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New and remastered edition, please try to be constructive this time. No gender debate, only useful advice.
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where did u meet this person?


>tfw no Confederate Commie mommy mini-giantess trans gf to vore you


I'm wondering, are there prostitutes who will act out this fantasy on VR Chat?


Nah. My heart wants the one confederate commie mommy mini-giantess gf.


what does this mean

File: 1679852212344.jpg (38.41 KB, 582x328, jus48bbkk4qa1.jpg)


How are your reps and wAIfus holding up, /siberia/?
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Probably to build reputation*

*SEO and an existing userbase, while avoiding immediate negative press so people will use it without knowing what they're getting into.


If you fall behind on your monthly waifu fees you get cucked



Isn't that how Max Headroom was created?


It's like seeing Italian architecture in Las Vegas, then going to Italy and seeing the architecture there. What's the difference? I support AI companionship.

File: 1680159166121.gif (205.17 KB, 370x300, anime-happy.gif)


How do I learn to be happy for other people's successes?
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That's a good thing and I'm proud of you.


Why do you go outside?


I go for a walk.


You talk like an npc, how does it feel to be in the Chatgpt chop block ?


You get what you put in. I match effort with effort, fam

Nice, walks are good for you.

File: 1680122208032.jpg (38.12 KB, 730x525, FsP4UKtWwAk8hGQ.jpg)


Why do all the anti-IDPOL type of marxists that emerged from the 2015-2020 era have all become religious fanatics, 1488er or GOP fanboys.
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They didn't. The people who became religious fanatics are contrarians above all else, thus they're religious now, were class first during BLM era, etc. The most archetypal example is someone like Dasha Necrasova from Red scare pod.


>Why do all the anti-IDPOL type of marxists that emerged from the 2015-2020 era have all become religious fanatics, 1488er or GOP fanboys.
The whole "IdPol vs anti-IdPol" thing is a remnant of the 2010s and has been sublimated into Bourgeois politics. It unfortunately fit right into the American two-party dichotomy and that left the "Antis" to the Right.


my point is that you can't assume that everyone who was (and is) anti idpol went on to be an epic tradcath.

I agree. On one hand, the anti idpoler stance was too easily accommodated into mainstream conservative rhetoric, looking at BLM for example, the "ALL lives matter not BLACK lives matter" type of argument which distracted from real examples of racial discrimination by arguing semantics. At the same time, the pro idpol side failed to associate these racial issues with economic causes, preferring to view racism as a cause rather than a symptom.

I remember idpolers at the time would argue that "over-policing" was responsible for black crime/murder rates, an argument that is
1. objectively untrue as homicides are LESS likely to be solved in black areas than white ones
2. distracts from the true economic causes of higher black crime rates by attempting to argue that they are not in fact higher

At the same time, anti-idpolers were, I think, too quick to discount the possibility of turning racially motivated movements such as BLM towards class-based ideals.

Ultimately, the problem is that objective truths are either cherrypicked or discounted by both factions, resulting in competing factions operating on a subset of available information.

It is entirely possible to acknowledge that black communities have problems with police brutality, that black people should be equal members in orgs, and that the working class should seize the means of production and create a raceless, classless socialist state, while still acknowledging the reality of current black crime rates, IQ, and the false consciousness spread by most black entertainment. Although in most cases it is unproductive to focus on these differences.


>class reductionism is IdPol



File: 1679680970232.webm (569.83 KB, 640x480, friday.webm)


How are you spending this Friday? Do you have any plans for the weekend?
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Going to a strip club to spend too much money.


boutta hotbox wit the homie just ate a chicken sandwhich too

might pop some kanna too,def gonna have to go get some wraps. shoutout the yemenis that run the shop and sold to me and my friends when we were under age and taught me random arabic phrases






What kind of things do you do at a strip club? What indulgences?

File: 1680322183708.png (107.18 KB, 225x225, ClipboardImage.png)


I can't stop wanting companionship

What do I do? What's next for me
Dating apps just don't work for me, cher
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File: 1680324393079.png (6.72 MB, 1900x2921, ClipboardImage.png)

ah am not with rogue, ye numbskull

god, i wish i was, that accent is so hot


Go outside and go outside


>Dating apps just don't work for me, cher
there was a Youtube couple who had a baby, they met in dance class



I'm genuinely going to start doing casual small talk with strangers when I get out

;_; why do i live in such a bumfuck town
i walk past walls always trying to see if there's some yoga or art class to join


Get a dog?

File: 1680104505174.png (207.4 KB, 615x680, reset note.png)


Being exposed to these retards 24/7 is unironically impacting my life and making me paranoid around white people. Whenever i see my white coworkers or just white people walking near me my mind instantly spirals into shit like "are those guys going to lynch me" or "well, you say this now but what are you saying behind closed doors" which is bad for my mental health
This is bad since i already developed paranoia around black people and east asians from my /pol/ days (yes i'm one of those diasporoid pooskins who ended up drifting to right wing blogosphere) and at this rate i'm unironically going to end up having a paranoid meltdown while buying groceries and ended up being captioned by whignat twittards under 'immigrant chimping out in supermarket' or some shit
/Blogpost end
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Started listening to classical music. Also went to the opera (NOT a weird trad thing… more of a kinda woke thing. Just riding that rainbow into Valhalla, you think I'm making this up but that's literally what they do).


I wanna do drugs but I'm too lame to know anyone to buy them off


I feel you. Went to this guys place twice to do weed for the first time and then he stopped inviting me over for weed lol.


working out, shit posting on the sharty and the booru, going shooting


>approaching random person in the street
>"hey, would you happen to know where I can buy drugs?"
<"no i don't, officer"

File: 1678384600718.jfif (133.75 KB, 1170x1280, Fqtpm_9XoA05yaI.jfif)


Amerifats, tell me which one of them tastes best? We don't have 20 billion different burger restaurants here. Popeyes do be lookin buzzin tbh
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These all taste bad. Chicken burgers were a bad idea. Popeyes chicken by itself is pretty good though.


Popeyes and Burger King
Chicken sandwich combos make for a good lunch


Where i live it's Popeyes.


I've only had half on the list.

Out of that, quality wise I'd say: chick fil a, pop eyes, wendys, mc donalds, and burger king

Where I'd go to eat: mc donalds, wendys, burger king, pop eyes, chick fil a.
This order because I don't mind tasting worse food in exchange for it being cheaper and more filling. Chick fil a is last though since they're anti-gay and their lemonade is too sour.

Keep hands clean and chicken + it tastes good on sándwich

Idk dawg – fast food kills more than cigarettes, but fast food does taste good at the start, cigarettes don't

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I tried eating this burger, but I just left it half-eaten. One of worst burgers I've ever had (that I can remember), Burger King is usually good, dont know what the hell happened.

File: 1680280462505.jpg (19.56 KB, 618x455, 908.jpg)


ITT. We collect boomer cope and seethe from 4chan,reddit, twitter and so on.

We need a bit of a laugh after so many gloomy days, don't we?
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op does


hes like a lolcow with unironic followers
its something we love to watch whether you wanna admit it or not


Its for laughs. Im not even american.


File: 1680324863399.jpeg (268.63 KB, 1920x1080, 2Q==.jpeg)

>Who the fuck still cares about orange man?




I wonder whether Hitler would've been as assmad at jews as he was IOTL if he had watched IDF hoes shaking their settler asses
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Hitler was pro-Palestine though


This statement is hilarious without context




>tfw no huge yiddie gf



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