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Does anyone have a ProQuest account? I need this full article which effectively refutes an anti-communist snitch memoir written during the McCarthyism era by an ex-communist rat.

Basically, the author of this piece (it's her senior thesis, I believe) argues that the rat lied several times in her autobiography concerning her motives for joining and then ditching and snitching on the CPUSA. It's a very good smackdown so naturally I would like to read the full thing.





Can you just look up the title of the thesis and author on scihub or a torrent site?


ProQuest is terrible. academic institutions are just a racket to gatekeep information


Not sure.


I did look it up and found nothing.

File: 1622224578849.jpg (685.41 KB, 800x461, Reeve_and_Serfs.jpg)


Most Marxists, for obvious reasons, are primarily concerned with the analysis of the capitalist mode of production, this causes many marxists (including myself) to have a poor or just a very basic understanding of pre-capitalist modes of production.
An in-depth understanding of these modes of production is, however, essential for reasonable historical materialist analysis.
Post videos, books, articles and so on for education on this topic.
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this is a great book and really explains Marxist themes lucidly.

Haven't been able to find a pdf though



Here is the link. Dude, just uhh, use libgen.is — at least for the anglo literature it is vast and very accomodating. I use other sources for literature in my language, but libgen should suffice for most things.

Also archive.org is great for searching things from last past century, old books et cettera.tankieTankie



I find it interesting that ancient societies ran on debt allocation, so much so that debt abolition was an actually platform politicians would campaign on.


also the very idea of mode of production is prolly just unique to capitalism

File: 1608528407643.png (519.1 KB, 567x661, marxjew.png)


Everyone tells me Penguin Classic's translation of all of Capital is the best around but what about the rest?

- Paris Manuscripts
- Germany Ideology
- Civil war in France
- Feuerbach
- Gotha
- Grundrisse
- Wage labor and capital
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Just learn German


Not an anglo so learning german would be pretty hard for me.


>Not an anglo
what's your native language then, anon? maybe if you tell us that we can give you recs based on your native lang and then you can look for those editions. I always prefer to read in my native language, even if I'm pretty confident in my english.





There is a lot of confusion on what fascism is and what it means.

So I think It may be useful to clear things out by making a little general so it can be properly defined and pointed out.

I will start by laying some popular questions about it:
-What is Fascism? (or who best defined it)
-What is function of Fascism?
-Is Trump fascist? (if not, why and where he stands instead)
-What (if it exist) is Post-modern Fascism (/leftypol/s sugarboy Prolekult talked about it)
-Are there Fascist still around/what would take them for to rise up again?
-Does QAnon have any Fascist pararels?
-Some post-1945 historical examples of Fascism.
-Economics of Fascism.
-Flavours of Fascism (based on different material conditions, nations etc.).
-Fascist relations to Imperialism, can Fascist country be Imperialist?
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This should be updated to say "rigid one-party/anocratic dictatorship" so it includes the two-party dictatorship of the usa


In my opinion Fascism is defined by 3 main characteristics:
- The believe that your nation had a great time in history that one should return or one should return to forgotten traditions that the nation now lost
- The only way to return to this state is through the fascists and only the fascists
-There is always a scapegoat someone that is to blame for this like the jews or migrants etc
This results in a ultranationalist, xenophobic totalitarian state


anti-communist nationalist militarist class collaborationist ideology that lived and died in the early 20th century and is used as a useful shorthand for anything similar since then


I'll answer all your questions in one. It gets very confusing if you try to do checklists or 14 points or even "capitalism in decay".

Fascism is anti-communism.



That is to say, fascism is primitive accumulation under capitalism, but anytime after the british did it lol. It is a form of imperialism that results from the tendency of the rate of profit to fall and consolidation of industry into monopolies that require outward expansion and cause a crisis. At this point the state can be taken by the proletariat for internationalism(communism) or it can be seized by the bourgeoisie and stripped of its liberal dressing in order to save a subsection of capitalists. This is the key difference between communism and other ideologies and why anything that is not communism is fascism, literally. Fascism comes from fasces, the bundle of sticks that carries the ceremonial execution ax that holds the power of the emperors authority in rome. It represents that people are stronger together in a group, but that the group is selective. Communism is when the group is international and universal. Its that simple and always has been but people generally tend to reject it because it defines the United States as unambiguously fascist.


Please guy
You can recommended book of history of africa ? in pdf format of course
Pls… in spanish much better
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Para una historia semi-biografica de Sankara especificamente, el libro de Ludo Martens es muy bien y creo que hay una traducción en castellano.


>in spanish much better
Por Que? Donde Estas?



Soy de España.


