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Ride Wife, Life Good
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normies applying top/bottom to anything outside the bedroom was a mistake


File: 1712797795164.jpg (102.82 KB, 1200x795, jacques-lacan.jpg)

Yes precisely. This gives meaning to "phallus" apart from "penis", where as lacan would say, "there is no sexual relation", in this case, of the male topping with his ass, and so *self-penetrating* as an act of ideological appropriation. The woman, even as the supposed fuck-er is still the "object" of the male's subjectivity.
But this is why lacan sublates freud's oedopus complex with castration, since phallus is always ideological, and the subject is always "feminine". The forced nature of "making" the woman free in her role as dominator is a false transcendence (the same way putting women as action stars is).
The free relation is the impotence of the man, where he is castrated as an authentic subject. The woman is simply given, like the mother. This is why the "phallus" is essentially penile, but is not the penis itself.


>I am a top!


bedrooms must be abolished, embrace control rooms


>Role reversed power bottoming a strapon from the top.

new fetish discovered


I became right wing for a day. Where can I get treatment?

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Listen to the album "Power Hungry" by Operation Cleansweep. It'll cure you.


Watch a single Ben Shapiro video on Israel/US relationships and you will turn into a radicalized commie


that did it for me


>people in england drive on the objectively wrong side of the road and have the steering wheels placed on the wrong side of the vehicle
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i'm not a uk elite and yet i hate their citizens so much, but then again i'm french


I hate your country entirely


me too comrade, me too


> people … drive


i don't really care what side the car is on, i am not driving, i am simply better than that, i will get someone to do the driving for me.

i am not some medieval peasant driving a horse drawn cart for the kings sake, i am a right proper gentleman, and, like a good englishman i shall have one of the poors drive for me!


Just applied for 25 entry-level positions that have fuck all to do with degree I spend 5 years studying. Chances are I wont get any of them. Thinking about removing university from CV just because it might make me seem too overeducated in the eyes of the recruiter.
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What kind of companies have you been applying to, and to what positions? That seems hugely overkill for a fresh graduate. Maybe it works for Google but for normal companies I doubt they can hire anyone with requirements like that.

> data structures+algos (in depth)

> grinding leetcode
> reading coding interview books
How do they know you are lacking these if they don't interview you?


Typically they only hire people who had good internships and internships are only open to college students.


Sorry but that's not true. Maybe you're lacking elsewhere. Maybe your CV is shit.
As I've mentioned elsewhere, I can check it for you if you want.


>purposely high un-employment for reserve workers

if you were into fed monetary policy it's because higher employment increases inflation and wage-growth.

File: 1712707310190.jpg (34.76 KB, 443x590, gramsci.jpg)


that's all
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I kinda agree but I'm also a brainlet amerikan and I'm ngl, some of his stuff is incomprehensible to me


"The Modern Prince and other writings" that the Soviets published.


It's okay to read translations.


>Pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will
he is pretty based


He is really good theorist and everyone interested in marxist understanding of politics should give Prison Notebooks a try.

File: 1712708351581.png (3.35 MB, 2880x1620, 36566.png)




why? isn't that state supposed to have more billionaires and more gdp and more wealth inequality and more everything than tegsas? i really don't get the notion how they are supposed to be le evil american ussr


why did you replace the ncr flag with the cr flag


File: 1712709673423-0.png (213.12 KB, 680x680, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1712709673423-1.png (44.72 KB, 480x274, ClipboardImage.png)

we need to take back aztlan from the anglo imperialist and restore glory to the mexican empire


I'm sorry for not voting blue no matter who.


Did something happen in California?

