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The third time methheads/homeless/crackheads stole shit from me. As a prole who's broke as shit, why should I support helping these people who keep screwing me over? Also why is all of US like this, just a ghetto cesspool, fuck burgerstan.(Amphibian is haram)
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>drugs impact motivation, confidence, willpower, inhibition
Yes, they improve all those. :^)


what do you care druggie, it's what all druggies aspire to be


death to druggies and their crackhead kind


We'll you do deserve the minimal effort, but not your mom she gets all my energy


File: 1679288842032.jpg (79.82 KB, 954x658, f8b.jpg)

>Aspire to be

File: 1679244020756.jpg (90.25 KB, 1072x303, mr_beest-2.jpg)


What did he mean by this??
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It's literally more convenient that way tho. Because local video players are more flexible than YouTube's weird JavaScript jank.


Can't you just use Youtube Vanced or Invidious


i'll knock your teeth out


vanced and invidious still give views I think


Well one of those is just a mod of the YouTube app from what I understand, I prefer NewPipe on my phone.
The other is a mirror, which has it's own weird, equally jank video player. It's still more convenient than jank in-browser implementations to just use local players.
I'm personally not to concerned about the privacy aspects or weather or not I contribute a view, but yeah you could use invidious to avoid giving a view, among other advantages.


most modern leftist academics don't actually create any new leftists, but just give existing leftists some quotes to spit at anyone who'll listen
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Those were simply Pseudonyms


He went crazy? Wdym? What was he like



Also I found this meme and thought f you. Lol. Lmao even (no offence i just found it funny bc you said you only read diary of a seducer)


This is a rare Stirner, thanks!
Might try to read this, I feel like a bit romantic these days.

File: 1676065486449.jpg (18.48 KB, 680x602, bro....jpg)


How do I stop being psychotic about technology?

Years of going on /g/-adjacent places and reading up on mass surveillance has made me terribly paranoid of everything with an internet connection and now that covid has made it so everything has to happen online I can't even apply for a job without having to show my face on some unnecessary video call.

I think I might unironically need to go to therapy at this point if I don't want to end up homeless.
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>i hope your therapist can understand we're you're coming from
The only reason I haven't seen a shrink over this is that this is such a niche and recent issue that I think I will seem completely alien to them.


File: 1678773838848.png (423.88 KB, 480x360, 1678649984250.png)

privacy is dead and we are all plugged into a universal surveillance grid, I just do my best to not get ads about dick pills


File: 1678816756883.png (296.23 KB, 456x428, 1649563577421.png)

people will talk about the surveillance state watching them through their TVs and injecting them microchips to surveil them and then record people going about their life and posting it online without their consent bro YOU are the surveillance state


psychs are, as a rule, ridiculously out of touch


File: 1679277308320.jpg (64.27 KB, 600x600, 1677162377821.jpg)

if youre going to do something spicy you should still take measures of course but uhhh

facial recognition breaks if you get a haircut or arent white, video surveillance is operating on vhs quality in 90% of use cases, profiling is literally a pseudoscience that is actively being phased out because it never worked ever, real life isnt like csi


File: 1679215877033-0.jpg (15.48 KB, 264x275, baby-squat.jpg)


Squatting is the most natural and physically relaxing stance, whereas resting in a chair messes up your internal organs. Same way that shitting while squatting allows an easier exit than sitting on a toilet.
The chair deception is an idealist trapping, set to "civilize" our human nature - we learn to sit in school and are fed lies. We sit at work and spindle up profits. We sit at home and watch tell-lie-vision.
The chair operates as a "throne", where the kingship of our private lives rings through to the propertarian matrix of our enclosure, singing praises to the ambition of our expansion, in an interpersonal imperialism.
Religious sects also differentiate under the institution of chairs, with muslims and orthodox christians rejecting pews - so the issue of chairs is even theological. How we rest is a dialectical issue.
Does species-being also mean a return to nature?
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One struggle
One page read since 2016


most people just cant do it if they haven't done it since birth, since it affect how your leg/foot develop

no. after some point its just hopeless.


Kneeling chairs are a synthesis of this, lets you rest in a squat.


redpill me on kneeling chairs? do they work?


Well I sit in one regularly, it's pretty comfy. Got it because by previous chair was causing nerve pinches in my back, and this doesn't.

File: 1679259345639.jpg (125.65 KB, 1080x920, IMG_20230319_235205.jpg)


I mean, the isn't much of a difference between a regular BBS and an imageboard but the formating is a bit off.
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Western Imageboards were a mistake.


