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File: 1683892915340.png (569.05 KB, 1451x737, leftymap.png)


drew this imageboard a map


Why is draw in two places




Let's go, mein faggotinoes
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good shit

man, I hated this game, yet I played it over and over again. I only had the demo version and the game controls sucked, but I was a kid and a sucker for LE ROBOTS

As for fighting games: Mortal Kombat 1 > anything


eine kleine americane


File: 1683953868289.gif (51.97 KB, 220x220, banana-dance.gif)


if you haven't killed robot Hitler as a kid you are no comrade of mine


File: 1683954518983.png (287.26 KB, 887x588, 1.png)


please be nice to eachother this time.
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File: 1682647482706-0.jpg (874.94 KB, 1080x1350, r29261682647735.jpg)


>Hegel's logic
pseud shit


File: 1682688312791.png (255.7 KB, 899x528, 1681895111039075.png)

supply and demand at its finest


File: 1682766293996.jpg (504.64 KB, 1200x1500, ccgeo12ieg991.jpg)



So many of the images are chicks that give off the impression that they're bottoms, which makes the text jarring.

Like the girl in the second image from >>4003007 .
You can tell she's asking to be railed, even without knowing german, I can easily tell it doesn't fit.

File: 1683904449040.png (82.36 KB, 936x152, ClipboardImage.png)


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It doesn't expire right? $20 is pretty reasonable to never have to fill out a stupid fucking captcha again


Oh nvm it's annual. Eh…a little pricey actually, no wonder most people don't do it


imagine paying money for 4chan


same energy as buying stonetoss's NFT's because they trigger le commies or buying raid shadow legends through black pigeon speaks


nobody buys 4chan pass to spite other people though

File: 1683918803471.jpg (15.32 KB, 360x202, Zorak_large.jpg)


Why is that liberals seem to just throw out all of the crimes (real or imagined) at the responsibility of communism as a whole and yet all the crimes of capitalism has been partitioned to specific regimes and that their version of capitalism is somehow the most pure version of it. It is just exceedingly tiring to listen to. Is it just because capitalism kills off the people who the people who say that shit as people who aren't even human? While the communist terror actually did at the very least harm them? I just don't know how you would be able to talk to someone who said "WELL YOUR LEADERS ARE ALL AUTHORITARIANS" outside of saying "Yeah so the fuck what liberal democracy is a shame" but that just doesn't really convince anyone of anything and yet you also come off as defensive if you actually try to counter their points. They just have all the rhetorical advantage here because the extraverted thinking (in the jungian sense) is all on their side of the court and thus all "objective" sense of reasoning is theirs to control despite all the market failures and genocides that capitalists do and the ones that social democrats (in the west at least) are complacent with.
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What about frenemies tho?



Posting on leftypol gets you strange bedfellows too yet nobody's ever quoted me on that

File: 1681980029217.png (5.32 MB, 2039x2894, ★コピペ.png)


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Dam, now I feel bad for making fun of him being a furry


> if kirt helps it'll be back by 6/6. otherwise, 6/31
current status according to copypaste on the temporary irc


File: 1683913642411.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 5.34 MB, 320x674, Kirtaner_-3Hr6rC4AOVuE4V7Y.mp4)

Then it's my duty to post Kirtaner cringe. Be careful when dealing with such material, headphones users.



Actually, Kirtaner's probably too busy Glowing like the rest of Nu-Anonymous.

File: 1683131554346.png (3.78 KB, 182x217, Nepeta_Leijon(1).png)


4chan removes Homestuck content even from their off topic board /trash/ because aids jannies so I'll give it a shot here
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>14 on the guy's shirt
crazy coincidence lol
funny how hussie is dried up and toby fox not only disowned him, but outperformed him in every single way


Andrew? Andrew Hussie, is that you?
Andrew, I can't and won't make this any simpler for you.
You failed at life. You failed. When one thinks of what man is capable of, pushing himself to the limits physically, mentally and emotionally to achieve heights of success never before mentioned, your name will not be whispered in the same, reverent fashion that others have.
Nobody will remember Andrew Hussie. You aren't even a header or a footer in the career of someone else. You are nobody. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.
In short, you are an enormous failure.
Andrew, being that you're probably over 40 years old and your brain has probably hard-wired itself to accept such failures by now and write off such criticism by being "flippant", really suggests that you've passed beyond the proverbial breaking-point. There's no turning back. This is your career, this is what defines you and this is what you'll defend to the end.
The abhorrent failures that are Homestuck, Hiveswap, Psycholonials, Andrew Hussie, they are your legacy.
Maybe I'm over-reaching, however. Who knows? People CAN change. Maybe you'll read this, Andrew, and think long and hard about what a wasteful life you've led. Maybe you'll think, "wow. It's incredible just how abysmal and pathetic I really AM!" Maybe you'll lift some weights in the morning. Maybe you'll take a self-help class.
Maybe in a couple of years, Andrew, you'll have learned from this failure. I doubt it, though.
I genuinely doubt it.
Now excuse me, I have to work on Deltarune. My accountant estimates over sixty million dollars in sales.



i never get tired of this copypasta


File: 1683914681143.jpg (50.56 KB, 1309x1546, Tumblr_l_169557157606932.jpg)

File: 1683887200779.png (418.49 KB, 810x541, ClipboardImage.png)


>don't worry Assad, I have the perfect plan.
>It's called sit around, vibe, and do nothing. nukes?, screw that, im not kim jong un


>Noooooo… what're you doing with that bayone-ACK!


Bitch deserved it for helping coup Sankara.

File: 1683907654261.jpg (204.94 KB, 827x1163, darling۰۴۱۵.jpg)


>approaches you
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File: 1683909601740.jpg (80.63 KB, 600x678, darling۰۹۹۱.jpg)

nice try


File: 1683909910039.png (2.49 KB, 267x189, commie pirates.png)

you're wasting your time Persian zero
I will not fall under torture


*rips a big wet smelly one*


File: 1683911542943.png (163.75 KB, 271x259, paws in the air.PNG)


you will bend, eventually


how do I cure my weebism?


You permanently have shit taste.


File: 1683912907457.gif (9.53 MB, 874x950, anime dance.gif)

Why fix what's not broken?


youre already cured if you use normalfag terms

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