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I want the communisms right now! 😤
😔What will it Be? 🥺


same bestie

born too soon to enjoy a utopia
born too late to exploit

life is a fuck
#1538919 shitposts and counting

i don't even know anymore


Fate is cruel sometimes, fam (´;ω;`)


We need to cruel to fate it seems.


Was this an anti-welfare, capitalist realism song?



Why if a girl dances like this is it "expressive" and "pretty" but if I dance like this I'm a "faggot" and "autistic"? It's no fair.


Who called you those means slurs, Tell me, I will beat them up for you



Oh no that sucks
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>open game shop
>buy bulk booster boxes
>weigh every pack for shinies, open them
>put the rest of the packs on the shelf for dumb kids to buy with their allowance
>barely make a profit


That doesn't really work anymore and hasn't worked for a long time.


really? last I played magic it was exactly like this. my local gameshop would have booster box opening parties where everyone could observe the opening of the box.


Oh, I don't know about Magic. I know that it doesn't work for Yugioh and Pokemon anymore. Pokemon seemed to work a lot more recently than with Yugioh shit.


I just assumed that since the Pokemon TCG was made by wotc that they were also printed the same way
even then, I would guess that the problems of weighing magic cards are the same as weighing Pokemon cards, the shiny could just be a land card.

File: 1642230753579-1.png (94.93 KB, 400x267, ClipboardImage.png)


"Left" politics in a nutshell


File: 1642232353411.png (74.16 KB, 225x225, ClipboardImage.png)


>implying that isn't also universes in a nutshell


Your hydra picture is inaccurate, OP. The heads should all be calling each other "Dengoids", "revisionists","Trotskyites", "Stalinists", etc.


it's great how there are so many linux distros to choose from. only bill gates would have a problem with that graphic

File: 1640667957090.png (131.3 KB, 320x515, gn37dko6r5881.png)


Dear rightoids/anti-maskers:
What if I *do* advocate shutting down the porn, tobacco and fast food industries? Hmm? >:3
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What about the DPRK?


Irrelevant because their ultra secure borders meant that they weren't even exposed.


Shut down everything except tobacco and we are golden.


I guess them too but kinda cheating since they were already quarantined off the world

Did they make a vaccine?


File: 1642226194800-0.jpg (62.96 KB, 640x715, db1rxhgn9eb81.jpg)

File: 1642226194800-1.jpg (86.08 KB, 960x646, 4liv5lgn9eb81.jpg)

File: 1642226194800-2.jpg (65.22 KB, 640x555, 6v5tohgn9eb81.jpg)

"…but at what cost?"

File: 1642160456393.png (36.76 KB, 480x360, ClipboardImage.png)


step 1 >be part of Croatian anti-partisan group in yugoslavia
step2 >get captured as a POW by Yugo partisans
step3 >enter a dark abandoned coal mine at gunpoint
step4 >hear the sound of grenades exploding as your comrades scream in agony, looking for an impossible way to escape your demise
the 1945 huda jama incident
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this gave me weird flashbacks to this Albanian song


most based episode of history is still that time that a bunch of fascists from Yugoslavia surrendered to the British on the understanding they'd be taken to prison camps in the west, only to suddenly discover that once the trains were locked a bunch of Tito's partisans formed the guard and the train was heading in the wrong direction for the west…


You managed to scare me with this video. Thought the knocking was coming from inside my wall at first.


…..what knocking?


Fuck you, dude.

File: 1642182121648.gif (3 MB, 500x281, LINK.gif)


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File: 1642187112730.jpg (256.04 KB, 900x506, cove3.jpg)

Uh achkshually they are Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger which means they're actually Dino rangers not "power rangers" ugh.



What's your favourite sentai

just in the mood
i want to see how people celebrated the new year back then


I've only ever watched all 50 episodes of Zyuranger but Dairanger are my favorite costumes and their power is a cool concept and their posing theme is badass.


Dairanger is the chinese themed one, right?
The one where the white ranger is the pervert little kid

I will never understand how they made it so the stock footage doesn't look like a little kid in the US version

>their posing theme is badass.

I love ranger poses, They should make a complilation of every ingle single pose in the series


>Portrayal of Esther in the Greek Additions
>This high drama in the Greek finds no parallel in the Hebrew, where Esther simply appears and is immediately and favorably received. But the truly great difference in the Greek is that “Then God changed the spirit of the king [from “fierce anger” in 15:7] to gentleness, and in alarm he sprang from his throne and took her in his arms until she came to herself. He comforted her with soothing words” (Add Esth 15:8). This is the high point in the Greek version, in contrast to Hebrew Esther 9, where the establishment of the festival of Purim represents the book’s climax.
>In the Greek version, God, not Queen Esther, is the “hero.” In other words, just as Queen Vashti was demoted by the king, so Queen Esther is, in effect, demoted by Addition D. In the Greek Additions, Esther is a negative stereotype of female weakness and helplessness, although her fainting spells, like her feminine allure, serve to change the king’s mind and lead to the defeat of the enemy.


