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File: 1678875376653.png (569.13 KB, 720x1424, ClipboardImage.png)


litsen here jack, how about a little game?
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File: 1679335863009.jpg (166.86 KB, 720x1424, a.jpg)

Only correct answer. Anything else is chinlet-tier


why yes i do listen to israeli propaganda how could you tell


Kys you genocidal colonial apologizing piece of shit


He IS "israeli"

(Notice the "" when he said Palestinians)


Why would I support zionist modi India over China allied Pakistan?

File: 1679334456613.png (252.05 KB, 850x841, 1672432465432.png)


1. I will uhhhh legalize cousin sexo
2. I will have a cute femboy concubine in my lap 24/7. He will wear those nipple piercing chains so i can shake it whenever i give public speeches.
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i will be your loyal vassal, my liege


You need grace-chan's blessing to be a king, but if you acquire it then i shall support your ascendancy to the throne as well.


File: 1679344630625.jpg (123.38 KB, 750x721, 1665949756640088.jpg)

1. government programs to normalize and promote incest
2. complete de john paul II-ization including taxpayer money for the promotion of cenzopapa memes
3. state mandated phencyclidine for all poles above the age of 2
4. abolish the border with belarus. no limitations on migrants.


4.1 build the belarus-poland bullet train network for extra migrant flow


we need femboyan socialism with polish characteristics with state-mandated crossdressing sessions, free hrt for all, and a very big robot to destroy germany, france, and england


is everyone having a good weekend?
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I wanted to sleep or daydream all day with drowning around mysterious dreams leading to the unknown abbys, but I have my responsibilities, I just was doing these all day……. I'm so wicked and sad. Also maybe I could've watch some anime or read manga too… TT


I got food poisoning on Friday paired with a splitting multi-day migraine so I've been alternating between shitting/puking my brains out every hour or so and laying in the dark


Really fucking nice. I went to see family and childhood friends in the big city and have been drinking vodka and smoking for maybe 4 days.


No, spend yesterday ruminating on my loneliness, scrolling through reddit and leftypol. But I made a list of things to do today that I want to get done, and I seem to be on track.


that sucks
that's dope
glad it got better


What makes the universe scientifically intelligible? Could an alternative universe exist where science wouldn't have been so successful?
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Things that produce equilibrium-like situations and emergent behavior by definition require consistent rules or at least local highly stable equilibrium.

A universe based on chaos, that is not systemically, cannot produce beings capable of understanding it.



As a Humean empiricist, I find you very cringe for your misuse of the term 'empiricism' as it relates to kantian philosophy


>What makes the universe scientifically intelligible?
Cause-effect relationships that are coherent


the world is intelligible because man is part of the world. our causal contiguity with the thing itself is the primary basis for intelligibility in the last instance. the sphere of what we can understand ultimately grows with our technology as we develop more advanced instruments

probs true as well


>wouldn't a rational mind be required to create these patterns in the first place.
There's just the propensity to form habits, but yes (although phrasing it as rational is sus). The belief that Hume was against any kind of pre-existing 'mind' is not in my opinion a good interpretation, but the point is that the habits themselves aren't innate, the only thing that's innate is the propensity to form habits.

File: 1679321960219.jpg (321 KB, 1600x1064, 1679168016426.jpg)


NK is a monarchy
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Don't buy it all fake, and if it isn't fake it was all staged.



its not but even if it was who cares


a tad bit of a strawman


You say that like it's a bad thing, OP.

File: 1678473207436.jpg (43.98 KB, 750x419, Basado.jpg)


Another get drunk and listen to folk punk kind of day. Communism will win, never give up hope, why don't women like me(?)
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File: 1679327438590.jpeg (39.97 KB, 250x250, Para Birimleri.jpeg)

>I haven’t bathed in months, but you know it’s not because I’ve been fighting bourgeois morals, I’m just lazy and I’m young

>It went: “Fuck you and everything that you think you know
>If you don’t step outside the things that you believe
>They’re gonna kill you.”
>He said: “You think no one’s gonna stop you from dying young and miserable? And right!
>If you want something better, you gotta put that shit aside.”

