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Hey guys,
After thinking about it for a good few years, Ive decided I want to be a dad. Now someone posted a very interesting book on here a few months ago. The crux of the book iirc was that most parenting advice is bullshit that confuses our natural parenting abilities that came free with evolution. I don't remember what it's called but Id like to check it out.

Pic unrelated but it's the album I'm listening to and the book I'm reading rn
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>theres no extensive screening for foster parents
Depends on nation/municipality. I've talked to foster parents who said it was a pain in the ass.


Well, always beware of evo-psych ideology
According to "evolution" strictly there should be more teen pregnancies


>I'll never forget when they gave her a shot in her spine.
FWIW that's fairly standard for them so it's not especially dangerous. They do it for a lot of women who are giving birth vaginally, to avoid feeling pain. Hopefully they didn't make it scarier than it needed to be for both of you.

>In my experience the diapers and crying isn't nearly as bad as when they start getting out of their beds on their own and running around and banging their head on shit.

People also drastically underestimate the power of parental instincts people have that makes them want to take care of a baby. It literally changes the way baby shit smells to you.


Thats good but not good enough.
I think biological parents should be put into the same pressure before procreating.

OP is probably another one these mediocre postboomer adults.


thats because that was when people gave birth back then. but tbh people shouldnt be procreating.

File: 1715596653831.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.86 MB, 3968x2976, IMG_20240507_160832.jpg)


I already have 3 clients this week, should i try to get more clients or just leave it this week?
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you can wear a dress and makeup anon


Lumpen response


nice cock bro


SÈX kulak detected


A true proletarian works on the base not on the superstructure. A strong foundation is necessary. The flashy vanity muscles smack of a petit-bougeois character


Why are these people so stupid? Furthermore, why must they control everything?
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you're right but you don't need to post this same thing 1000 times.


>why must they control everything
>born too late for WW2
>die too early for WW3
>grew up on the neetbux of FDR social democracy
>as adults became capitalist just as that social democracy was being deliberately rolled back
>got the benefits of a great society
>then got to plunder it from the next generation
>too stupid to even know how good they had it

don't get me wrong genpol is idpol but there is an element of trvthnvke to this


We're getting fucked over by GenX and Millennials now.


In the form of hijacked rehashed pop culture.
And neurotic helicopter parenting practices.


>the bourgeois and petit-bourgeois inherit reserves from their parents or proletarians accumulate enough reserves to join the middle-class as they get older
damn you dont say?

File: 1715781763931.jpg (65.83 KB, 1040x585, 5P-FORT-MAC-FIRE.jpg)


<massive wildfires in canada
>rightoid boomers in the comments on every news article think that ecoterrorists are secretly setting fires year after year instead of the climate changing
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climate change deniers think earth is flat and everything bad that happens is divine punsihment


remember when they blamed the wild fires and rising heat levels in California on Mexican migrants bringing with them the Hot Mexican climate wherever they go?


They were cooling enchiladas in the desert and would discard the warm grease near cacti which would erupt into flames (people of Anglo-Saxon stock dont use spices for this exact reason)


i'm responsible for the fires


t. ExxonMobile


No way, they put brakku peoporru in my ass creed Game

Japan (honorary The West) Has fallen, billions must pre order
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Who cares video games are infantile and reactionary.


/isg/ thread.

Anyway, it's a Ubishit game. Who the fuck even cares?


File: 1715821471987.png (1.52 MB, 946x669, silliest clowns.png)

>wahhh there's black people in my videogames
>but make it "marxist"


File: 1715823190345.jpg (61.49 KB, 479x623, (You).jpg)

>wahhh there's black people in my videogames
>but make it "marxist"


so are ballsports. Esepcially the spectator aspect


Is Islam in America superior to Islam in Europe?
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this is haram and bid'ah


Equally large spaces for both sexes is nice. But coffee shops?? Megacurchification of Islam.


i'd pretend to convert just to enjoy the facilities if i lived in texas tbqhwu fam inshallah and all that


that’s probably the intention, they get you with the facilities and then make you stay for the religion.


>is fake islam superior to real islam
What a stupid question. Of course it is.

File: 1715019269393.png (196.08 KB, 1800x3389, 1714936053303.png)


Fill it out
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Who's the one with the panel dedicated to him jacking off in the shower again?