Yes, yes they were. Even textboards got raided by /pol/tards during 2016 causing the few people of worth left to leave.


>implyinf image boards were ever good
lol + unsaged


who are you quoting


I don't care about "good" or "bad" nor about repeating tired memes like you are doing right now, but imageboards at the beginning had creative young people trying to make new stuff. Obviously nothing can stay avant garde forever.


SEXO is revisionist. Embrace SÉX.


I have two healthy hands i dont need sex.




how are ur freds doing, numbers wise? mine are doing iron man numbers
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im sorry I haven't started any threads in the past few months


sleepyheads represent


Anyone else used leftypols new feature to monetize threads? I used to get many replies to my threads, so I think it‘s good I was compensated for my labor. On a side note, how do you guys get more people to subscribe to my threads? Should I make them exclusive to Premium Leftypol posters so more people are inclined to pay for a subscription? I‘d would certainly bring me more money in but it‘s also kinda greedy you know


It's not greedy, content creators keep this site alive, they should get their share of profit


File: 1679238781218.jpg (74.88 KB, 1080x1080, chihuahua chinese meme 7.jpg)

>>379178 wow
>>379178 wow
>>379312 aw man i w
>>379313 ish i'd see
>>379327 n it
>>379448 u don't need to pay for Leftypol Diamond if u have high social credit, which is my case, so i can like & subscribe to ur freds & see secret freds (!!!!!!!). Show me ur freds so i can give them the chihuahua bump

very cool very cool
very >>379450 cool
very >>379319 cool
very >>379190 cool
very >>379179 cool
very >>371450 cool
very >>371449 cool
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File: 1679204736652.png (233.21 KB, 3456x2160, 8gguna3roh291.png)


The ruling PiS party in Poland, just like Park Chung Hee Democratic Republican party and America's Republican party is an actually existing socialist vanguard


stop making fun of me i am literally the heckin' partisan because i hate troons and i want healthcare

File: 1679166443076.jpeg (151.5 KB, 1080x1080, WAT.jpeg)


Like no racist shit but if Chinese or Russian lobby funded the campaigns of 97% US politicians don't you think more people would have a problem with it? If you want to talk politics it's something you have to acknowledge. You can't ignore who our politicians are funded by.
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"Bourgeoisie" refers to the urban middle class of marx's time - the high-minded types who push for progress in society yet wish to sustain the class system.
Being bourgeois means to be a lib, not being a porky. You can be bourgeois without being a capitalist.


Thats why the proletarian revolution is finishing what the bourgs began in the industrial revolution, since the bourgs are arrested to private property and wage labour, which are harmful to the potentials of liberated labour, which is more productive and has no theological baggage.


File: 1679219577393.jpg (356.39 KB, 1029x660, Live to tread.jpg)

No, you’re talking out your ass. They were rapidly ascending into the ruling class in his time and Marx often noted this.

> When the French bourgeoisie overthrew the power of the aristocracy, it thereby made it possible for many proletarians to raise themselves above the proletariat, but only insofar as they become bourgeois. Every new class, therefore, achieves its hegemony only on a broader basis than that of the class ruling previously, whereas the opposition of the non-ruling class against the new ruling class later develops all the more sharply and profoundly. Both these things determine the fact that the struggle to be waged against this new ruling class, in its turn, aims at a more decided and radical negation of the previous conditions of society than could all previous classes which sought to rule.

They didn’t cease owning capital when they ascended either. That characteristic is still there and they are “capitalists” by that fact in and of itself. Liberalism is only the ideological lens in which individuals, either prole or bourgeoise, perceive of capitalism. That’s a complete obfuscation from the truth of the matter.
Further obfuscation.
You waffle from defining the bourgeois as wishing to “sustain the class system” to being completely in line with wanting “ liberated labour” and expect no one to notice the incongruity? Ancap ideology really is a thin veneer for socially acceptable schizophrenia.


No i was saying that the bourgs pushing for liberalism led to the industrial revolution but that their own class consciousness denies the furthering of their initial will toward "progress" in line with modernity.
Thats why bourgs only push so far then become moralists. Or push for social democracy instead of more radical forms of society - since their entire worldview is based in property and its registry in taxation. I have spoken to many champagne socialists who are themselves landlords, who inherently see life as a rental venture rather than a free experiment.
Liberated labour is impermissable in bourgeois consciousness since nothing is free.


uyghas still don't realize that even if we killed the american jews or america became a gommunist stae we would still fund the shit out of israel

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