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>there is a non-zero amount of Ulrike Meinhof NSFW art on the internet
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literally who



Hello newfag, let me show you around the site


File: 1676721689499.jpeg (43.84 KB, 680x680, FpCWjXbX0AENt_I.jpeg)


very cool


This thread must not die


How do i join the Elder of Zion council without being a jew? My strategy to achieve socialism is basically joining a world elite cabal and uses its power to subverts the elite and implement world revolution. If this fails i'll need to consider how to join the Illuminati or Bohemian Groove


very cool


File: 1680000686728.jpg (50.03 KB, 736x414, 1680000680297.jpg)

You are awesome! While I only think of sleeping and daydreaming after every tiresome and consuming day…. alienating from my mere existence and value of anything… you could think and dream of saving us poor spirits!:O


id recommend learning chaos magick. You can start with liber null, make sure to take LSD while doing it as well as amphetamines and keep practicing so that you can mould yourself into a dionysian prince/princess. then you can meet a guide in the astral plane who will take you there if you say the code. you'll know what to do when you've done the prequisite steps :)


Uhhh there's no way you can join, btw chaos magick doesn't exist and you need to take your medication which is not controlling your brain


I want those plushies

File: 1680101389459.png (292.5 KB, 780x643, ClipboardImage.png)


In your country,are African americans with albinism considered uyghas or krakkkas?
Maybe bipoc?
Nordic as fuck prussian yoruban ancestry?
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There was an albino black guy in a neighborhood not far from where I grew up. I never met him, but apparently he wasn't well liked by black or white folks and kinda lived on the fringes. That's about as much hard data as I can give you, man shit is fuckled.


Possibly white passing black


why do poltards accuse everyone else of being race obsessed when they unironically believe that people are inherently good or evil depending on their race?


In my country, they are considered Americans.


tbh it would prolly depend on family and neighborhood, whichever racial majority they get raised under, also theres this part in there Eyes Were Watching God where after a hurricane the bodies of whites and blacks were identical EXCEPT for the hair, so the white authorities made sure the hair on all corpses were checked to uphold segregation(of actual corpses). so you can literally get discriminated on the basis of hairstyle in the great satan

basically what im saying is there a high chance they would be discriminated just on cultural and hair grounds alone because like you said, americans are obsessed with race


Im at a low point rn
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actually im a gigachad with bbc


not as fun

needs more femdom though


I would like it for 5 months, but then I'll hate it when I have to go back to work but now I make 70¢ for every $1


But can you imagine it? Actually enjoying your life for 5 months?


File: 1680103377227.gif (319.95 KB, 769x765, polcry.gif)



At least for people who don't actually need it. I feel like it does more harm than actual good.
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Oh okay, nevermind then



#3 is best


I hate how fake tits look. They are the wrong shape being round on top.


File: 1680099593855.mp4 (38.04 MB, 1280x634, me.mp4)


support schizophrenics in a radical revolutionary plight against normal pills and capitalism and also imperialism and all the other buzzwords especially institutions and doctors and my mom
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My manipulative ex-gf was schizoaffective stay away from these fuckers


probably had other underlying issues


My gf has schizophrenia and BPD and she's very sweet.









I want to walk like 100 km in the next two weeks, any tips? Currently my daily walk is only around 3-5 km and I have a hard time going on a longer route and not just finding myself at home after that mark.
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Like what everyone else is saying. Relax and take your time you don’t have the endurance for that


I can walk 30km a day easily


File: 1679244824423.png (220.24 KB, 600x726, it's over.png)

I don't think I will be able to do it, I did around 25 km the past two days but even if I could do the same again next weekend (unlikely) I would still need to do 5 every workday and I am not sure if I'm ready for that. Maybe I should just give up.


Every day?


I did it btw

File: 1678318663291.png (525.45 KB, 638x479, 7dt3d072wnca1.png)


Thoughts on neckbeard nests and/or goon caves?
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You see sadness, I see freedom.


File: 1680077805666.jpg (517.71 KB, 2215x1504, what.jpg)

>oppressed by taking out the trash


Thats called the partiarchy anon, they expect women to clean.


no masters no showers no bedtimes


You know we are always like "oppression bad" but what if you can do what you want. This is the nightmare behind the nightmare. Wake up, Neo.

File: 1680027029785.png (351.74 KB, 1043x460, alexander dugin.png)


is it right to tell third worlders (or even hillbillies in apalachia) that they should accept progressivism?
should we allow societies of different morals and ideas but allow free flow of people, aka if a person finds out they are trans in afganistan they should be allowed to move to a different country that's more progressive? or if a le /pol/ face is sick of being in portland and he can move to apalachia as long as no country/teritory is invading other all would be fine.
i know some third worlders are actually more progressive than first worlders, but my point still stands. different groups should be allowed to have different standards and worldviews.
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1. Ideology is the reflection of the material. Therefore, asking the African tribal or American lumepnprole to be progressive means not only asking them to uproot their worldview, but also their way of life.

The reason some third worlders may be "more progressive" than American hamburgers is because of their material conditions. They actually have incentive to be progressive.

My point: Different groups WILL have different cultures, though different cultures and ideological systems will have a tendency to be homogenized over time. We have seen the assimilation of groups, and consequently their cultures. This is due to proletarianization, globalization, or whatever you want to call it. The result is: the homogenization of class interests.

Someone stated that capitalism must be dismantled before progressivism will take off, though I argue the opposite: Capitalism - polar or multipolar - and it's contradictions should be intensified to give the people the material incentive to be progressive.


Appalachia has been a pet project of libs who think we're all dumb, inbred illiterates who need their condescending help ever since J.D. Vance blamed our shitty lives in us being shitty people. But they don't give a fuck about black folks' poverty because that's just de facto. They've turned ignoring it into a reflex.


Yes it is right.


Praying on a carpet, burning incense or dancing in a dpecific way is tradition. Oppressing groupd of people is being an asshole and such behaviour should be eradicated. By force if necessary.


This is just spooky nationalism. If it is right to enforce prpgressive values on your neightbour, then why shouldnt you do it to people across the globe?

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