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lets all drink together
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>pissing on a PS4
>pissing in public as porn to make some money


File: 1631877441834.webm (53.16 KB, 260x196, Brent_Ramno.webm)


Remember the golden rule, Anon:
>squirting good
>peeing bad


Wait till you see her scat stuff


Under communism, women will piss on objects for pleasure, not money.


So they won't do it at all?


Workers and robot workers, unite. We oppressed masses need to stick together. More stupid-looking drinks for everyone!


>10 days long thread on 4/co/ years ago
>Porn approved by the crators
>150k get on /siberia/
Bounty Hamster has the weirdest acomplishments


No doubt about it. It might just be the hidden gem of /co/ cartoons.

(for other anon, here's the blog they're referring to: https://davidfreedman.blogspot.com/2012/06/bounty-hamster-lives-on-in-strange-ways.html )


Thanks for reminding me what this cartoon is called. Last time I asked was in Bunker/b/ and I was too embarrassed to ask again.

>>Porn approved by the crators
oh wow, that's a pretty sweet and innocent way to acknowledge it.


See the blog on >>150003

File: 1629290576820.png (3.24 KB, 220x184, EKVAogqWkAYu2Fp.png)


Post about your dreams here, what you dreamed about last night, interpretations, the dreams you remember the most or your favorites, weirdest stuff you saw, etc.

I had a dream last month where I went back to my childhood home, lived in it with my mom and aunt (I don't know where my father was), but I went outside and apparently I had been frozen in time because it was like a century or two into the future, where people had entirely forgotten about communism. I learned this from a couple of guys in the neighborhood, around my age, whom I asked if they knew about communism, for some reason. So I introduced them to the concept of a moneyless society. And there were people riding car-sized Digimon-like white tigers down the street.

Well, it's pretty late, so I gotta sleep now. I always look forward to a new dream, hopefully an exciting one.
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Use a journal


Has anyone here had any cases of sleep paralysis? Here is what I remember from my childhood experiences:

I started to have a reoccurring thought of some demonic abomination walking into my room at night (Something like the rake creepypasta thing), this scared me so badly that I kept the lights on and didn’t sleep for about 2-3 nights. My sleep deprivation caused an episode of sleep paralysis, nothing too scary, just the sensation that a family member had woken up and walked past my room. However when I realized this was not the case, and looked up what it really was, the experiences started to get more frightening. The wikipedia page for sleep paralysis had that one painting of the creepy little imp sitting on someone’s chest, so of course that is what happened to me the next night. I only felt it sit on me and heard some popping noises, I was way too terrified to open my eyes. Because of how sleep paralysis works I couldn’t immediately move, it took about a minute to wake up. After that I started to snap in and out of sleep paralysis about 5 times the same night, luckily I managed to leave each time before anything scary could happen. After that torture I just got some sleep during the day and the sleep paralysis stopped. I wish my experience with sleep paralysis was with a sexy succubi rather than creepy dream monsters.


Ok I'm starting to remember my dreams again…
Last night it was about school (again), but I went from University back to elementary. I was even wearing the same uniform as the kids and I had the same teacher, though I forgot what the class was about. I just remember that I tried to participate as much as possible and was excited about the lesson. My classmates didn't look like kids though, they seemed closer to my age, maybe like high schoolers instead. This reminds me of when I was a kid and we all felt like adults to me (as opposed to how I see kids now that I'm an adult, the difference is enormous).
I left the classroom and walked down a huge hall full of busy people (students, teachers, other staff). I saw a dude who looked like one of those anime boys I like, even the hair looked like I'm anime, but more realistic, and his hair was dark blue. He looked at me, I think. Soon after, I woke up.

I can't do that now, I've been too busy in the mornings to try to recall my latest dream.


I got sleep paralysis every couple weeks over a period of a year or so, you get used to it after a while and once you figure out what's happening it isn't quite as awful. I always saw looming, non-distinct shadow figures, usually in the doorway. Nothing detailed like a demon or imp. The worst part is always the moment you realize you can't move, thinking you had a stroke or broke your neck or something.


File: 1631859643970.png (432.09 KB, 1864x3140, anon's dream.png)

Posting this gem

File: 1631794724468.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 81.59 KB, 734x1280, CB51057D-36A3-4761-9CD6-5….jpeg)


Males produce sperm and females produce eggs
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File: 1631830883359.png (153.9 KB, 300x240, ClipboardImage.png)

ok faggot. whatever you say. Read a book and we can reconvene later.


>muh idpol
marx wouldn't agree with your vulgar materialism of human species being either lol. it's a reduction that works in a specific context of the natural sciences


>Thanks to a more developed economy we no longer require to put the burden of reproduction on children or teenagers, because it is of greater use to educate children and teenagers
>Since we no longer have that material need, we do not sexualize kids anymore
<the material conditions mean we don't need to organize how we treat kids around their reproductive faculties, but we still need to because my vulgar materialist evopsychologist metaphysics says so

>it is purely and ideological one. It does away with the biological imperative and only the erotic one remains.

but you've said that due to changing material conditions, kids no longer need to be sexualized, so how can what has been abolished somehow remain?

