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Reminder that this bad boy was responsible for modern international law. Say thank you.
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don't insult my boy puyi like that


Lol having different coloured facial hair is completely natural bro. I have brown hair but my beard is red.

There is a reason they called Vikings things like "Redbeard". You think that happened if he also had red normal hair?


>couldn't even organise his own coronation party without a massacre
>couldn't even consummate an heir
>couldn't win a war
>couldn't run an economy
>listen to boomer uncle and run counter to the grain of history resulting in the destruction of ancient royal line.

Nicholas 2 Haemophilia boogaloo is the biggest cuck in history


just gonna bump this for the lols this is gold


File: 1630600754073.png (3.55 MB, 1755x2160, ClipboardImage.png)

Uhuh, thanks lol


You've heard this argument time and time again that there has never been a successful socialist country, so I thought it would be nice to have a thread talking about successful socialist countries.

Post history, share sources, let's make a list!
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File: 1608528124558.png (686.51 KB, 2720x4172, muh libcoms.png)

>This shit anit-uthoritarian meme again


go away radlib, this is /edu/


>Laying the groundwork
Barf. They clearly went off the rails to a fairly Nationalist State Capitalism.


Lmao you're not fooling anyone.


File: 1608527921634.jpg (41.52 KB, 304x201, cast.jpg)


Does anyone here knows any book or more information, about the socialist revolution, that happened in the Caribbean island of Grenada. And also, what are your thoughts on Maurice Bishop
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File: 1608528194122.jpg (66.5 KB, 720x778, redpilledbishop.jpg)

In just 4 years in power:
> Illiteracy rate dropped in 49% in just 2 years
> Over six hundred poor workers received house repair materials through the National House Repair Programme
>Thirty Community Centres opened, others being built
>Numerous communities cleaned up and improved by voluntary work brigades.
>50,000 Grenadians treated by members of the Cuban Medical Workers Team in Grenada
>Social projects Units set up in the Ministry of Communications and Works to provide materials for community work around the country
>More than 2500 new jobs created
>All anti-worker laws abolished.
>Trade Union membership increased to 50% from 30% under Gairy to 80% now.
>Workers protected by Trade Union Recognition Act.
>Maternity Leave Law passed. Major benefits for women in the country.
>Equal pay for equal work established by PRG.
>All forms of discrimination against women outlawed, law passed to guarantee opportunities to the women of our country.
>Secondary School fees reduced to $12.50 per term from $50.00 before the Revolution. In September, secondary education will be free
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One more book on Grenadian history


File: 1608528194314-0.gif (48.52 KB, 185x307, mauricebishop4.gif)

File: 1608528194314-1.jpg (30.24 KB, 640x447, mauricebishop6.jpg)

File: 1608528194314-2.jpg (41.52 KB, 304x201, mauricebishop5.jpg)

Also here is my collection of videos, documentaries, speeches on Maurice Bishop and The People's Revolutionary Government:

> Bishop's speech

&lt An inside on The People's Revolutionary Government
> AP Archive
> Fidel visits Grenada
> Grenada - Revo Documentary
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFiYHj3nAJI (part 1)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6ZBTa47o_w (part 2)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtvGdbg3skI (part 3)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-4WkI3PNoo (part 4)
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File: 1608528194488-0.jpg (98.22 KB, 360x244, mauricebishop7.jpg)

File: 1608528194488-1.jpg (82.59 KB, 360x242, mauricebishop8.jpg)

File: 1608528194488-2.jpg (75.99 KB, 299x439, mauricebishop9.jpg)

Also I forgot some more important links

> Bishop's biography

> List of all Bishop's speeches
> Bishop's writing "Why a newspaper?"


Socialist Grenada is one of the most unknown aspects of socialism, everyone knows that the USA invaded it, but nobody seems to remember its socialist status.


So I got drawn in this Stanford course, a lecture without homework, a conferrable thing. But it made me thing about a lot of stuff.
The teacher is great and even though he doesn't understand the first thing about marxism he's a very scientific dude constantly referring his marxist colleges who tried hard, he gets the materialist thinker part at least.
You can watch the course there, it's fascinating really.
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Any professor who puts course lectures online for free automatically gets the based card even if they are bluepilled politically.




