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File: 1669879623692-0.jpg (218.72 KB, 1080x925, Jacked lenin.jpg)

File: 1669879623692-1.webm (381.64 KB, 360x640, 1642448721178.webm)


Post the most jacked revolutionaries and leftists!
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File: 1669936241588.jpeg (43.02 KB, 500x500, ejejfjf.jpeg)


File: 1669937070735.png (Spoiler Image, 940.33 KB, 900x626, ClipboardImage.png)

self hate is a virtue for leftoids.
by the way, the OP's video is a gay marxist leninist. Very based lad that gets perma-banned from tik tok all the time. He's also a graphic designer and makes really cool communist animations and filters for tik tok communists to spread.

spoilered: self-flaggelation, the leftoid's favorite passtime


You know it's the truth


He's a radlib, but god is he hot.


post body

File: 1669828928804.jpg (31.77 KB, 640x380, 8.jpg)


Should Andropov have pushed his advantage and wiped out the imperial core in a suprise first strike?

If they started a evacution of all population centers they would have been able to rebuilt somewhat.

>inb4 nuclear holocaust

Total myth, airburst thermo-nukes have low fallout and nuclear winter was discredited by vulcano comparisons.
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>soviet doctrine was defensive
>based on invading western europe faster than the US/nato could defend it


they wanted to defend in front of eastern block territory by doing a counter offensive


incredibly homosex post 2bh




>Multinational Force in Lebanon
>United States invasion of Grenada
>Communist rebellion in the Philippines
It would've been a lot more interesting, I suppose.

File: 1669942439769.png (49.89 KB, 583x334, ClipboardImage.png)


These are our communists, dawg. We are all going to fucking die.
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>helping is when you beg bourgeois politicians to give crumbs to avert a strike
Imagine if Lenin advocated for getting worker demands by asking the Cadets nicely lmao


it already passed the House, moron


Unless you grab a rifle and bomb the US gov't you have no right to talk like that


ITT: Glowies desperately trying to defend the rotting corpse of the CPUSA


Why are you lying lmao it was literally left out.
Don't forget to
fucking liberals you should all be lined up against a wall and shot

File: 1669946642677.jpg (21.64 KB, 577x531, IMG_20201205_021354.jpg)


>Why yes, I do enjoy the works of kroptkin. How did you know?


Kropotkin has been entirely co-opted by liberals (see: breadtube) so this checks out.


File: 1669952974109.jpg (36.38 KB, 550x366, Nick-Mullen.jpg)

how about klonoptkin and he's just on benzos

File: 1669940733766.png (53.22 KB, 156x210, 1669340432153.png)


Does /siberia/ have intelligence or incelligence?


/siberia/ has

File: 1669601166476.mp4 (19.67 MB, 1920x1080, average german.mp4)


>common sense
>fabric of society
>peer pressure
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>if we didn't have artificial morals and laws, we would all be anti-social murderous assholes!
ok edgelord


it's backwards


File: 1669675948177.jpg (228.31 KB, 960x504, 1634337210959.jpg)

the real ones know


>implying that egoists aren't anti-social murderous assholes whoa are also edgelords
That double irony, or was that the joke?


File: 1669932935747.png (13.98 KB, 639x326, co has no comics.png)

They aren't.


16chan is dead, thank God. Proof that leftypol's living forever now!




was that the /fascist/ one that got contacted by the fbi or something


idk but it nevertheless had a fascist board of some sorts


we need to launch an anti-rightist campaign against all fashies


File: 1669932824159.jpg (317.7 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0014.jpg)

I want to say yes, because they had the less-popular /ausneets/ board (engchan had the bigger one iirc) and so they tried to exodus
They moved to zzzchan. 14 posts per day, including COVID schizos. I mean it's never been a good board but since the neinchan influx it became edgelords instead of fascists who actually could hold a discussion, and since then it's lost that burst of momentum and just become pathetic.

Rest in rope, brownsharts.


Eternal reminder that veganism is idpol and liberal lifestylism. Its also a form of ethical consumption which does not exist under capitalism.


How is it IdPol? And what do you understand under the phrase that there is no ethical consumption under capitalism?


vegans are right but its online communities also filled w ecofash, eugenicists, racists, and crypto biological essentialism "it isnt natural" rhetoric


Everything imbeciles on this board don’t like is idpol.


Not giving your money to businesses that use child labor? Liberal idpol.
Not buying CP? Liberal idpol.
Not giving your money to the cruel meat industry? Liberal idpol.


>muh ancestors
>muh lions
>muh masculinity
>muh indigenous people
>muh medical condition I wont elaborate on
>muh white privilege
>muh uncles farm
>muh exploited workers
>muh rainforest
>muh sentient plants


JK Rowling reveals that you, the reader, were an egg sandwich the entire time.


> egg
I thought she was transphobe??


That reads like a Timotainment voiceover


what is an egg sandwich is that an evolution of the egg someone please explain the lingo



File: 1669874307999.png (191.03 KB, 400x387, ClipboardImage.png)


Why does the girl from work keep ignoring me when I try to make conversation and I have to talk with HR afterwards? Doesn't she know that makes her an ivory tower or armchair intellectual without much interaction with the real world?


File: 1669874528097.png (768.29 KB, 965x948, dead pepe.png)

just a guess, but probably because she can sense the desperation in your breathing patterns and you smell like cum


File: 1669875345127.png (527.76 KB, 3168x3080, Frog_smiles_contentedly.png)

why is he smiling


Because he doesn't have to worry about anything anymore

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