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Should I download Windows 11? I just said no when Bill Gates asked me to download it
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Manjaro KDE


please nobody ever install manjaro, the system is a stability downgrade and the devs are stupid. If you want arch just install arch, it comes with an installer these days so there is no filter.


Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC

Or better yet, any Linux flavor.


I use manjaro what's wrong with it

File: 1654588649967.png (4.04 MB, 2560x1440, ClipboardImage.png)


What makes bread, fluffy and spongey? Is it the yeast?

I want to have the healthiest bread, cheap
Love the idea of eating bread and soup like a peasant
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File: 1654629554496.png (113.04 KB, 352x198, ClipboardImage.png)

>please don't say jizz
They probably started wrapping them like this: >>260086 because too many priests were jizzing on the wafers.


some places use actual bread (been to one that did), which they might even make themselves. most use wafers that are similar to like a soup cracker or something


File: 1654633311341.jpg (73.27 KB, 940x529, 06646371.jpg)

My church when I was a wee lad used these
I think there are factories that make wafers and stamps them with different symbols to personalize them for different churches. Very lucrative business tbh




File: 1655353396889.gif (1.21 MB, 311x250, 1653924986301.gif)


File: 1655270888310-0.png (97.13 KB, 764x355, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655270888310-1.png (741.42 KB, 800x563, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655270888310-2.png (229.86 KB, 341x490, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655270888310-3.png (10.66 MB, 5000x3751, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655270888310-4.png (549.92 KB, 925x630, ClipboardImage.png)


neo malthusian, eco fascist, and social darwinists among the international bourgeoisie wish to purge the global south and create "lebensraum" by disrupting the supply chains, destroying the food supply, and necessitating a migrant crisis. They can use this migrant crisis to cause a genocidal panic among the petit bourgeois in the first world, and create even more complacence for fascist policies in response to it. A grand global genocide of "undesirable" third world populations will take place, but unlike the Armenian genocide, which was done through forced deportation, this will be done through forced importation. The third world is being made uninhabitable through imperialist wars, forced loans, and resource extraction. Those with capital will flee the third world into the arms of the bourgeoisie. Those without it will end up in ICE-like facilities where they will be purged not through gas chambers or forced labor, but through pandemic. Plausible deniability will be established. They will say "they shouldn't have come here." as the social murder takes place on the scale of billions. Think of these food processing plants being destroyed. Think of the bread basket of the world, Ukraine, being locked in a completely unnecessary and avoidable war contrived decades in advance by NATO. When the dust settles, third world populations will be purged, and they will be blamed for their own deaths. The Third World War will be a war against the Third World.
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Should’ve posted this in the regular board instead of here for the pol-tier subhuman faggots


Pls don't cry my (male) dear


I don't have health care

That's grim.

I was worried it was too speculative and not grounded enough to warrant being on the main board, but I appreciate your suggestion.




File: 1655104075508-0.png (1.34 MB, 1200x1332, 1608751968185.png)

File: 1655104075508-1.png (293.24 KB, 1200x675, 1606733788808.png)

File: 1655104075508-2.png (921.68 KB, 799x1375, 1639467387735.png)


Reminder you will never be a color.
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File: 1655142451894.png (623.74 KB, 780x520, pigeon_fifth_eye.png)

I agree insofar as we can see that a lot of English internet discourse revolves around "black" and "white" categories within the US sociological conception of race, and this discourse often implies an idea of colored supremacy.
This is a terribly bichromatic vision of things that has deleterious effects on the US social fabric, notably regarding interpersonal relationships, urbanism, education, crime and even porn fantasies.

We, humans, have trichromatic vision, unlike dogs.
What is the third color in the American conception of race? "Latino", but "Latino" isn't a color at all, it's a sociological category that evolved from the particular ethnological movements which happened in the Americas since the 16th century.

In our eyes, we have a bunch of proteins called photopsins, allowing us to see colors. There are three different kinds, one sensitive to red, one to green, and one to blue.
One of the colors we can perceive is yellow (黄), which is between green and red. Already, with three colors, we can see a whole new spectrum of colors appearing to our senses.
Doesn't it seem already ridiculous to try to establish a hierarchy between three kinds of colored people, when with only three colors, we can already see a multiplicities of shades and variations of lights. Colorblind people can't perceive some of them, but they can already see beyond a simplistic and hierarchical triptych of colors.

