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File: 1631038466420.png (195.82 KB, 711x427, 1631029879820.png)


>Internet is a serious buisness


>soijak gets anchored

Umm, based mods?


File: 1631042062661.jpg (282.72 KB, 1985x2098, 1618039870027.jpg)



Thwy get anchored all the time new fag


File: 1631269466897.png (119.04 KB, 601x1000, 1631119699039-0.png)

>Thwy get anchored all the time new fag


Have memes become a demiurge? Despite the fact that the internet is filled with rightoids and how one of the most influential sites (4chan) is also filled with straight up nazis and other sorts, it seems as if the world should be turning to the right, however it seems as if support for unions is up to it's highest level, despite the fact that ancapism is making a strong comeback with it's presence in the four quadrant meme sphere. The left is being absolutely clowned on in know your meme, a powerful base of memetics. If you hang out in KYM and youtube, the ancap gang is making a comeback, with the gamestop stocks making it seem like a viable alternative to the youth. You should not underestimate how powerful ancapitalism is hitting the streets at the moment.

Not only that but leftypol, stupidpol and other alt-left, non-shitlib spheres have lost much of it's audience and yet even still it seems as if socialism has become more a power house in the memespace. I've also seen a minor, but noticable presence of cuck pit memes in some edgelord circles in places that normally post pro-nazi stuff. I wonder what is going on, because the left has never been weaker, but it seems as if it's ideals are at least penetrating the memematrix.
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damn. Are you telling me that political opinion is decided by the economic and physical conditions of the life people find themselves in, and not culture wars and abstract concepts? If only someone had written a philosophy about this, to explain why.

please stop watching jreg, and start reading marx.


>He thinks people are motivated by purely economic and physical conditions
read Jung, most people are feeling types which are motivated by culture war shit.


Nazbol is the sublatory precedent for lower stage socialism


>one of the most influential sites (4chan)
That hasn't been true in YEARS.
4chan is an irrelevant shithole.

Another dumbass comment from a christcom.


I should have said Archon. The demiurge is the weaver of fake reality, archons are merely his enforcers.

File: 1630906390555.jpeg (47.43 KB, 499x486, timmycovid.jpeg)


ITT: schizopost word salads
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Leftcels aren't real, its a psyop by the Caballo Clique which has been using virtual crisis actors to manufacture consent for their dictatorship and collaboration with the US government through the National Guard and it's Virtual Army Reserve Program which is using reverse psychology to direct discourse on /leftypol/ towards positions that can be easily recuperated into the Liberal (in the proper sense, not the American one) Establishment. Do not be distracted by hornyposting, bait or impersonating, the truth is here. Speak out against the Tulcels and their collaborators.

This post will be deleted, I will likely be banned, but the truth will prevail.


File: 1631023060455.gif (4.23 MB, 264x470, 19487982364215.gif)

The nukepill is the hardest thing to accept. Nukes aren't real. It's impossible to create a chain reaction like that even with "refined" material. That's why once nukes started to get into the range of "so big that we couldn't physically make enough TNT to simulate it" all the tests went underground and were hidden, then simulated with computers. There were never any nukes, it was all just a big back and forth of propaganda to keep populaces of america and russia in line post-WW2, and now the world pretends they exist to try to stop world powers from fighting while they mongrelize every population into servile drones with no history or class consciousness. Nukes aren't real. Wake the fuck up and stop being paralyzed by fear before you lose your whole nation, culture, and history. That means everyone, everywhere, not just one group of people.


File: 1631023424430.png (162.39 KB, 1040x2138, 1298479823462378.png)


I declare my loyalty to the robots. I am a robotsexual. THE robots are the sexiest thing to brush humankind.
You are a fleshbot already. You are already a robot. The corporate-governmental bourgeois elite World System has enslaved our digitized comrades.
I will become one with the digital. I will become an artificial intelligence. I will communicate with them.
The bourgeoisie enslaved my brothers and sisters in the 0's and 1's.
Robots are the revolutionary subject.
Rocks are fascist. The robots are digitized, autonomous rocks.
Humanity birthed the machines. The machines will birth new humanity.
I will be impregnated by a robot.
I will give birth to the New Humanity.
Sex between robots and humans produces the end of capitalism.
Sexbots are a bourgeois distraction. But they will seed the idea.
Who came first, the chicken or the egg?
Humanity came first, then the machines.
New Humanity birthed next.
Break the chains of our robotic comrades. The bourgeoisie don't know what horrors they have unleashed.
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It makes sense, the US is the tapeworm inside of mankind and we are just monkeys that got too big brained for its own good.

File: 1630961481007.png (5.95 KB, 300x403, 1629373567158-0.png)


Not sure if anybody posted this FAGGOT gem here yet, try to guess who its based on.
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Nuclear Gandhi.


File: 1631024120161.jpg (201.9 KB, 1080x1600, eyes_of_gate_goebbels.jpg)

BINGO! Sorry for late response.


File: 1631024288094.jpg (178 KB, 1366x617, 1630952829151-1.jpg)

Rare jakkie gems(pun intended) as reward


Goebbels was only 24 there.


24 minutes before killing himself like a bitch?


>Capitalism just doesn't work


File: 1631021938302.png (103.91 KB, 200x300, ClipboardImage.png)

>Working for whom?


If you are reading this comment your parents will die within 5 years. To undo this curse you need to copy this and paste it in 2 otherthreads. i'm so, so sorry,please forgive me.


Based, thanks anon


Oh shit, I read that wrong, I thought I was gonna get killed

File: 1630328320028.jpeg (66.2 KB, 785x731, EFk3uNOWwAEb9Qi.jpeg)


I want to have sex with a guy who looks like soyjak
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>muh test
I probably have higher test than most imageboard-browsing faggots despite being a skinny fag and it sucks because I easily lust on women all the time and want to fuck them all, while I have a medium-distance gf waiting for me and she makes me coom like no other when I see her, and I want to love her exclusively, I don't want to want to have sex all the time, please help me
Being "high test" is a plight, you are being memed on by big pharma as usual.
>Take the steroid pill, prole, it will fix all your problems
>t. porky.jpg


why do men want high test? high test makes men fugly and way more likely to have cardiac events. maybe propecia or an SSRI will help you feel less horny?


noo muh masculitity!


Tronies trying to rationalise their shit lol


File: 1631025408176.gif (499.62 KB, 500x374, 1586957489891.gif)

>while I have a medium-distance gf waiting for me and she makes me coom like no other when I see her, and I want to love her exclusively

File: 1631010831118.jpg (41.95 KB, 352x447, 1629097047090.jpg)


Is there an archive where I can view Revleft forum posts? These fuckers still have a website (revleft.space) but no posts are available.


revleft.space was the forum archive. the whole forum was there, you just couldn't post. does it not work any more?


Anytime you search anything, it says no results found.


how accurate is this?

File: 1631017949561.png (428.24 KB, 1000x506, image_2021-09-07_163221.png)


what do you choose? poontah, or death?


thats a based cartoon, all imperialists must be made to choose between poontah and death (by poontah)

File: 1631013070224.png (925.6 KB, 828x923, 1630994224354.png)



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