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File: 1669142476264.jpg (35.25 KB, 400x387, 1613462844833.jpg)


Marx having a gamer moment when remembering Lassalle unironically set socialism back at least 100 years.

File: 1669130228036.png (53.95 KB, 672x868, ClipboardImage.png)


The air quality makes pooloids fash
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File: 1669131816650.png (113.92 KB, 727x1015, polshinji2.png)

god i fucking hate p*lish """people""" so much. they're right behind anglos on the gulag list. every politician is a massive cuck to the eu and the usa and most of them are horrible reactionaries in terms of even domestic policy. the public consensus is so warped that if you're not a bloodthirsty natoid lib wanting war with putin you're either not taken seriously or called a russian saboteur. the communist party is full of dinosaurs, the other one is larpers, and the "socialist" socdem party is full of anti-communist neolibs so despite being the largest and the most viable, it's fucking shit. putler pls invade and fucking murder everyone in this shithole


Why were the Anglos so pissed about Poles moving to their shitty rainy island when they seem to be two sides of the same coin?


they're butthurt subhumans seething about muh jobs being stolen while relying on immigrant labor to do what no anglo wants to do for low pay. it's part of the reason why they got fucked so hard by brexit


Weren't their banking class based in the City of London like Boris Johnson pro-Brexit though?


Brexit was divided among factions of the Bourg,
finance I remember was more against Brexit because the City was worried about losing importance to Paris and Frankfurt

File: 1669135231849.jpg (456.29 KB, 1200x1484, Robespierre.jpg)


Is it okay to murder loads of people to uphold liberalism?



though itdid play a progressive role in history


if your alternative is louis' faggotry you absolutely should do so

File: 1669055158843.jpg (4.6 KB, 233x216, squidwad.jpg)


Anyone else notice there are more people complaining about woke shit these days than there is actual woke shit going on?
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>twitter bad


File: 1669107636058.mp4 (8.39 MB, 720x720, Bipartisanship.mp4)



so? everything you quoted was a reasonable criticism expressed in a calm manner. many people will feel this way while playing the games they like, for example, after becoming a leftist and reading a bit of theory, lib ideology in video games makes me cringe, even if i'm enjoying the game itself
it's nowhere near as annoying as /v/shitters turning threads into their schizo rants against muh uyghurs muh transhumanists muh women in vidya or making videos to generate outrage about inane bullshit like the re3 protag wearing shorts so they can't peek under her skirt during some crawling scene or whatever and saying that this is the downfall of civilization
glad i wasn't there during that time, because i would have something to miss on /v/. the pokemon threads there are filled with retards ranting about rapping uyghur grandma destroying their pokemon instead of critiquing it for running at 20 fps and being the same consoom nostalgiabait garbage as all switch gen pokemon games


Well there's been lots and lots of threads and derails related to woke stuff. I don't know about the midterms, not american, but could be related




As a millenialboo this one kinda stung. I'm guessing by the rate at which celebs from our age are dying/becoming outdated we have about 5 years left of relevance before the zoomers eclipse us completely
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File: 1669076071312.jpg (501.08 KB, 1572x1289, trotsky adam.jpg)


me on the left


> I'm guessing by the rate at which celebs from our age are dying/becoming outdated we have about 5 years left of relevance

We didn't have 5 years left five years ago dumbass.
Do something better.


Bruh, theres boomer/Gen X celebs still alive and kicking.
You millennials arent even fifty yet.


the difference is that the boomers had the economic resources to shill for their interests for decades while millennials got assfucked by 2008 and put six feet under by 2020

File: 1667784962798.gif (152.5 KB, 341x255, 1631695971191.gif)


Down with toxic self help. I despise it when someone is depressed and as advice toxic self helpers say to, I don't know, quit playing video games and start going to the gym instead. This is not the right thing to say since you're shaming someone for doing something completely fine. Some video games are real art! Also gyms are only for aesthetics, which is fine if thats what you like but society shouldn't pressure people to go like it will somehow help them in a real way. Instead of telling people to quit video games and go to the gym, tell people to attend self defense classes whilst still playing video games. This is positive, non toxic self help. Play video games, read an artillery textbook, watch anime, go running, go to protests, do your autism hobbies and so on rather than quit doing harmless things you enjoy and start doing socially acceptable things. Its all about shaming people for doing 'nerdy' things even if they are fit and do lots of stuff. This is at its worst when people act like having sex will make you morally superior. Don't try to have sex with a random person because it won't be special. In fact being a virgin is a good thing and sometimes I wish I was one. Revolutionary celibacy should be praised unironically, sex implicitly creates power dynamics, especially if you are the bottom since it makes you feel like property. Telling someone to take their meds is just holding up the lobotomy industry and also legal slavery / incarceration of neurodivergent people (malthusianism). Jog everywhere since if shit goes down you will have to anyway and you should get the practice in, start with 5 miles with breaks (which is good enough) and eventually you will be able to do much longer than that without breaks. Stop supporting gender and be the vanguard of gender abolition. If you can't do all of this thats fine since everyone does bad things and that's human.

