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File: 1701285310751.webm (23.04 MB, 640x480, dating-game.webm)


/siberia/ dating game
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I miss him so much.


>Women are hornier than men
<Also this is how many women would act in this.

No, it's not a bad thing to want to fuck every consenting disease-free-lib-or-left-woman.
>Inb4 slut shaming , it's from women suffering from skill issues


>starts off horny and then derails into an argument about jews, aids, africa, boomers and repealing the age of consent laws

yeah that fits




File: 1701329228876.mp4 (3.49 MB, 1280x720, 1628344391248-0.mp4)

not today, cia

File: 1700016843284.jpg (49.2 KB, 1179x661, media_F-W5sFQWcAM6Kcr.jpg)


>trying to do some mundane domestic task in eyesight of father
>uuuhhhhh bbeettaa aatt ssoommee ppooiinntt iinn yyoouurr lliiffee tthheerree wwiill ccoommee aa ttiimmee .. yyoouu aarree aa ssmmaarrtt hhaannddssoommee iinnddiivviidduuaall ..
>some more droning low-register sorrowful noises the content of which can't be discerned
>almost immediately after, some barking about how im actually mentally ill and stupid, suddenly forgetting the pandering pep talk a couple minutes before
pic unrelated
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All these people out here having kids because it's "what you do" or because their own parents bully them about grandkids end up being bad at parenting, what a shock.


File: 1700069303764.png (427.74 KB, 565x436, ClipboardImage.png)

>pressurize children to suicide
>pressurize children to not have any contacts with opposite gender
>expects everyone to get 100 out of 100 marks
>beats their children and tortures them in intricate ways
desi parents are the fucking worst holy fuck those bastards
they dont deserve to have children


another episode of my father barging into my room and provoking me then yelling at me when i tell him to leave then telling me to calm down and control my anger when i yell back
this is a guy who would react to the concept of self-control like apes around a fire btw
i really hope the recession closes down his shitty small businesses and forces himself to do what he always should have done


>Her father also forced her into child marriage btw
Happened to my mom too. I dont think it's as much of an Indian thing as it is how too many 3rd world families start


I know see why Indians are entirely fucked up or have the countenance of Buddha

File: 1701134343271.png (201.77 KB, 371x329, 1581687069442.png)


It's NOT called "The Byzantine Empire", you fucking barbarian. Its proper name is IMPERIVM ROMANVM (always all caps). Anything else is invalid revisionism (both in the historical and marxist sense) by KKKraKKKa westoids.
Do you understand?!
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>Constant war with Persians
>Never managed to fully subjugate Arabs
>Did take Egypt easily
>Disloyal elite guards who couped several times and nearly left the empire in ruins
>Suffered from stagnation and overextension
>Eventually fell to Germanic/Frankish barbarians

Ottomans indeed were Romans lmfao


What is Turkey then??


File: 1701278000928.jpg (336.6 KB, 2048x1424, 1659218524489.jpg)

the ottomans were socialist


you will never be a roman. you have no rome, you speak no latin, you are a barbaric greek twisted by christianity into a crude mockery of civilizations perfection. all the "honor" you get is two faced and half hearted. behind your back your neighbors disrespect your borders. your ancestors are disgusted and ashamed of you. historians are utterly repulsed by you. thousands of years of history have allowed them to sniff out frauds with extreme precision


take your ass back to your shitty italian lombard state you papist

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Edgy general

Post edgy unpopular opinions that you have.

I think that we should treat sakaioids the same way that we treat nazis
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Sir this is the unpopular opinions general.
I'd be disturbed if this was actually unpopular

Also, agreed.
These people say stuff like >>473996 , but have very clear exceptions.
Like pedos being a common one; and with >>473996 , trans people, which they'll slander by calling pedos.



The Grateful Dead were actually pretty good.


The problem is that the concept ofa mental illness is applied to anything socially undesirable, not necessarily to conditions that make the individual suffer. Not only is that a slippery slope, it's also a form of institutionalized moralism alongside the criminal justice system.


You'd be surprised how unpopular this opinion is on this particular site. Even on SJW subreddits its more popular than here.


revolution always comes from an elite, and vanguardism is only successful because it outsources the revolution to intellectuals
organising with the proles as a whole is useless; the vanguard parties should largely only operate internally and popularise themselves by engaging in bourgeois democracies rather than demonstrations. today, popularity is power, and only mainstream avenues can do this including youtube, MSM and twitch.
the soap box is dead, or rather, transferred to new mediums.
selling your socialist "newspaper" in the town square is more pathetic than being an armchair communist tweeter.


