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File: 1669835179554.jpeg (50.54 KB, 403x762, Iran.jpeg)


>transhumanists are atheist groomers implanted on the West by jews
Is Iran islamic transhumanist gang?
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>homosexual relationships and sodomy are illegal and punishable by death
Uhhhhhhhhhhhh based?


its so cheap in iran because they do it with a rock


Yeah except it's not true and if you get caught having gay sex (as a gay male bottom, otherwise its a light sentence) you get sent to prison or a mental institution for 15 years, or get death penaltied if repeated offence, but i guess it sound less cool than repeating Bushist neocon propaganda made up a Shahist diasporoid who havent set a foot in iran since the islamig revolution.
Leftists just cannot stop repeating their Indiana Jones vilain fanfic about Iran, that faraway exotic country ruled by a muslim Saruman turning their beloved fags into transgendah with Shia dark magic.


File: 1669840124909.png (453.92 KB, 1200x1200, ps1chad.png)

repeating myself here but
>bottom discrimination


Which is gayer sucking dick or getting dick in your anus?

File: 1669746719291.jpeg (19.12 KB, 480x360, sjwjfj.jpeg)


why are americans so schizophrenic? i used to find it funny when i'd watch magatards praying to aliens or stuff like that but now it's spreading everywhere just like all the worst of american pop culture, my country never had a serious conspiracy theory movement and now, out of nowhere, you have a bunch of schizos out in the streets screaming meaningless slogans, saying that the president was replaced by a robot or a martian, how the fuck did this happen? and it's making me crazy too, because there's no way this isn't a CIA psyop


Not everything is a psyop OP. It's called mass psychosis.


This. Alot of psyops are really just self fulfilled prophecies. In fact, I guarantee alot of conspiracy theories are started by marketers to excite the public.

File: 1669756142023.jpg (694.48 KB, 1000x662, cat-grooming-another-cat.jpg)


Nothing to see here, just 2 sisters having a bath


this could be us but you got toxoplasmosis


do cats really



get a room

File: 1669661511779.png (382.2 KB, 1282x1402, 7645 - SoyBooru.png)


Well well well, what do we have here.. a lonely communist
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That's bullshit and you know it. Ive seen plenty among others. Also walking in on your parents on accident isnt incestuous anyway.


>you know it. Ive seen plenty among others
No I don't cause I'm not an incest expert like you bud


didn't happen to me, it seems to be a burger thing


It's not a 'white' thing per se. Psychologists are obsessed with parents because your parents are the first individuals you see and thus the source of your first (primal) contact with the world.
This is why Freud says that your mother is your first object of sexual desire, why Lacan said that your father is your first introduction to the symbolic order, etc


this is why (that kind of) psychology is baseless speculation since people have an instinct to avoid incest in the Westermarck effect

File: 1669048026014.jpg (134.97 KB, 1023x1280, muscle hydration.jpg)


The mods are asking /leftypol/ for new topics: >>>/leftypol/1275037
But I wonder, what kind of boards would /siberia/ like to see?
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There's one on /leftypol/, there's a permanent series on /hobby/, and there was one or two here that I think sank.

That's /leftypol/ content, please begin posting it there. Unless you're an insufferable incel /r9k/oid and then it's /siberia/


i meant to say board instead of thread but thanks




What's that like?


watching the bubble, and pedro pascal's character a porn addict starts seeing rey from star wars in his exercise simulation video, forcing him to have sex

made me think of you guys <3

File: 1669157609036.png (17.46 KB, 508x608, 1622061001594.png)


Is /pol/ just seething failsons: the board?
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boomers and chinlets


but nanomachines!!?!1


File: 1669186614001-1.jpg (113.83 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Imagine seeing yourself as a final video game boss character that gets BTFO'd by an androgynous half cyborg. Talk about a massive self own.


Racists are often losers who try to cling to the accomplishments of "their" race


more odd that the character in question don't care about ethnicity or race, only strength, and want to create a global total war to purge the weak in the US.
Have a guess where /Pol/ posters are gonna be in the purge block

File: 1667771516474.jpg (65.71 KB, 700x450, touch-grass-image.jpg)


Show us that you're not terminally online.
Tell us about the stuff you just did outside in the meatspace.
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Went out for a walk today, the weather was nice.


i havent been bumping but i been touching


Went to a medical review required by my job, had some fun chit chat with the doctors


Moving my desk out to the garage to have a quieter workspace.
Also walked to my local target, they have G-Fuel now. The sonic one is like caffeinated sparkling water.


