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File: 1669784147152-0.png (300.82 KB, 650x650, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1669784147152-1.png (48.15 KB, 720x720, ClipboardImage.png)


russian hammer and sickle vs chinese hammer and sickle
which looks cooler
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I never understood the handle of the Chinese sickle.


it's actually a furry buttplug, this is the plug and the "blade" is the tail part




The Stalin one is best


What happened to China's handle tbh? Why doesn't it look like conventional sickle handles you see being sold in stores?


this one looks a bit autistic

File: 1669826365865.png (290.73 KB, 1667x564, ClipboardImage.png)


how does the left intend on fixing the Paris syndrome?
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Propably both, I mean southern europe from spain to turkey had ghettos rivaling the US up till the late 80s or longer but not sure


File: 1669844487921.jpeg (774.64 KB, 2000x1332, paris-SDF-autoroute.jpeg)

I don't know, probably both.
Speaking from experience, I have moved to a somewhat big city by French standards 10 years ago, and in the span of a decade, both the price of rents and the number of tents I see outside have doubled. It's definitely not only refugees who live in tents, but sometimes people who had some unfortunate thing happening to them and found themselves unable to pay the rent or the bank anymore, and don't have any family to help them and so on.
Refugees sometimes get help from the state to get cheap places to live, and this is a thing the far-right loves to use in their propaganda—implying that refugees get more help than French citizens. I think the problem is simply that rents in the cities are becoming completely outrageous, to the point where every minimum wage worker has to get help from the state (APL) into order to be able to pay their rents, meaning the state is fueling this crazy untenable situation by directly giving our taxes to landlords who outprices everyone out of cities except very skilled workers, people who inherited shit from mommy and daddy and foreigners who rent AirBnBs. In small towns rents are cheaper, but there are also no good jobs, and Parisians are starting to move outside of Paris anyway with their remote jobs and high wages so real estate prices go higher everywhere, and absolutely nothing is done to address the situation. We have still to go through 4 more years of Macron, and the future looks grim, not gonna lie.

Yeah, I can see this a lot on /trv/. /trv/ used to be a slow board which was relatively immune to /pol/tardation, since people who travel are generally more open-minded than fascists, but it was eventually ruined during COVID lockdowns by sexpats and /pol/.
So now you get a lot of people who complain about Paris being full of blacks and Arabs. Well, guess what? France colonized a third of Africa, taught the French language to Africans, and now they live in deep shit as the continent is war-torn all the time, so what are they going to do except looking to move to greener pastures? A lot of them moved to metropolitan France in the mid 20th-century actually and never grew up in Africa, they are citizens just like any other French person and certainly know how things wPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Urban development in Greater Paris is horrible, the suburbs are fragmented and depended on the center for all infrastructure, economic and consumer activity. The city boundaries are artificially small, spraw, segregation and ghettoization were both deliberate and accidental outcomes.

Luckily the current Paris major is investing into huge public infrastructure projects and pedestrianization to create a unified and integrated Greater Paris metropolitan area that will integrate the core city with the suburbs and more importantly them among each other.




Never liked France. Marx isn't even French.

File: 1669847425476.mp4 (7.27 MB, 854x480, 62-monkeys.mp4)


post monke


>i came into this condom, here, try it on
thanks very comfy and I love the added squishiness


what is the right thing to do¿


Post anime girls in glasses.


She's holding my application for sex.


its bc u dont have your SEX certification



Isn't there a tool you can use to reverse the spinny effect on their faces, try that first

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My last thread reached 500 replies again. So I chose to make another thread since the last ones seemed quite popular. I will try to not make long-winded posts again and keep them brief instead. Unless I feel differently about it.

For the uninitiated, I give guys advice on how to get casual sex with women. Perhaps some of you are interested in that. I think even when you are aiming for a relationship you will generally need to know how to be sexually attractive to women and how to sexually advance with women.

That aside, here are my last two threads. I wrote long-winded posts about approaching girls at the club, flirting, physical escalation, inner game, etc in there.

Feel free to ask me for advice.
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The answer applies generally, so I'm answering as if I was responding to the same person.


>You need to get over yourself. If you tell a woman you are into her (repeatedly) and she tells you she likes women (repeatedly) and you think she will "relent" at some point, you just delusionally think you're entitled to (change) her. The fault is with you and you alone, and reality will continue to kick your ass until you pull your head out of your ass.
<I was always competely open about my feelings for her
<she consistently affirmed her sexuality
<thus I had given up on any romantic prospects with her
<she started fondling my face while saying she would date me, if she was into guys (after kissing several)


><thus I had given up on any romantic prospects with her
><she started fondling my face while saying she would date me, if she was into guys (after kissing several)
>Women usually don't see stuff like making out and other forms of physical affection as inherently sexual the way a lot of men do. Straight girls will get drunk and make out with their girl friends.


