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A thread to complain about your lack of sex and whatever else.
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>Did they virgin shame in the Soviet Union?
I cannot answer this fully, but I can provide some context. What I've found is:
Alexandra Kollontai, Soviet feminist (who was also against prostitution) proposed Glass of Water theory: sexual intercourse and satisfaction should be as regular as getting a glass of water.

This was later replaced by the Twelve Sexual Commandments of the Revolutionary Proletariat, a work by Soviet psychologist Aron Zalkind.

Why? After 1917's October Revolution, in the 1920s they had a sexual revolution along with Kollontai's theory. This sexual revolution was not without problems.

Some quotes from ' https://www.rbth.com/history/328265-russian-sexual-revolution How sexual revolution exploded (and imploded) across 1920s Russia (PHOTOS) - Russia Beyond' :
>Amnesties in 1917, 1919, 1920 and beyond freed a great many criminals in a country where state power had only begun to form. The masses of criminals were joined by defecting and discharged soldiers.
>Rape by 1920s has become an epidemic. Quite strikingly, sexual violence towards former noble and bourgeois women was for a time even considered “class justice” among the proletarian males. Meanwhile, up to 20 percent of Russia’s male population had carried sexually-transmitted diseases (although in Tsarist Russia in the beginning of the century, the numbers were 25-27%). New laws on marriage and the overall atmosphere of breaking with the past encouraged promiscuity and casual approach to sex, unthinkable just years ago.

>A project for a performance in 1920s. The posters read: "Every communist male can and must satisfy his sexual needs" (right); "Every communist female must aid him, otherwise she's a philistine."

Possibly in jest, but if serious, it implies the existence of inc*ls (not the meme definition but more stripped to its bare essence), though if it was seriou, I don't know how extreme their condition was.
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Залкинд А. Б. Двенадцать половых заповедей революционного пролетариата

(Russian link, translated with DeepL)

Family, Family Planning.
Zalkind A. B. The Twelve Sexual Commandments of the Revolutionary Proletariat // Philosophy of Love. In 2 vols. 2. M., Politizdat, 1990. С. 224-255.

Zalkind A. B.

The Twelve Commandments of the Revolutionary Proletariat

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


IV. The sexual act must be only the final link in the chain of deep and complex experiences that bind the lovers at the moment.

It is not only a "simple attraction" to the act of intercourse: it is to be preceded by a heightened feeling of all-round intimacy, deep ideological and moral fusion, a complex deep mutual impregnation, the physiological completion of which can only be the act of intercourse. The social, the class ahead of the animal, not vice versa.

The presence of this social, moral, psychological premise of the sexual act will lead to the most valuable results: first, the sexual act would become much rarer, which, on the one hand, would increase its content, the joyous saturation it gives, on the other hand, would prove to be a major saving in the general chemistry, leaving to creativity a considerable amount of unspent energy; Secondly, such sexual acts would not separate, as is usually the case with frequent sensual closeness, up to disgust for each other (Tolstoy gives a brilliant, quite realistically correct illustration of this in his "Kreutzer Sonata"), but would bring them even deeper, even stronger; Thirdly, "this kind of sexual intercourse would not oppose the creative process, but would coexist harmoniously alongside it, nourishing it and feeding it with added joy (meanwhile, the hunger sensual intercourse steals also the very creative mood, withdrawing from creativity's subjective fund almost all its emotional material, almost all its "passion", for quite a long period, emptying, depleting, "creative fantasy; this refers, as we see, not only to the chemistry of creativity, but also to its mechanics).

V. The sexual act must not be repeated often.

This is already sufficiently evident from the above points. However, the motives of the fifth "commandment" are not exhausted.

There is every scientific reason to claim that really deep love is characterized by infrequent sexual intercourse (although infrequent sexual intercourse itself does not always mean deep love: sexual indifference may be hidden under it). In deep real love, the formalized sexual desire matures as the final stage of the whole series of rich, complicated experiences of mutual intimacy preceding it, and such processes proceed, of course, for a long time, requiring for themselves a large quantity of nourishing material.

