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'The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism of the weapon, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.' - Karl Marx
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File: 1671820931741.jpg (58.66 KB, 560x363, par284991-teaser-xxl.jpg)


Does anyone have good sources on brainwashing during the Korean War? Or in general anything about how American POWs were treated. Everything I've learned about it have come from western sources, some of them older than others, and some probably less accurate.


Brainwashing is a meme


Yes. But dickwashing isn‘t. Are there any historical records on that for during the Korean War?


No, Jordan Peterson had not been born yet.


you don't control your brain in the first place. everything to receive is outside yourself, there is no pure thinking, always an object of thought. language, words, images, cultures, organizational categories, all have histories of biases they carry around and thought patterns they uphold and implicitly support whether its user/receivers realizes it or not. your thoughts regurgitate out of your subconscious, you are not the one forming the thoughts in your head.
we brainwash ourselves everyday.

i know the book "Patriots, Traitors and Empires" but don't got much else for you.

File: 1672291877191.jpeg (8.63 KB, 275x183, download.jpeg)


Looking to read John Reed's "Why Political Democracy Must Go" but can't find it anywhere. it's not on libgen.is, marxist.org, or the anarchist library. anyone know where to download a pdf?


I had to buy it, hopefully this works after converting and removing DRM


nope, i only got the front cover :/


well thats annoying. the pdf is working on my end, the EPUB came out scuffed tho.
If this doesnt work I'll consider just copy and pasting the text to a new pdf file, surely that will work? idk i hate computers


worked out, ty god bless

File: 1672226105595.png (4.36 MB, 2963x1876, ClipboardImage.png)


what was the name of that pre-WW2 German author that wrote how stereotypically non "aryan" germans were typically the most fanatical Nazis because they knew that they were on the fringe of being considered racially acceptable. Note how the entire high command of the nazi apparatus were a men who were mostly dark-haired, brown-eyed and somewhat short by german standards and who personally proved the lunacy of the aryan "race" as a concept by their mere existence

File: 1671636169084.png (2.52 MB, 972x1562, ClipboardImage.png)


So I read The Rape of Nanking a couple weeks ago and something that kinda bothered me, that it wasn't only slightly alluded to in the book, was the mindset of the preparators

From what I've gathered, Prior to 1895, Japan as a whole pretty much had an inferiority complex towards China. China had won every single war with Japan up until that point (if you exclude that time the Mongols tried to invade with collaborating Chinese troops.) the fact that Chinese philosophies, culture, architecture etc heavily influenced Japan in question was well known. Many of Japan's late 20th century generals and even the more nationalistic ones in the 20th had great admiration for things such as Chinese poetry and literature. They couldn't get around the fact that China was essentially Japan's big brother in cultural and military terms for the vast majority of the two's existence.
However, after the first sino-jap war, in which the jap navy completely crushed the Qing navy, the illusion of Qing China being the superior older brother to Japan was completely dissolved in the eyes of the world. Japanese officers witnessed firsthand the miserably poor and awful starvation-tier conditions Chinese civilians lived under in the late stages of the Qing Dynasty. All their respect and apprehension of what they perceived to be a mysteriously powerful China.
so the fact that Japan had emerged as the dominant Eastern power after 2,000 years of Chinese dominance went straight to their fucking heads.(to say the least)
so the biggest reason is that the Japanese soldier was intentionally brainwashed and hammered into a fearless bloodthirsty wild animal by his superiors. Japanese officers in general were largely raised in sheltered, isolated military academies and believed in total racial holy war in which the entire population should die before surrender and had a strange form of contempt for their own civilian population because they weren't soldiers. (better to die as a shattered jewel; one hundred million shattered jewels.) The enlisted ranks were starved, humiliated and beaten to a pulp, sometimes even to death by their officers for even the smallest mistakes and infractions. they were bombarded with totalitarian propaganda from their first day out of their mothers' womb that they were the chosen heavenly master race, all their enemies were demonic insects with no exceptions, and that their only purpose in life was to slaughter and then die themselves as an expendablePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Any books that go into detail how the Japanese were indoctrinated to think this way?


dan carlins hardcore history supernova in the east is pretty good/informative


Since this is a subject that has been making the rounds in the public discourse again, let‘s make a general that debunks anti-semitic conspiracy theories. Post literature, videos, infographs, memes, whatever. Unfortunately, I don‘t have anything on my own, but I will make this thread to get this going.
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But you don’f need to do that
Anyone that might listen to fascist will never listen to an actual rational argument


It is suspicious sounding that Jews are overrepresented in certain fields, that's not that unreasonable to think.


