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File: 1669726164058.png (53.29 KB, 597x457, drfqgh.png)


It's over.
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Communism is a religion of love


Love of the people anon. Not love of the ruling classes.


I don't want to be one with humanity, you people are all retarded.


What did conservatives do to her?


Calm down Henry Kissinger

File: 1670020682126.png (208.84 KB, 1920x1080, gameidea.png)


Game idea: reverse centipede
Required items: dildo (or solid frozen turnd), and lubricant

Two players each stick one half of a dildo in their ass, making the dildo connecting the two players, and the goal of the game is one player to shit their portion of the dildo into the other players anus.

What do you guys think?
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so its like tug of war. what should we name the game


Do you lose if you cum? What if you fall in love?


Think I've seen this before but it was more a direct tug of war. The goal was to grip the dildo and pull it out of the other's ass not shove it into the others ass. OP's scenario sounds too difficult.


I said reverse centipede, but some other name thay involves centipede I'm open to

You wouldn't lose if either occurred, if anything they can be used strategically for an advantage

I think it can work. The game would be more of a game of attrition, where your depleting your opponents mental strength


>dildo (or solid frozen turd)
ahh yes, the good old mud sock


Em este hilo falamos em portuñol.
O portuñol não teñer que ser uma mescla exacta, usted póde tomar caracteristicas de as dos lenguas livremente e há de haber alguma cosa que se póda entender.


No puedo fingir que hablo protgues, pero portuñol se lee fácil.


i can speak spanish too! AJAJAJKIZAHFOIEIHAO34IA34O


File: 1670021895365.jpeg (11.21 KB, 236x279, GANG SHIT.jpeg)


viva la grande patria


la america latina és la mejor america, la america latina és la america baseada


Un cono sur unido y socialista sería tan basado.


>I am in fact a Hobbit in all but size. I like gardens, trees, and unmechanized farmlands; I smoke a pipe, and like good plain food (unrefrigerated), but detest French cooking; I like, and even dare to wear in these dull days, ornamental waistcoats. I am fond of mushrooms (out of a field); have a very simple sense of humour (which even my appreciative critics find tiresome); I go to bed late and get up late (when possible). I do not travel much.

are you a hobbit?

File: 1670005301593.gif (3.81 MB, 532x640, vr-dog.gif)


is virtual reality the future
and do you have vr goggles? Would u recommend? I'm thinking about buying one
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My brother's oculus rift 5 years ago. But the technology is basically the same. I mean there are certainly good games on VR (though not that many) and its good for larping as an anime girl. But it really is quite limited since its just visual and auditory and so there is a massive suspension of disbelief. Current VR just doesn't work as a Virtual Reality that well, its just gaming but with a headset and wii remotes.


how do you know if modern VR tech basically the same if you haven't tried it? 5 years ago is a very long time, fam


any good for porn and fap ?


It is quite fun, not something you will probably play for weeks on end but every now and then it is nice. Obviously it is pretty expensive though.


Seems to me like VR is starting like earlier days of the internet and I hope people realize this and protect it from glowies and porkies by decentralizing, encrypting, routing, making use of meshnets, open source, open hardware, memory safe programming languages etc to protect users from data mining and other things.

There are VR users who experience phantom touch though. The brain is able to fill in the missing bits. Also haptic suits are a thing now just expensive.


>mfw I realize sex doesn‘t exist and was a massive psyop by chad and stacey to trick ordinary men into believing they lacked something that doesn‘t exist
>mfw my mommy was right and it‘s the stork that brings the babies
Women don‘t exist either. It‘s all just guys with high pitched voices. The problem never existed



the truth, at last… thank you


>>344232 amogus

File: 1669921635555-0.jpg (366.08 KB, 1200x1200, nicholas ii.jpg)

File: 1669921635555-1.png (84.97 KB, 400x400, matt-christman.png)


not sure if this belongs here but:

Was the Russian empire doomed the second it failed to secure any colonies in the global south? Is there a way they could have been militarily competitive with the rest of Europe without a revolution or the horrors of break-neck industrialization?
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This is my biggest pet peeve when rightoids said that colonialism would've ended on its own because of how unprofitable it was. Well dumbass why do you think it was so unprofitable?
Colonies were almost universally wellsprings of corruptions, and a lot of those corruptions were done by colonial viceroys and bureaucrats who used their ill-gotten funds to lobby the central government into pouring even more money and time into the colonies. The similarity between the various european colonies with the US military is very striking, and will give you an insight into why the US keeps getting into these forever wars.


might be that way for the metropole states in question, but the industrial capitalist wins with dirt cheap (or even free) raw materials and labor, which is what matters
"socialize the costs, privatize the profits" or something


Do you have any sources for what you are saying? I'd like to read up on the subject myself.