VI. Do not change the sexual object frequently. Less sexual variety.

VI. Do not change the sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


XI. There must be no sexual perversions. No more than 1-2% of contemporary sexual perversions are genuinely intra-biological, inborn, constitutional; the rest are in fact acquired conditioned reflexes produced by a pernicious combination of external conditions and require the most resolute class struggle against them. Every sexual perversion, weakening the central sexual content, is reflected at the same time on the quality of the offspring and on the entire development of sexual relations between partners. Sexual perversions always indicate a gross inflection of sexual life toward naked sensuality, a severe lack of social and loving stimuli in the sex drive. The sexual life of the perverted lacks those creatively regulating elements which characterize normal sexual relations: the demands of more and more diversity, the dependence on random stimuli and random moods become really enormous in the perverted; the difficulty of finding a partner fully satisfying the needs of the perverted, the fear of losing the partner already found, the difficulty of the task of the perverted adjusting him to himself (that is actually mutilating the partner for his pleasure), frequent jealousy, suspicion of the perverted, and the need to make his own choices.

The class must try with all its might to bring the perverted one back into the mainstream of normal sexual experience.

XII. Class, in the interests of revolutionary expediency, has the right to intervene in the sexual life of its members. Sexuality must be subordinated to class in everything, not interfering with it in any way, serving it in everything.

There is too much chaos in contemporary sexual life, too many ridiculous conditioned reflexes in the field of sexuality, created by exploiting sociality, for the revolutionary organizing class to accept this bourgeois inheritance without struggle. Ninety percent of contemporary sexual content has lost its biological spontaneity and is subject to the corrupting influence of a variety of factors, from under whose power it is necessary to liberate sexuality by giving it a different, healthy direction, by creating for it expedient class regulators. Sexuality ceases to be "the private affair of the individual" (as Bebel once said, but he did not live in the militant era of the proletarian revolution or in the country of the victorious proletariat) and becomes an area of social, class organization. Of course, we are still far away from a truly exhaustPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


But how to begin, how to conduct this "sexual reform"?

What is needed is an initiative, an example, a demonstration. The spearhead in the sexual rehabilitation of workers and all of humanity, as in everything else, must be our red youth. Raised in the heroic sublimating atmosphere of our revolution, stuffed with bright class creative joys in a way that young people have never been stuffed before, they will more easily get rid of the rotten sexual inertia of the exploitative period of human history. It is she who owes it to herself to be an energetic pioneer in this field, showing the way to the younger generation, her successor.

Amidst the variegated and heated discussion that our red youth is currently engaged in, among the most varied, partly ridiculous sexual ideals - in the style of at least Kollontay's Zhenya or in the ascetic spirit of Tolstoy - a trickle of class regulation of sexual desire, a trickle of a scientifically organized, revolutionary-appropriate, businesslike approach to the question of sex begins to break through more and more distinctly.

There is no doubt that this stream will steadily grow, absorbing into itself all the healthiest revolutionary-ideological quests of youth in the field of sex.

Here and there, individual, brave, strong groups are already trying to bind themselves to certain firm directives in the field of sexuality. Here and there, setting an example for others by their behavior, they try to draw the attention of other comrades to the sexual misbehavior going on around them. Sometimes in contact with the domestic and NUT local cells, always in close contact with the Party cell, with the Komsomol cell, they also try to find a method of practical influence on those who are too grossly violating the class equality in the area of sex. Our revolutionary, proletarian art is also searching hard in this field.

Every now and then, the professional court, the party committee, the control committee cut through public attention with the message that the boundary of sexual permissibility ends there, and young people reel this information in, using it in case of strategic necessity - to suppress too unbridled impulses around them. Thus, gradually, from below, the experience is accumulated by energetic searches, and a system of business rules is formed. The author has no doubt that the system of sexual norms, created by this mass practice, groped from below, mostly coincides with the schemePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 1679924217473-1.png (1.04 MB, 670x1024, 8vjk7xdgpwy81.png)


What is the material explanation for this?
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She makes it very obvious she's making fun of the ridiculousness of chvd rhetoric. If you'd lurk you would know her actual opinions.


