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File: 1669780245856.png (16.29 KB, 420x420, 014.png)


I made this OP in a few imageboards but not this one, anyway: who would you side with in the American Civil War? This is a tough choice for me, personally. I think I would've stayed neutral and gone West to the territories.
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Tbh if i lived in the time period, i wouldnt side with anybody except slave uprisings. Once the union won and lincoln got assassinated, i'd spend my time assassinating southern right wing politicians. I'd also popularize dixiebolshevik theory and correspond with karl marx on what to do.


Actually if you think about it the biggest reason the south shouldve won so that poor white southerners could be enslaved alongside black slaves, because then white southerners wouldve had revolutionary potential, which they do not have in real life.



Makes no sense. Slavery took on racist overtones in order to support the slavery itself among the working class who had no slaves, not slavery being the result of some innherant racism. In an alternate history the South eventually would have set rules for how to treat the slaves which could have prolongued it and it wouldnt have lead to white chatelle slavery. The north had it's finances tied up in other things so they didnt need the south for economic development either.


This point is moronic. The US still had some potential to be a global force because the economy wasnt reliant on slavery nor was the south solely responsible for how events turned out. In fact in alternate history the CIA would have been created sooner to deal with confederates as it's original creation. Even if the US didnt keep it's position the Euro powers would have only been stronger as result and just do the same things the US did.


>major assessment students only given exactly 3 days to finish
>on day one with 5 pages written and can’t find anything to finish my paper on
>realize I haven’t finished the draft, or have enough info, have even finished half of what’s required
<what the actual flying fuck as I supposed to do


Set a timer for ten minutes and write non-stop during that time anything that comes to mind.


uygha what are you even writing about


Well? Which one are you (or closest to)?


"socdem who likes cops" "federal agent" "socdem who is racist" describes all of them


It's kind of funny watching ultras pretend their rhetoric have any meaning when actual bourgeois elites such as the Trilateral Commission have a clearer view of things within their own discussions.


Wow, a think tank where some academics busy themselves doing pretty much nothing on some billionaire's dime, very good place to look for the truth


guys we're on the spectrum


> Non-capitalist economic systems
< State bureaucratic capitalism
Pretty clear view, they can't even decide if China is capitalist or not. I guess that's why it appears to opportunists like yourself.


Is it just me or….are the white people on 4chan much stupider than white people on average?
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I've seen /pol/ posters trying to argue that theory of relativism is just jewish lie (obv, they don't actually know anything about physics and only see "relative" in the name and their ooga booga brain connects it with cultural and moral relativism) these people aren't stupid,they're genuinely schizophrenic


The fact that the people I’ve met who happen to be of neanderthal European descent aren’t even half as stupid as the fuckers I encounter on 4chan
These are people that think you’re baiting them when you say
>Not all black people are the same


Most people i know with schizophrenia arent like that. It's likely some unnamed neurological condition.


Stop going on 4chan. Intelligence and knowledge are two completely different categories anyways.


Racist belief is inversely correlated with intelligence.

File: 1667276268766.jpg (93.54 KB, 828x807, EITL0nEWoAYu2qy.jpg)

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It's officially on comrades
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Well comrades, I lost yesterday, but it meant losing my virginity so in the end, I won.


I've won but I feel nothing.


Good job, comrade (p/b)ussyslayer.


What's your review of the situation? I think obsessing over being virgin is not good, and sex is overrated by virgins. What's your take?


As a new sex-haver, it certainly was fun, but I don't feel like it was transcendental or anything. Worth having if you can, especially with a partner you love, but I don't think it would have been as good if I paid someone for it.


If burger proles are so class cucked/reactionary and defend capitalism like the most retarded the last bastion, why shouldn't I accelerate/exploit the ever living shit out of their labor to teach them a lesson?

Proles here are despicable and rotten with capitalism to the core, the only hope is to exploit them until they all die and then a new fresh generation of commies can be born and learn from their mistakes.
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The problem is so much of this 'show them the light' is attached to parliamentarism and reform which at least in the US has completely failed. Even if reform were to succeed there's no rationality behind the idea of more welfare leading to socialism (ie wage labour abolition) just more bullshit jobs in the US and the third world proletariat which continues to be hyper exploited.

So much of the left is attached to this idea of 'owning the caps' that they think their mild reforms are antithetical to the mode of production.


You don‘t have a material understanding of the world.


the prerequisite is to be rich


Plenty of communists aren’t anywhere near being decent human beings
It’s just about being able to roughly understand how capitalism works, the fact that it isn’t sustainable, and recognizing that if you’re aren’t a capitalist or close associate of capitalists it isn’t in your interests


>The problem is so much of this 'show them the light' is attached to parliamentarism and reform
How tho? Is this the case the examples I mentioned?

File: 1669825261331.png (82 KB, 269x188, ClipboardImage.png)


How have your political beleifs affect your sexuality?,this is a thread to post when horny
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its hard to be attracted to liberals now


at this point i only want to date leftists (not socdems or libs, or anarchists… maybe), i get the feeling that political beliefs can influence ones' personality (and vice versa)


I don't blame a 20 year old for feeling exactly what I felt at 20.


Praxis dem theories in these streets, shieeeeeet.


Don't patronize.
"I was young once"

Yea and you're old now and yore still plagued with vices.
Adults literally run on vices.
Who makes war?
Who makes religion?
Who makes taxes?
Adults do all these things.
And it's no different from children playing pretend. You now back in the old days before stranger danger, kids used to do awesome arts and crafts projects.
They built forts, played war games, make scrapbooks, plays, fanfiction.

Sorry to digress, I'm high.
But, I find that as I get older, the more frivolous and playful adults seem to be.
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File: 1669839869608.png (53.67 KB, 541x172, img.PNG)


>When you gaze into the abyss…


>english language website dominated by burgers and e-drama


Public service announcement starting 1. January website language will change to Portuguese all other forms of communication will be outlawed


Wow the world's second ugliest language.


2 of the most keyed threads in the site


farlemos todos em portuñol pâ que os gringos se vayan

File: 1668867803333.jpg (75.32 KB, 1024x897, FhxK6sNWQAAwc48.jpg)


How can rightoids say this while the aristocracy and bourgeoisie the communist overthrowed was completely sexualy decadent (by their standards) and composed of genuinely ugly/weak inbred?
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>elon looks cute
you forgot your porky flag


they advocate for violence against trash cans


idk give the anarchists some credit they actually kick them things.


i will never give anarchists credit


File: 1669862633522.jpg (94.33 KB, 1075x821, elon musk torso.JPG)

He has a nice face, but his body is freaky. It's like his ribcage is a cockpit for a small alien. Maybe he's just fat. Even the zucc looks more human.

File: 1669830173265.png (863.25 KB, 1200x1200, ClipboardImage.png)


this man has one testicle


What the fuck
Is this what conservatives meant when they called Obama Hitler




he has 1 asscheek and 3 toes

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