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Do you see yourself when you masturbate?
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Probably when I started going to the gym. Lifting weights or doing any exercise will get you very in tune with seeing what you have got. I guess i look when i have trouble picturing myself fully as well. But its not like its a problem it just takes less effort to look at a mirror than to remember every detail.


checking out right after exercise is very dangerous, people straight up look 20-50% hotter
if only there was a way to continue that hotness throughout the day…

thinking of an idea, micro dosing on exercise throughout the day to look hot
just doing little jumps and pushups every 10 mins


I never had an out-of-body experience. Is it common while touching yourself? But sometimes I just completely snap out of the fantasy and experience only the mechanical motions of it, that's pretty strange.


Kind of, I also make myself hard when I am naked in front of a mirror. I don't know why but I'm sure there's some psychological explanation.


Bro this isn't about like that kind of thing or astral projecting

It's like the literally diffculty to imagine yourself because we don't really know how we look in 3d form, you know?

like you can imagine another person but you don't really know how you look like fucking from a 3rd person point of view? get it? like how does my ass look from that perspective? when i'm boning a woman?

It's' the literal difficult with that, I want to imagine myself in every angle while fucking, like a movie
POV style, 3rd person, just every crazy corner and angle and I have difficult with the 3rd person

My thinking is that we're not really naked apart from the shower so it gets us excited, Like exhibitionism or something like that
I'm sure people who start going nudist stay rockhard for a while


All the jobs are soul sucking shit where you have to lie to your fellow man

Under capitalism, Jobs don't exist for a meaningful purpose to help your community and to keep existence going happily

It's all about commodity, it's production, its sale, everything is based and shaped upon consooming and not use value
It's all just so tiresome, That's why people feel like sellouts

It wouldn't be too far to say that a garbageman feels more proud and accomplished of his work than most of us
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>why people hate working nowadays
As if they didnt hate working since the industrial revolution when children worked 14 hours a day in factories?


baby's first exposure to alienation


Oh hi, this must be your first time here.



>reads about a bitch ass writer writing a novel about how hard it is to sit on his ass and type a few keystrokes.
>finally understand why people don't like working.

File: 1641192400332.jpeg (113.73 KB, 1400x1080, sam.jpeg)


has there ever been a point where you've wanted to shoot someone at work, tell us your stories anons
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Huh? I was assuming the guy I was replying to just lives with his parents, because he refuses to work. So they can't support him forever.


clients and customers I want to kill all of them


How is that a retort?
I know that, that's why I resent having to wageslave like them

You are only proving that wageslaving MUST be done to live or else there isn't anything good about it.

Work or starve, this is why I'm asking how to cope with wageslaving

Man, I think we can all agree that wageslavery is more awful than not having to do it

The only reason most of us want to do it is because of the society that forces us too

I'm gonna have to do it too, so if you have any tips other than the sordid reminder that if I don't I will starve, pls do tell


i found out my boss was rescinding my internal applications for other jobs within the company and telling people i was off-limits for transfers, so i started going around her to apply. finally thought i escaped to another department and she walks into the middle of a training i was in and writes me up for something that happened months ago and says i have to stay in her department for at least another 3 months due to the write up. HR wouldn't do anything so i quit later that day

at another job at a grocery store a coworker tried to rob someone while he was in the store's parking lot rounding up shopping carts and wearing his nametag. i didn't want to shoot him because i hated him but because he is far too stupid to be alive


What the fuck


I feel like I can never be myself around others. All my life I've had different groups of friends for different versions of "me". And most of the time it works, until politics come up and you want to strangle everyone in the room. But politics was never much of an issue until my own political awakening, and I suppose, the political-cultural division of society coming to the forefront.

Recently a friend gifted me fbi.gov Nitro, and I was happy to customize my profile, until I realized I can't actually write much of anything in my profile without offending someone. I am in various servers, of various political and cultural leanings, the members which would hate the different "mes" they don't know about. This is when the realization of my situation hit me, I am a prisoner of social relationships. I live in fear of judgment 24/7, I have no control over my personal life, I'm stuck in my shell. Were I to come out of my shell, I would quickly realize that I had made a grave error and that my previous living arrangement was no coincidence, as the bullying I experienced can attest to that.

