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File: 1631756481682.png (128.29 KB, 796x529, ClipboardImage.png)


it pisses the incels off whenever they lose the monopoly on a piece of content to queers, i suggest making rightoids seethe by posting that Pepe is a non-binary lesbian, just as it annoys them to see trans madness combat OCs
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I thought what you meant by the quotation marks is that "bi erasure" does not exist at all, my apologies if I misunderstood


Jaha, vad är det som är dumt med den?


We speak ENGLISH on this board you dirty swede, ENGLISH. If you want to speak your own funny little language then keep to your own side of the internet.


File: 1631788074106.png (216.93 KB, 438x181, ClipboardImage.png)

No, read the rules. Calling crypto-reactionaries out can be done in any language!


of course it exists, I just question the point of wasting time on it

de ä ba käbbel

tyst med dig jänkarjävel


when will words like "cringe" and "based" and "redpill" and "soy" and "boomer" lose their popularity?
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I feel like simplistic memes that dichotomize being cool and uncool are losing traction, but maybe that’s just me.




I say we go back to saying sick, ill, deadly, bad when something is good. Because bougies and suburbanites just don't get it.


File: 1631783993229.gif (1.43 MB, 480x270, 1623727507628.gif)

when you see a post about something super impressive (perhaps drastic) that you agree with, "good" just doesn't cut it

I try to use "cool", "rad" or "awesome" but I can't think of any other words so it ends up feeling repetitive and I go back to using based

File: 1631765302399.mp4 (439.36 KB, 396x396, 25293.mp4)


Steven Universe is cringe
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Its worse than cringe, it's radlib propaganda.


idk man Castlevania is pretty cool


I haven't watched a whole season, but I've seen some episodes. I like at least some of the premise. Sad to say it could've been pretty good children's entertainment under less liberal direction, but then it'd be canceled after a season or two. They should've kept the "ugly" art style in the original pilot too for that matter.
>he hasn't seen Æon Flux


>They should've kept the "ugly" art style in the original pilot too for that matter.
you liked it? why? Though I admit it's better than the super shitty and inconsistent style they got later


>you liked it? why?
I'm sure some tweaks are in order but I think it lended itself to more mature storytelling and probably would have affected the overall tone for the better. It's hard to write a saccharine show (e.g. sympathizing with the space imperialists and telling kids that it's good to do that) when you know it looks kind of dark and ugly. And I like how it looks like a 14 year old fantasy enthusiast's class doodles come to life too. I remember the first season looking pretty good though. Between the two, I'm not sure which I wish became permanent.

File: 1631464414846.png (98.63 KB, 256x256, 47084.png)


Why did the soviet revolutionaries immediately abolish all discipline amongst the youth. There was propaganda calling for children to rebell and the government would arrest teachers and parents that attempted to control the childrens behavior?
Why was this? This wasn't only in the USSR but in other revolutionary states that followed.
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Based science crow


wtf am I looking at who are these people besides solman


That is epstein's book, all these people are related to him, montefiore (the guy with the red line under the name) is the dude that made a book called young stalin, where, through a ""source"" of dubious veracity he claims stalin fucked a 14 year old


holy shit you're right I remember montefiore
fucking lol


Finally someone says the source of that retarded claim
Thank you

File: 1631751226770.jpg (25.83 KB, 482x404, B0bBZeICQAAL2BR.jpg)


My parents set me up for failure by conceiving me at the ages of 43 and 47. My mom's eggs were probably rotten and my dads sperm was probably impotent. You should only be conceiving kids between the ages of 24 and 37.
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>>149253 (me)
oh god I only realised how dark that is after posting it, sorry if I upset you OP


I don't think this guy is the kind of person to be upset about that


yes you definitely seem like it


>blaming your parents age for your shitty life
c'mon, you can do better than that. also, one of the smartest and most academically accomplished persons I've met was born from a mother aged fucking 47


the chances to be born autistic similarly increase

File: 1631748992317.jpg (273.31 KB, 720x977, Alabama comeback.jpg)


Better red than inbred. But how we can persuade those sons of bitches & gigolos good for nothing to not continuing their irrelevant practices?

I mean, inbreeding also has its own problematics. Those irredeemable bastards won't just give up their retarded sex relationship towards their own relatives. All of them praising Oedipus Complex as their own bible. So what's the best approach to change them?
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Oh shit I didn't even notice the edit, I was thinking about what the original probably said ("girlfriend")
I swear I don't like mom/son incest


Stop breeding.


File: 1631778156900.png (992.91 KB, 720x977, ClipboardImage.png)


kek saved


Here's the original, btw, can't find it in higher quality online
Artist is John Billette


Rick and Morty is cringe
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It's cringe but the first couple seasons have some high-tier episodes. For me, Rick and Morty peaked in season 1 but maybe that's because I was watching episodes as they premiered back then. It was just a dumb [as] show that could suddenly smash a chair over your head and then go back to cracking fart jokes. Some clever premises, a few twists, and a little bit of drama but it had an organic, free-wheeling spirit about it. Ironically this backfired on the writers/Dan Harmon's hideous ego and poisoned the well. Plus the fan base. It was fun while it lasted anyway.


File: 1631769129592.mp4 (2.06 MB, 1280x780, 72483.mp4)


I still don't understand why people have started to bring up the audience when addressing a work.


First two seasons were funny though

File: 1631748388093.mp4 (1.59 MB, 480x270, 2020.mp4)


The future scares me a lot comrades…
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File: 1631758147743-0.jpg (126.43 KB, 950x789, 1627617930306.jpg)

Fear exists for a reason. Use it to your advantage.
Let the fear motivate you to prepare, so that you can be ready.


good advice


File: 1631761992965.jpg (39.81 KB, 738x753, 0nh3rrdp38l61.jpg)

I just go with the flow while everything burns. Make the best of a bad situation is all I have to say, I've learned that once you hit rock bottom it's only up from there.


Stop caring about things that don't exist.


File: 1631562947906.jpg (234.24 KB, 1000x741, rolemodel.jpg)


Do you have or ever had a role model, /siberia/?

I don't remember ever having any.
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Vladimir Ilyich Lenin


Sergey Nechayev

I will never live up to him, but I've decided that he embodies everything I aspire to be


Do you aspire to spend your life in prison?



If that's what it takes


Post your fav Alunya pics.
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File: 1631772041258.png (Spoiler Image, 1.28 MB, 2317x1901, 191b1f5030aae3c87ae8322aec….png)


File: 1631772491009.jpg (1.21 MB, 1768x1261, Alunya Car.jpg)

I love them all



I like this.

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