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File: 1638820515251.jpg (26.84 KB, 504x373, grant3.jpg)


how is histmat supposed to help us get to communism? are we still supposed to just support socdem movements? what especially does it mean now in the regressive post-industrial landscape of the past 40-50 years of neoliberalism, if not the entire past century since WWI?


The same way a physics textbook could get us to the moon. As for actual strategy, that's a question thay will vary from place to place. At some points collaboration with the social democrats will be advantageous. At others, strict opposition will be a necessity.


What do you think histmat is and why do you believe it could help us do communism, and how would it help us?


we have to see capitalism through to it's end no matter what

File: 1608528197604.png (105.42 KB, 1200x720, ddr.png)

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what do the german anons here think of the german democratic republic ?
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Fuck Germany. It should've just been balkanized and the Junkers liquidated after the House of Hohenzollern was deposed.


not a germanon but I've talked to some Germans online (even on places like /pol/ ffs) and the worst responses I've gotten were that it was just ok, so I'm guessing that Germans are cordial to the DDR


this is my dream


I'll associate that national anthem with Rance rather than the DDR.


I dont know how it was back then but magdeburg now is shit but still if you find some old folks that can talk about the gdr almost all of them say that socialism was good but the stasi and authoritarianism was bad.
But as always alot of the younger people are indoctrinated to believe that the gdr was some kind of hell hole where you couldnt buy anything

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How do we refute the right-wing claim that leftists seek to "abolish" the family and romance?

This seems to be the biggest hurdle I've come across when talking to working-class conservatives. Many of them seem fairly sympathetic to the idea of socialism in an economic sense, i.e. they like the idea of workers' self-management, central planning, free healthcare, housing for all, a "government of action", etc. Yet they refuse to fall behind socialism because they believe that 1. communists want to abolish marriage, 2. communists want to abolish the nuclear family as an institution, 3. communists want to take children away and put them all in communes where they have no clue who their bio parents are, 4. communists support abortion (this is THE biggest issue for a lot of right-wingers, even trumping economics), and 5. communists want to see non-attachment relationships and polyamory (especially queer relationships) be the norm to replace marriage and family.

How do we counter this? I've thought about bringing up the fact that socialist countries that exist today are quite conservative when it comes to issues of marriage and family but I can't give any details to show how.
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If i understood you right, then it would be like picrel but with family instead of prostitution?


File: 1636633992538.png (91.35 KB, 787x276, ClipboardImage.png)

I forgot the image, of course.


Not Kengor's book, but equally infuriating.


the family is a cabal of child molesters with systematic backing from the institutions of state and private property (alien invaders in disguise)


>How do we refute the right-wing claim that leftists seek to "abolish" the family and romance?
What's there to refute?

File: 1636212287313.jpg (32.51 KB, 600x801, 1626461330719-1.jpg)


What are some good books about the current state of "Actually Existing Socialist" countries? i.e. DPRK, China, Vietnam, Laos, Cuba, Venezuela. Anything on Laos is appreciated, as its pretty rare to hear about it.
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Appreciate it, but isn't Chuang kinda shady? You know anonymous collective and the fact that one of their writers works now for the Kissinger Institute?


>the fact that one of their writers works now for the Kissinger Institute?
source? also isn't the Kissinger Institute pro-PRC? lol



I personally like chuang and the two issues you posted are very good reads, just thought you should know that they had this incident



Anyone have any documents, books, videos, documentaries, whatever about the revolutionary organization 17 November?

Revolutionary Organization 17 November, AKA 17N, was a Greek urban guerrilla organization formed in 1975. 17N conducted an extensive urban guerrilla campaign against the Greek state, banks, and businesses, as well as American, Turkish, and British targets.


in case you are incredibly new, you do not actually need to put your email in the email field OP.


Yeah, my bad, rushed through it and didn't realize I could leave it blank. Thanks

File: 1632515331450.jpg (705.68 KB, 1280x1497, 1632190869483.jpg)


Are there any leftist analysis of Ottoman empire?

Or on eulogization of certain sultans of the empire by the modern Turkish state and the Islamists and how much it differs from actual historical facts?
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Can we archive this thread before it dies cause it's pretty based.



File: 1638684121365-1.jpg (337.77 KB, 2560x740, 1555332952401.jpg)

File: 1638684121365-2.png (447.15 KB, 1600x2000, 1576786598305.png)

Pretty accurate but as a Pakistani I'd like to add in my own perspective, saying were just brown Indian Muslims is always going to both reductive and offensive
Most of our founding fathers weren't even from the regions of now Pakistan and those that were from an urbanized Urdu speaking Elite, they lived in a bubble and thought that bubble applied towards everyone else, The idea of Pakistan that it's founding fathers had what that it would a nation where all would give up their ethnic and linguistic identity overtime and all be just Muslim brothers and sisters

Almost immediately pakistan found its self in an odd place in terms of its self identity, cause the people all had their own identity and history and often times had very little to do with each other, an effort was made to rangle all the people in pakistan and give them one history in the schooling systems and media

