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'The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism of the weapon, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.' - Karl Marx
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ITT we post links and pdfs to critical or constructive takes on Cockshott and cybersocialism, as well as works or authors who wrote in the fields of cybernetics, systems theory, or operational research in general.


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File: 1658872647474.png (333.81 KB, 449x428, defeated.PNG)

>can't read hegel without kant
>can't read kant without hume and descartes
>can't REALLY read hume and descartes without going back to the greeks
<the greeks are fucking boring

Fuck me running why is philosophy such an incestuous field


you literally do not need to read kant so ignore all that


All this is false, you should start with whatever catches your attention and then go on from that. You will most probably have to revisit philosophers you've already read anyway.


this >>11327
Just read whatever catches your eye,then if you get interested in what is written you will have a way easier time reading other philosophers related to the one you're reading,then when you feel like you've already read "enough" and feel good about yourself,you can read more specific philosophers that maybe wouldn't interest you by using up the goodwill you gain previously.

File: 1621932533736.png (14.23 KB, 825x202, sands.png)


I'm looking for editions of this journal (current, past). I've checked libgen, sci-hub, MAM, and IRC to no avail. I'm looking for the current edition in particular (https://www.scienceandsociety.com/current.pdf) but anything helps, really.
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this seems interesting, bump


it’s full of the most boring, repetitive academic philosophizing
you don’t wanna read it


and by “boring” i mean like in a destructive, circlejerk-y sense. like a church sermon or something like that


that can't be true for every single article in every single edition. Every time I check an issue's contents, there's some interesting-sounding stuff in there. pics related, it's the April 2022 issue.


As always Amerifats expect you to have a credit card. God damn and I was about to pay for a subscription for these old farts. Anyone got PDFs?

File: 1655775970627.png (112.26 KB, 846x855, 1654555801068.png)


are there any tips to retaining memory of theory that you've read? I've just started and i feel like i'm missing large parts and just taking the overall message
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File: 1655916908034.jpg (45.82 KB, 1024x640, halflifejpg.jpg)

It also helps to revisit your notes every few days. Your memory works like this half life graph. Your memory of what you read goes down like the graph here. But every time you revisit your notes, your memory goes back to hundred. The way I usually do it is I revisit what my notes the next day, then three days later, then a week later, then a month. It only takes a few minutes to revise.


>made a thread on "how to read theory"
this mf is not reading at all


>>made a thread on "how to read theory"
>this mf is not reading at all
mans illiterate


There's nothing specific about reading theory, refer to the other study thread: >>6382


Memory is strengthened by recall, not by re-acquisition.


Adding my request for pdfs.

With such a large collection, gdrive/mega would be ideal. Would be amazing to have each article in an individual pdf as the website has them for ease of reference seperated into folders by journal/year.

archive.org seems to have a collection of scans but only for post-2000

File: 1608528091138.jpg (96.19 KB, 1920x1200, 1589137529016.jpg)


The history of space travel. I want all material, factoids, trivia, books on space. From Sputnik to the recent Crew Dragon and further beyond
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The peak was the Tesla in space with the Falcon Heavy. I admit I was excited too. Now, Starlink isn't as popular outside "enthusiasts" because it isn't flashy and Musk is being a bitch.


Relativistic/FTL travel is pretty much a non-starter. If it's possible to do interstellar travel we are probably going to have to warp space, make wormholes, or something like that.



File: 1656000112600-0.mp4 (761.46 KB, 490x352, Soyuz 11 CPR footage.mp4)

File: 1656000112600-1.jpg (619.2 KB, 1267x680, soyuz-crew-funeral.jpg)

Footage of an attempt to resuscitate the bodies of the Soyuz 11 crew. They were buried in the Kremlin Wall Necropolis near Yuri Gagarin. The Soyuz was extensively re-designed for safety, protocols were updated to require a spacesuit be worn at all times, the Sokol spacesuit was designed in response as well.



Are there any "Marx in 21st century" type books? Basically talking about Marx's predictions and which ones came true or not, in detail. I read a book on Marx's thoughts on ecological degradation under capitalism, and it was very interesting and prophetic.
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>uuhhhh shid thred dont reply
<in the process of saying this, he replies

what did he mean by this?


File: 1657599774512.png (69.92 KB, 529x318, ClipboardImage.png)


bro he's not nostradamus


it's a shit thread
what do you want me to say


Jairus Banaji's Theory as History

File: 1608528163862.jpg (866.36 KB, 1100x1635, Catalyst_v4n1-promo_cover.jpg)


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I come bearing PDFs of the latest issues.



