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File: 1655304075561.png (15.59 KB, 774x125, 1651529111367.png)


Don't you just hate it when people get "mad at the wind"?
That is, when someone not only complains about something that has been brought upon through a multitude of different factors but also pins the blame on an individual or a small group of people.

A good recent example is globalisation. A sensible person will tell you that it's happening due to improvements in communication and transportation technology, the fact that it's economically beneficial and that it's pretty much inevitable. But on the other hand you have /pol/yps who blame it on da jooz or something.

Sidenote: I think the reason why rightoids are more likely to be conspiracy theorists and do this is because they're more likely to emphasise "Great man theory" rather than Historical Materialism in their analysis.


People have short term cultural memory. They always fancy themselves as Adam and Eve, where they were good lil boys and girls who dindunuffin.


>Don't you just hate it when people get "mad at the wind"?
I often get "mad at the wind" lol, when I'm like fed up with my job or receive an unexpected bill.

>That is, when someone not only complains about something that has been brought upon through a multitude of different factors

I've been browsing imageboards for a while now, and I notice that threads and debates often repeat themselves, often end up with the same kind of arguments… Idk, make of that what you will.

>but also pins the blame on an individual or a small group of people.

>A good recent example is globalisation […] you have /pol/yps who blame it on da jooz or something.
You might be interested in Moishe Postone's essay "Anti-Semitism and National Socialism"

tl;dr: (((Moishe))) says that capitalism is a system of impersonal domination, based on wage labor, which has far-reaching consequences (climate change on the top of my head)
/pol/yps have a hard time coping with this state of reality, pinpointing exactly what is going wrong.
Antisemitism is an easy answer. Like Slavoj Zizek said in a funny video, Hitler turned reality into Pokémon Go for Germans in 1933, the Pokémon being the Jew.
According to (((Postone))), the Jew for the /pol/yp is the personification of all the impersonal mechanisms of capitalist domination over the working class. The /pol/yp can then indulge into a romantic mode of thought, glorify the past, yearn for muh trad family, the Crusades, whatever..

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globalism is all the worst of capitalism on steroids. a conglomerate of megacorporations with no ties to any country or people and legally mandated to put personal profit above all else running the entire world with nobody able to keep them in check. not unexpected that people would get conspiratorial about that.

and what are the piggies talking about at davos and the world economic forum? they're talking about making us all poor, putting us in pods, and replacing functions of government with corporate control, out in the open they talk about this you can watch their speeches at the conference on youtube. politicans from around the world come as well to the wef and pay their respects and encourage the transition to a global megacorporate government (which will inevitably be even further centralized to the biggest investment firms having the most influence)

blaming it on "the jews" is what they want people to do, so that they sound retarded and get ignored and never focus on a specific enough target or system to actually effect change.

is the leftist position now to support global megacorporations taking control? i thought the global megacorporations already had too much influence i guess that makes me right wing? lol how backwards is that


Why is it that in some identity groups (best example would be ethnic groups imo) it's common and acceptable for people of said ethnic group to choose and pick who is a part of their group and who isn't (like black people saying lightskins aren't true blacks and therefore can't identify as blacks, likewise same for whites with people of mixed white and another ethnicity) but with other groups, such as gender identity, this is frowned upon and attacked? Like with trans people for example, it's increasingly becoming more common to claim you don't need dysphoria to be trans, and the people within the community who disagree with this as labeled as "truscum" and dogmatic and whatnot. Same with all this neopronoun shit and other trans categories, people within the trans community are being attacked by their fellow transgenders for not accepting everyone and every new trans identity. What's the explanation for this?
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My take? They're both overly sensitive (likely too feminine for their own good) little pussies. The way that behavior developed simply differed in the two groups; in the ethnic mentality it's about extreme exclusion and and in trans identity it's about extreme inclusion.

Why it developed that way idk tbh. Maybe it has to do with how gender identity/lgbt shit gets increasingly more liberal by the time, sometimes reaching ridiculous peaks. And I guess this happened as a response to the social conservatism of the past. For the ethnic shit (I'm assuming you're speaking about the US OP cause I don't think shit like this happens elsewhere) it's probably a reaction to the apartheid tier segregation they used to have before. Race relations have never truly healed in the US and that causes the most marginalized groups to stick to their own mostly.


His face frowns at good things and smiles at bad things
It's possible it's because he's an evil corporation man


if you have a half-black half-white friend who identifies as white give you an "n word pass" is it valid?


If he look black yes, if he look like Logic the rapper no


Logic is half-black half-white? Had no idea, he passes as a random white guy perfectly.

File: 1655289943146.jpg (270.35 KB, 587x552, 1648567375630.jpg)


Has anybody considered Putin + Hitler = Putler
Also somebody post the meme where it switches between putler and vladimir stalin
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Holy shit thats genius, my liberal mind never thought of that


Do you pronounce putler like pootler or Puttler as in butler


I mean if Putin is pronounced Pootin' then it's gotta be Pootler, sir.




