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File: 1701403831452.mp4 (72.24 MB, 350x280, Q2.mp4)


Talk space socialism to me. Was recently rewatching a few series with my fiance, both old and new Trek, and we both feel like Deep Space 9 is our favorite series (closely followed by TNG).

Everything else in order from best-to-worst would be:
Deep Space 9
The Next Generation
Voyage Home
Wrath of Khan
Undiscovered Country
Picard Season 3
Lower Decks
Motion Picture
Strange New Worlds
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Ok here's my controversial opinions:

Discovery Season 1 was good
Picard was good
Enteprise was incredibly mid
OG series sucked, movies were great though


Thanks to this thread, went back to watching DS9. Currently watching a banger of an episode that surrounds female rights in Ferenginar. Basically mostly surrounding Ferengis, as opposed to the DS9 starfleet crew. (S6E23: Profit and Lace)

Discovery season 1 wasn't ridiculously bad, but it was bad. It was more about action in space than the star trek character. I was genuinely optimistic and I obviously appreciate the enormous production value it has, but all the characters lack the depth that any character in TNG or DS9 has. Like take Rom or Nog, they have such a unique and deep character despite not even being central characters. Even Leeta, Rom's wife. Any fucking character was a believable, thinking individual. But on STD they feel so flat.


>Discovery Season 1 was good
Not a crazy take. There are parts of season 1 that I like. The mirror universe stuff is alright imo and if judged purely as a sci-fi action show it works well. Still though it's probably the last show I would recommend to someone wanting to watch Star Trek. Discovery season 2 was ridiculously bad though, with 3 and 4 being its strongest seasons.
>Picard was good
Seasons 1 and 2 make my blood boil. Season 3 is probably the biggest 180 I've ever seen a show make. I ended up really enjoying it, though it still didn't redeem the first two seasons in my eyes. Season 3 should've been the first season.
>Enteprise was incredibly mid
That's how I felt until about midway through season 3, then my feelings towards the show turned around. Season 4 is legit great though

Finale? what finale?
>OG series sucked, movies were great though
This is true. TOS has aged very badly, and though I have some gripes with the way its been visually updated in Discovery and Strange New Worlds, I'm glad we aren't forcing ourselves to pretend that 60s drywall/cardboard sets and soundstages look like the future.

Not a huge fan of Profit and Lace compared to other episodes about Ferengi feminism (like Rules of Acquisition), but still even most of the bad DS9 episodes were decent scripts overall.


>Discovery Season 1 was good
>Picard was good
Have you ever seen TNG? Because Picard is new-age popsci garbage that not only has terrible messaging and ideas but also retroactively shits on the entire preceding series.
>Enteprise was incredibly mid
Common opinion, even if I disagree.
>OG series sucked
It was fairly primitive, but it had a lot of good stuff, and yes the movies were good.


Moved to >>>/hobby/37903.

File: 1701460620634.png (124.21 KB, 265x213, ClipboardImage.png)


what would the world look like today had karl marx moved to texas as he was intending in his 20s?
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It's hard to say. American Capitalism was still in a developmental phase based on Manifest Destiny, strong Protectionist Policies, and forcing open the markets of semi-feudal East-Asian nations like Korea and Japan. There was so much land for the average American settler to grab for cheap, that virtually any free white outside of an industrial city could become a yeoman still. The organic composition of Capital had a low C:V ratio still so profits were high and living labour was much more essential to nearly every process.


"American" capitalism is world capitalism
Also I think he was destined to travel to London anyways since bigger German immigrant community and in the heart of the Industrial Revolution
Meanwhile the US wouldn't properly industrialize until later in the century


I read somewhere Willich was originally part of the Junker class. Is that accurate?
If that’s true, it adds another layer in that he was a class traitor going against his interests much like Engels.


Yeah he was. He renounced his titles of nobility and fought in 1848. Engels was actually his aide-de-camp.


Total Shayist Victory

File: 1701508927030.jpg (Spoiler Image, 114.88 KB, 780x485, 1699297616892165.jpg)


What is the material explanation for why Reactoid politicial discourse always end up in Penis discourse one way or another? Some examples:
>We're not using our cocks often enough
>not-us is using their cocks too much
>Not-us is using their cocks on our women
>Our ethnic group have the biggest cocks
>We must enslave anyone that doesn't have a cock
>We must kill people who take cocks while having a cock
>We need to kill people who remove their own cocks
>*Political system i don't like* is trying to literally shrink our cocks by pumping xenoestrogen to our drinking water
Etc etc
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>We're not using our pussies often enough
>not-us is using their pussies too much
>Not-us is using their pussies on our men
>Our ethnic group have the biggest pussies
>We must enslave anyone that doesn't have a pussy
>We must kill people who eat pussy while having a pussy
>We need to kill people who close their own pussy
>*Political system i don't like* is trying to literally shut our pussy by pumping testosterone to our drinking water

This isn't a counter, it's just a silly joke of thinking of a femdom society, but just doing pure gender swap. I'd say, "alternative reality", but this seems better
I'm uneducated on it, (though there's lacking evidence since it gets destroyed), I struggle not to imagine a femdom society that's just findom; where the women function as parasitical landlords


Tbh if we're being honest a matriarchal society would probably just end up being the same as patriarchal society, with alpha females having harems of domesticated frail men with big cocks


maybe thats why patriarchal societies such as western and asian have the smallest cocks statistically?


