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File: 1695057705380.jpg (108.33 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


Everyday some alphabet soup agency bureaucrat is coming up with a new tiktok psyop to demoralize zoomers. How does this make you feel?
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>Muh zoomers
>Muh Tiktok

Truly, millennials are having a midlife crisis epidemic that outshines even the Baby Boomers'.


If anything, imageboards are a far more likely psyop. And lets not pretend that millennials arent reactionaries.

In fact, I honestly think alot o reactionary politics nowadays is centered around generational aesthetics rather than race or gender.
We need to stop generational idpol and go back to pre-Victorian ideals of children being miniature adults opersting under the same adult culture.


What makes me sad is all the stupid idiots who fall for it.


Greyhill Incident.

File: 1695068230631.jpg (118.28 KB, 807x1024, 1695065927308262m.jpg)


is this based


It's misrepresentative at best. Whether you live in a capitalist or socialist or communist system there will always be the working class. Financial and monetary policies will differ, but you still having a large amount of people doing the hard labor in any economic system. The debate should be what is best for the working class, and how to make the system more fair for average hard working taxpayers, yet allowing room for innovation and entrepreneurship, economic growth as well.


it's adventurism that's what it is

File: 1695068870372.png (57.52 KB, 266x190, ClipboardImage.png)


Black or white?



File: 1689014596551.png (1019.95 KB, 680x754, 425-2343156108.png)

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Let's have a thread where we help each other!
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That's the cool thing about mental problems, there's no actual blueprint of what a "healthy, normal" person is.

You mean overhated?


File: 1695058479207.png (431.25 KB, 1000x970, kobayashi question.png)

Is it possible for autists to have friends?


Are you trying to summon Chris-chan to do the Buffalo Bill Dance at your house?


this thread is almost as bad as the relationships one


Why do you think that?


new cock
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>both statues wear traffic cones with is the ridicule they are subjected to by a class conscious Scottish population



Her video about trans people is equally bad.


I would say that was basically the tipping point of her channel yes.


Use the catalog: >>449896



File: 1695055995519.png (429.1 KB, 640x946, ClipboardImage.png)


RFKbros…….it's over….


Is he what every chvd whishes to be?
>100% Nord evropan
>Has a tradwife and a child named 'Bjorn'
>Millions of fans
>sits on a gaming chair for a living
>Square jawline
>Mass shooters tells you to subscribe to him
>Millionaire capitalist
>Moved to Japan
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based AF



File: 1694878441205.png (1.83 MB, 1845x911, ClipboardImage.png)


post results


File: 1695055936367.png (442.76 KB, 513x680, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1694291478306.png (31.86 KB, 591x558, ITSOVER.png)


health problems are so radicalizing. i always had weird problems but i recently got diagnosed with arthritis and pernicious anemia. The arthritis is rough because it means the bones in my knees are falling apart no matter how much exercise and eating right I do. I will eventually be crippled by it. I'm still young. I also have pernicious anemia, which means I will literally die or become permanently damaged if I don't frequently receive vitamin B12 injections. My body is unable to digest that vitamin properly so I have to inject it every month.

anyway, workers of the world unite
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File: 1694708313741.png (37.73 KB, 185x202, 1608457294411.png)

I'm still incredibly fucking angry at everyone here, because this is an issue you've (as in, majority of leftypol posters) only started seeing clearly in recent memory. I remember getting into long and drawn-out arguments in '21 and '22 when I was dabbling into the ideas of Socialism by being here about how the covid vaxx was likely harmful and pushing it is an anti-socialist and anti-science take. But now? Everyone here realizes exactly what I, and many people in the working class mislabeled as "Fascists" have been preaching.


