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File: 1679574135781.jpg (240.15 KB, 750x511, 2zo1ki.jpg)


There are countries in this world who first experienced living under capitalism only 30 years ago.

Isn't that weird?
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asian femboy?



what color then?


>genocided billions and gorillions
Ironically appropriating right wing humor is still cringe btw


white (poc)

File: 1678434916637.png (521.7 KB, 800x698, ClipboardImage.png)


>"Davis: You can't come [cum], then fight or play. You can't do it. When I get ready to come, I come. But I do not come and play.

<Interviewer: Explain that in layman's terms.

>Davis: Ask Muhammad Ali. If he comes, he can't fight two minutes. Shit, he couldn't even whip me.

<Interviewer: Would you fight Muhammad Ali under those conditions, to prove your point?

>Davis: You're goddam right I'd fight him. But he's got to promise to fuck first. If he ain't going to fuck, I ain't going to fight. You give up all your energy when you come. I mean, you give up all of it! So, if you're going to fuck before a gig, how are you going to give something when it's time to hit?"


>""I stayed in Detroit for about six months. I was pimping a little then. I had me two or three girlfriends. I was even enjoying sex once again. One of the girls was a designer who tried to help me all she could. I don't want to name her; she's a very prominent person now. She took me to a sanatorium to talk with this shrink. He asked me did I ever masturbate and I told him, no. He couldn't believe that. He told me that I should do that every day instead of shooting dope. I thought that maybe he should put his own goddamn self in the nuthouse if that's all the motherfucker had to tell me. Mas­turbating to break a habit? Shit, I thought that motherfucker was crazy." - Miles Davis
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Miles Davis is a goldmine of quotes, also he was the greatest band leader of the 20th century, no contest.


I don't know how a guy who did that much heroin managed to stay so angry through a very long life, there's no pictures of him without the anger vein ready to pop


Davis was such a nofap king that he would pay white prostitutes over three times their normal going rate and beat the shit out of them for an hour or two. That's probably where he got the idea he could fight Ali.


Fapping was apparently worse than heroin for him


Thriller in Manila
Sperm Killer
Come Fight me Ali
I'll fuck thee

Or something

File: 1679526448098.png (818.39 KB, 941x1217, ClipboardImage.png)


refute this


it is indeed great that he was never president


He would've been one of the worst neoliberal ghouls. Wanto be $10,000 dollars on it?



kids getting into online "politics" and into online "poltical" memes like the political compass is such a mistake. Where going to have kids who base their entire political and religious outlook based on what's "based" and what is not.


>>385457 (me)
and we already do have this btw

File: 1678090622092.png (712.76 KB, 700x487, ClipboardImage.png)

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Benis, bagina.
>no gf
>no bf
>big sad
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Then stay out of it.


>Leftycels are a lost cause
Might as well join Taliban, then.


>Wow, seems like there's lots of great, positive advice
If you have 100 matches on an app, then you're succeeding.
And no, having one guy ghost you, doesn't change the fact that you're playing the dating game on easy mode.

There's many people who're giving shit advice sure, but this poster, (especially looking at this post >>382312 ), is just a bad faith poster.


Umm I just downloaded hinge and it's literally 19 land whales per 20 profiles wtf


File: 1679646598700.jpg (24.79 KB, 620x500, sponge coffee.jpg)

>I don’t understand why you wont just talk to people directly
Not responding to you directly, but one of the main traits of the autism spectrum is being super sensitive to the point of avoiding social interaction entirely. Normal dudes get rejected all the time, the difference is they just get the fuck over it. Socializing will always be an unequal and unfair game in favor of those with good looks and personalities that naturally adapt to pop-culture. It's a skill, and the more you avoid it the less likely you will get good at it as you age. Chances are if you're not the normiest of normies you will NEVER find someone magically 100% compatible with you. You WILL have to hide your power level until you can trust someone, you WILL have to fake it until you make it. You can play the game or take your ball and go home and pout, that's simply the existential problem of people being different individuals.

I actually think this is why the right has so many converts from weirdo spaces: "hit the gym, stand up straight, learn to be stoic" is actually kinda good advice for a lot of dudes; and when that's mixed in with neonazi shit some people can't tease the two apart.

File: 1679370692836.jpg (105.21 KB, 1180x617, proxy-image(8).jpg)


there I said it. glowies btfo
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it's called a broken bot


more like basedgene


i live in newgene, oregano AMA


mamma mia


File: 1679516252189.jpg (49.95 KB, 500x500, headphones.jpg)

Emerald Park, wonders never cease
The man who taught me to swim
He couldn't quite say my first name
Like a father, he led Community water upon my head
And he called me "Subaru"

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<Stalinism and Capitalism are… le SAME!
Why the fuck does anyone listen to this pseud?
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BRUH it's just a reaction , It's your mind wat is dirty

I have never attracted to any being… And I am doing fine in the flavours of voidful abbys ^^


meds and bbc therapy


File: 1679436006593.gif (719.07 KB, 498x281, vaush-soy-jak.gif)

>you don't like inviting the antichrist into your body and murdering billions through ejaculation? um. that's kinda problematic my dude


>using tor is transphobia


Today I will remind them

File: 1679486275330.png (419.13 KB, 620x533, ClipboardImage.png)


While diving deep into the anals of tradcath twitter community, i stumbled upon a Canadian posting
>If you do not eat Fried bacon and eggs every morning you're not white
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No they don’t, real proles literally chew on scraps of cardboard and eat mud cookies.


Real proles eat the diet of your average sulfur miner in indonesia


Hamburgers come from Hamburg


True. It's funny to visit Hamburg because there, you see stuff like a "Hamburger Bank" and shit.
That said, Californians are the ones who started the whole burger craze.


I cringe everytime i see a place called something-burgers that sells them with wholebread buns or something.


As well as McDonald, KFC, fast food cuisine in general and other american staples.
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Begon, seitan!



I once ate hamburger with grilled pineapple in it but it fell apart.



Good rap

File: 1677471389618.webm (1.48 MB, 320x690, 1678668.webm)


I know comedy is subjective and blah blah, but who the hell thinks this is funny? this has 77k likes
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When I was in 5th grade, all my classmates were into fred, and in retrospect he was extremely unfunny – it's unsurprising this has 70k likes with how many kids use tiktok.


before that, there was Jackass and Tom Green


File: 1679491176925.mp4 (387.95 KB, 360x360, gem.mp4)



File: 1679491572792.webm (940.84 KB, 306x360, 1630565112067.webm)


>there is a squealing hot sauce demon haunting wingstops everywhere

thank you for this PSA

File: 1679457290395.jpg (32.52 KB, 500x374, shotokumikohrt.jpg)


>Touhou literally forces you to play as a WOMAN
>And the only male there is a loser failson shopkeeper.
<Look, i'm going to say it; this franchise is at best a feminist propaganda and at worst an ASIATIC TRANSSEXUAL brainwashing device. CLASSIC TRANIME
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People still use swf tho. The Super Cat Tales series, for example, is made using swfs in a wrapper. People will probably continue to use it for a long time.



File: 1679472860165.jpg (84.94 KB, 429x429, 01else.jpg)

you may be joking but this is what they actually believe. they unironically ruin fun for themselves and actively destroy 4chan culture (yes, i know it's a meme, but to some extent it exists) just to appear like a 5 year old saying that he will not play with the toys because they're for girls or whatever. i genuinely wonder what goes through these people's minds these days as a former chvd


Post your 1cc charts brehs


touhou is a lot of fun. touhou puppet dance perfromance is the best pokemon game ive ever played

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