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Where were you when you took the Hibernia pill?
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Are you retarded? There is literally the remains of small settlements in Newfoundland (L'anse aux meadows). They literally also met Native Americans and called them cunts (Skraeling). Shut the fuck up, idiot.



>found in 1960 by norwegian explorer Helge Ingstad
the utlendinger know too much! shut it down!


take your meds. the vikings existed and they were in the america. no, they were not made up. they wore funny hats with horns and they burned villages. we DIDN'T make them up as a scapegoat for anglo crimes. TAKE YOUR MEDS. NOW. THIS INSTANT. MEDS.


If History and Science is Bourj because it exist under Bourj control, then you are gay because you exist under your fathers control


Look at that silly goober
Isn’t he beautiful?
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He looks like he's having a good day :3


Is it a bat-eared fox?


It belongs in a soup



A boingy boof/10. Best boi. :)

File: 1679135522953.png (925.37 KB, 738x672, Cyberpog.PNG)


Post a pic of what he sees


Probably something whimsical and/or bizarre


File: 1679135838091.webm (1.14 MB, 1280x720, 1451471389435-0.webm)



images of sex

File: 1679095730230.png (2.58 MB, 1440x1079, 234501.png)


This is a question for those knowledgable about Oestrogen Hormone Replacement Treatment. Can I take it without suffering from muscle reduction whilst getting all the other effects (including penis shrinkage, I don't have sex anyway)? I am dysphoric in a number of ways for my body, mainly body hair and lack of breasts (also I desire a tail but unfortunately I can't get one with current technology). I couldn't care less about gender or officially transitioning or passing. The reason I'm worried about muscle is because I am active in martial arts / combat sports and don't want to be put at a significant disadvantage, I'm also engaged in sometimes violent protests and don't want to be vulnerable to fascists. If anyone could give their advice it would be much appreciated.
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i pray that you get your wish one day


thank you and I hope your dreams come true also <3


but it'll be annoying to do stuff in nature


You could swat mosquitoes away with it while using your hands for other stuff


Use your foreskin to simulate a tail, it works on my machine.

File: 1678988946731.png (700.74 KB, 720x959, ClipboardImage.png)


This guy is a 2000s dudebro who had some sort of traumatic incident or whatever that stopped him from taking in any more cultural developments since then
A lot of these hustle culture people seem like they still haven't gotten the memo that Dubya isn't president of the US anymore
In their heads, it's still 2007, Evangelicals are in control, Iraq has been raped and beaten into submission, they're chilling with their frat bro Kyle friends quoting Gold Digger and listening to alternative rock, talking about how they're gonna be epic hedge fund billionaires and fuck all of the hawt Megan Foxes of the world
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his father is black


funnily enough, it's only a few specific internet communities that do this


get good!


No need for me to gatekeep, secondaries are fun and the games gatekeep themselves


Yeah it's called overdosing on fentanyl

File: 1678272765316.jpg (150.63 KB, 1200x630, Meritocracy.jpg)


In practice "Real Meritocracy" or "Direct Meritocracy" requires workplaces strictly only judging people according to output and having no social norms but letting everyone dress or act how they like if it does not affect performance.

Everybody in the workplace would be pressured into doing better than others in terms of mathematical output over having social interaction or following social norms. People might even be encouraged to forego social interaction to maximize output.

Getting a job would be less passing social checks in an interview and likely more through proving yourself in a performance test or even an exam to outcompete other people by having higher output.

Say its not perfect and some people might not like living under Real Meritocracy in practice but it seems easier for people who are on the autism spectrum to get and keep a job than even neurotypicals in that kind of environment.

Neurodiverse people or minorities would tend to do better in those kinds of environments. The question is if there are any countries with mostly workplaces like that?
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>require people to smile on the job.
do burgers really


Basically yes, and I would rather live somewhere where workplaces pick the person with the highest score in a performance test. Even if it was by only a few tiny points rather than the candidate who seems most likeable or does the best at persuasion and influencing the HR interviewing them.

I would rather live in and experience how Meritocracy works in practice irl instead of live in an influence/persuasion based society.


That would be in of itself a social norm.


Its a bs concept, impossible to measure except in the cases where its clear. How do you measure workers glooming up the place and decreasing others morale, or workers helping others ?


File: 1679157937787.gif (1.5 MB, 355x225, 1585626668092-b.gif)

I came here to say this.


Watching balkan fascists online is pretty kino since they repeatedly called each other subhumans despite being literally the same people. I remembered watching a music video of Puska Puca(the ustashe anthem) where there's a chetnik in the comment section calling Croats monkeys for appropriating " his people's music" and there's a croat seething like "oh HELL NO HOW COULD YOU SUGGEST WE ARYAN CROATS STEAL FROM YOU SERB GYPSIES" and all the anglo fascists are just shitting on both of them. Pretty fun memory


I agree with you sort of. However it's easy to laugh at nationalists abroad when you live in a country whose territorial integrity hasn't been threatened in 100+ years like most of us do.


Yeah but no

Albanians are indigenous to this region unlike the slav*ids who infested here during the middle ages and have continuously tried to genocide us




Albania WILL drive out the Slavic colonizers


I hate seeing that shit, it's pretty depressing ngl.

File: 1679061176502.jpg (2.12 MB, 3000x4000, IMG_20230309_200218.jpg)


I am deeply troubled by the general popular support for cruelty in the world.
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OP that image is already getting datamined in the matrix chats btw



2b2t players: I recognize that cigarette.


I'm the CEO of cruelty, what are you going to do about it


demand worker control of cruelty


>leads army revolt to save christianity in Spain
>only 18% of spainards are practicing catholics in 2023

What did he mean by this?
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I'm writing that quote down anon.


I can't find much proof for this apart from the Francoist officers themselves bragging about it which could just have been a psyop attempt
Also not sure how killing a POW will change the enemy's tactics


imagine the smell THOUGH


File: 1679088440508.jpg (306.16 KB, 1440x2048, pol-ack.jpg)

>Also not sure how killing a POW will change the enemy's tactics
i know that if i was a soldier in the red army, total fascist death would boost my morale


wtf I love Franco now!

File: 1679059985548.jpg (116.93 KB, 1080x988, I really believe.jpg)


What are some uplifting/motivating podcasts that aren't self help podcasts. I want a podcast where random people just tell cool stories about things they've experienced.


Just talk to your friends.


The Adam Friedland Show


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