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File: 1656347833784.png (1.18 MB, 1920x1080, BEAVIS CRYING.png)


beavis was crying


beavis got that habsburg underbite

File: 1656331142732.png (386.87 KB, 517x648, ClipboardImage.png)


[Image of white guy who DOES NOT KILL ANY PRESIDENTS from the whitest kids you know show]
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>the guy is a boomer by now
I wish. ;_;


died in a car crash at 40 last year



Is this a meme?
He "fell."


the day it happened i heard "accident" and I guess all this time I had assumed "car accident" and not "fell off balcony drunk and/or committed suicide"


File: 1656355742853.jpg (105.85 KB, 1013x800, 1471985641682.jpg)

;_; RIP sex pest.

File: 1656264757443.jpg (3.11 MB, 2134x3660, IMG_20220624_201715.jpg)


Can I achieve lumberjack beard with lotions or meds? Or it's over for me? I'm 26
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File: 1656348697483.png (13.42 KB, 615x646, ClipboardImage.png)

Your face is pretty handsome, nice facial hair, for your hair just get a haircut or brush it, you're looking a bit 'just fuck my shit up' rn but its the only real issue. Your dick is fine, entirely average size, calling it a micropenis is hilarious, it looks hot too, would def suck and fuck.
All in all if you worked out and were fit too you'd be a solid 6-7/10 in my book. You should feel better about yourself and get a bf.

t. firstie gayboi


File: 1656349049403.jpg (33.32 KB, 474x792, otter.jpg)

embrace your patchy beard
go otter mode


I'm Gouinageq




Thanks bro, I might consider a gym in the near future


all their memes are like this
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Unconditional accelerationism, they think technology will replace humans before capitalism collapses, and that's Good Actually. I think that's it at least I can't remember exactly.


Good in what sense?


UltronHeads is what I'm gonna call them


I'm joking I don't think they actually have a moral prescription of it, they do like technology though so they probably think it's pretty cool. To give an idea of what they're like the CCRU/Nick Land where it originates from were talking about cryptocurrencies in the 90s and they also like writing about Terminator and The Matrix, and Meltdown is written in the cyberpunk style. Oh yeah and Mark Fisher and the guy who founded Hyperdub (Burial's label) were in the CCRU.



Where have I seen this site before?

Is it riffing on xenosystems or has the term xenogothic shown up elsewhere?

This is legit really interesting. I almost wish I had the braincells to bother starting Fanged Noumena, but truthfully I don't care that much - still fascinating.

Has anyone read n1x's writing? I found this essay from 2018, but I'd like a tl;dr if anyone's read it already 'cuz I'm not sure if I will:



Whats the materialist explanation for this?


Fuck him. That's the explanation


workaholic lenin exiled at the Gorki estate after his 2nd stroke, 1924, colorized


Gorki had an estate? why did they put lenin there instead of his own home


gorki estate belonged to some tsarist person and was seized during the civil war, it wasn't maxim gorki's estate

they put him there for several reasons. 1: He had two strokes and they wanted him to recover in a relaxing place. 2: if they sent him home he would just stay up all night writing and not getting any rest 3: there was a lot of inner party scheming at the time and some factions probably wanted lenin out of it

File: 1656254287310.png (142.24 KB, 474x474, ClipboardImage.png)


Am I still a loser if I only buy OnlyFans from girls I personally know/have known? I'm currently subscribed to an ex-classmate and a friend of a friend and pay them tips regularly.

Of course it's all anonymous and don't know it's me. But putting a face in what I'm nutting to helps me curve alienation in a way I think.

Also they'll spend that money in some other stuff and help the local economy so win-win, and if others in their friend-circle see they're making bank off it they'll open their own OFs which I'll buy as well. Actually who knows how many women out there with an OF but keep it secret.
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Apparently, being both lonely and horny is something very common to the average /siberia/ poster. I can sympathize, but I agree that the R9K-tier threads are getting out of hand.
My solution: ban everyone under the age of 25. If that's too harsh, I'm open to giving them a containment board (e.g. /daycare).



jokes on you im horny virgin and almost 27


Do men really


Can't buy any more local than that



Yo wanna buy something from me?


I am an autist (important). I am good at technical drawing. Bad at math though. I like art but only looking at it. I like the Earth so maybe enviromental something? Doesn't have to be STEM.
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Idk anon
We mathcels are truly fucked

Long live the calculators and may they mush other people's brain too


You're only bad at math because you had bad teachers and or studying it wrong.




as someone who was also bad at math, read translated soviet math textbooks. they explain things in plain language through text before explaining them through math. Imagine 5 paragraphs of pure text with no numbers. it's great.


Don't you need family in Architecture to really find a job?
I will look into the soviet books. I was good at math years ago but my high school rushed at the end of the term and, combined with laziness, integrals became too much for me.


it has been endlessly remarked that Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis is Fichte, rather than Hegel. But my question is *when* did T-A-S start getting misattributed to Hegel, and *why* did it start getting misattributed to Hegel. I remember hearing it misattributed before I was corrected, and so have many other people I talked to. It's a real Mandela effect moment. Like, for real? It was never Hegel? Then why did we all learn it that way?


Eh, it's pedantics, Hegel's logic still has three movements that culminate in a sublation (synthesis of a higher unity).

File: 1656036565237.jpg (3.44 MB, 1707x2560, 1586736449786.jpg)


>lands a role on Emmy-nominates HBO television series Succession, a drama about a bourgeois inheritance dispute
>becomes a trad
What did she mean by this?
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dare someone to tweet this at him


She has "I-can-fix-her" energy.
like slightly dead inside but quirky.
I'd say manic pixie dream girl but she's too low energy for that. I've seen girls like her before in the hipster scene, but I don't what the word is to describe them.


amelie de l'ennui


depressive pixie dream girl


history repeats
first as tragedy
then as farce


Post the video called
“This is what posadists actually believe”


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