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File: 1669318660750.jpg (485.45 KB, 2048x1536, 1668881132117493.jpg)


What exactly would séx with anon look like?



damn she seems cute


How old were you when you grew out of getting stoked?
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File: 1669306891910.webm (178.19 KB, 640x480, duncan.webm)

Duncan is not so stoked anymore 😢


> I tried but I couldn't compete with all these hyper ambitious kids
Sounds like you're inventing an issue that isn't really there. Most people are mediocre. Interviewing is a skill you can develop like any other. Regarding social anxiety, it's something you just have to power through, unfortunately. It is also like a skill, meaning not having social anxiety. I generally don't have social anxiety and I still get parched throat, high heart rate, and stutter and say stupid shit on the interviews.

And also applying for jobs is like throwing dice. I have been at the other end, and we might interview 20 candidates for one job. The differences between candidates is not that big and we might end up choosing on arbitrary criteria. Other times we might interview 4 or 5 and only one of them has the minimum criteria, like knowing how to write a basic for loop for a programming job, so we choose them.

It sucks though, I know. I realize it's like when people tell me, "just go to the gym every day bro". I just wanted to make it clear that it is not something that is inherent to your being and that if conditions are right, could change. Some people convince themselves that having social anxiety, depression, or not being good at something is an inherent part of their being that is unchangeable.
>I hope they at least paid for your hours.
lol, I wish, but of course not. And its during work hours. I have no idea how this would go down once they make us go back to the office.


> I generally don't have social anxiety and I still get parched throat, high heart rate, and stutter and say stupid shit on the interviews.
Then you can only imagine how much worse it is for someone who does have anxiety. I don't see why you felt the need to be so preachy about a condition that you don't experience, as if everyone was like you. Next time just shut up, please.


Did you read the last part?


File: 1669235154909.jpg (158.72 KB, 750x1000, screm.jpg)


I just touched my dick without thinking after cutting chili peppers
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Look at that fucking monki


Why was your dick so readily available? Did you go to the toilet right after or were you cutting your vegetables naked?


It's too late, only thing you can do now is cut it off, I'm afraid


Prank idea: put chili on your cock and ask your homie to help you "relieve the pain"


OP tries to coom but is immediately punished by The Lord

File: 1669300437491.png (415.2 KB, 640x609, ClipboardImage.png)


How do I pull off picrel? I have noticed that I tend to get overly embarrassed by all sorts of things, to a degree that is unreasonable and is actively preventing me from living my best life out of fear of being cringe.
Does anyone know how to get rid of that?


step 1: seize the power of the state
step 2: delete social media and everpresent surveillance
step 4: anxiety gone


File: 1669301515418.png (335.25 KB, 604x773, me.png)

don't. i literally never speak or do anything in front of other people because i know im a cringe retard



Stop worrying about "pulling off" things.
Just fucking do it dumbass. Btw, I'll help you if you're not a fed. I find it really tiring how everyone who associates with anyone is so full of these fucking retarded neuroses. You know, it doesn't matter. Some people care - they're called coke fiends, and you don't have to worry about them that much because for all their excessive giving-of-fucks about this petty bullshit they'll still die gripping their chest in a bathroom in a few years.

Do you think you'll ever pull it off? You probably won't, but it doesn't fucking matter. No matter what you do, you're a joke, get over it and do the things you want and find other folks who will help.


just dissociate bro


it do b like that

File: 1669302891947.jpg (95.43 KB, 536x753, lobotomite.jpg)


Just get lobotomized bro
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lobotomy jak


The USSR was one of the first nations to ban lobotomies, globohomo hates the lobotomized man


lobotomy = circumscision of the mind.


>The USSR was one of the first nations to ban lobotomies
This is anti-freedom


what if I want freedom from rational thought?


The fuck is wrong with this autist? Isn‘t it crazy for a billionaire to be a lolcow? This dude could have everything he wants but he chooses to embarrass himself, which he could easily avoid by just stepping out of the spotlight he voluntarily puts himself in. There was always some cringy shit going on with the dude, but he‘s showing his reactionary colors much more clearly since he acquired Twitter. The people he responds to and what he agrees with. Will he cite the infamous 14 words one day?
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Uygha, I'm usually completely blackpilled about the prospect of the working class being anything other than little obedient slaves, but Elon Musk is a manchild completely out of his mind, he fired another bunch of engineers on a whim again, and this time they have been cucked with some severance package shit unlike the ones who said "nah fuck you I'm going to get a job somewhere else" and got 3 months worth of salary last week.
Staying at Twitter as an employee is pure suicide at this point. They are trying to recruit back some important engineers they fired last week, but nobody wants to come back because Musk offers no perks in exchange for being completely exploited and working more. Why would you stay there as a SF tech worker when there are 10,000 companies waiting for you, as you already have the cred? Twitter is completely finished. People on HackerNews are talking about unionizing and redditors don't trust Elon Musk anymore, it's that bad.