Dumb channer


File: 1679954590059.jpg (386.36 KB, 600x624, exercícios.jpg)

extremely based comic


bleak, I feel like instagram and porn are destroying everyone's brains


File: 1679963165222.jpg (35.09 KB, 440x491, chihuahua pretentious.JPG)

they look like they're fun to draw, i can't stop looking at them. there's something about how scandalous and obnoxious and cringe these drawings and wojak drawings are that I find engaging

File: 1679949852231.jpg (55.81 KB, 750x884, 92212_954.jpg)


how do I explain to my family that they shouldn't take westoids seriously since they make a big fuss over the smallest things because they're spoiled af?
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so I gotta hit them with a brick? honestly not a bad idea


thats a XL gummy bear actually



id marry an anime boy


File: 1679958100810.jpg (161.75 KB, 478x882, 39688.jpg)

mass destruction weapons


Using a Marxist framework, explain why anons don't have sex.
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why did bro post that on linkedin man 💀


Reserve army of simps.


is that linkedin or something? lmao


he's so real for posting about his porn addiction on linkedin


>digital real estate

File: 1679945353103.gif (2.73 MB, 304x640, insane.gif)


"""politics""" in liberal-democracies is all fucking spectacular bullshit and is worthless as either praxis or theory
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I'm sure Grug the Kind was very knowledgeable about liberal-democracies.


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Grug the Kind was a true Stirnerite and wiser than any of you techfags could ever be


GODrug the EMPATHETIC founded based goebekli tepe hunter-gatherer communism that lasted for 5000 years before being taken over by revisionist flinstonites who wrecked the union and destroyed his legacy


File: 1679949455926.jpg (35.66 KB, 820x547, 1679949436581.jpg)


File: 1678333051266.png (893.01 KB, 1292x592, ClipboardImage.png)


its possible that i have a mental disorder, that causes me to have thought broadcasting, and where i might have auditory hallucinations, have had both of these symptoms it for several years, ama
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stfu lol


File: 1678397015409.jpg (158.23 KB, 990x993, lol.jpg)

hello so i didn't want to make a new thread because i feel like its pointless but i'm worried about something similar.

i've always had depression and anxiety, suicidal tendencies that went along with it but mostly got suppressed and transformed into a general, semi-recurring self-harm and possible masochism. okay fine normal.

however, possibly over the last year or two i have had periods of incredible delusion, that seem to come and go over quite short periods, and after which i am often able to recognize as irrational/not real. i have noticed, and am thankful to OP for finally putting a name to it, that occasionally I feel this thought broadcasting, and also but to a lesser degree, thought insertion. likewise i recognize right now that lots of the time i will perceive an imaginary audience, although wikipedia calls it "enthusiastically" watching which isn't quite how it feels - enthusiastic to me connotes positive, but it more often feels like there's an audience watching my every move, and sometimes thought lol, laughing at my expense, doing so enthusiastically, but without any of the positive connotations of enthusiasm.

more specifically, however, is this feeling that i haven't found a name for wherein people will be talking, particularly shit-talking or general negative comments, nominally about someone or something else but it feels as if its a veiled metaphor for talking about me and my behaviors. often i'm able to recognize that what they're saying doesn't quite fit, but this recognition happens in retrospect.

i'm certain this latter thing will be called an issue of self-esteem and anxiety, but that isn't really how it feels. for the most part, i think i have quite a high self-esteem, i know and am aware of both my upsides and downsides, my virtues and vices or whatever people call them.

this is beyond the unexplainable and constant feelings of self-doubt and also guilt that i feel.

for the most part i just ignore my feelings and continue on with life, albeit some things others find easy i find quite hard i.e basic human shit like cleaning my floors or dishes idk, but it comes along with me being able to do stuff quite easily that others find quite hard ie academics, music, reading to a certain degree (although my attention and focus span have definitely gotten worse).

if anyone would care to offer help or had some questions go for it. i'm mainly debating whether i go to therapy or psycPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


i recommend a solid dose of meds and bbc


i'm 85% sure i'm asexual. i don't trust medications.


Trust me


What did you say that made her look like this at you?
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give me your panties




>are you a bobblehead?


> I don't like chihuahuas



i want to ask for healp, i found this mask channel guy after he get silenced and all his video erased, i only found his video about xinjang debunk. if anybody can help me find another good video or his video in general please help
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>mask schizo
what is it with lawyers and being autists?


he was a chronic redditor with tens of thousands of posts and he had a fbi.gov. I assume that he kept dropping clues until someone had enough to piece it all together and identify him.


i dont know why do you ppl hate him but he made good debunk video that are engaging for normies and boomer. do you guys have other video other than BayArea415 video that debunk anti china news like xinjang ?


