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File: 1715019269393.png (196.08 KB, 1800x3389, 1714936053303.png)


Fill it out
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File: 1715522428187.png (6.7 KB, 225x293, smug suwako froag.png)



What the fuck is this


Last bastion of free speech.


He has also been more effective at doing Trump's policies because a) the media is much less likely to criticize a Democrat doing right-wing shit and b) he hasn't filled the White House with disruptive weirdos

File: 1717132697802.jpg (402.84 KB, 3577x1882, police-selfie-rioter-0106.jpg)


i know this isn't an /r/ board but does anyone have anymore footage of white house police letting trumpers in? if not, police thread?
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God I fucking hate white people so much.


Imagine if leftists tried this shit, cops would have machinegunned into the crowd.


whole shit i thought you were arrested namefag lol.
How did you escape the chargers for arson?


Got a slap on the wrist. Just have to see a psychiatrist once a month.


Yeah no surprise, the fact that they were let in isn't brought up in the discourse at all and no one bothers asking why it happened, if it was just a few cops on the ground making decisions or if it was ordered by someone.
Even when it comes to "the most dangerous attack on our democracy since 9/11" or whatever libs are incapable of being remotely skeptical of authority.

File: 1714972720125.png (227.14 KB, 500x438, ClipboardImage.png)


I really can't stand the Chauvinism of Marx and Engels. Not even the Jewish nigger skull measuring shit, reading the intro Engels gave to Das Kapital and he's going on slobbering about "how this discovery could only be made by a REAL GERMAN" or some shit. Shit is too rich and hilarious knowing what happened after to these real Volksdeutsche.

I'll find the quotation later if anyone is interested.
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Nazism and Communism arent so differet after all.
Even Marx succumbed to race realism.

And he looked down on black people


white hands typed this post


Sounds sketch of a recounting.
There's some racist shit Marx said. I can maybe pull up a PDF. Not sure if there's interest. It's not about OTJQ or using gamerwords. Marx apparently had some race realism going on talking about Europeans being more advanced racially. I would have to search for the article and I'm not even sure how trustworthy it is.


Lol I thought the mids anchored this thread. Wow, I could tell Narx was a phrenology enthusiast from the lasalle letter and the uyghurish shape of his skull quote. But this is some next level shit. Should we reintroduce phrenological inspection to our parties comrades?

>Marx endeavoured to make sure of his men and to secure them for himself. He was not such a zealous devotee of phrenology as Gustav Struve, but he believed in it to some extent, and when I first met him – I have already mentioned it – he not only examined me with questions, but also with his fingers, making them dance over my skull in a connoisseur’s style. Later on he arranged for a regular investigation by the phrenologist of the party, the good old painter, Karl Pfaender, one of the “oldest,” who helped to found the Communist Alliance, and was present in that memorable council to which the Communist Manifesto was submitted, and by whom it was discussed and accepted in due form. On this occasion a comic incident happened. One of the “old ones” of the Communist Labourers’ Educational Club was very enthusiastic over the manifesto that was read by Marx with passionate emotion – perhaps similarly as the “Robbers” once upon a time by Schiller – was quite beyond himself, like all others, applauded and shouted “Bravo” as loud as he could; but his pensive mien gave evidence that some dark point occupied his mind. On leaving he finally called Pfaender aside: “That was magnificent, but one word I did not understand – what does Marx mean by achtblaettler (plant with eight leaves)?” “Achtblaettler, achtblaettler – I have heard of plants, of clover, with four leaves, but Achtblaettler?” Pfaender was puzzled. At last the riddle was solved. Marx had a little lisp in his youth and at that time still spoke the unadulterated Rhenish dialect; the mysterious achtblaettler, behind which the old Cabetist had scented a magic formula, were simple and honest arbeiter (workingmen). We laughed many a time over this misunderstanding which, however, was beneficial to Marx in that henceforth he strove to clip the wings of his Rhenish dialect.