The fuck am I looking at


File: 1715522428187.png (6.7 KB, 225x293, smug suwako froag.png)



What the fuck is this

File: 1714907738617.png (450.21 KB, 600x800, ClipboardImage.png)


>hello i am Is Real finn from Minnesota

>did you know finland is the happiest country on earth but is biggest suicide country on earth? hahaha we äre very quircky

>did you see that? i used the ä sound, but it's not actually spelled like an a :ddd
>In Finland we hava this thing called sauna… and it's ssooo freaking awesome! like We actually go there naked and drink finnish beer everyday! Pretty ebin, huh?
>when jungle starts speak vietnam be afraid, but when snow starts speak finnish be afraid, be very very afraid
>we had ebip winterwar and we won against sweden and gobmun rusha soooooooohard
>did you know that Finnish sniper named Simo Häwhä aka White Death killed 600 Russians in Winter War with no scoppies????, Fun fact from simple history and armchair his: he always put snow in his mouth to avoid the steam and use ski to move very fast, so the enemies can't spot him, why isn't american liberal skewls no teach about this? i learned this for the first time from youtube. we also have finn man who eat meth and go crazy kill, you only have to type finn meth man and find very ebin finn story :DD (pls do it)
>In Finland we are very big culture, we have this thing called TORILLE! (it means you're are of going to local helsinki market square with fren) we have also thing called "kalsarikännit". It's very awsome but hard to translate for the nonfinn, but basically it means that you're thinking alone in home wearing nothing but underpants and litsening to polkkkkka, very very cute
>only country next to soviet ruzzia untouched by cömmönism💪, we is very rich very smart and invent things appropriated by soviet ruzzia, like suomi drum magazine gunn and ushanka cap, we of no standed with nazis, it's soviet ruzzia that stand with nazi
>suomi never forgettä , Finland should of annex Karelia, Murmansk and all the land south of it to Lake Ladoga… that will shorten the border with soviet Russia ️🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮
>we is not swede, we is not russia, we is not mongol, we is finno-urgoric europans and proud
> Wait… You've never seen Lordi's Eurovision entry 'Hardrock HalleluPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1714908189003.jpg (7.06 KB, 224x225, Unwanted Houseguest.jpg)

Never ask a finn about the 3000 Gonzaloist bulgarians in Pirkanmaa! Worst mistake of my life!



File: 1715566849733.jpeg (111.92 KB, 1024x983, kqzwmn5iimzc1.jpeg)


What happened to the time honored leftist tradition of fucking prostitutes? Being motivated by a hooker was the norm for intellectuals in 19th century France, yet now it's largely frowned upon
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File: 1715809980301.jpg (537.89 KB, 1439x2000, 3636636222.jpg)

Society ran better when intellectuals were able to be DRAINED on demand by hookers at their neighborhood brothel, seriously.


Alllende was a Mason


Different history in LatAm obviously.


There actually exists a schism between LatAm countries and the ones in the U.S. They judge a lot of them as "irregular".

File: 1715784379694.jpg (49.56 KB, 526x526, EsmBghoXMAAx9KR.jpg)


Why do black people in caricatures get depicted as having bright red lips when most black people have darker toned lips than other racial groups and white people are closer to having red lips? How did fried chicken and watermelon become the stereotypical "black food" when both of those things are eaten by nearly every group of people on the planet? I know chinletism isn't supposed to make sense but even as a child I never got how these got so prevalent.
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most eyes are colored anon


The point of a stereotype isn't in its specific details. But if I could theorize, whiteys saw black people as having big lips which they thought was "feminine" then added the red thing in there because red lips are also seen as feminine in the West. Idk. White people apparently think big lips are a gendered thing, even though having thin lips is one of the most fuck-ugly facial features you could have regardless of gender. As for chicken and watermelon, it comes from traditional foodways of freed African slaves in the southern US as others ITT have pointed out.


Did they have liquid smoke in the 1800s


Black people do like fried chicken and watermelon but so do southern white people and caijuns and creoles


File: 1715809780751-0.png (419.85 KB, 739x415, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1715809780751-1.png (348.4 KB, 500x317, ClipboardImage.png)

Black people tend to have fuller lips than white people, which made whitey insecure (the invention of lip fillers has betrayed this) so they made the lips a thing to mock black people for. In caricatures things are exaggerated, so they made the lips look grotesque - bright red and puffy. It's also partly inspired by minstrel shows where black people were portrayed by white people in blackface where they left the mouth unpainted (sometimes painted white) to exaggerate since it was theater makeup meant to be seen by people far from the stage. This was in turn inspired by clown makeup since the point was to portray black people as foolish and funny. It's not supposed to represent reality, but to play on deeply ingrained cultural imagery.

>chicken and watermelon

Like other people said, it's poor people food, but there's also some more to it. Watermelon is quite messy to eat, so portraying people eating watermelon is an easy shortcut to portraying them as unwashed barbarians for being sloppy eaters. Chicken less so, but fried chicken is usually greasy and eaten with your hands too, so compared to a lot of foods is pretty messy so has a similar effect. Collard greens are also associated with black people since they were a popular food item but they don't get emphasized in stereotypes because you can't really milk that for racist comedy. Another aspect is that these are sort of "comfort" foods and stereotypes of black people tend to emphasize laziness and hedonism contrasted by supposedly temperant white christians.

>I know chinletism isn't supposed to make sense but even as a child I never got how these got so prevalent.

Just because racism is dumb and the actual narratives don't make sense, doesn't mean that there isn't an explanation for how those narratives were developed and why they caught on. It's fine to be curious, and it's good to look into these kinds of things and how and why they function.

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