File: 1712754516585.jpg (543.4 KB, 1500x642, 1574019542040.jpg)


The real conflict is between atheistic spiritualism and patriarchal feaudalism / corporatism aka truth vs reaction. This is expressed historically as the battle between Shintoism, which has always been the way of the people and anyone who cares about the realm, and confucianism which is of the evil knights and the shogun. The shogun tried to take away the popular essense of shinto by making it like catholocism, diverting away from the Ise shrine which represents people's shamanism and towards their new Tokugawa shrine. Shinto was fought for by secret orders which today are expressed by kenpo lineages. Eventually Shinto won and the Yamato Emperor was restored which was great for the realm, as confucianism (which is TRULY evil) was thrown out in favour of westernism. But State Shinto undermined the popular shamanistic part of the practice and ruined it especially when the nation became fascist. You see, you have to do chelicity and understand the ground at your feet. 'Tengrism' is not polytheist it is scientific shamanistic spiritualism, more life atheism than religion but not reddit. Chingis Khan destroyed the evil confucian beureacracy using this power. He supported Daoism (which he thought was immortality). Daoism is a good religion as it is the spiritualist truth. Do you understand, obsucrationist religion like evil catholocism leads to reaction. People's ideologies lead to progress, either bourgeois or proleterian. This is because one is about the truth and the other is about the elite order of millenia which persists to this day keeping power (Yamato emperor is an exception). This can be seen in the war of the 5 nations (aka. the war of the 3 kingdoms aka. the English civil war) with the Quakers, levellers and true levellers who represented the world around them and spiritual connection and the people and TRUTH. I can't support the DPRK because they are KKKonfucian. The battle has been going on since the Neolithic. Lenin and Stalin were on the good side but like the Yamato Empire their GOOD SOCIALIST work was subverted by the creeping anti-materialist anti-spiritualist seperationist of humans from nature KKKRUSCHEV, who represented KKKonfucianism, Eastern Orthodoxy.

The only ones fighting for truth, for true spiritual connection, enlightenment, paradise, today, they are:
-Allatolah Khomenni
-All of the axis of resistance
-Greta Thumberg
-Abimael Guzman
-Wicca practioniers
-Shinto deepstate warriors (executing abe was pPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1712755122927.jpg (58.42 KB, 356x534, th-811113704.jpg)

You resort to calling things evil too much without proper understanding, it's a nice analysis but lacks historical context and some other players

Shaman materialism is based af though


God what I'd do to see Reza combined with whatever kind of stuff out there in eastern religion, he makes a departure from Islam and Christianity I love


I read the first sentence of that


Pretty sure this is what Pan-Asianists believed during WW2 tbh.

File: 1712508046682.png (533.08 KB, 613x613, ClipboardImage.png)


>get new android phone
>open up phone for first time
>for your review read and accept our terms and conditio…
<i don't agree
>there's no i don't agree button
>permission for samsung to..
<deny all permissions
>choose a wifi netw…
>sorry, without access to the internet we won't be able to fully start up your
>go to a café
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Understand that keeping privacy is extremely difficult, but the consequences can be greatly mitigated and the glowies frustrated in a lot of their attempts. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, which means any tech that helps them surveil easier has ALWAYS a way to be sabotaged. It's only a matter of finding out how. Anything a human comes up with, why would another human not be able to counter it? This is wy total technological slavery is impossible. So don't call on people to give up and don't tell people it's easy as neither is true. Getting informed is the best cope for defeatism.


File: 1712744330015.png (820.44 KB, 677x960, ClipboardImage.png)

i live in a third world butthole, my computer wasn't made by the burgers but by the frenchies, am i still in danger?


File: 1712744713717.png (506.7 KB, 640x640, ClipboardImage.png)

>all that grind to keep the feds away
>installs whatsapp


I wonder how long it would take to make a vaugely functional computer with like, woodland materials, using modern math and advancements in analog computing.
Like if it can run doom then it'd be able to handle about any essential task. Get hobbyists in on it and the art of bone tech computation would advance.


