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'The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism of the weapon, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.' - Karl Marx
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Choose a real pro-socialist speech given historically (translations allowed) that you could give on a soapbox in a park or square today.
Bonus style points for speeches performed over a century ago.
Triple points for attaching recorded audio.


Who is the left wing equivalent of Nietzsche? Who is the edgiest leftist philosopher or philosopher who can be read and/or interpreted as left wing?

Foucault? Zizek? D&G? Sorel (pre-fash)? Even someone like Plato, Plotinus, or Spinoza?
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File: 1689655584895-0.png (979.43 KB, 621x1000, ClipboardImage.png)

i mean deleuze was pretty well known for reinvigorating a left-wing interpretation of nietzsche within academia


insurrectionary anarchism as an ideology really
>fuck it bro just like have open guerilla wars with the police and assassinate random heads of the state

Based retards of Left fr luv em tho


Is Nietzsche considered edgy?



You can hardly beat his attempt at becoming an aztec style human sacrifice

File: 1608528077076.png (21.43 KB, 331x286, 1570719182043.png)


>inb4 Grover Furr
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Oops with the sage whatever


He's often accused of misquoting the historians he criticizes. Whether that's true or not is something I am too ignorant to tell you.


I remember someone from the leftypol area posted a Soviet historian, named Zoloyev (Zolotev?), but can't find him. Apparently was really, really good.


He's a loser


for no real reason really.

File: 1689408813422.png (75.71 KB, 365x375, ClipboardImage.png)


How much did the german historical school of economics influence the russian revolutionaries? Did they reject it or embrace some of it? I do know lenin "admired" the german empires economics system, and I do know bukharin wrote a critique or etc on it but besides that how much influence was there?
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Well there's no direct references but bukharin does appear to have studied them extensively which answers part of your question

I suspect your intuition of there being more is correct


yes which is why I want to see if people here know other sources or etc. If not well theres always personal investigation.


Sure I'm also planning on having a quick dig into it and if I find anything I'll post it here




! Werner Sombart !


>Blanquism refers to a conception of revolution generally attributed to Louis Auguste Blanqui (1805–1881) that holds that socialist revolution should be carried out by a relatively small group of highly organised and secretive conspirators.
<Blanquism is distinguished from other socialist currents in various ways: on the one hand, Blanqui did not believe in the predominant role of the proletariat, nor did he believe in popular movements—instead he believed that revolution should be carried out by a small group of professional, dedicated revolutionaries, who would establish a temporary dictatorship by force. This dictatorship would permit the implementation of the basis of a new order, after which power would then be handed to the people.
>In another respect, Blanqui was more concerned with the revolution itself rather than the future society that would result from it—if his thought was based on precise socialist principles. Blanquist thought rarely goes so far as to imagine a purely socialist society. For Blanquists, the overturning of the bourgeois social order and the revolution are ends sufficient in themselves, at least for their immediate purposes.

If the proletariat is not a viable revolutionary subject, maybe the revolutionary subject is the self selected revolutionary himself or a vanguard of likeminded people?

Why was Blanquism never persued in any significant way? Maybe Blanqui is the real thinker for our times if the Hegelian-Marxist notion of a revolutionary subject is dead?


because its a wikipedia ideology


How are you going to establish such a transitionary dictatorship without any popular support? It could be theoretically achieved by getting high ranking military personnel on your side, but there is nothing we can offer them that the ruling class couldn't.



File: 1689347650052.jpg (865.93 KB, 2448x3264, IMG_20230714_091001_860~2.jpg)


Any explanation for why the function on the right is correct would be great
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bro graduated from a taco bell parking lot


Yeah don't worry I'm well aware that education in NA sucks in comparison to most of the planet especially SEA and east asia


OP is acing differential equations without knowing basic algebra, I'm kind of jelly, it must take serious brains




I've been doing algebra since I started calc, theres just a lot of new tricks and identities I only learned in the course that weren't introduced suring my time in hs. No this doesn't take any brains at all, I just spent god how many hours studying this and practicing over the course of several months.

File: 1689346827360.png (140.87 KB, 461x854, 1689346823490.png)


Can some anon send the source-links about the books that has been sent here before which were about economics of Nazi Germany & Fascist Italy

I forgot the links


this is the specific book from your op


Thank you anon <3

File: 1626780285154.png (137.45 KB, 261x400, ClipboardImage.png)


Post Military, Insurgency, General warfare and Military history and Insurgency history books and miscellaneous guides, preferably in pdf format, ZIP Files or torrents of these would also be apricated
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Military writings by Engels

>The Peasant War in Germany

>Conditions and Prospects of a War of the Holy Alliance Against France in 1852
>Revolutionary Spain
>The Armies of Europe
>Mountain Warfare in the Past and Present
>Po and Rhine
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All the landowners and farmers are right wing though. I don't have any local knowledge tbh but surely It can't be ignored.


Someone get Xi on the phone to Lula to help liberate


Collaboration including Ho Chi Minh and Tukhachevsky


File: 1688811918799.png (213.99 KB, 360x324, ClipboardImage.png)


Best analysis of channers that I've seen


>simulated ethnicity
All ethnicity is that.


Holy shit deep….

File: 1688707591367.png (1011.93 KB, 1000x563, ClipboardImage.png)


is classics full of nazis? i really like rome/greece, cause history is cool and ever-present, but it seems like people who really like it are a bunch of nazis.

but i really like it too.

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Most nonfiction books often directly or indirectly reference socialism or promote socialist policy


What the fuck is a youtube male?


History as a whole is not a fascistic or reactionary field. There are however, historians with reactionary biases, either because of their material interest (an aristocratic historian like Gibbons would be biased in favor of the Roman establishment, for example) or because of deliberate government agenda. The insane "patriotic history" genre is a good example of this (i.e this figure in Serbian history is actually Albanian, Genghis Khan was a dharmic warrior crushing Muslims, Black people actually enjoy slavery)


The attempted appropriation of ancient Greece and Rome by Nazis to bolster their fabricated white chauvinistic identity doesn‘t make ancient Greece and Rome as topics something intrinsically Nazi.


File: 1688719728330.png (359.81 KB, 766x725, marx reminder.png)

nazis are too busy drawing chvdjak gemmies and turning into meat cubes in donbass to study the classics. To the extent that they engage with the classics at all, it's to photoshop roman statues into their fashwave wallpapers. Reminder that Marx as a classics major and inherited dialectics through Hegel from Aristotle.(Mod notice: last post from moved thread, this message will be removed later)

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