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File: 1712053765212-0.jpg (136.86 KB, 1024x1004, 1549079960095.jpg)

File: 1712053765212-1.png (223.6 KB, 700x656, 1327531506293.png)

File: 1712053765212-2.png (921.67 KB, 1096x2655, what hooch drinks.png)

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idk why the site is redirecting here so im just gonna post screens
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File: 1712248914332.gif (1.82 MB, 640x360, Slobodan Drink.gif)

Does anyone remember this one thread with an anon who grew buzz buttons (Acmella oleracea) so he could drink more vodka to impress his normie friends and ended up getting hospitalized?


nah i just have some screnshnots from fbi.gov about this dude who ate a bunch of boiled Amanita muscaria


File: 1714414394547.jpg (805.27 KB, 2728x2644, ISIS Chan.jpg)


File: 1714415808891-0.png (149.95 KB, 1145x555, nc1.PNG)

File: 1714415808891-1.jpg (393.27 KB, 800x1046, nc.jpg)

File: 1714415808891-2.jpg (480.99 KB, 800x1067, nc2.jpg)

File: 1714415808891-3.png (36.1 KB, 337x286, lepol.PNG)

Found the proto- le pol face while doing archeology on the /nc/ board threads archive


File: 1714417440870-0.png (247.69 KB, 1323x559, nc leftypol.PNG)

File: 1714417440870-1.png (81.85 KB, 1181x280, nc leftypol2.PNG)

Leftypol crossover thread on the /nc/ board of 420chan

File: 1714370924418.jpg (267.06 KB, 1280x1443, Grigori_Perelman.jpg)


>refuses the fields medal because he doesn't want to be like an "animal in a zoo" and just wants to do math
>immediately causes media shitstorm and now way more people know about him than they otherwise would
>spawns his own genre of youtube video where people worship him for sticking it to The Elites
what the fuck was he thinking
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Prizes such as the Nobel, Fields medal and the Turing award for individuals not only would have never made sense for any time period in human history, but especially right now since all notable discoveries are made by multiple people.
For example, the 2017 Nobel prize in physics was awarded to 3 people (max number per prize) for the LIGO and Virgo detections of gravitational waves, even though the full list of contributors is in the triple digits and can be found here:
Yau was indeed wrong, which is why the medal was offered to Perleman in the first place.
Academia in general is a pretty clique-ish place filled with prestige-seeking & careerist narcissists who are only looking for glory for themselves or their friends, and getting the prize for your respective field is considered the highest career goal.
Whether Perleman has the same reasons as you and me for opposing this practice, it doesn't really matter since he still decided to not play the game after seeing how petty and stupid it is.
Also just a reminder that "muh country" nationalism when it comes to this shit is too a part of the problem.


File: 1714406361234.pdf (906.39 KB, 197x255, PhysRevLett.116.061102.pdf)

Three pages of authors for a 16 page paper… That's bullshit too. They add everyone and their mothers to the authors to game the fucked up funding rules.


…it's not based on who exactly wrote the paper but instead on who contributed to the LIGO and Virgo collaboration, you know? That is indeed a lot of people and it would've actually been even more if they included very minor contributors.
The paper itself is just reporting the detection and providing the data. No reason for it to be long.


Then put them in acknowledgements not as authors.


In scientific writing that section is usually only used for funding disclosures. Sometimes it is indeed used to put in the names of peripheral staff who contributed indirectly, but not always. How a paper is organised is not really formally standardised. Even IMRAD is just a meme and not necessary if the journal doesn't mind.

What is considered formal is that anyone who had directly contributed to a study/project should be put on the authors list. This usually isn't a problem for your average paper with ~4 authors, but it's indeed not made to deal with large projects like this. This is not something they could've tried to fix, but more of a critique of the way scientific literature is organised in general.
Speaking of which, shit like "lead author" who is used when citing the stuff is also pretty bad and not different from Nobel prizes and the like. More Great Man shit.

File: 1714294938515.jpg (113.27 KB, 1024x688, 1714294363722387m.jpg)


Why are rightwingers so susceptible to being ragebaited? For a decade now the most surefire way of getting the internet to talk about your IP is to introduce a gay person or do a race swap and have the rightwingers do free aggressive marketing that would costs millions of dollars otherwise.

The fact that rightwingers find this kind of practice abhorrent doesn't matter in the slightest because they're not the target audience, the fans of that particular IP are. And it is successful from at least the marketing perspective because otherwise I wouldn't hear about this garbage every time it happens, which means that the marketing companies will keep on doing it.
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>marvel movies are boring slop repackaged and sold a million times over
The first movies were popular for a reason - they were actually cinematic and well made entertainment. Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Avengers had compelling stories even if you may dislike capeshit.
The Black Widow movie was garbage and nobody really watched it or liked it, and as the movies stopped being as well written, interest began to drop and so did income.
>people aren't going to cinemas as a trend due to widely available movie streaming services.
People are going to cinemas… so long as it's worth going, and with crap like Madame Web, nobody is interested, so it doesn't get an audience.


Wesley Crusher?

What did he do that was so bad to cause this cultural pathology?


this. people whom whine the most about "woke/redpill" media are often those who dont make any art.

Also, people are too morally obsessed with childhood.


