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File: 1655123694709.jpg (1 MB, 1500x2000, chen.jpg)


what's a good job i could do throughout the summer? i wish to consoom but i don't have money and i'm going to college in october, what would be a low-stress job for a retarded faggot
>inb4 become whore
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I don't have any experience with the industrial sector I'm afraid, though I'm sure they are proletarian in nature. You could always try the service sector. As terrible as it is, if you manage to get into a sales focused or management position, it would reflect well towards future employers regardless of what your planned major is.


>If you consoom coom you can earn money and have fun at the same time
t. cumsoomer


>if you manage to get into a sales focused or management position, it would reflect well towards future employers regardless of what your planned major is.
management position i can understand, but why sales in particular?


>there are a lot of window/door factories next to my home
Sounds like exactly what you're looking for OP, it will be easy and repetitive work


become my runescape gf

File: 1655134219512.png (584.1 KB, 1168x657, ClipboardImage.png)


I just had a realization, Conservatives are to climate change as Libs are to medical/biological science and health. You have to be a fucking moron to think climate change isn't real AND/OR kid having puberty blockers won't have long term side effects upon their bodies
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Conservatism is a relative term. Doesn't really exist. It only means preserving the current social order.
In the case of post-17th century West, it means keeping classic liberalism.


it is to a degree, depends on how long you continue to do it. within a year it's safe if i my troomer knowledge is up to date since i've argued about this with countless npcs online a few years ago


for males it can be to varying degrees but it destroys female bodies, internally and externally


8gag moment


Another idpol thread :D You are doing the bourgeois job for them.

File: 1655119738865.png (232.14 KB, 572x588, wtdj.png)


Is this true?
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Have you ever had it where the top got your man-chocolate on his peen?


Get bottom (heh) surgery then


What if I want your poop on my dick? It's terribly intimate.


based /tttt/ brain worms


funny and I did laugh

File: 1653455568827-0.jpeg (350.34 KB, 900x542, chicago-loop.jpeg)


I'm heading to Chicago next month to visit comrades. What should I be aware of? What's the city's political and crime situation?

For the record, I'm white and Canadian and this is my first time in the city. The first place we're going is Forest Home Cemetery to see the Haymarket Martyrs' Memorial. But we're going to be spending most of our time downtown.

Is Chi-town really as bad as the media makes it seem? Is Lightfoot really that corrupt?
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gonna piss your pants? shit in them too maybe?


A wura wura


Did you end up going? How'd it go if so?


Chicago is amazing. I hope our comrades buried here are enjoying Paradise.



File: 1654973777176.png (175.88 KB, 1080x702, ClipboardImage.png)


Explain the ideology of someone who believes in picrel
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>UN occupied Levant
Literally me, although I'd transform it into UN HQ and make it into a sort of globalized Belgium. Jews could be the Flemish!


multiple reasons - for one, tactical failures on abdelnasser's part, wrt his wars against Israel and in yemen.

Also, effective resistance and/or co option of the ideas from the reactionary bloc in MENA - at that time, primarily saudi arabia, jordan, and iran (gulfies were generally too small then)

Also again, absolute failure of arab communists/the USSR to continue pushing the movement, and allowing it to stagnate

another also, the "military coup" nature of their revolutionary strategy generally limited participation by the working class (except those that joined the military), meaning governance was generally speaking more hierarchical, and the proletariat was less able to resist "revisionism" from Anwar Sadat

FINAL ALSO, the CIA funded islamism.


this board really(and I mean really) overestimates the CIA and blames them for literally them for being the mastermind of shit that is not even possible, but this is one the cases where its true, the CIA did fund and connect Islamists due to fear of a MENA block allied with the Soviet Union


If you think that "Arab" is an accurate, exclusive ethnonational descriptor same as "Finnish" or whatever you're a dumbfuck


finnish arent real


Was there for little over half a year. I didnt even like it there, but I need experience for resume. Performance wise, did my job just fine. I am used to lack of social skills ruining my personal life, and now I am being condemned to NEEThood because of them. I just feel sad.

Anyway, thanks for reading my blogpost, felt a need to share with someone.
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File: 1655141669583.png (326.65 KB, 542x736, HumanCapital.png)

It takes a special kind of asshole to be able to treat people like human capital.


>got fired


inhuman resources


What the fuck, isn't that illegal? Did they call the cops on you?



a couple of my friends and I are working on a fbi.gov project where we take people from all over the political spectrum, force them into one space, and then make them compete over creating artificial political systems together.

The game is essentially just bullying people who are on the other side of the political spectrum as you.

