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File: 1695148207257.png (269.14 KB, 2560x3216, oonoz8ik18q61.png)


What do you think are some of the political implications of this image?
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Yeah ofc, it's just wild how distinct the border is between them, although it's also possible that the quality of data from Haiti is relatively poor (like Haiti itself).


DNA tests are a meme that don't actually sequence your DNA, just take samples and make extrapolations. That's how you end up with people having wild results, the sequencer got the random portion that looks kind of like a whole other place than where your ancestors lived.

Also, a perfectly accurate DNA sequencer would count up DNA that doesn't affect your appearance at all. You got people with a black and a white parent who come out looking like one or the other, because they got all the outward appearance genes from one side but still has biology from both (eg you could have a completely white-passing person with sickle cell anemia).


>no data for best guay :(
The dominican republic had a dictator who was obsessed with increasing the whiteness of the country


white people are not so superior after all


I think it had less to do with increasing whiteness and more like getting rid of blackness


daily reminder that working class people are not mindless zombies that are mind controlled by the bourgeoisie but actually have agency which makes them complicit and morally liable for building the ovens of concentration camps, catching runaway slaves and maintaining the existence of their settler-colony
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> You are just telling on yourself, not everyone is as selfish and devoid of self-reflection

The literal Russian socialists of the pre-revolutionary period ran into this problem. Too many of them adopted the moralizing position of an enlightened savior, which turned off a lot of peasants from them

Self reflection is not the same as being a pretentious cunt


>"capitalism is voluntary" but make it sound pseudo-leftist




No modern working class people have done that. You are still obsessed about the early 20th century. Modern working class people just want to have food on the table and shelter to live in. If they stop working they are destined to be poor and possibly homeless, starving and dying on the streets. AND. It doesn't fucking matter if you live in a capitalist or socialist or communist society, that is simply the economic reality in all nation states. Whether you live in America, or China, or Russia, or India, or Mexico, or Canada, or Europe, or where ever. Go to any country and you will find the working class propping up the economies and keeping the lights on and the food delivered to the local grocery stores. The only difference with capitalist/socialist/communist nations is whether the government runs the economy (centralized control) or the private sector runs the economy (decentralized free market). Sometimes, like in America and China today, it's a combination of both.


I've always found it rather interesting that the moralists and doomers and third-worldists always start crawling out of the woodwork right on cue as class-conciousness rises.


what does this dog picture make you feel
BE HONEST!!!!!!!!!!
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File: 1694777253646.png (82.99 KB, 680x505, d1c.png)

Naw mate, I'm just autistic.


He look completely retarded and unserious.


>schizo + sociopath
Haha, thanks, man.
My brain fresh off adderall goes from a ps4 to a ps1; I needed some loading time.


Weird, I don't understand what it is about that breed of dog that makes them so cute to people. Anyway mutts are better, as always.

File: 1694888858425.png (270.5 KB, 474x327, ClipboardImage.png)


>anon 1 says something based
<anon 2 says something cringe in response
>anon 1 is composing an epic dunk on anon 2 in response, to show them how wrong they are
<anon 3 comes in and says something really stupid that doesn't really refute anon 2 at all
<anon 2 gets the smug satisfaction of thinking anon 3 is anon 1 and that he has won the argument
>anon 1 finishes his masterpiece
>anon 1 is ignored while anon 2 and and anon 3 yowl at each other like cats in heat

it's joever
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File: 1694907405269.png (153.93 KB, 842x1191, image7.png)


what was the original text


I might misremember but I think the original was deliberately blank.


Judging by the rope and the crotch shot and knowing leftypol probably something sexual.


Im that anon 3.

File: 1694909506780.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 401.22 KB, 722x719, 667604C4-BE23-4003-9EED-B….jpeg)


Is there any sourced (Marxian of course) material talking about people who like feet? There’s a growing phenomenon of people, males in particular, being more open about liking toes and soles. Pornographic material of such videos is very popular too. Did Marx or Engels ever talk about this fetish, or any communist for that matter?
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I mean my feet get pretty roughed up by my steel toe boots but after like a week of using this polishing kit I got for my birthday I was able to counter that. Requires having the time to put into that though.


post feet



Nah they've since roughed back up. If I find the kit maybe when the topic arises again.


i like roughed up feet, post

File: 1695096138870.mp4 (2.87 MB, 576x1024, 1695079396890.mp4)


Give me one reason for why the USA running out of children and migrants willing to work for them isn’t objectively good for them.