File: 1670001835529.pdf (413.87 KB, 180x255, Company.pdf)

>Every attempt was made to save the Company and provide financial support, whenever needed, with the result that the Company’s money also flowed into the state machinery during wars and other crisis moments. In the disaster year of 1672, when the finances were hard hit, the
Heeren XVII along with the other directors suspended their payment on the Company’s bonds.
The States of Holland and Zeeland at this time, which were naturally filled with many men from the VOC boards of directors, took over the burden onto their own shoulders. A loan of 2 million guilders was forwarded by the directors as bonds in the name of these provincial governments, in return for a guarantee of protection against the protests of the creditors….. Beyond
the institutional perspective, if one considers the fact that most of the officials in both the
political bodies as well as in the VOC administration shared common commercial and political
links, it is understandable that the leading political families would try to protect the Company where they had financial stakes involved.


File: 1670006848089.png (31.86 KB, 591x558, ITSOVER.png)

imagine soviet alaska

File: 1669969343259.jpg (91.25 KB, 640x494, landlord love.jpg)


Friendly reminder that no harm committed against a landlord is impermissible.

In fact the suffering of landlords is directly correlated with the goodness and kindness of the universe. I wish that landlords were a race so that we could be racist to them and genocide them for thousands of years.

I wish that landlords were a race so that we could breed them like cattle to make more landlord victims. We could create a wide variety of wholesome and ecologically friendly landlord animal products, leak shoe polish and wagon wheel grease, from landlord fat and skin. Landlord bones will adorn the house decor of every good working woman and working man and working enby and working children will play whimsical and educational games with the teeth and craniums of landlord slaves. We need nazoid/unit 731 tier research into how the mind of the landlord works, but actually effective and scientifically validate. So that we can unravel and painstakingly catalogue the most effective and most artistically fulfilling ways to inflict suffering on every wretched organism of the landlord race.

After 400 years we need to give landlords rights and suck each other off about how good we are. Of course we keep them ghettoized and poison their water and destroy their gross landlord communities while anti-landlord cops fetch their landlord spawn and rape them and give them syphilis. When they go insane (uh oh looks like you did an oopsie you lil landlord) we need to institutionalize them in psych wards and take out random parts of their brains and overdose them with LSD and scopolamine (you know for the research) and then throw them back out on the street and tell them their neighbors are demons and they need to get a gun to defend themselves from rape.

Then moderate normal people (people of work-pow) will point how violent and landlordy they are acting and how even though we are kind and civilized people of work, we need to clean up the streets, and we will be applauded for our restraint, including from our mind washed landlord pets. Then we get the landlords hooked on weird landlord drugs from the cop-istan colonies, and apply a healthy dose of lead to mix things up a bit and get the landlords all nice and thuggish and landlordy whenever we fix a landlord den or improve a landlord family. Then we jail every second landlord daddy, so they can slave progressive style, making chic designer jeans for conscious brands (network of freely associating Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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meds. now.


the point of liquidating landlords as a class is not to cause more suffering and to cause more exploitation, but precisely to limit the pre-existing suffering and exploitation. do not confuse revolution with revenge.


File: 1669987676341.jpg (77.76 KB, 1170x1596, shitposting-za08ti.jpg)

landlords truly are the oppressed class


funny thing is, under marxian economics, this is somewhat true after modification. As in, landlord leeches off total surplus value created by labour (this is obvious), but he also leeches off surplus value already stolen by porky.
In effect, landlord is porky for porky and this is why large part of Smith's work is concerned with combating it.


File: 1670005977344.jpg (163.78 KB, 1080x966, expand classicide.jpg)

>lets the peasants do what they want with the landlords
>they murder them
what did he mean by this

File: 1669783373073-0.png (2.45 MB, 2040x1160, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1669783373073-1.png (286.84 KB, 609x424, ClipboardImage.png)


"Grace X Alunya" is just Mario X Peach but Lesbian. Very vanilla if you think about it. Also shameful. A worker in a red hat making out with royalty? Pshhh. Class treachery.
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You could take inspiration from these.


more like where is the alunya-themed sonic hack


porky robotnik


Tanuki Maria


Ever since the Your Emerald Eyes video, leftypol.org has found it irresistible to talk about royalty-related topics & Graceposting.

File: 1668862276828-0.png (413.25 KB, 526x634, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1668862276828-1.png (648.21 KB, 689x960, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1668862276828-2.png (310.85 KB, 408x491, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1668862276828-3.png (763.22 KB, 1000x951, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1668862276828-4.png (505.99 KB, 488x606, ClipboardImage.png)


>boomers jerk off to this laughing
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hi anglo


oi nonce


File: 1668940294233.png (513.28 KB, 483x618, ClipboardImage.png)




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