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File: 1641415815134.jpg (184.06 KB, 1080x1080, zillakami.jpg)


i think i speak for the whole leftypol.org userbase when i say we need a mod that's cummed hands free from a buttplug
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it uses a pistol mag that's why it's so small


That’s reasonable but everything else is shit
>no uniforms present that blend in with a urban/non urban environment or provide protection against bullets with
>no other visible weapons available not even a simple bomb
>no signs of physical or mental fitness to even be in combat
>no indications that he even has support from other people
This faggot wouldn’t be hired by anyone to be a criminal, he’s too much of a loser


he's just a rapper doing a photoshoot tbf lol


Huh I forgot hip hop and rap were still things
I’m so used to seeing only guerrillas and organized armed groups like salafist militants, drug cartels, PMCs etc in media I forgot those dudes existed


Bro thought Zillakami was a militant

File: 1641237523774-0.jpg (104.75 KB, 1080x1075, BogKing.jpg)


>Released from their flesh prisons, the Bogdanoffs have ascended to their true home: the blockchain.
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Blocked my VPN from even browsing.


He looks cgi


You are correct.




>ynr there was a time on /leftypol/ when being a Posadist was more acceptable than being a Dengist
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totally wasted on siberia post


>are attempting to use the new anti-revisionist general
The anti-revisionism cultists are at it again. Should surprise nobody that you are allying with the two biggest schizos on this website


File: 1641399631170.pdf (843.17 KB, 180x255, towards independence.pdf)

>What will Leftypol’s next ideology be after “Marxism-Leninism/Mao Zedong Thought/Deng Xiaoping Theory/The important thought of Three Represents” gets adopted and butchered by normies?


come to think of it this happened with NazBol too


Holy shit, I can't believe our very own Miss Junkstein has returned!
I really thought she was leaving for real this time.


What is the Marxist analysis of "call an ambulance but not for me"? Is it a commentary on the weak social security for old Americans who could not afford good insurance because of their privatized healthcare system?


I’m lonely


Hi lonely, I'm dad


>What is the Marxist analysis of "call an ambulance but not for me"?
It appears to be a joke of some kind. An injured man says "call the ambulance" but then reveals a gun and says "but not for me". I believe the punchline is that attacker is about to be made worse off than the victim despite what you first thought when he said "call the ambulance".

File: 1641351075103.png (32.97 KB, 600x554, ClipboardImage.png)


>be high test due to eating well and moderate exercise in the form of playing sports with co workers
>refuse to shave for a while
>today shaved beard and body hair
>shaved ass hair aswell
>putting on undies feels normal
>taking a shit feels in a sense cleaner
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Asshair is gross though


then what is it's purpose
it's gross
it's unhygenic

that why does it exist


>that why does it exist
It's vestigial, our furthest ancestors needed thick body hair (AKA fur) to regulate their body heat but since we started walking on two legs it became more efficient to sweat more and have much less body hair for long distance running which we as hominids did a lot of in the past.


How have scientists not noticed this

I only hear about the appendix as a vestegial organ but this needs to be declared too


>tfw no pics of Marx after he shaved his beard when he was in Algeria
Feels sad man

File: 1641387141071-0.jpg (411.25 KB, 603x910, Roman rocket1.jpg)

File: 1641387141071-1.jpg (548.81 KB, 720x840, Roman rocket2.jpg)

File: 1641387141071-2.jpg (5.58 KB, 250x141, Roman rocket3.jpg)

File: 1641387141071-3.jpg (57.61 KB, 596x358, Roman rocket4.jpg)

File: 1641387141071-4.jpg (136.58 KB, 580x580, Roman rocket5.jpg)


What is the materialist explanation for ROCKET SHIPS being present in ancient greek and roman graffiti? Is it possible that the mediterranean empires actually achieved such a high level of industrialization that they actually attempted rudimentary space travel? It's not much of a stretch when you consider things like the antikythera mechanism and the incredibke roman engineering which created the biggest aqueduct and road systems in europe.


Use Reddit
Conservitive Jordan Peterson fan transgirl says she is trans and I am not trans because I didn't know I was trans at 18 (she only knew at 16).

She says I am a fake trans that gets off to being a woman because I didn't realise I was trans untill I was 18.

Is this a woman moment does she just think she is already low on the pecking order and doesn't want to compete with more trans women for men.
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> Use Reddit


Why the fuck you are censoring names? This is not a reddit and you can post them without any blurring.


i'm not reading


chaos dragon


idk what that is but hot

i want to be chaos dragoned

File: 1641369568054.jpeg (52.01 KB, 640x821, FHebLueWYA4t2sd.jpeg)


>Watch out kid, I'm gonna STAB you!


Anime animism


Same Type Attack Bonus?

File: 1641246911763-0.jpg (96.24 KB, 722x833, junko.jpg)

File: 1641246911763-2.jpg (124.1 KB, 754x1008, sabinyaak.jpg)


junko < sabinyak

You cannot change my mind on this. It is a fact.
t. a highly experienced simp
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Hey, it's me, your battlefield!


>anyone who knows transhumanisters will tell you this is just a cope many of them have. They really do care, but their self hatred has convinced them otherwise.
damn it's so nice that rando's like you decide to speak for them.


If you do show us how the stickers ended up looking :^)

Also, what does the battlefield can give that I may not :(((((?



i also need to learn how to organize a vidyagaem development team like a commune
we'll make super cool vidya gaems with lefty overtones, not like "tonight we riot" the game idea was fine but it was dropped too early and abandoned afterwards.
we'll do it the right way, матko style.
but like… without being killed by a trot… hopefully…

it actually worries me because my dad's a trot and he doesn't like videogames…


File: 1641373792747.jpg (33.02 KB, 479x479, 20220105_090928.jpg)

I will fight you to the death for her. Sabinyak is mine!

File: 1641335047606.jpg (76.99 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


What are the tastiest sausages and the best way to eat them?


currywurst sounds good


File: 1641335741853.jpg (73.8 KB, 640x640, intredasting.jpg)

Strange… Usually Bud Spencer and Terence Hill are having beans… Which also makes me suppose that:
1. you're a wop or
2. you're german or
3. neither 1 nor 2, you just found some random pic of people having sausages without knowing who they were or
4. neither 1 nor 2, but you somewhat know about this whacky film genre which was really popular in Wopistan and a few other places a few decades ago.


i like kielbasa, and usually with a sauce to dip in


i would also like to use this thread to promote the funny sausage man


I remembered the beer and sausage contest but I am neither German or Italian.

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