to make Marxism purepy empyrical, and distance it from the idealist Hagelian roots. Ir is also important to mention that the Deborian school found its origins from German idealists of the 19th century that were oppossed to "anglo" empyricism as it was applied to the sciences. It is also worth to mention that these idealist notions about science can be thoroughly considered bogus by todays standarts. Sadly the same can't be said about Marxist doctorines.

File: 1641161194536.jpg (26.68 KB, 306x463, 978-3-030-40068-2.jpg)


Does anyone have a PDF of this book? Eugenics-Kun posted it in the last Quantum Mechanics thread, but I was too stupid to save it before our dear mods banned him and deleted all his posts.
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File: 1641281042667.jpg (20.86 KB, 188x338, Sickle_and_Hammer.jpg)


Thanks. I have read some of his essays and while he makes some valid points when criticizing the "left", his obsession with eugenicism, opposition to "technocracy" and labelling ecology of any sort a type of malthusianism, makes me wonder why imageboards are simultaneously able to attract people with wonderfull insights on many subjects and absolute schizos like eugene


Is quantum mechanics an idealist psyop to discredit hidden variables and gather additional funding?


no, read a fucking book

File: 1654462714864.jpg (1.09 MB, 2876x2987, 20220421_050802.jpg)


I ghosted my employers. I was working in front of a deep fryer, never clocking in sober, and hauling ass if I do say. I sent in a picture of a positive covid test right before I ghosted so hopefully that slowed down finding a replacement a bit. Fuck this company even though its union.

Basically, I'm sick of working minimum wage jobs. I was already sick of it which is why I was unemployed for so long before this one. I've been making "content" since I was a kid and I've had some humble earnings, never much more than 500 a month. I've never even tried the whole cookie cutter daily upload thing, usually opting only for projects that are both completely outside my skill-set and have some inherent social worth in my eyes. I've long known this to no be a profitable strategy. At this point I think I have the requisite skills for a number of somewhat seedy and extremely boring online business ventures so I'm trying that. Nothing you'll see me promoting where people can often recognize my writing style.

I also want to try something new though. I'm not planning to finish my degree anytime soon but I am thinking about IT certs, specifically CCNA. I've done some cursory research and it seems to be in demand. That said, I'm far from convinced that it isn't just another scam. Network administration is not something I have any background in or knowledge of but I find it stimulating and I don't foresee any major problems learning the material.

I test pretty well and know how to take good notes. The tools are pretty intimidating for now but that is to be expected at this stage I think. Obviously I'll make sure I can pass multiple practice tests before I send Cisco their however many thousands of dollars it costs to test. I think this is the usual order of operations but I don't actually know that so I'm pointing it out anyway.

Does this seem like a good plan? Are certs a scam? Are all these companies listing CCNA as a job qualification on indeed getting kickbacks from Cisco? Are there additional qualifications required to be competitive in this industry that I'm overlooking? Are there any good "big picture" type resources on certs that don't have the off-putting moonboy energy? Everything I find via search engines makes me feel like I'm being tricked, but what do I know. Maybe education really SHOULD be left to the most soulless corp in town.
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Thanks for the advice anon. I think I will start with Comptia A+ like you suggest. I had thought that it was just basic windows stuff and like, how a computer works but looking over the material I see that there's also some remote management stuff that I don't already know. Is there a study guide you would recommend?


I don't know shit about the subject and I'm not the other anon, but:
1. Certifications have a ton of bullshit. Just like college degrees. But employers want to see you have that paper.
2. It is foolish not to "hack" standardized tests, meaning that at some point, you should study for the certification test specifically, not necessarily the skills. If you are confident you can pass and your final grade is not important, then maybe ignore this point. Remember it for the future though.
3. Torrents have lots of certification material. There might even be previous years tests.
4. When you switch careers, you'll be low balled. Don't get discouraged, use an entry job to gain experience. You want to switch jobs whenever you stop learning; go for a higher paid job. 1.5 years no more than 3 years, find a better job.

Be patient and persistent.


Thank you! I wholeheartedly agree. I aced the SAT by doing pretty much what you say: studying the test itself rather than the material and taking older exams. I also used the Princeton Review and College Board books though. Ideally I would like a book title that I can find on LibGen, Abe, or–ugh–Amazon. If anyone has a recommendation for a let me know.


