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'The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism of the weapon, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.' - Karl Marx
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File: 1634760001941.gif (179.16 KB, 644x1731, CIA operations.gif)

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CIA / FBI / Fed / Conspiracy General
"The X-Files got nothing on this shit"
This Thread is dedicated for the discussion, analysis and reveal of obscure information on the shadowy hands of capitalism and fascism - the federal agents - and their efforts as part of the porky hydra. Propaganda and conspiracies of these Alphabet agencies and their impacts today and past are to be discussed.
Information and discussion on the OSS and NSA or equivalent government agencies of other countries - such as MI6 of Britain or the Nazi Gestapo - are also encouraged to be posted. KGB and FSB can be discussed too.
Technology for spying and espionage are also welcome. NATO and US military abuses or the affairs of corporate military-industrial complexes that are covered or hushed up also apply. Whistleblowers like Assange and Snowden are permitted sources of information as well.

Please contribute to leftypedia >>3780
Debunking anti-leftist myths >>4210 including debunking of "Le Holohoax"

Rules: No idpol drama, no anti-communist rhetoric, no sectarianism, no soyjak spam or emotional gaslighting; Glowies Keep Out!

Major Topics:
>Anti-Communist Action:
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File: 1659779708681.png (672.32 KB, 800x738, 1647201826958.png)

>Targeted Individuals (1/4)


>The Mind Has No Firewall


>The Forgotten Era of Brain


>Bio-Effects of Selected Non-Lethal Weapons


>MKULTRA subproject 119

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>Targeted Individuals (2/?)


>Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, "Brain Invaders"


>Bigger Than Snowden. Neuro Weapons. Directed Energy Weapons. Mind Control. Targeted Individuals.


>Raytheon Whistleblower ERIC J. HECKER about DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS #targetedindividiuals


>Roger Tolces, PI, on US Government Electronic Harassment & Torture

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>Targeted Individuals (3/4)

Coast to Coast

>Energy Weapons & Testing

>Independent investigator Robert Duncan discussed directed energy and neurological weapons and his contention that they've been tested on the public at large.

>Electronic Harassment

>Practicing physician Dr. John Hall discussed his work with thousands of victims of electronic harassment, stalking, and mind control and how CIA/NSA technology is being used to track, intimidate, and even read the thoughts of people.

>Electronic Harassment/Paranormal Techniques

>In the first half of the show, Dr. John Hall talked about his work with victims of electronic harassment, stalking, and mind control and how this CIA/NSA technology is being used to track and intimidate people.
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>Targeted Individuals (4/4)


>People Against Covert Torture & Surveillance, International


>International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies


>International Coalition Against Electronic Torture and Robotisation of Living Beings


>European Coalition Against Covert Harassment

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General glowie fuckery:
United States Objectives and Policies with Respect to the Arab states and Israel
'Anti-Communist Brain Washing Program to be Instituted at Summer ROTC Camps for Students,' Declassified State Dep. memo, 1953
Justification for US Military Intervetention in Cuba


Thread dedicated to attacking Israel's De Facto Apartheid State. Antisemitism and other /pol/ brained bullshit not welcome.

Desired: Books, Videos, Movies, Articles, Essays, Documentaries, Thoughtful Discussion, Relevant Personal Anecdotes, etc.

Not Desired: JQ Bullshit, Nazi apologetics, IDF-apologetics, Israel apologetics, Zionist apologetics, anti-Palestinian racism
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Male spouses under the age of 35 and female spouses under 25 originating from the Palestinian territories are prohibited from obtaining citizenship and residency.[71] The 2003 Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law effectively discouraged further marriages between Israeli citizens and Palestinians by preventing couples in these circumstances from cohabitation.[72] Although challenged as unconstitutional, this restriction was upheld by the Supreme Court in 2006[73] and 2012 and continued to be effective until the law’s expiration in July 2021.[74][75] These restrictions were reimplemented in law with no expiration time in March 2022.[76]

Jewish residents of former Mandatory Palestine at the time of Israel’s establishment were granted Israeli citizenship on the basis of return, but non-Jewish Palestinians were subject to strict residency requirements for claiming that status. Non-Jewish residents in Israel could acquire citizenship on the basis of their residence in 1952 if they were nationals of the British mandate before 1948, had registered as Israeli residents since February 1949 and remained registered, and had not left the country before claiming citizenship.[26]


These requirements were intended to systemically exclude Arabs from participation in the new state. The UNRWA estimated that 720,000 Palestinian Arabs were displaced during the 1948 Arab–Israeli War,[27] with only 170,000 remaining in Israel following its establishment. Until the Citizenship Law was enacted in 1952, all of these individuals were stateless. About 90 percent of the remaining Arab population were barred from Israeli citizenship under the residence requirements and held no nationality.[28]



