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>be me
>into black women
>my family, particularly my mom doesn't want me to marry or even think of dating a woman with the slightest melamine
>nooo society will look down on you and your black wife!
>nooo you will ruin muh family genetics
>nooo your children will turn out ugly and get bullied
>nooo you will face racism in Europe! marry an Aryan woman instead!

feels bad man
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><this all assumes the smallest band size relative to cup, and that insertions and volume distribution are ideal e.g. Tear drop nipple up. That is, smaller cups can still 'appear' big without volumetrically being so. This is truly what most people mean by "big/huge".
my man's doing titty phrenology


Not the guy who you were replying to but I would fuck their sweaty armpit/side tit while they are disinterested, 7 hours into their work (and still working) and wearing nothing but an apron


File: 1716103130274.jpg (Spoiler Image, 44.81 KB, 290x428, mfw.jpg)

Not quite large enogh imo, left wood berry, right not so much.


it's kinda weird to get off on candid pictures of people in a context where they're not trying to present as sexy at all…


File: 1716150586773.jpg (131.25 KB, 1242x1557, 1716131287055457.jpg)

Anon, they're shitposting here and in the tits thread, so I responded with a shitpost.
It's si/b/eria, relax.



Why do Autisms love trains so much?
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ingesting BPAs from plastic is a good way to induce autism in an adult


You already are


Just learn more about them. The more you know about things the more interesting they become.


tiktok moment


- Minecraft with Create Mod
- Get into web revival and look for specifically train related blogs
- Videos of cats in train model diaramas

That's low attention span / audio-visual learning overtaking one's literacy and language aquisition, not autism. The gegagedigedagopilled skibidimoder don't have time to learn about machines.


crowd control fascinates me. people collectively behave in retarded ways and get themselves killed when they panic


Yeah, people are silly when they panic. You and I aren't immune to this either. The speed at which that fire progressed was insane though, and the building had no sprinklers. One of the exits was blocked by bouncers who apparently wouldn't let anyone through, and another was through the kitchen, which many patrons wouldn't have known about.

The full video, for anyone who's interested. Be warned: it's graphic.


Chef Saltbaker the petite bourgeois, after exploiting the labor of Cuphead and co., has his bakery (private mean of production) destroyed and is put to justice. The judge, instead of encarceraring the Chef, sentences him to obligatory community service, where he is resocialized through labor. Then, after arduous work in service of his community (Isle IV), he is forgiven, rebuilds his bakery (productive force) with his own labor and becomes a respected member.


>fiction is leftist
ok how about we make reality leftist


Retarded consumer thread


>recording without audio so they added in static


cuphead is an indie game
Leftist thought processes present in art prime proles toward thinking as leftists, just as neoliberal thought processes present in art does the same thIng–especially in kids, which I assume is the target audience of cuphead as I've never played it, but it gives mascot horror vibes.
Revolution requires both basic and superstructural material conditions. Anti-intellectualism is bourgois.
For that sovlfvl vintigage-core look


Moved to >>>/games/35418.

File: 1716138997910-0.gif (2.27 MB, 480x640, 1.gif)

File: 1716138997910-1.png (2.71 MB, 2400x1846, 56461609.png)


can you bump a 4chan/w/ thread for me?
use the second pic
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Why? Also why is the captcha so fucked up on 4chan?


arigato anon
seething /a/ mod banned me sitewide


You should post in >>444683 instead.


there are like two people who post in that thread. one is me

File: 1703094469710-0.png (53.08 KB, 633x394, Coc.png)


Demons souls of pornographic video games
Dark souls of pornographic video games
Armored core of pornographic video games
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That's because they transferred to HTML5


Surprised Shay didn't mention Futadom World


>Take it back NOW!
>And please do buy Skyrim again, thank you.
Reminded me of this


And the other good one



>incredibly difficult to mentally visualize things, can only think conceptually
>absolutely zero imagination
Wow I might actually be an "NPC". Is there a cure?
The feeling that everything I do is just imitation is a bit disconcerting, like I'm a fleshy ChatGPT bot.
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visualize everything in symbols by making your own system of semantics. categorize them if you want. just write symbols and start connecting. vary them. it wont fix it but it helps when its needed.