I'm looking for leftists, most of the server is pretty right wing and we need leaders for factions that will actually add a level of intrigue to the game. (I myself am a normie when it comes to politics.)

Heres an invite: https://fbi.gov/3hmBShYS


Sounds like it could be kind of funny I guess, though the chance for 'muh helicopter' shit being 99% of the discourse seems too damn high, maybe I will give it a look though




based dataminer


I think childhood nostalgia is mostly due to most people sucking at adulthood. You actually have more freedom in adulthood. The problem is, people think adulthood is an automatic license for "le champagne life". They mindlesly fall for the marriage/relationship trap, the college trap, or the backyard entrepreneur trap.
And they sucker themselves into buying credit cards.
I tell you what, childhood is really boring. Nothing but recycled euphemistic entertainment, you cannot go anywhere by yourself, you cannot go out and do cool stuff with friends because everything costs money and you have none of that as a kid. And who can forget the drudgery of school? Pounds of useless homework to learn math riddles that you will never use in your adult life ever.
And the bullying.
The reason why adulthood sucks is because nobody thinks adulthood is worth training for. They think things will come naturally with age. "They're young, let them be innocent. Besides, when they turn 18, they'll figure it out."
And lo and behold, we stumble and sink in our twenties and thirties and forties.
Then the elders be like "I dunno what's wrong with this new generation. When I was their age I already had my shit together."
Never mind the fact that they were more half-ass than us but they had better social connections.
My point is, childhood is getting too much attention as emotional investment while adulthood is treated as some parallel world where things are grey and flat.
Because of this, people overreact to kids making mistakes or getting hurt and thus take away their kids' freedoms. Like in this case of new school shootings, they wanna take away kids right to privacy and make them wear transparent backpacks.
They wanna surveillance young people social media.
When adults get hurt or fuck up, they never get their rights taken away. Even if they do, it's never permanent.
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Adulthood is way better because you don't have to deal with people on your ass for having vices/pleasures or making mistakes.
Kids are condemned for jacking off, playing video games, rough housing, liking dark/edgy humor, etc.

As a kid, everything you like is considered a red flag to adults.

As an adult, red flags are celebrated as nuance of human nature.


Why do adults always self-victimise? I get that life is tough but also you can choose to live simple but they rather hedonize.
The they turn around and blame the kids for everything wrong accusing them of having freedom/opportunity when kids aren't even allowed to walk anywhere by themselves.

Childhood nostalgia is codependency syndrome.


Childhood sucks
Adulthood sucks
Maybe life in general just sucks man


Most people don't see it that way. They always try to make childhood out to be Eden.
Children having difficulty is considered a pain in the ass. Society is more sympathetic to adults having personal problems.



File: 1655035511797.png (536.24 KB, 640x658, ClipboardImage.png)


Cumtown has done more to prevent right wing radicalization in America than every YouTube bread personality combined, and they are hated for it
can you fathom someone going from listening to Nick Mullen to being a Nick Fuentes fan or unironically listening to Ben Shapiro, does anyone actually believe please explain how a video essay that’s longer than the Irishman, made by the most “No Pussy Getting” Type guy imaginable in stupid costumes, is doing a better job making middle class failchildren not join the proud boys than Cumtown, they can talk to normies better then anyone on the left.
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>Tell that to the folks blaming Gen Z teens for alt rightist.
Literally nobody does this you autismo


>why do you guys[]
I don't.
>do you not realize[]
I do realize
>and why do you[]
I don't even know what you're referring to.


It really doesn't, what makes you think it does?
>no hacker culture or raiding
>almost no pictures with timestamp
>less edginess
>less mod personality and almost no redtext bans
>basically no greentext stories
and most importantly
>approximately no original meme generation
even the recent humblebrag memeing is stolen
Apart from the deviant porn and undefined topic, I can't see much similarity in atmosphere.


are the transhumanists and the folks blaming gen Z in the room with us right now


take your pills neugene


throughout all my life i keep hanging out with the wrong crowds (backstabbers, idiots, right-wingers…), how do i get the intuition of a normal person to tell who i should and shouldnt be around with
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I wasn't this bitter until I found out most normal people (and none I know) aren't willing to risk their lives/prison to save their friends or even when there is next to no risk


theres no "normal" person
and saying "normie" is what people on social media do


why do you expect that honestly? it's a noble thing for sure

but do you not understand that other people have more people depending on them?

this is not even to mention the effects of capitalism and all the alienation it has caused


So do I and the friends willing to help me out
Like what is the point of friends if you can't rely on them?


nobody likes to be alone

we're social creatures, that's maybe why we rely even on superficial friendships

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