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File: 1712257251127-0.png (172.87 KB, 1008x724, Shit.png)

File: 1712257251127-1.png (133.59 KB, 273x344, The Economy.PNG)


A few brain-tickling quotes for the nihilists:
<Something always happens and yet nothing ever happens. Everything is happening and it amounts to nothing.
<Nothing matters and yet nothing does not matter to anyone. Everyone is a nobody.
<Everything that's ever happened and is happening right now never amounts to anything.
<Why do we have to care? Why can't we care? Shit's all fucked. Why must innocents be villainized and villians be presented as innocuous? Why must our mistakes be magnified and our good deeds be ignored?
Well to put it simply, imagine if a japanese man once said to himself:
<Fuck the cosmic imbalance. The cosmic balance is a lie. We're built to be imperfect and expected to reach perfection. Expected to be contempt with the way things flow.
<REVOLUTION, NUKES, NOW please? Please? Just a little nuclear war. An itty bitty nuclear war? What's that? I don't get to live and I have to go through normiedeath like a lumpenprole o' coal (lump of coal)?
<Maybe I don't want TOTAL BURNING DEATH or to DIE LIKE THE OTHER COMMONERS at all? Can't live forever and must become a fertilizer? Ok ok, SHIT. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.
Does this sound good?:
>Communism is not for skin-lovers and life-enjoyers. Nuclear war is the biggest equalizer.
According to some factions and according to the likes of Churchill equal poverty-quote posters.
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>are people not just so bored out of our minds from this dystopia that we want change so badly that they resort to advocating for nuclear war?
Not a typo. Maybe an odd and awful way to phrase it but - are they not so bored from us that they would rather experience the end of the World? It appears that the masses perceive being reactionary as some sort of wisdom. With that comes the proposition to put an end to all possibilities of change.


File: 1712266872954.jpg (90 KB, 662x786, 1675970481076.jpg)



>nukes bad even tho theyre not




Because it's a piece of history that should not be forgotten, I thought I'd make a thread on the classic BBC interview with Prince Andrew, probably the most embarrassing moment for the bourgeoisie in my lifetime.
Questions for the thread:
>Would you characterize the BRF as modern-day Romanovs? How do they compare?
>Will anything ever top this interview?
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Liberal revisionism


File: 1712255235841.jpeg (157.17 KB, 730x547, image.jpeg)

There is a prince Andrew pub in London if your ever there to check It out.


>The royal family is purely symbolic and has no political power.
they couped gough whitlam in the 1970s and right now they are actively building power back up that was previously taken away from them by parliament. if anything it was the romanovs that were symbolic since they had abdicated by the time they were killed by the bolsheviks.


Nothing's happening unless little georgie comes up as some child tyrant. I already heard actually that he is a bastard, so hopefully.


>they couped gough whitlam in the 1970s
That was the CIA with the help of the Governor General who was a US simp since Whitlam was threatening to shut down their spy base in Australia

File: 1712245244039.jpg (Spoiler Image, 202.63 KB, 1242x1509, 1712241965108391.jpg)


Lets combine our powers, Sibby!


>tfw no sex obsessed outsider artist gf


Is this what communal gooning looks like?


File: 1712264815610.png (Spoiler Image, 724.54 KB, 689x735, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1712149785213.png (1.85 MB, 1091x1091, ClipboardImage.png)


may i stand unshaken amidst a crashing world


Hell yeah brother. You are freebto join my autist group after the bird flu ravages the world. We remain tall.


Why does it feel like someone from infrared made this poster?


File: 1712259966188.mp4 (2.43 MB, 480x854, cowpoke.mp4)

what the hell partners? what did the voice actor for Arthur morgan mean by this? is he a Shay Daniel thought-ist?


Why does it feel like I'm taking crazy pills?


this is why theyre trying to ban tiktok
to suppress the truth


very cool


Why the random music?


Can someone post that schizo Yakub image that goes hard?


