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File: 1701231714823.jpg (187.11 KB, 920x1220, 1701171588226613.jpg)


why is god so smug all the time ?
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>write a filler episode with a character to job against you and make you look strong
>literally name him job
i'm starting to think that god guy might not be so omniscient


Sometimes i feel bad about the Abrahamic God tbh, imagine that whenever you create a sentient being they always revolted against you


He did it intentionally so he can be the good guy


yeah, it's a lot like playing with action figures. you decide who's good, who's bad, who wins, and who loses.
he knew it would happen and designed it that way


That's somehow even worse.

File: 1701265475202.png (1.91 MB, 1200x896, ClipboardImage.png)


its finally happening
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maybe robo wants an oreo


vgh… the glorious battle between the machine gods of capitalism and the proletariat…


File: 1701275020386.png (479.63 KB, 640x480, ClipboardImage.png)

damn that's wild


an oreo a day keeps the doctor away


regardless of whether ghosts and gods and shit are real or not, would you rather live in a world where they exist or in a world where they don't?
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i'd be ok with it if i could talk to them and fight bigger demons with them like in smt


Why gods though? I do notice recurring coincidences but why does it always have to be gods? Magick? Fine. But holy shit, our society is so theocentric, we always have to reduce everything to mythology instead of using our actual imagination. It's all just confirmation bias.


Like, what if there is magick but no gods? Or what if those "gods" are more like the Old Ones or the Chaos Gods from WH40k? Look behind the surface of pure speculation and embrace the unknown.


Basically, what I'm saying is, all mythology is pure interpretation, even if numeric sorcery really does work. Like, there's no logical conclusion to be made.


More things to study and learn about? Splendid.


mateireal explantaoin?
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ejaculate extraction by a sexual service provider



Muad Dhib…


kanguru mouse


File: 1701264466352.jpg (124.04 KB, 1200x750, IMG_20200620_154030.jpg)

are these real

File: 1699370665659.jpeg (315.16 KB, 1125x1905, 1678375454523538.jpeg)


Post ITT if you're thinking you're back

>actually woke up early today

>went for a morning jog
>had some eggs and a smoothie for breakfast
>feeling bretty gud

yeah I'm thinking I'm back
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ernst busch is so nostalgic to me
it reminds me of 8chan leftypol


your girlfriend or your mom?


I have worked for years from being unable to hold a single habit and being depressed and suicidal about it to being able to hold habits and succeed at self-defined goals. Then, spiraled out of control and lost all my progress, then picked myself up, did it again.
Every time i get back on the horse i am a little better.
I wrote up this goal list of what the person i would like to be would be able to do. Then i wrote down what habits i would need to have to be able to be all of those things. It was a lot of things. way too many things to reasonably do.
But that was then and this is now
Yesterday was the first day that i had done all of them. Today i did it again. For the 10 or so days prior to that i have missed an average of 2/10 of the habits. So, that means i'm averaging 80% completion daily. but the last two days it was 100%

I'm extremely proud of myself.


File: 1700478057060.jpg (63.77 KB, 640x640, agmh2imdmu0c1.jpg)

massive w. congrats anon and remember that its okay to feel down once in a while, you dont have to be perfect every single day


fell off again. but tomorrow ill be BACK

File: 1691702716376.jpg (512.41 KB, 875x1050, pirate 2ch.jpg)

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Pirate thread, yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

Post about pirates and and piracy be it on the high seas or the internet!
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do I access this link directly through qbittorrent? I tried and it didn't work


torrent clients are for .torrent files or magnet links


so what am I supposed to do? Make a text file, fut the link on the file, and rename the extension to .torrent?
explain to me like I'm a mentally disabled 5 year old


click on that link (in other words open it in your browser)
click on the "magnet download" option
your browser will probably ask you what program you want to open that link with
select qbittorrent


It doesn't show any prompt here. I tried it on both google chrome and edge. The error is "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN". Also, sorry for the annoyance, and thanks for the help good night imma go to sleep <3 <3

File: 1701238780132.jpg (31.31 KB, 1280x720, obamium.jpg)




File: 1701239053633-0.png (1.9 MB, 2200x837, obama horny.png)



the absolute gemistry


this dude's politics are bizarre
>starts off complaining about obama's sexualized campaign ads
>starts trashing obama for having a white mom
>even though he's lightskin af and most of the folks standing behind him are blacker than him
>starts licking bill clinton's toes
>starts complaining about black men
>pretends affirmative action is saying black people are less able than white people rather than seeing it as a limited form of reparations.


what have you been
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Bloons TD6


For all mankind and Invincible






>datamining thread

playan: my dick
watchan: my dick
readan: my dick
goonan: my dick


File: 1701221031906.pdf (5.32 MB, 165x255, 1689059361594.pdf)

playan: Metal Gear Solid 5
watchan: Esoterica (the youtube channel)
readan: pdf rel
goonan: Misato rule 34


>Esoterica (the youtube channel)
that's a good channel, on god


friends emotionally by trying to make music with them, otherwise ICO
the keys of this huge-ass heavy Yamaha organ sounding weak as fuck how will we get rid of this fucking thing?
got a copy of Bataille's Accursed Share recently but i got filtered after reading the intro tbh
Chihuahua Rodent Man, listen, if i could i would give you the highest honors, you absolutely deserve them, and the anthem of Chihuahualand might be this very fine Japanese song about a brown angry small dog, and i hope all the best for you my friend; a land free of prefidious feline imperialism

File: 1701226523570.png (489.53 KB, 571x862, ClipboardImage.png)


Look at him making this model feel bad so he can convince her to sleep with him


File: 1701227125952.png (349.37 KB, 529x870, ClipboardImage.png)

And he scores!!!


socrates first ever recorded manipulative pickup artist confirmed??


>come to my school and pay for my course
>pussy guaranteed!
>t. plato
first ever recorded hustler


I wanna see what this bitch looked like. No way she was that hot.


i can't believe he had sèx. all my faith in socrates is gone

File: 1701222710654.png (544.94 KB, 453x454, cat fdsafdsadfas.PNG)


is diabetes a boy or a girl
is hemorrhoids a boy or a girl
is acid reflux a boy or a girl
is chickenpox a boy or a girl
is asthma a boy or a girl
is kidney stones a boy or a girl
is tooth decay a boy or a girl
is urinary incontinence a boy or a girl
is tinnitus a boy or a girl


we already had this thread


>>474499 we had a fred for the gender speculation of political paradigms & for something else that i don't remember but i don't think we had a fred for illnesses????(?)?????


just b urself


>is diabetes a boy or a girl
>is hemorrhoids a boy or a girl
>is acid reflux a boy or a girl
>is chickenpox a boy or a girl
>is asthma a boy or a girl
>is kidney stones a boy or a girl
>is tooth decay a boy or a girl
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Gender is not real.

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