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"We need an imageboard of action to fight for OC making posters."
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My thread has been saged >>145375
Who can I discuss this with?
I would appreciate a timely response from the mod team, my patience is wearing thin.
I am making this thread due to the lack of a timely response.
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I've passed on a message to the mod chat room already, but it usually takes some time for a response from the right person.
>I will make more threads if necessary
I did see something in the congress chat about them seeing some of your posts as making threats, so I suspect it isn't helping.


Why do we have shit like this everyday?
Can't tell who's more retarded jannitards or soy/b/eanians


Thank you very much for passing on the message and making a post here. We appreciate it.
I am only making threats to force them to acknowledge us. Otherwise this issue would just be swept under the rug and forgotten about. While I do not want to cause any trouble, I don't appreciate being bullied and ignored either. I will not let them abuse their powers and discriminate against us.


I am glad we could come to an understanding. If you ever have any issues with my thread please don't take any drastic action without discussing it with me. That is all I ask of you.


a lot of people would like to see you banned too

File: 1631311938850.jpeg (9.54 KB, 260x194, images (20).jpeg)


What are your opinions on the atlantropa project?
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This is actually the plot for the Italy-Germany split in TNO lol


My megadam ideas were better.


Hahaha were you the big dam poster? I loved those posts


We're talking about a future where the term "water wars" exists. I'm still upset that people thought my project proposals were nonsense.


I always replied to them with enthusiasm, everyone else was wrong

File: 1631290272877.png (45.56 KB, 550x628, ClipboardImage.png)


is modernity just larping as meds?
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File: 1631291239679.jpg (55.22 KB, 499x497, 147.jpg)

Are you sure? according to /his/ both are not the same because one is Europeans are paler or because they made more technological advancements or because of haplogroups.


Absolute bullshit, the difference beetween southern and northern italy are historical. And even if economically behind the north, south italy was still culturally advanced and spwaned great figures in both philosophy and literature. And the thing about "paleness" is merely a polentoni's cope.
/his/ is utter shit.


Never forget there's an abysm between ""meds""




Modern culture resembles the Romans and Greeks very little

File: 1631290958025.jpeg (155.07 KB, 1479x1479, dOZBbo0S.jpeg)


this guy calls your mom a bitch, what do?
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Respond. Socialist Billionaires, No Contradictions!


just retweet w/ 'ok'


i kekd tbh




File: 1631286465972.png (1.51 MB, 2982x3266, lefty.png)


What will be your job under Communism?
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no one cares hazbot


Go back to stupidpol you pair of fags


i mean, no one cares about these 'definitions' of leftism.


your mom does


i dont like what ifs

File: 1631171388554.png (183.07 KB, 723x1346, 1630750948553.png)


What's the name of the /roulette/ catgirl?
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A lot of quality posters left during the various splits.


I really like Alunya, she comes off as hotheaded and brash in her actions but you just know that deep down she has a heart of gold.


they grew up



Democratic confederalism with posadist characteristics.

File: 1631287560664.jpg (677.49 KB, 1536x2048, dprk.jpg)


vietnamese booba woman in the dprk
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seethe ASSuka niq.


Don't discriminate, all waifus are valid.




Imagine wanting to stick your dick in sugar.


File: 1631310322701-0.png (16.79 KB, 728x148, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1631310322701-1.png (111.8 KB, 250x250, ClipboardImage.png)

cope & sneed


the chief cause and motivation behind communism is the egalatarianization of PLEASURE. right now, only the rich boys can get rich girls(which are intrinsically more attractive):they get the best alcohol,the most coke,etc.
communism is about,what human life is about;partying. The best praxis is partying,the supreme building of communism is to buy a poor man expensive wine. kissing a girl richer than you is as defending stalingrad.
Brothers;let us be hedonists,let us be epicureans!


This is how antifa actually thinks


the risk with this mindset is that it often finds itself subsumed into bureaucratic pleasure. pleasure not as blasting your brain with so many once-illegal substances that you attain levels of bliss heretofore only experienced by those who've operated a guillotine, but instead as a capitalist accounting exercise: "under communism everyone gets as many status-signalling goods as possible!" - a "communism" where everyone lives in a megamansion with a collection of sports cars and private jets, rather than hedomunism where there's a ketamine dole.

if you want an egalatarianization of pleasure, you must first be very clear about what pleasure is and what it is not, otherwise you'll be condemned to boredom in a gauche dystopia.


Communist used to have the best parties and all the popular people on their side in 60-80's in my country. Now communism is a joke because Jeltsin.


File: 1631309731281.png (139.84 KB, 700x482, 12746238472385.png)

Based Antifa

File: 1631288225060.jpg (120.95 KB, 600x480, 1631279212451.jpg)


The most schizophrenic art at the time on the internet from years ago has actually become a reality.

What a interesting time we are living in
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What do you mean? What do the radlibs have to do with Dees lol



These are photomanips lmao

I'm skeptical of American and European vaccines because I think they're made and pushed for profit so they're lower quality, I just hope to get a better vaccine when my turn comes


Pol is rarely right


of course, it's a broken clock. And even when they turn out to be right, they have a retarded schizo interpretation.

File: 1631284614021.jpg (59.84 KB, 512x318, unnamed (3).jpg)


What do you think of alpacas?


I hear their wool is pretty high quality. I'd buy some myself from this local farm but shit costs like $50-$70 bucks for a winter hat. Cute babies though.


>What do you think of alpacas?
based and woolpilled


Japanese people love them


They look soft, I'd like to hug one.

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