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File: 1669992288160.jpg (473.56 KB, 1474x774, che_guevara_1474x774.jpg)


Who are the sexiest socialist/communists of all time?
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Gigachad being from GDR is canon


File: 1670093364781.jpeg (8.41 KB, 233x217, cheswife.jpeg)

his wife was QT


File: 1670128536480.jpeg (216.06 KB, 2643x753, E344w_JWUAYoR_F.jpeg)


Eeeew female


File: 1670135377179.mp4 (4.95 MB, 1000x930, chenime.mp4)

>answers the question in the OP pic
<still asks the question anyway

File: 1670127937378.png (396.22 KB, 1263x704, 8O22T65.png)


does anyone have that sigma male edit of that vid where that guy punches some nazi?


>Him and his team larp online as "sexy" children
>Leads pedophile to house so he can parade them on his show
<Doesn't use the interaction with the pedophile have a wake up call
<Doesn't use the time to help the pedophile get medicine and therapy to deal with/cure the disorder
<But does use legal loopholes to send them to jail by making them bring stuff like pizza
>Show as a result teaches every pedophile in the world to hide their disorder, making it harder to fight pedophilia

Tldr: A pedophile masturbating to child pornography does more in fighting pedophilia than Chris Hansen, since atleast the pedophile jerking it to child porn isn't spending that time assulting a child.
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>Also he will never have sex with you
good cus I wish he was my dad instead


i have never seen an operating system that doesn't have an epub reader you can get your hands on. I have read epubs on android, windows, linux, mac, etc.

In fact, I've even seen browser plugins for reading epubs.


since you're not guilty if you never get caught, the much darker implication is that the show teaches you to be a "smart" pedo.


the real issue with the show isn't the entrapment of the pedos and their exploitation for entertainment purposes. That's just the cherry on top. the real issue is that it fails to attack crime at its root cause as outlined in >>338268


A society that has pedos to catch has already failed.


And the root problem is infantization of teenagers making many of them bad at picking out relationships or even finding one and tthe psychological damage that you see once they are older. As for actual pedos it's not whether they are pedophilic or not it's whether someone regardless is a sociopath or lacks social skills to read people or not because that's the real cause.

File: 1669434689760.png (555.53 KB, 800x1264, ClipboardImage.png)


can you enjoy sonic and be a socialist

answer pls
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No you have to enjoy Knuckles


No, Sonic is Bourgeoisie, hes has his own band, movies and merchandise.


Based and Knuckles pilled.


Sonic and his buddies work with the American government in the sonic x show, Sonic is a class traitor that works for the CIA.


this looks horrifying, jesus. 90's cg, man

File: 1670099188897.jpg (145.43 KB, 1080x1068, 586822112336.jpg)


Hitler wanted to be Napoleon, Napoleon wanted to be Charlemagne, Charlemagne wanted to be Justinian, Justinian wanted to be Constantine, Constantine wanted to be Julius Caesar, Julius Caesar wanted to be Alexander, Alexander wanted to be Achilles and Achilles didn't exist.


This is deep


And yet Stirner was all of them because he wanted it.


Have you read Stirner's biography? He couldn't even be Stirner.


Where is Hercules in all this


Nah Hitler was emulating a character in a nationalist movie if I remember right.

File: 1670107510117.webm (1.87 MB, 460x460, chadimir.webm)


Just back from a 9-hour session arguing in the /Ukraine/ general. Today was a day well spent.
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>"Wars are good actually"
>war (ie the oppressed starting to fight back against their oppressors) is le bad
>shelling donetsk like sarajevo for 8 years is fine but a few missiles dropped on Kiev is le bad
>black people accepting being whipped under slavery is fine, but cutting the heads off all the frenchoids on haiti is le bad
>peasants accepting starvation is fine but giving the king the firing squad is le bad
>noooo you have to let the Nazis lock you inside a burning building, fighting back is bad!!!!!!!!
>nooo the Soviet Union should have surrendered to the Nazis and cooperated with the execution of Generalplan Ost! Because war is bad and uncool

>Funny how Russian state felt need to stop Ukrainian chauvinism only after Ukraine-EU treaty was signed.

No, because it began to manifest as a genocide after Donbass seceded.

>It absolutely, unambiguously, undisputably, factually, has not been.

Nationalism is communism. The basis of internationalism is nationalism. No nation, no international. Read 'Marxism and the National Question'. Also, here's Stalin in his response to Semich:
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File: 1670118579174.gif (76.91 KB, 224x112, tenor.gif)

>Nationalism is communism
It always feels good when someone says something so blatantly wrong and offensive it discredits anything else they might have to say, and you can just stop arguing with them and move on.


The book isn't even that long. But apparently decades of broadly cited and vindicated Marxist theory is wrong, Stalin is wrong, Mao was wrong, frogposter is right.




But you can't prove anything or argue. Also I thought you were leaving?

File: 1669928338119.png (2.24 MB, 1149x664, drinklife.png)


What does /siberia/ like to drink?
As youre resident drinker man I thought I'd make a thread about all the delicious cocktails I like and you can tell me about what cocktails you like too!

I'm currently at my favorite bar about to have a delicious peanut butter ketchup & honeymustard libation made by my fav bartender!
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same here, I stopped drinking over COVID, dont like drinking beer, even a single doesnt make me feel right the next day


My new thing is an old fashioned. Classic for a reason. If you can get a smoked one even better.


File: 1670113088656.png (2.32 MB, 1149x664, drinklifeoldfashioned.png)


Mmmmmm! Yum! I love me an old fashioned!


What is Lego Delbert Grady doing serving drinks to the dude from Cloud City?


File: 1670118333694.png (246.57 KB, 400x400, drinkpleased.png)


That's my favorite bartender, Robototron!

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would you have séx with the crystal.cafe femcel?
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>would you have séx with the crystal.cafe femcel?
I have the only terfoid I ever met IRL as "crazy lady" on my phone so probably not



So when exactly? I checked it a lil bit in 2016 and I don't remember anything like that then either. Idk. I guess I'll take your word for it.


does she deserve sex


>She looks like Moldbug
Its Ogre

File: 1670108518126.png (203.51 KB, 680x510, meme post ironic.png)


what is the meaning of life



really, that's all there is


To love God as your neighbor as you love yourself.



File: 1670112122726.png (346.03 KB, 500x500, succcccccccccccccc.png)

A succified loss image.

Remember succjak?


For posting these kind of edits, or clips from movies/shows/whatever with sad lonely vibe.
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>i always get precum all over my weenis
<Weenus (or weenis or wenis) is a slang word for the excess or loose skin at the joint of one's elbow, which is technically referred to as olecranal skin. Olecranal is an adjective used in medicine that means "of, belonging to, or relating to the olecranon." The olecranon is the process of the ulna (one of the bones in the forearm) projecting behind the elbow joint.
How do you keep getting precum on your elbow???


im esl but im sure you also didn't know that and just googled it


File: 1669934301001.png (47.92 KB, 1418x540, ClipboardImage.png)

Your usage was acceptable.


File: 1670097415853.mp4 (16.35 MB, 1382x1080, 121346464.mp4)


File: 1670108221692.mp4 (218.82 KB, 382x360, Blackpill Moment.mp4)

So anyway, do you guys have some youtube channel recommendations for contend dealing with loneliness/alienation? I mean in general, not just posting clips like these.

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