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File: 1641404183820.png (88.66 KB, 600x450, shrug.png)


NTs generally have life on easy mode and can pretty much recover from anything bad that happens to them, have better job prospects and better prospects for networks, have special superpowers that let them 'read almost anybody'.

It is not 'women that have life on easy mode', it is men and women who are NT who actually do.

There is no proven form of medication that can alleviate the 'negative aspects' of being on the spectrum while keeping only the positives, like not even temporarily plus the privileged including the ones with terminal conditions, autoimmune disease or cancer shit on you all the time. NTs refuse to make any because they don't want 'foreigners infiltrating their society' and dislike the feeling of that.

All so-called 'inceldom' is actually all really caused by being on the spectrum, no more BS theories or red-pill. Its just that you have life on nightmare mode, while the NTs are always on recruit or easy difficulty including the ones with terminal conditions and autoimmune diseases.

This is just fact, CMV. PUA and 'red pill' are a scam, somebody needs to make a concoction that lets non-NTs 'infiltrate' NT society and have power over it.

An NT with a terminal condition or autoimmune has more privilege than any guy with autism, face it
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Which in turn means you have higher survivability against cancer and physical injuries.

Your brain produces something presumably that gives your body an edge in these situation or if not it puts you in situations where it does.


So again, why shouldn't it be something people can buy with money like any other?

Same with eye colour, voice tone, hair colour and sex. Everybody should be able to get the product they desire.


Literally false from the first line. The mortality rate of dead NT people is 1, which is not lower than that of any known disorder, with the exception of dissociative identity disorder due to the potential for a mortality rate greater than one per person, and Cotard's delusion where the mortality rate is also exactly 1 for all afflicted individuals.


Research shows NT people live longer on average or have longer lifespans.

So there is infact something being produced that people should be able to purchase as a product.


woah this thread lol
yea in current world bein' tizzy sucks pretty bad, especially with how little neurotypical people understand neurodiverse/divergent people in general.

Saying that, the idea there'd be some magic medication that cures all of the problems that come with conditions like ASD is myopic af and not realizing the issue. "Social Cues" are only the beginning of the problem, personally speaking the tribulations of being Autistic extend so much farther, and are in part because the world as it is today is cold and does not care about the most vulnerable and exploited of people. Also, Psychiatry and Pharmaceutical Industries as they exist today in 'murica and some of its vassals exist primarily to create customers and re-adjust people to become good boys and girls for porky, so if you wanted a "cure" for autism, it'd probably end up like anti-depressants, or like how adderall is for some people, and literally just turn your brain off. Autism sucks, but not all of the terribleness of it is inherent to being autistic, rather it's being autistic in relation to the world, and how Autistic traits are made a bad thing, and bad habits are promoted in various ways that especially affect people on the spectrum.

I think many other Neurodivergent people would do good to read up on some shit, and this kinda gets into the point, that the reason being tizzy sucks is in part, *because* of capitalism.


Reminder that If you are a vegan, you are engaging in liberal lifestylism, ethical consumption, and idpol.
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You seem extremely confused. I made a comment about how eating vitamins is good for you even if you eat meat. Then you started screeching about it being bourgeois, but now claiming that's not what you're doing, while still calling them "meds" to make it sound like some big pharma shit, and screeching about how normal proles can't get vitamins.
You're an absolute moron and I'm done with this.


Its a John Sakars video

Hes admitted to beastiality


Oh shut up, I'm not even reading that trash

If you can't tell my intentions, then YOU are confused

My intentions have been clear since the first post


well it wasn't funny

just harmless dork shit

>Hes admitted to beastiality




>zero dislikes
holy fuck leftybros, this video must be a masterpiece of pure facts, literally, no one dislikes it, how do we cope with this?
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>re-education camps are… le bad!


File: 1641761316825.png (192.4 KB, 327x316, kek.png)


Youtube hid dislikes because now they're shilling for Biden and the White House channel got fucktons of dislikes per video. Basically rare to see a video made by them that is not disliked massively.


