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File: 1712042347575.jpg (358.35 KB, 866x1300, antifa businessman.jpg)


*As in without working an actual job and paying taxes, but isn't a serious crime or an immediate risk to yourself or others.

Here's what I got so far. Let's add to the list
>invest in crypto
>sell your belongings
>give blowjobs
>scam old ladies
>grow and sell weed
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>>518941 (me)
I'm still scared of illegalism,I may be a postie but there are still things I don't have enough nerve to do. My self-preservation instinct is too strong.


Own property and make someone else work for you.


giving blowjobs is actually a lot more effort than youd think. Lot of timewasters out there. Besides that and trying to rent a room to meet them in.
Its worth it though to feel them squirm tho.

but mostly the money


streaming and gooning at the same Time


>isn't shoplifting still dangerous
Very, most places will wait for you to steal a felony amount before they call in the pigs. It's still pretty easy to get away with though, I just wouldn't hit the same chain more than two or three times in a year, or take from mom and pop stores if any still exist around you.

File: 1712152854809.jpeg (107.4 KB, 736x736, Know Your Popes.jpeg)


What the fuck was his problem?


protestant propaganda again their holiness



The medieval version of Hitler.


>make SEX illegal
>priests turn into homosexual pedos
Many such cases.

File: 1712149107418.png (26.37 KB, 555x206, american hitler.png)


Or at least the class you originates from, as someone who managed to move upward, not without hardships.
Both my parents were constantly fluctuating between unqualified jobs, welfare leeching and petty criminal activities, still do to this day. All of the people i grew up or their parents with were one or several of these things.
Growing up in such an environement made me hate proles and "working class" culture a whole lot. It was nothing but a sad bunch of deeply reactionaries and fucked in the head people with no interests in anything but rap music, pornography, trash tv, anti-lgbt shit, food stamps and islam. It made me developp an instinctive hate to anything these people stands for, i just wants to see them dead or enslaved to the elites, thay are not capable of civilization or even thriwing on their own without having the state look up to them so they don't starve or get killed by normal fed up people like me.
Am i the only one in this situation?


If you're using twitter yeah. Move to fedi so you stop seeing people being inflamatory to game SEO.
Most people you follow are probably proles, so you see the worst representiation of the class more often than the classes higher up.


File: 1712159138319.jpg (160.69 KB, 768x960, 1574476892990-mdma.jpg)

>Both my parents were constantly fluctuating between unqualified jobs, welfare leeching and petty criminal activities
That's still how I live my life, fuck you and fuck real jobs, your parents sound like my kinda people.
>It was nothing but a sad bunch of deeply reactionaries and fucked in the head people with no interests in anything but rap music, pornography, trash tv, anti-lgbt shit, food stamps and islam
This sounds, in some cases almost verbatim, like petty bourge nonsense. I think it's likely, but not guaranteed, that you're bullshitting me right now. Are you really working class, or are you two soft handed nobles in a trench coat?


So to speak.
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ax gun???


Why not make your own magazines at that point?


Are we Fallout now?


File: 1712141145946.png (898.93 KB, 1080x627, 1709499474049.png)

>duct tape


Holy shit do i love slambang shotguns. I know the ones in the pic are not but i love them more than the ones with a firing mechanism. I guess its the simplicity that makes it fun.

File: 1712060157533.jpg (377.61 KB, 1600x1200, 1706934079685.jpg)


History quickly crashing through your veins



File: 1712099129628.mp4 (18.06 MB, 1280x720, evolve.mp4)


File: 1712125732503.png (1013.99 KB, 730x950, ClipboardImage.png)

>test scores are how much the parents make
/pol/ preemptively btfo


dang we lost our tails that early on?

File: 1712116538013.png (1.69 MB, 1118x2048, ClipboardImage.png)


TDS bros…


trump was a pretty big icon of the 80s and reaganism
it's weird to think about now as a zoomer that just knows him as the right wing anti-immigrant president that the US used to have up until a few years ago

File: 1712095154158.png (952.76 KB, 1200x900, 3500.png)


Why do both people on the right and left think that this man is such a le keikaku evil 1000 universal different dimension chess player 600 autism score genius when he's a literal pants on head retard whose decisions are manufactured by his team of actually competent assistants and managers?
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What do you mean by "core web"? Do you mean the older internet crowd, or older websites/older internet culture? Or do you mean some kind of political network?


republicans want to feel like their guy is a genius, democrats want to feel like their enemy is a genius so their loss seems less pathetic. In reality this guy should've never gotten anywhere near any position of power, I don't think the us can ever live down this kind of embarrassment.