White (白) is the color of the sun, so many colors in your face you get blinded by them.
Black (黑) is the color of the night, there are no colors to see anything, it's darkness.
None of them are good in excess, and no human is completely black or white. Think about the color of blood.

The Chinese have a character to describe one part of the spectrum of colors we humans can perceive: (青) blue-green, the color(s) of blooming flowers and vegetation in spring.
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reminder you are not a color.


I'm gay. I would beat off a guy, I would beeeat off a


I'm glad I'm not a color.
It's not that easy being green.


do not touch shopping receipts.

File: 1655262763645.png (47.98 KB, 456x740, 1620235887665.png)


>Im anti gossiping and drama
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File: 1655293349835.jpg (14.69 KB, 503x610, ruirjxjfkrAGOOOA.jpg)

>i love spreading horrible false accusations agaisnt people who love and trust me


I love and trust you anon.


umh mods this anon right here >>264412 aboosed me back in highschool


why the people who say this always knee deep in the drama(usually something low key as the informant)


Who says I do it to people who love and trust me?

File: 1655327115294-0.jpg (15.75 KB, 480x360, Haggard.jpg)

File: 1655327115294-1.jpg (57.61 KB, 443x599, Rohm.jpg)

File: 1655327115294-2.jpg (70.79 KB, 930x574, Thiel.jpg)


>be gay
>do crimes
Face it, they're more revolutionary comrades than you'll ever be.


File: 1655327329715.png (456.71 KB, 750x798, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655316653755.png (81.23 KB, 149x339, 1654266154959.png)


people like to rag on the consoomer archetype for having bad tastes in fiction but the thing is that having "bad" tastes in shit is actually one of the most human things that you can do. Way better than someone who just engages in media for the sake of propping up their cultural resumes and sure just having junk food media is unironically bad for the soul but I still respect consoomers more than psuedointellectuals which also goes for chantards who's tastes are barely even better than consooomers anyways.
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A long time ago, the bourgeoisie said: "There was history, but not any more" (Marx). When it bureaucraticizes its domination, the bourgeoisie adds to the mix: "There was taste, but not any more." Each person no longer has an individual history in and through which he discovers and forms his own tastes. It is necessary to accept all this without making any distinctions, without pretending to hold on to some criteria by which judgments can be made. Only those who listen to the proclamations of experts – who, for example, dazzle us with visions of the radiant future of irradiated vegetables – believe that "vegetables never looked so good" (L'Express, 6-12 September 1985). Such are the last looks [8] of the society of the spectacle. All individual looks [9], as connected as they want to be, can't be connected to the society of the spectacle, because it controls the entire network. And so, the "mashed meat" that is the hunger-abater for poor salaried workers, who eat it standing up in the decor of train stations, can give itself the allure of modernism, chosen by those who eat McDonald's [10] and think Actuel.


the problem with the archetype is not that they have bad taste, it's that they overeat. the foot metaphor is all too apt.

the man who doesn't eat mcdonalds is strange, the man who eats every meal at mcdonalds gets a film made about what a weird man he is and then it gets shown in our PSHE class for some reason probably because the teacher didn't feel like working that day, just like that english teacher who crashed her car rather than finishing explaining what a mixed metaphor was.


foot metaphor lol FOOD metaphor lol.


File: 1655324529272.jpg (59.42 KB, 663x596, kaminabeee.jpg)

bumblebee exposed??


Honestly I hate midwits more than normal consoomers. The annoying autists who flood YouTube and online magazines with "cultural commentary" and "analysis" because they have to justify all the mindless YA and capeshit schlock they subsist on to themselves. It's like poptimism applied to media besides music. They have just enough awareness to realize they have shit taste but enough pride to try and convince themselves the shit is secretly good.


We accidentally made a significant improvement on the energy storage capacity and environmental sustainability of battery production.

That is all
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the trees themselves arent as efficient as younger trees but cutting down large old growth trees destroys ecosystems, rends ground and leaves both open to decay and thus release of GHGs during decay. Its not only trees that sequester carbon. trees are important pillars that hold up ecosystems which in turn sequester carbon.