I miss having enjoyable vivid dreams. :(


It's when you think about things, you think about them verbally. It's almost exactly like in movies where you hear a character's voice echoing in their head to show what they're thinking about. You just don't necessarily "hear" the words in your voice, it might be closer to reading or writing words on a page. It's not necessarily automatic for people, more like a habit you get into as a way of organizing thoughts and planning what you're going to say/do.

That's a different thing. Inner monologue is either under your control or you at least perceive it that way, as something you are doing. Inner voices that feel like someone else is more just remembering things you've heard other people say or interpreting what you think they mean. It can get kind of muddled up, since it seems to be a similar brain function, but inner monologue is specifically you putting your own thoughts into words to try to organize them.

Yeah it seems to be more or less the same function that causes music to be stuck in your head.

>i have an internal voice running almost 24/7 but it doesnt sound like anything
That sounds more like schizophrenia.


I don't understand why people say having no internal monologue is bad, it seems an improvement over having one. Like how people without subvocalization read faster, people without an internal monologue must be thinking faster, no?


Reading without any kind of subvocalization is hard to learn, because there is one less type of mnemonic to retain the content. I've been uncomfortable at anything beyond a fairly fast subvocalization speed for most of my life and only find myself skimming over very long prose. Reading prose very fast can actually create a vague mental image with enough practice.

I would guess the same concept applies to internal monologue, only to a lesser degree. Many people need to use internal monologue to order their thoughts, yet i seem to only briefly have stream-of-consciousness type verbal thoughts. I'm mostly glad my thoughts usually consist of singular concepts, relations and fragments of sensations, except when i need to shunt them into comprehensible sentences.

File: 1716095144557.jpeg (25.6 KB, 700x416, images (97).jpeg)


>Watching video-essay on YouTube
<"In his book, Capitalist Realism, writer Mark Fisher said-"
>Immediately close video
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>Breadtube is fucking terrible now.
'breadtube' was a shitshow of grift from the getgo


Genuinely never seen this happen. I've clearly avoided this breadtube thingy ya'll agorithmfolk whine about.

Use an RSS reader and hide the suggestions panes with uBlock, only sub to stuff you find off-site.


Let's be honest: it's a shit book.


Ghosts of my life was better as a piece on sociology


>expecting youtuber trash to be anything but cultural critic shit
i mean you kinda asked for it

File: 1715669590430.jpg (11.61 KB, 255x142, 1608916394426-1.jpg)


Why do reactionaries keep yapping about housewives as if it was some kind of natural state of humanity even though they were never common at any point in history?
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most people regardless of views think their own set of beliefs is the eternal universal and therefore correct one (spoilers: no belief is eternal or universal)


This is the crux of the problem regarding gender or intergenerational relations


these two threads belong together


File: 1716068860485.jpg (46.69 KB, 640x439, Level995.jpg)

They want a suburban house in the backrooms with a built-in wife, one dog, two children, one amputee child, and an atroturf lawn so they can drive their personal automobile more often.


is what true? housewife is a nonsense concept only the rich could keep a trophy wife/housewife. The peasents had to make dozens of babies to help themselves with farming do you think the women didn’t have to participate in the work.

File: 1716059378222.jpg (142.18 KB, 1129x487, 4chancensorship.jpg)


A lot of people think 4chan is the last bastion of free speech, especially pol. But the truth is that they just delete anything that is against the alt-right that makes them too angry, so people see a bunch of nazis and assume it's not moderated. But it is heavily so.

This example is not me btw but I've had 5+ similar experiences where I will be deleted or banned for being "off-topic" when I post something that doesn't follow the hivemind there.

What can be done to make people realize that 4chan is a just a safe space for the alt-right and not actually a free speech haven?
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>You don't care about that at all?
Nope. I'm neither a child or an 'internet culture' neet.


This is obvious, and, in the beginning, the concept of 'free speech' is ideologically conditioned just like how it supposes that itself is neutral.

Like, in here you'd probably get banned if you say things like 'genocide group x y z' etc.


File: 1716063415438.png (255.16 KB, 1068x594, brainlet dash.png)

the fact that posting ponies is banned on all boards except /mlp/ but spewing antisemitic BS is not says a lot



I think you guys are missing the point…

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