In east Pakistan (modern day Bangladesh) this narrative and policy was rejected by the masses, the Bengalis had both a strong sense of ethnic identity at the time and were the majority as well, the Bengalis made up the majority of the population even with every non Bengali ethnic group combined, but despite that they were thought of as less due to a number of cultural factors mainly south Asian discrimination and colorism, the Bengalis were singled out because they were the most foreign, to make a long story short this led to unrest, a election cancellation, political instability and the army being called in, a state sponsored genocide and Indian intervention and Pakistan surrender

After that, the Pakistan domestic policy went ever further in the Islamic identity narrative for fear of further seprtasism, radical islamism came not out of fear of communism but rather fear of ethnic nationalism and seprarism
Now the solution to bring hamonry among the various ethnic groups of Pakistan that the state has followed for the last 50 years is to surpress everyone's ethnic identity, history aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


samefag the most fascinating ethnic group that came out of Pakistan's complex history and is basically considered the model citizen despise an extreme minority is the Muhajir

Muhajir is an odd complex ethnic identity, I'm not sure if any other like it exists in the world, muhajir is a Arabic origin term roughly translating to one who flees or immigrant

In the chaos and mass casualties in the violence of the partition between India and Pakistan, Millions of people moved to what they hoped would be safer territory, with Muslims heading towards Pakistan, and Hindus and Sikhs in the direction of India. As many as 14-16m people may have been displaced

but here's the thing today in Pakistan the decedent's of the vast majority those who left India are not considered muhajirs, you see those who identity as muhajirs are not the decedent's of Punjabi and Sindhi Muslims who immigranted to Pakistan, they are the decedent's of basically everyone else(see my family fled from Kashmir to Pakistan like so many others but we are not considered Muhajirs)

From utter padesh, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Gujrat and so on, all the non Punjabi, Rajputs and sindhis who didn't speak the local languages or understand the local cultures were first classified first as Urdu speaking muhajirs but during the 70's started being referred to as just muhajirs, an identity based not on what the muhajirs are but rather what they aren't and for many they are not 'sons of the soil" a term with various translations through out Pakistan depending on the ethnic group

They are in odd position in that they are minority but unlike the Bengalis are over represented in Pakistans most educted and have a higher literacy rate then the majority of the country and by the state standards they are the Ideal citizen i.e they speak Urdu, are mostly Urban and Identify with their Muslim identity but most people generally dislike them

Giving the full history for the muhajirs would be far too long but they have played a huge role in Pakistans identity and they might be coming to end in Pakistan

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>its worst moment
yeah uh, it doesn’t get much better the further back you go lol

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Was the Meiji restoration and "restoring power to the emperor" a good or bad thing in 18th century Japan for the peasants? It marked the upper class revolution that caused the samurai feudal system to transition into a capitalist system. (Which ultimately turned into a racist imperialist empire that tried to invade and oppress all of its neighbors in Asia in a sort of fascist system, and as Japan lost the war the people starved and suffered greatly.)

I just found this photograph btw. Samurai didn't look nearly as impressive as I thought they would, and that hairdo is "objectively ugly."

There were a lot of peasant revolutions/movements that tried to go against the samurai but they all ultimately failed so no one except historians talk about them. Unfortunately too, the people who study Japanese history appear to be mostly weebs who romanticize the samurai so much that you never get to hear about the peasents' movements.
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Bushido on paper is "noble" and all but in practice see the posts in >>8098
That said, here is a Japanese book on Bushido but it's in Russian so you'll have to use a translator


File: 1635954196515.jpg (45.07 KB, 460x460, a240nmp_460s.jpg)

Its time for a story
>emperor fōr-channū gets old and has to follow the shitoposto traditions by retiring to an old cave in the mountain of kekyama where he has to practice the old jutsu of masturbating with only two fingers for 14 years in order to gain the blessing of the kami of basedness, his title as emperor is later passed to his brother redditu, marking the beggining of the hōmō periode, famous for multiple suckings of the cock of china.
>emperor redditu gets triggered by the rasengan clan because they paid him 69419 rice bags in tribute instead of the funi 69420 number, insults the diplomat of rasengan for this shamfur dispray, and orders him to commit sodouku 69420 times to retain the honor of his family, or have them all canceled from japan.
>a giant civil war occure as many clans can no longer handle the emperor's bullshit.
>then finally, after 25 years of chaos daimyo CHADIMOTO of the chinletO clan, with his wits, intelligence, the fact that he is the only one who knew how taxes work(the less the better) and a few muskets he bought from some dutch guy called "ver is mein willy", managed to BTFO all the other pleb clans, claims the title of SHOTGUN, and ousted the old emperor and replaced him with fōr-channū's son, ate channū, ending by that the long decade of chaos and normieness.
>as a reward for returning order and prosperity to japan, ate-channū gifted the shotgun chadimoto with three gifts:
<the title of /ourguy/.
<centurii-chan as a bride for him.
<a mysterious coin that can turn him into any race he ever wish to be
And that is the story of chadimoto chinleto, they all lived happily ever after, exept for redditū who escaped and swore to comeback for revenge someday.
The END.
This is a joke post, don't be mad