But it's not just about the politics and the culture. The issue for me runs deeper than that. I grew up in a home with rare instances of domestic violence. If I was a normal person I would look to distance myself from my family. But I don't have the guts to do it. My father injured and assaulted my mother, my mother was violent towards me; in some sense I hate them, yet I cannot bring myself to do anything about it because their presence gives me some sort of peace of mind. If I were ever to have a problem, at least they would be there, even if only to listen to me weep. So I pretend there's nothing wrong, I pretend the domestic violence never happened. I will never forget the fear I felt as a child the first time I saw my father launch himself at my mother, it almost makes me want to cry and I'm not a person prone to crying.

From all this you would think that I am a very conflict-averse person. But I have in fact butted heads with people multiple times. These conflicts however have always been between either internet strangers or people who were hostile to me. That's interesting isn't it? I don't care about offending someone if they're a stranger or have offended me, but when I get to know them my personality does a 180 degree switch. And why is that I don't know.

Two inb4 things to address.
>"Just don't talk aboutPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1641346035990.jpg (9.17 KB, 310x163, hermit.jpg)

Take the hermit pill anon and you will be able to be yourself.


>he didn't create three different accounts for his vaguely similar personalities
Skill issue


stop being a liberal snowflake and be more honest, thats my advice
unironically stop caring what other people think


File: 1641352951746.jpg (271.51 KB, 1920x1200, 32-323234_chameleon-eye.jpg)

>unironically stop caring what other people think
This is the real liberalism, the belief that individualism is anything but a myth. Every person who has ever uttered this sentence is out of their element, or rather, is displaying what is popularly known as "do as I say, not as I do".

The lizard brain knows. Emphasizing your difference is the fastest way to end up with no friends, or in nature, dead.


I've been through the same kind of shit through you comrade
I understand you, domestic violence is more common than you think

What is it that you think will offend your fbi.gov Nitro friends?

I have been in the same space, afraid of judgement, but after releasing myself of the shackles of caring it feels much better

The world is a big place anon, I used to feel very alone about myself too, until I discovered the chans and saw how many more people were like me

Sure physically we might be isolated because of who we are, but online we can always find people like us

There are a lot of wierd and awful people throught history who made their behaviour normal simply by continuing to be their way

I think eventually when you let go, people will have no way but to accept whatever kind of person you are

File: 1641193948070.mp4 (3.13 MB, 1280x720, wSOx-EK0PZNuL6EI.mp4)


Is the car model really lightweight? Or does strength training really help this much?

I understand the video was sped up a little but still damn!

Someone said in the comment section that the road might've been slippery but the road looks dry to me
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Unfortunately most are just TV commercials so I don't save them.


Why is classical music so silent, I have to turn up the volume to the max to hear anything??


Did he have to push it back out


I will ask him wait


No, it's easier to drive out than park in. But it did take him some back and forth.


>when Americans pump out dozens of movies mythologizing the attainment of a freedom they don't actually have


File: 1641274313377.png (5.3 KB, 252x200, ClipboardImage.png)

>mfw Jewllywood makes another movie critiquing capitalism but does absolutely nothing to offer actual solutions


>when Soviets pump out a single movie reenacting the death of freedom nobody actually had/s


>when burgers took the kitsch aesthetics and screenwriting of TV commercials and turned it into an industry of feature length """films"""

File: 1641221437177.png (530.71 KB, 919x825, ClipboardImage.png)


yo, they made the funny country from hoi4 a real thing

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wait till you've seen this




File: 1641256540540-0.png (1.08 MB, 1024x576, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1641256540540-1.png (193.97 KB, 384x512, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1641256540540-2.png (2.5 MB, 1476x1108, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1641256540540-3.png (388.41 KB, 418x500, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm bored so I did a little research on the Manchu government, gotta say it's something alright.

