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/leftypol/ can you help me find my true political alignment?

I legitimately don't know who I am on the spectrum..
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It seems like you're in the middle of a lot of stuff. I would guess that you have not really done that much research or learning about politics to know what you do and don't support. I'm not really sure what to suggest you read or watch as I'm a theorylet, I personally read Manufacturing Consent as my introduction into leftism but I'm sure people will say it's too basic and so on. Maybe you could try reading The Communist Manifesto, it's pretty short, and see if you agree with the proposals and so on.


Have you read Stirner?



are you a marxist have you studied marxism and would you die by the marxist sword?

if not youre a national socialist. ur welcome op!!!!!!!!

File: 1715025928549.png (1.2 MB, 1907x2048, 1715025510995.png)


me on the under
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File: 1715318950263.png (167.44 KB, 268x447, ClipboardImage.png)

he finally got the fabled two scoops


This is starting to have Ugly Bastard hentai vibes.


god i want her to dom me


He looks like TF2 medic to me


classic nazi phenotype

File: 1716284048063.png (Spoiler Image, 1.58 MB, 1080x1476, a8nn0oqcc7vc1.png)


I'm a Black American and my ideal gf is a white South African after meeting one while one vacation.
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thats cool


He be going for the high yellow


as a nazi

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File: 1716327122786.jpg (90.96 KB, 530x535, dhhd84.jpg)

I too want a racist tsunder gf to call me a filthy shitskin while topping my ass


She wasnt racist and probably wanted to get BLACKED by the superior race of Black people (Black Americans)

File: 1716258191774.png (474.58 KB, 1079x809, lore.png)


Thats the law of capitalism and the only way to survive. The more you exploit the more you are rewarded. The less you care about others, the more you earn.
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Ant man and thumbnail boy


being in the bourgeoisie is caused by inherited economic privilege. if you abolished inheritance of property rights then labor exploitation would largely become a non-issue. labor exploitation is not merely a moral vice that some evil people choose to indulge in.


>exploitation is a matter of scale
lib moment


exploitation is a specific thing and you're either doing it or not but the degree of economic stratification caused by it is a function of how much you started with


it's fvcking over. are you telling me jdpon cant execute all americans for being labor aristocratic heckin' baizuos?

File: 1716115846806.png (120.75 KB, 489x424, 1715460112433177.png)


the shemale died. can i crash here for a couple days?
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The shemale


File: 1716215560034.png (247.61 KB, 528x529, Concern almost.png)

>the shemale died. can i crash here for a couple days?


Any sexy pics of the corpse?>>535100


which one


most mysterious thread on leftypol

File: 1716067213946.png (724.75 KB, 1761x503, ClipboardImage.png)


Peak idealism. No, "reality" does not "emerge" from calculations. Calculations are part of "reality." "Calculation" is when one subset of "reality" looks at a second subset of "reality" and tries to reduce that second subset of "reality" to a few simple laws for the sake of better predicting its behavior. Calculation is the compression of "reality" into symbolic language for varying purposes. If I'm trying to shoot a deer from a helicopter I am "calculating" how far ahead of the deer I should shoot so that my bullet lands in the deer when they reach that spot. That is calculation. Calculation is NOT a mystical gnostic monad at the center of reality "generating" reality like a computer program. I am so tired of western bourgeois idealists circle jerking themselves over philosophical chicken and egg problems like this.
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>that can be faked.
it's not fake. i had it done to me in AP psychology class in high school 15 years ago. shit really does hurt like a MF



Why is there a splatter version?


No, it really is as dumb as it sounds.

He also has tried enact the exact ideas in the book in 2020, with sub-par performance compared to normal models and its few "successes" being just the result of the Maslow's hammer common in overly-abstract frameworks.


>Consider what effects that might conceivably have practical bearings you conceive the objects of your conception to have. Then, your conception of those effects is the whole of your conception of the object.
This is what pops into my head any time people start talking about metaphysics or the fundamental nature of reality


Remember if you ever feel like a useless piece of shit with no skills or future, this guy was in his mid-20s working as an accomplished artist and master of gun smithing, forging, woodworking, engineering, and milling.
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erm what the sigma


i dont give a fuck about any of those things


dogs guard private property


Cats are contemptuous of humans too


Is because of crossroaches, in medieval times the cucktholic church burned witches and their cats and that naturally created an stigma

File: 1716165325443.png (12.49 MB, 2784x1848, ClipboardImage.png)


This Kind Of Smart, Walkable, Mixed-use Urbanism Is Illegal To Build In Most American Cities
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OP pic is port au prince in haiti, you can stfu about india now


>the abolition of the distinction between town and country
Nice slogan but you uyghas have never bothered to explain what this actually means in practice.


there are always transient reactionary posters on here
it's a 4chan adjacent site after all



India is the world reserve of reaction. In case skilled labor gets too red they are there to supply our bourgeoisie with conservative doctors, nurses, and engineers.


being a reactionary is down to being a part of le unwholesome chungus brown ethnicity. marx wrote this in capital volume 69

File: 1714459620470.png (1.54 MB, 3188x2480, 1713695594096.png)


Post more pictures of this chick. 420-chan or whatever the fuck her name is.
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huh. you learn more every day. whoops. I didn't know about that. Still, the wehrmacht got cigarette rations, so they clearly didn't care that much


File: 1714733821370.png (43.15 KB, 794x1123, tcctan.png)

I drew this a long time ago







It's funny how TVTropes became popular almost entirely from things totally ancillary to its supposed purpose of objectively documenting common media tropes. People liked the oh-so-funny fan snark, the collaborative joke pages under "Just for Fun", opinionated non-tropes such as "Nightmare Fuel" and "Funny Moments", the "real life examples" (which aren't even tropes as reality isn't scripted), but who came there for the actual tropes?

Honestly I think for many people the masturbatory "community" elements like the meta pages about the wiki itself and arguing in the forums became more important than actually editing the wiki at all, and even when they did edit the actual Trope pages, the ones about "cool" things like "Big Glowing Sword", got far more attention than less "cool" tropes but with more legitimate cultural significance. Well, either those or ones called like "Really Annoying Guy" where it's in theory about "really annoying guys" in fiction but we all know everyone just immediately skipped to the "real life" folder to make fun of celebrities and politicians and ignored the boring rest of the page.

Oh, and of course editing pages on their favorite media not because it genuinely has a particularly significant number of tropes but because they wanna use the page as an excuse to talk about it because everyone must know that thing exists and that they like thing.
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Honestly I wouldn't even notice any loose ends being tied up or not at this point.

I dunno I'm kinda tempted to stop reading but like I say I like the shipping and I wanna play those troll dating Sims.


maybe read a summary online. i regret wasting all that time reading the latter half of homestuck tbh


I don't have especially great memories of the latter half of problem sleuth so yeah idk maybe. But I'm an unemployed waste anyway I have nothing but time


i mean youre already saying youre utterly confused and im warning you it only gets worse from here. problem sleuth is considered hussies magnum opus so if you didnt like that one… yeah


>people like to talk about things they like
wow its like ur a genious or something

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