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File: 1631523606285.jpg (402.42 KB, 1280x720, NSwitchDS_AtomRpg_01.jpg)


Oh boy do I hate this feeling.
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>2nd world country where going to shrinks is considered something shameful still.

Same here. But I had to go because existing felt like a chore and I turned into a slob neckbeard. It helps that I'm a Kid so i could benefited from the "OMG I'M LIKE SOO QUIRKY AND MENTALLY ILL!!!" trend that started getting popular with my generation so I wasn't seen as a weirdo. Still go for it king this shit untreated can fuck your shit up.


Thanks, if I can't deal with it myself (this year I've been trying to improve some aspects of my life), I'll go see a fucking therapist why not. Not like I have anything to lose other than money.




>Ask your doctor for benzos
Its important to know what county you are in, some will not give.
Honestly in that situation buy Bezos black market. This may seem drastic but they will give you a life back. (Warning, highly addictive)


>It helps that I'm a Kid so i could benefited from the "OMG I'M LIKE SOO QUIRKY AND MENTALLY ILL!!!" trend that started getting popular with my generation
I'm in my 30s and this was a big thing when I was young too. It's certainly not new!

File: 1631561826296.png (361 KB, 3601x1885, ClipboardImage.png)


I make 6 figures working remotely and I hate it. I dream of running off into the jungle. Or building a cabin even though I've never built anything in my life. My god do I hate it. I feel a breakdown coming on.

I don't even work 40 hrs a week. Every day I have to work I just want to sleep. I just want to be left alone.
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Ngl, that sounds like a dream job. You can work remotely from a cabin if you hook it up to wifi.


Not OP but Capitalism is alienating, even if you make good money eventually you will realize that all the shiny shit you can buy is not really worth it long term, humans are designed for something else, far beyond than just consooooming the latest CIA propaganda, Funkos and pop culture bullshit.


>I dream of running off into the jungle. Or building a cabin even though I've never built anything in my life.
You've been Tedpilled


I believe it's a combination of two things. Or we could just call it alienation.

1) It sucks having a master, now matter how comfortable the chains are. I am required to work. To make myself available at a certain time. To set my time around weekends. To wake up, to go to sleep, to ignore my bodies natural rhythms and desires. I'm selling 8 hours a day technically but really my whole existence is sold.

2) This is the larger one. I create something that is useless. There is no social value, it's based on optimizing marketing numbers. Conversions, visits, etc. And even this is half-baked, there's no direct tie to revenue. So it's doubly imaginary in that nothing real is produced and it doesn't even fulfill a capitalist purpose of increasing productivity or circulation.

I have no stake in the firm, just a salary. I feel resentment that I have to spend my time doing this work that is useless, creating this tower of cards. Who wants to live their life moving widgets around?

And I realizing this is all very much peak first-world bitching. Like >>148263 says. It's objectively a nice job. But living like this is rotting whatever soul I have. I've had jobs at a grocery store and as a waiter when I was younger and the actual work was much more stressful but you're doing something real and valuable to others, with people, in it together.

Here, I just see the pure mechanisms of exploitation and that I'll never be free of them until I die.


>make six figures
>work remotely
> work <40 hrs a week
where do you live? india?

File: 1631438779312.jpg (197 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0005.jpg)


>meet new person
>mention my home lab in passing
every time
bonus round:
>get home, look up the synthesis, realize carbon tetrachloride is a potential side product
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making formic acid sounds kind of fun. I have oxalic acid, and glycerol shouldn't be hard to find. I've already played around with acetates, so formates would be an interesting addition


Dude fix acid


I also have a computer desk and a kitchen. Why are you telling people you have a "lab" in passing if you aren't trying to sell them drugs.


Why do you people do drugs


not every lab is a chemistry lab anon

File: 1631607482558.png (173.04 KB, 532x289, ClipboardImage.png)


Random based acts by civilians.

File: 1631471849656.jpg (274.79 KB, 1728x1080, 1604308985997.jpg)


But I refuse to join any organization that doesn't take a firm stance against the wasting of seed and prohibit masturbation among its members.

Am I the only one?
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Post cock cage, anon.


no, we will gain mass support by telling people that masturbation prevents them from channeling their tantric dick energy through their astral seed. only through the ancient arts of semen retention will the proletariat actualize its destiny. if a comrade is caught masturbating, he shall be put in eternal chastity. really, economics dont matter, as long as we dont masturbate. this is what the bourgeoisie fears.
also, post cock cage or i will have you put in the horny gulag


Hey Caleb, how's the wife doing?


I love that doujin


>Greg Coomer

Which one

File: 1622092608988.jpeg (18.57 KB, 474x223, based mao.jpeg)

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whelp looks like i'm gonna sui tomorrow

trips decides my last words4th_international4th International
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bumping popular thread: out of order during migration




bump to keep alive


Haven't seen him around lately


Saged. Eat shit samefag

File: 1630446940860.png (417.73 KB, 514x540, horse.png)


>no ivermectin thread
post all your horse paste memes here
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What's with zoomers and ketamine? They seem to like making memes about this drug.


ヾ(-_- )ゞ




/itg/is where all the ivermectin shills congregate


kek you're right

 No.144300[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Is this an effective strategy or just more Malthusianism disguised as progressivism?
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Why are you a leftist if you don't want a new generation to enjoy the post-revolutionary world?


Yeah I thought about that too

Also wrong tag or less tags than expected, should have also tagged >>148388


Question: how much of this article is true vs. how much of it is exaggerated?



If CPUSA leadership forced members to have abortions, don’t you think that would have come up during all the McCarthyism hearings?

Don’t trust snitch memoirs like Witness or School of Darkness to give you an adequate portrayal of the party in the 1930s. Most of the stuff in those books is complete fabrication. Like, if the CPUSA really had paid shooters who took out their political rivals or ex-members that would have all come out during the hearings.


ITT: we beg femanons to be our gfs
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I just want to be cuddled



Take the endpill, anon. You will never get laid and move on to do other things.


*shits uncontrollably*


Bumping this thread instead of making a new one isn't gonna give you someone to cuddle with.

File: 1631391039653.webm (2.77 MB, 608x622, 1631388591903.webm)


What are the political implications of women becoming fatter and obtaining wide buttocks in today's world?
How does this affect society?
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Define 'chubbs'.
Overweight or obese?

See >>>136095


I mean chubby only, still able to move to a great extent like a normal person, not morbidly obese.


File: 1631600993367.png (304.37 KB, 228x471, ClipboardImage.png)


So yeah, uh Perry much just "overweight"
I don't know why but I realized two days ago that this isn't a new fetish for me, I've always had a preference for chubby motherfuckers ever since elementary school. I wonder what triggered it.
That anon in the fat /anime/ thread gave an explanation that I agree with, but I still feel there's something more that I can't explain.


Sorry I meant pretty

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