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File: 1641330805627.jpg (76.42 KB, 471x693, FFnjyWAXwAM7u0d.jpg)


The mandela catalogue is a tradchrist arg

File: 1641169919921.jpg (67.43 KB, 459x432, 1638901819031.jpg)


I am thinking of straight up quitting viewing 4chan, it's so asinine and yet it's also one of the most important events happening in the world right now. Most people use 4chan to post their actual thoughts without the veil of PMC social stigmatas but at the same time I simply can't give a FUCK about 3/4ths of the shits they wretch on about. 4chan is heavily used by proles however, maybe I am just not a communist or something because this is really black pilling me but at the same time I'm glad yankistan is going down and china is going to pull up. These people are morons and I have no respect for them.
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4chan is still a meme powerhouse however. Most people respect you and treat you like you're a badass if you say that you post on 4chan. They know that you're not a PC guy or anything. They just don't know how retarded 4channers are. They think image board users are quirky.


>4chan is still a meme powerhouse however.
4chan hasn't produced a single quality OC in ages, and if you go there and try to do some OC they'll tell you to go back to reddit cuz how dare you even think about doing something funny?


>Most people respect you and treat you like you're a badass if you say that you post on 4chan
This sounds like bait


no, no they don't, not by a long shot. at this point in time normal people think you're a loser and a retard if you do that, and thats the best case scenario.


This. It's all Pepe and Wojack now for almost a decade. Fuck Advice Dog forever for the stagnation it caused.


Is he ever going to go back to Rojava?
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the only non pedophile podcast


>I’m not a fan of trueanon
So you’re a pedophile


i don't know what trueanon is but i already know that i hate them

wtf is this podcast about

is this that podcast that has the inside joke where everybody replies with 👁 to any famous people's photos?


>I don’t know what it is but I hate it
Classic opinion haver mentality


i had it myself


years have passed and I still don't understand why on earth she took off her helmet and undressed while an active sniper is nearby.


File: 1641294047547.jpeg (16.05 KB, 679x452, images (40).jpeg)


Because she wanted to be more agile/stealthy/etc to sneak up on the sniper. But obviously also because she's a main character and they don't want her covered up by a helmet.

File: 1640865955488.png (135.91 KB, 197x256, ClipboardImage.png)


Why have we arrived as a culture at this point

Where every word, thing we say, must be micro examined and cross sectioned at every

Not talking about celebrity controversies

Just for e.g, When I type "I like pie"

I immediately am hit with these doubts in mind "Oh so you don't like anything else in the world?"

I then immediately back track and type "One of the things I like"

It's exhausting, I don't understand why this type of thinking has gotten into my head and the people at large where every thing you say must be a carefully thought and dealt "statement"
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"Ruthless criticism of all that exists" except taken too far somehow. Lmao do you think Marx would be proud or distraught


They actually mention in the book that most ancient philosophical texts are conversations because that's how you think.
> Perhaps the real question here is what it means to be a ‘self-conscious political actor’. Philosophers tend to define human consciousness in terms of self-awareness; neuroscientists, on the other hand, tell us we spend the overwhelming majority of our time effectively on autopilot, working out habitual forms of behaviour without any sort of conscious reflection. When we are capable of self-awareness, it’s usually for very brief periods of time: the ‘window of consciousness’, during which we can hold a thought or work out a problem, tends to be open on average for roughly seven seconds. What neuroscientists (and it must be said, most contemporary philosophers) almost never notice, however, is that the great exception to this is when we’re talking to someone else. In conversation, we can hold thoughts and reflect on problems sometimes for hours on end. This is of course why so often, even if we’re trying to figure something out by ourselves, we imagine arguing with or explaining it to someone else. Human thought is inherently dialogic. Ancient philosophers tended to be keenly aware of all this: that’s why, whether they were in China, India or Greece, they tended to write their books in the form of dialogues. Humans were only fully self-conscious when arguing with one another, trying to sway each other’s views, or working out a common problem. True individual self-consciousness, meanwhile, was imagined as something that a few wise sages could perhaps achieve through long study, exercise, discipline and meditation.
In the other book too:
> Since we are engaged in a dialogue, here, I thought it might be interesting to take dialogue itself as a theme. A lot of anarchist practice—at least the kind I think of as quintessentially anarchist—revolves around a certain principle of dialogue; there’s a lot of attention paid to learning how to make pragmatic, cooperative decisions with people who have fundamentally different understandings of the world, without actually trying to convert them to your particular point of view.
> It’s always struck me as interesting that in the ancient world, whether in India, China, or Greece, philosophy was writtenPost too long. Click here to view the full text.




I don't know
Do you know what were his thoughts on criticism?

I don't he'd be happy


>> Wealthy Wendat men hoarded such precious things largely to be able to give them away on dramatic occasions like these
They're just like me fr

File: 1641117797398.jpg (25.78 KB, 600x750, 1636593901334.jpg)


>I love life
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Cringe is just human authenticity, without it life would be much less interesting. Letting go of the fear of being cringe will liberate you.



Genuinely inspiring post.


the first part of the sentence should be in a quote book,unironically.


File: 1641287290961-0.png (778.04 KB, 597x597, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1641287290961-1.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1207, ClipboardImage.png)

Live. Love. Laugh.
Slaughter Capitalists


Does anyone here actually manage to completely avoid mainstream social media and other platforms like fbi.gov? Do you feel your life has improved or worsened from isolating yourself online?
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I wish Matrix wasn't so fucking terrible man.. how am I supposed to invite normalfags to it


>I think it's because I look like a jellybean


what did people use before fbi.gov


IRC, and it was beautiful.


File: 1641274358812.png (3.7 MB, 1242x2208, Ahahahaha.png)


Over a decade since its release…
Still remains unbeaten…
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I've seen the movie and I can't even, literally, can't even remember any of it


humans are trying to do an imperialism on some alien planet that has tall smurfs on it and there's some crippled army guy that can somehow control a smurf body and he turns against the humans?? they are flying around on pterodactyls and there's some tree of life or some shit like that


Jacksfilms hates avatar so much lol, He's been dogging on it for so long


nobody can quote lines from it either


i remember enjoying it enough to rewatch it
the video game was cool too

File: 1639164154540.png (472.29 KB, 640x789, ClipboardImage.png)


is /Siberia/ for or against fat-shaming?
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I'm actually slightly below my ideal healthy weight. And a lot of fatties are for fat shaming because of their self-loathing.


Wow this was 12 days ago, every day feels like a couple of hours to me


I don’t get Burgerstani women. You like fat guys yet you love the defined jawline (almost impossible because of the fat). You have this retarded “daddy” fetish despite wanting the defined hairline (almost impossible because old men go bald (2/3rds of them)).


is said fat person with or against me?


File: 1641255247853.jpg (41.38 KB, 485x705, cw9fbq2dcj981.jpg)


I saw this funny meme and I thought about a potential rad movie: a biopic on MLK or Malcolm X, or even a drama on segregation that would closely follows history but you switch black people with withoids and inversely. This would ultimately make crackers seethe. I recommend Africa Paradise btw, a french benin :DD movie where (litteraly) europoors try to migrate to fortress Africa.


No one cares about your /tv/ memes

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