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'The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism of the weapon, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.' - Karl Marx
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File: 1675631942027.jpg (16.66 KB, 255x389, Grundrisse_Karl_Marx.jpg)


so marx meant to write 6 volumes of capital but never finished, i'm interested in what the later volumes would have said. so is grundrisse a sort of summary of what all 6 volumes? if not what would be
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marxists.org has the Progress edition
MECW is on libgen, pulled the PDF's for you


International Publishers should still have them all in stock; they might give you a discount if you bulk buy and ask.



So Grundrisse is just Capital Vol. 0, meaning there are 5 volumes of capital.


Thankee :)


This is a video looking at the right-wing history channel WhatifAltHist, and the broader trends in historical studies that it represents.



Just say it's your channel bro

File: 1619942123710.png (68.81 KB, 1366x568, East Med 2.png)

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Post Copy pastas, videos and books which debunk common Fascist, Liberal talking points which are repeated often.
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Oh also
>blacks suffer from a high rate of single parenthood in america
<this is because of their genes bro
>whites suffer from a high rate of single parenthood in Europe
<this is because of the environment bro
Nice double standard.


>The point is that since the two races have different rates in 4 different environments then it's mostly environmental.
I'd say the shithole conditions of Africa just pull things out of proportions. Look at the difference in single motherhood rates within countries and that will give you much better estimate.
>So why do American whites suffer from less single motherhood than European whites even though both of the genetic and your personal environmental variables are in both places are the same?
Do they? At any rate it doesn't matter because none of my core arguments are disproven either way.
>The fact that I pointed out that the rates are inconsistent across races
What answer are you even expecting here? First off there are ethnic differences between whites in America and whites in Europe so you can't simply equate the two, second i already listed environmental factors that impact single motherhood and third the world is complex. "You said race matters but why then can't i reduce everything in life down to this one variable, clearly race is totally 100% meaningless". That's retarded. Bottom line is nature doesn't care about equality and blacks are more predisposed towards criminality. Tough luck.


Also addendum how the fuck can you say that America and Europe are the same environment? Fuck me that's dumb.


Could somebody debunk this video?


How can this impact be measured? Keeping in mind that emigrants to america are cream of the crop in their former country, and (American) blacks started retarded.

File: 1648482515343.jpg (59.29 KB, 657x527, 1635023423044.jpg)


I have the impression that psychology is a field that is heavily influenced by the societal structure we live in and what culture we have, to deduce that some behavior is inappropriate, an illness, a deficit, or on the other side of the spectrum healthy, a sign of maturity, desirable.
Do you guys have any literature on that?
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Socialism as an idea is derived precisely from the arisen contradictions beholden & intrinsic to capitalism; if there are psychological findings which contradict the ideological propositions of capitalism, such findings are technically still *derived from* a capitalist context and will thusly still be partially tainted in their formative structuration by capitalist ideology. There is no wholly neutral or detoxed finding which could otherwise emerge from psychology under the particular societal mode which contextualizes its epistemological basis.


Honestly, Kaczynski touches on this a little bit in Industrial Society and It's Future. If you're open to reading a wild schizo's thoughts on psychology and sociology, it may match your perspective on the field.


Mental illness is real. It's what society considers normal. Aspergers havers are the only mentally healthy ones, but since they're the minority, they're ironically labeled as mentally ill.


gtfo varg


Published just last year.

File: 1675878807646.png (779.81 KB, 827x1173, ClipboardImage.png)


recommend good books about marxist antipsychiatry pls :3


We already had a thread like that >>10197

File: 1675869294713.gif (21.26 KB, 412x200, social-studies.gif)


Hi /edu/ I'm a teacher who has been tasked with creating a social studies curriculum for a college. Students are aged 18-23 and the college is located in a relatively poor global south country.

I'm looking for suggestions on interesting, informative, assumption-challenging, ore even just straight up cool articles that I could add to the course. Most of the social studies or sociology textbooks out there are written for a western or abstract global audience, so stuff that might appeal to a global south country would be appreciated. The level would be around first year or pre-undergraduate.

