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File: 1638335385077.png (390.91 KB, 415x374, ClipboardImage.png)

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A peaceful thread w no sexual content in it.
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Hmmm, I don't think so, it clearly says "and she can do it all night"
It's not clear what they meant by that :)




File: 1641443821115.gif (178.06 KB, 200x185, a1e.gif)

bump for nice thread


i liek aminal


you can add ur own music in somehow :0

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they made Sabinyak real
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yeah i had that phase too
i guess i'll see you at pride then;


>I like lenin but want a tradwife but also want to be sissified
<When you swallow every meme pill at once


I can't process that image.


Damn, I missed it



hola, qué pasó con este hilo?

File: 1634008562502.png (1.41 MB, 750x1113, ClipboardImage.png)

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October is the month of le /pol/ face, why is no one celebrating?
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le bump


File: 1639620408214.png (713.54 KB, 636x484, 1626301168377.png)





but it's right

File: 1639236280017.jpg (247.58 KB, 941x1004, foto_ziv.jpg)


>there is a man called chinletjak and he looks like this
You cant make this shit up
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Thanks for bumping the thread, THO


Why didn't you post this in the October poljak thread?


NTA but it's December


OK, then I wish Mr. Martin Chydjak a Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays.


Bump for Martin

File: 1641428142965.png (321.98 KB, 750x593, wat sex is baby.png)


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there are plenty of normal people that use imageboards


File: 1641440909058.png (313.09 KB, 490x333, projecting.png)

>Yes. I'm assuming your mother was a whore or your father called her that for you to turn out as a misogynist.


Sorry tr00n life can still suck for 99.95% of people who are okay with being their sex.


no no anon

imageboards are le cool and special place where people talk and hangout but also isn't another social media

i'm totally special and cool and nobody is like me! but i wonder why i feel so alienated for some reason
must be those stupid normies doing that to me


File: 1641441953624.jpg (33.24 KB, 500x500, pancake.jpg)

File: 1641403784491.png (6.24 KB, 225x225, ClipboardImage.png)


2 girls were near me and talking about wanting boyfriends by next year and I just immediately felt uncomfortable scared shitless and walked as fast as I could away from there out of fear they would talk to me because I’m scared of having to interact with others and scared of talking about relationships especially with women as I’m a KHV. Siberia bros please make me feel better with complements or something because that events still on my mind after trying to forget it for hours with vidya. It’s all I need rn
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you'll never turn this board into /leftcel/


Dude this board has been filled with losers since 2014 when this site was in its early days as an alternative to pol.


reddit soy

what is a loser?
for all you know OP could be a maoist guerilla commander with 30+ confirmed kills, but he just struggles with the female types.


drink, masturbate (more than once), eat a ton (just this one time, I'm not saying get fat(er)).


>2 girls were near me and talking about wanting boyfriends by next year

I would've clumsily fell into that one and jokingly declared myself at the very least

It's like I'm a man starving of thirst watching you people drown in water

I want to get vaxxed so fast and go out

Like I'd get you'd be nervous, but I would do but I would the aderialine to propel myself to do embarrassing things

You need to master that, just like a video game

Okay I'll help ya forget?
What are you thoughts on Marisa TOMEI no longer being in the MCU?
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Here we give advice on seduction and how to give cute socialist girls multiple orgasms, am I right fellas


You'll never turn this board into /leftcel/


You clearly didn't read the title and OP. We are turning this into /leftsex/


>Have giant dong
>Have tons of experience going back to your teen years because you are and were phenotypically correct
>Have giant wallet

ez pz lemon squeezee


Learn to use your tongue and finger

File: 1641209248900.mp4 (40.1 MB, 942x720, notime.mp4)


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heard it first here folks




I'm gonna cum


M83 makes me wanna cum



File: 1641415815134.jpg (184.06 KB, 1080x1080, zillakami.jpg)


i think i speak for the whole leftypol.org userbase when i say we need a mod that's cummed hands free from a buttplug
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it uses a pistol mag that's why it's so small


That’s reasonable but everything else is shit
>no uniforms present that blend in with a urban/non urban environment or provide protection against bullets with
>no other visible weapons available not even a simple bomb
>no signs of physical or mental fitness to even be in combat
>no indications that he even has support from other people
This faggot wouldn’t be hired by anyone to be a criminal, he’s too much of a loser


he's just a rapper doing a photoshoot tbf lol


Huh I forgot hip hop and rap were still things
I’m so used to seeing only guerrillas and organized armed groups like salafist militants, drug cartels, PMCs etc in media I forgot those dudes existed


Bro thought Zillakami was a militant

File: 1641237523774-0.jpg (104.75 KB, 1080x1075, BogKing.jpg)


>Released from their flesh prisons, the Bogdanoffs have ascended to their true home: the blockchain.
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Blocked my VPN from even browsing.


He looks cgi


You are correct.



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