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'The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism of the weapon, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.' - Karl Marx
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I have unironic OCD and my obsession right now is learning about both State control(taxation,permits,regulations,administrations) and big-corporations,techno-chemical global power(sources of energy,of food, of transporation for both, trans-oceanic commerce,banking)
which serious, scholarly books do I read?
which official websites do I consult?
im specially Interested in corruption in the food industry, pollution against humans, plastic islands in the oceans,and basically the alleged massive Antrophocenic extinction
>learning about the vast extent of taxation shields practical benefits,too


Read the tax code front to back.


AYE,Im reading the list of my countrys taxes. but it feels…incomplete.
I guess I should ask a lawyer for more info? my cousin is a lawyer.
also I guess buying a non-national product implies paying,also,for the taxes it underwent overseas?


What essentially distinguishes European colonialism from conquests we have seen in the past, for example the Roman Empire? Is it the permanence of inequality founded on race that reasoned chattel slavery or extermination? Has this not existed in the past in some similar form? Genuinely curious.


bout tree fiddy


Hi, I'll be doing a group project in uni for a "business ethics of new technology" filler course soon. We picked the topic of "propaganda and censorship in social networks" and I basically want to dunk on Western social media for being hypocritical about muh freedom of speech and muh Chinese/Russian state media and demonstrate how these companies are "socially irresponsible" with their behavior.
Basically, what I need is some literature to cite on how privatized censorship and propaganda work in modern liberal societies, specifically on Facebook, Google services or Twitter. Manufacturing Consent would be an obvious position if not for the fact it predates the current era.
Context: the teacher is a priest very outspokenly into "personalist" morality and Christian Democracy/milquetoast socdemmery/whatever ideology Rerum Novarum actually advocates for, and has explicitly asserted the liberal assumption that having private property is a fundamental human right, so no open praising of communism or anything like that.
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Update: We got an A.
Late to the party, but thanks anyway.


(btw all the post except urs and >>12034 are mine lmao)

are you willing to share ur paper? It'd be a good resource i think, if it ties this stuff together well. I'm trying to build up a collected of this kind of shit, to have evidence immediately on hand of how undemorcatic and manipulative liberal states still are in the modern day.


>share your paper
Unfortunately, it's not really a paper so much as a PowerPoint, and it's pretty shit from a layout/density of information point of view, one of our team members had no idea what she was supposed to do and just dumped Wikipedia definitions over a couple of slides.
Also, it's not in English.


Catlin Johnstone might have something that would help.


File: 1677823527595-0.jpg (118.5 KB, 1328x694, First as tragedy.jpg)

File: 1677823527595-1.jpg (376.33 KB, 1290x1216, Then as farce.jpg)

File: 1677823527595-2.png (513.25 KB, 680x527, FoMGNivXEAMK7GE.png)

So the deep state glowies almost outright even say they're gonna run psyops, nowadays.


There's not much use to seperate public and private when they are always linked, furthermore.


Psychoanalysis thus far is pseudoscience whose potential merit is heavily tainted by its philosophically idealist foundation to rationalize what is being dealt with. It‘s just mambo jambo that can appear coherent on its own while in actuality not relating to the thing it tries to reference in the real world. For that reason the cultural and personal biases of its prominent thinkers easily seeped into their theories and conceptions without a systemic process available to weed these biases out and refute their theories. Their theories and conceptions can only in retrospect be regarded as nonsensical from the lens of a different cultural outlook that can‘t relate to its original motive. An example would be Freud‘s concept of an immature and mature female orgasm, which precedented a male-centric view on sex, which likely stemmed from Freud having been raised in a patriarchal society. Aspects of psychoanalysis try to relate to the material, which is great, but thinkers like Lacan could not escape the philosophically inferior outlook of a capitalist society, as he conceptualized the human psyche as a system that operates on formal logic and grammar.