>created in Hongkong around 2003

>government is in exile in Tokyo, had to change embassy a couple of times.
>in one Chinese article they claim Manchus to be one of the lost ten tribes of Israel
>currently living on PayPal donations and selling merch, you can buy Manchu calendar, flags, postage stamps or as they call it "loyalty bonds", incense and passports on their unsecure site, hard to do so without getting scammed or finding it sold out.
>can convert your money into its national currency, the Manchukuo yuan if you pay them.
>decleared anyone who is Chinese or pro-china to be killed on sight by Manchu guard if ever entered the sacred land of Manchuria.
>in vague contact with radio-free Asia and the International Monarchist League.
>refer to the puppet state of 1934 as "the Great Manchurian Empire".
>wants Japan and America to start a war of liberation against China.
>wants the CCP to pay reparations of 5500 billion US dollars to the Manchukuo government, and says these funds will help build and strengthen Manchuria against china in the future.
>in 2011 they elected a prime minister called Jason Adam-Tonis, who was also affiliated in a pro-DPRK front group.
>it stopped recognizing the US as a country after the results of the 2020 elections, kinda based ngl
>former emperor was a HongKong university student with questionable lineage to the Manchurian monarchy, today their emperor is Dokuritsu Aisingyoro (18 years old,12 when he ascended the throne in 2015)
>until today, there are still rumors among Asian imageboard users that the whole site is made by the uyoku dantai or just really good internet trolls.


Holy shit! The LARP is off the chart! Btw, who's that Russian guy they have beef with?
Lol! Both the original "emperor" and the current one gives out a soy energy that can be hardly matched.


idk, it says he is a Manchu resident with illegal documents so could be some guy who forged their shitty passport.

File: 1641275618760.png (861.96 KB, 960x960, ClipboardImage.png)




cute :3


File: 1641283822810.jpg (146.81 KB, 1200x833, si.jpg)

didn't mussolini cuck him ?


I just got a cool idea for a meme
Replace musso with obama and si with if



1. VE was widely panned as "Re Pippetto" because of his short stature - even by Wop standards of the early 20th century.
2. Because of his short stature, military regulations allowed for an extraordinarily short stature to be eligible for a commission; I'm not entirely sure, but I seem to remember that this minimum was lowered when he became king to avoid to embarrass him as "too short to qualify as a commissioned officer"
3. His father was assassinated by Gaetano Bresci, back in a time when anarchists where not anarkiddies but they did real deeds; at the time - 1900 - the death penalty had already been abolished for peacetime crimes, so GB got life and he was locked in an extremely wet and dark cell for years, where he couldn't even stand up straight (a sick joke made on behalf of his victim's son?).
4. It's crystal clear every other royal dynasty from Northern and Central Europe despised the Savoys - and Wops in general - and no one wanted to marry them; that being said, the women in the family despised the Slavic Elena, they thought about her as raw and unsophisticated and they called her "la montanara" - the mountain woman - behind her back.
5. I don't think BM ever tried to stick his peepee inside any royal woman, he's been attributed plenty of lovers and illegitimate children, but never anything involving Savoy women; he seems he always had some kind of inferiority complex about never having been given a title, though, and in the end he arranged a marriage between his daughter and the son of Count Ciano, one of the early fascists and a long time allied of his, so hopefully he would have been the grandfather of a future count; fun thing is he had his son-in-law shot in the last years of the war basically on Adolf's order, because Ciano junior supported his overthrow in 1943, but then he joined him again after the Germans freed him and allowed him - BM, I mean - to set up a fascist puppet government in Northern Wopistan under German occupation; Adolf said to BM he couldn't have any mercy toward him because he, Ciano, betrayed BM, betrayed Wopistan, betrayed fascism and betrayed the alliance between Wopistan and Germany.
6. VE, or the prime minister of the time or the minister of the interior or the minister of war or a bunch of other people, could have the army literally butcher the few thousands of fascists doing the "March on Rome" theatrical bullshit, while BM was actually in Milan with a suitcase full and ready to board a train Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>His father was assassinated by Gaetano Bresci, back in a time when anarchists where not anarkiddies but they did real deeds; at the time - 1900 - the death penalty had already been abolished for peacetime crimes, so GB got life and he was locked in an extremely wet and dark cell for years, where he couldn't even stand up straight (a sick joke made on behalf of his victim's son?).
Architectural copium

File: 1641333549622.png (284.3 KB, 540x540, sewerMan.png)


Okay, in saying the following, I recognize that this is going to sound pretty “out there”, especially if you’re someone who is younger on the internet.

