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I just got a no hit run on my opposition exams i think, probably
Feeling really gigachaddish right now bros.
How was your day like?


What's an opposition exam??

File: 1631426586871.png (592.28 KB, 1263x924, 1623005215275.png)




>is transhumanist in the room with you right now




trans people live rent free in their heads.

File: 1631453481248.png (20.25 KB, 1028x131, ClipboardImage.png)


I have seen this take on multiple sites today alone, wherever I find these nerds I see them parroting the stance that them getting banned means they're correct/revolutionary/the REAL opposition etc.

Is this just some kind of sad cope over rapidly approaching political irrelevance now that the American establishment has decided to put them back in their box? Is it part of their wider victim mythology? Pathological contrarianism? Or is it their desire to constantly lie and spin, since they're most likely just being banned for racially abusing random members of whatever site they're being removed from this week.

What drives this sad cuck behavior? Nobody is convinced by it, so are they just trying to convince themselves?
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>Saying "we'll murder" should get you shut down
Where… where do you think we are? What do you think we discuss on this website exactly?


Go away glowie


Go back to reddit, liberal.

Thats because libertarianism catters to petites. Hence they fight against BOTH the poor and the hautes ("rich"). They need to fight against to poor to make money off them and fight against the rich to survive (hautes are interconnected with state and kill petites with regulations).


Tell them to show you a single leftist openly advocating for violence and not being banned for it.


>Go back to reddit, liberal.
Retard, nowhere in that post did anon say that leftists are against violence, just that rightoids are oblivious to the way they post which gets them censored and not others who don't just talk about murdering and committing genocide.

File: 1630914929360.png (188.85 KB, 512x512, futaba.png)


>Not in Employment
Naturally, a revolutionary stance against capitalism.
>Not in Education
Rejecting the ideological brainwashing that praises capitalism.
>Not in Training
Anti-defeatist refusal to be a potential member of capitalist exploitation.

NEETs of the world, UNITE!
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>You're not an autodidact? …
When they say "education", they mean enrolled in (and paying to) an educational institution. Those who call other NEETs cannot fathom that some could learn or do/work without an institution (i.e. a hierarchy, set of rules, regulations and expectations, and monetary renumeration) guiding them. NEET is used by capitalists and false conscious workers to deride those who have not rationalised themselves into the capitalist market. "You're not in or preparing yourself for the job market?! I will shame you until you conform!"

As late as the 50s people could still survive on odd jobs and scavenging for things to sell (like scrap metal) from time to time, while still keeping themselves mostly outside of" regular society". Most notably, you had the beatnik culture in the 50s, and last were the hippies of the 60s. However, since hippies were a negative movement, rejecting things, rather than positively building things, after the thing they rejected, war (and a society that wanted to draft them into a war, mostly), was no longer going on, they had no other option but to go along with the dominant culture, capitalism.

Today, capitalism has appropriated nearly all forms of existence, including the beatniks. Today you have "digital nomads", people who travel around the place, working on the Internet. And while it may feel to them that they are not living in the particular country/culture where the person/company to whom they sell their labour, they are most decidedly a part of it.

Today, the farthest away you can be from capitalism is by rejecting its institutions: educational institutions that prepare you for work, the job market where your surplus labour is exploited, state-sanctioned marriage, etc. It is impossible to escape "capitalism" because money and the logic of exchange is everywhere, you can still remain in possession of your own labour, either by working for yourself and/or never engaging in contractual obligations to employers, or taking mortgages that enslave you to the bank. While you will still get paid less than what your labour is worth, you will not take on duties and responsibilities designed to further alienate you from your existence. For example, if you do not work for a contract, you can just decide to up and leave, rather than giving in notices and riPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1631171225516-0.png (773.05 KB, 661x1015, tmfa-work-1.png)

File: 1631171225516-1.png (873.01 KB, 661x1015, tmfa-work-2.png)




What if I'm a completely undisciplined NEET?

>Leftists used to go into random jobs to agitate workers and organize them
Where exactly? In the US?


File: 1631462113896.pdf (10.28 MB, 195x300, tmfa-advance.pdf)

They go to some support group in the comic

File: 1631315420483.jpg (126.25 KB, 1600x1066, elifsultankalsen-1.jpg)


How do I make my date a Communist? I've been seeing this nice working class girl for a while now. She's unemployed atm, broke as fuck and not political at all. We have fucked many times now, talked about all kinda stuff etc. Once I tried to talk about politics and she said she never voted, but might vote some left-green-liberal party. Basically she knows nothing about politics. She's nice and I'd like to make her my wife, but the question is: how can I make her communist? What should I say to her? I really don't know how to bring this up. I've told her I hate the rich and I feel love for the workers and poor people, but how to continue? Help me out, comrades.
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what are her interests?


Hes probably a drug addict I think. Which explains the skinny.


we should ban sexh*ver threads.


He's a gay, vegan trans guy with anorexia. Last I knew he was trying to overcome his eating disorder. Cake is shooped of course. I think it has commie or anarchist shit on it originally.


The "original" is this guy with just the cake with hammer and sickle (likely itself shopped). Then it was edited to add antifa symbol on his shirt. Then it was edited to replace antifa symbol with WP and hammer&sickle with the cross.


Did you know that, if you like, stand up for liberalism, you will literally get superpowers? And then you and three of your friends can overthrow the global system of exploitation by the power of love? Pretty cool right?
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It's either going to be good or shit. No in between with the Wachowskys. The Morpheus looks comically fake. If you Google "morpheus costume" that's basically what comes up. A copyright compliant "mysterious hacker man".