So I met this unmarried 35 year old Japanese woman on a language app that works as a teacher in a neighboring town and we had a ONS. She lives 2 hours away from me but then I entered a 4 months relationship with another girl that later fizzled out. We re-established contact again and now we are going out on Saturday. She's still quite cute, has a great milfy figure for a 35 year old (I'm 6 years younger) if it just weren't for the typical crooked Japanese teeth. I have a Japanese school girl uniform that I have made past hook-ups/gf wear. I have never had a negative reaction so far. Should I take it with me? It won't hurt to ask, right. All she can do is say no, and this is not going to develop into a relationship anyway, so I can risk being upfront about being pervy.


All right, thats it, get the fuck out sex havers, make your own thread for humblebraging.

File: 1669839594411.jpg (83.96 KB, 720x720, IMG_20221130_121843.jpg)


Who else is getting high?
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Talking about vibes. This site is horrible to browse when high.

Also I only ever vape the made up stuff like delta 8 or hhc because that is all I have access to. I would like to have actual tree again someday.


Yeah it is not the best to browse this site while smoking green.


Just change the theme to jungle.



thanks for letting me find out about this tvrkchad, i'm gonna order soon before my shithole makes it illegal

File: 1669841561142.png (2.71 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


Why are you guys so obsessed with romance and sex?
Seriously. Yall aren't in high school anymore.

There's plenty of formal and practical knowledge showing that relationships aren't what they're cracked up to be.
You aren't NT, you don't stand a chance.
NTs already have difficulty in finding romantic love. Why do you guys plague yourselves with envy while thinking yourselves as above the normies?

Every other thread is:
>I'm thirty and I'm horny and lonely

>I'm twenty amd I never had any teenage misadventures pls help

I'm tired of this postpubescent immaturity yet you guys wanna post "muh brain development" as gatekeepers against your juniors.
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Running after sex and romance isn't a necessity. It's a luxury.


You know, I am starting to think some people here unironically believe "RevCel" is a real thing.

The absolute state of this fucking site.


I wish there was a way of removing my sex drive without fucking up so many other aspects of my body and my mind.


But it's true. Romance isn't a mandate. It's just an entitlement.

File: 1669734039452.png (1.01 MB, 1077x481, pokemon paws and maws.PNG)


give me your hottest takes

mine is this: >>341481. I unironically believe this.

also trust me, i'm not a fed
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File: 1669778732641.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.72 KB, 850x1200, photo_2022-11-26_20-04-59.jpg)


Damn Westoid artists colonizing the futas giving them balls because some retard thought you couldnt have cum without balls.


No cock, just balls. Not gay


Unironically, my opinion is that the cure for incels is force-feminization. There should be centers after the revolution where incels get taken to and get put on HRT, and are put up as a stress relief option for the general population.


File: 1669843049756.jpg (32.53 KB, 640x632, 1669650146333935.jpg)

>imagine those balls pounding against your dick as you thrust


How are you feeling about this? Kanye is hanging with Nick Fuentes at some random restaurant at a mall. Is it just me or is that bizarre as fuck?
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the funniest thing about JQ-pilled retards is:

Communists: will purge all bourgeoisie, whether they're jewish or not

Nazis: Will only purge jewish bourgeoisie, and jewish working class, and other working class groups, leaving tons of the bourgeoisie still alive, as long as they hit the right identity checkboxes

which sounds more "pilled" if you're working class?


where is that image of the jewish bourgeois getting killed and then the other bourgeois are still left


Kanye is way behind the trend, doesn't look good for him. Unless his handlers are trying to make the alt-right relevant again.


>Nick Fuentes

More like Spic Fuentes


This is the face of mental illness in 2022


I'm going to flunk out of college.
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Is this a meme? Why does this question get asked every time someone speaks less than gently about reddit?


File: 1669692780679.jpg (39.45 KB, 480x360, battlebots.jpg)

>Yeah they can, judges are tech illiterate, they'll thing the computer calculated that the murderer was innocent and not question it
But if the prosecution has an AI as well what's he gonna do then


File: 1669693583498.png (15.05 KB, 391x181, ClipboardImage.png)

>they never put it in their mouth because that's fucking retarded

have you never seen a female putting her hair up before séx and trying to look coquettish while doing so?

Wait, don't answer that.


also why?


Because all you guys wanna talk about is how Reddit, tiktok, fbi.gov is ruining "the left".

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