>I thought about how for thousands of years

>There have been people who told us that things can’t go on like this
>From Jesus Christ to the Diggers, from Malthus to Zerzan,
>From Karl Marx to Huey Newton
>But the shit goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on
>On and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on
>Now, I’m not saying that we can’t change the world
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My name is Matt Pless. and here's my latest single


File: 1679330748091.jpg (745.77 KB, 1280x800, 7140777.jpg)

>Tonight I'm an alley-cat, yeah
>More afraid of you than you are of me
>But if you leave some food out on the porch
>I might stay 'till there's nothing left to eat

>'d be sitting alone at a lunch table in high school

>If I wasn't sitting alone at a punk show in Asheville
>A-hey, hey, hey


File: 1679332064682.jpg (132.43 KB, 1080x1080, ZiABFI8.jpg)

goddamn we must be living in the last days if/the president's black but the system is racist/when I got to your house everybody was wasted/gotta hang those crackers who lynched troy davis/if I start to believe in the words that we're saying/gonna get locked up or knocked dead on the pavement/chinga la frontera but while we're waiting/got some new punk vinyl and it's fucking amazing/but don't you dare push play on that record player before/you can give me one good reason not to walk out of this door/drive your car up to oro valley and burn every store I can find/because these days it just seems like the best thing that I can try/is to never leave my house for weeks at a time/so nobody asks how I am and I don't have to lie/I swear every song is a prophesy or it's/a promise we have to live up to before it's/even worth the time that it took to record it/because I don't want to be another asshole on tour because/I'm too lazy to go to work in the morning/and I guess that's true but this has got to be more than/a bomb shelter for us to ride out the war in/I'd sooner kiss these ruins than fucking ignore them/but don't you dare give up on us or anarchy before/you can name one government not rotten to its core/when this world finally burns who will be holding the torch?/these days it just seems like the best thing that I can try/is to never go back home for weeks at a time/so nobody asks how I am and I don't have to lie/


now that the dust has settled
who was in the wrong here


you are in the wrong for believing that's his dad when they sound like the same age


File: 1679326776118.mp4 (6.8 MB, 480x360, fortnite epic.mp4)

ok but consider the following

File: 1679281874955.png (1.14 MB, 960x718, 1608457294371.png)


I can't find any of my old threads on the catalogue so I'm going to make a new one updating you guys on the whole "18 year old going to a bdsm orgy" saga
>Interacted with the group that I've become associated with about twice about two weeks ago. Swam with them nude, then ate with them. Both times went pretty well, got a ride home, got a meal for me payed, even slept with the guy who hosts the bdsm orgies
>End up realizing the other 18 year old in the group is actually pretty ugly to be honest, and although they're probably a good person, it's consolidation enough for me
>Fast forward to about a week ago, end up having a semi-flipout in their group chat on how I was still feeling some unnecessary and uncalled for resentment towards the other 18 year old, and then just got up and left. Proceeded to leave the local NSFW furry communities too because I was having some shitty half-assed arguments with this ex-military guy who just gets hilariously pissed over the stupidest of shit that I'd say.
>This was generally done with a sad understanding that these groups effectively were just fourth-rate cults of personality around certain individuals, who otherwise were nice yet average people. Previously I seen my lack of attention given in these spaces as a consequence of them being like open long-form DMs - but like, that isn't true when *everyone* comes out of the woodwork to lust over some guy posting a gif of him fucking his fleshlight for the 8699405th time - which unironically is what happens all the fucking time lol
>After leaving, I start to notice the handful of people I was talking to are becoming more cold to me. Some of these had catalysts, some of them didn't. One individual had plans to drag me over to his place a second time and fuck me this weekend, but that fell through. But it's understandable. Another individual, who was the one who'd continually post the same gif of him fucking his fleshlight and have everyone come to his altar and worship him, became more cold towards me with a recent peak of coldness and even anger towards me being reached after I told him how I had a sweet (and by that, i mean it was mostly just cuddling and talking) little grindr date Friday night where he got pissed at me for bragging to him about my sexual exploits.
I mean, look, I know I entered these sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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How exactly do I "calmly deal with the situation"