Ahh? Chulo. Soy de Estados Unidos. Lo siento, despues veo en mi computador, no tengo pdfs en Español/


Ah okey no pasa nada igualmente pásalos

File: 1634695170026.jpg (506.67 KB, 1280x1840, 1632507970941-0.jpg)


Hey /edu/ bros, I'd like to find out if there are any books on Soviet history from historians in the USSR that an English speaker could read? I know there's Trotsky's history of the revolution, but I'm looking for something more comprehensive, covering at least up until the Khrushchev period, if possible. I feel like when people argue about Soviet history, we always toss around names like Conquest, Applebaum, Kotkin, Getty, Tauger, and yes even the dark lord of history Grover Furr, but the only Russian historian I see often on here is Zemzov, but I only know him from graphs and citations. Would very much appreciate feedback, thanks.
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There are many, OP. The Soviets published many of their works in several languages, not just in russian. If you don't know about Ismail, he is a leftist who has scanned and uploaded hundreds of books printed in the Soviet Union and eastern bloc countries. Here's his full archive:

You can also find more soviet-published books here:


What is the truth about the Holodomor? Was it completely or partly intentional? Is it true that Soviet authorities took almost all the grain in favour of the cities while leaving Ukrainian farmers with nothing to go through the naturally-caused famine.
I heard that the famine also involved non-communist Poland and that Soviet authorities dispatched grain as soon as thay knew about it, but where are the sources?


Most claims are unsourced exaggerations, but denying that the USSR's rapid industrialization was anything but brutal on the countryside is also a lie


File: 1637005312830-2.png (248.01 KB, 1080x693, Kulaks.png)

>What is the truth about the Holodomor?
basically around 31 and drought happened, and it destroyed grain not only on Ukraine, but on Kazakhstan and Poland, at that time it was not a famine but it became when the Kulaks (farmers with medium and large patches of land) destroyed grand part of the food, thus creating the famine in the local,
>was it completely or partly intentional ?
Not at all, but the soviet gorvernment, at the start made bad choices, for example, in the year of the drought they tought it would be a record year the harvest, so they made large goals and toke alot of grain from the farms.
>Is it true that Soviet authorities took almost all the grain in favour of the cities while leaving Ukrainian farmers with nothing to go through the naturally-caused famine
they also send food from more food secure to Ukraine, as for the toke to the cities, if they did not do that the cities would collapsed from the famine, not only that would kill far more people,
because different than in the fields, it's not to find food with ease, it would also destroy the efforts of the USSR at the time to industrialise and create machines to farming for high yields, because majority of the farming in the USSR at the time was made by hand thus had low yields, and that is the reason that, before the USSR, there was a famine every ten years, earlier if something like a drought have happened .
i recomend you read from Prof. Mark Tauger, he is know in the liberal academia as a trustworthy scholar about the question.



File: 1632811574720.png (477.54 KB, 1242x828, ClipboardImage.png)


Thread on the Indian Peninsula and Surrounding Areas Closely Tied to the Country
To unite various Indian topics that cropped up: Post historical and modern geopolitical discussion, memes, photos and pdfs on the topic. Keep it civil and no bad faith dogma, spam or bait, keep that to /siberia/
Contribute to Leftypedia: https://leftypedia.org/wiki/India >>3780 thread
Articles on Britain, Pakistan and more needed.

Important Topics
>Pre-Colonial Indian History
Indian history that isn't just British colonialism. Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs warring over each other sounds way more exciting but you rarely hear anything about the era and the place. Recommend any books to easily get into the settings of the culture(s).

>Colonial India

History of British colonialism and it's exploitation and impact on the country(s). British humanitarian crimes such as the Black Hole of Calcutta are welcome to be posted.

>Modern India

Modern political, social and economic issues of India ranging from international conflict to internal turmoil. Environmental issues also welcome.
An Indian Dentist that does political writing on the state of the country and has soviet sympathies: http://bill-purkayastha.blogspot.com/
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>the markets reforms made the population poorer.
Yes, don't have the sources on me at the moment, but it is comparable to the 90s neolib consequences in India.


File: 1633482955288.png (936.36 KB, 600x976, ClipboardImage.png)

What about the Indian five year plans? Did they bring about any worthwhile results?

And the Kerala model. Why is it seemingly so functional?


>the Kerala model. Why is it seemingly so functional?
They are ML in ideology but because they are part of capitalist India, use something kin to Yugoslavia's Market-Socialism in practice. They retain planned economy and regulations and have high welfare - leading to better HDI.


Protectionism was something the Indian big bourgeoise itself sought in post-independence, it worked as intended: https://qz.com/india/1464869/the-story-of-jrd-tata-gd-birlas-bombay-plan-for-india/

The land reform prevented the accumulation of large landowners until the 1990s (which is why the BJP now wants to roll that back to allow for that) but at the same time they lacked the collectivization of socialist countries which basically just froze agriculture in time, where it remained atomized and labor-intensive. The worst of both worlds so to speak, from a purely economic point of you, but it did prevent the farmers from becoming urbanized proletariat which would have led to famine like in China.

Basically India now faces a deadlock where the solution can either be barbarism or socialism. A land reform that centralizes land and transforms peasants into workers is highly necessary, but there can be two ways of such centralization - the neoliberal (BJP) way of just introducing a new landlord class, or socialist collectivization. With that in mind, I think Indian communists should stop clinging to the past when the INC was still a progressive force, this goes to the CPI in particular and the CPI (M) to a degree, but just wanting to preserve the ban on land ownership accumulation and fixed prices for produce is not gonna be a long-term solution.