Also curious about this


File: 1712108962041.png (193.39 KB, 332x458, ClipboardImage.png)

292 days


Like, not the peripheral web (which itself is defined as not the core web, so smaller / personal websites)
There's a /tech/ thread about it >>>/tech/23711
This page explains it more clearly, but I've only seen the video linked by the OP of the tech thread use the terms "core" and "peripheral" for this: https://thoughts.melonking.net/guides/introduction-to-the-web-revival-1-what-is-the-web-revival

File: 1711947601103.png (954.88 KB, 669x606, 1659444192891051.png)


Why are vegans so cringe?
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>decreasing rates of heart disease and cancer among the working class so that they live to an older age and are able to support each other and fight capitalism together for longer and pass down more knowledge before they die is unrelated to the class struggle.
>preventing mental illnesses and physical injuries among working class people resulting from working in slaughterhouses is unrelated to the class struggle.

There's more to veganism than just "saving the animals." There's also saving the humans, most of whom are workers.



Atrociously dishonest article. Here's what it conveniently omits:
-The fact that even if overstated in the specific study he mentioned, the greenhouse gas emissions of the meat industry still greatly exceeds those of plant foods; [3, 2]
-The much larger water footprint of livestock farming (especially for beef); [1, 3]
-The devastating water pollution of drinkable water (eutrophication) that's unique to livestock farming; [2, 3]
-That insect farming is a far more efficient and more nutrient dense alternative to livestock farming. [4]

>Animal products are more nutrient dense and bioavailable this isn't an opinion, just a fact.

I agree that nutrient density is higher in livestock meat, however:

1. Livestock nutrient density doesn't justify the extraordinary inefficiency of their production, as well as the many other issues present in livestock farming. [1, 2, 3, 4]
2. Livestock feed conversion ratio is attrocious for calories and protein; [5]
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


dairy causes prostate cancer


We do not need fiber or anything found in plants. Processed food, carbs, seed oils cause those illnesses.

Insects are less bioavailable,full of anti-nutrients, have potential parasites that can't be killed by proper cooking, and are harder for humans to digest. They would not make a good primary food source.


Every meat type has their fair share of health issues, especially red meat. I'm not promoting insects as a primary food source, but as a suplement for nutrients.

File: 1712109276941.png (2.44 MB, 1041x1620, ClipboardImage.png)


Got a pop up saying I was on a watch list, I hope it's a rolex 😍. Anyone get their watch yet?



File: 1712076203212.jpg (720.91 KB, 3184x4096, question-chen.jpg)


Why did dark themes become so prevalent despite being awful for the eyes?
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The comparison to paper comes from the anti-dark-theme camp, who ignores that paper is not a light emitter. The point about green visors is about protecting the eyes from excessive light. Nobody was claiming that light reflected from paper is bad for your eyes too. Unsurprising to see this level of illiteracy from somebody who thinks a light theme is better for your eyes. The comparison to paper is also suggestive of an ipad kiddie who's never once put the screen down and picked up a book.


Or, instead of fiddling with the brightness settings of your display, maybe you could perhaps, you know, turn dark mode on like a normal human being.


The shades were transparent though and they did the same thing with lamps
Nobody reads staring at a lamp so it seems like the point of the visor and the lampshade are both to soften the glare of the light on the paper


Why do light theme retards feel the need to crusade for their wrong decisions? This whole "light theme vs dark theme" stupidity only became a thing because light theme cunts began defending their mistakes.

>It unnecessarily strains them
Literally opposite of what actually happens. Not to mention the fatigue from higher energy photons hitting the retina, as other posters have pointed out.

Scientifically correct.


<What we care about are the objects in front of the background, whether food, tools, predators, or whatever. Those objects are by definition darker than the background because they’re illuminated by the sun, or indoors, by whatever lights may be on.
True and it's easier on the eyes the normal way than the opposite (like the author's example campfire at dusk), but don't these objects we look at usually take up far more real estate in our field of vision than the ink of letters? It is only the ink that counts here. If letters looked more like ★ and less like ☆, the author could have ended the essay right there. There would have been no need for such an essay begin with, I believe.

<When text is white on a black background as it would be in Dark Mode, the whiteness of the lines lightens the edges of each line broadly on both sides, blurring the edge. If the thin lines of the text are black and the background is white, however, white from both sides washes over the entire line, lightening it evenly, so the edges aren’t blurred.

When printing the uppercase letter E, the ink flows into the space where lines meet. In professional printing, this spreading of the ink is anticipated so the instructions for printing this letter have tiny holes in corners so the ink will bleed into them (likewise with the letters F and T). What I'm saying is: The text pixels for dark on light and light on dark should be subtly different instructions, light on dark should do a similar trick as printing ink and dark on light the opposite (I don't know if any company is doing it this way but it should be done this way and the instruction details should depend on the real brightness of the monitor).

<In the scientific literature, black on white is called “positive polarity,” whereas white on black is called “negative polarity.” Numerous studies over decades of research have found that positive polarity displays provide improved performance in a variety of areas. (While early studies used CRTs, all recent studies rely on LCD-based displays.) To quote from the introduction of a 2013 paper by Piepenbrock, Mayr, Mund, and Buchner in the journal Ergonomics…

OK this should settle it. Convincing article, but for its strongest points you have to go to thePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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