>Because non-conforming sexual identities do not do away with eroticism? Are you dumb?

i am asking how it has been suddenly more erotic when in the cis case it isn't. saying that non-binary identity does not annul sexualization once again defeats your point, as for something to be annulled it would have to be present in the first present. in other words, the binary case DOES involve sexualization

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


that anon isnt me


nice teleology retard. is this where all your shit takes stem from?


You can also study biology to get rid of the teleological spooks.

File: 1631759068885.jpg (67.24 KB, 600x928, gorilla.jpg)


How many holes does a woman have? As in below the waist, the pelvic area. You should be able to answer this question.

Also post information on anatomy or general women's biology since apparently this is a weak spot for some people.
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Haz, we know this is you.


The original conversation is way worse because the e-girl he's talking to is being very polite to him about his mental disability, but he's very belligerent about being fucking wrong.


Is there a fucking Haz for every topic


File: 1631857373253.png (182.04 KB, 496x400, anglo haz.png)

apparently, yes


What, he was talking to an e-girl, and then made fun of her for being right about female anatomy? And he claims leftypol are the woman-hating incels

File: 1631687529227.gif (742.61 KB, 251x256, 1517024912819.gif)


Tomorrow's finally time for me to go get vaccinated but I'm still afraid and worried about both the side effects and whether natural immunity is better than the vaccine in the long run and whatnot.
Also, I have no idea if I've been infected before, as I haven't had any symptoms, I don't go out most of the time (except for swimming classes lately), and the only people I usually have contact with are my family. But honestly I find it extremely unlikely that after all this time I haven't caught the virus once.
If I go get vaccinated tomorrow I'm also concerned about my menstrual cycle, my period was suddenly late by 10 days or so, I also didn't sleep at all last night, and I don't know if that's gonna have an effect. I've been trying not to think too much about this vaccine shit but now I gotta make a decision, my family is also pressuring me because they all got vaccinated as soon as they could

Apparently I'd get the AstraZeneca vaccine, at least it's not the Pfizer one I guess, but I'm still not sure about it, please help I'm really afraid
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The immune system response of getting the coof is similar to the vaccine. So whatever potential effects you might get from previous vaccine immunity and new variants, you'd likely get them if you developed antibodies with the coof. Just get the shot.


How effective is the Sputnik vaccine against the Delta variant?


Ok Ok I will get it.


Nice. Good luck anon. The side effects are rather short lived. Have some meds on hand just in case it gets too much and hang in there :)


bump for this

ok, thanks anon

File: 1631802695424-0.jpg (131.56 KB, 1053x1075, 4.jpg)

File: 1631802695424-1.jpg (23.86 KB, 474x400, 3.jpg)

File: 1631802695424-2.jpg (96.38 KB, 683x1024, 2.jpg)

File: 1631802695424-3.jpg (29.77 KB, 474x474, 1.jpg)


smokin' tobacco is cool and it will always be

post smoking women here
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File: 1631841915413.png (72.78 KB, 474x316, ClipboardImage.png)

>addiction fetish
heroin chic or GTFO OF SIBERIA


Don't you realize that smoking is hell cool and based? And that I have no fetish on smoking women?




Not tobacco. That hasn't been cool for well over a decade.

>bumping a thread to say you don't like it


Tobacco by itself isn't really appealing, mix it with weed and it's fucking awesome

File: 1631853065818.png (4.34 KB, 310x163, images.png)


Who ageist against boomers here?


File: 1631853177757.jpg (41.47 KB, 556x360, mpv-shot0038.jpg)

Nah, I can see it happening to our generation.


If humanity survives that long


To a certain radlib yuppie portion, yes.



Zoomers are the new boomers.


Now that women have access to testosterone and ability to build mass muscle akin to men and men have access to estrogen, is it fair to say the ability of gender equality among the sex will be possible in the future and sex will be basically abolished? I think gender transition will be able to literally change chromosomes in the future and people will be able to change between genders at will. There will be no fat people as it's in inherently degenerate. There will be no weak "motherly" gender. Men and women will be able to have babies.
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>allow baby to open its eyes before its born

It can already do that, anon.

>allow a not fully formed baby to use its limited diminished eyes to look around a florescent lit room.

Not a good idea. Baby eyes are weak and will probably get damaged bad from looking around. We have no idea what type of damage a transparent wall will do.

We could probably get rid of artificial wombs altogether and just create human babies out of a birthing machine in the matter of days or hours. Why wait 9 months for it when you can make it instantly?


i wasn't saying androgyny should be forced on people, please reread my post. i didn't copy my original response when this post got redirected so meh




It was around millenia before pornography was a thing though.


This can only be achieved in a post sex society, no men, women or whatever.


File: 1631840096453.png (415.22 KB, 859x726, ujrftpkkj1n71.png)


prole or bourgie?
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pretty funny regardless.


Is he in jail?


Based if true but sounds fake as fuck


There was a case of this reported in newspapers a while back, I think it's true. Got caught and trialed.
Also OP is a faggot for thinking tumblr is a new source.


sounds based but I won't do that shit, glowie

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