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File: 1678203169065.jpg (45.32 KB, 500x322, ror14.jpg)


How do I join Antifa?
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Join any socialist organization and I mean any, and chances are they'd be at a protest and you'll encounter some black bloc types.


this is literally stochastic terrorism


who let the gorillas into siberia?


Fly antifa flag and dress for black bloc and find other people doing the same thing.

That's it.


Wasn't there a real obvious honeypot website a few years ago like antifa.org or something that encouraged people to "join antifa" by signing up online with their name and email


post 'usic


File: 1678035372352.png (236.13 KB, 400x300, sad-guy-final.png)


after a long ass time I went to a normie party again. There were too many people and I didnt say a single word, i was the supreme wallflower. Maybe I was nervous or maybe I just lost all the will 15 mins in. The hot girls at the party made fun of my appearance and I smiled like a cuck at their 'jokes' because I didn't know what to say as a comeback.

midway through a lib ranted about how poor people deserve it because theyre addicts. Then the libs bragged about their 100k+ jobs and teslas. one of the hot girls from saudi defended their 'culture' of oppressing women.

at least I got free food. i am so far removed from a normie. 4/10 experience
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You should report it to the mods so they can delete it before anyone else is emotionally damaged by the post. Maybe even report it to irl authorities as a hate crime, so the anon faces real consequences for his actions.


Do you feel that insecure on being called out for being an asshole?


Why are you so triggered that I am calling out reactionary shit on a leftist board?


>they asked me what my job was, one girl said I was a model sarcastically as a joke then the other girls all joined in and said something like, "what kind of model looks like that hahah"
"I provide the standard reference model for hundreds of thousands of medical students in North America as well as in Europe for what the perfect penis is supposed to look like."


You have a lot to learn but sounds like a shit party anyways

You're not welcome. Cry more


Will there be uniforms under anarchist rule? I think they look nice on women.
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I mean, you can wear one if you want, nobody's gonna stop you.

They might look at you funny though.


If only a single person wears it, is it really a uniform?


the etymology of uniform means "a single person outfit" so yes


My answer is "who really cares, if you want to wear it, wear it"


sniffing Grace-chan's clothes

File: 1675728412890.png (870.76 KB, 1080x1324, MtM-FtF.png)

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previous thread >>>/siberia_archive/5955
archive of thread 3: https://archive.ph/wip/i2ulD

Florida Lawmakers Pass anti-LGBT Bill That Legalizes Teen Genital Inspections

daily reminder that anti-LGBT "groomer" panic is pure projection

>Catholic Priests? Groomers.

>Child Beauty Pageants? Groomers.
>Child Bodybuilding Pageants? Groomers.
>Military School? Groomers.
>Conversion Therapy? Groomers.
>Teen Tit Chicken Wing Restaurants (Hooters, etc.)? Groomers.
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Thread full




Where the fuck is the thread baker.


Make it yourself, like calm down


Why did you sage a full thread.

File: 1676970912973.png (75.97 KB, 225x225, ClipboardImage.png)


I fucking HATE my mom. Thank God I got a job and moved out. Woman literally thought she owned me. She'd beat me with anything she got her hands on. Brooms, sticks, utensils, combs (try it, it hurts like hell), etc. I would've run away if it weren't for the fact that I'd get kidnapped and raped by some pedo. Fuck her and fuck India for having such a servile cuck elder-worshipping culture.
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Anyone know if growing up in a military family is a real easy way to radicalize someone? logically it seems it would be but i struggle to think of real examples i'm aware of


What the fuck anon


Interesting music choice, anon


You deserved it


were they in the ussr military? if not, no. maybe once the children get older and go to college they will start doubting their parents' views but in a lot of cases people just accept whatever dumb shit their family says about politics and run with it until an event makes them doubt it


WEBM FRED 2023!!!
post vids in this thread. things that are NOT ALLOWED: cruelty; violence; bad vibes; explicit séxo
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We need to implement furry mods for every game so that I can finally escape the tyranny of the skin


File: 1678194706790.mp4 (3.76 MB, 406x720, WAKE UP WAKE UP.mp4)


Due to the voice I thought that was actually a dude with makeup

File: 1678094515726.png (689.41 KB, 952x535, tate.png)


Its too long overdue, do you think anybody in Romanian prison might atleast get him? So that when he comes out not even his 'guys' will be able to respect him, he will be forever known as the guy who dropped the soap.

For the stuff he's done to so many people he very much deserves it I would say. If it happened it would be the best, best thing ever.
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If the allegations are true he was super-exploitative and manipulative of the women camming for him. It's alleged he carried out at least one rape. But I don't think we should be hoping that he gets raped himself. Prison rape isn't going to stop rape.

He's an idiot for boasting about committing multiple felonies, on social media. Same thing as these drill musicians, no sooner do they stab enemies than they think "great I've got some material for a new track". It's then used as evidence in court.

I blame the valorisation of the gangster lifestyle. It is understandable why people hanker after it. It's escape from the grind.
>There is a perception that criminals are motivated by different things than non-criminals. But like everyone else, most of these guys want to earn a living, they want to have a good time and they want to look after their families. The main difference is that they don’t really want to get up in the morning. Most of the professional villains I’ve known don’t like to work. They don't rate ordinary people who get up and go to work for a pittance and a pension. They want more than that, and they want it now. They see nine to five workers as mere punters.


"Leftists" will be all "abolish prisons" and "rape is bad" until somebody they don't like is on the receiving end, and then suddenly systemic injustice and sex crimes are cool.



he's store brand Jeffrey Epstein, should be forced to sign a confession and shot, no need to complicate things


literally mario 1964


>vaguely gesturing towards imagined hipocrisy

my favorite type of low i.q post

File: 1678000092551.jpg (17.6 KB, 229x292, ?.jpg)


What are your thoughts on this guy?
I found his Beyond Freedom and Dignity to be very interesting, and the part about how attributing human actions simply to a desire to do said action is akin to the ancient greeks attributing behavior in physics simply to a desire by an object to do it (for example, with how they thought that rolling objects eventually stop moving because they get tired) to be quite convincing combined with his arguments against free will.
Perhaps socialism will use his conception of behavior reinforcement to reduce crime? eg having people with Pedophilic Disorder conduct preplanned exercises with the goal of reinforcing more harmless actions, so impulses even in those with less ability to understand long-term consequences will still result in their brain conducting safe actions, which were reinforced by the exercises.


File: 1678017766182.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 1.35 MB, 480x480, -videomp4.mp4)

I think the current politically correct name for Skinner's behaviourism is cognitive behavioural therapy.


lmao you sick fuck
I screamed when I saw that video


File: 1678177973025.png (527.84 KB, 1024x865, ClipboardImage.png)

its this mfers fault that people are addicted to their phones now

File: 1677212973452.jpg (Spoiler Image, 80.4 KB, 1600x1083, d19c02a4edf0ceb3197410ff1f….jpg)


when are we gonna genetically engineer these things?
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I would sell myself into slavery and give a literal arm and leg for one of these things



File: 1678163652849.png (3.02 MB, 1500x1337, 13b488b2a4d54a43.png)

Not a parasite but I feel like you'd be into this too. Funky biological thingy wiggling in ya insides.



>need this
need you


imagine that in your dick haha

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