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Forgotten regime icon

File: 1712164437532.webm (3.7 MB, 720x406, 1712164282489923.webm)


How do you imagine your last moments?
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Schizo lib who fell for the propaganda of the deed meme.


>How do you imagine your last moments?

Like this


File: 1712194462649.png (132.97 KB, 500x501, 2180f5794cba99d0.png)

>How do you imagine your last moments?


Getting bashed by a pig probably

File: 1712188059554.png (276.69 KB, 680x433, ClipboardImage.png)


Well? Anyone got any tips?


File: 1712188756972.png (717.19 KB, 1600x1326, ClipboardImage.png)

Does anyone actually have India's back around there?


Beseech that idiot to reconsider.
Remember what happened to Hitler?




the hammer and sickle looks kinda shitty, like the shining path one


File: 1712183708741.png (530.3 KB, 928x645, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1712173456834.png (16.99 KB, 500x500, WikipediaNSFW.png)


If any anons want to make requests: >>>/draw/4336


Tiny boobs anarchist cat girl suffocating anon with her pussy.


Go to the thread on /draw/ to request.


azovchan grace and alunya gangbang


>all those requests
lmao hope you do them all anon, no pressure


>Tiny boobs anarchist cat girl
So… Alunya?

File: 1711899876351.jpg (48.94 KB, 424x500, eioyouteuwtiey.jpg)


These days right wing terrorism is relatively common but does it actually do anything good for them? Personally I think it just makes them look unhinged and unites people against them. Did all these guys just ruin their lives for nothing? If anything it's probably a net negative for fascist movements as a whole. For reference I'm talking about like anders breivik, brenton tarrant, etc.
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"Terrorism" is a psyop buzzword like "conspiracy theorist". I can't speak for other nations, but in the USA, the entire idea of the 2nd amendment was that government officials ought to be afraid of offending the populace. The entire idea of the word "terrorist" is that it is someone who tries to control others through fear. By definition, a 2A-advocating patriot is a terrorist.

Somebody else said it before me: One man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist.


"Terrorism" actually comes from the revolutionary terror of the french revolution.


>Did all these guys just ruin their lives for nothing?
What life? Being a normie slave?
Its better to go out in a blaze of glory


>Personally I think it just makes them look unhinged and unites people against them.
they always lie and say it was the left, and the media is on their side


Its been counter productive absolutely. Most zealous members end up in prison and masses are horrified about the attacks.

File: 1712022020532-0.jpg (211.22 KB, 1179x1866, 20240401_213925.jpg)

File: 1712022020532-1.jpg (200.66 KB, 1179x2145, 20240401_213928.jpg)

File: 1712022020532-2.jpg (206.77 KB, 1179x1294, 20240401_213930.jpg)


actually existing birth strike in south korea???
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As previously mentioned, 4B movement is literally irrelevant and only has news coverage to fuel reactionarism. However, South Korea imploding is a good thing, even the DPRK has given up on reuniting. I'm sorry for all comrades in SK but it's never been more over, defect from this shithole if or while you can.


We need this to happen in the entire world.


Who cares? Nobody would be left to be bothered about it.


You don't have to "go extinct". Birth strike tactics are useful so long as they raise the price of labor power to more closely match the real value contributed by it to the commodities. For example when the black plague killed off half of Europe, artisans were able to demand much higher wages afterwards. King Edward in England tried to freeze artisan's wages at their pre-pandemic levels but it didn't work. Labor power was just too scarce to underpay. People could demand what they wanted even without being particularly organized.


Except when large numbers of working age people were dead after World War 2 Europe just invited in Turkish workers creating the Turkish diaspora in Germany and the Netherlands


Spine go ow

File: 1712028826356.png (490.91 KB, 540x679, ClipboardImage.png)


Took the plunge bros…..norwood reaper got us hook line and sinker.
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Fuck that, if and when it falls out I'm keeping the pony tail. If you where shades and a suit with a balding pony tail you look like a killer, I could use that energy sometimes.


Fin gave me ED. Dropped it and now I lost more hair within one year than in the 5 years before that. it's over


You are not getting sex either way you might as well keep the hair


Bro was already THAT bald at like 21 🤣💀💀


I literally have a gf tho

File: 1712144979829.jpg (507.8 KB, 1450x1249, com_goon.jpg)


What is your take on communal gooning group sessions?
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The porky fears the communal indoor gooner.


Is degrading half of the working class and consuming brain rot communist? No, it's not communist but it's "leftist".


the gooning question is usually left unanswered by scholarship on israel and palestine


File: 1712158676407.jpg (120.98 KB, 660x1000, 1585082481541-b.jpg)

I had sex twice yesterday, and I'm very obviously in better mental health than all of you. Get into contraception nerds.


gooning is in tension with cumming inside. only the latter can effect a "revenge from the cradle". therefore gooning is progressive in the imperial core, but regressive outside it

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