>Well, my skull was officially inspected by Karl Pfaender and nothing was found that would have prevented my admission into the holiest of holies of the Communist Alliance. But the examinations did not ce
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>baby leftist goes "dada" moment

File: 1717329149905.png (53.57 KB, 236x312, ClipboardImage.png)


"Professional people, too, like to play."
>Nakagawa Yonezo


<incels play with their dicks
>i play with your mom


i dont get it

can u explain the joke


it's only a few months until the burgerstani ritual of vooting for nonce 1 or nonce 2 at a 51%/49% diffrence as every 4 years
i hope muricans are ready
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The two candidates really aren't so similar. Their policies differ greatly. The common narrative serves the bourgeois


File: 1717331059986.jpg (25.59 KB, 496x475, 1717003246129568.jpg)


anybody got the image of gyaru trump and anime biden


File: 1717331377603.jpg (131.28 KB, 977x699, Gyaru Trump.jpg)


at last
saved and turned to a wallpaper

File: 1717321941141.png (100.96 KB, 245x200, 1608457294424.png)


>be furry anon
>still 19
>still here [somehow]
>gaining a bit of weight, after a damn long while
>got into a work program, now that's over, but have another job - outdoor tradie gruntwork type deal - lined up that'll pay me the most out of all work I've done, with great hours.
>Also got a bicycle
>And my Learner's License (5 years late to the party but better late then never)

How are your lives going?


Therapy when?


I'm happy for you. My life is not going.


>How are your lives going?
It goes, it goes, it goes, it goes
It goes, it goes, it goes, it goes
Guillotine yeah

File: 1717314099930.gif (427.84 KB, 647x1031, poljak rent free.gif)


Please dump all your leftist related memes ITT, I really need to fill up my folder.


I'm looking for a really specific meme, something about porky riding on a cart with a jew on a string with an american pulling the cart saying 'fuggin russian saboteurs', I saw it here but I can't find it.



File: 1717321932264.png (249.8 KB, 768x719, 7ouv8s.png)

File: 1717209397169.png (279.87 KB, 600x450, 2deep4u.png)


When something is or is not pretentious is somewhat subjective. What seems profound to one person might seem up its own ass to another. However, I think I've found the "event horizon" where the great majority of people of people start thinking something is pretentious and only people directly involved with it try to argue otherwise.

And this is, essentially, when a piece of art or media loses sight, or even goes into denial about what its basic social function and purpose is. Movies, plays, fiction novels and musical genres that deny that they are entertainment are pretentious. A game that denies that it is a game is pretentious. A restaurant that denies that its ultimate purpose is to serve people food is pretentious.

And I think this is why the modern art scene is almost universally regarded as insanely pretentious. As an institution, they are in full blown, fierce denial that they are making decorations. To tell one of these people that paintings and sculptures are, at the end of the day, a form of decoration is to cause them to go into stunned silence. The demand from the general public that they make art that still serves its function as decoration is met with condescending exasperation. How could these knuckle-dragging troglodytes thing that ART is a kind of decoration?

And that's why everyone who isn't them or is a part of their immediate circle thinks they're all extremely fucking pretentious.
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no art is pretentious until you think it is. all art is able to be interpreted in its own way, so just interpret it in the way that works best and is the least pretentious. are the works of john cage pretentious because they eschew how music is meant to be made, and therefore denies what music is for? sure, if you look at it that way


I can almost guarantee that's one of those paintings with a cool gradient cameras are too shit to capture.

Pretentiousness is some consoomer market nonsense that punishes cooking at risk of falling short. Literally none of this would matter if artists didn't have to sell their work to live, creating a fucked up ranking system for the value of expression.




iromy is most stuff classified as "kiddie" is only afforded by adults.

Also irony is, most adult oriented stuff is actually harmful or downright boring/meaningless.

Again, maturity is purely defined by aesthetic.
In fact, thays the only definition of maturity that people have, the idea that its purely age-based.
Its very lazy.


What a pretentious post.

File: 1717308327015.jpg (82.34 KB, 1600x1200, media_GO_c8SmWQAAmKP4.jpg)


>Rightiods aren't even more sane than the liberals



Happy Pride Month /leftypol/! Why haven't misogynist men just gone gay as the ultimate form of MGTOW? Homofascism is peak masculinity and male independence. Straight men constantly bitch and moan about having to deal with women, and jump through hoops just to get a crumb of pussy. Gay men get to opt out from all of that, and there's always an endless supply of fresh bussy of all varieties in Homostan.
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It's more about having a fearful-avoidant attachment style, and both fearing and desiring intimacy with others.
- t. incel who transitioned and still has trouble dating others


>Why can't [insert inane Culture War shit]
Burger brains need to stay in the Burgerpunk general and rot there.


>reactionaries are… le good!
Go back



>Anti-NATO is "reactionaries"
Go back to reddit first world liberal

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