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File: 1700061014127.png (619.68 KB, 1080x819, ClipboardImage.png)


Imagine this trailer music but for communist history
Posting the link here because the retarded jannoids fucked up the embed as usual


you're the one that fucked up the embed, you need to remove the tracking stuff from the ? onwards


Thank you, you're my fuckbuddy comrade


Since You've Been Gone

loading communist fancam into resurrected lenin's brain


yo can we make one actualyl

File: 1700039130650.webm (4.19 MB, 952x464, cicada_dream.webm)


could life be a dream?


Nope dream happens inside life


i could shoot you to wake you up

File: 1700025869226.jpg (84.27 KB, 850x377, 1626549660896.jpg)


The final redpill is realizing that you can shape realities in your mind and you can project it in the real world if you want to.
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its not idealist its called dialectical materialism

you shaped the reality of your post in your mind and projected it into my rel world




There is no reality in the mind. The mind is a part of reality


>there is no matter (reality) inside the brain (mind)
idealism. meds.


There is no self contained reality within the mind. The mind and reality are one

File: 1698449761762.png (334.38 KB, 600x600, ClipboardImage.png)


I've been out of school for over a decade and I just learned that when math nerds refer to the "root" of a polynomial it has nothing to do with square roots, cubic roots, etc. and that it just means the zeroes of the equation. Why the fuck do they use the word "root" for that? Why did my teachers not explain that it means something different? Was I just supposed to know???
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Beats me mate. I’ve only briefly stepped into math outside of calculus and it was for linear algebra, never seen that kind of notation where you use x zeta and theta with zero spaces together. Much less in a limit.



This isn't true though. If everyone followed the advice of the bourgeoisie and went into student loan debt to get the STEM meme degree, all those jobs fields would quickly become oversaturated, and the reserve army of labor would swell, and there would be a bunch of unemployed people with expensive degrees competing for limited jobs, which leads to the owners getting away with paying them less. Stop preaching hustlegrind nonsense.


infinity isnt REAL


the paradox is you need an infinite amount of time and space to prove this


Lets say there's two workers working a light house post post-revolution.
According to the vote of the of the general assembly on the mainland, in recognition of the taxing and isolating work, they are provided with all manner of consumable luxury on their 4 week stay on the cold, dark, wet, stoney north atlantic island (Lobsters, coffee, tabaco, alcohol ect)
However in accordance with democratic control of the work place and in attempt to institute non hierarchical forms of organization no system of rank seniority is held between the two men and they are to work out themselves how the tasks of maintaining the light house are distributed.
Both men want to take the night watch for some reason.
How ought this be resolved in accordance with socialist theory?
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File: 1699998440517.jpg (Spoiler Image, 350.01 KB, 1296x1080, leash.jpg)


>Both men want to take the night watch for some reason.
>How ought this be resolved in accordance with socialist theory?
If they fail to do their duties the council will intervene and mediate or discipline both. This will provide enough incentive to force a resolution.
Ask yourself, in a similar situation in actual real life, what happens? Does not at some point either the group self sabotage resulting in an adjustment afterwards or for some break in stalemate to occur?


>actually a serious answer
appreciated dude
and fair point
(especially considering luxuries provided for the station)


Stagger the shifts so that they only spend half their time with the same other guy before switching out for the next one. That keeps them from getting too mad at each other and it gives you obvious seniority to default to - whoever started their shift earlier has more experience of the current conditions and for the purposes of decision making. This is not unfair because the junior lighthouse guy will get his turn in a couple weeks.


That's a good question.

Under communism, how much will the manager at mcdonalds be paid????


Also I'm the guy that made the anti-normie thread
You may not believe it but I had sex with my girlfriend like two days ago
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its all so tiresome!


i unironically do all of these except youd have to expand the tree even further for the negative responses


File: 1700031486284.jpg (16.39 KB, 474x266, th-3576373652.jpg)

This post is so good that it makes me want to shove you in a locker and then shove myself in a locker.




Those poor children

File: 1700028692770.png (1.95 MB, 1290x1266, ClipboardImage.png)


Absolute fucking state of Neo-cons


Yeah Burgers like them really have no idea how Fascist/Eugenicist Israel really is.


I like to imagine the Hitler looking kid is a recent convert to Islam, whose just starting to growing out his beard for the first time in his life.


All these boomer political cartoons blend together, they all use the same shitty style.

File: 1700011835026.png (915 B, 128x128, 13699.png)


What will end the pick-me movement?
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The death of social media and a return to IRL relationships.



Clout, it has been working for a bit on zoomer men but it has been declining a bit from what I can tell.
I would say that the left's greatest strength is that they are fairly willing to cut out those who are too inept. Agent Kochinski has been astrosized by the majority of breadtube for example and those people are spineless succdems. Meanwhile heelvsbabyface (The starfield pronouns guy) is still mucking about on right-aligned youtube podcasts with major players like nerdrotic, 666styxman or whatever the fuck defending him. The right basically acts as a reputation or clout racket that chastises those who go against their dogma but protects those who are in it to a fault.


you have no way of actually measuring this


there's been some yipyap about 21% of zoomer men IDing as conservative with 9% IDing as liberal or something.

File: 1699832878028.png (366.46 KB, 1080x1674, 20231112204558.png)


Thoughts on Dugin's reading list?
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Maybe that poetic phrasing is useful to you, I don't know, but letting it blind you to the myraid limits which lie past the most immediate limit seems distinctly *not* useful. Perhaps you can't see past the horizon; perhaps I am standing on a mountain, and see a further horizon still; perhaps the mountain is itself a mirage, who could say? I've enjoyed the back and forth, though I'm a bit disappointed in where it ended up TBH. You seem well read, but I might recommend the second half of Hanzi Freinacht's The Listening Society (I doubt you'd like the first half, but the second half might seem salient and interesting to you, and it feels like material you probably haven't covered). Do you have any reading recommendations for me?


in the trash it goes


Formally, yeah.




Childhood's End is a fun one, I appreciate it now a lot more than I did when I first read it. The research they've been doing with information sharing between rats is amazing – both memories and realtime experiences. A beowulf cluster of humans wouldn't get past an ethics board, but it's probably possible with currently published tech. It wouldn't be safe or humane, obviously. It's the and dirty path to a superhuman intelligence that nobody is talking about, at least in public.

File: 1699658414194.jpg (250.56 KB, 1920x1080, oou41frtgw631-3024187467.jpg)


What's the materialist explanation for this?
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vibes and aesthetics. if you read marx your baby amerifat brain will melt. you are an ant beneath my boot.


>constantly agitates for revolution



First off >lies like the other anon said, second it's still not mentioning anything in particular, "agitating for revolution" is super vague and by agitating they probably mean posting on reddit and sharing breadtube videos. This is genpol trite in the first place but i'm baffled by the fact that someone actually made this thinking it makes them look good


Consoomerist libertarians vs neo-hitlers.

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