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Jan Paweł II
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File: 1629117203549.jpg (17.13 KB, 375x493, assad point.jpg)


post Assad memes/videos
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Assad born on Sept. 11
Allende overthrown on Sept. 11
Largest attack on US soil on Sept. 11
what's up with today?


Good luck Assad


The number 11 is blursed, how can dialectics explain this? Also should add, Iron Felix born today and Gonzalo also died just now


File: 1631689482395-0.jpg (59.45 KB, 445x322, nuke assad.jpg)

File: 1631689482395-1.jpg (32.73 KB, 480x320, lion of damascus.jpg)

File: 1631689482395-3.jpg (36.94 KB, 400x387, syrian government.jpg)

File: 1631689482395-4.jpg (72.16 KB, 921x779, islamist prisoners.jpg)


File: 1631689633637-0.png (331.09 KB, 1114x835, imperialist screeching.png)

File: 1631689633637-2.jpg (238.94 KB, 960x752, we cared too mch.jpg)

File: 1631689633637-3.jpg (87.92 KB, 400x300, assad vs turkroach.jpg)

File: 1631689633637-4.jpg (205.58 KB, 1200x798, i just wanted.jpg)

File: 1631658673298.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.29 KB, 720x820, 1589013544716.jpg)


What's the dialectical materialist explanation for this?


its an objective result of the contradiction between peepee and poopoo


But certainly for the present age, which prefers the sign to the thing signified, the copy to the original, representation to reality, the appearance to the essence… illusion only is sacred, truth profane. Nay, sacredness is held to be enhanced in proportion as truth decreases and illusion increases, so that the highest degree of illusion comes to be the highest degree of sacredness.
Feuerbach, Preface to the second edition of The Essence of Christianity


Why do radlibs think it's ok to be in polyamorous/open aka cuckhold relationships?


why do you still have that photo?


Its a good stock image for making threads about cuckholding


I dunno man. its pretty good.

I have two girlfriends. both girlfriends have their own boyfriends, all five of us live together. Some benefits:

We have wildly more money together than we could ever had individually, or in couples. we actually have the means to pursue a lot of our dreams that could've taken tens of years more on mortgage payments if we had been monogamous.

Household chores are far less onerous. We all have one day a week to clean and the rest of the time we don't have to do shitty chores and instead get to do as we wish.

There is always enough people to play whatever game you want to

Making parties is really easy because you have 5 friend groups to draw from.

If you want to have sex but one girlfriend doesn't want to, you can have sex with the other or go on a date with an entirely new person.

If you have arguments with one girlfriend that are just going nowhere then you always still have another person to talk to about it. More often than not, they will give you a unique perspective that will help end the argument.
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Cuckoldry is being cheated on by your partner without your consent. Cuck fetish is acting out the fantasy of being cheated on and denied sex with your partner without your consent, but actually with your consent (unless it's porn, in which case consent isn't needed since the people involved are not real). Cuckoldry is considered a bad thing, so it's a kind of humiliation fetish.

Polyamory is all the people involved in a relationship agreeing to "share" each other, it doesn't mean you stop having sex with your partner, or that someone else steals them away from you. Depending on the sexuality of the people involved, they may all fuck one another. Polyamory is not seen as a bad or humilliating thing (as opposed to cuckoldry).

The two might get mixed up by lots of monogamous radlibs with failed relationships who agree (whether voluntarily or not) to call it "polyamory" when they realize they don't like each other anymore and/or one got bored of the other and is fucking someone else, AKA cuckoldry. In this case it's a cope for when cheating happens, but actual polyamory can exist (it just isn't as common as radlibs pretend).

File: 1631618755130.jpg (200.92 KB, 1000x1000, SI-npc-Runs-in-Circles.jpg)


Runs-in-Circles is an Argonian thief living in the settlement of Highcross. Her manic derangement is, as her name suggests, running in circles around Highcross.

Her clothing consists of the standard Mania grey trousers and grey tunic. She carries her key and some gold, and knows the standard leveled Healer spells. She doesn't wear any shoes, and so she may beg you for some to make her constant running less painful, asking, '"My feet hurt so bad. I could sure use a new pair of shoes. Can you help me out? Please?"'' You can then offer her any lower-class or Shivering Isles-added shoes, but she will only actually take original Oblivion ones.
Besides shoes, she can also ask you for money, allowing you to give her a gold coin after the prompt, "Do you think you can spare a little something for an old friend? You know I'm good for it." If she says, "Hey, got any apples? Or carrots? Anything at all crunchy and yummy to eat?" you may also offer her an apple or carrot as suggested, as well as a pear or, if you're feeling malicious, a poisoned apple. She will eat any of these straight away.
If you refuse to help her in any case, she will become anxious and say in a panic either, "Oh no. Oh no no no. No no no no no no no!!" or "What? What did you say? What did you say?!" She will then run away, repeating her trademark cry of "Ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni!" (which can be useful when you want to find her in town).

She may also ask if you saw her sanity go by, making her one of the few residents of the Shivering Isles who realize that they have lost it. Additionally, when asked about Mirili Ulven's research, she will complain, "She doesn't like it when I run through her plants. All she seems to care about is collecting plants and animals."

Giving her shoes will add them to her inventory, however, she never actually wears them.

It is possible that after killing Runs-in-Circles she will continue to cry "Ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni!"
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should this thread be in /games/?

it's a lizard. why is monke like this?


She’s the real lusty argonian made

Scalie>Furry don’t @ me.


File: 1631630996140.png (236.77 KB, 474x266, ClipboardImage.png)





>should this thread be in /games/?
nah, it's still siberia stuff

File: 1631673671036-0.png (289 KB, 474x474, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1631673671036-1.png (348.64 KB, 474x474, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1631673671036-2.png (529.6 KB, 474x620, ClipboardImage.png)


>finished my asian meal
>there's still half the homemade hoisin+ sauce left
im gonna lick it

anyway post in the comfy thread on /roulette/


hoisin is ascended in the sauce tiers.


Name best sauces or die.




peri peri



File: 1631680450393.png (1.11 MB, 2200x2000, lolll.png)




I fucking hate uyghets and kikes.

File: 1630335021599.jpg (778.21 KB, 2048x1295, E9-1OZvWEAAMxue.jpg)


Tag yourself on the average american college Campus:
I'm chilling at the Cuck Zone
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I'm the guy in green looking at the squirrel next to the "Tolerance is key" poster

What's worse, he's triggered by people who oppose the brutal treatment of Palestinians.

>Why isn't this being burned yet?
You know, they're libs after all.


File: 1630407271485.png (172.48 KB, 300x219, ClipboardImage.png)

Those are probably some well read and TRADITIONAL history students because they are in fact engaging in the time honored practice of cucking stool punishment


It's kind of strange that I can't see a single guillotine in the pic. Radlibs love those.


File: 1631634050495.jpg (3.55 KB, 60x114, 1630335021599.jpg)

my books


It's pretty telling.

File: 1631617885027.png (402.95 KB, 542x408, ClipboardImage.png)


>Hello, our names are Emily and Claire. We would like to share with you this amazing book about our Lord while he was living in the USA! May we come in?
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they're mormons.


Oh, you don't know about the Book of Mormon? I'd be glad to teach you all about it!


Jesus was the first burger according to them.


*shits uncontrollably*



File: 1631493297782.jpg (86.1 KB, 824x747, 1629594079298.jpg)


Im gonna do it
Im gonna text my ex
I don't know what to say
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>rest at peace
poor wording, how about "sleep easily"



Become insane.


Find something else to do with your time



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