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File: 1631496998408.png (100.06 KB, 733x1335, radlib score.png)


It's time to tell the tankies apart from the libs
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meh she is average at most, but still would for money.


Yes,but you're able bodied I guess,so think about those paraplegics !


Должны ее распялить


Crucifixion seems a bit harsh even for an opportunistic succdem like her, how about monthly waterboarding?


Fine. The point is I hate that dumb bitch and her negative polarity idpol

File: 1631490409305.jpg (108.15 KB, 1080x1060, 1614118098275.jpg)


Post in this thread if:
>You're at work and slacking off
>You are dreading work
>You are getting ready for work
>You are commuting to or from work
>Post a poop emoji if you're browsing on a shit-break
>If you're on lunch break

Basically post if you're doing something related to work.
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I'm on my last two weeks and my co worker called in today meaning I had to work my full shift alone. I did literally nothing and stayed an hour over time just to make more money to prep for the move coming up.


based opportunist anon


Niiice. Good job. Good luck going forward with your move and all. Organization pays off with those kinds of things. Even scribbling down a note is a good start.

👉👈 Could you explain the video, anon?


Sat in a corner of work doing nothing, kek


His circular saw broke while he was using it and the shard embedded in the pencil presumably

Also you need toilet paper because of bleeding I presume

Remember kids, listen to the tune and remember well


Yep, it's bourg.


Thank you.

File: 1631283492304.jpg (132.53 KB, 1024x1092, study_by_rei_kaa-dcq4s5c.jpg)


Is it bad if I dont like to party? I don't think I'm better than the people who like it. It is just not my thing. Is it bad?
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File: 1631485647161.webm (1.36 MB, 640x360, 1628355742303.webm)

Last "party" I went to was 2 years ago and it was all just me and a friend literally sitting in a corner for 3 hours straight. And not even at midnight we had already left
Fuck this


depends what you mean. if you mean go clubbing, no. if you mean hang out with large groups of friends, yes.


Sounds nice.


why would that be bad, who cares.

you got to live your life, and do what you want to doooo


>girl picrel
All women say stuff like this then change their tune when the "right guy" comes along and just "makes them feeeeel like everything is right" that changes their view.

For example, for a party, he can lead the dancing, so you don't have to worry about anything, just follow his lead. He will make the conversation interesting, you just have to talk, he won't leave you to go talk to others but will involve you in convos with others so no pressure on you about socializing, he will ensure you don't get drunk and take you home safely, etc. So you will remember the whole thing as "wow the first time I enjoyed a party!" when it's just that the party/social situation is irrelevant, you just needed to find a Chad and enjoy his company which all women do.


I keep seeing on various chans on how the lack of gatekeeping has degenerated society, and I can't even disagree with them. However every time that I mention the culture industry they either get confused or call me a cuck for some reason. However, how exactly do you even gate keep a hobby on the internet anyways? It's a very strange phenomenon that seems to happen no matter what political spectrum you are.
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Make access private and use a referral system. Track user metrics and democratically elect staff from the userbase. Cap new user sign ups based on cultural participation and veteran teacher positions. You need multiple active good posters to teach the shitters how to behave.

>Whereas the regular September student influx would quickly settle down, the influx of new users from AOL did not end and Usenet's existing culture did not have the capacity to integrate the sheer number of new users.

the opposite of this


Apparently some people think we need a thread for every retarded thing they saw on 4chan



The wanton creation of OPs for every idle thought from american brains is becoming a real drain on the site. It is a good raid tactic as it's making the site more and more tedious to use every day.


most chans are incredibly degenerate, and the less "gatekeeped" ones even more so

File: 1631484579290.jpg (45.44 KB, 569x373, 1617302262605.jpg)


I met Mike V in 2000 when Millz opened up and he was such a fucking stuck up insufferable asshole to all the locals. He just skated by himself because he was a too cool for school tuff guy while Hawk and Reynolds were engaging the locals and signing autographs and taking pictures. Mike V pretty much talked to nobody other than the pros he toured with. He gathered everyone around the bathtub bowl because he was going to tail drop or caveman from the pedestrian bridge above into the bowl and pussied out wasting like a half hour of peoples time. I heard he went back the next day and did it but i'm still very skeptical. Watching Hawk skate the big boy full pipe section was life changing, though.
He's so pathetic he can't even make money for himself, he has to get his daughter to do everything for him.
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this should be in /siberia/


>They can only shoot black children that are trying to steal 4x4 cars from their organic yam garden
You have to go back


Based thread


Mike Vallely is some sort of progressive AFAIK not a fash.

Mods please delete this bait.


File: 1631653038296.png (812.17 KB, 1920x982, UFC-Champs.PNG)

>Laughable, everyone knows burgers cant fight.
Lol what? I know your tea sipping ass ain't talking shit.


The Sun
>Created the Earth and thus is responsible for life
>Created all the celestial bodies in our solar system
>All worlds in the solar system are bound to the Sun’s physical presence in spacetime
>Is responsible for light, heat, warmth, and most energy on the Earth’s surface
>Its power is so great that you can feel its heat on your skin during the day even though its tens of millions of miles away
>It will one day destroy the Earth
Now here are the benefits of Sun worship
>The Sun makes no demands
>It does not care if you pray to it since it doesn’t think anyway
>Your prayers to the Sun have the same 50% odds of coming true as praying to anything else
>You can harness the power of the Sun
>The Sun is a based bro all things considered
Why not worship the Sun, anon?
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We should worship chaos


I want to kill chaos


I mean you can worship entropy if you want to



Think about it. Other than nuclear and fusion reactors (man-made suns), ALL human labor power can ultimately be traced back to solar energy.

File: 1631475044782.jpg (160.26 KB, 890x1059, 1631155967905-2.jpg)


Will muscular women become more common under a socialist/communist regime?


women will be sent to the mines so yes


Chinlets are finally retarded enough that they deny evolution, cosmology, genetics, etc.
Why do these faggots cope with muh autism score at this point when they openly disregard modern science and start sputtering about people being “nerds” for placing modern scientific discoveries over some tablets written in a fucking cave 4,000 years ago?
Saw one chinlet in the thread saying science and religion are “equally wrong” because the each deny “race”; what a gaggle of morons rightards are
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yes retard. it’s in the artist gene. we’ve known this shit for centuries.


Woah, is there a gamer gene too?


The usual cope when someone brings this up is to claim white people have more "creativity" and asians are soulless bug people.


Evolution doesn't have any intent, pol and sci are full of brainlets it's unreal.


Very few people actually understand evolution.

File: 1631474718667.jpeg (105.51 KB, 912x1024, 1629464743412.jpeg)


>Enver Hoxha e mprehi shpaten
>Edhe nje here o per situaten
>Kjo asht shpata qe u rrin tek koka
>Gjithe armiqve o qe ka bota
>Sa keto male e sa keto shrepa
>Zanin shqipes lart ia ngrite
>Gjithe kete popull ne drite e qite

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