>cars are gay
>t. american
top kek


Boohoo so sad that I'm no friend of Kikes

File: 1641807268495.png (92.76 KB, 305x165, ClipboardImage.png)


I am not a good man

I have a lot of hate and anger within me and I forget about my friend and allies in my wrath and end up hurting them

I absolutely hate losing to anybody who is beneath me
I want to kill them
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yeah, I've thought of this

Is it in anyway bad to exercise like this?

not speaking from an injury standpoint

like is it bad to workout under stress when you're already going to put your body into more stress?


Not from my experiences, whenever I work out angrily, I find that I just do the exercise better than normal. It takes me less to get tired and I find myself having better form. Then again, I am young and healthy; if you're 70 something, maybe be careful. Otherwise exercise pairs pretty well with anger.


bro you think a 70 year old posts on siberia?
would be dope


It's an anonymous imageboard my friend, there could be a 73 year old Bulgarian man shitposting daily and you wouldn't know. Unlikely? Sure, but certainly possible.


File: 1641866921274.png (270.64 KB, 600x600, ClipboardImage.png)

> there could be a 73 year old Bulgarian man shitposting daily

we need to find him
he sounds cute

File: 1641862140041.png (988.97 KB, 600x873, ClipboardImage.png)


Comrades, what is the marxist explanation for serial killers?

Just read about the Baton Rouge Killer(s)
And I'm hella creeped out at 6 am in the morning, it's dark outside and I can't sleep


I think its pretty weird that there aren't so many serial killers anymore.

Daily reminder Charles Manson was MKULTRAD


I am from India and we have horrible crimes in my country too, but it always feels like serial killers often happen in America and Europe
There have been like 2-4 serial killers here

I have two ideas

1) Serial Killers are a lone act, i.e they are something that requires a very isolated and well off individual that has the means to kill and keep bodies with them and not be constantly bugged by people

And as the standard of living in western countries is higher, and fewer people
It is more possible, People having houses and isolated neighborhoods

In India, there are people everywhere, you would be bugged by people asking personal questions everywhere and everytime

2) Florida Man Syndrome
It is just reported on more and monetized on more in America and Europe and also the police here might not be competent to find out serial killers that are existing but the crime branch is just bad
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Are there not?
Has the advent of technology caused it?

I am happy with "overpopulation" and social media abundance if they are the causes of it


Like all it takes for bad things to be done, is for people to be compliant
It's fucking scary


Also anybody else find this image insanely horrific?

How would I go about stop being scared by it?
Just keep looking at it until I am desensitized by it?

Would appreciate the advice of local war vetaran, sabinyak
Sabinyak seems to be like the person who knows about such things, PTSD, fear and all that

File: 1641679218932.jpg (157.06 KB, 900x600, kotatsu.jpg)


Does anybody know where I can get a good kotatsu? I've just realized that a heated autism blanket table might be something I'm gonna have a lot of use for but I don't know where should I buy one. I saw some on ali but I wanted to get opinions before deciding
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r u obese?


No, but my leg muscles are pretty tight because I spend all my wake hours sitting in chairs. I need to stretch just to be able to sit down with my legs folded under me like that.


fuck dude, walk my uygha


yeah, i have no issue with that, much less with a carpet or a pillow


I walk lol. But that's not going to help with this pose.

File: 1641763498153-0.png (1.56 MB, 3546x2965, autism.png)


Today I saw some lib on twitter post a map of which political parties they would vote for in every european country. It was one of the most autistic things I have ever seen on that site, so obviously I bullied them relentlessly for it.

But then I thought… what would my map look like? So I spent the next three hours reading about the leftist political parties of every country on the continent, eventually producing this abomination. I anticipate this reddit-tier post will not go down well but tbh I'm quite proud of what I have made. Any criticism and/or abuse would be appreciated.
The .txt file attached has a list of all the parties for anyone curious.
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why do you root for the swedish white power party lol


OP SD are the Swedish equivalent of Spanish Vox, only that SD emerged from the Swedish neo-nazi movement. Today it has "dispensed with the nazi ideology" (that has mostly just broken out into other related far-right extremist currents), is instead more of a pro-Zionist fascist party and growing fast.


