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File: 1655781621752.jpg (177.92 KB, 2048x2048, FVjHcInaMAADSnw.jpg)


let's do it comrades
i've never done one of these before


and yes this is a data mine thread, i will run your voices through an A.I and sign off all your properties
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>all your properties
No cap Property is theft, comrade.
Frfr: Check yourself before you wreck yourself.


i'm thieving it back for the party, comrade
to fund revolutionary activities, on god, no fear

why are you posting weird glowing slugs tho? i don't have any



>why are you posting weird glowing slugs tho? i don't have any
average slugcel


fuck you
i will never have the slugs!

File: 1655839803427.png (478.8 KB, 778x600, ClipboardImage.png)


>"FDR and Stalin ordered a private sauna in the Southern suburbs of Tehran, where they disappeared for hours every day with no translator to accompany them."

>"Despite the freezing weather in Tehran at the time, FDR insisted that Stalin take off his shirt before their penultimate meeting; Stalin obliged with a wry smile and wink to his ally"

>"It was already 10 A.M in the morning and the President [FDR] was nowhere to be found. Mj. Kingston was sent to check on the President, but he was nowhere to be found in his quarters. A wild panic ensued until the President emerged from Stalin's bedroom wearing only a bathrobe"

Source: "Roosevelt and Stalin: Portrait of a Partnership" by Susan Butler pgs 142-159
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lol FDR
this brooklyn boy kinda alright



I think he caught Polio from a dick


social fascist sisters…


this obviously didn't happen but I'm going to choose to believe that it did happen because that would be the most based moment in history


gay sex based???!?? 😲

File: 1655457760940.png (756.56 KB, 1024x592, ClipboardImage.png)


Are you riding with Comrade Chiitan or not?
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WTF based. Tell me more. I do indeed have a scholarly interest


File: 1655878297068.jpg (720.42 KB, 2048x1536, FVn9AzwUEAESjWx.jpg)




The saga continued later in this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xa0oY7LQmtg

Where the non-violent fool that he is sent an envoy "Chiijohn" as a peace offering

Chiijohn was later found in a ditch in tokyo 2 weeks later



Fuck around and find out




breastfeeding tigers

File: 1654697315788.png (68.54 KB, 188x186, ClipboardImage.png)


why is milk bad for me

i can't take it anymore
what's the scientific explanation?
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are you from latin america? people drink milk here all the time, i dunno if they just deal with lactose intolerance, or people in mexico just got the milk drinking gene from spaniards, or maybe they evolved it spontaneously. i am not milk intolerant either and i'm kinda brownish.


I just found this out but Asians can barely drink alcohol either, they lack the proper enzymes or some shit and many can even be said to be alcohol intolerant. This means that not only do they get drunk stupidly easy but they're also more prone to develop health complications and even cancer from frequent drinking

It seems they got the short end of the stick in every possible measure, no pun intended. Poor dudes


Same. Never heard any nonwhite person IRL say they cant drink milk either


it's just inbred mongoloids



It's so over
I can't take it anymore

That's sad
Why exactly is the reason for this


E-celeb drama and gossip sites like Kiw*Farms/lolcow.f*rm are just an extension of reality tv shows.


yeah pretty much, its like gossip tabloids but for e-celebs and online communities, but i like it since it confirms my dislike for grifters and narcs.


Pretty much that, one of the worst things is that they do nothing that reality tv and tabloids don't already do on a grander scale

The only difference I can think of is that they're edgier and are more open with reposting public info, and they're actually better about confirming their sources, believe it or not. They may be rotten, but the structure isn't actually unique to the internet


its proof that decentralization of shit thats inherently terrible is going to still be fucking terrible


and we should ban them :)

File: 1655861644008.png (125.7 KB, 919x591, ClipboardImage.png)


Aight, confess immediately which of you took part in this awful misogynistic bullying https://www.reddit.com/r/virgin/comments/mes3da/aight_im_out_this_sub_is_just_too_hostile_towards/
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>I don't like to say this, but I'm genuinely confused as to how a woman could be a virgin past 21 unless they were really ugly, really obese, or black, or some combination of those three.
Same thing applies to men tbh


>Tfw I was the one doing in the other side once
Thankfully it never ammounted to nothing, starting with such a left foot would have been a disgrace.
True, one has to see oneself in the mirror and confront that passiveness.


File: 1655866571845.png (825.23 KB, 962x773, ClipboardImage.png)

Think about all the honor they reclaimed.


Incel jannies


General rule is incels = socially retarded, femcels = ugly.

File: 1655833343120.png (1.21 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)


You're not a leftist if you don't support Beyoncé
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What does that mean?


New incel slang meaning a woman is only average looking


Have sex.



average looking with big fucking honkers**

File: 1655854062343.jpg (99.16 KB, 640x756, karl-marx-343558.jpg)


Really feeling this one these days.


File: 1655854299594.jpg (52.95 KB, 577x380, 1928423894632.jpg)


File: 1655854503301.png (156.18 KB, 825x343, ClipboardImage.png)

One of my favorite quotes ever, Rousseau was a proto-marxist




>God in Latin is Deus, but it's spelt Devs because the classical Latin alphabet didn't have a U
>praying to "God" is praying to (the) devs
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Why is being an algorithm compared to "not existing", do these guys know what words mean?


read baudrillard


How do we open the dev console then?


I dunno all these strategy guides are cap.


File: 1655855096535.png (279.32 KB, 464x367, ClipboardImage.png)

Eat the silica packets

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