>At others, phonemes from a repressed signifier may recombine to produce a new signifier, as in the following dream, recounted by a Jewish woman living in London.
<There was this really annoying spider – I am afraid of spiders, but this one was more annoying than scary. It just kept bothering me, and somehow, I had to be nice to it. I couldn’t just squash it, I had to talk to it. But it kept getting in my face and annoying me. It looked, well, not much like a spider – more a little ball of fluff with a dark centre and sort of light woolly hair coming off it.
>In talking about it, she realises that the feelings she has articulated towards this spider are the same feelings she has been experiencing towards a neighbour, whom she suspects of having an affair with her husband. She has described this neighbour as ‘lightweight’, ‘an airhead’, and racist – in a previous session, she said that this woman would have, during World War II, been a Nazi sympathiser. Her description of the spider describes her annoyance with the woman, ‘a bit of fluff’ to whom she is obliged to be ‘nice’, even though she hates her and fears her. One can imagine that the signifier Nazi ‘sympathiser’ – how she thinks of the neighbour – could be reduced to the phonic elements ‘s’ – ‘p’ – ‘i’ – ‘er’ and recombined into ‘spider’ – and the fact that this dream is not about a spider is confirmed in the un-spider-likeness of the description of a lightweight ball of blond-ish fluff.

Lmaoo pseudo shit.


Yea, though at it's heart psychoanalysis still was a revolution in science. Like all who take up the task of creating something really new, Freud was unable to fully move beyond the past. The novel aspect is fully accepting the mind as something that can be analyzed externally, as scientists analyze other objects. The brain is incredibly complex, but we have many obvious inputs, and our verbal output. Relying on analysis of people's testimony (and analysis rather than taking it as 1:1 truth of the inner workings - similar to the difference between presentation and logic talked about by Marxists). Obviously yea it's a ridiculous patriarchal assumption to think that an analyst has privileged insight into the real meaning of people's statements. But in historical context, it laid the groundwork for a materialist science of the mind.


File: 1672557501886.png (327.22 KB, 304x500, ClipboardImage.png)

been a while since I read picrel, and I was probably too young to appreciate it, but between the reliance on hypnosis and the way he shoehorned sex into absolutely everything, I was pretty unimpressed


>Yea, though at it's heart psychoanalysis still was a revolution in science (…) The novel aspect is fully accepting the mind as something that can be analyzed externally
Some people who got sentenced to death were killed by damaging the brain more and more and checking how the damage affected them. In Greece two thousand years ago.

File: 1671820931741.jpg (58.66 KB, 560x363, par284991-teaser-xxl.jpg)


Does anyone have good sources on brainwashing during the Korean War? Or in general anything about how American POWs were treated. Everything I've learned about it have come from western sources, some of them older than others, and some probably less accurate.


Brainwashing is a meme


Yes. But dickwashing isn‘t. Are there any historical records on that for during the Korean War?


No, Jordan Peterson had not been born yet.


you don't control your brain in the first place. everything to receive is outside yourself, there is no pure thinking, always an object of thought. language, words, images, cultures, organizational categories, all have histories of biases they carry around and thought patterns they uphold and implicitly support whether its user/receivers realizes it or not. your thoughts regurgitate out of your subconscious, you are not the one forming the thoughts in your head.
we brainwash ourselves everyday.

i know the book "Patriots, Traitors and Empires" but don't got much else for you.

File: 1672291877191.jpeg (8.63 KB, 275x183, download.jpeg)


Looking to read John Reed's "Why Political Democracy Must Go" but can't find it anywhere. it's not on libgen.is, marxist.org, or the anarchist library. anyone know where to download a pdf?


I had to buy it, hopefully this works after converting and removing DRM


nope, i only got the front cover :/


well thats annoying. the pdf is working on my end, the EPUB came out scuffed tho.
If this doesnt work I'll consider just copy and pasting the text to a new pdf file, surely that will work? idk i hate computers


worked out, ty god bless

File: 1672226105595.png (4.36 MB, 2963x1876, ClipboardImage.png)


what was the name of that pre-WW2 German author that wrote how stereotypically non "aryan" germans were typically the most fanatical Nazis because they knew that they were on the fringe of being considered racially acceptable. Note how the entire high command of the nazi apparatus were a men who were mostly dark-haired, brown-eyed and somewhat short by german standards and who personally proved the lunacy of the aryan "race" as a concept by their mere existence

File: 1671226734120.png (1.04 MB, 2112x1394, 1612922843664.png)


How to use Marx's methodology of analyzing the world based on material dialectics? As far as I know, Marx hasn't explicitly explained his methodology, he merely used it. How do I learn his way of analysis?