I wish I was that mountain


>Anyone that might listen to fascist will never listen to an actual rational argument
That's why fascists intentionally try to trick people into thinking they are reasonable.


Fascists, Islamists, Communists, black, white and asian all of whom came to the same conclusion

File: 1671226734120.png (1.04 MB, 2112x1394, 1612922843664.png)


How to use Marx's methodology of analyzing the world based on material dialectics? As far as I know, Marx hasn't explicitly explained his methodology, he merely used it. How do I learn his way of analysis?



This article claims that Marx's "Poverty of Philosophy" is just a slanderous book that has nothing to do with Proudhon's real theories.

Marx doesn't properly quote Proudhon or openly strawmans him. His claims about Proudhon being bad economist in the begining of the book sound laughable since Proudhon was respected economist in his time.

>Comparing Marx’s “reply” to what Proudhon actually wrote, it is hard to take the former seriously. Once the various distortions and inventions are corrected, little remains. Proudhon was right to suggest Marx’s work was “a tissue of crudities, slanders, falsifications, and plagiarism.” (Correspondance [Paris: Lacroix, 1875] II: 267-8) Worse, Marx himself twenty years later embraces in Capital most of the positions he attacks Proudhon for holding in 1847.

>The dishonesty of The Poverty of Philosophy has distorted our view of Proudhon’s ideas and the time is long overdue for a revaluation of Proudhon and his contributions to anarchism and the wider socialist movement. This does not mean that Marx does not, occasionally, presents a valid point – most obviously, Proudhon’s opposition to strikes was wrong as subsequent anarchists recognised – it is just that these are frustratingly few in the midst of so much distortion. So, yes, Proudhon’s mutualism – a form of market socialism based on worker-run co-operatives – does need to be critiqued but Marx’s book is simply not that work.

are there any counter arguments to this?
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Soviets are direct democracy, idiot.


Critique of market socialism is important, but a lot of Marxists erroneously believe that because Proudhon thought markets could work that all anarchists also believe that.

Similar situation for the response of Marxists to other anarchists. There's rarely any actual engagement with the criticism. It seems Marxists are at times more interested in "winning the argument" in terms of public opinion rather than arriving at correct answers. Not to get too Great Man about this but it does seem to be a bit of a habit that was legitimized by Marx and picked up from him by his followers. He was malding pretty hard over people like Bakunin and Stirner in particular and was ultimately more influenced by his critics than he would ever dare admit. In the long run it's really just harmful to be this way and be unwilling to deal with theoretical criticism because it gets in the way of improving the movement in the future.


>He was malding pretty hard over people like Bakunin and Stirner
Probably true, though i personally i have not enough knowledge on Marx vs anarchist polemic to really talk about it.

However, i think it is worth pointing out that. despite what people like >>3577 say, Marx did in fact have an important influence on Bakunin and didn't just straw man him:
>As far as learning was concerned, Marx was, and still is, incomparably more advanced than I. I knew nothing at that time of political economy, I had not yet rid myself of my metaphysical observations… He called me a sentimental idealist and he was right; I called him a vain man, perfidious and crafty, and I also was right.

Also as sidenote, did Bakunin ever told Marx to literally go fuck himself? I remember seeing a quote like that some 4/5 years being attributed to him and thought it was pretty funny at the time.


Well yeah Bakunin and most anarchists today (who aren't just liberal larpers) do agree with Marx's critique of capitalism at least in a broad sense. Marx is essential. It's just that he would sometimes make poor criticisms (usually when the people he was criticizing made a good point against him). Most of his criticisms are extremely on point though, including some of anarchists.

IDK about that quote but that sounds funny.


File: 1670848092950.jpg (50.38 KB, 720x736, 20220319_132118.jpg)

Yes there are counter arguments:

Just fucking read the book and stop caring about anarchists, the latter is an effect of the former.