He was a retard and used the same reddit account that he used for years prior to taking up this persona, and he had older posts where he revealed irl info about himself.


I wouldnt diss someone because they failed at opsec. Almost everyone do. Opsec is very hard.

File: 1679885257518.jpeg (87.55 KB, 739x415, images (12).jpeg)


<just talk to myself
<just imagine myself having fun with imaginary friends
<just imagine myself having sex
<just imagine myself living a luxurious life
>want to travel
<just imagine myself on desired location
>on diet
<just imagine myself eating junk food

holy shit being an idealistCHAD is like living life on easy mode, it's almost like a joke.
how do you cope, materialismCUCKS?
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<Maladaptive daydreaming is a behavior where a person spends an excessive amount of time daydreaming, often becoming immersed in their imagination.
How about you try adaptive daydreaming instead, imagine how you could actually do those things in real life, like "what if I made a really delicious salad" or "what are some trips I could go on to meet people and do cool stuff"


That's not what idealism means at all.


adulthood is evil




honestly the two aren't mutually exclusive. my point is that daydreaming is more of a hobby than anything, it's something that you use to bring entertainment and distraction, which in turn leaves you feeling happier and more motivated for other important things in your life.

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Oh yes, we're going there. This man makes liberals seethe, makes Egyptologists and archeologists angry, and is absolutely and most definitely out to shake up this world and change things. He actually explicitly says he is against governments and that it is time to move to a different form of society where if there is a "government" it has a very limited role. He talks about unity, equality. He is often complaining about the profit motive, to me that sounds like communism to me, or some would say ACID COMMUNISM.

Why are liberal academics and the science establishment Egyptologists and archaeologists so against even considering his theories? Because it would totally shake up the liberal worldview of us being the peak of human achievement and the status quo being the best society we could possibly achieve. Not to mention that a lost civilisation gives credence to historical materialism. According to liberals, if we have learned these ideas and society organisation, it'd be impossible to forget it. But historical materialism says that the type of society that emerges is dependent on the mode of production, or rather the relationships in the modes of production. So if an advanced, lost civilisation existed, and we "unlearned" all those things, it makes sense in the context of HistMat, but not liberal ideology.

Furthermore, Hancock says that those from the lost civilisation who survived the cataclysm that happened around 12.500 years ago, went out to different parts of the world and taught the hunter gatherers they found agriculture, astronomy, engineering, math, etc. and had them produce large monuments using these techniques. Thus it wasn't just the ideas they transfered, but they transformed their societies from the ground up, focusing on construction and production of surplus through agriculture, allowing everything else to flourish.

PYRAMIDS were built by an ancient civilisation. There is no fucking way the fucking hunter gathers of the desert in Egypt built the pyramids, or any of the contemporary structures. It is much more likely ancient Egyptians found a lot of that stuff and tried to copy it. Why else would the construction get worse as the time goes on? There are a lot of amazing constructions around the World, and I simply do not believe that a by definition nomadic society, who spent all of its time looking for food (no agriculture) built the pyramids in Africa, C. and S. America, SE AsiaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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aah u mad

you dont like science cuz it makes you feel unspecial cry about it


File: 1679872382261.jpg (82.76 KB, 978x1200, EU9eKf4U4AM0IHU.jpg)

>mfw it wasn't released to the public how Graeber died but it seems likely from the context that he he Herman Cain'd himself by going on vacation at the height of covid


Graeber died suddenly from necrotic pancreatitis. is a sudden inflammation of the pancreas. Causes in order of frequency include: 1) a gallstone impacted in the common bile duct beyond the point where the pancreatic duct joins it; 2) heavy alcohol use; 3) systemic disease; 4) trauma; 5) and, in minors, mumps. Acute pancreatitis may be a single event; it may be recurrent; or it may progress to chronic pancreatitis.

Mild cases are usually successfully treated with conservative measures: hospitalization, pain control, nothing by mouth, intravenous nutritional support, and intravenous fluid rehydration. Severe cases often require admission to an intensive care unit to monitor and manage complications of the disease. Complications are associated with a high mortality, even with optimal management. In this condition pancreas start secreting active enzymes like Trypsin, chymotrypsin, carboxypeptidase instead of their inactive forms. Since it cause several damages to ducts related to pancreas.


why did they keep that a secret though


Thread archive: https://archive.md/AKHxW

Thanks, OP.

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