This article claims that Marx's "Poverty of Philosophy" is just a slanderous book that has nothing to do with Proudhon's real theories.

Marx doesn't properly quote Proudhon or openly strawmans him. His claims about Proudhon being bad economist in the begining of the book sound laughable since Proudhon was respected economist in his time.

>Comparing Marx’s “reply” to what Proudhon actually wrote, it is hard to take the former seriously. Once the various distortions and inventions are corrected, little remains. Proudhon was right to suggest Marx’s work was “a tissue of crudities, slanders, falsifications, and plagiarism.” (Correspondance [Paris: Lacroix, 1875] II: 267-8) Worse, Marx himself twenty years later embraces in Capital most of the positions he attacks Proudhon for holding in 1847.

>The dishonesty of The Poverty of Philosophy has distorted our view of Proudhon’s ideas and the time is long overdue for a revaluation of Proudhon and his contributions to anarchism and the wider socialist movement. This does not mean that Marx does not, occasionally, presents a valid point – most obviously, Proudhon’s opposition to strikes was wrong as subsequent anarchists recognised – it is just that these are frustratingly few in the midst of so much distortion. So, yes, Proudhon’s mutualism – a form of market socialism based on worker-run co-operatives – does need to be critiqued but Marx’s book is simply not that work.

are there any counter arguments to this?
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Soviets are direct democracy, idiot.


Critique of market socialism is important, but a lot of Marxists erroneously believe that because Proudhon thought markets could work that all anarchists also believe that.

Similar situation for the response of Marxists to other anarchists. There's rarely any actual engagement with the criticism. It seems Marxists are at times more interested in "winning the argument" in terms of public opinion rather than arriving at correct answers. Not to get too Great Man about this but it does seem to be a bit of a habit that was legitimized by Marx and picked up from him by his followers. He was malding pretty hard over people like Bakunin and Stirner in particular and was ultimately more influenced by his critics than he would ever dare admit. In the long run it's really just harmful to be this way and be unwilling to deal with theoretical criticism because it gets in the way of improving the movement in the future.


>He was malding pretty hard over people like Bakunin and Stirner
Probably true, though i personally i have not enough knowledge on Marx vs anarchist polemic to really talk about it.

However, i think it is worth pointing out that. despite what people like >>3577 say, Marx did in fact have an important influence on Bakunin and didn't just straw man him:
>As far as learning was concerned, Marx was, and still is, incomparably more advanced than I. I knew nothing at that time of political economy, I had not yet rid myself of my metaphysical observations… He called me a sentimental idealist and he was right; I called him a vain man, perfidious and crafty, and I also was right.

Also as sidenote, did Bakunin ever told Marx to literally go fuck himself? I remember seeing a quote like that some 4/5 years being attributed to him and thought it was pretty funny at the time.


Well yeah Bakunin and most anarchists today (who aren't just liberal larpers) do agree with Marx's critique of capitalism at least in a broad sense. Marx is essential. It's just that he would sometimes make poor criticisms (usually when the people he was criticizing made a good point against him). Most of his criticisms are extremely on point though, including some of anarchists.

IDK about that quote but that sounds funny.


File: 1670848092950.jpg (50.38 KB, 720x736, 20220319_132118.jpg)

Yes there are counter arguments:

Just fucking read the book and stop caring about anarchists, the latter is an effect of the former.

File: 1637786936672.jpg (42.37 KB, 647x506, China CIA Baizou.jpg)


Simply put, a thread to document and explore China's relationship with the CIA.

Here we collate sources, examples, etc, which document China's friendly relations with the CIA and its objectives, in places like Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Angola, The Philippines, Israel, etc.
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Holy shit dude, read your fucking sources. Don't keep digging yourself deeper.


which specific parts are you pointing to


>China funded Moaists, a faction of the communists, to overthrow another communist faction
Couldn't they work together or something.




Even I haven't sunk far enough to do this

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