The rate of profit reaching zero is not simply the idea that corporations become "unproductive" but that they actually increase production due to the use of technology or "labour-saving devices". This erases human input thus disallowing the extraction of "surplus value" (which is marx's idea of "profit" according from his LTV), not just the total revenue substracted from the costs of production.
This is why technology cannot create value and so produces the "constant capital" of the static and mechanical motion of robotics - this can be seen as the "quantitative" aspect of production whereas human "variable capital" is the "abstract" or qualitative aspect - creating a dialectic which erases the human, who stands as the "contradiction" in this system.
However, as more technology replaces humans, less humans are able to buy products, leading to crises of "overproduction" which become unprofitable. Here then, capital must use humans to sustain itself, even as it erases humans from its function.
To Marx, communism overcomes this by seeing humans as the directors of the machines of production, by techniques of automation with political devices regulating production.
Here then we see how capital is both the driver and impediment of production - this is why marxism is about unleashing the productive forces against the efficient inefficiency of capital.
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With a robot if you want to produce more you need to literally invest more in it. It's different with human workers where you can force them to produce more labour than what you give them as compensation, machine can only give as much as you're willing to pay them; if you cheap out on equipment then you'll receive subpar results and if you cheap out on maintenance cost it'll break soon.


>It's different with human workers where you can force them to produce more labour than what you give them as compensation, machine can only give as much as you're willing to pay them
That's just dodging the question by saying "it's the way it is because it's that way." Why is it not possible to build a robot that has labor power? This is not the same as mere equipment that breaks down if you don't put in enough money to maintain it (same logic applies to reproducing workers' labor power by paying them).

Consider in the most extreme case, a "true AI" as in an artificial general intelligence, or even further an "artificial person" (an android) capable of doing the same activities as a human. Does that robot not have labor power? From there, we can retract toward present technology and ask between that level of technology and what we have now, at what point does the computer become capable of performing labor?


i think what he's implying is that the very process of producing androids in order to do slave labour is defeating its own point. how much money and research goes in to creating a person that is as sustained by wage labour as humans? and androids will also strike and bargain for wages, so it just reproduces the whole process of capitalism but with more expensive enemies. its against capitalism's interests to create robotic workers.


GDP isnt profit, thats why as debt increases, capitalism keeps declining. debt and its compensation increases GDP but its the circular process of paying off interest, not actually producing goods. thats why ironically forgiving all debts would improve the economy, since people would have more disposable income.
this is also why adam smith and the other classical economists thought that the market would lead to everyone owning their own home and deleting rents from the economy.


A truck is tremendously useful for performing labour but it doesn't have labour power. Without a human operator it's useless. The same applies to any robot that is not sentient. They need human operators in order to do anything productive. Even if that's one operator to 1000 machines it still applies. If there exists a robot which can produce profit on its own with no human intervention, then it will have labour power.

File: 1701306316912.jfif (26.73 KB, 474x237, OIP (2).jfif)


marx was right about a lot, but not everything - especially considering that material conditions have drastically changed from his time, including digital technologies, the internet, television, nuclear weapons, robots, mobile phones.
many more classes than the bourgeoisie and proletariat have sprouted up due to the expansion of the means and modes of production, and the increasing specialised nature of many facets of modern life. the west has massively de-industrialised and is not going to return to antiquated models of the industrial factory floor being the basis of social relations.
this doesnt mean an abandonment of marxism, but an advancement from it - otherwise you will be stuck in the 19th century.
its not helpful to contemporary subjects to just say "read marx" as if this is the redpill that allows you to see the matrix of today's postmodern simulacrum - things really have developed and cannot be simply be disregarded as superstructural illusions hiding a binary class division.
so, learn to think about today's experience.






We already have Post-Marxism. With Laclau et al and all the post-structuralists. Analytical Marxism could be counted as a Post-Marxist movement proper, even Freudomarxism could be counted as Post-Marxism. There are just so many currents in Leftist thought its hard to keep track with all of them


it all feeds into the progress of theory
and theory of progress


Support Large Size liberation!


'manga 'read

File: 1701301701188.png (664.7 KB, 741x670, breefmints.PNG)



File: 1701208252599.jpeg (215.68 KB, 1080x1920, Gail_Lewis.jpeg)


Is she a proletarian hero?
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critical support to walmart for expanding the productive forces


>how the world's biggest corporations are laying the foundation for socialism
for real?


I mean technically, you don't get to socialism without having a capitalism.


I'll be honest I didn't read the whole thing but iirc it was showing that planned economies already exist, and function efficiently, giving Walmart as the biggest example, as the company has a bigger internal economy than some nations.


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