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File: 1701161517685.png (178.98 KB, 598x932, ClipboardImage.png)


This is peak American moment of peak American moments.(Please keep Twitter discussion to /isg/, thank you.)
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That's the thing though, whitness it's self is an arbitrary Identity, the difference between whose white and whose not it simply a name and how you keep your facial hair on the first glances(at least with regards to MENA regions) again I'm not justifying any sort of colonization of palestine, but I do not consider Israeli Jews white Europeans in the tradational sense, to me it's a matter of culture and identity, the cultre they've created is what I'm interested in


I never thought you are trying to justify the colonization of Palestinians. I agree with the arbitrariness of whiteness, however many of them are literally white people who moved there from places such as Brooklyn New York.


Okay, but that's only part of what I'm interested in, identity and culture
From what I've read the Israeli is mostly Anglo-American based(it actually reminded me of nation's military) it didn't have the weakness inherent of Arab militaries(which have nothing to do with race, but culture and structure)


File: 1701232881048-0.png (1.66 MB, 1556x1530, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1701232881048-1.png (1.37 MB, 1000x1133, ClipboardImage.png)

I want you to look at this woman and seriously tell me that 99% of people in the west wouldn't see her as a Jew. Jews aren't just "White people" there is an ethnic origin to them that's often obvious. again not justifying the colonization of Palestinians

File: 1696553366498.jpg (68.73 KB, 737x477, bakuninymarx.jpg)


History judges that Bakunin was right.
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>bearded balding white guy better REEEEEEE
>NO! bearded balding white guy better REEEEEEEE


personally, i agree with bakunin that the state apperatus is a monopoly on violence, and i think it is good that it is like that (and should stay forever)

what is the alternitive? directly democratic violence? what a fancy name for lynchings, and inb4 any analchist suggests "just abolish violence bro" you neeeed violence to stop violence, thats why the state exists in the first place dummy.

anyway thank for coming to my tedtalk please buy my book on my new ideology im calling "anarcho-hobbesianism"


Not really. Nowadays we can have labor camps that are so fun for the residents that they wont want to leave, and all without utilizing massive amounts of resources in the process. I'm sure that monarch children can remain indefinitely in a labor camp if necessary, foregoing the need for a preventatively punitive execution.


>inb4 any analchist suggests "just abolish violence bro" you neeeed violence to stop violence, thats why the state exists in the first place dummy.
Wrong. The state exists to enforce the will of the ruling class over its subjects. When communism abolishes class, the state will wither away and only governments will remain.


>friend of graceposter personally
how do you know graceposter?

File: 1701205988142.jpg (301.22 KB, 1920x1080, 1359149960-sans-titre2.jpg)


Pulling on the boots and lacing up the laces
Shaving our heads and strapping on the braces
Now you are a skinhead looking for a fight
Skinhead, skinhead, running through the night
Skinhead, skinhead, running through the night
Making lots of trouble, starting lots of fights
Skinhead, skinhead, getting really pissed
Skinhead, skinhead, tattooed on my wrist

File: 1693381980278.png (195.87 KB, 474x356, ClipboardImage.png)


my adblocker stopped working on youtube
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You'd still have to sit through the time it takes to watch an ad and it could still let malware through


become ungovernable: https://adnauseam.io/


Machines don't create value, people who use them, do.

Imagine highly specific ads created just for you.


Machines don't create value, uh-huh
I create value, tsk-tsk, with machines!

File: 1700932748876.jpg (87.24 KB, 474x355, 1699708821408479.jpg)


is this true /siberia/?
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complete and utter gibberish, kill more


Yes. All it takes for evil to win is for good people to do nothing. Dont be a tool


>moral culpability
stopped reading
get this spooked trash out of here


Counts for the first few goons, but it snowballs. People join the mafia for safety. where the option not to is to have the mafia be a potential source of unsafety.

I think this fails to account for the fact that an order-giver is culpable for giving an order knowing it'll actually be carried out.