Becasue spacex is the USA baby for privatized space warfare


How does wealth actually work?


SpaceX succeeded because of they get a 1 billion dollar grant every year paid by your tax dollars lol which is slightly smaller than NASA.


so what's going on has he ruined twitter yet?

File: 1669217132168.png (72.04 KB, 512x512, ClipboardImage.png)



okay, just wanted to get that off my chest。。。back to my reviews.
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It's not an either or thing, dumbo


you will not get rid of me, i've read one of marx's brochures


You add words you encounter elsewhere I'm guessing.
What other language learning activities do you do?


Building your own decks is recommended anyway, idk why would anyone bother with premade ones.


i thought thanksgiving was already over
isnt it an october thing? it sure feels like an october thing. american holidays are weird


Do you ever say "That's so redditly…" ?

Also where do snoozers fit in the revolution?


I want to be like him(snoozer)


that's way too early to wake up smh


File: 1669275676255.jpg (332.19 KB, 900x900, resting.jpg)




> 11:30
1 pm is an early day for me. If I don't get 8 hours of sleep or more I go back to sleep.

File: 1669257331798-0.png (386.97 KB, 477x718, FTvWCT6aUAAt522.png)


>Be Boneface
>take on the entire Russian military, both ground troops, air force and navy

,The Russian special forces got obliterated with over 7500 casualties, and that's not counting equipmsnt losses. Has any of you jeard about something like this in other wars?


> jeard
>Has any of you jeard about something like this in other wars?
Almost like you're knowingly repeating bullshit fabrications, or I guess, don't use your brain.


File: 1669258602613.png (36.51 KB, 298x486, 1669258595242.png)

>that right hand
lol he needed photo manipulation to not look like the norf meme


A single soviet soldier stopped the entire wehrmacht and pushed them from the stalingrad.
search Sargent Condese.


With what evidence? A lot of people make up bullshit war stories.


That's right Stalinoid revisionist state-capitalist, Mesoamericans and Andean civilizations were LEFTCOM pilled and human sacrifice is the pinnacle of human community:

>In natural and primitive communism, even though humanity is conceived within the limits of the horde, the individual does not aim to subtract wealth from his brother but rather is willing to be sacrificed without the slightest fear for the survival of the great phratry.[1] Idiotic conventional wisdom sees this as the terror of a God who must be placated with blood.

>In the form of exchange, of money, and of class, the species’ sense of permanence [perennità] disappears, and what is ignoble in the continued existence [perennità] of private property increases. This is translated into the immortality of the soul which contracts for happiness outside of nature with the usurer-god who runs this vile bank. In these societies which pretend to be raised from barbarism to civilization we live in dread of personal death and lie prostrate before mummies, like the mausoleum in Moscow, with its infamous history.

>In communism, which has not yet happened but which remains a scientific certainty, the identity of the individual and his fate with their species is re-won, after destroying within it all the limits of family, race, and nation. This victory puts an end to all fear of personal death and with it every cult of the living and the dead, society being organized for the first time around well-being and joy and the reduction of sorrow, suffering, and sacrifice to a rational minimum, removing every mysterious and sinister character from the harmonious course of the succession of generations, a natural condition of the prosperity of the species.

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Can't believe Bordiga was a hippy that believed in noble savage myths


File: 1668619674717.png (565.23 KB, 612x612, lmao.png)

>Supporting another death cult
Colour me surprised


didn't he literally btfo fashoids with maths and logic while they imprisoned him?


My memory tells me it was Gramsci, but I would have to check


File: 1669250648399-0.png (484.24 KB, 1000x871, ClipboardImage.png)

I don't like this conflation with Incas and Mesoamericans because it's usually done by racist retards who think the Incas did human sacrifices on the scale of the Aztecs, when the few that seem to have done were akin to other societies because human sacrifice existed in some form or the other around the world. Even the vikings did it with their blot shit

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