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"We need an imageboard of action to fight for OC making posters."
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File: 1630886946056.png (56.29 KB, 1448x58, mars inc.png)


Sorry for shitposting, but this really made me laugh.


Mods move this thread plz


Topkek, but >>>/siberia/


Pretty sure this has happened several times with many other companies but I don't remember the specific cases. It's hilarious every time of course.


disgusting. children have no sense of quality


hej e du svensk lol

File: 1630323921008.jpg (25.76 KB, 800x522, reee.jpg)


I hate its lack of morals, stupid cartoon threads on /b/, insensitivity, misogyny, racism etc. Sadly I got banned from crystal cafe, so I'm staying here.
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File: 1630917495156-0.png (185.17 KB, 1227x330, guess the board.PNG)

File: 1630917495156-1.png (229 KB, 1214x411, Guess the Board2.PNG)

Guess the board.

The answers are /tv/ and /fit/

Now tell me with a straight face that those places aren't absolute shit.


4chan has always been full of pedophiles



holy shit I haven't been on fit since 2015 and bruh what the fuck this website is dogshit now lmak


I found out why I was banned. Apparently the admin banned a bunch of words and phrases used by a male spammer a while ago, and forgot to unban some of the common words, such as "pathetic" (which was the word I tried to used when I got a permaban). This is how many other users got permabanned as well. It's been fixed now.

File: 1630896593203.jpg (31.99 KB, 474x528, LP.jpg)


When is Leftypol's birthday?


This saturday actually.

File: 1630859475373.png (694.95 KB, 1000x1500, historyOfMetaphysics.png)


I hate metaphysicists.
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File: 1630863318634.gif (168.45 KB, 485x618, delet-this-meme-1.gif)

them's fighting words anon


What the fuck even is metaphysics. The noumena is unknowable in itself. It is only knowable for itself or some iteration of that shit. We can only ever know things as a human experience and never as the things in themselves. So is there still room for metaphysics?

Heraclitus was only partly right. Everything is in a constant state of becoming.


You cannot escape the metaphysic conundrum, even dialectics is a metaphysic, you can approach it pragmatically or idealistically.


File: 1630915467679.jpg (12.8 KB, 400x400, 1626089246449.jpg)

Buddhists already figured it out, everything is nirvana, but knowing the nature of everything in some sort of weird opposite of the problem of induction doesn't actually offer any deductive insights on how to live ethically locally (though it establishes a basis for not getting hung up on illusive ideals).

File: 1629919571977.jpg (104.87 KB, 1280x720, tony.jpg)


Who was in the wrong here?


You for making this thread.


He was acting out of jealousy because he wanted the boy all to himself.


jamal Ginsberg


Tony for being racist and a mobster (aka one of the worst subsections of the bourgeoisie), Jamal Ginsberg for being a pretentious filmbro


How the hell do I gain self esteem and confidence?
I have in the last 3 years greatly improved myself. Now I am fairly muscular, look quite good and have a nice little friend circle that I share interests with and there's a girl that might be kinda into me. I get compliments both online and irl from time to time but they give me absolutely no satisfaction. My biggest fears in life are that i don't have charisma, am too short and have waster my teenage years on depression and loneliness. Because of this I have horrible social skills, really bad depression and OCD. I always feel inferior and feel like everybody else sees me as a loser or lesser being to pity. I take even the slightest inconvenience and catastrophic and ignore the good things. I'm a chronic pessimist and spend my free time obsessing over minor bad things that happened in my life. I am wasting all my time obsessing over wasted time and wasted opportunities. Work and achievements bring me zero satisfaction and in turn trying to get to them makes me miserable. I have 4 years of exclusion and bullying in my formative years which has left me to be deathly afraid of people and extremely reluctant to engage in conversations and seek friends. Speaking to people I know fills me with indescribable dread and terror that the experience of hanging out with others actually feels unpleasant. I return from parties and from the bar feeling down for the next 2 days. My mood shifts 12 times a day. I constantly feel incomplete and sour. I believe everybody that is friends with me is there just out of pity even thought I have no evidence of it. I am physically incapable of acting like a normal person because I have been robbed of the chance to form a personality and social skills and have been left with a lifelong trauma and feeling of disillusionment and misantrophy. Literally norhing I do feels good even thought my life is objectively not bad. I cannot convince my brain that I there's no need to feel like this even thought I objectively know there isn't. I have no drive to find a girlfriend and have no chance to meet new people outside class. I have recently had a great 18th birthday party, started my final year of higschool, obtained a drivers license and I'm close to securing a really well paid tutoring job. Two of my friends are coming over next week and we will drink and listen to music. Despite all of this I feel like complete and utter shit. I don't want to be one of those "aaaaah I wanna die lol lmPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Give it a try maybe you will like it.


vent deez nutz nerd


Find meaning outside of others, for me that is /x/ tier beliefs, philosophy, socialism and so forth.