File: 1663960872682-0.png (228.63 KB, 1629x547, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1663960872682-1.png (254.09 KB, 1645x521, ClipboardImage.png)



Thread for tracing and studying the origins and history of anti-communist propaganda. One of the earliest anticommunist myths I've found is that back in the 1870s right wingers were declaring that the Paris Commune was the work of foreign agents/provocateurs from The International and money from London, and that Marx and co were accused of being sort of masterminds financing dissent and chaos throughout Europe.
Marx talks about it here: https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/bio/media/marx/71_07_18.htm
And Engels' words on it:
>You know that the millions of the International do not exist except in the terrified imagination of the bourgeoisie and of the governments, which cannot understand how an association like ours has been able to win such a great position without having millions at its disposal. If they had only seen the accounts submitted at the last Conference! (MECW Vol 44)

I'll be adding what I know in later posts


This thread has some lulzy stuff from the 1950s-60s.


File: 1608528320218.jpg (827.32 KB, 2000x1336, Kafta-sheraro-park-slider.jpg)


Did the ancient/medieval Ethiopians domesticate the African elephant? In many historical records, the Abyssinians/Aksumites are mentioned to use elephants for military purposes, but were these African elephants or Asian elephants? In modern-day Ethiopia, or in fact anywhere for that matter, there is no sign of domestication of the African elephant. However, African elephants have been extensively used in ancient times for military purposes, for example by the Carthaginians.
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Extinct species likely… if they domesticated the species their use likely lead to the subspecies being extinct if it was relegated to that given area


>Did the ancient/medieval Ethiopians domesticate the African elephant?
No, elephants are to long lived for that to be possible, it takes 20-25 years for an elephant to grow up.


>2 years no response
>immediate answer


Dialetiks or smthg


Is there a website where I can learn philosophy? A website that leads your through and explains to you all larger categories and questions in philosophy? I know there is plato.stanford.edu, but it's an encyclopedia and doesn't lead you through the topics in a didactic manner. I didn't want to learn philosophy by reading a bunch of books, because I have several dozens of books I'm already intending to read.
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File: 1663414200586.jpg (78.09 KB, 473x473, 1634991135169.jpg)

I'd like to get into epistemology. Which thinkers and what literature do you recommend for that?



Cool, I‘m reading it. What I noticed first is how confused I was at what exactly the confusion or contradiction was about. Sure rationalism as opposed to empiricism but where is the issue? Until I read

>Meanwhile, in Revolutionary England, the Royalist Thomas Hobbes continues the evolution of empiricism by a consideration of how the action of matter on the sense organs generates thought in the mind

So that was an epiphany at that time. It would be nice to have a complete understanding of what exactly people at a time believed/knew or didn‘t know. I didn‘t get the confusion or dispute at first.


Manuel DeLanda
You can watch a lot of his lectures on youtube.


Great read. Anything else?

File: 1663122189907.png (18.11 KB, 507x140, ClipboardImage.png)


This makes me feel mentally disabled, because I have no idea where to start on solving this. What type of equation is this? If anyone could link a pdf or a video with a step by step, I'd appreciate it.


>with a step by step
of this type of equation I mean


>This makes me feel mentally disabled
You're a namefag, of course you feel that way. Drop that junk.

That's set theory, with a couple of complex numbers. I'm assuming you know what those are. If not, look it up.
I'm not great with (nor generally interested in) mathematics, but if I'm reading it right (Q = the set of rational numbers, which is normal for the blackboard-bold symbol Q, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rational_number , and the final question being what is the intersection between the set S and Q) then it's just asking which of the 6 elements of the set S are rational.
So for example, 1/3 and 22/7 are obviously rational, [pi]/3 is obviously not, and so you need to figure out if the other 3 are rational. I forget all my trig and odd/even powers of those complex fractions so someone else needs to sub in.


Try transforming the complex numbers into trigonometric form, they look like they will have a modulus of 1 which will make the exponentiation easy.


File: 1663164259594.jpg (39.83 KB, 523x666, Abraham_de_moivre.jpg)

/math/ general >>338

> a step by step


You are asked to count the rational numbers in S. Two of them are evidently rational. π/3 is irrational, but in most contexts this will be accepted as known since the proof is non-trivial. If you can't remember the sine of π/3 take a right-angled triangle with an angle of 60 degrees and take the ratio of the opposite leg and the hypotenuse. Complete your right-angled triangle by reflection to an equilateral triangle and you will easily find the ratio to be sqrt(3)/2. For the irrationality of sqrt(3) take a^2==3*b^2 with a and b coprime, take the unique prime factorization of both sides and simply count the parity of the number of times 3 appears on each side.