[please don't infodump tonnes of books on socialism from the early 1900s or stuff that is too complex :)]


Probably not exactly what you're looking for but to bump


Are you a sociology professor or PhD or whatever or why are you teaching university students sociology?


If you're from LATAM maybe you can do an excerpt of Open Veins of Latin America.


Could you give an outline on what topics the course covers?

https://archive.org/details/MarxEngelsCollectedWorksVolume10MKarlMarx/Marx %26 Engels Collected Works Volume 24_ M - Karl Marx/page/n139 is an article Engels wrote about the German alcohol distilling industry. It discusses a concrete example of class dynamics within a societal context, concerning the large-scale investment of the land aristocracy into distilleries and the resulting proliferation of low-quality alcohol across Europe.


File: 1675176010761.png (371.02 KB, 612x612, dont-talk-to-me-unless.png)


What recent historical events are super important to know about or really interesting but the younger generation doesn't? Ideally stuff that isn't just relevant to one small region of the world.


Oh no I put the apostrophe in the wrong place(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


Literal Nazi and burger cooperation in the 2014 coup in the ukraine


File: 1638939815618.jpg (21.1 KB, 322x250, walter audisio pepe.jpg)


What are the best books that give a nuance look at the use of in history political violence. I was talking with my friend about the antifa guy who punched Richard Spencer, and he thought it was bad optics because it gave him more sympathy for his ideas. And that got me thinking about the potential bad optics the use of political violence can have. And what situations warrant the use of violence and what situations warrant an alternative method.
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don't need to be lectured by an Incel and a pedophile


Thank you. Sorel does not get enough attention.




you talking about yourself?


>Australian schools are “flying blind” and lagging globally on the use of artificial technology in classrooms, the author of a report on edtech has argued.
As long as the teacher critiques the text in dialogue with each student individually it's fine and likely more beneficial for each student than a world without automatic text generation however flawed
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ChatGPT is unreliable, it makes things up all the time. It was made to produce convincingly looking text, which makes the bullshit harder to spot. It is not useful as a learning tool, especially not for children. If you want to improve educational outcomes, the single most effective (and actually backed by science) policy is providing students with free meals. All edtech nonsense is just a way to funnel public money into private hands while making education worse for both student and teacher.


>it makes things up all the time
So no change from the current educators


If that was true, a lot more people would fail standardized tests. Unless you believe that students can learn the curriculum despite their teachers misleading them.


There's a serious point I'm making here if the student cracks the bullshit code, and education is largely lies to children and this is not a bad thing because they need to learn those simple lies to have a hope in hell of learning complex truths, by and large the teacher is upset if they're not overworked and utterly stressed then they'll give a good educational response if they are we'll…

Robot nanny doesn't have feelings or an ego and sometimes for the student cracking the bullshit code will get very interesting responses >>12264

The first subsaharan PhD at a German university delivered their thesis orally with few to no notes

They passed inb4 hurrdurr affirmative action
This was in the 17th century or so, if anything
the bias would be in the opposite direction

Automatic text generators can pass medical exams education will change for the better or it will become even more disconnected from reality

Most factories have multiple break shifts and the break shifts aren't governed by a bell btw


It can pass the (written) medical exam because there are canned answers for it. It's a fault of the exam, not an achievement of ChatGPT. It would absolutely fail an oral exam. The examiner would very quickly figure out that it does not actually understand anything it says.

File: 1673379480761-0.png (51.86 KB, 275x183, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1673379480761-1.png (67.12 KB, 318x159, ClipboardImage.png)


I wanna state that I'm from Pakistan and grew up in a community that was very proud of its self, we see ourselves as our ethnic group and everybody else is an outsider
Said just comes as a across as a whiny self hating cunt and applies that whiny cunt nature towards everyone outside Europe, the man knew aboustetly nothing about the middle east, south asia or the muslim world, he was a white radlib(culturally) who had the luck of having ethnic heritage to justify his basis


What? Orientalism is about cultural depictions in the west
Thanks for letting us know you're an ethnonationalist I guess


I disagreed with it, cause like it or not those ethnolouges are probably the few accurate accounts of my people, there are some bias but I have read them and they were oddly tolerate and the internetion was for understadning
Said was just to far up his own ass to see that

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