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File: 1699809835840.jpg (59.89 KB, 800x600, joker sonic.jpg)


what do you think about the word "gamer"? Do you call yourself that?
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I use it as an insult


I moved out at 35, been on one date in my life when I was 30. It's not because of video games that boomer level analysis, it's because it took me that long to find a job that paid me enough.


Excuses, excuses.


Music is beautiful because it is a monument to waste
Videogames are exercises children are given to orient them towards productivity in a fun way, so that they can treat work the same later on

File: 1699852017118.jpg (179.33 KB, 1080x578, gem.jpg)


You will NEVER be a misanthropic edgelord
You will NEVER wallow in hatred and resentment of other people
You WILL find nobility in simple pleasures of life
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How do I start having good thoughts? I am tired of being ugly.


Billions must smile


File: 1699876292200.jpg (34.64 KB, 474x374, 1699708494495219.jpg)


File: 1699878876066.jpeg (9.8 KB, 848x362, skjfje.jpeg)

im chvd and thats soy. i will never be a woman and thats coal. theres no one id rather be than cobson


Just realise that most people are trapped in bad systems and they are trying to do their best

File: 1698946300247.gif (1.13 MB, 444x250, anime.gif)


How do I train myself to become curious?
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Like what do you mean? Having passion to know the unknown.


Write down everything you want to learn about, do it, then keep going.
Then, idk, watch/read stuff on how to learn about stuff.



This but unironically.


How does one do that?

File: 1699847806190.mp4 (2.18 MB, 426x240, Fulanisation.mp4)


The Fulani government is a terrorist! (Terrorist!)
They aid and abate terrorism (Yo!)
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Anti Fulani core


Afrobeat I think


The fulanis didn't just do it because of extremism. The root cause is the destruction of grazing land north sending all the fulani herders coming south to the christian farms. It's a sad conflict i don't think there is any political solution here except conflagaration into civil war like Syria


Honestly I’m pretty sure the Nigerian government doesn’t care about fulanis or boko haram at this point compared to shell and whatever the fuck Lagos is building.


Ye it's precisely because the government doesn't give a damn things become this bad. But you know who is paying attention? Daesh, Al Qeada, America, Russia, Turkey, EU, etc. The Sahel is going to turn into a new Syria soon and that's just depressing.






File: 1699822229654.png (918.37 KB, 1180x660, ClipboardImage.png)

yes anon very interesting



File: 1699811449482-0.png (659.97 KB, 1080x1670, 1699546098564.png)

File: 1699811449482-1.jpg (728.89 KB, 1125x1687, 1699733812286.jpg)


Trads keep losing by the hand of based Francis. Imagine shackling yourself to a corpse.
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Uh she cheated on adam friedland so jot that down.


t. Smartest gnostic


This board being mad obsessed with an average looking smelly Slavic woman who chain-smokes and hosts a shit podcast is indicative of how genuinely faggoty and gay you people are. At least do this with a succubus, not some irl rendition of Helena Bonham Carter’s character in Fight Club.


Reminder that Dasha is a drug addict, a whore and extremely mentally ill. This whole tradcath thing is just one of her bipolar episodes, it will pass soon.



File: 1698469806798.png (331.11 KB, 994x1247, ultimate_OS_tier_list.png)

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tier list of all (relevant enough) systems ranked
are you using B to S+ tier systems, /siberia/? I hope so
there's also garuda gnu/linux which is B tier, but I didn't rank it because the logo is fugly

rip Terry A. Davis
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Why is everything on the internet Japanese?



fuck the alphabet, fuck all alphabets, 汉字 is the superior writing system and it's incontestable
why do I get this meme aaaa


>That's because openrc is just sysvinit with some retrofitted systemd components
I mean yes, eventually the entire Linux distro will be a subset of systemd.

But that's the point Lennart. Isn't it, you smuglord? Glad to see your talents are well appreciated at Microsoft lel


It's worse than that. The entire development of eudev and elogind is predicated on regularly forking and cleaning up systemd's udev and logind.

File: 1699780406385.jpg (49.16 KB, 600x432, co2.jpg)


Do you think the rise of depression could be caused (in part) due to high levels of CO2 in poorly ventilated rooms where people live sedentary lives?


It has mostly to do with diet imo


>the rise of depression


File: 1699781667686.jpg (498.33 KB, 2000x1000, c.jpg)

It's due to high levels of CO₂ in the atmosphere and the ongoing ecological collapse.


yeah OP should have said something like "the erection of depression" instead


poor health and capitalism


Its veterans day! Lets hate on all US armed forces grunts and personnel.
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He wasn't saying that. He was saying that the bourgeois uses the middle and working class as fodder in wars.


Middle class usually forms the main bloc of supporters of fascist, but it isn’t inherently fascist, you could even say that it doesn’t really exist.


File: 1699705251768.png (133.33 KB, 499x468, 1687188846602.png)

>Is it true that american armed forces is mostly formed out of middle class americans?
I don't have hard numbers, but I know almost every man in my busted ass poor folks without any or many other options to take care of their families. Not that military service ever solves that either.
Also, what the fuck is a "middle class"?


a disposessed middle class was the bulwark of fascism in germany, but they've also been a huge part of marxist and anarchist movements. you shouldn't morally brand groups of people as a marxist


File: 1699766419274.mp4 (23.22 MB, 854x480, never to america.mp4)

Never to America!

File: 1699740536021.jpeg (25.92 KB, 525x523, F-iJL9sW4AAYtAL.jpeg)


omg i love staying in my room with all the lights off stsring at my computer screen
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File: 1699752651372.jpg (15.27 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

>OtherCoCAnon mod hasnt been updated in over a year


masturbating just makes me feel tired and sleepy all day for some reason


and also sometimes i get sick afterwards which i dont know if its related but probably is


bad advice


this but unironically

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