Volume 5 Issue 4


Posted the wrong one
Volume 5 Issue 4 PDF


New volume is up

File: 1641210455435.jpg (101.69 KB, 512x383, unnamed.jpg)


Been reading about how the modern Right has studied and weaponized leftist thinkers like Gramsci, found it super fascinating. But it got me thinking, is there any right-wing or far-right thinker we could utilize the same way? Every major right-wing figure I've attempted to read like Rand, Guenon, Evola etc. turned to be actual straight-up hot garbage. Is there any, and I mean ANY worthwhile right-wing thinker that could be useful to study?
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No, what entices me about fascism is the promise of obscene enjoyment, leftist movement feel like one has to renounce something instead of being given something. Now that i word it like this maybe appropriating fascism is not the answer.
> but are there any really good reasons to know your enemy in depth?
Knowledge itself is a good reason but this thread was started with the idea of finding stuff to appropriate because of recent rightist cadres appropriating leftist ideas.


ah the zizek critique
i mean punk can still offer obscene enjoyment, plus any kind of non-elitist extremism as well

but obscene enjoyment is shitty so fuck it, plus there's normal enjoyment that is good enough
>Knowledge itself is a good reason but this thread was started with the idea of finding stuff to appropriate because of recent rightist cadres appropriating leftist ideas.
ah, in that case i guess they were strengthening their side with some reason lol. I do think that patsoc stuff is an important link in the chain which bridges between "leftist" in the general sense and which comprises much academic views and rests on a sort of post-modern pluralism, and dialectical materialism. Maybe studying Lasalle would be useful. I think the important thing is to know them to critique them though, since they're not particularly strong or drawing people besides the usual "you're special white man, show the world your power, be an alpha male".

I'd be critical too because any time you accept even a tactic of an enemy, its colored with their specific position. Knowing that the right is about obscene enjoyment (plus knowing their justifications for it too: it's tied in to a belief in competition and willpower/victory/struggle giving sanction to enjoy others suffering and transgress all boundaries) will only help us to explicitly formulate ourselves as for moral, socially conscious enjoyment, collective building, etc. It's important to think about the kind of enjoyment we are offering, but we can't just mirror the right. So thats why i was suggesting the best we could do by mirroring is using it to funnel people who are looking for fascism or whatever into leftism. But ultimately too it's about class and status, and it seems silly to want to attract class enemies to convert them rather than attract allies to team up with, so it was a dumb idea ig.


you know what, also it's interesting not only that the right on the surface is against obscene enjoyment, while really its based on it, this could just be projection, but the method of obscene enjoyment is a transgression of boundaries and a freedom to do what you will if it pleases you, and this is a point of unity between left and right (i say left here not including communism). Pointing out the nature and history of the idea of the sanctity of will and the transgression of boundaries is necessary to prove that nazism is not free of liberalism, it's based on a radical fulfillment of liberal ideals in the same way that e.g. anarcho-communism is. There's both a unity with their direct ideological enemies, and a unity with the ideological past (modernity, liberalism, democracy, relativism, etc.) that they hope to break with.

This is really important at least for showing the correctness of communism and dialectical materialism against these deviations in order to break free of liberalism on the ideological level (to say nothing of the economic level - cause right wing economics as far as ive ever seen only even shows itself as a patch to the capitalist system, if not just letting capitalism run wild).

One thing I always come back to, even though it's silly cause i'm not a christian, but i'm reminded of St. Augustine's quote "first love god, then do as you please" and Crowley's "do what thou wilt will be the whole of the law". It's a sinister inversion because it's not upending the idea, its removing the obligation to act with love, that's all. Purely formally, it's liberating.

But anyways I guess it's not that simple as exposing the obscene enjoyment, since on the face of it these people are supposed to be ascetic hardasses who love pain and struggle and character-building hardship, and fantasies of torture and rape only come through the cracks but can't be "proven" based on theory. Which is why I guess it's also important to empower fucking common sense against people trying to fearmonger against psychoanalysis or reading things subtextually or doing an analysis of culture compared to doctrine, where the whole is the sum of its parts, or to put that better, cannot be abstracted away from its concrete realization.