This is TikTok. It's meant to be brainrot


File: 1712259329510.webm (13.02 MB, 720x720, yakub.webm)


Post thine.
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File: 1711983087273.mp4 (784.44 KB, 960x540, 1658761677629.mp4)



Where is this from 💀


>skull emoji
This board is not for kids, go back to
or the amongus skibidi toilet cameraman will get very mad at you.


File: 1712244733777.jpeg (58.77 KB, 680x675, 669.jpeg)


How do I make as much money as humanly possible as a prole without doing illegal shit? We're talking at least 100k extra cash in two years. I have a bachelor's in computer science and a bachelor's in electrical engineering, and I make 80k a year as a code monkey in some flyover state shithole.
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invest in smegmacoin


File: 1712246400615.png (871.84 KB, 1400x933, ClipboardImage.png)

subscribe to my channel for one hundred dollars per month and buy my seven grand course on how to become rich




Get a low-effort data analyst cert and apply for Machine Learning roles.


Become a sigma male


materialist explanation n shit for pornstars dying fast this year?
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Capitalism really is like mercury. Malleable and poisonous



Read Engels


>brevity is the soul of wit and it is better to explain an issue briefly and clearly than to ramble on


>>brevity is the soul of wit
Ah yes, wit is crucial when dealing with issues of social justice and political economy.
Don't act like that's not the implication when everything said on that side of the argument has amounted to "stop talking about it." Just because you can accurately summarize or define the crux of a problem in a couple sentences doesn't mean that is the only material analysis to be done. There is a bevy of additional questions to address, from how things got this way to how they can be changed.


>Don't act like that's not the implication when everything said on that side of the argument has amounted to "stop talking about it."
talk about it as much as you want. say the same thing over and over for all i care. just don't expect me to watch some youtube inflooencer's ad-padded overlong monetized video essay. maybe you should be out in the streets educating people instead of coming to an obscure imageboard if education agitation and organization are really your goal

File: 1712230844773.png (564.43 KB, 640x426, ClipboardImage.png)


>in the black market of this Chinese village in inner mongolia, we can see the locals cooking unsanitary fish found in a scum ridden river as was tradition since the founding of the communist dictatorship of maozedong who killed 99 million people and destroyed all cooking records following the cultural revolution, as you can see here they are to be boiled in a small pot and cooked with rice, they are extremely smelly and disgusting but we couldn't say that, fearing the authorities may confiscate our films, for more documentaries on china, this is the BBC Four
> in this cozy mountain shrine, the benelovent and rare sanban fishes of the river Haha-no-wakabushi under the mountain cocku, are to be caught with a katana, boiled then grilled by the artisan master sous chef and micheline stars owner denji wakamoto James of 70years old in his pan that was hand crafted and polished for over 7 generations since the founding of the tokugawa shogunate, according to james, his greatest grandfather was a cook for akechi mitsuhide, according to denji, the secret for the extremely mestuiqe taste of his fishes is that he feeds the river with ice cream every winter and cooks them following the uniquely Japanese concept of fukumakumatongogogo which cannot he translated into English (it means not overcooking the food), their family will serve us the fish by non other than the chef wife bitchu mitsubishi James while she elaborately dances and sings for us in a traditional shrine, these sanban fishes can be eaten only with a traditional osaker sake if the room is lit by 400 year old dutch candels from amazon.jp , it's a dying tradition, today you can eat them at any 5-star hotel in tokyo for 30.000 yens. if you want to learn more about asian cuisine, learn more about our BBC-NHK collaboration on the channel's official website



File: 1712083422498.gif (240.64 KB, 600x600, 1670284510328-2.gif)


today is World Autism Awareness Day. this year's theme is
>Moving from Surviving to Thriving: Autistic individuals share regional perspectives
tell your autistic friend(s) you enjoy their company. also post rare Ashbies
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File: 1712185116882.jpg (45.99 KB, 590x519, 1688167866877.jpg)


File: 1712187103731.webm (5.39 MB, 640x360, zeropoosie.webm)

autism is the trve neurotypical of our hvnter gatherer forebearers and "neurotypical" is just the antisocial "norm" imposed by porkus maximus capitalis


>norms aren't fixed in time


>she hasn't heard about the autistic neanderthal theory



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