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'The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism of the weapon, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.' - Karl Marx
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>Russia plans to start withdrawing from the International Space Station as early as 2024 and build its own space station in the future. Russia says it will fulfill its obligations before pulling out, but its eventual departure now seems inevitable. Without Russia, the possibility that the ISS might fall back to Earth is not entirely out of the question.
And let that be a lesson to us all

File: 1658782322337.png (24.05 KB, 330x383, ClipboardImage.png)


i wanna make sure i understand marx correctly because i'm kind of a working class dumbass who got brain damage playing sports as a kid:

1: labor creates value (AKA socially necessary labor time needed to produce a commodity)

2: a commodity is an item with a use value and exchange value

3: use values can be found in nature, but require labor to harvest. i.e. a fruit has use value (food) but in order for someone to eat it someone must find it, pick it, wash it, prepare it, present it, which is all useful labor that goes into determining the fruit's exchange value.

4: it takes a certain amount of time to find, pick, wash, and prepare a fruit. The average amount of time it takes to do this is the socially necessary labor time, which is the value of the fruit.

5: exchange values are not prices, but price is the realization of exchange value, with many other factors affecting it

6: Machines reduce the amount of socially necessary labor time needed to produce a commodity, thus lowering the exchange value of the commodity

7: Machines represent crystallized labor. The labor needed to produce a labor-saving machine is the value of the machine.
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Just to nitpick a bit. The two commodities need to be of equivalent value within the context of that society and relations in that society. For example some societies had easy access to oranges and there was very little work needed to get those oranges. So the equivalent value of a crate of oranges might only be a jar.

And in some societies getting oranges might meant hard and complicated labor and labor process so the equivalent value of 4 jars might just be 1 single orange.


You can't talk about the equivalence of use-value = exchange-value without talking about fetishism. To say that tailoring = weaving, is by all accounts insane.


But it is (through the roundabout introduction of exchange-value) what we do as a society.


1. value is a social relationship and labor makes the objects that are exchanged & valued in that relationship
2. sure you can describe it that way but you need to understand that the commodity *is* both an use and exchange value, not that it has them as properties
3. yes use values can be found in nature, I think marx uses the example of air. the point is that it's incidental that the commodity is useful for people
4. sure to make any commodity ready for sale it takes time but this is obvious
5. yes
6. yes but they don't do that directly
7. they don't represent crystallized labor they are it because those machines were created by laborers
8. sure this is obvious because if nobody worked then nothing would be created and there wouldn't be any exchange or value to talk about


Looks basically correct. Nitpick:
>4: it takes a certain amount of time to find, pick, wash, and prepare a fruit. The average amount of time it takes to do this is the socially necessary labor time, which is the value of the fruit.
Caveat is that the demand is there. Producing something with technical efficiency at a too high quantity still wastes labor.


I am looking to see if the PFLP had and manifesto and if I get a text cope of it if any one can help I would be very great full. P.S if any one has any writings/teachings of George Habash that they can link in the comments I would be very greatfull

btw sorry about my bad spelling I have dyslexia


File: 1624130771203.jpeg (77.51 KB, 960x634, weg mit gott.jpeg)


Attention! • Achtung!
Asshole! • Arschloch!
I won and you lost, haha! / I got this and you don’t, haha! • Ätsch!
Owee! • Aua!
Stand up! / Wake up! • Aufstehen!
Tidy up! • Aufräumen!
Open the door/window/whatever! • Aufmachen!
Close the door/window/whatever! • Zumachen!
Encore! • Zugabe! (shouted ZU-GA-BE to keep in synch with the others shouting it)
Colloquial greeting that sounds like a question. • Na?
Don’t act cocky like that! • Nanana! It basically only exists in spoken form. Some writing attempts use spaces, but that’s like writing Zu ga be.
I’m rating this game/movie/situation/whatever two stars out of five. ★★☆☆☆ • Naja. It’s also a filler word similar to “well“.
Boaster! • Angeber!
Give it! • Gib! (order addressing a single person)
Sit down! • Hinsetzen!
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€ 7.50 • 7,50 € sieben Euro fünfzig (Use a comma separator and always say „Euro“ before the cents.)
17 • siebzehn
70 • siebzig
the silver • das Silber
to sing • singen
to sit • sitzen
the son • der Sohn
the soldier • der Soldat / die Soldatin
to shall • sollen
the summer • der Sommer
special word following a negation to introduce what is actually true • sondern
the sun • die Sonne
the Sunday • der Sonntag
otherwise • sonst
to save money / avoid effort • sparen
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the type • der Typ (also used for guy)

the clock • die Uhr
around • um
in order to • um zu (literally “around towards”)
the university • die Universität
down (position) • unten
under/among • unter
the enterprise • das Unternehmen
below 0 • unter null
to teach • unterrichten
the difference • der Unterschied
to sign • unterschreiben (People often say in response to statements they agree with that they can sign them: „Das kann ich unterschreiben.“)
the bottom side • die Unterseite
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to become / will do • werden
to throw • werfen
the tool • das Werkzeug
the value • der Wert
the west • der Westen
the bet • die Wette
the weather • das Wetter
important • wichtig
how • wie
again • wieder
Vienna • Wien
the wind • der Wind
the winter • der Winter
we • wir
we are • wir sind
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>the plumber • der Klempner
I wanted to always include the male and female form for each job. And the female form must be die Klempnerin.