>This is why I can't find excuses to go out. I can't bring myself to waste money on stupid shit I can do at home. I only go out for groceries, smokes, and booze.
This is the redpill. The only reason to go out is for praxis, all else is a porky psyop to consoom.

File: 1669790170948.png (67.37 KB, 220x273, ClipboardImage.png)


>be american
>see doctor
>get diagnosed with gout


Is this praxis ?

File: 1669096718385.png (159.79 KB, 811x1201, reddit communism.png)


Communist communities devastated by Idpol like black neighbourhoods and crack in the 80s. you hate to see it
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>implying liberal "subversion" does anything but divide the working class against itself



I mean that reply's not the only fucking stupid thing about this… reddit communism thread you've screenshotted. For starters the unchallenged assumption that Animal Farm is just anti-revolutionary propaganda is really just kinda horseshit. Easy mode, just teach who Orwell was, who Snowball represents, and what Orwell actually believed in his lifetime. Like if you're not a petty sectarian fag, this isn't hard, but conversely it's understandable that this basic task is extremely difficult for MLs who use Reddit.


>"We wanted more black authors because blacks have an alternative view of our society, not because they're blacks"
That literally has always been the point, no matter how cringe radlibs might word it or how snakes-in-the-grass like OP try to frame it, the point has always been to get new perspectives. The screeching against "diverse(woke shit)" is just OP not even trying to hide his racism, as if black authors can't write from a working class perspective. In fact he's already asking for a more diverse reading list, he just has a kneejerk reaction against them being not white


>Um achually we need more anti-communists books from minorities because, they have a different perspective or something, um well we just do okay???
>snakes-in-the-grass like OP try to frame it
>The screeching against "diverse(woke shit)" is just OP not even trying to hide his racism
>he just has a kneejerk reaction against them being not white
I don’t think OP is the only snake in the grass here…


File: 1669793404782.png (106.06 KB, 745x490, position.png)

The real problem with such socialist dystopia novels is precisely that they are written by leftoids. Just because the author technically claimed to be "da heckin' troo" socialist does not absolve them of reactionarism, because ideologies are false idols ultimately. Dialectically, these ostensible "left" critiques of Soviet authoritarianism or whatever always seem to lead into the darkest counterrevolution, as the sorry state of the FSU demonstrates.

File: 1669691890770.png (464.15 KB, 640x480, hikki.png)


Let's talk about a serious topic that I've never seen discussed on imageboards, which is strange as imageboards tend to attract obsessive nerds who collect too much stuff.

I have a crapload of toys. What am I supposed to do with them? Common wisdom would tell you, well either throw them away or give them away. Here's the problem. If I throw them away, I am contributing to the waste problem. If I give them away, I am just kicking the proverbial can down the road so it becomes someone else's problem. Recycling? Where do I recycle toys?

And here's the thing. It gets worse with every new generation. Every new generation is being handed a bigger problem. Crapitalism will continue to produce things like toys.

What the hell am I supposed to do? I can keep the toys, sure. But when I die now those toys are the problem of whoever is my heir. So really that doesn't solve shit.
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Many people with private collections eventually donate it to a museum or even create their own later or they actually use everything in their collection such as when it's instruments for example.


Collecting stamps and comicbooks makes sense since they can become rare and until the 90's the only way to read a comic was tracking it down.
People who collects music gear are different because they're never musicians and they drive up the market's prices and keeping real musicians that seek specific gear priced out of it.


Not true. For example electronic musicians often have a large collection of different synths. Though they tend to sell them off once bored of using one to save space.


Well I mean look at the pic. I posted. How many Gibsons does this guy own? I'm not an expert but I bet a couple of those are damn near identical. They look like it. Maybe he has different pickups on them who knows. But yeah most people with redundant gear only play 2 or 3 of them.

Speaking of stamps. Me and my cousins inherited a stamp collection from grandpa years ago and still haven't liquidated that bitch. It's between trying to get max value of going the pain of trying to sell them individually on ebay or just getting a bulk price from some reseller/appraiser. They're probably going down in value because all the stamp collectors are dying off.

Speaking of liquidating collection inheritance, I got a steal on a 1970s Gibson from some guy who was liquidating his father's collection. I paid 650 for it but I didn't see it selling online for less than $1k.


i "collect" far too many games i never play
i prefer emulation anyway at this point because savestates+speedup make so many older games more enjoyable, especially jrpgs with speedup
i don't know what to do with all this shit and the fat trinitron i got

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