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File: 1630948890590.png (14.94 KB, 200x200, willjak.png)


You WILL be ironic

You WILL be "self-aware"

You WILL NOT have fun

You WILL NOT take pleasure from the things that interest you

You WILL NOT make any statement not immediately precluded by its own renunciation

You WILL be based

You WILL NOT be cringe


But..But…anon, that's the way they think on 4chin so it must be le ebin based may-may, right??


*shits uncontrollably*


>liking Rick and Morty when the fanbase is cringe




File: 1630956792865.jpeg (194.59 KB, 1402x736, XRA chad.jpeg)

Take the XRA pill

File: 1630953026957.jpg (118.36 KB, 632x600, yahweh_coin.jpg)


One chapter he's like "O beautiful trad virgin waifu of Jersusalem, I will never give you up" and the next he's like "YOU FUCKING SLUT, YOU FUCKING WHORE, I WILL DESTROY YOU OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH."
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No, but Eve was trans.




She was originally a man.


You are right, I guess it is correct to call her trans


So, Yahweh worshippers are incels.

File: 1630925550558.png (27.87 KB, 474x638, a.png)


Does porn impact ones brain or is it just a right wing spook. Personally I can't get black cock and the idea of becoming a woman out of my head so I really hope porn is actually problematic and by ending it I will recover. If porn isn't harmful and its a rightist conspiracy what lead to the conspiracy?(read falseflag rule)
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>Personally I can't get black cock and the idea of becoming a woman out of my head
You got memed on by internet neo-nazis. Stop browsing 4chan.


what happened here?


What is the falseflag rule the jannies are referring to? Where can I read it? I imagine it probably has to do with if you act like a falseflagging /pol/fag you risk getting banned or some shit like that no?


Mods = Gods


https://leftypol.org/rules.html see 5.1.
I don't think it should apply to /b/ though.

File: 1624287274106-0.webm (3.42 MB, 364x270, 1620675114690.webm)

File: 1624287274106-1.mp4 (730.78 KB, 720x876, 1306118081350176768.mp4)

File: 1624287274106-2.webm (4.27 MB, 720x822, 12013425172.webm)

File: 1624287274106-3.mp4 (2.5 MB, 854x480, 1619542100525.mp4)

File: 1624287274106-4.webm (2.93 MB, 346x274, 1608525691601-0.webm)


post random shit
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File: 1630944915314.png (785.77 KB, 1009x578, u know the one.PNG)

Anyone has that version of pic related which plays Soviet anthem rock version in the background?


File: 1630946523914.webm (3.66 MB, 640x360, Deserved It.webm)


Thank you, comrade.


File: 1630391678421.png (114.38 KB, 361x856, 1630362941427.png)


> 52 users in the programming chat
< 2 daily posts on >>>/tech/
What went wrong?
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is there a new one or something?


i swear if that chat's active while the thread's withering on the vine then
well, that's just no good at all.


dw it's not active at all


I joined to lurk and read what people smarter than me have to say so I may learn from them, hence why I don't post.


Another nail in this site's coffin: >>>/edu/6989

File: 1630793220540-1.jpg (38.06 KB, 623x623, mayo.jpg)


>site called "leftist politically incorrect"
>you can say uyghur, uyghur, jew, jewish nigger, kike, chink, autist, retard, transhumanist, faggot, and so on so forth and any combination thereof
>but you can't say CUMSKIN
so this is that white fragility I've heard so much about…
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I said that the Northern Irish should decide what country they want to be in (including the Unionists), if more people say they want to join the Republic then obviously they should. However I feel it's unjust to just say that Unionists should be forced to join the Republic when there are still more Unionists than Republicans (as far as I'm aware).

Also, my political views have little to nothing to do with whether I'm a bad mod, do I ban people for wanting a united Ireland? No, so what does it matter.


Where is the proofs???


You just deleted a comment saying you posted cub porn lmao


And you just deleted another one hahahahaa



Moved to >>>/meta/11484.

File: 1630936842764.jpg (1002.75 KB, 2898x2898, back.jpg)


are there any orgs which praise male celibacy and oppose condoms?
did the red guards of mao shun anti-conception?
i like the general idea of socialist militancy but i refuse to take part in a system of casting the Seed upon the ground.
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this is one of the most straight up insane questions I've ever seen on the internet. I am not going to dignify it.


The fuck you talking about?


>the reason to fight capitalism is that the upper class teens go to nightclubs
>if rich people were chaste,the poors and proles would Have to bow to them.
Please tell us more anon.


Could you indicate how you came about this knowledge?


schizo thread


Yep. This is real
Dark Enlightment crowd and Israel will be together


NRx was never anti-semitic, quite the contrary: Nick Land once called transgender people the "Jews of gender" because they tend to be more intelligent than the average dude. Moldbug is a Jew too.
I have never seen them talk about Israel, but I wouldn't be surprised if NRx is Zionist.


I forgot to say that Nick Land's wife, Anna Greenspan, is also Jewish.

File: 1630933929252.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 8.21 MB, 1888x1080, Cao ni ma.mp4)


>you are now a Chinese spy who was about to assassinate a taiwanese billionaire, but his three bodyguards have caught you inside the mansion, what do?


*shits uncontrollably*


Tactically urinate to cover my escape.


Ask them where their parents are.

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