"everybody hear now agrees with me that vaccines bad"



While i agree with everything >>449247 said, not getting the jab in the imperial core during the pandemic wasn't a viable option. For many people, lockdown was only a thing outside of work, so they were near guaranteed to get the actual virus at some point.


fuck you for coming into my thread and scolding me about your schizo antivaxx bullshit. That's not why I have pernicious anemia or arthritis. My symptoms began to manifest before Covid and I only got around to getting them diagnosed recently. I might have permanent brain damage because of the anemia and I'm frankly thinking about killing myself, because the only thing useful to me, my brain, is partially destroyed now


File: 1695051661469.jpg (48.12 KB, 640x640, 1687641405497198.jpg)

>health problems are so radicalizing
100% agree
I feel you OP, I'm sorry to hear that.

While not an innate medical problem covid nearly killed off some of my loved ones. And when it came for me I got it pretty bad too. I remember sitting there in the ER surrounded by people who had it way worse. Shivering and feverish I could feel the pain in my side where pneumonia was slowly growing in my lung making it harder to breath by the day (fuck even by the hour). It had been the tenth day of a fever that wouldn't go away, three days after I got confirmed to be positive. The very young resident doctor refused to give me antibiotics because "well since covid is a virus so it won't work" even though there were no other options except to "monitor the symptoms" which had been deteriorating by the day. My loved ones had to beg the doctor to sign off on giving me antibiotics (which due to one of them having some pull within the hospital system helped) which literally stopped the pneumonia within days (yet the post covid symptoms stuck with me for months). In the end, I survived but also had to pay a hefty medical bill due to not dying.
I was already "radicalized" by then but that shit changed me. Knowing that the system was bad is nothing compared to seeing its inefficiency and inhumanity at work with your life on the line. Seeing how it sees you not as a human being but a customer and how well you are served is based upon who you know and how much money you got while all around you people are suffering all the same (with a fucking disease that kills). Its horrifying and incredibly radicalizing.

Stay well OP and stay strong.

File: 1694968808836.jpg (47.4 KB, 1080x399, basedposadas.jpg)


Have you read more theory than Posadas?
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>In his preface (dated 5 May 1885) to his edition of Volume II of Das Kapital and in several letters during the following ten years, Friedrich Engels had indicated his intention to publish the manuscript of Theories of Surplus Value, which was to form Volume IV. However, although he succeeded in publishing the second and third volume of Das Kapital, Engels was unable to publish the Theories before he died in 1895.
>In 1905–1910, Karl Kautsky published a first edited version of Marx’s manuscript in three volumes (1,754 pages; the second volume consists of two separate parts), with Dietz publishers in Stuttgart.

moreno pseud btfo


If someone were to go meet Karl Marx in the past, bring cocaine or adderall.


seems like even cocaine and adderall didn't help the poor fellow in finishing his life work, best they could do is make him finish vol. 1


He smoked a ton of cigars tho which has nicotine which is a kind of stimulant.


The Kautskyite version is horrendous, read the Soviet version in 3 volumes.

File: 1694987868487.webm (3.93 MB, 480x716, 1693152101110649.webm)


Post examples of things people invested in politics do online that are very relevant and have a big impact on reality:
>People saying "I support X country in this past conflict"
>People saying "I support X country in this current conflict"
>People saying I support this politician who is not from my country
Any other examples?


get ready to get many (you)s


shit, my prediction failed


I think a lot of Americans are disgruntled. Face it, the ever-rising price inflation for energy and food. Economy is in the toilet. Massive boycotts now taking place (auto workers). Other nations are abandoning the US dollar in global trade over the fears of the government weaponizing the US dollar (legit fears for nations btw, as USD was the global reserve currency for the last 79 years). Then we have the growing political division and resentment. Conservatives pissed off that Trump is being investigated, liberals pissed off that no one gives a crap about global warming, and on and on. Then they see the massive corruption day to day, politicians not representing them or their woes. Then they see endless wars that do no good for the country which is already in huge amounts of insolvent debts that can't ever be paid back no matter how much taxes are raised. They see endless corruption. Hopelessness.

Now imagine…. Then they see other world leaders defying their hopelessly corrupt government, the very government they are disgruntled at. Instant heroes because someone stands up to the man!


Reading Marxist theory.


Americams are disgru tled but they also have demigod complex. Most first worlders do.
In fact, even outside the first world, woth the advent of liberalism, everyone is struck with demigod complex

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