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Acknowledge your tribal chief anons
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Wrong answers only


meds he would never say that


wrestling seems pretty cool. I would have loved it as a child.


File: 1712444130263.png (1 MB, 1200x675, ClipboardImage.png)

>it's 2024
>wrestlers are still not unionized, most of them will probably die under 50 with their retarded medical laws


Yo that industry is fucked. Shame too, the whole culture is super interesting even though I haven't been into it in a long time

File: 1712187799349.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1335, ClipboardImage.png)


Pics showing the sterility of modernity.
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>autistic ADHD retard kid with abusive parents
i think you needed just one or 2 more qualifiers about this person being in an unfortunate situation to really drive your point home


fuck off Euronymous


I like moshing with women, it revolutionized moshing for me. Just a word of caution: do not make the first move.


Moshing is less about hurting others and more about giving up your right to complain when you get beat up in a social setting so that you can self harm in a socially accepted way.
t. Self harm enjoyer


the more i learn javascript the more i hate the world
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java sucuripto


i know, it just i don't know where to start from.
a common problem for me.


Brendan Eich designed as Javascript as "Scheme for the Browser". Lisp truly is the midwit filter for computer programmers.


Start with a simple, general purpose and popular language (like Python). Learn the absolute basics and you'll learn basic programming principles along the way.

Then start working on small projects, just simple scripts for your own convenience. If you don't know how to do something just look it up and test it out. You'll learn more as you work on your projects.

You can also practice by solving coding puzzles. Codewars has a system which gives you puzzles at your difficulty level.


thanks, will do that.

File: 1712399591278.png (492.37 KB, 570x570, future coompas.png)


For me, it's the Recursive Matrioshka Brain Universe Reduplication Exit.
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None of those words were ever found in the Bible


im somewhere between 100% urbanization simcity ai-tocracy, and ex-human pangalactic strip mining singularity


Otherwise doing ok tho?



well shit

File: 1712382150404.jpg (158.83 KB, 1080x640, photo_14598 (1).jpg)


Take your meds and touch it
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When you fight


I can't remember the last time I went outside for a reason other than work.



the Buddha is the geologist of the soul he can show you where to dig and what to dig for but the digging you must do yourself


File: 1712439557505.mp4 (14.9 MB, 406x720, 1642015607785.mp4)

File: 1710968859636.mp4 (4.11 MB, 1280x720, Broken Window Fallacy.mp4)


a thread for fallacies
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your post is pointless due to the your mom gae fallacy


The fallacy fallacy is my personal favorite


Found the sauce for those interested.



Democracy vs Republic is mostly superficial.
What the "We are a Republic" people simply stress is an emphasis on a mixed constitution, but for lack of better terms it is called democracy.


Yeah, see anon >>515534? Once tax rates go above 30%, people literally start disappearing.
It's a well-known fact that cows only sexually reproduce in Capitalist nations. The USSR developed technology to clone them, but the knowledge was lost in the 90s after Yeltsin spilled vodka on the floopy disk with all the research on it.

File: 1712414628588.jpg (30.45 KB, 748x410, Marx mad.jpg)


Just look at how both blacks and whites want their women to follow their own beauty standards. Which way, drag queen lolberts or prudish cuckservacunts? This seems to apply to other retarded concepts, such as BBC and BWC. Kollontai was right, for a Bolshevik.
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Marx is the Yaqub of Trans people


He led his followers to Patmos to create the first injectable estrogen. This is what Capital vol 4 would've been about


Terminally online coombrain made this post.


File: 1712429658650.png (45.9 KB, 250x350, 165.png)

Redditor hands wrote this post


OP is completely retarded, but the image is great lol.


ok as this shit takes over our lives are more and more resembling our weird dreams and nightmares, collapsing the dialectic between idealism and materialism. The external world is more and more resembling what is inside our heads, just like science causes what is inside our heads to more and more resemble the external world. What happens when the two are identical? Hmmm? What of that, my Hegelian Space aliens?
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>What happens when you’re an idealist with a top-down view of “society”. Society is impossible to undermine because it’s never truly static
Here is your materialist cynicism. Do you also play the quasi-deleuzean game of saying there is no human concept because our cells are constantly dying and self-creating relations of meaning?
Hegel's critique of Kant comes in handy here, where Kant (in his pseudo-materialism) sees things-in-themselves pertaining to their isolated essences (or "being" as such), hegel makes the comment that its only in the fullness of a "thing" drawn into the shape of its "truth" that it becomes conceptualised (and thus universalised) "in itself". Thus the human concept does not draw from its particular contents, but in the excess that a form represents. We know what a human is by its abstraction, and we also understand the "idea" of society by history. Society is not merely a collection of individuals (here again is the anti-social ontology of the left), but is the attribute of its very collectivity, which (in german idealist thought) is situated to its problematised self-relation (where something "in-itself" is also something "for-itself").
Marx actually does a good job of finding the thread of this hegelian concern by situating the mass of social labour as the "idea" of our relation by bringing it into concept. Power collects around this and shapes society to its class structure.
Engels' understanding of the nuclear family are equally lucid.
>society is never static
Well, think of a body, it stays the same within its internal change; that is the "idea" of the Spirit. Marx also alludes to the circular nature of history, but also seeks to overcome this by immediatising relations of production (which is his sin, but also the revelation of his truth - someone like alain de benoist has spoken before about this fundamental "jewishness" of marx before for example; of despising our mediated (alienated) being).
But i ask you a rhetorical question - if society cannot be conceptualised then what exactly do *you* mean by "society"?