Nutty Putty

File: 1655227177178.png (155.49 KB, 500x400, hitler game.png)


Let's play a classic.
>amount of clicks after clicking "Random article"
>path from the landing page to hitler
At the very least post your first attempt so this thread doesn't become just high scores.
I'll start:
Bata Chowk metro station > Czechoslovakia > Adolf Hitler
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>Malamir Knoll -> Bulgarian -> the Axis -> Adolf Hitler
not bad
>Thandolwenkosi Mlilo -> 2008 Women's Cricket World Cup Qualifier -> Netherlands women's national cricket team -> Germany women's national cricket team -> German Cricket Federation -> Germany -> Adolf Hitler
terrible run
>South Carolina Highway 385 -> United States -> Nazism -> Adolf Hitler


>Glen Trifiro -> Australia -> World War II -> Adolf Hitler


Brachytrachelus -> Scaphognathus -> Georg August Goldfuss -> Bonn -> Germany -> Adolf Hitler


August 2011 Liberal Party of Newfoundland and Labrador leadership election -> Canadian Armed Forces -> WWII -> Hitler


Cambaroides schrenckii > Russia > Nazi Germany > Hitler
Bit of an easy run surprisingly

Hun-Came Macula > Pluto > New Horizons > Cape Canaveral Space Force Station > Florida > United States > WWII > Hitler
In hindsight, probably should've clicked one of the links that said NASA lmao

File: 1655281428051.png (308.3 KB, 582x544, ClipboardImage.png)


You wonder what the glowie who has to "moniter" /pol/ life must be like, like its probably one or two guys at most, everyday he was to browse /pol/ for like 4 hours, having to deal with porn spam wars between Indians and Hispanic who their white, he has to keep a dictionary of all the retarded 4chsn slang he has to keep up with, must be a weird existance
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File: 1655283174410.mp4 (3 MB, 1280x720, glowingHD.mp4)

the fed's job was probably to make /pol/ more /pol/-like. stear conversation away from capital and towards jews. steer it away from imperialism and towards immigrants. divide and conquer nationalities. anything to prevent class consciousness from forming, even among reactionaries.


I doubt with a platform like 4chan you could actually change rhetoric without some level of forced spamming that caused a counter reaction(such as porn spamming)
idk there's a tendency on this board to overhype stuff that is more bureaucratic and ineffective in reality


Yeah, except pol is astroturfed to smithereens so any dissent or inquiry is drowned out and slided so people just end up leaving ensuring the demographic stays the same


keep in mind that if you make a thread on /pol/ voicing an opinion different from the usual npc drivel, you might just get outright deleted by the jannies and/or banned by the mods. it happened to me every time i've tried to post anything there


4chan is almost 20 years old Anon, I'm sure they are now people among glowies who grew up with it and are familiar with imageboard culture. Who knows, maybe some of them are thoses who contributed to turn the Internet into the giant mountain of rightoid shit it is today. They probably living their dream of being paid to shitpost.


It’s kind of shocking how some of you legitimately can’t get laid

Like I literally see a dude that’s fat as shit, short, had blue and purple hair, anxiety, ADHD, poor uni grades, poor in general that still has a gf and makes out with her regularly. Some of you guys in comparison are far less ugly than you believe and the fact that you cunts can’t touch ass is amazing, not like I’m any better
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stfu OP humblebragging uyghur


Smile guys, I'm taking a screenshot so I can show my therapist why I started cutting again.


i'll hit you on the head with marx volume 5 capital if you start cutting yourself, idiot

what good does that do? go cut some bourgiese fuck

at least that will bring some good in the world
stop touching yourself


Please don't hurt yourself anon. Fuck I hate sex havers so much for doing this to us.


just self harm in less dangerous ways, for example constantly berating yourself in your head, or exercise

File: 1655141710727.jpg (430.06 KB, 1077x1600, 1655055553248.jpg)


>Scientists found out that because of microplastics in the water, this is what the average human male will look like in the year 2070.
How do you react?
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Flag checks out


File: 1655247992396.jpg (111.86 KB, 1031x1280, global warming.jpg)

proof climate change is real pic related



Can't wait. I'll help things along by dumping as much plastic in lakes and rivers as I can.


File: 1655228481952.png (230.42 KB, 800x450, ClipboardImage.png)


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File: 1655250416395.png (1.57 MB, 1500x1488, Fred.png)

>bumblebee fred…


File: 1655251384121.jpeg (167.41 KB, 856x1196, 7ac.jpeg)

Thank you, anon, but I was hoping for a transliteration, at least.
With these memes does anyone know if it's archaeology students or something doing them? And they mean something in relation to the pictures? Otherwise it could be randoms just copying pictures of cuneiform. The text that you think is the key to the mystery is really some scribes list of numbers of grain received circa 3000BCE.


what does this mean, i genuinely don't get it


cuneiform has a unicode block so it's easy to just copy past cuneiform characters without knowing what they mean



ancient sumerians revered prostitution as priestly work. that's the joke.

File: 1655214600865.png (61.78 KB, 241x209, ClipboardImage.png)


day 2 of /nomilk/ i feel nothing different

i grew a tiny pimple
and i wanna suck on some milk badly,
that's it
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Those things could breastfeed so many cats


that's fucked up
i've heard about collagen being important for bones and shit and that meat eaters drink bone broth for it

is there a veggie alternative to get collagen?
i'm googling and can't find any

oh fuck this, i remember now the mouth sores
i'm going back to milk asap as this week is over

i hated popping pills for b12 every week

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>I think most women can dish out milk anon
Sure, but in that quantity?


File: 1655263791134.png (278.79 KB, 1146x480, ClipboardImage.png)

i don't know

i'm assuming it's excess if hollywood movies have taught me anything


>is there a veggie alternative to get collagen?
There is synthetic collagen supplement. Also you can take supplements that boost your bodies collagen production. Or just eat enough protein, variety of seeds, nuts and vegetable, get enough sleep, and avoid sugar (and remember, lactose is type of sugar) and direct sunlight.


>I buy mah crack, my smack, my bitch, right here in Hollywood!
what was the next line?
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File: 1655219880325-1.jpg (105.01 KB, 750x1000, 20220613_130448.jpg)



I don't get it but if it hurts frogposter feelings I'm saving it


File: 1655221163951.png (1.57 MB, 1500x1488, Fred.png)


is that the fucking fonz?


To this day…I don't know if I like Serjs vocals or not

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