I'm no therapist, but at least start by getting over your feelings of jealousy regarding the other twink. If you can't stop throwing fits about them, it means group sex isn't for you, and it's okay, it's not for me either.
I've never been involved in libertine stuff, but I know people who do, and from what I understand, you don't want people starting drama and mind games beyond eroticism, people are there to have fun, not to manage conflicts between partners. Think of it as a fight erupting in a bar, it's annoying for everyone who just wanted to have a beer and laugh.
Also be weary of the whole financial aspect regarding who is paying for what obviously, you are a money-less 18 year old and your hysteria is probably a mechanism of defense against potential abuse, but still, it's better when people are more or less on equal financial ground when having orgies.

tl;dr: Find a better sugar daddy on Grindr.


Honestly with all due respect I think you have the situation all wrong. I know its hard to believe, but especially after leaving the groups, and seeing the other 18 year old - who, once again, compared to me physically is just downright abysmal - has gotten me over the whole thing with him.
Now, as for the current problem, I just feel like there's a looming malice towards me that this general group holds. Its entirely percieved, yes, and I may just be imagining it, but I really can feel it. It should be my current objective to just get over that.
As for potential abuse, I'm actually sorely disappointed how little people are going for me. I'm an attractive, young, broke twink. You'd expect me to have to deal with a lorry load of potential third-rate suitors, but alas, nobody cares for me. The working theory is that most people care more for their inner circle within the group, an inner circle I'm not apart of. Honestly, it's a problem because I am now firmly in between the lines of that inner circle and not being involved at all, leading to an awkward relationship. Honestly I'm thinking about entirely leaving the group after I go to the orgy and forgetting about them entirely.


>gotten me over the whole thing with him
Whatever helps you cope.
>I'm an attractive, young, broke twink
Good for you, you have everything in your hands to find another sugar daddy if you are unhappy with your current one.
>The working theory is that most people care more for their inner circle within the group, an inner circle I'm not apart of, etc.
You will never be a part of the inner circle as long as you are act like a drama queen, this is was my point all along.

I'm going to stop responding to you now because I know all you crave is attention. Hope you get well in the future.


>You will never be a part of the inner circle as long as you are act like a drama queen
Well shit, thanks for quantifying it in simple terms. I know you don't care for me, but I appreciate your advice and I'll take it to heart. Really, I do want to be part of this group, but I couldn't figure out what's going on with me not being one of them. I'll definitely do my best to not be a shitass with drama, but I'm still thinking in the back of my head that they're just a glorified clique that I really shouldn't give much of a shit about.

File: 1678971590451.gif (106.24 KB, 200x200, ezgif-4-1130f9bc86.gif)


is it ok to beat your children & did your parents whoop your ass when you were a kid (mine did :C)
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makes sense, I mean even if it's not sexual itself it is basically proving to your child that you have the ability to sexually abuse them without them being able to stop it and denying them privacy over their genitals


you should kill him lol


forgot my flag


spanking is what made the widely acclaimed speaker, writer, journalist, and political analyst Caleb Maupin what he is today


>today I will remind them


What's your opinion on suicide?

Is it a purely bourgeois phenomenon as part of contemporary capitalist society?
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Does anyone have that story of the ancient Greek guy committing suicide after jerking off to some statue?




You learn by doing


>I cope by abusing alcohol and drugs. I don't recommend this solution,
When I got sober, exercised, ate right, life got way better


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