File: 1700964916025-0.png (380.38 KB, 602x663, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1700964916025-1.png (788.31 KB, 1200x630, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1700964916025-2.png (815 KB, 649x842, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1700964916025-3.png (1.13 MB, 1616x910, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1700964916025-4.png (2.58 MB, 2560x1440, ClipboardImage.png)


ywn be a sociopathic billionaire who impregnates a woman who gives birth to a son who grows up to be your personal source of blood for de-aging and other vampire rituals
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excuse me it's called the masturbatorium


Is there even any evidence to show that this works?



Can’t unsee


excuse me sweaty, the entire universe is based on young blood transfusion. GOD the FATHER sent HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON to DIE ON THE CROSS so that his BLOOD COULD SAVE THE EARTH FROM DEATH

it works, but you have to BELIEVE


Imagine if Americans drank beer like they drank soda. Imagine how chill society would be.
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Why? Beer makes you fat.


damn he activated ultra-instinct


are you answering yourself


No, I am asking why would it lead to less obesity when beer is known to make people fat.


oh i read the OP backwards

File: 1699896932843.jpeg (48.89 KB, 444x690, images (11).jpeg)


Does anyone still has that shaytan guy's nudes, i remember him randomly. I was very active here like 2 or 3 years ago, and there was a poster named shaytan, he had a cute butt. Does anyone still has his nudes. Its been a while, leftypol.
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I don't shrimp I feel motherly care


I look like /pol/jak but with blonde hair


6‘2“ 200lbs athletic BBC wielders. My invitation for Shay to live with me in Germany and sit on my dick is still open.


File: 1701192202404.jpg (88.84 KB, 900x900, uglychad.jpg)



Is emotional labour a useful concept for materialist analysis? I don't buy it, it does not seem to add anything extra that cannot already be explained by the alienation of your living activity.
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Yeah, that's the ification part of commodification. Your labour power is already a commodity, and "emotional labour" is just expanding what is considered part of your labour power, as opposed to introducing commodity relations where they weren't previously.


But it is not expanding anything, I can't tell my boss to fuck off either or I will be fired, there's no meaningful difference between this and that.


you may as well argue against the term "physical labour" on the same grounds.


I would, but I don't remember anyone ever making the claim that physical labour commodifies differently from intellectual labour.


i would be baffled by pretty much any analysis of modern labour that didn't factor that in. even in trivial terms like outsourcing. historically it has been easier to outsource physical labour than intellectual labour (for example, factory work), nowadays in large part due to communications technology advancing you can also outsource intellectual labour to india (see the big4 accounting firms, or the indian programmer meme) - but you still can't outsource your plumber.

File: 1701179768278.jpg (54.57 KB, 640x480, rn189m5d4p2c1.jpg)


Do women feel racial brainrot when it comes to sex too? Like, do they feel angry when they see a man of their in-group dating a "foreign" woman like males do?

This question might come off as too coomerbrain but i'm genuinely curious. Because even in propaganda by female rightoids i never see them railing against guys who married "foreign" women. Not among American female neo-nazis, not among female Islamists, not among female Hindutvas. The narrative is always about beastly foreign men taking our women; but never the other way around, even among women themselves.
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Don't worry about it brother, we aren't Übermenschen who figure out everything on their own


This has more to do with the subject/object dichotomy - the idea that (especially with sex) men do things and women have things done to them. The kind of people who are going to get mad about "race mixing" are going to see the man as "the adult" and going to blame him.


ive seen drama about it on "black twitter"
women tend to be less possessive and infatuated than men in general though


It's less common because women are treated as property and men as the owners of women, due to patriarchy, so in practice it is usually the men complaining about their property (women) being stolen by foreign men. Exceptions to this rule would be polyandrous cultures in some places in Asia where women have multiple husbands due to there not being enough women around. Or matriarchal tribes. But yeah. I have seen a few isolated incidences of this. I've seen black american women a few times complain about their men chasing after white women or lighter skinned black women. There's a son by the rapper No Name where she complains about this specifically.


File: 1701197298080-0.png (56.69 KB, 478x464, ClipboardImage.png)

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