Go to therapy dude. But get a therapist that will actually give a shit.
I know what it's like to be clinically depressed despite having a relatively good life. It's all those voices in your head that won't leave you alone and convince you that you're trash and don't deserve any of what you have. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps with that.

Originally I was going to tell you to post this on /roulette/.


Cringe thread, straight outta /fit/, /r9k/ or /pol/

File: 1630880472762.jpg (7.25 MB, 6000x4000, blurry-tunnel-people.jpg)


Like legit though, what does it ACTUALLY feel like to be schizophrenic? Does it feel like just one big nightmare where your worst fears materialize in front of you?
I know I shouldn't romanticize mental illnesses but I can't help but be curious.




go to 4chan's /x/ and find out


what is the profit incentive behind forging a sword?


R a r e


you can engage in primitive accumuluation

File: 1630874827799.jpg (47.4 KB, 565x352, happy-corgi.jpg)


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                      JZlilvvn122XL,                                                soovilvn2XX
                    _J2||+||llllvnoXLa                                           _JS1llillvnSXX[
                  __JX||+|+||iIvIvvv1XXLa,                                     _JXXvlliliivoo2X[
                  _]#|++++|iiilIIIIvlIIXnXss,                                 _#X1Illliiiivn22XX
                   #1||||||||i|||lilvlii{IvvXLa,                        aassXUS1llIlii|ilvvnoo2X
                  ]Zoiii|ii|=:..  -=|ililli|+=+=+|vnvnvnvonooonoooonnnnvvvvvvIIIvnvooo2S2XXSXXSSXXXZXooos__
                   4Xaiillli>=:..   -=i|i||+|=isvnnvnnnnnnnnnnnvnnnnvvvvvnvnvvIllvvvo22SXXXZXZXXSXSXXXXXXXXXXss_,
                    ]XviilvIli|;...    ~|iiiivnnnnnnvnnnvnnvnvvnnnnnnnnnnnvnvnvvlllnnooSXXZZZZZXXSo2SXXXXXZXXXX#mos
                  _aXXs|+++ii|ii|=;. .===vvnnonnnnnnnnnnnvvvnnvvoooo22oSooonnnvvvvlIvnoSSXXXXXXXXXXXSSSXXXZXZXZXXZZL
               _#ZXXS1ii|=||iiiilivnoo222222ooonononvnvnvvIvvnooo22S2So2SSXSS2ovvvvvIvvnnnooS2o1>-    .."X2XZZ#ZZUXZZZ,
              _m#XXonvl|=+=+iilInno2SS222222oooonnnvnvvvvvnnnoooon11So2oS222S22ononnnnoSoooooo2> ~^  +`+avnm##mWmmmmXZZ,
              J#XSoonl|====iIvvnooSo2o2oooo2oooonnnvnnvnvv1II>"~- . .-^<I1onooooooXSo22oXXXXS2oni.  .:-.3ivX##mBWBWmm#ZZ
              ]ZX2onvli|+|ivvnnooooo2o2oooooo22ooooonnvnli|~      "!"Ss, --||lvvvooSSXXS2SX2S2S2oXss,__=ivnXZX##mBmWmm##,
              ]XXSnnvvvliivnnnnoo2o2ooo2oo2o2222o2ooooonns,_.        :I1;   :<|ivnSoXSSXXXXXXXSXS2SSXmoXo22S2XX#mWmBmWm#L
              #ZXnnvvvvvvvnnnnoo2S222SSSSSS2S2XXXXXXXXSSoS2oa>__.... |=- ._=vllvvo2oSSS
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And we're live! Welcome to Siberia.

Report any migration issues (like broken links, anything pointing to old /b/). Any unhelpful posts ITT will be deleted at will.
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Wat, I thought the renaming was just going to be "/b/ - Siberia" like it was before, what's the point of renaming the whole board? Other than making us type more.


To make it clear that it's different from 4chan's /b/
t. not a mod


This. The allusive name of /b/ set certain expectations of the board which strangely didn't set the same expectations towards moderators. ZOMG!!1

>Other than making us type more.
Once this is considered stable and the board /b/ becomes unneeded, leftypol.org/b/ can just redirect here. We can probably make short one-letter links for each board that just seamlessly redirect to the full name. (exactly like https://lainchan.org/Ω/index.html being the same as https://lainchan.org/tech/index.html ) and just list them on the FAQ.


Getting banned for random bullshit it peak /b/ experience though.(DEAL WITH IT)


When it's over done its cringe.

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