For the first two values, identify them as roots of unity, a cube root and an eighth root. Recall that when raising roots of unity to natural powers you may discard multiples of the root order. Reduce 2019 modulo 3 and 8. This resolves the first value, while for the second you are left with the cube of an eighth root. Since you only need the rationality of the imaginary part you can avoid doing any computation by recalling that exponentiation by natural powers on the unit circle amounts to rotation by multiples of the base angle. Since the base angle is π/4, first quadrant, cubing takes you to 3π/4, second quadrant. This has the effect of flipping the real part sign and leaving everything else untouched, whichPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


im working with some comrades on some pro-union palm cards. my job is to write down the process on how to form a union

can any of you smarter and wittier comrades able to help?
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Is this for organizing an NLRB recognized union in the us? I'm in the process and can answer questions.
Or is it for class struggle / IWW style unions?


Look at Jane McAlevey's work.


File: 1661423120294.jpg (171.09 KB, 1199x674, Memphis-Seven_0.jpg.jpg)

> The "Memphis Seven" celebrate a federal judge's order compelling Starbucks to give them their jobs back after they were fired for leading a unionization drive. (Photo: Memphis Seven/Twitter)
> Federal Judge Orders Starbucks to Rehire Fired Union Organizers in Memphis
> "It was a ruling in favor of what's right," said one member of the Memphis Seven. "We knew from day one that we were going to win this, it just took time."
> August 18, 2022


> First NYC 'Just Cause' Lawsuit Targets Starbucks for Union-Busting
> "Just in time for Labor Day, Starbucks secures another spot in the union-busting hall of fame," said one workers' group.
> September 2, 2022
> Citing violations of its Fair Workweek Law, New York City sued Starbucks on Friday, accusing the company of illegally firing a barista for his union organizing activities.


>pro-union palm cards
I guess I've heard this word in a different context, are you talking about small cards you can hand to people? Show us an example or the amount of space you have to work with. It may just be better to link to an adequate guide, depending on your target audience.

File: 1624420553302.jpg (102.99 KB, 800x533, 1611637443356.jpg)


Any one has any reads on atheism that are not just "I hecking love science" like the new atheism movement was?
I remember seeing a book about atheism and german idealism; or idealism in general but I can't seem to find it.
Either way let's just talk about atheism in general.
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he wasn't an atheist
that's what i mean


I mean the guy asked for non-reddit tier atheism so I just gave him the closest thing, Spinoza's concept of God is so far removed from typical monotheism that he might as well have been an atheist. Ethics is just too good of a read to pass


what do you think is the typical monotheistic idea of god


usually it is the kind of personal god that is discussed when talking about things like the problem of evil etc


>A personal god, or personal goddess, is a deity who can be related to as a person,[1] instead of as an impersonal force, such as the Absolute, "the All", or the "Ground of Being".

>In the scriptures of the Abrahamic religions, God is described as being a personal creator, speaking in the first person and showing emotion such as anger and pride, and sometimes appearing in anthropomorphic shape.[2] In the Pentateuch, for example, God talks with and instructs his prophets and is conceived as possessing volition, emotions (such as anger, grief and happiness), intention, and other attributes characteristic of a human person. Personal relationships with God may be described in the same ways as human relationships, such as a Father, as in Christianity, or a Friend as in Sufism.[3]

>A 2019 survey by the Pew Research Center reported that, of U.S. adults, 70% view that "God is a person with whom people can have a relationship," while 15% believe that "God is an impersonal force."[4]


Now that i think about it intellegent materialism is a great response to the question

File: 1608527944532.jpg (65.54 KB, 604x381, nigelaskey.jpg)


This guy Is called nigel askey, and is apparently a legitimate historian. He published a paper debunking TIK's claim that the K/D ratio of the soviets during WW was 1/1.6, instead claiming that the soviets lost over 4 more times as many combatants as the Germansduring WW2. Here is his paper. I'm not a qualified historian and I dont have access to acrhives or time to research, so I can't debunk him.


I checked out his website and alsthough he does seem to be knowledgeable, he makes certain ridiculous claims that the "Vicors write history" in WW2, and the allies covered up how technologically and tactically inferior they were to the germans.
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File: 1636734530623.png (236.94 KB, 328x513, ClipboardImage.png)

Michael Parenti - The Real Causes of World War II lecture

Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9Lievywdoo

Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDmovEja_f0



What does that mean?


Weeaboo but Nazi Germany is what the subject is obsessing about instead of Japan.


Read David Glantz


Hello guys, im in the search for some podcasts or discussions to listen to on headphones about communism, though please not from cringe faggot SJW's. I am not sure how you all are, my first time on leftypol.

Anyways, as a communist id like to just listen to something like this while being on the metro or so. Like a more phylosophical deeper Russel brand.

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