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File: 1694000665060.jpg (108.55 KB, 640x429, 36255322.jpg)


I'll vote for the left when the left procures me some pussy, real talk
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I mean what politician is looking to legalize brothels and have price caps on the sex work industry to make it affordable for working class folk? We have only fans and porn and strip clubs but that's nothing next to actually putting your dick in pussy.


File: 1694033219625.jpg (33.93 KB, 749x908, please change.jpg)


how to do that




New markiplier FNAF


Enough of the anime shit lets get demonic
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You okay bro?


It's Egor's rant. Posted literally everywhere in helltaker circles. A, dare I say it, authentic gem.



We should legitimately organize brain training games and organization tools for the brain melted idiots here god bless em



I was talking to this guy who had an engineering degree that included a course on research methods and this uygha still believes in pseudoscientific bullshit like homeopathy, chiropractors, some religious stuff that sounded like Christian Science, ghosts, and probably a bunch of other shit that was not mentioned during our brief conversation.

Why do supposedly learned people still believe in this bullshit?
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Lol @ Brezhnev was a dictator.


This thread made me glad that I'm not an engineer.


Scientific thinking is not really taught in general, but even less so as engineers. As engineers we are taught to apply engineering principles, formulas, processes, methodologies. Science is largely experienced as given tools to measure things.

In education and pop culture more generally, science is presented as an accumulation of facts and frameworks that explain the world in a mythological manner. We understand atoms as tiny balls, or tiny clumps of balls with electrons orbiting closely, for example. If you're more into science, then you understand electron ✨clouds✨. Mathematical formulas are simply not relevant. In that sense, science education is very disjointed with anything resembling solid philosophy of science one might read about in, say, Althusser.


not to mention the absolutely abysmal state of science journalism


Do you have any recommendations on philosophy of science that won't make one suffocate their wives,

File: 1693964502391.png (1.55 MB, 2136x1557, konabred.png)


Read Plotinus. (Ploh tie nus)


Plotinus has ceased to be relevant after the fall of the Abbasids also Lucky Star is MID


I don't acknowledge platonism as relevant so no

>inb4 badiou


why? Neoplatonism is pagan theology. It's not philosophy as such, as in rationalism.
It's akin to abrahamic scholasticism.

File: 1693489303165.jpg (46.7 KB, 600x600, old.jpg)


where ya'll get your news from?
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I dunno but judging by that sniffer for scale, she must be huge.


nytimes, etc.


Zerohedge for economic related news.
The Duran video podcasts for geo-politics related news.
WION for international related w/ American tainted propaganda.
Global Research for international related w/ Russian tainted propaganda.
Defense News /Global/ for Western military news.
TASS /en/ for Russian military news.
South Front (@ Odysee) for proxy war news.
WSWS for international socialist perspectives.
RMX for international conservative perspectives.
Natural News for SHTF/conspiracy/survival related news.
Drudge Report to see latest Western government propaganda, spin and narratives.
What Does It Mean to see latest Eastern government propaganda, spin and narratives.


twitter or the guardian
some people i follow share good, relevant articles which is a nice filter


there's also the financial times for booj news and the new yorker for yankee cultural stuff

File: 1693921224770.jpg (53.95 KB, 998x562, EvILd5uUUAAB1CY.jpg)


Wash the dishes.
Clean your room.
Take a shower.
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but if i actually put effort into those things i wouldnt have time to complain about women on my incel website


File: 1693945222429.png (202.71 KB, 1263x671, 1692824446543.png)



Damn, not sure if I believe that but it's a good read. Alright, new rules for being a man. If you're a genius that changes the world, with kids and a wife that you keep happy, you don't have to wash or clean anything. If you're a cartoon do-nothing, and we're all guilty
>Wash the dishes.
>Clean your room.
>Take a shower.
With your favorite podcast after 2 espressos




Me but less dust

File: 1692397528823.png (2.24 MB, 1242x1421, 8269301653.png)

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previous thread >>434195
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mostly, this kind of video is always fake as hell. there's probably SOME sort of compensation going on, like these people have to sign a fucking consent form after being taped FFS. see also: girls gone wild.


>>446989 (me) this is why >>446846 felt icky watching it. these girls are obviously acting up for the camera. this isn't real life at all. anons, fucking get out of your houses and experience something outside of your screens for once.


New thread bitches >>446995


dude found the rare top woman and cant appreciate her fully LOL




post something that only someone from your country will understand
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I'm pretty fuckin alienated too, but fuck nations and please don't look at me.


Post people going off for dumb reasons in your country.


i can't stick my veiny cock in your personality, so what's the point? i'll have to stick my veiny cock in your mouth instead so you shut the fuck up


they fear us


have a personality aside from being attached to the plot of land that you live on and having a dick challenge

File: 1693946333642.png (101.97 KB, 953x758, ClipboardImage.png)


Most normal breaking bad fan


(W)alter+H(ank)=Wank there I solved it everybpdy go home.


anon that's clearly a shitpost


Halter wank


Handjobs are just a TV thing tbh.


File: 1693963442895.jpeg (8.21 KB, 225x225, download (22).jpeg)

actually i got a handjob yesterday so…. Youte wrong lol.

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