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File: 1631043625162.jpg (1.05 MB, 1883x1748, 1622808799048.jpg)


Play Metal Slug



I'm choosing the one with glasses


there both gay waifubait



honestly little girls don't care and just pick them because they're girls, just like them. When you think about it like this, it's hard to give a fuck.


Today is Sci-Hub anniversary now the project is 10 years old.
Comrade Elbakyan just published 2,337,229 new articles to celebrate the date.
Time to say "thank you" and to donate some bucks to the project.
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Is that better than Google scholar?


I think so, as far as I know on Google Scholar you can only search by text and then limit the results by years, but on Microsoft Academic you can filter and search by fields, topics, journals, etc.


Ah nice. I don't read many papers these days, but I have had to fight google scholar before to give me relevant results.


gonna bump this thread

File: 1631228026886.jpg (366.74 KB, 1500x1000, speech.jpg)


>Stalin is heckin unwholesome because the heckin bureaucracy is taking over everything! I suggest we go to his reddit account and downvote all of his posts.


Worker's Opposition was based.


Trotsky was based.

File: 1631229202165.jpg (26.98 KB, 400x433, Thank you.jpg)


I have a problem, i stare too much at women and it makes them uncomfortable. It feels like i'm not staring that much but i guess it is too much based off their reaction. Would it be better if i avert my gaze? I guess it also has to do with me not being the most attractive person out there, while i'm not an ugly person, i am short, bald and unkept. What do you guys do when you see an attractive women, do you avert your gaze?
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Stare at them less and in a more subtle way then, or stare at them for a shorter time and it'll look more or less "normal"
Also try to look more presentable and confident when you go out
I was going to suggest this though >>146398
But I thought you might not want that either
>>146424 this sounds like a good idea too

> Learn to control it by watching so much vanilla porn or just nude videos that you become desensitized.
lol what it that just makes it worse?


>lol what it that just makes it worse?
it doesn't
you acclimate to what you're exposed to
if it makes it worse you're probably not exposing yourself enough


File: 1631236902568.png (257.87 KB, 474x474, ClipboardImage.png)

Unironically I used to avert my gaze and look away. I trained myself to stare right into the eyes, continually until they feel uncomfortable. It's funny how the reversal happens and how otherwise confident assholes doubt themselves when they can't tell if you are unhinged.

Stop caring OP. It's your inadequacy that empowers their disapproval.

Just repeat whatever eye contact or body language expression you want until it becomes natural. And if it doesn't…(which it will, don't worry) enjoy your superpowers.


Women aren't real you fucking schizo.


> What do you guys do when you see an attractive women, do you avert your gaze?

I feel the fire burning in my chest and make a mental note, to remember this moment next time I feel unmotivated to exercise(which is every time).
Are you going to let this stand? To be defeated like this?


It should be that hoe that sneaks glances of your glorious body. Make it so.

File: 1631242581512.gif (2.46 MB, 320x320, 1629420775452.gif)


>stopped browsing /pol/ regularly a little over a year ago
>its about as bad as it was a year ago with the only change being the amounted of threads dedicated to covid instead of celebrities
Why isnt their board evolving, a fucking year has gone by and they're still making the same nonsensical idpol related shit, they still are using the same methods of bait including posting porn in the OP, posts without a description and referring to themselves as if they were some club of school children something I havent seen since moonman was around and even then /pol/ although similar alot to today was not as prone to posting about their blatant immaturity like with one anon in the catalog getting charged with murder because the faggot assaulted a man in portland for being a communist and put him into a coma or another crying about japan because women would only sleep with him for money
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Wait a minute
Is there also a 32chan?


There's also a 1chan.net,420chan etc
Don't go down that rabbit hole, there are imageboards for almost every thing imaginable.


is 420chan still redirected to child porn sites?


There is a leftychan too


Probably. 1024chan when?
But don't forget the 7chan 9chan 76chan 711chan 3chan etc. etc.

Shouldn't be, unless it was hijacked in the last month. It's a reputable imageboard, I think it even has a wiki page. Make sure you get the link right.


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File: 1631201728451.jpg (109.82 KB, 756x758, 1628749806492.jpg)

Happy cirno day folks have a fumo


Possibly the best thread on this board


File: 1631213817528.webm (896.93 KB, 1280x720, cirno2021.webm)


What a funky.


wow cool cosplay

File: 1631230699958.jpg (57.5 KB, 1024x576, _103330503_musk3.jpg)


If black bodies are black because they absorb most of the radiation that falls on them and vice versa for white ones, why don't those who live in colder climates have black skin to absorb more heat and those who live in hotter climates have white skin to reflect excess heat?
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Most Israeli Jews are brown.


Zionist lies and damage control


I see, so it has more to do with invisible UV radiation rather than visible light. Cheers!


