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I always go out of my way to compliment people cosplaying obscure characters, especially if they're nerdy-looking men.


Hello, I'm new here, this is my first thread, and I'm happy to meet all of you
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fake men dont work at hr


Haha, I certainly wouldn't hope so! The SWAT team is on enough overtime as it stands. ;)


I agree, I've never seen a fake man at an HR department - only REAL men!


File: 1700440606138.png (181.21 KB, 450x300, ClipboardImage.png)

so you is a wise guy eh…. you see we dont like wise guys around here


comfy pic
i have a thing for forlorn looking empty benches


How do you stay healthy when literally everything around you is manufactured by porkies to kill and maim you? There so many chemicals and additives in every food, the whole well is poisoned. Then when youre sick and dying porky profits off your health again by selling you drugs. All the research by scientists is bourgois pop science junk since theyre all on porky's budget fudging the numbers.

Not to mention even if somehow you had enough free time available to find the optimal healthiest diet known to man, you wouldnt be able to afford it or have enough time to cook it. Literally everything is designed to keep humans alive long enough to where they survive their most productive labor years (20-40) and then they spiral fast and die of heart problems or something else.
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So what subclass isnt part of an industry then?


>So what subclass isnt part of an industry then?
word salad. You're treating everyone participating in the industry as though they're the porks on top rather than focusing on the fact that there are porks on top. You have no purposed praxis that isn't reform or waiting until the political powers that be can strip it all away. Have a theoretical basis, a purposed praxis, and stop venting and pretending that's sufficient. At least be transparent about your venting.


its even worse than that. theres naturally concurring arsenic in groundwater, and we have added heavy metals and PFAS on top of that. Meaning that all grains and livestock are full of heavy metals. Afaik fruit and dicot seeds/nuts are not effected but all else is. everything you eat is full of stuff like lead cobalt arsenic and mercury


>[scientists are] about as much class traitors as cops are
Probably the most retarded thing I've read this month.


it's not possible to stay healthy for ever. you WILL die. It is possible to mitigate damage by being careful.


So this hero of the right is now defending bestiality. As if defending pedophilia wasnt enough.
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because muh feels


hes asking why the vegan argument is retarded not why moralists are


Great minds at work here.


>any of us read
The literate among us all left around the start of the Ukraine war because they started realizing arguing with retards on the internet is probably not their best use of their time.


This, just because he's propped up by one or two weird thinktank lolberts doesn't mean he's actually relevant. Vey good breakdown of all this freak is.

File: 1700418756773.png (722.51 KB, 1080x1110, ClipboardImage.png)


why is he like this?


It's paranoia over being victimized by black crime. Despite the fact that chinlets are usually middle-class suburbanites who almot never encounter black people in real life and black crime in highly concentrated in black communities, they think Blacks represent some sort of threat to him and his way of life.


Hello, /pol/.


Go back to /pol/


Chvddies when they see an unsucked BBC

File: 1700369105957.png (534.55 KB, 755x711, ClipboardImage.png)


I sat my neurotypical, bleeding heart blank slate social liberal ass and listened.
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It depends. There are cons who hate the corporations and government for the wrong reasons vs the libs who belive we basically live in the dream land as long as everyone would just submit to liberal social ideals.


Posters in this thread are case in point. Everything is os about liberal window dressing and not about the underlying structure of the economy.


Half the board is queer. The other half is into getting dommed by muscular ladies.
Report anti-queer shit and it will get deleted.


Absolutely not. The vast majority of communists in the west come from already progressive backgrounds. Not only that, the vast majority of supporters of communist causes (whatever it may be) are progressives. Like brah did you speak about Russia with your conservative uncle and decided that they're closer to leftists?


But you know though, I hate people who virtue signal about being woke and understanding of mental health and then you tell them you're behind on a project or you're late for work because of mental health and they get furious


redneck girlboss when she's not posting
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Thank you for this dose of optimism ^-^


very cool very cool
very >>465735 cool
very >>465620 cool
very cool very cool


File: 1699735175771.png (115.74 KB, 1262x601, loved.png)


why did the cat have sex?
family business


File: 1700246607319-0.png (6.46 MB, 1981x3053, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1700246607319-1.png (973.23 KB, 1280x720, Engels Stirner.png)

File: 1700246607319-2.png (1.73 MB, 907x1360, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1700246607319-3.png (206.95 KB, 555x400, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1700246607319-4.png (263.68 KB, 727x541, ClipboardImage.png)


>stirner died from a bugbite in a debtors' prison
>his real name was johann kasper schmidtt
>he was a schoolteacher
>the kids called him max "forehead" (stirner in german)
>he was definitely real… right?
>but there's no photos of him
>just a doodle engels made from memory 40 years later
>marx, engels and stirner were in the young hegelians together
>but marx never met stirner
>yet engels presented marx with stirner's book and marx went apeshit, writing the german ideology to refute it

was he even real?
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How can Stirner be real if real is a spook?


What would sakai do if stirner called him a spook?


What is the origin of this meme?
Does any academic uphold it?


Ey Engels…. he even really exist?


>What is the origin of this meme?
the fact that there's no photos of him

File: 1700349014533.jpg (224.9 KB, 1225x1035, Notch.jpg)


One of my irrational fears is becoming rich overnight and ending up like Notch, the guy who made Minecraft. And I don't mean his political views.

I'm talking about the loneliness. He became obscenely rich "overnight" and fucked up his ability to socialize forever. He can't relate to the vast majority of people in his "weight class" because the vast majority of them were wealthy for a good part of their lives already. Not to mention it's really a tiny group of people to socialize with. He can't relate to the poors either. At best, he could play the role of a benevolent king, but the wealth gap would be too great to really get close to any poors. He could MAYBE go "undercover" and pretend to not be rich, but the moment the poors found out he was rich, the dynamic would change entirely.

The man is living a curse disguised as a blessing.
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I make enough money to do all those things in abundance and I'm still fucking miserable. Other prople also make me miserable. There is no release.


Fun fact: it was the most expensive house in Beverly Hills at the time
Of course the idiot went and bought the most pricey place in Hollywood, that's what you do when you're rich right?


I always wonder what the point is of buying shit like a metric ton of candy if you have no one to share it with. At least cars and clothes you can show off to people if that’s your thing.


one of my irrational fears is that my lust for power will get to me and i commit an action that dedicates towards building my own power


File: 1700421226861.png (1013.09 KB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_20231119-141235.png)

I never said I wasn't a pussy.
Basically img related (Africa has Hyenas), and Australia – I'm just not afraid since I don't live there, and there's little reason to go there

File: 1700347105136-0.jpeg (341.97 KB, 828x904, IMG_0574.jpeg)

File: 1700347105136-1.jpeg (251 KB, 828x639, IMG_0575.jpeg)

File: 1700347105136-2.jpeg (183.8 KB, 828x623, IMG_0576.jpeg)

File: 1700347105136-3.jpeg (160.95 KB, 828x524, IMG_0577.jpeg)


Jesus so many for such little quality
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File: 1700384132399-1.jpg (253.51 KB, 1000x1266, dpc_0356.jpg)

Yeah dude, only Indians have slums, White America obviously never have slums and overcrowded housing


What's the problem?
Well they don't have them now so stfu.


what else but yakubian malice


>Well they don't have them now so stfu.
We most certainly have slums, and the only reason we don't have more over crowded housing is because we just make those people sleep on the streets.


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