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>You want to turn everything and everyone, including yourself, into a screen that you can stare into for eternity if possible
>The imagery of conference halls and marching paramilitaries excites you
>There are individuals who you would be deeply disturbed to consider having a common humanity with
>You consider your life a currency to actively expend when the time comes
>You believe good and bad are the only valid objects for a rational discussion to consider
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Do it again, this time more honest and introspective




>You would like to have a detachable penis
>If you had a detachable penis, you would like to be able to grow it with water and shrink it with a hair dryer
>If you had a penis detached and watered well, you would like to use it as a shawl
>If you had penis shawl, you would like to tattoo it with a pro-Palestinian pattern (suppose the tattooing does not hurt)
>You like green tea.




I'm being plenty honest, what are you getting at here is my question?

File: 1684264970386.png (348.82 KB, 1055x558, ClipboardImage.png)


ad message
>p-plz o-obey the law
music and visuals
<hey kid, let's blow up a pig government building
what did they mean by this?



kek right? Always eondered this OP


> <hey kid, let's blow up a pig government building
Which music videos? Mainstream culture is almost always pro establishment


the product vs it's commodity character

File: 1677212973452.jpg (Spoiler Image, 80.4 KB, 1600x1083, d19c02a4edf0ceb3197410ff1f….jpg)

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when are we gonna genetically engineer these things?
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You mean autogynephilia?


🏆 good job on the gajillion posts, redneck girlboss 🏆


Have i really made that many posts???


1.3 bajillion to be exact


>>413052 i'm talkin im t
>>413053 alking about th
e post count on the fred

File: 1683708770834.png (4.67 KB, 433x288, ClipboardImage.png)


How do we deal with the anfem problem?
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Which team is winning


Remember the femanon on bunkerchan who turned out to be a gay man witj a bestiality fetish after accidently doxing his own reddit account


That paragraph is a lot to take in 🤣


me when i lie


mods please filter anfem to femcel


The longer I read this book the angrier I get with the author. It’s gone from just spouting misinformation to be taken as fact by the reader to blatant revisionism that spits on the history of several countries in Asia Africa the americas and the Mediterranean for her western Eurocentric views on history and it’s disgusting. Contemporary feminist literature must have way better commentary on women’s role and problems faced internationally than whatever the hell this abomination or a book is and I’m less than a quarter way through it
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They do, but sometimes they don‘t reference anything in the real world such as unicorns and misandry.


>i came to this book expecting to have my biases confirmed, but instead i was presented with a different outlook! what the hell is wrong with the author?!?!?!?


I mean misogyny hasn't really been a thing for decades either.


for at least a decade ive noticed wariness of men takes on a very specific flavor when it's focused at marginalized groups like i've heard homophobia, racism, transphobia, abuse, etc all passed by being coded as "misandry"


Nature is misogynistic

File: 1684469133418.png (238.28 KB, 391x481, 1635162865954.png)


(You) should TRY to be nice to right wingers, (You) should try to be understanding about why they would think all the stupid shit they do and hope they sit down and listen to you explain to them about how they're being exploited and distracted.
Because I fucking won't. I absolutely fucking despise these people, dear Jah, they're the most fucking disgusting and deluded people on the planet. They are a violent and fucking selfish lot of people who think you should be turned into fucking bio-matter for insulting the terrors of this country or even fucking implying that racism exists or that the country should be working for YOU. I don't understand these fucking animals, I don't understand how all of your fucking brain space can be fueled by sheer hatred and disdain for nonwhite people or gains above everything else, I don't know how they think some dumb tumblr lib from ten years ago is THE fucking ultimate evil while they defend their fucking country's destruction WHILE fucking denying it.
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Cool. There's far more people who aren't brainrotted into chinlet ideology that can be talked to.


The moralization of bullying encourages antisocial behavior. It confuses not being amused st edgy jokes as "being woke."


So you encourage class consciousness instead of acting like a liberal?


The best thing that /pol/tards can do is lurk on leftypol, not be an arrogant asshole, and slowly understand what leftism actually means.


online rightoids are the kind of people where they will lick the boots of anyone that humiliates them


I once asked here if any of you anons were married, how long you had known your wife before marriage, etc. I want to ask now, to those who are married, do you have any kids? How did you come to want to have children? How many kids do you have? I'm interested in knowing if we have any fathers in /siberia/.


yeah i got a kid. not gonna give too many deets. been with the mom for 13 years. the kid is both ours, no adoption/stepparent.

File: 1685299439651.png (1.12 MB, 800x1422, ClipboardImage.png)


you never really understood me
you always put me down
i was beaten like a dog getting beaten over and over
one day i am going to take you down
this is who i am
not a shadow of who i want to be
try to understand, that this is what you made me and you're not ever gonna change me
you dont know me
you cant change me
you dont know me this is who i am
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Why does this song seem like it has revolutionary undertones?

I know this game is universally disliked but the music was great and it was still during a time where being edgy wasn‘t cringe and I loved it.


Its revolutionary for school shooters


Being edgy absolutely was cringe at the time, All Star Batman was released that year and is universally reviled for the same reason (in the very first issue he kidnaps Robin and says he'll make him a child soldier while running people over with the batmobile). If anything it was when edginess peaked before tapering off into more "gritty" stuff. You're allowed to like it but it's probably nostalgia more than anything else.


Nah, I think the cultural attitudes simply shifted earlier for people from America.


I always enjoyed edginess
But i was also always the weird kid in school
To my great pleasure ofc

File: 1685292066337.jpg (Spoiler Image, 70.29 KB, 667x775, 1635717149660.jpg)




Mi sube.


For some reason, you thought posting this would put you on the moral highground.



it does. this site is terminally american


What did she mean by this?


Esoteric Eco Fascism


Is this Dasha?


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