File: 1712750743242.png (1.29 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

why not buy this from craiglist? no chance the feds have put shit inside it, and you get to larp as hackers from 1995


I’m about to take another huge shit and the side of my stomach has gone from experiencing burning and discomfort to outright pain while shitting. I’ve been checked by multiple doctors and a few hospital visits and they’ve all said I’m healthy, but I find myself shitting more now and it’s disrupted my entire schedule. I shit during noons and nights. It just isn’t right. What should I do, anons?
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SAD (Standard American Diet)


Drink some more water


We can't be the only ones without healthcare, where my thirdies at?


ITT: Brits who think their opinions matter


File: 1712741990680.jpg (57.24 KB, 560x352, baljvine.jpg)

The healtcare in Bosnia is shit but the prices are at least copeable and you are at least given a chance to be examined by proffesionals

File: 1712334509642.png (306.72 KB, 500x485, ClipboardImage.png)


>oh stuff isn't really stuff any more man. stuff stops being made of stuff bro. instead it "arises" out of a "field". What is that "field" made of? Tee hee! I'll never tell!
>particles and anti-particles simultaneously "arise" and "annihilate" What do they arise out of? A field that permeates everything. What is that field? Is it nothing? Well no, it's not nothing but it's also not something either.
>even if we had infinitely precise measuring tools the uncertainty principle would still be true. How do I know this is the case without having made observations with infinitely precise tools? Tee hee! I'll never tell!
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>even your eyes are using vast amount of energy to interpret photon energy through brainwaves to see your own hand in front of you
Yes exactly, so reality relates indirectly and so must be mediated by instruments of perception. Why should eyes develop in the first place if nature is not seeking self-relation?
The brain produces consciousness from the universal sum of its parts, not just by its particular neural pathways or whatever. The brain and belly also correlate, and the whole body by the nervous system. To me, consciousness is not just an object you can quantify, but it is qualified through its organic totality.
Think also of species as a concept too, where some amphibians change sexes to compensate for any lack in the gene pool - so animalia is also tied to its social being. So the personal body is tied to the social body and so forth.
My point is that self-consciousness occurs at the end of this integral process and is the outcome of these relations. Nature is not made in a box.


I meant that the aspect of consciousness we see is a product of a field's interaction with matter likes the higgs field.

Spooky right as I was writing this message I had the radio on and they said Higgs died.


>Even classical mechanics
did u just assume the speed of light was unlimited


next youre gonna tell me pyschic power are real


If we imagine any non-living body cut up into smaller and smaller portions, at first no qualitative change occurs. But this has a limit: if we succeed, as by evaporation, in obtaining the separate molecules in the free state, then it is true that we can usually divide these still further, yet only with a complete change of quality. The molecule is decomposed into its separate atoms, which have quite different properties from those of the molecule. In the case of molecules composed of various chemical elements, atoms or molecules of these elements themselves make their appearance in the place of the compound molecule; in the case of molecules of elements, the free atoms appear, which exert quite distinct qualitative effects: the free atoms of nascent oxygen are easily able to effect what the atoms of atmospheric oxygen, bound together in the molecule, can never achieve.

But the molecule is also qualitatively different from the mass of the body to which it belongs. It can carry out movements independently of this mass and while the latter remains apparently at rest, e.g. heat oscillations; by means of a change of position and of connection with neighbouring molecules it can change the body into an allotrope or a different state of aggregation.

Thus we see that the purely quantitative operation of division has a limit at which it becomes transformed into a qualitative difference: the mass consists solely of molecules, but it is something essentially different from the molecule, just as the latter is different from the atom. It is this difference that is the basis for the separation of mechanics, as the science of heavenly and terrestrial masses, from physics, as the mechanics of the molecule, and from chemistry, as the physics of the atom.

In mechanics, no qualities occur; at most, states such as equilibrium, motion, potential energy, which all depend on measurable transference of motion and are themselves capable of quantitative expression. Hence, in so far as qualitative change takes place here, it is determined by a corresponding quantitative change.

Motion in the most general sense, conceived as the mode of existence, the inherent attribute of matter, comprehends all changes and processes occurring in the universe, from mere change of place right up Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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