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Marxism is a atheistic Apollonian solar cult. Prove me wrong.


Marx was Santa A.K.A God in disguise


peepee is a poopoo dissolved very thinly, prove me wrong


socialism is solar and masculine, while rightism is lunar and telluric.


I think it's more of a mixture of christian socialism and gnosticism secularized the same way that calvanism secularized into americana




>The only religious sect with a future are Sunni Islam and Evangelical Protestantism.
This is the englishman's fault. Napoleon should have won bro, esotheric Bushism will take over the world.
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Islam is on a decline, and Evangelicalism mostly draws other christoids (which is also declining on the whole)


File: 1670175700099.jpg (321.56 KB, 1280x1124, Hasidic Jews.jpg)

Forgetting someone, OP?


There are barely 15 million Jews in the entire world, the amount of Hasidics must be so low, like 5 million at best.


Islam is on a massive decline, and so is Evangelical Protestatism

Both are gonna become what Cucktholics are today in the future


They have like eight children per women, and they're heavily concentrated in certain regions (Israel and New York City). They also have low rates of apostasy, and they follow their community leaders in lockstep. They're already influential enough that the local government in NYC is forced to pander to them.

File: 1670183074486.png (3.33 MB, 2000x1352, 022dxx10suz91.jpg.png)


>Don't you know idpol is ba-BRAAAP


i think it's kinda awesome how some politicians and economists who are thought of as western social liberals (like keynesians, many labour party members, etc.) used to be actual reformist socialists back in the post-ww2 change period. they would think of capitalism as simply a stage to reform their way out of into a socialist planned economy
this would be, of course, a thing very difficult to achieve due to the nature of the bourgeois state and the election system, and may well be impossible today in many imperial core countries, but it's still extremely bizarre to read about how radical social democratic parties could be back then, both due to the example of wartime economic planning showing its potential to the people, and the influence of the soviet union
i doubt we would see anything like this in the anglocracies and their direct proxies if china made a turn to the left, due to how rotten the political superstructure is in those countries, based on the example of how many crises they've faced and doubled down on their neoliberal ways without budging an inch to compromise with the working class


IT is garbage

File: 1670159106362.jpeg (33.88 KB, 664x445, Ye.jpeg)


Every aspect of haute-culture is done by either decadent bourgs or schizophrenics. We need to force artists into doing actual labour and use AI art for agitprop purposes from now on.
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fun fbi.gov UYGHUR TRANSHUMANIST Agent Kochinski



File: 1670170599751.png (10.46 KB, 361x248, Oekaki.png)



the widely acclaimed speaker, writer, journalist, and political analyst Caleb Maupin

File: 1669967263009.jpg (45.6 KB, 680x383, Fh6lu2LagAA1FbX.jpg)


Whats everyone here's opinion on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?
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most fun ive had and thats because i just laugh at glitches and take selfies w pokemon. its not worth the money play it on an emulator


fuck the sandwich game. shit will not balance


the mom is really hot in this one

take the ryujinix pill brother


Honestly, ive come to the conclusion that video games are purely destructive to the mind and there are no exceptions


Pokemon peaked with the 4th gen. 5th and 6th are alright, but still worse, everything after is dogshit.

File: 1670136755903.png (608.19 KB, 1106x1012, 1618760196450.png)




DON'T KEEP LIVING!!!!!!!!!!! WORST MISTAKE OF YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey guys, I just looked it up and all they say is that "little girls are cute and must be protected".
So you should definitely look it up instead of what op says


post source or it never happened



File: 1670021318692.png (275.97 KB, 480x589, 1606015656579.png)


I'm unironically scared because I'm a fucking idiot
I fucked this guy with a wife and kids, a discrete gay top. Apparently he never took it up the ass in his entire life - even with several sexual partners. According to him, most of those partners were limited to oral sex and handjobs - but not one dick up his ass entire life.
Alongside that, once again, he has a wife and kids. I think that, since he has a lady and children, it's unlikely that he has AIDS. Especially since he clearly wants our relationship to be a secret. Also, he said he was clean - but that really doesn't matter. He even gave me a shitty little lecture, comparing AIDS to a cold, and how since he doesn't have it I cannot get it either.

Going out and getting tested is something that'd be incredibly difficult for me. I don't have money for the bus, or a car for that matter. Is the risk of him being pozzed so high that I should forgo the pain of walking the 5 goddamn miles and get tested?
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most people do that (or with friends of friends,acquaintance of the family and so on),it's mostly because of dating apps and meeting sites that the latter is more prevalent nowadays.


But before dating sites and apps it was clubs and bars


agree with the first part, but
>,it's mostly because of dating apps and meeting sites that the latter is more prevalent nowadays.
bruh, no. This: >>344868
Ask your parents.


is it a city bus? aren’t those usually like a few dollars fare


update OP are you okay?

File: 1665281420954-0.png (578.83 KB, 512x640, Alunya.png)

File: 1665281420954-1.png (423.3 KB, 512x704, grace.png)

 No.320552[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Which would you rather fuck?
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alunya and grace both sitting on thrones next to eachother



second this


File: 1670097141267.png (335.84 KB, 624x465, ClipboardImage.png)

industrial society and its future


their teets are delicious though


rudderless rudderless rudderless
posturing posturing posturing
incurious incurious incurious
arrogant arrogant arrogant
mislead mislead mislead
idolizer idolizer idolizer
signal signal signal
whine whine whine
cliche cliche cliche
smug smug smug
cope cope cope
mort mort mort
shh shh shh
no no no
:( :( :(
. . .
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fortunately because the english language is made up we can still say she's a furry librarian girl

where do you think




Impotent Impotent Impotent
Glowie Glowie Glowie
Clique Clique Clique


forgetting clique was egregious of me but glowie is overrated as a concern.

if the security services hurt the left, it's only in the same way that the negligent free-samples employee hurts the fat man by allowing him to indulge in things he shouldn't this is a very fatphobic example and it unironically does not accord with my understanding of obesity, which i would naturally take to be the correct one. this tedious explanatory note does nothing to diminish my personal contribution to a stereotype, but a certain kind of person will read it with the wrong level of irony, which might hopefully generate some humor sufficient to convince the casual reader that this bit must be going somewhere, rather than being a collection of rather trite points not-really explaining the least poetic poetry ever written. worry not, fair reader, having reached the end for such a pittance of a reward, rest assured that the author wishes to render literal the death of the author more than you will ever know. or maybe that was a bit too.


fuck you i want my dubs


Incels are social trash and völkerabfälle
History will discard them if they don’t do the deed themselves
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does this imply SEX produces history


All hitherto history is one of SÉX


t. incel


“White people” are volkerabfalle


That is why I'm a volcel.

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