If feudalism had markets, does that demonstrate that capitalism has always existed and is not truly escapable?


i don't think it works that way, in feudal times there were many collective relations of production like in the fields but does not mean communism always existed.


Capitalism is *generalized* commodity production.


capital predates capitalism, for example usurer's capital. what sets capitalism apart is that capital enters the sphere of production. in less productive periods capital mostly concerns itself with circulation. this is explained in vol III of Capital


Its so sad how few people manage to read until the last chapters of Das Kapital https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1867-c1/ch32.htm
>What does the primitive accumulation of capital, i.e., its historical genesis, resolve itself into? In so far as it is not immediate transformation of slaves and serfs into wage labourers, and therefore a mere change of form, it only means the expropriation of the immediate producers, i.e., the dissolution of private property based on the labour of its owner. Private property, as the antithesis to social, collective property, exists only where the means of labour and the external conditions of labour belong to private individuals. But according as these private individuals are labourers or not labourers, private property has a different character. The numberless shades, that it at first sight presents, correspond to the intermediate stages lying between these two extremes.
>The private property of the labourer in his means of production is the foundation of petty industry, whether agricultural, manufacturing, or both; petty industry, again, is an essential condition for the development of social production and of the free individuality of the labourer himself. Of course, this petty mode of production exists also under slavery, serfdom, and other states of dependence. But it flourishes, it lets loose its whole energy, it attains its adequate classical form, only where the labourer is the private owner of his own means of labour set in action by himself: the peasant of the land which he cultivates, the artisan of the tool which he handles as a virtuoso.
>This mode of production presupposes parcelling of the soil and scattering of the other means of production. As it excludes the concentration of these means of production, so also it excludes cooperation, division of labour within each separate process of production, the control over, and the productive application of the forces of Nature by society, and the free development of the social productive powers. It is compatible only with a system of production, and a society, moving within narrow and more or less primitive bounds. To perpetuate it would be, as Pecqueur rightly says, “to decree universal mediocrity".
>At a certain stage of dePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


*vol I of Das Kapital

File: 1637786936672.jpg (42.37 KB, 647x506, China CIA Baizou.jpg)


Simply put, a thread to document and explore China's relationship with the CIA.

Here we collate sources, examples, etc, which document China's friendly relations with the CIA and its objectives, in places like Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Angola, The Philippines, Israel, etc.
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Holy shit dude, read your fucking sources. Don't keep digging yourself deeper.


which specific parts are you pointing to


>China funded Moaists, a faction of the communists, to overthrow another communist faction
Couldn't they work together or something.




Even I haven't sunk far enough to do this


These are becoming popular among small independent communist groups that want to investigate material issues and publish their findings and theses. They can also pseudonymize writers and put the focus on subjects first and foremost, akin to how imageboards detract from online personalities at least to the extent where fetishization is minimal and ignored if ever pushed by anyone.

Here's a decent Toronto area one that I've been reading:
Program wise, they're a little too Maoist, and it seeps into elements of their investigations obviously, but it's a good concept and spirit in vague.
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lol you do realize “ultra-left” is just a snarl word and means nothing right


You know what I mean though right? Tendencies like communization and that sort who had their origin in thinkers of the left opposition in the USSR at that time, so not completely without meaning



This isn't what u r looking for but I love reading theses and notes on developments and whatnot from people on the ground. It's not as theoretical and this stuff doesnt get published as often as from small working groups, but they're very good sources nonetheless. This is from WFTU, so they're active on the ground but not for the primary purpose of making theory. Go to any serious communist party/org's website and theyll have theses, statements, and so on published. This is a very good way to see what developments are around the world, and from the perspective of other communists and labor organizers.


"Notes from Below is a publication that is committed to socialism, by which we mean the self-emancipation of the working class from capitalism and the state. To this end we use the method of workers’ inquiry.

Written contributions are divided into three types: “Inquiry” which involves original research into class composition; “Bulletins” written for and by workers and militants; “Theory”, perspectives on working class struggle from the most advanced and relevant parts of theoretical debate, or pieces about the historical co-development of class struggle and capitalist exploitation. "


Фейгин Лайф Арестович.

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