File: 1694626520846.jpg (568.55 KB, 1170x2532, miniposadism.jpg)


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>Dating is sinful
This sounds purely superstituous

Also, is this only meamt to curb youth sexuality?


File: 1695091276066.png (767.97 KB, 640x748, ClipboardImage.png)

All sex outside of marriage is fornication. Masturbation also gets you sent to hell.


I disagree with masturbation being sinful.

Id rather jack off than invest romantic/sexual emergy towards another human being.

If you try to criminalize masturbation, bad things will happen.


>If you try to criminalize masturbation, bad things will happen.


I dont say that as a joke.
People whom crack down on masturbation are often psychotic hypocrites.


The fall of the white race
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File: 1695083280753.jpg (37.31 KB, 400x400, v62OOGNJ_400x400.jpg)

They were parody here's there new profile pic.


>2nd pic

lol the delusion of thinking you needed a divorce before you could do a couple hundred pushups and situps per week and start counting your calories in an excel spreadsheet


Why not hamg out with your kids?
This is why people dont respect fathers.
Theyre let off the hook for childcare too often.


You all know that people only want to raise families so they can have the legal opportunity to own another human being.

Adults are pathologically incapable of seeing children as individuals. Its impossible for them.
Thats why adults always compare their own childhood experiences to the younger generations but never adulthood experiences.

Thats why misopedia is the only form of discrimination thats socially/legally endorsed.


Thats how alot of ultraconservative religious families are.
They obsess over their kids, but will beat their kids to death for adapting any modern cultural product.

File: 1694905793795.png (151.17 KB, 194x300, ClipboardImage.png)


Mods please don't move this thread to a dead board
The only somewhat explicitly clear allegory to real life was the whole patsak vs tchatlan divide, I think that was probably pointing to apartheid, since the movie was released in 1986. What else did you lads that have seen the movie see that is a political allegory?
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I asked about book recommendations here 3 days ago, mods moved it to /edu/ and it doesn't have a single reply. They are dead.


That thread is more /hobby/ than /edu/ anyway. I don't know what the mods were thinking. (They probably weren't.)


what the fuck is the movie dumbass i dont speak mexican


Watch it uygha, it's lowkey good.


Can someone just answer OP

File: 1695078746443.jpeg (353.64 KB, 828x579, IMG_0282.jpeg)


I hated the boys show compared to the comic and couldn’t get past a single season because the show deviates to much from its source in all the wrong ways. The original comic was way more lighthearted and edgy for the sake of shock value and for realism instead of depicting superhero violence as cartoonish and injury free activity, like how ennis depicts violence in general. The show was too serious and focused way too much on the seven than the entire world ennis created, on top of the several themes exploring corporate and celebrity power in capitalistic societies in favour of dicksucking a psychopath.

Now they managed to fuckup the comics legacy even more with this shit. Thank Christ they never got crossed, but seeing the damage that was dealt to punisher and the boys I only feel dread knowing how much shittier these shows are gonna get once they run out of source material to write fanfic of.
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The show is more angsty than the book, tf you on?


>focused way too much on the seven than the entire world ennis created
While I think the show is overall better than the comic, this is one of the few areas where I'd say the show is weaker. In the comic they were going after capes across the board and it really showed how shit a lot of capes are in the setting even if they're not at the top of the industry. In the show you really only see the seven and a few others doing fucked up shit.

Listening to this later while I play video games :)


at least its based and actually tries to make a statement whereas the comic is just an edgy bloodfest


Okay now I know you didn’t read it. The comic was split episodically so it could fully explore its ideas on corporate society in the USA, from the mansion kids being fed candy to be groomed into capes, to the noticeable amount of infighting occurring even at the highest stages of vought to document the self destructive nature of competition under capitalism. There’s so many other instances of this shit, like the fact that it’s established clearly that the vast majority of supers don’t even want to be that way and are force fed drugs and propaganda into being drones for whatever corp they work for(similar to what’s going on today with corporate culture and how the us smuggles people into its army), or the fact that the comic doesn’t respect homelander at all or give him attention because there’s genuinely just not that much to say about his character, compared to the forcefully drawn out arcs he gets in the show.


As for that edge fest part, the show is way worse when it comes to violence. Anytime I see supes killing each other or in general it feels like the writers are in a competition for who can write the most gratuitously edgy shit imaginable so people stay watching, compared to the violence in the comics where it feels disgusting and brutal because it’s accurate to what people already do in real life, along with the grosser humour with the Irish piss drinking competition or that one super into trans girls that got stabbed to death for killing billies dog.

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