File: 1642179034538-0.png (425.22 KB, 1024x641, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1642179034538-1.png (77.01 KB, 814x512, ClipboardImage.png)


As an Arabic speaker I really wish I could give the time and effort to share with you all the absolute shit that goes on Arab speaking spaces
I'm sure you've all seen the "Greek vs Turk debate" and I wanna tell you that's just the tip of the iceberg, that is an actual civil discussion compared to most MENA ethnic discussions

you'll have people arguing that the Berbers built Mecca, that Egyptian is actually all Algerian, Kaiser Wilhelm converted to Islam and my favorite Hitler was a Berber
Its just simply glorious
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File: 1642191363822.jpg (74.94 KB, 750x539, b9p3o259ewi11.jpg)

>Hitler was a Berber
That one is true, though.


that was during the days when Turkic nationalism was beginning, the Idea that Turkic peoples have an East Asian origin sorta snow balled into Nazi-Tier delusions about a Siberian, Central Asian, antonian, balkan Sunni Muslim Empire that would lead the world into prosperity


what happened was a couple years ago there was a think piece that Hitler "may" have had Jewish roots on his mother's side, eventually that got turned into a game of telephone where it became Hitler had Moroccan Jewish ancestry and finally Hitler being a berber
there's a similar phenomena with Franco and Kaiser Wilhelm, where a large proportion of MENA people believe they converted to Islam


File: 1642193265049-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66.55 KB, 850x400, quote-i-am-sure-that-the-j….jpg)

File: 1642193265049-1.png (Spoiler Image, 52.57 KB, 500x301, you-see-its-been-our-misfo….png)

File: 1642193265049-2.jpg (Spoiler Image, 583.7 KB, 2048x1459, main-qimg-9a5576c487509b35….jpg)

>He doesn't know


Accidental spoiler

File: 1641921755433.png (614.08 KB, 774x746, duce music.png)


what music is he listening to?
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File: 1642159356653.mp4 (14.86 MB, 1280x720, upside down.mp4)

muy basado



screams of his future self being hanged and beaten with rocks



most capitalist have also read capital, it's a great book, that they even look into it for solutions of solving the crisis in capitalism

shut up


Sounds of himself farting in a mic

File: 1642102380102.png (30.09 KB, 439x372, ClipboardImage.png)


Humans: sci fi movies are unrealistic aliens would never look so abstract
>meanwhile in earths ocean
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> I don't think you understand what a random process is. Just because evolution converges to an optimal solution does not mean that it is not random
Evolution isn’t a random process, just because something isn’t consciously chosen does not mean it is “random”. Stars don’t plan out their life cycles, but stellar evolution is not remotely random and is in fact highly determined by the starting mass of the new star.
The part of evolution that is random are genetic mutations and freak events that cause extinction and aren’t directly related to interspecific competition (i.e. the difference between placentals outcompeting marsupials and non-mammal predators on most continents vs an asteroid from the Kuiper Belt ending the Mesozoic).
If you actually were to study Earth’s life history you would see, no, evolution is not a random process. When a niche exists organisms will evolve to occupy that niche, for instance, plants moving towards land alongside fungi due to the lack of predation on land, likely higher rates of CO2 on land compared to the waters, higher available sunlight and of course less competition from other photosynthetic organisms in the oceans. With food on land, eventually animals adapted that could exploit the resource. Another example, the reason vertebrates got to be big while arthropods have to be small are a combination of our rigid parts being internal and thus not needing to undergo the immense mass and volume conversion fully body armor needs (huge insects would become too heavy to move or gain enough food) and the fact that we have a more efficient respiratory system that pulls air directly into the body compared to arthropods that effectively just absorb oxygen from their surroundings. None of these things are actually random. Maybe you could say who got what starting adaptations was random, what genetic mutations happened where was random, but what organisms actually evolved, thrived, and continued to adapt was not. It was not “random chance” that mammals became the dominant large animals after dinosaurs despite birds and reptiles presenting significant competition for those niches, it was similarly not random that placental mammals became the dominant mammal form on Earth nor random that carnivorans managed to outcompete other mammalian predators to become the dominant mammalian predators.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


You keep describing a random process but insist that it is not random.


Cope reply
Nothing I wrote here was random
You shat out a cope reply because you can’t even argue against what I stated or explain how literally any of this looks or is random


Evolution is so not random that scientists needed to come up with a name for the phenomenon of crab-like organisms evolving again and again from non-crab forms


I made my case that you failed to address. Evolution randomly "explores" its "search space", this alone makes it a random process. That the fitness function is deterministic does not make evolution itself deterministic. You can get deterministic results from random processes.

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