So I worked on this over several weeks, checked and checked again for mistakes and omissions, and literally the second I see the comment uploaded I spot something. Of course! Have to say that unlike with all the other jobs mentioned I have never seen or heard the female version of the word, so forgive me. I'm pretty sure this list is better than any other basic German vocab list you find anywhere else online!


the heck's this thread anyway

File: 1656331275314.jpg (57.83 KB, 1280x720, snowden.jpg)


I'm looking for conspiracy theory/conspiracy fact books. Both confirmed/plausible stuff and schizo stuff. Preferably with a left wing narrative. Help?
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i have no recommendations for "schizo" stuff unfortunately OP. I mainly stick to confirmed/plausible stuff. let me know what you think of the recs.


silicon valley has been the US government's bitch since the 90s


try the 60s. read surveillance valley


The tech industry has been part of the MIC since the cold war and silicon valley specifically was built thanks to DOD-CIA grants and contracts.


There are multiple TrueAnon reading lists. Check those out, they've got lots of parapolitics / deep politics type stuff.

File: 1659207328314.jpg (64.55 KB, 639x960, two-for-one.jpg)


Art is destroyed when it is no longer meaningful. When a painting is burned the act of burning it preserves it. The painting is destroyed when it is hung up in a museum that no one bothers to go visit.


Fascinating bullshit
If we had Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off all three abrahamic religions have nothing left to complain about yes?

File: 1652856454532.png (597.9 KB, 604x898, Joseph Campnigga.png)


What do you guys think of "The Hero With A Thousand Faces" by Joseph Campbell? I haven't read many non-fiction books before because I am a midwit with severe ADHD, but I'm going to try to finish this one even if it kills me lol.


Would be nice to state what this book is even about


Isn't that the book Georges Lucas used to make Star Wars?


He also used the album "Trout Mask Replica"


ITT we post links and pdfs to critical or constructive takes on Cockshott and cybersocialism, as well as works or authors who wrote in the fields of cybernetics, systems theory, or operational research in general.


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File: 1658872647474.png (333.81 KB, 449x428, defeated.PNG)

>can't read hegel without kant
>can't read kant without hume and descartes
>can't REALLY read hume and descartes without going back to the greeks
<the greeks are fucking boring

Fuck me running why is philosophy such an incestuous field


you literally do not need to read kant so ignore all that


All this is false, you should start with whatever catches your attention and then go on from that. You will most probably have to revisit philosophers you've already read anyway.


this >>11327
Just read whatever catches your eye,then if you get interested in what is written you will have a way easier time reading other philosophers related to the one you're reading,then when you feel like you've already read "enough" and feel good about yourself,you can read more specific philosophers that maybe wouldn't interest you by using up the goodwill you gain previously.

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What is your favorite book?

What book influenced you the most?

What do you like about books?

what are you planning to read?

What are you reading now?

Saw this in /hobby/ but thought it fit more here
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What does /lit/ think about reading groups for different genres, rather than this survey type thread of asking what your fav book is. I'm currently interested in the greeks meme (more lit less phil), below is what I've read this year.

Spent most of the year finishing Volume 3 and been burned out but just started reading stuff again, this year:

> Othello, Merchant of Venice

> Aristotle the Nicomachean Ethics (whatever it counts)
> Agamemnon (realized I need to reread the Illiad to understand it)
> currently reading the Illiad
> just picked up The Histories by Herodotus

I'd be down to do a comfy antiquity reading group.


File: 1658383834765.jpg (333.64 KB, 720x581, maskagamemnon.jpg)

notice me senpai picture


read stuff by cool ppl… lots of communisty stuff out there, its just not so easy to find cause "not-censorship"

For fiction I like joseph conrad. "English canon" type shit but he's neat, anti-imperialist at least, anti-capital + pro people power at best. Flannery O'Connor is cool. Ray Bradbury is honestly fucked and full of ideology, but the writing is fun so i fw it. Lots of sci fi short story stuff is fun tbh even tho the fear of AI singularity and machines taking over humans e.g. is literally disgusting anti-communist and prole-objectifying ideology

For non-fiction or art, i mean there's historical commie shit.


I've read a few short stories by O'Connor and Faulkner and just amazed at 1) how good they are and 2) how deeply nihilistic southern writers who came out of the Reconstruction were.


Library reading halls if i need to do serious study. Audiobooks on leisure time.

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