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This is what a dead board looks like
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It's edge


Even worse


Edge is a Chromium fork.


it's over


File: 1678914793012.png (329.58 KB, 512x512, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1678908409174.png (390.3 KB, 480x480, ClipboardImage.png)


I need more pelts, anons

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Why the hell are we getting so many loli anime nazis nowadays? And i'm not just asking because of those retard vtuber dramas. Like back in ze days i remember nighas with loli fb profile pictures, but they were universally social liberal and most were doing it ironically. Nowadays, not only are they UNIRONIC and nazis, but some of them actually have big enough spectacle influence in the overall weeb community?!?! (As much as a matrix of id-driven coomers can be referred to as a "community")

Weebs wtf is happening? Is this a psyop by Stormfront or something like what happened with 4chong? I can't imagine old school white power thugs deliberately pretending to like tranime so they can spread nazi propaganda to lolicon tho, so that's nigh impossible, or is this just what happened to white pmcs upon them realizing that their status is going downwardly mobile? (Don't want to get Sakaist on you uyghas but this shit only happened with white weebs, never see anyone else becoming reactoids)

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Unironically I think 480p is the ideal resolution for real porn. Just high enough you can see things, but not too high that you can see herpes.


File: 1678816505354.jpg (71.2 KB, 640x512, anime haters.jpg)


digital re-releases movies can unironically have worse quality than vhs https://blah-ray.blogspot.com/p/what-isthis-revisited-my.html
vhs animes definitely have the best fansubs though.


File: 1678863253061.jpg (24.92 KB, 617x469, 1664331093297.jpg)

anime hater bros… not like this


literal non issue, you can just attach whatever subs you like most to whatever video you like, thats why srt are separate these days

File: 1678855819970.png (858.95 KB, 693x905, ClipboardImage.png)


josuke higashikata, known as the soft and wet boy, what a fun guy this man is known as, and look at this guy's flesh

oh my god is this a jojo reference

File: 1678833999410.jpg (17.73 KB, 205x289, 2231.jpg)


Does anybody else here have a fear of being caught with their mouths open? We all know if you're caught out in the wild making a face you will be turned into a 'jak and maybe even lose your job.
Fucked up how society works
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No, and if it happens I'd just mock it.
If you'd get fired over that you'd probably have grounds to sue.

It's fair to be worried about general privacy, but being a meme is very low on the list.
Especially if you can speed run its life by making normies and politicians do it, like planking


To be fair: they already hated you and were pretended to be nice.
Actual friends wouldn't get angry over a harmless joke.


>Problem is it's actually illegal to wear a mask in my area.
Learn to sneeze on queue to if someone tells you to take it off you can slime them


>it's actually illegal to wear a mask in my area
the fuck?


Being in the US most of the laws were created long ago against the KKK but today are used against protesters or as an excuse for cops to arrest someone just walking down the street without doing anything which they can have a field day with during Halloween and all winter season. These laws werent shot down during covid just casually not enforced but can be used at any time.


land of da free


>reading A Short History of the Destruction of the Indies
Holy shit. I knew the Spanish colonized Latin America but I didn't know how that went down. This pales in comparison to every atrocity I heard of.
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Wasn't that just Anglo anti-Catholic propaganda



Aren't you Portuguese




Bella has crystal rings (oh my God, so great)
We are so in love
The only thing is it feels like a, it feels like a windmill in here

How do you seem so laid back
Yet act like you're on crack?
You might ignore my love
But I swear you're from above

You're hot and fun and tall and cute
(You've never had a girlfriend, too?)
You're smart and nice and really cool
(There must be something wrong with you)
You're too good to be true
It's not like you never knew
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For the low price of sending a letter. You can get frre supply of corn for 102 years


File: 1678092896079.jpg (45.11 KB, 480x676, boymoder.jpg)

how do i get a gf like this


yep that sure is i can fix him by gezebelle gaburgably


esoteric female schizophrenialism

File: 1678765132648.png (3.97 MB, 1772x1282, lord-of-the-rings-orc.png)


Seriously, think about it, the orcs are a vile, barbaric, war-like race of mutant elves corrupted through brutal torture by Morgoth, aka Satan, into being violent, hate-filled, stupid, fearful, and utterly obedient slaves go his will.

Similarly, whites were once human until the genocidal colonial logic of capital expansion caused Europeans to view their phenotypical mutations as a sign of being a different "race" from other humans, and then begin massacring other peoples in turn. The most obvious sign of white people's subhumanity is ultimately how disgustingly loyal caucasoids, especially Yankees are to the God of Capital. It actually disgusts me to watch white yanks fall on their knees praising capitalism, like watching tapeworms come writhing out of a pile of shit, it makes me want to puke. How can I see such sickening servility and grant these creatures their humanity? This is why these fuckers age so badly and have yellow ass teeth and that weird shape at the end of their nose that gives most whites a nose that looks like a pair of asscheeks. They sicken me, Capital has literally stripped their humanity away to leave some knuckledragging pseudo human slave army that only exists to uphold capitalism. Fuck, the Ottomans should have killed them all and salted Rome for being the birthplace of white imperialism, and thank fuck for Putin and his war against international white supremacy
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both boards are filled with idiots


You have to go back


/pol/s tend to prioritize the main board because that's where they think that's where the serious political discussion happens.
Imagining a picture of Alunya reading next to a scarecrow she put her clothes on to take incoming arrows.


The first response should have been the end of that thread. It's essentially just verbose concern trolling, and I don't know why it became so popular.


They assert that what OP said was something "everyone supporting multipolarity is already aware of," implying they didn't read the thread to understand that's not how multipolarism works.
That aside, people were at the time making a lot of arguments amounting to "we should do / support [current thing] in support of multipolarism." So it was clear this wasn't commonly understood.


post pictures that are literally you(its me pic related, literally meeeeee)


File: 1678815459917.png (209.68 KB, 500x364, sayaka-mutual-aid.png)


File: 1678815566339.jpg (32.19 KB, 480x480, my work here is done.jpg)


<wears an ancom coloured cape



File: 1678808496691.png (411.44 KB, 1057x646, BritishLeft.png)


How do you achieve real socialism?


subscribe to my newsletter to find out


Praying really hard


The wage slaves have to be pushed to the brink. Their conditions for a living life, not as individuals but as a class, must be put to question.

Analyze not just socialist revolutions, but revolutions throughout history. The most impactful typically always occur in times of crisis.


Why do communist orgs split so often though?


Death and destruction

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