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>The difference between old and new fandoms is that new ones don’t really attempt to back up their resentment and entitlement with any knowledge (or even just meaningless redundant trivia) they just throw around viral catchphrases and buzzwords and insults and ‘gotchas’
>Whatever FGC people transformed into over these last dozen years is probably the clearest example of this.
>I feel like the move from forums to social media- where posts need to be shorter and ‘catchier’- is the biggest driver for this behavioral shift online, but the change happened almost as fast OFFline too. There’s a lot of factors at play really
>As much as people crow about how things have “changed” and “progressed” it seems like people in all ‘geek’ circles- comics, TTG, games, cons, you name it- are way more quick to judge and more vulgar and spiteful across the board than they were back in the “bad old days”
>There was a time when I wanted geeks like this to shut up more than anything, and now I just want them back. I’d take D&D getting interrupted by debates over whether the Enterprise-D could beat a Star Destroyer over someone pulling out their “favorite Hassan clips”. Just vile.
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The "I can fix them / we can make eachother worse" kinda horny.


>Cartoonishly jewish character goes on a rant calling everyone an anti-Semite the moment things don't go his way
Did a /pol/tard write this?


zoom zoom


Are those zoomisms? I think I read "I can fix him" in that context in a book with pages that were fairly yellow.


There's nothing "cartoonishly jewish" about the character lol, if you're seeing /pol/ everywhere you need to log off.

File: 1694264988916.jpg (25.83 KB, 525x584, images.jpg)


Why bad things happening to good people?
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book of job


I think pol pot has cancer in that picture. his lymph nodes look swollen; look at his neck


a mono infection does that too


What in the fuck is happening in that vid?


File: 1694362698234.mp4 (16.96 MB, 720x720, tooktoomuchanthem.mp4)

nodding off on heroin in public

File: 1694362669393.jpg (30.04 KB, 658x1000, xibook.jpg)


Hi everybody, i've become really interested in the idea of capitalism being in service of the people and thus being socialist. So does anyone have any modern resources on National Socialism besides picrel?(good troll)
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This is a very autistic reply i just wanted some texts on harmonising the relationship between capital and the people


That's because you're not the audience, beyond me wanting that video in your yootoobs algorithm.

Try /QTDDTOT/ or >>>/edu/ for a less hostile environment.


File: 1694363685434.png (262.06 KB, 750x509, not_socialist_enough.png)


File: 1694315628614.jpeg (197.75 KB, 756x1008, IMG_0549.jpeg)


I think I figured out normies, guys. They never think about something before doing it. Specifically when ever that thing is tired and done too death. They just do stuff with out worrying how cliche it is.
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fuck yourself


File: 1694341037346.png (177.47 KB, 764x732, anti-bully_ranger.png)


An image created by media of what a person is supposed to be that no one actually is.


everyone who isn't a replica of me


File: 1694350431451.mp4 (1.89 MB, 854x752, ghmw7Yi.mp4)


>israeli forces in 2077 on their way to hunt down the last Muslim arab straight man on earth in conquered cairo (he threw a stone)

File: 1694334450381.jpg (29.18 KB, 600x500, 35463456.jpg)


Shout out to Defiance, Ohio. Great band, god bless.

File: 1694304120857.jpg (Spoiler Image, 280.92 KB, 850x1050, SEX.jpg)


which one are you in the image
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It's obviously SEXomon, See how they repeat the words Sex? Just like Pika Pika leads to Pikachu!


It’s blackface Jynx


File: 1694318750838.jpg (34.84 KB, 474x479, th-4202146981-1.jpg)

Nah, it's dragonite.


the one taking the picture


It's Sonichu!