Also I'm such a lazy ass lol it's one thing to say "we need to know this in order to show x is like y" Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I guess you're right, we need to address leftism's unappealing message but promising obscene enjoyment doesn't need to be the answer.
No rightism and obscene enjoyment steams what I'd like to say is the rightist syntagma: the belief that some people are worth more than others and that those that are worth more have rights over those who are worth less, men over women, white over black, rich over poor etc. So rightists are not hypocrites because for example the christian right uphold marriage yet elects Trump even if he's an adulterer, they actually love that a rich white man doing X and then telling the people bellow him to not do it is the very core of rightism,.
So it's not really a promise of obscene enjoyment as much as it is a promise of fulfilling one's right over other as long one submits to their superior's right. Tho the desire for violence still exists within everyone's id seems other factors are what make people lean left or right but also explain why fascism seems so enticing.


File: 1657041350227.jpeg (822.99 KB, 1690x1488, 1656809089236.jpeg)

So I heard that Guenon is the new meme rightist all the /pol/yps are into right now.
I found this post >>>/leftypol/1017391
>Basically Guenon (Who was a pen-pal of Evola) fell into the very literal 'reactionary' [Not in the sense its commonly thrown around] sphere of ideology where they basically think that everything since the English Civil War, The reformation and the French Revolution was / has been / will be a definitive downward slide for humanity on account of the process of society becoming more 'demotic', The replacement of Kings who [At least in their minds, this is up for debate] ruled for life and had a vested interest in the upkeeping of the state with bougies who just buy elections via advertising, and the collapse or corruption, either real or perceived of religious institutions (I.E hyper-universalist protty Christianity, and Vatican 2.0 / Reform Catholicism etc),

>The belief is that in Feudal Occidental society (church) formed one of the 'three estates' along with the (Peasantry / Free-city Proto-Proles) and (Nobles + Merchants), It's deformation and the replacing of Catholic spirituality with church as a social club or a political pulpit has basically thrown off and damaged European civilisation in their eyes,

>To correct this in Rene and Evola's minds they needed to basically 're-discover' european spirituality and they believed they could do this by delving into the numerous Occult and esoteric splinters from mainstream religion that had formed through the late 18th. 19th and early 20th century (Evola believed in 'Magic' and borrowed plenty of the), Along with studying schools like Sufi Islam and Vajrayana Buddhism that they perceived as having kept the basic 'spiritual truth' of religion Christianity had lost

>A lot of later writers in this field of thought also link back to the concept of the societal Socius, And how the change from the Socius most basic for the upkeep of the system, which under feudalism was the Monarch or arguably Terra itself, has now been replaced by capital as a concept described by Marx.

But what else can you guys tell me about him?

File: 1608528384265.jpg (169.33 KB, 1200x525, hegel anti idpol.jpg)

 No.4337[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

There are people who spend their entire lives reading Hegel and still manage to come out empty handed.

ITT we discuss the great thinker, Karl Marx's teacher, and he on who's shadow we walk:

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

1. What are good things to read/view to get an understanding of Hegel from a philosophical neophyte?

2. What service can Hegel's philosophy provide us today?

3. What an be done to make Hegel more accessible to the masses? Why is it so unpenetrable?
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„Contradiction“ makes little sense to me. In a material sense it just seems like „opposing forces“. Be it in classical physics of material bodies colliding or the interests of the bourgeoisie and the proletariat being opposed to one another. Other than that there aren‘t in a literal sense „contradictions“ in the material world. The more I read about it in political literature the more it seems like some odd fetishization of a term that serves as a reoccurring metaphor. A bad one, because it seems like a needless obfuscation to me. I haven‘t read Hegel in German yet, but „contradiction“ could be translated into „Widersprüche“ or „Gegensätze“. Intuitively, I understand „Widerspruch“ to be a logical impossibility. Hence why „contradiction“ made so little sense to me the way I read it in political literature. „Gegensätze“ on the other hand, or „gegensätzlich“, can be understood as „contradiction“ as well, but rather in a sense of „antithetical“ or „antagonistic“ or „oppositional“. This on the other hand makes much more sense. I still wouldn‘t have gone for calling it „contradiction“ in English. „Oppositional“, „antithetical“ perhaps.