If enough people adopt piracy they will hunt the pirated sites again
Let normalnegroes have their streaming slop and chads have pirating


Joss Wheadon is the "Well that just happened" guy

File: 1714197751639.jpg (35.51 KB, 680x659, shocked.jpg)


>join "troll" fbi.gov server
>it's full of your standard edgelords and edgy shit
>go along with the bit for a while
>eventually post one (1) picture of ralsei with a gigantic cock
>immediately get banned
<The WOKE MOB is sending PENIS to DESTROY western civilization BAN THIS fun
<also i NEED cartel beheadings to FEEL NORMAL again
why are """trolls""" like this
41 percent memes and calling everyone uygher is a-ok but the second there's penis suddenly this is a serious matter
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most of those teenage boys are usually vicenariams and tricenarians.


trolling is a toxic art.
Im tired of its glorifcatiom.

why did you go on a troll server?
But then again, its no different from imageboards.


I miss when trolls knew they were doing a bad thing and embraced it. They were doing it for the funny and didn't care what happened beyond that. When you start trying to create moral justifications for that sort of thing, you're a coward at best, and outright evil at worst.

>>porn addict leftist


>The path to trolling others start by trolling yourself. If you only know how to anger others and not yourself then you are not trolling, but carrying water for an external agenda. Indeed, one must say that the trolling of the self is much greater than the trolling of the Other
-Mao Zedong circa 1971


when the new sws came out, i friggin changed my tf2 name to ben solo is han's son and kills his father

ah, it was so fun, killing or getting killed since it spoiled everyone

File: 1714355663414.jpg (145.98 KB, 795x470, Crations-museumdisplay.jpg)


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File: 1714397666736.jpeg (283 KB, 1053x1142, IMG_1275.jpeg)

wow these snipers that were positioned at the Colombia university look just like the brother hood of steel squires! Waauuw haha!









i too saw this on r/pics. made me lol. they think its a massive own.


When my people take over in a bolshevik revolution, only those capable of manual labor will eat. All of you psuedo-academics, women, foreign H1b visa types (looking at you pajeet), sportsball fans, concert-goers, and consooomers better have a plan to make it to your daddy's vacation home in the Maldives because we will be coming to redistribute all (yes all) of your property. The farther you are removed from colonial American stock, the worse it will be for you. Get back to your homeland to work HR and endlessly consoom elite capitalist products because the future is not looking bright for you here.
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> All of you better have a plan to make it to your daddy's vacation home in the Maldives
You know, frankly, I love the beach.


wow, how did you know I was a pseudo*-academic indian woman named Pajeet on a visa to watch football with live music at half-time? this is uncanny.
it's ok though. im literally about to take over the US in a jacobin revolution. we're still out here.


Saying this while posting Conan is awesome


File: 1714367311177.png (789.19 KB, 637x982, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1714367459839.png (162.09 KB, 640x418, lol.png)


Dialectical materialism is the system that binds all living things together, it surrounds us, penetrates us and it dictates the world as we see it. Unlike metaphysics that claim things are in motion, dialectics is static, stoic and strong, it is the glue that holds all of reality together and binds people together.

Materialism is the thought of the people, that claims that the human soul materially exists, unlike idealism that claims some abstract ideal, that the world exists outside human experience.

Follow for more educational Marxist content.


uygha did you really just paraphrase Qui Gon and think nobody would notice?

File: 1714352915215.jpeg (95.96 KB, 800x600, IMG_8661.jpeg)


I was working with a group and for one of my slides on the use of hydrocolids for disabilities and difficulties swallowing was changed to "(dis)abilities" by another group member. and so what is your take, is there a need to redefine this term? and what constitutes a disability, are mental ones included? and if mental illnesses are added what would be the threshold in order for it to categorize as a disability?


Words are man-made tools to describe the world as we perceive it, and to patch over differences in said perception from person to person. They mean whatever people agree they mean, and that's it. Any attempts to find the "true" meaning of a word are at bottom idealism, and not worth seriously considering.


Disability is mostly dependent on context, but basically amounts to when somebody can't do what most people can. Whether this requires special accommodations or not is another question that again depends on context. Having some kind of inconvenient medical condition doesn't make you disabled unless the inconvenience interferes with your ability to function (without intervention or accommodation - it's still a disability even if you manage it effectively).


A rightoid finds himself being bored
He takes to an obscure left wing board
Low effort thread, obvious bait
"Is coffe bad? I think it is great!"

"No it is not". Libsocs all hop.
Unless it was made in a co-op!
"Or sourced from Russia", the Ziggers all chime
Eager to prevent a new NATO crime

The dengoid enters the thread once again
Tho show the anarkiddies his 5 year plan
For achieving socialism in the far east
"Trust me it's hapooning, two more weeks!"
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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That is bordiga, but is that the "read bordiga" meme? Was that what the meme was? I can't remember.


Yeh I was right.

>this meme is 7 years old now


it's not a meme you really should read bordiga and also hate wolff posters for the fucking liberals they are


Stop talking like that.


Namefag, did you actually got arrested by the police? Did you died? We miss you.

File: 1714266800157-0.png (337.66 KB, 373x500, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1714266800157-1.png (209.39 KB, 302x403, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1714266800157-2.png (536.57 KB, 640x745, ClipboardImage.png)


What's something so autistic you wish you could wear in public?
For me, it's 1000 year old middle eastern warmasks
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File: 1714342387291.png (167.88 KB, 480x360, ClipboardImage.png)

the dprk got you covered



I wanna dress up in all sorts of fashions inhuman


File: 1714344004644.png (10.15 MB, 1920x2832, ClipboardImage.png)

don't judge, don't kinkshame


At least make it cohesive, this is random shit thrown together.

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