File: 1693747943327.png (1.14 MB, 755x1057, ClipboardImage.png)


Algeria has been rejected from joining the BRICS
Can't have shit in algeria
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>describing the move as “revenge” for Algiers' growing influence in the Sahel region “at the expense” of France

Seems like this started as a result of the coups in Africa lmao


>at the request of France
such multipolarity




File: 1693775755136.jpg (52.52 KB, 500x625, 6fcbd2.jpg)

I decide what where there is multipolarité


Putin should ask Macron for advice on their next move in Ukraine


Never thought I’d say this but I genuinely wish I could go back to the year 2000
Take me back, just, to those times, they seem so fun, I barely remember them since I’m 25, but they seem so fun….
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File: 1693881316191.jpg (108.83 KB, 747x615, glooooo.jpg)

>reactionaries don't get
<everyone that rejects my idpol is a reactionary!
<Idpol is totally leftist guyz
Go back, glowie gringo.
>conspiracy theory
CIA shout-down term in the attempt to discredit people
>thought-terminating snarl
Stop projecting langley-kun


Sorry your life is so empty that you have to compensate with a persecution complex.
<everyone that rejects my idpol is a reactionary!
Not wanting to end all hatred and reaction (what wokeness promises) is indeed reactionary


The self-awareness is low with this one. No wonder he believes in conspiracy theories like a Fox News viewer.


File: 1694068517201.mp4 (9.19 MB, 1280x720, takemebackbros.mp4)


>Sorry your life is so empty that you have to compensate with a persecution complex.
<Ah shit he called me out on my victim complex
<I know, I'll project it onto him, that'll own him lol
Ok loser.
>what wokeness promises
<wanting to end all hatred and reaction
>conspiracy theories
>muh Fox News lol
<Hurr MK ULTRA and COINTEL PRO isn't real conspiratard
/leftypol/ sure has fallen to a new low, where basic knowledge of actual real life conspiracies (and the fact that usage of "muh conspiracy theory" being a glowie tactic to discredit whistleblowers) is bad or that identity politics, which goes specifically against dialectical materialism, communist theory and real life socialist revolutionaries isn't laughed out, outright. If you aren't a glowie or bad faith actor, then unironically read a fucking book Lasalle.

>The self-awareness is low with this one

Who are you talking to, burgeroid? You glow like the Ocean in June


Here's some 2000s nostalgia in the form of 9/11 conspiracies:

File: 1694280200934.png (564.37 KB, 631x680, stalin get the spoon.png)


where is the disgusting fucking CP spam coming from? is it rightoids trying to get the admins raided by feds? Whoever is posting this shit needs so many bullets in the head that they are unrecognizable…
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>fed spamming is merely a 4cuck meme because they don't want to admit the lowest of lows use their shithole
Granted: didn't the cia target autistic muslims after 911 so they can set them up so they can be arrested later?

Stacked with the knowledge of the fbi already setting up honeypots on tor cp sites, and them posting on 8chan – I think it's fair to think (idk 50% possibility) there's probably a fed who spends their 5m coffee break on spamming cp links for easy arrests.
Don't even need to post, the bot can do it, and you just collect IPs.

But yeah, it's oversold, like what >>447785 says.
It's to the point that people handwave Jan 6 as feds doing, they do also blame AnarchistBLMCommiesWokeLiberalLeftistsJewsReptilianTransDeepStateAntiTrumpPronounsInBio people


>Jan 6
Isn't the leader of the proud boys a glowie?


Quote from Discomrade: "-The commercial spam has been around, in various forms, for at least ten years and probably twenty (I remember an IB in 2014 considering banning Ukrainian/Russian IPs because it was so bad and being posted multiple times daily on a slow site). They also target comment sections and japanese forums that don't require logins. It's commercial advertising, not targeted, not even specific to imageboards. There are evidently multiple groups doing it, and probably two or three distinctive spammers in the main active group (one is somewhat skilled at spam filter evasion, the other is not).

It won't get feds raiding the site (nor would it be a valid excuse for them), rightoids would just post CP alone or with edgy statements, and yes they deserve worse than bullets."


> considering banning Ukrainian/Russian IPs [for constant CP posting]

…. the consequences of liberalization


I can't remember positions, but feds do infiltrate groups to watch to see if they'll do something extreme, or go all the way and influence the group to do something.
It still doesn't change the fact that plenty of people were regular people, and the many others that attended Jan 6.

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