The melanin is there to block harmful UV radiation from penetrating your skin and giving your organs cancer. White people reflect sunlight but from deeper layers of tissue after it bounces off those. They have less melanin because where it's less sunny you can afford not to be as dark, and it takes biological resources to produce melanin, so if you can get away with not having it, you won't produce any. It's not a way of absorbing heat. It's a way of blocking cancer rays. IDK how long it takes for the adaptation to take effect but it's at least several generations.

Also recall that darwinian evolution requires the people with bad genes to die before they reproduce, so it's only going to affect people who get skin cancer before they have kids or something like that, unless there's a lysenko-like thing happening as well.


Anon black people are brown and white people are actually pink in real life

File: 1631212195448.png (858.92 KB, 750x585, ClipboardImage.png)


Do people actually care about news? It's all the same.
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Iraq? You don't even need to reach that far back. Just look at the media's recently successful campaign to manufacture consent for remaining in Afghanistan, and to smear Biden for not extending the forever war.


I don't care a lot about international news anymore, because like you said, it's all the same. Wake me up when something good happens.


Junko pls.


No but we can agree that people have a desire to understand their place in the world yes? And most people get theirs from mass media yes? So it follows mass media news is important to people.


It depends

File: 1631037090801.jpg (347.89 KB, 2006x2833, planning.jpg)


Do people actually have goals and plans in life? I just go with the flow.
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I used to have them. Now I'm just trying to forget about all those spooks that say you have to have a degree by age 25 and a full-time job, and possibly get married at 30, or else you'll be too old for all of those things, and that means you're a failure and there's nothing else you can do.

Obviously none of that worked for me and I don't feel fulfilled at all. There's nothing wrong with not getting a degree at the same time as your peers. There's nothing wrong with living with your parents still at 25 and not having a full-time job (unless it actually affects your development as a person, of course). There's nothing wrong with not settling in a relationship, being celibate, not wanting to marry or have kids, or having casual relationships every now and then without ever getting serious (as long as you find the right people and do it in a peaceful and responsible way). There's nothing wrong with changing jobs constantly if you can't adapt anywhere, and every formal job feels like hell to you, as long as you don't stop working if you really need to. There's nothing wrong about making a living with your hobby instead of getting a job where you can "contribute to society". No matter what, you're not going to change the world all by yourself and you'll be living in capitalism until you die, so you shouldn't feel bad about wanting to live with minimal stress and without conforming to society's expectations if something prevents you from doing it.

My goals, or rather wishes, are mostly related to my hobbies and family. If I ever have children, I don't know if I'll have a partner to raise them with, but I hope I do, whether married or not, and I would love to raise a kid, but if it doesn't happen it's also ok (I just hope not to feel bad about it). I want my family to be ok, to enjoy life together with them as much as possible, and the older members to pass away peacefully before me. I want people to like the stuff I make as a creator, even if it's just a small but dedicated fanbase, and I want to make contributions to things I like so that fellow fans will enjoy them as well, and more people will be encouraged to create more like it for me to enjoy. I want to master different skills, whether I learn them on my own or take a course. I want to help people with those skills. I want to know how to do a bunch of things on my own as much as possible instead of having to rely on others. I want to learn how to finish things instead of postponing everytPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I hope it works out for you, anon


Good post but
> you're not going to change the world all by yourself and
<you'll be living in capitalism until you die
Are things that i sorta disagree with. (More the latter orangetext tbh)


blessed post, thank you anon


Hey, you have no idea how much I hope to see the fall of capitalism during my lifetime. I doubt it's gonna happen, but I remain a hopeful pessimist.

Thanks, though like OP, I know I go with the flow, so my wishes might change later (I'm still young after all)

File: 1631210918769.png (2.77 MB, 1600x1328, ClipboardImage.png)


POV: You just caught me being racist in the BBC porn thread I made
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it's still an (((anglo))) curriculum genius


File: 1631216317968.pdf (536.54 KB, 212x300, UQ705699f_OA.pdf)

>>You are the low I.Q tribalist individual
Yes. See the pdf I linked.


>remove homosexuals and fascists will dissappear
>I am not homophobic
Behave like an adult if you expect me to take anything you say seriously.


>guy who makes a BBC porn thread is racist
Imagine my shock


This. I find it funny to point it out to make fun of fascists for being "against degeneracy" but engaging in said "degeneracy" themselves, but, just like calling them and white supremacists non-white or ugly virgins, it stops being funny when there are people who actually believe the problem is their "degeneracy" and not the hypocrisy.

What's so pathetic about neo-Nazis is that they're such massive, blatant hypocrites, not that there are gays, non-whites, and/or teenage virgins among them (as if there was something wrong with being any of these things; there isn't).

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