Guarantee it’s gonna end up being some troon idpol and they’re gonna claim the red pill is actually a hormone pill and it was never about capitalism



I was gonna say if it was going to be idpol they'd be making a "next generation" spinoff instead of paying the bigbucks for Keanu, but then I remembered Cyberpunk 2077 lel.


>they’re gonna claim the red pill is actually a hormone pill
That was always a motif of the movies from the beginning you dumb fuck

File: 1631390211805.png (10.94 KB, 500x260, Exgd3isWYAAb-_K.png)


Free me of my remaining superstition and convince me that I won't be punished in an afterlife for the sins I commit in this world.
I have always been an atheist, but having done and going to do certain things it's unfathomable to me how I could just die and be left unpunished.
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>I have always been an atheist, but having done and going to do certain things it's unfathomable to me how I could just die and be left unpunished.
The punishment is the feeling of guilt and dread of punishment. In a way Christians hacked the psychological mainframe by making fear of punishment a punishment itself. The problem is it only works if you actually believe it on some level.



I know this is a weird cope but…

People in the past literally beat and raped women, killed non-believers, beat their kids, murdered people over petty disputes and these people were all religious. They believed they were going to heaven because they prayed to God and did the most basic tenets of their religion. If those people can go to heaven, i'm sure you can go to heaven.


why the fuck do I want to be part of a heaven with people like that


True. Let's all go to Hell, it's probably more fun.


Why I think it's unfathomable to me to be left unpunished? I guess because of feelings of guilt. It's superstition on my end, but I can't shake the feeling. I didn't do anything horrific, but it dawned on me how profoundly unfair this makes the world. I mean I always knew and accepted this, but now that I am confronted with it myself, it's something I can't shake off.


Also makes sense and I agree, but in the end we can't deduce anything about a hypothetical metaphysical existence after death, since anything would be possible there and it could be unrelated to how the material world works here.

I thought about this and this could be judged from a relative standpoint. If I were truly ignorant that a certain action was immoral and it's widespread in my environment, I don't think a God could punish me for it. The issue is, if we live in a world now that gave us enough information to understand that a certain action is immoral, then I can't compare myself to, for example, an Arab of the 8th century who holds African slaves and castrates them.


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File: 1631399115408.jpg (19.59 KB, 450x372, m36dg.jpg)

Hmm in order to promote women philosophers and communists we must normalize feminine mustaches. While we're at it normalize the less-than-full facial hair on men, like what Ché had. Hmm let's give it a try.
Stop beard shaming.


counterrevolutionary nonsense


File: 1631437459359.jpg (65.09 KB, 672x800, 1621024994579.jpg)

I could grow facial hair but it's so slow i'd look incredibly silly for a entire month or two




you look good bro
tf you on about.

keep it!


my cat died ;-;
he tried to throw up and just stopped breathing after
i did literally everything i could to keep him comfortable but he just constantly stayed dizzy and couldn't walk or eat or drink
i was hoping to fucking god it wasn't anything serious and i still don't know why he was sick like he was there's nothing on google talking about it
he just got really dizzy this morning and started peeing outside his litterbox
it even got better during the afternoon he would act normal but then he started getting worse really fast
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My cat started to meow really loudly in front of my parents' bedroom door a few weeks before she even showed symptoms. As if she knew she would die soon.
I regret so many things, like not making her feel more comfortable before her death, or not allowing her to sleep on our beds at least one last time because her paws were infected, or not considering a less painful death for her like euthanasia so that she would not suffer all those days because we desperately wanted her to survive and beat her disease, whatever it was. We were in such strong denial that we missed the chance to make her passing away less chaotic.

I will never forget the exact spot where I held her in my arms as she literally took her last breaths in between painful-looking spasms; how I, in panic, tried to use the inhaler on her to try to save her, and how she seemed to react positively to it for a brief moment; the clothes I was wearing; how she stopped moving and her eyes became blank; how I maniacally screamed her name at the top of my lungs until I was too tired to continue and placed her still warm body on the floor and lied down to affectionately stare at her face and pet her like I always used to do. This cat, my first pet ever, had literally been with me for more than half of all my life. It's hard not to become this attached to a living companion like that.


Rest in peace Mister Kitty


Could it have been a stroke? How old was this cat?


RIP mr kitty


How old was she, if you don’t mind me asking?
We got our cat when I was 6 years old, she died when I was 22
She was there for most of grade school, she was there for all of middle school and high school, she was around when I left for college and I got to spend a whole year with her when I came back home
She passed away somewhat like your kitty did, she lost control of her bowels while relaxing on the couch, started convulsing after that, we could see her calming down just the tiniest bit when we went to comfort her
I’ll never forget watching Tigs take her last breath, we went to get her cremated and now she’s on our mantel in a nice little kitty urn

File: 1631341812462-0.png (356.31 KB, 474x315, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1631341812462-1.png (805.7 KB, 590x635, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1631341812462-2.png (3.11 MB, 1920x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1631341812462-3.png (34.76 KB, 803x535, ClipboardImage.png)


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File: 1631419001532.jpg (45.64 KB, 1080x1080, FB_IMG_1631407078430.jpg)



I meant a YouTube or Spotify playlist lol I don't wanna do the job of putting all the songs together


>what's the similarity between a cow and 9/11?
a speech impeded glow in the dark cowboy from texas did both of them


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