Do not listen to the toxic self helpers who would lose in a fight against anyone since all they have is muscles and 'friends' who they go to the nightclub with instead of the knowledge of how to use firearms and comrades. Instead of gym culture we should unashamedly enjoy anime, video games, my little pony, young adult fiction, epic poetry etc. Fuck the gym and go into the woods and do training exercises (larp) as a revolutionary for a bit or start martial arts and you'll develop your muscles naturally without need for steroids or toxic alcohol rape clubbing culture. I've started goingPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Because it leads to destruction of property and it sets toxic expectations for playing ballsports and punk.


So true. Clean up your room, also let me tell you about the trans people.


Self help is extremely toxic. It distracts you from the need to wrestle with yourself and the world around you by hypnotizing you into this mind-numbing, self reinforcing trance.
Why waste time confronting the inequal and exploitative nature of capital, when you can waste mama's retirement fund on crypto to reach that sigma male grindset? Why waste time confronting the rapidly changing sexual dynamics caused by urbanization and rising living costs when you can instead enroll in Hustler's University to ascend and get bitches? Just go to the gym, hit those reps and hope that the ennui of alienation will get drowned out by adrenaline.

Of course, this is not to say that self help is not helpful. A lot of people do need to hit gyms and finish those reps. A lot of people would benefit from not playing vidya as much and touching grass.
But the truth is that self help is by and large not designed around actually helping you. Most self help are, at best the heroin of the masses and the sigh of the alienate creature, and at worst a form of rat race to pursue the idealized lack.

So OP next time someone says to you that you need to stop playing vidya and start hitting the gym, ask yourself: is the problem really with your health? Will you benefit materially from having a fit and toned body? If not, then maybe the problem is deeper than just video games. And substituting one mind-numbing habit(games) with the another(gymcelling) won't help.


why is it that people who always love to give advice (like Jordan Peterson) are the least qualified to give it?


no idea, ask Sage in his self-help thread.

File: 1668864325304.png (697.56 KB, 1024x1024, ClipboardImage.png)


Drink from coops! Starbucks isn't real coffee.
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"This was made by commune farmers in Mexico being oppressed by big corpo".

Honestly, I think Alex Jones couldve been a communist pundit had he done a lot more research into liberalism vs socialism and wasnt such a wilkfully ignorant "patriot."

But then again, I heard he was a shill that was to replace Milton Cooper.


alex jones wanted to make money and shill his audience into consooming his anti-soy pills first and foremost rather than be a pundit. to this end, spreading petty boug lies, conspiracy theories, adventurist apocalypse survival advice and anti-minority/worker agitprop works better


Cotton candy bang energy and red bull are the caffeine for real proles


Yep. He also attacks any political brethren that gets more traction.
He went after Glen Beck and Ben Shapiro.
He even at one point was attacking Jordan Peterson.
And his curent annoyance is Q.


Theres a conspiracy theory going around saying hes actually Bull Hicks.


The only reason whit*ids didn't genocide every BIPOC in the world

File: 1669032012278.jpg (6.83 KB, 250x76, pickle lysenko.jpg)


would turning himself into a gherkin have prevented the famines?


File: 1669120680093.jpg (59.23 KB, 908x888, boyjak.jpg)

>"uhmmm today i will post coal on siberia. oh oh oh delightfully devilish boyjak!"

File: 1668961094780.png (287.57 KB, 592x815, ClipboardImage.png)


>2,000,000 riyals have been deposited in your account
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i think i should get the fuck out of europe to be honest, i don't think our political superstructure will be able to realize that being the usa's lapdog and unrestrained neoliberalism isn't a viable strategy unless a literal apocalypse happened before their eyes


Burger anthem


File: 1669106392884.png (Spoiler Image, 1.23 MB, 2058x2603, 1653134325724.png)

>growth of girls


File: 1669118861030.png (324.55 KB, 576x543, ClipboardImage.png)

Latam bros why does Jesus hate us?



I never said that you weirdo

What I said is that westoid hypocritical sperg out over Qatar is just anti-Arab racism at its peak, not any genuine concern for migrant workers (westoid defend the use of live ammunition against refugees in Europe and justified Greece's actions against them)

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