And I will preface what I am about to say with some credentials: I am an Internet Old. I am also someone who is paid professionally to work in the horror genre from time to time. I am also someone who has studied psychology, as well as studying some NLP-type shit (that I do not find ethical in the slightest, as an aside, and I quickly noped out of)…
I also want to let you know upfront that what I will tell you is NOT to make you worry or feel afraid. I am sharing this info only so that you can “see through the curtain” as it were, and recognize media and stories like this for what it actually is.

The tl;dr is - please be very criticial of any online horror story that does not provide a sense of catharsis or release at the end, or at the very least a sense of closure or ending. Or anything that is about someone giving up control.
Why? Because creepypasta stories like this may seem merely surreal and/or hilarious to you, but shit like this is actually subliminally priming you to be more easily manipulated and controlled.

And a lot of these types of stories are absolutely aimed at teens and pre-teens, or college kids, fyi. There is also a really good video here by Ann Reardon about of stories being told over brightly coloured baking videos. Mostly though, these stories are about and aimed at WOMEN.
Basically, this story is linking a fear response (a sewer man! - that sounds bad and weird at first) with a violent action - or a taking away of rights/possessions (the coffee that gets poured in the sewer) that comes from someone with power (the soldier) who is “solving a problem” (thinking rationally - how would coffee dumped in the sewer fucking help anyone?!?!) where the victim (the woman) is shown how the solider is “right” to do what he did.

The subliminal lesson here is that the solider does what he wants to do, because “he knows better” than the civilian girl. This story basically ends on the action of “the soldier did the right thing” and there is no real catharsis or sense of ending. You know, the kind of message that implies “be scared, rely on those in power”. The idea that we should just comply.

And, as a thought exercise: the story would be so, so much different if it were a sweet little old lady that took the coffePost too long. Click here to view the full text.



File: 1641272018908.png (2.13 MB, 1200x1200, ClipboardImage.png)


"It's not about me personally attacking people, it's getting them scared. I'm just freakin em' out so that I can seel the most records and stuff. (On dissing other singers)"

"I swear, what is she tring to do (Christina Aguleira), beat Britney on being the sluttiest of all time? She is freakin nasty. I mean, how many STD's does she have? Who goes around telling everyone about their p—- ring? It's sick."

"I grew up on the mean streets of Canada and I had to survive."

"'Skater Boy' is one of the most hardest, rawest songs ever made. Alot of girls wish they could jam on the gutiar like I could, but they can't!"

"I dress cool and I look hot, so if you don't like it suck it."

"People like comparing me to Alanis. Sorry, I take baths."

"Christina Agu…who? I thought that whore died!"

"People like Shakira shouldn't have record contracts. She cant even speak English."
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>yaaas queen slaaay 'em gurlll


What the fuck is that dress?


File: 1641330914787.jpg (14.67 KB, 302x319, 1583315621915.jpg)

Damn! I'm old enough to remember when that "Complicated" and "Sk8r Boi" stuff came out and was all over radio and tv. No yootyoob yet, go figure… That was the early post 9/11 world, Iraq had not yet been invaded, the W Bush era, fucking Tony Blair in power in England, Macron was probably still going to school and his future wife had to be very careful about their relationship, very few outside of Germany had even ever heard about Angela Merkel, Berlusconi was at his top triggering the libs calling them "communists" while the libs triggered him back, no one even knew who Kim Jong Un was, the Dreamcast was still around and it turned out to be Sega's last console… Oh, the memories!
Btw, has she been in any way relevant in the last ten or fifteen years? Where is she now?



I have to say that, being closer to 40 than to 30, she still looks good, possibly even better than when she was younger. Btw, has she not being accused of cultural appropriation or are Canadians exempt from that?

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