>It is much cheaper to have a mechanical turk comb through 1000 (or 10000) AI generated images to pick out the most acceptable than to pay for an artist who went to school to learn how to draw good.
Most "artists" are shit though.
>go to a school to learn how to draw
Thats like someone saying they're a good singer because they took vocal lessons.
Great talent is always natural talent. Like how mozart could play piano since he was a child.


>quasi-deleuzean game of saying there is no human concept because our cells are constantly dying and self-creating relations of meaning?
No, but I also don't view the life of a cell as inherently analogous to society.
>becomes conceptualised
That's the problem. You've conceptualized it as static. These essences when you dig down into them are simply appearances in the mind as concepts, ideas, blah blah blah, sure. But even in that realm you only appeal to the appearance of the society that presently exists but not in its totality. Society is our natural condition and dissolution of the ties that bind are part of its intercourse. It's almost impossible to undermine.
>Well, think of a body, it stays the same within its internal change; that is the "idea" of the Spirit
Are we talking about society or "the Spirit™" now?
Hegel's own method was never appealing to a static "body" maintaining homeostasis. What he said was, "the bud disappears when the blossom breaks through". Marx makes the "first as tragedy, then as farce" quote implying a degradation of the repetition seen by Hegel. If society were any type of body it would not be one that maintains homeostasis very well. It's a faulty analogy.


Do you believe that everybody has a piano to practice on growing up?
"Natural talent" is gatekept financially, and you're only deluding yourself if you try to persuade me elseways.
>pic unrelated


File: 1712429192515.png (3.91 KB, 356x264, triangle01.png)

I completely agree with you
>are we talking about society or the spirit
My feeling is that each thing lives within its own spirit. Society is one of these things which comes into concept.
>first as tragedy, then as farce
Yes, completely. Hegel also saw in his analogy of the fall of man the way in which all societies are created out of a fundamental failure to maintain itself; or what we might deem as contradiction (and what marx transposes as class society).
In his own time he suggested that war was good because it brought an integral identity to the nation, as against the particularity of private life. This is the way in which the universal must always be maintained (in its internal contradiction to have self-identity in wholeness - which is also the function of ideology).
So history (and society) are equally defined by this failure to realise itself, the same way everything dies, but like in the flower analogy - in a qualitative overcoming is still the Spirit of what the Thing is.
>totality of society
Again, are you giving license to the trivium of interpersonal events (like this conversation) as something for-itself? No. We are mediated by the thing in-itself, which is for-itself in the very medium of our discourse. There is *something* greater than the sum of our parts in this conversation, which is the fullness of our interaction by a qualitative excess, or self-relating negativity (that stands as the universal, in concept).
Think of how a triangle is simply the abstract relation of 3 points. The truth of this relation burgeons from the content into form.
My meaning in the body example is to see how the shape of (class) society is retained, even by sublation of the mode of production. This is why marx wants to escape history itself, something i see as fruitless. The contradiction simply must continue indefinitely.
Marx's brilliant dialectical point is that it is only by the capital relation (and surplus-value) that Value as a universal substance is realised in the sale of commodities. His point is perfect because it shows the failure of Value to realise itself withiut its contingent excess (in the capitalist class).
The industrial capitalist is revolutionary to marx for the same reason, that it is he who creatPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1712353596511.jpg (234.06 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0001.jpg)


Prefixing a word with le is the channer version of scare quotes or /s and is semantically superior to both.


Op is le faggot


not really, their uses are too specific to be called the same


le monkey face


kind of but it's le better because you can also use it to mock someone


File: 1712411628363.jpg (723.23 KB, 3024x4032, 1592113674110-b.jpg)

It's not a channer thing you adorable little internet babies, they're just the only ones still doing it after 2008.


Its time to cause some mischief, to maybe give rise to a bit of shenanigans, to perhaps stir up trouble, hell, even rouse some rabble

And thus, my unending philantrophism has caused me to join the protest for a /drugs/ board so that our 420 diaspora may have it's autonomous republic.


/drugs/ general in here would be better idea, board userbase isnt big enough to warrant fracturing.


Well most of the users of the board would be refugees and not resident leftypolers


We have one on 7chan actually, although our chill and their "oldfag" racism don't necessarily go well together we do have a history that predates even 8chan.

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