<Don't look to mature forests to soak up carbon dioxide emissions
<Results of Australian study may have impact on New York state carbon neutrality goals
<April 8, 2020

>Dr. John Drake, assistant professor in ESF's Department of Sustainable Resources Management, is a co-author of the paper in collaboration with researchers at Western Sydney University.

>The experiment, conducted at Western Sydney University's EucFACE (Eucalyptus Free Air CO2 Enrichment) found new evidence of limitations in the capacity of mature forests to translate rising atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations into additional plant growth and carbon storage.

>Carbon dioxide (CO2) is sometimes described as "food for plants" as it is the key ingredient in plant photosynthesis. With CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere increasing steadily due to human emissions, there is ample evidence that plant photosynthesis is going up. Experiments that have exposed single trees and young, rapidly growing forests to elevated CO2 concentrations have shown that plants use the extra carbon to grow faster. "Forests provide a wide array of environmental, economic and social benefits. Importantly, forests remove large amounts of carbon from the atmosphere and store it, which slows down our climate crisis," said Drake.

>However, scientists have long wondered whether mature native forests would be able to take advantage of the extra photosynthesis, given that the trees also need nutrients from the soil to grow. Drake joined in the first experiment of its kind applied to a mature native forest to expose a 90-year old eucalypt woodland on Western Sydney's Cumberland Plain to elevated carbon dioxide levels.

>The researchers combined their measurements into a carbon budget that accounts for all the pathways of carbon into and out of the EucFACE forest ecosystem, through the trees, grasses, insects, soils and leaf litter. This carbon-tracking analysis showed that the extra carbon absorbed by the trees was quickly cycled through the soil and returned to the atmosphere, with around half the carbon being returned by the tre
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That does not say that mature forests don't capture carbon, but that they won't capture more than they already do just because the atmosphere now has an excess of it.


So I watched the video
That's really cool et all tho I wonder how could this affect the weight and size of EV batteries, if they become lighter then it's all win
>First suggested video is about new hydrogen tech
Electrofuels for the win, EVfags on suicide watch


k, but since cutting down old trees wasn't called for in the first place would planting new trees and cutting them down and burying them work or did I fall for a ruse

File: 1655235313663.png (891.89 KB, 1080x1473, image.png)


Guess we're getting laid off now
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AI figuring out how to tell a legitimately funny joke was not on my cyberpunk dystopia bingo card but there it is.


Wtf this is genuinely creepy. Usually bots don't make much sense or you can tell they're like visibly a mishmash of things put together, but some of those were actually coherent and funny… thats pretty impressive


this is actyually way smarter than 99% of 4c posts. most of them could just be spammed by scripts (and probably are).


File: 1655270910094-0.png (22.04 KB, 382x395, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655270910094-1.png (19.06 KB, 673x263, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655270910094-2.png (21.68 KB, 315x389, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655270910094-3.png (23.12 KB, 310x378, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655270910094-4.png (28.79 KB, 467x338, ClipboardImage.png)

cherry picked. i'll post the first 5 i generate right now.
i like 2 and 5, they're kinda like zen poems


not bad honestly, closer to the normal 4chan poster I guess

File: 1655316531248.jpg (64.07 KB, 1106x1012, pepe frog.jpg)


Why should i care about communism if i already have comfy remote work where i earn good money and i dont work very hard? I also came from poor and unsophisticated farmer family and i am friendless recluse, i got this job cause i am smart and i know good english from playing morrowind as kid. I guess i would never get such a job in communism without being friend with some gov official. I would have to stay farmer forever probably (and that sucks and i know it, cause i actually did farmer work)
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protagonist syndrome, people online develop far too much self-regard for themselves, far too little humility


Because you should empathize. Otherwise you will have a very dull life. Are you really fulfilled being a friendless NEET whose only purpose in life is to wageslave? Even a /pol/ poster would admit that it is a very empty life.


But anon what will the movement do without some random guy on the internet??


File: 1655323443555.jpg (16.48 KB, 326x326, 1653714261845.jpg)

I read this post and it made me shit my pants
Thanks frogfag


Because Marx completed the system of German idealism!

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