This is a good point and is pertinent to the problem of commensurability within translational efforts, but I do think that there is some incidental and thus intuitive meaning registered within the process of assuming the term 'contradiction' through the english-speaking mind's encounter with the to-be-translated Germanic text. Keep in mind the insights of Hegel rocked the anglosphere, and if we historicize the context in which this reception occurred, we might better understand how the psyche was operating in reaction to the newfound insights of Hegel–Hegel marks the formalized introduction to dialectical thought for the anglosphere upon his introduction, and, knowing that, we can therefore infer that for the translators of the time, the word contradiction was what manifested itself in the immediacy of their psyches because, having come from a pre-dialectical background prior to their encounter with Hegel's logic, the concept of resolute oppositions would have been relatively arcane, so instead of the consequential comprehension of the process (which we would then, through dialectics, come to understand as 'oppositional' or 'antithetical'), you have this impression of shock which is subconsciously causing the registration of the german term to appear as 'contradiction' in the translator's understanding, because this relates to how they would have grasped the material in their nascent involvement with it. This is to say, to the angloid, since this is the first encounter with dialectics, coming from their pre-dialectical background, that which is latently understood as oppositional in dialectical terms must therefore instead be assumed as a 'contradiction' insofar as one is burdened or hamstrung with the lack of initial dialectical thought, aka a pre-dialectical background, because without dialectics, the transformative process of the 'synthesized resolution of oppositional forces' would instead seem a contradiction.


File: 1656696687713.png (981.16 KB, 1572x1048, makingitfreedomaintfree.png)

hello i just finished reading the phenomenology yesterday so i am thinking of making a reading group for intelligence and spirit. im not posting this in /read/ because while negarestani is probably a marxist, this isn't really a marxist text. anyways, if you find it interesting please join! i am planning that we read one chapter a week (starting next week)!


oh sorry i only posted the space not the room


i wrote a summary that you guys can check out here:

File: 1632507970941-0.jpg (506.67 KB, 1280x1840, 04lnjOTIL1qdfjhdo1_1280.jpg)

File: 1632507970941-1.png (2.09 MB, 1086x764, 4567890.png)

File: 1632507970941-3.webm (60.16 MB, 1920x1080, 3456789.webm)

File: 1632507970941-4.jpg (205.27 KB, 1200x801, Esoup8NW8AElonC.jpg)


It was a dress rehearsal, without which the final victory of the proletariat in October 1917 would have been impossible. (Lenin)

The revolution of 1905 came as a surprise to everyone, although Russia had been going to it for a long time. For example, the American historian Richard Pipes considers it a prologue to the student unrest of 1899. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Izvolsky believed that the tsarist regime began to collapse even under Alexander III, and the publicist Mark Vishnyak counted the end of the autocracy from the mid-1870s, when Alexander II stopped the Great Reforms and decided to" freeze " the country. Russia and the ruling dynasty could only be saved from revolution by the introduction of a constitutional monarchy. But the last Romanovs, in an effort to preserve the unshakable autocratic foundations of their power, eventually lost everything and led the country to the catastrophe of 1917.

Interactive map of the 1905 revolution
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File: 1644707973441-0.jpg (1.01 MB, 1545x2145, HandsOffRussia.jpg)

File: 1644707973441-1.jpg (903.85 KB, 1417x2161, HandsOffRussia1.jpg)

File: 1644707973441-2.jpg (1.1 MB, 1473x2194, HandsOffRussia2.jpg)

File: 1644707973441-3.jpg (2.61 MB, 2954x2137, HandsOffRussia3.jpg)

File: 1644707973441-4.jpg (2.63 MB, 2946x2156, HandsOffRussia4.jpg)

Hands Off Russia
was written by William Paul
and published in 1919

This copy belonged to Alfred Comrie,
who was a founder member
of the Communist Party of Great Britain

Taken from http://www.heartfield.org/HandsOffRussia.htm


File: 1644708001316-0.jpg (2.5 MB, 2962x2156, HandsOffRussia5.jpg)

File: 1644708001316-1.jpg (2.64 MB, 2953x2156, HandsOffRussia6.jpg)

File: 1644708001316-2.jpg (2.58 MB, 2977x2148, HandsOffRussia7.jpg)

File: 1644708001316-3.jpg (2.67 MB, 2961x2164, HandsOffRussia8.jpg)

File: 1644708001316-4.jpg (2.69 MB, 2977x2132, HandsOffRussia9.jpg)


"Jambourg" is apparently a francization of Yamburg, now named Kingisepp, after Viktor Kingissepp, founder of the Estonian Communist Party in 1920 and a Chekist before then, executed by the Estonian secret police in '22.

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