File: 1636955161627-0.png (303.62 KB, 750x536, Tie Chonmage.png)

File: 1636955161627-1.png (700.07 KB, 521x605, Chonmage.png)

>what's with the ancient Japanese and this gay haircut?
Supposedly this hairstyle was to keep the helmet in place, but that's kind of bullshit IMO. More likely people did this because japan has a culture of worshiping any authority figure so people shaved their heads as a sign of respect for their balding samurai boss: Male-pattern baldness had been common in Japan due to poor food availability, which is the reason Japanese people tended to be - and still are in some regards - smaller than average human size and often had fragile bones and poor tooth/jaw structure, after all there is good reason that depictions of feudal Japan in modern media like anime (pic 3 - Inuyasha) often feature balding farmers and bandits, but I digress.
TL;DR: Male pattern baldness was and remains pretty common in Japan, so a hairstyle that works with baldness has some practical purposes and became socially enforced.
This is also similar to Medieval Christian monks. https://archive.ph/WKEs0
Food: https://archive.ph/ZhcIl
Masculinity: https://archive.md/HiJ2q
Basics of Chonmage: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chonmage https://archive.md/XPmJE
Asia in general: https://archive.md/5c0qW


It was objectively a good thing for Japanese peasents as it made the country an industrialised imperialist capitalist state. Samurai rule was as evil and economically poor as it was in any feudalistic society.

I disagree with you when you say that they don't look impressive. I think it is also wrong to say their hairdo is objectively ugly. This is just chauvinism.


>This is just chauvinism
Just going to point out that this anon is correctly using the termin of chauvinism, especially in a leftist context, as contrasted to a lot of users that tend to spam the word on this site on everything they perceive to be offending to themselves in regards to an aspect of a culture.

File: 1636493839807.jpg (47.05 KB, 800x800, unnamed (2).jpg)


The guy who made the Marx was not a statist videos wrote a book I am wondering what you think about it and if any of you have a pdf because I am not paying for it.


File: 1638267139843-0.jpeg (96.57 KB, 975x568, RussianRev.jpeg)

File: 1638267139843-1.jpeg (2.1 MB, 3719x2677, FrenchRev.jpeg)


Thread really here for information and interpretations (etc.) regarding the French Revolution of 1789 and the Russian Revolution of 1917 as I needed information regarding these topics but I fail to see why this couldn't incorporate material regarding a whole host of revolutions!


>the French Revolution of 1789

read Kropotkins book

<Vladimir Ilyich had a great respect for Pyotr Alexeyevich. He held him in great esteem, particularly as the author of the book about the Great French Revolution and he discussed at great length the qualities of this remarkable book. He pointed out to me that Kropotkin had been the first to look at the French Revolution through the eyes of a researcher, to focus the attention on the plebeian masses, and to continually underline the role and meaning of the craftsmen, the workers and other representatives of the working people during the French Revolution. He saw this work by Kropotkin as a classical work and he recommended reading it and circulating it on a large scale. He said it was certainly necessary to republish this book with a wide circulation and to distribute it free of charge to all libraries of our country. During all of our conversations Vladimir Ilyich expressed the wish to meet Pyotr Alexeyevich and to talk to him.



File: 1638284283257-0.pdf (3.01 MB, 67x118, soboul1977.pdf)

File: 1638284283257-1.pdf (6.89 MB, 154x255, soboul1981.pdf)

File: 1638284283257-2.pdf (7.78 MB, 165x255, soboul1988.pdf)

and the works of Albert Soboul


Post works which you think should be translated into English here.

I'll start: I'm shocked that Karl Kautsky's history of the French Revolution (Die Klassengegensätze von 1789) has never been translated into English. Lenin, Trotsky, and other Bolshevik theorists all had an extensive knowledge of the French Revolution, and Kautsky, the "Pope of Marxism" would presumably have had an immense influence. This work was approved by Engels himself, and may have been foundational in establishing the Marxist theory of bourgeois revolution, yet it has never been translated into English.
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>The Great Anger
This one is available online, I got it from the Marxists archive.
>The permanent guillotine
That sounds based, would be interested in it


Not to discourage anons from their work here, but I think messageboards are better suited than imageboards for this, because of a more responsive structure for projects and better formatting options. A forum I recommend is leftypol.org even though it's currently not very active, but that shouldn't negatively affect the integrity of this project if others share their attention to both platforms.



there are already 2 translations into english but idk if they're any good



I found this work months ago and I always wanted to read it(I don't know much about Bombacci so whether this was before or after he went full fascist is beyond me), but was never able to find an English translation.


I only just now saw who the hell the author was. I'm sorry for being retarded.

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