1337x.to and zlib, just type in the key words you want, Comptia A+ 1001 1002 ig


I have ccna and it got me 1 job interview for a job I was under qualified for. Still working at a supermarket, making like $2 an hour less than our in house IT techs with less stress. Don't fall for the nerworkchuck meme. IT is going to be fully proletarianized soon. Get a degree in CS if you want to fuck computers otherwise learn a trade.

File: 1654572619396.jpg (44.83 KB, 680x785, 1654488935300.jpg)


A spook is a concept that becomes fixed in a person's mind as a thing that is greater than themself (eg. morality, law, nationality, humanity, religion, etc.) It floats around in their head, "spook"ing them into doing dumb shit that is contrary to their own interests. Its a translation of the German word "Spuk" from Max Stirner's book Der Einzige und sein Eigentum. Could more accurately be translated as "phantasm."
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That's a useful definition.


1. How are their true interests different than their stated spooky interests, which they inherit from society?
2. Why is your assertion of their true interests (whatever its nature) correct, and not another particular and arbitrary narrow egoism as we find in spook-followers?


1. Society is a spook
2. No one says anything about their interests being more 'true' than others, simply that they aren't bound to an outside entity


File: 1654644970901.jpg (2.75 MB, 4032x3024, 20220608_003315.jpg)

Hijacking this thread quickly
Can someone explain what this poem means in stirners context here?


When i say society i mean material society, not society the concept. What makes a spook different than a valid, internal value?

Can you show that individuals are only bound and not empowered by the outside entity? Also, is an entity external when it's been taken internally and expresses itself in all relevant ways within the consciousness of the individual?


Can anyone recommend me literature on strategies in war? From an officers perspective. Preferably something broad. I don‘t have any knowledge on the subject matter so something that is introductory material would be great as well, but it doesn‘t have to be.
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>>Pull your aim down as you spray to compensate for recoil
>that's smart
easily impressed uigha. that's the most basic FPS technique.


have a primary objective, and work back form there, in a way consistent with your conditions.

Like you have a goal, turn that into a plan. A plan has steps to reach the goal. This plan should be based on the reality of your abilities and some operating theory of how stuff works. From there, work on how to meet each step of the plan, and think about what could happen to have your plan change.

This is just off the top of my head though like basic logic, read anything here to have specific ideas. Knowledge comes from experience. But it seems like your problem is a total lack of a coordinated plan, because if you have a plan at all then it's a matter of cutting it into smaller and smaller levels of detail until it can direct your immediate action, then acting on that.


>expecting an estonian to give an unbiased account of the Eastern front


>From an officers perspective.
what is the class character of military officers ?
aren't they usually drawn from bourgeois or aristocratic ranks ?


I've found him to be pretty good overall.


post small passages from nonfiction books that struck you as interesting.

pic 1 from the end of The Darker Nations by Vijay Prashad

pic 2 from Washington Bullets by Vijay Prashad

pic 3 also from Washington Bullets

pic 4 from blackshirts and reds

File: 1654158166189-0.png (633.14 KB, 6120x2585, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1654158166190-1.png (188.54 KB, 507x1179, ClipboardImage.png)


I was reading about the Crimean war and I came across the "The Will of Peter the Great" a fake testament attributed to Peter the Great, which laid out his plans for Russian domination of the Middle East and Continental Europe, but was written by a Polish general and was cited by Napoleon, the Nazis, and US during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, even Marx believed it was an actual thing, it reminded me a lot of Elders of Zion shit, so it got me thinking, other then these two are there any other list of forged fake plans for world domination? I'd love to take a long day to sit back and read about them, cause while shchitzo nationalists texts are funny in a way, I think deliberately created false propaganda attributed to your more enemies are more interesting to learn about


File: 1654469293248.png (497.84 KB, 680x688, ClipboardImage.png)

that map was made by pic related
also >>>/siberia/


It was made by a Russian girl on deviatnart who was doing al alt-history scenario based on the The Will of Peter the Great, if it was actually real, which it wasn't

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