The farms are already large. What they need is mechanization. The problem (within capitalism) however is:
>tractors arrive
>now only 40% of the workers are needed
>they are urbanized proletarians npw
>massive unemployment and slumification ensues
Sure, if India would just turn into Dengist Market-'Socialism', that all could be mitigated, but neither the BJP or the INC are willing to do this.

India, economically would be what Pakistan is, without the Nehruvian economic programs, however weak they were.


>Welcome to episode 1 of The C-Word, a show where we ask questions like "Just what the fuck is wrong with capitalism?"


any good books on the medieval period?
yes i have already read the peseant war in germany, no i did not understood what the fuck it was saying
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From a more rightist colleague I've heard John Huizinga's "Autumn of the Middle Ages" as THE book I should read. (His 'Homo Ludens' also sounds quite interesting)


Why does a full suit of High Middle Ages chainmail, like with coif, hauberk, mufflers, cuisse, etc. look so fucking good?


A bit specialist, but there are some reading recommendations in this academic syllabus for anyone interested in medieval philosophy and theology:


There is some good Soviet literature but It'll take me time to dig it up


>"Marc Bloch said that his goal in writing Feudal Society was to go beyond the technical study a medievalist would typically write and 'dismantle a social structure.' In this outstanding and monumental work, which has introduced generations of readers to the feudal period, Bloch treats feudalism as living, breathing force in Western Europe from the ninth to the thirteenth century. At its heart lies a magisterial account of relations of lord and vassal, and the origins of the nature of the fief, brought to life through compelling accounts of the nobility, knighthood and chivalry, family relations, political and legal institutions, and the church. For Bloch history was a process of constant movement and evolution and he describes the slow process by which feudal societies turned into what would eventually become nation states. A tour de force of historical writing, Feudal Society is essential reading for anyone interested in both Western Europe's past and present.


Hey bros, looking for stuff focusing on the political persecutions of Communists, Anarchists, Union Men, and others in the US from roughly 1918-1920. Specifically hoping to find stuff on socialists being incarcerated during this period. Would love some primary sources, but would also really value secondary sources from the time. Thanks.
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File: 1636597428867-1.pdf (1.11 MB, 182x300, 23967.pdf)

what i could find


>>8632 (me)
i noticed there's a theme of persecution of communists along with minorities


The scare started during the First World War as a response to Iron and Steel Labour Strikes that threatened the Military-Industrial Complex. The brutal casualties from the 1 Year in the European War and the later socialist Revolutions in Russia and Germany scared American Businessmen and thy played on the isolationism that the American People sought and promoted anti-communist scare stories, violently suppressing strikes and protests.

Further aggravation came from self-proclaimed anarchists' mailing bombs to prominent Americans, including United States Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer and United States Supreme Court Associate Justice (and former Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice) Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
Unique events like the Boston Police Strike in September 1919 and the crushed Bonus Army, alongside the alarming candidness of General Smedley Butler, made the Military and Police forces focus on expulsing and tracking communists to prevent them from gaining footholds in the government and military.

I got more but I'll have to dig.


Thank you gentlement


File: 1636606842519.png (167.03 KB, 600x600, ClipboardImage.png)

Of course

File: 1634760001941.gif (179.16 KB, 644x1731, CIA operations.gif)


CIA / FBI / Fed / Conspiracy General
"The X-Files got nothing on this shit"
This Thread is dedicated for the discussion, analysis and reveal of obscure information on the shadowy hands of capitalism and fascism - the federal agents - and their efforts as part of the porky hydra. Propaganda and conspiracies of these Alphabet agencies and their impacts today and past are to be discussed.
Information and discussion on the OSS and NSA or equivalent government agencies of other countries - such as MI6 of Britain or the Nazi Gestapo - are also encouraged to be posted. KGB and FSB can be discussed too.
Technology for spying and espionage are also welcome. NATO and US military abuses or the affairs of corporate military-industrial complexes that are covered or hushed up also apply. Whistleblowers like Assange and Snowden are permitted sources of information as well.

Please contribute to leftypedia >>3780
Debunking anti-leftist myths >>4210 including debunking of "Le Holohoax"

Rules: No idpol drama, no anti-communist rhetoric, no sectarianism, no soyjak spam or emotional gaslighting; Glowies Keep Out!

Major Topics:
>Anti-Communist Action:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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is there an leftist organization with a message board that is completely impossible to track, I know someone with security clearance and I think that could be useful. I just need to be absolutely sure that I can't get tracked


>leftist organization with a message board that is completely impossible to track
Impossible - anything can be tracked and a message board is especially easy to track. If you're not a troll or a glowie, then find someone like Assange and send them anonymous information by mail or something.


This is from an ARG ad https://archive.ph/EfDCq


Requesting books on the U.S Intelligence community, especially the CIA and NSA. I'm interested in their history, anything they've been involved with, how they work etc. From a leftist perspective would be appreciated as well. Currently reading Surveillance Valley by Yasha Levine, which is pretty good for some basic observation and history.

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