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Femcel lives matter edition.

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Very desperate. I genuinelly like her personality though. But due to circumstances, no long term thing is possible.


Mod-approved thread is here: >>387998


>So what do I do to get into her panties?
You're asking the wrong crowd


I used to like this song


would you rather be homeless in the US or Yemen

File: 1677030578151.png (1.74 MB, 1080x716, suburbia-3286596507.png)


Growing up, girls would like me and want to hang out with me but I physically couldn't until I was almost out of high school due to living in a suburb miles away from anything and having overprotective parents who wouldn't let me drive until well after everyone else in my class had their licenses. Just another reason car culture sucks. If we had mass transit or a walkable city where I lived I might have had more freedom and a better shot at developing a normal social life.
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Tu papa
*riff de guitarra*
"Ponersa a dieta, tú perra gorda"
*tiros de una escopeta*


are suburbs patsoc?


>Growing up, girls would like me


Carcel is when you do car stuff and don't have séx because of that, you are just a regular incel

File: 1680009322586.png (313.87 KB, 717x436, f78.png)


>Her badly decomposed body was found in a rundown Seoul apartment about a year after she died, discovered only after government housing officials sought to evict her for failing to pay the rent.

>The woman, 49, had been well known in the community of North Korean defectors. After fleeing the reclusive nation in the early 2000s, she soon became a success story for South Korea’s resettlement program — even counseling other defectors on how to transition to life in a modern nation.

>So it came as a shock among defectors that it took so long for anyone to find the woman, whose name and cause of death haven’t been publicly released after her body was discovered in October.

>“Eventually she was found as a skeleton, which shows the society of North Korean defectors has a serious problem,” said Lee Na-kyung, who left North Korea in 2005 and now runs an association that supports the thousands of other women who fled to South Korea. “She suffered from depression for a long time without letting anyone know.”

>What’s even worse: This isn’t the first time something like this has happened.

>In 2019, the badly decomposed bodies of North Korean defector Han Seong-ok, 42, and her 6-year-old son, Kim Dong-jin, were found in their apartment about two months after they died of apparent starvation. After fleeing poverty and food shortages in North Korea, they found themselves unable to buy food in South Korea



Very related


>government housing officials sought to evict her for failing to pay the rent


This doesn't say much about capitalism imo, just that people are kind of shitty.


I mean she literally fled a country where healthcare is free, weed grows wild, theres no income tax, theres no rent, and food is given from each according to ability to each according to need, to go to a country where she died a lonely death paying rent, healthcare, food, tax, water, electricity bills.


The only option SIMPberians have.



File: 1679608167604.jpg (147.52 KB, 868x1200, alexander the great.jpg)


opinion on alexander the great?
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Farcexander the Gay


/b/ased/b/isexual/b/pd hoe
like all heckin greaterino menerinos


Maybe the real bisexual bpd hoes were in our heart all along



Their tutor Aristotle described friendship in general as "one soul abiding in two bodies".[36] That they themselves considered their friendship to be of such a kind is shown by the stories of the morning after the Battle of Issus. Diodorus,[37] Arrian[38] and Curtius[39] all describe the scene when Alexander and Hephaestion went together to visit the captured Persian royal family. Its senior member, the queen Sisygambis, knelt to Hephaestion to plead for their lives, having mistaken him for Alexander because he was taller, and both young men were wearing similar clothes. When she realized her mistake she was acutely embarrassed, but Alexander pardoned her, saying "You were not mistaken, Mother; this man too is Alexander."[39] Their affection for each other was no secret, as is borne out by their own words. Hephaestion, when replying to a letter to Alexander's mother, Olympias, said "you know that Alexander means more to us than anything".[40] Arrian says that Alexander, after Hephaestion's death, described him as "the friend I valued as my own life".[41] Paul Cartledge describes their closeness when he says: "Alexander seems actually to have referred to Hephaestion as his alter ego."[42]

File: 1679880442979.png (519.77 KB, 800x680, 1599183779238.png)


Thoughts on revolutionary praxis?
<waah Japan is reactionary and capitalist blahblahblahblahblah
You just don't understand the authentic revolutionary theory. They are engaging in Socialism in one Room (SioR) all over, constructing the foundations for global communism. What are you doing?
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Kinda sounds like a glowop.
>Subjugating your parents instead of getting them involved, thus still being dependent on capitalist economy.
>"Oh, you're a commie? Sure just stay in your jar and you'll have a communism."
The family structure can be very comune-like if you get rid of all the patriarchal shit that makes families act like a corperation. This isn't how you do that.


