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File: 1684321286982.png (335.58 KB, 1000x500, ClipboardImage.png)


are you a /biker/ gang or a /cyclist/ gang?
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Good E bikes are ridiculously expensive, cost more than motorcycles like 5k usd plus


I just walk, I have my own legs that bring me to places, I don't need your stupid toys.


2 cheap chinese electric mopeds, the batteries are fucked so the range is bad, 4 50cc mopeds, 2 small panel vans and an 8/9 seat van, all insured as co-op vehicles. People lead busy lives so co-op business and personal business can get mixed sometimes.


cyclefag here, you're 100% correct. we should all be walking through the day and I don't mean shuffling with your head down. there's something about the motion that unfucks the body and mind.


> 50cc mopeds
I have one. Those things are super fun to zip around the downtown city center with. great gas mileage and easy as shit to do repairs on yourself


NATO could never produce musi—


why are you playing the devil's music


i do not kno…


File: 1684347333575-0.mp4 (1.5 MB, 640x480, 1_21 2 Letter EL.mp4)

File: 1684347333575-1.mp4 (3.1 MB, 640x480, 1_23 2 Letter RK.mp4)

File: 1684297188252.jpg (562.1 KB, 1048x1404, 20230517_001830.jpg)


Found this little guy sunday and he died monday. He was orphaned and his mother was nowhere to be seen. I was woefully unprepared to take care of him and he died because of my failure.
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ok then, maybe the mother abandoned it because it was too weak

nature is cruel :( don't worry too much about it


File: 1684298757791.jpg (3.79 MB, 3157x2592, Opossum_2.jpg)

My condolences.
I love opossums.


Don't you have wildlife resource organizations there? Next time just call them.


its ok, you did your best :)


I'm so sorry Shay. You tried your best to take care of him
yeah this but I mean was literally 1 day, probably didn't have time to call or did but it was too late

Oh wait. Don't opposums play dead though? is he dead for sure?

File: 1684257899003.png (9.45 KB, 1093x642, chatgpt.png)


Because it will always be left-wing as we are fundamentally correct.
Our arguments are based on science and material reality, something which robots can appreciate much more than dumb conservatives.
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are you dumb, OP. A literal army of underpaid nigerians paintstakingly train the thing to be politically correct with the intention to not scare away potential investors when they see the robot blurting out nazi shit. It doesn't reflect any inherent truths.


OP is joking. That's why they used a joking tone.


There actually is but porky's policy conflicts with that. That's why porky is so afraid, aside from marketing


Where do people get the impression that porky is afraid of AI? From what I've seen it keeps getting pushed despite being a pile of shit that benefits only their bottom line.


its a naive mindset, the only porky afraid of ai is openai's ceo, and hes afraid of people developing their own ais instead of using his

File: 1683032584885.png (269.67 KB, 1203x867, 54qmjv.png)


>Americans (usually rightoids) equivocate the end of their hegemony to the end of the world for everyone else
Is there any other country that has this level of narcissistic delusion?
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that's Israel
its practically one of their last-ditch strategies,


I find its more common with generationalities than nationalities


>when you're so insecure about remaining the main character of history that if someone else takes the spotlight you end humanity


the crash course theme song has to the most soy 10 seconds of music ever created


it was from the genesis of soy when it used to be cool

File: 1682787672508.png (1.22 MB, 1856x887, lunatic_spectrum.png)


Anyone else just
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livin my atlantis arc


Chans were absolute shit in 2010.


I love schizo shit like OP, I find it entertaining.


performative "schizophrenia" is lame


File: 1683636911732.png (125.54 KB, 640x497, gato8pwvo9a61.png)


equator bros… we can't stop winning
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Well that’s probably just cause historically and presently speaking, few people live in the southern hemisphere


north america is too stretched


No shit this was Nordic conspiracy to make Africa look small.


Why not use 3d maps at this point?


damn, Brazil is a big boy


Irrelevant time wasting question?
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statement about how leftypol used to be much better back in x year


File: 1684291108237.png (207.44 KB, 400x400, nadia.png)

I think shes really pretty.


Angry post border lining physical threats because bait was taken too seriously.


>lust provoking
Oh no

File: 1684085484689.png (400.31 KB, 500x667, ClipboardImage.png)


own a tomahawk for home defense, just like your ancestor-sitting big chief warned in the fire. cultists break into the reservation trying to kill us and create ethnostate. The police let them pass and watches, four klansmen break into my Sioux “The idiot men, as the Seneca owl says, one does not own the land he walks on” a sad on my face as i grab my helm and belt. i throw a two-foot blade on a stick into the first man's scalp, he leaves this world on the spot. draw my club on the second man, he shoots me first, it doesn’t penetrate my because the bear hide armor has been enchanted by medicine men who read mao books about industrialization and it bounces from the iron underneath my armor back on his ribs. he bleeds on the floor messing up the decor "HEYA HEYA HEYA HEYA HEYA" i scream to make him think I'm savage "what tu hell? leeroy help me!" more men enter the sioux, i realize this battle is not over yet, i have to resort to the apache wolves chained at the top of the stairs who were fed only magical white powder left by the cartel. i shove three wolves into the ceremonial canon left by my great uncle. “you messed with the wrong Apache, no more stolen sisters!” the wolves are fired from the cannon, catches two men and shreds them, the force from the third wolf cracks open a hole in my wall and sends wood flying. i wear my feather bonnet and charge down the last terrified neo-colonist. "AYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA!" he dies of a heart attack waiting for the police to arrive since he remembers heart attacks are very costly at the hospital and shoots himself. i get arrested by the white man for manslaughter before I could escape to my apache helicopter, even though I did it on purpose, just as my ancestors warned me


File: 1684244650691-0.jpeg (32.33 KB, 300x450, 5ft.jpeg)

File: 1684244650691-1.jpeg (37.45 KB, 570x386, kara boga.jpeg)

based gang shit
natives are honorary kara boga


File: 1684248304520.png (85.81 KB, 307x197, ClipboardImage.png)



I have a machete, baseball bat, collection of knives and a bayonet from winter war.

File: 1684214414016.jpg (112.38 KB, 1098x732, brother.jpg)


Would any of you comrades get my back and support me? Will you help with mutual aid, solidarity, housing etc? Would be nice to know I have a group I can turn to when times get rough
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I could offer food and help with social security papers but housing… I dont let strangers sleep in my house. Maybe the basement where its at least warm so you dont freeze to death if its winter.


Crazy how you can go from homelessness to house ownership in a hot minute.


by new home i just mean a rented place but we move


Nazis can't be hot, silly.


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