First lecture says women who live together have their periods synchronize to the schedule of the most extroverted woman. I've seen anons here say period synchronization doesn't actually happen.


Yeah, that was shown to be a myth. Also have had experience living with other women and it doesn't happen. Sapolsky is a quack for many reasons anyways.

File: 1608528044560.jpg (69.34 KB, 1280x720, maxresfefsdefault.jpg)


Anyone have a PDF of Charles Fourier's "The Hierarchies of Cuckoldry and Bankruptcy"? I need it because reasons.
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Some anon scanned it.


Here: >>>/edu/1734



Bright minds, dark attitudes: The association of cognitive ability with right-wing ideological attitudes and prejudice:
A meta-analytic review

Evidence of right wing attitudes and political beliefs associated with a low cognitive ability and a hypothesis of low cognitive ability encouraging right wing beliefs and negative response to inter-group contact as a means of conserving limited mental resources.




Here we post our fields of expertise, in hopes to share the knowledge with our fellow comrades. Ask any questions to comrades in this thread regarding their skills, and post your own. Maybe we can create a chat eventually to teach things at a more in depth level.

Me: Native English speaker, very good at math, okay at similar sciences, and computer science, can help with music regarding drums/guitar/songwriting etc.

I'm particularly interested in learning Chinese (Mandarin), I've just started learning some basics, if anyone has any advice or resources for learning that would be great.
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I'm a creative media student God help me with a decent level of skill with video editing. I was hoping one day I could email Cockshott to help with the editing in his lecture videos


Just go for it, it seems he's quite responsive. However he seems exceedingly busy so idk how keen he would be to try organise it. Definitely worth a shot however.


Why is this image so attractive?


This sounded like a good idea, did anything come out of it?


File: 1629913312084.jpg (43.41 KB, 369x500, s-l500.jpg)


im interested in learning about physics and i am absolutely new to the subject, and if anyone could recommend any books related to physics that would be great! thank you:)
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The guy is deranged, even Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica makes more sense than him.




>For example take the kinetic energy equation. The modern one in bourgeois science books (E=1/2mv^2) exaggerates the importance of velocity. Applying this model to the work environment creates the guise that in order to produce a larger output, more velocity is required ie. the workers have to work faster to maximize the transfer of energy and productivity. Thus the porky indoctrinates the masses with this to increase his rate of profit
this is by far the most deranged thing i have read since i stopped visiting /sci/


These sound really cool but I did not watch them yet: https://theoreticalminimum.com/


Is any of Engels' math in Anti-Dühring wrong, or outdated (wrong to a lesser extent)? I showed my STEMlord friend some of these quotes and they didn't understand what they meant:

>It is for example a contradiction that a root of A should be a power of A, and yet A^(1/2) = square root of A.

> It is a contradiction that a negative quantity should be the square of anything, for every negative quantity multiplied by itself gives a positive square. The square root of minus one is therefore not only a contradiction, but even an absurd contradiction, a real absurdity. And yet the square root of minus one is in many cases a necessary result of correct mathematical operations. Furthermore, where would mathematics — lower or higher — be, if it were prohibited from operation with square root of minus one?

>We have already noted that one of the basic principles of higher mathematics is the contradiction that in certain circumstances straight lines and curves may be the same. It also gets up this other contradiction: that lines which intersect each other before our eyes nevertheless, only five or six centimetres from their point of intersection, can be shown to be parallel, that is, that they will never meet even if extended to infinity. And yet, working with these and with even far greater contradictions, it attains results which are not only correct but also quite unattainable for lower mathematics.
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>Or does it not make sense to give a counter-example that involves i because of what you said in your post (excluding them)?
This. i was invented to resolve the contradiction.

>What does "gives a positive square" mean?

The square is the number B you get by multiplying the number A by itself. The square of 2 is 4. Etc.
It's often mixed up with square root, which is the reverse - the number B you must multiply by itself to get the number A. The square root of 4 is 2.
It just so happens that both the square and square root of 1 are also 1, because 1 is the identity quantity. I think this may be part of the confusion.
A "positive square" means a positive number you get from multiplying two numbers together. Unless you include i (and by extension the complex numbers), you can only have a positive square, because a negative times a negative cancels to being a positive.