File: 1679957493865.jpg (207.97 KB, 1200x675, climablcities.jpg)





this but unironically, why couldn't i have been born in some kind of paleolithic monke commune


I have a job and I moved out, still a 36 yo non-sex haver though.


i took a 2 hour nap during work thats praxis
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>manager's private toilet
burgerbro i…


2 hours of communism,,, whats stopping you from more comrade


reads the coming insurrection once


very cool
I'm proud of you


File: 1680000285012.jpg (742.51 KB, 2000x2944, IL2019.054.jpg)

the first step in a long march of ten thousand li, comrade. keep going.


Describe the person you have a crush on (if you want to)

>really funny
>one of the janitors at my college
>she's 35 years older than me
>massive personalities

But I'm a charisma blackhole and broke, so I don't think it's gonna happen…
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Hey :)
Now you have one.


i would not touch anyone from this website


That's normal for crushes.



>cat appreciator
>nice cock bro
>one of the janitors on otterchan
>xir 35 years older than bees
>multiple personalities

File: 1679858393272.jpg (138.94 KB, 1800x1380, shrimp.jpg)


Are shrimp comrades?


all crustaceans are comrades


What an industrious little fella!


not bitey isopods that bite me specifically tho

File: 1679588642743.png (275.97 KB, 480x589, 1606015656579.png)


I just had the most prophetic dream that I've ever had about my grandfather passing, whose 71 this year.
The dream lasted for 2 hours, but legit felt like a solid 8-hour acid trip.
>Sitting in a home that seems like a mix between one of my Aunt's old homes in a small town that me and my mother had to live in for a few months around Christmas due to bad situations with my father and another home I seen in dreams of my grandfather, one upon a rocky plateau - keep in mind my grandfather lives within the Kootenay mountains of British Columbia.
>It's clearly late December, you can tell from the lights outside from other lawns in the neighborhood - did I mention the home was in a residential sector? Either way, these beautiful golden lights mixed with a dark and starry, deep-blue to deep-purple sky with no moon.
>We're all drinking, I presume to myself that it's around New Years. My mother proceeds to get up and go to the bathroom, tipsy as ever.
>My Aunt - the same one who we stayed with, I have a fuckton of aunts - then gets a phone call. Her look becomes somber, and then she announces to us that their father, my grandfather, had passed away.
>Always knew my mother as the type to take things personally, and if she can't blame misfortune on others, she'll blame herself and raise hell for it. When my mother came back in the dream from the bathroom, she began panicking feeling guilt that she wasn't present for the announcement of her own father's passing.
>Proceed to get up, emotionally dulled from the incident, with my cigarette case having a few very wretched looking homerolled cigarettes and a joint. I made my journey.
>I kept walking in the cold, walking for what felt like hours. I walked up and down this odd hill a home was built upon, the neighborhood resembling the old one I used to live in before July this year. I realized that there was a spot upon a hill with a steel chain-link fence with those plastic inserts in-between.
>I scaled this hill, and thought to myself to add to this graffiti - painted, not etched - in my grandfather's name. I began to weep, remembering I couldn't even remember my grandfather's date of birth.
>I came back down this hill and carPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Sounds like untying knots of grief. Please be more concise next time, imoperating heavy machinery


I had a meds-induced dream last night and it was literally just bungee jumping from a building and being scared shitless.


I like to hear about people's dreams and abstract things that are meaningful to them
I might read this tomorrow when I am on speed if I stupidly go on leftypol
probably not but maybe

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