File: 1641847306259.png (1.3 MB, 1366x768, ClipboardImage.png)

>KTP is just a Finnish ML party
Yeah, labelling them juche was mostly a joke. I just read that they're supportive of the DPRK and publish their material, something which most ML parties are reluctant to do.

>why not KPÖ?
honestly, the beer party made me laugh and they're a fairly new party. Also, I read the wikipeadia articles for most of the party leaders, and I found it funny that the leader of the Beer Party is also a doctor lol

obviously if the communist party stood a chance of actually winning an election I would vote for them

> they're literally conservatives and neolibs with welfare lmao
That's what most of the "centre-left" parties are kek
From my research I got that the two main successor parties of the OG communist party are the Romanian Socialist Party and the Greater Romania Party?
Both of these seemed parties seemed shitty and unviable. The social democrats have a eurosceptic streak and are fairly successful, which is pretty much why I chose them tbh.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>That's what most of the "centre-left" parties are kek
Fair point lmao, but I feel like even then they wouldn't count since they are practically neolibs who say they're gonna raise pensions to get the old Ceausist boomer vote, and they are pretty much just conservatives besides that.
>Both of these seemed parties seemed shitty and unviable.
Also fair, but it should really tell you something about this country that the only "left" party you can vote for are an actually semi-good socialist party that has like 10 members, and a center-""""left"""" succdem party that's been in power for the last 30 years and founded by the literal guy who couped Ceausescu lmao. I'd vote for the succdems over the other parties that range right-wing to far-right of course, but I wouldn't feel happy about it


>and a center-""""left"""" succdem party that's been in power for the last 30 years and founded by the literal guy who couped Ceausescu lmao
fuck, I didn't know that. what a faggot.
>I'd vote for the succdems over the other parties that range right-wing to far-right of course, but I wouldn't feel happy about it
yeah, I'm the same in the UK with Labour. I only vote for them out of a sense of obligation and a complete lack of better options.

File: 1641809108235.jpg (142.59 KB, 750x937, E1523ZfWEAAUbVJ.jpg)



Am I missing someone else?
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This. Genocide is like shitting your pants as an adult for a civilization. We've all done it but generally wouldn't talk openly about it.




Honestly not counting politicides and classicides it's pretty hard to say. I'd have to agree with the other posters itt on the Haitian Revolution, easily the most based genocide in human history (that I know of at least). Another one that is also lowkey based is the genocide against Germans after WW2.


half of these are committing genocides right this second


The century and a half old genocide that not even Wikipedia calls a genocide lel

File: 1641817528742.png (610.06 KB, 862x751, ClipboardImage.png)


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For anyone asking;
>24/7 you are connected to VR
>you wear a vibrating buttplug linked directly to an electric outlet
>the VR tells you that you will be a "good leftist" overlayed on video of LGBT sex and political propaganda
>it doesnt stop except it edges you when you are about to cum, unless you specifically say the phrase "yes comrade, i will support the revolution against capitalism"


I have the same blanket as him
not sure how I should feel about this.


File: 1641825791780.jpeg (10.19 KB, 230x300, images (52).jpeg)

Told ya


Made to be bred and dominated by his communist masters, he would probably enjoy being a fucktoy for masculine the ML chads.


File: 1641745219309.png (22.86 KB, 445x290, ClipboardImage.png)


>ooooo I be breeding
>ooooo I be migrating in different groups
>aaaaaahh I’m fucking speciating aaaaahhhhhh
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The one seagull browsing this post just shat on its keyboard





I am not ashamed. Simping for birds should be celebrated.



Based. I wish more species would sing like them. You can put birds singing over any ambient track and it will sound good, I don't know how they do it. By comparison, dogs barking and cats meowing are lame, most mammals really don't have any musical talent.

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