>If it's because you exclude them, I think that makes much more sense to me but that would seem to suggest that i is really a concept invented to "hide" this contradiction that exists at the simple level of maths.

It's only a "contradiction" because the system was constructed assuming that this was impossible. Basically, the assumption that because we don't know any "real" number that can be squared and give a negative, there is no such thing. But the fact that you can express the idea of a square root of a negative makes it possible to make a mathematical construct representing that. Once you have that much you can extend the math. The fact that complex numbers are pretty widely applicable IRL means that the "contradiction" was more like a limit on the original model.


this thread has nothing really to do with engels and everything with people not understanding high school math


>STEM lord
>Doesn't understand
lemme guess… the E in stem?


Good thing you didn't explain Engels' maths or answer any of the questions I raised. Wanna explain >>5004 ?


I don't get the first and the last quotes, they seem nonsense.

The second is trickery, like dialectics itself. Engels is technically wrong there, but if we are charitable we can claim he is just sloppy and forgot to mention the positive case. It would go like this:
1. We want to find a number such that squaring it (multiplying it with itself) is negative.
2. Squaring a positive number is positive. (Engels fails to mention this.)
3. Squaring a negative number is positive.
4. This is the "contradiction", that we are looking for a number that does not exist.
5. Now we arrive at the "dialectical" movement that preserves the previous points while abolishing the contradiction: instead of just considering positive and negative numbers, we introduce a new number "i", which is neither positive nor negative and magically solves our problem.

File: 1628047524399.png (353.67 KB, 480x480, ClipboardImage.png)


What the fuck with this:

>The paradox of tolerance states that if a society is tolerant without limit, its ability to be tolerant is eventually seized or destroyed by the intolerant. Karl Popper described it as the seemingly paradoxical idea that in order to maintain a tolerant society, the society must be intolerant of intolerance.

Am I missing something?

The paradox of intolerance is fucking retarded concept and popper could've figured this out if he just exercised the almonds.

Here's the real deal. There is no "intolerance of intolerence" or other stupid word games, there is only intolerance to injustices. This is a re-branded "muh authoritarianism" bullshit. Either there is justice or you implement it by force. Otherwise you're letting injustice exist.

Every time I hear Popper's name, it's always in some ultra-lib cunty context. How is this pseud taken seriously?
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That's an insanely based quote. I'm interested in hearing what you have to say about the paper.


This. What does "tolerance" even mean? And what, you're going to "tolerate" other people? At that point aren't you admitting that you don't like them but you've decided you'll just put up with them? It's such a liberal idea of how to look at other people, harboring some secret, seething hatred but tolerating other people instead of being in open conflict with them.


>But frankly I don't care about any of this, tolerance is fucking retarded because people have used the word so much they've forgotten what it means and that it isn't all that positive a meaning anyhow. It's a liberal delusion that's a perfect tool for Porky to split the working class with idpol and the inevitable clashing between minority sects.
We should do a genealogical analysis of terms used by liberals.

Oh shit anon, sorry. Only saw your comment now.

But either way, it's a good introduction and explanation of historical materialism. It talks about what the author (and me) considers to be the correct interpretation of Marxist historiography, and points outs that Popper's argument is actually invalid as it misinterprets it. But he himself doesn't actually consider hismat to be true, because, as he states:

>[…]although limited in scope, the above outline of Marx central theory suggests that it is by far a more complex theory than that which Russell makes of it. However, a defense of one particular reading of a theory over another should not entail an endorsement of the theory in question. I may agree that the correct reading of Kant commits him to a `two world’ epistemological theory, yet, strongly disagree with regards to the validity of Kant’s transcendental idealism.

And presents Max Weber's interpretation of history, the one that talks about the importance of psychology and protestant ethics to the development of capitalism, as opposed to the changes in modes of production, which themselves provoke class struggle.

But even then, he still finds shortcomings in Weber's theory and muses at the amount of evidence supporting Historical Materialism.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


So, what about Popper's Falsifiability idea?


Popper is a fucking pseud


looking for some leftist (or at least lefty friendly) books on the history of the Afghanistan war. I often find that a lot of these types of leftist history books demand a working knowledge of the topic, which I only barely have.

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