Harems and much more twinks/frail-men, I agree.

But I'm unsure how:
>men wouldn't be sent off to do war or do grunt work
<especially considering how a woman is out of commission for months during and after pregnancy
>nor would they be domesticated; nor have the specific gender identity that would be developed into which seem to only function in modern society or have very little men to work with
>nor even male genetics be massively altered during the short time period of the class societies birth to now, (which is like 1% of human history)

I should read more on it, but other than fiction, real life examples of matriarchal societies are like the men hunt for months and the women are at home handling stuff, or it's a commune created from abusive males from patriarchal societies.

A big dick can only be realized in a good environment – so here in America I can say, alongside all the shit food, we have little opportunities for exercise, so many are fat to even obese at young, which fucks up dick growth.


there's examples out there even on wikipedia, and graeber details possible examples of matriarchal societies in the dawn of everything. it's not exactly impossible, it's just that we're living in a time and place that happens to feature patriarchy as the dominant social dynamic

File: 1701532127978-0.png (9.86 MB, 2500x1669, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1701532127978-1.png (689.7 KB, 828x828, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1701532127978-2.png (440.86 KB, 600x401, ClipboardImage.png)


which forgotten internet alt-right/cuckservative personality from 2016 onwards do you think would make the funniest organized crime boss?

>the prager U oil barons

>The louder crowder hustlers
>Sons of Peterson
>Milo Yiannopoulos and the Greek mafia
>la cartel de nick fuente
>The Tate sex traffickers' hub
>Catboykami's yakuza
>the stonetoss stone tossers
>The true Q patriots (patriots in control is their slogan)
>the ummah of sneako
>turning point punks
>Big Momma Candace Owens
>the PJWs pimps
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Stefan Molyneux who wrote BasicEconomics, but then got cancer, and decided to become a meth distributor to pay his bills


I mean it's empirically confirmed that gavin has a small penis, which I think makes for some funny situational comedy.


File: 1701558550318.jpg (103.37 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-4108580608.jpg)

Yeah, him and Matt Walsh. Looked him up.

Look at these fools.


conservative soprano be like:
>the left wants to frikin' take away Gabagool!


would make a nice Friday show

File: 1701537951041.png (154.14 KB, 900x1021, 1699286335849701.png)


If you're not Middle Eastern stop saying "the Zionist entity". It makes you sound like a pasty ass larper.
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Start calling them zionazis.


occupied Palestine


These are all totally fine


File: 1701552739132.mp4 (1.21 MB, 414x310, lol.mp4)


This has to be the best term. Very objective and non larp sounding.

File: 1701534205995.png (52.86 KB, 255x255, ClipboardImage.png)


Are cigarettes good for self-medication?


No. By the way raccoons are so cute I love them.


no only alcohol is


drink and smoke like marx



ITT: we accuse each other of being feds
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File: 1701462806827.webm (199.86 KB, 720x720, leninhat_meds.webm)


pharmaceutical industrial complex agents


I guess your home is in literal Langley VA


File: 1701428693886.jpg (120.36 KB, 525x809, 1699278263838447.jpg)


Post examples from your own life.

>get to smoke drugs in the only private (all genders) bathroom in my college
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>When the conservative approaches a topic it isnt out of strategy, its out of his own attempt to understand reality.
No, lmao. The conservative is motivated by either fear of abolishment to what they have grown up with or because they want to maintain a position of power that the current superstructure affords them. They are generally not intellectually dishonest.


You are both wrong. Whatever we call conservatism in this society is reflective of material circumstances and is therefore ephemeral. When we enter a new paradigm this thing may no longer exist in the future. However, once a person has been socialized into certain ways of thinking and behavior then in certain matters it can be practically impossible to change them. A decrease of neuroplasticity with age and the persistence of fear memories are neurological aspects that render human beings not fully plastic. To think people are fully moldable like clay is an immaterialist conception of human psychology.


conservatives have too much chimpanzee monkey man DNA,. only gene editing can save them


>Following this definition, Judith Butler isn't a woman. And neither is Minnie Mouse.
Judith Butler still has more feminine look than masculine, and Minnie is a mouse.


your brain must be a slurpie from all the retarded shit you say just because you've seen it on the internet

File: 1701062544829.jpeg (78.82 KB, 900x818, IMG_0897.jpeg)


What’s your opinion on ayylmaos?
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We're talking about backwards time travel obviously. Not slowing or speeding up the rate we travel forward in time.


I mean LMAO we are all time travelers traveling forwards in time LMAO.


I just traveled in time 3 minutes.


To me it was instantaneous. To you it was 5 minutes since my last post.



I hadn't thought to look it up until now, so I thought Sexpat meant "Sex Patriot" and couldn't wrap my head around what that would even mean.


ive been watching that loop for 3 min now


I thought a rape was a fruit


>sex patriot
That's when you're really proud of your countries prostitutes and encourage foreigners to come and spend money on your prostitutes for the good of your nation's economy.


File: 1701515039653.png (445.92 KB, 579x670, 1683103364180.png)

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