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>trad commies are og
i hope you also know i am the illustrious furryanon and there are pictures of my asshole on this very board


that's very disgusting


China is socialist


File: 1695414708378.jpg (120.67 KB, 500x660, 1694486228058.jpg)

>china is socialist



Is this movie pro or anti communist? It portrays the reeducation centers in a positive light but on the other hand it portrays the cultural revolution as a bad thing.
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I would say it's pro communist overall


in the end Dengism is shown as being the legitimate heir of the Mandate of Heaven so its based


More or less there, since it is an adaptaion of Pu yi life he has his redeeming in the camp and later as a worker.
Plus the flagbearer scene is amazing.


>It portrays the reeducation centers in a positive light but on the other hand it portrays the cultural revolution as a bad thing.
isn't that a reflection of official chinese policy? also iirc they had reasons for not romanoving their guy and this mercy is seen as a good thing


Yeah Mao wanted to own Lenin by turning their previous monarch into a communist.

File: 1695351090594.png (279.02 KB, 507x1049, ClipboardImage.png)


>researchers theorize that it was performed to signify group affiliation or demonstrate social status.
Why do ruling classes do this? Imagine smashing your skull to brag about having high social clout.
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how do you even get something like this. Is this a result of a child using headphones for too long.


I bet everyone has this and bald people just unfortunately have this out in the open.


explains alot


It's just an indentation into the skin/hair. If you sit for a while and then check your ass you can see the indentation of the seam from your pants on your ass too.


southoid folklore is pretty endearing tbh


new Alice
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is she like chad chad


What does that mean?


I really like Alice she's super smart and also normie friendly


>shilling some nobody
isg is leaking again.


she's /ourgal/


top 3 instant food:

my favorite ones:
1. veggie "chicken" nuggies
2. instnat noodles
3. frozen pizza
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cheese and nuts


You can lick the cheese off these nuts!
LOL. Just joking anon, hehe!

If I desire to make a big meal that lasts me 2 or 3 days I make a big pot of stew. I saute eggplant, okra, hot peppers, tomatoes and onion. Plus some spice like thyme, juniper berries and bay leaf. After it's nice and soft, I add two boxes of beef stock and a few cups of water. Stir it all up. Let it heat up some more then add the soup bone (which has some meat on it). Keep them in there until the soup bones are fully cooked (typically around an hour). Then I take the soup bones out to cool for a while. Once cool enough I scoop all the marrow out of the bones, and chop up any meat that is attached to them. Add the marrow and beef back into the stock and stir for a while. In the meantime I have cooked potatoes in another pot and let them cool for a while. Cut those potatoes up in quarter slices and add to the stock. After an hour of simmering you got stew. The stew can last you a couple days, or maybe a whole day feeding a family of four.


Nice recipe! I will keep more spices on hand in the future.
The butcher in my town only sells some locally produced beef, so i didn't cook a proper broth yet. I make do with vegetable broth and a sausage.
Some time ago i cooked rice soup (congee) with chicken broth from the store and it really needed the flavor. The consistency was vaguely similar to pearl barley.
Recently a friend gave me leftover miso i made a stew from. Adding a bit of mushroom, garlic and carrot fried in a skillet made for a surprisingly full base flavor without overpowering the miso.


I just use better than brouillon for broths. Probably doesnt taste as good but its easier than making it and cheaper than buying the boxes


To make a big pot of stew you would need a decent amount of beef bouillon cubes to flavor all the water into a stock, if that's what you plan on using. I find it easier to use two 32oz (1 quart) boxes of ready made beef stock. Not as much effort having to make measurements and melt down the bouillon cubes into boiling water. Of-course it may cost a bit more for the boxes.

I've made homemade stock before too, typically using bones and leftover scrap meat, celery, carrots, onion, tomato, the end pieces of cabbage, whole parsley, bay leaf, liquorice root, juniper berries, all boiled up in plain water, then allowed to cool before filtering it. That is an old fashion method of making stock from scratch.

File: 1695063488148.png (178.76 KB, 322x395, 1684091355335.png)


So apparently, when you're hanging out with normies they dont care about the actual content of what is being said, but rather about the "vibe" whatever the hell that is. How do i get good at going with the flow and "vibing", there are obviously rules of what and what not to do, even if they deny it
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youre on an incel website seething over 90% of the human population and somehow im the one seeking approval


Don’t you kind of like being irrelevant? Doesn’t it ever feel relieving knowing you’ll never be important enough to someone else that you’re at risk of harm?


Yes i dont mind that aspect, but if i want to not starve i really have no other option than to interact with them


*most mentally ill user award


Thats basic bitch autism. Nothing special.

File: 1694936820301.png (Spoiler Image, 448.55 KB, 1293x886, Alunya.png)


She's built for big dengoid cock
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MFW no tankie gf to peg me while calling me a revisionist.


That's fairly commonplace here, anon.


Truly the music video is a highway to problems for the epileptics


This one isn't for the record it is a recital, I mean the music video for the song


can someone write subtitles for OP?
what is the anarchist thinking?

File: 1695281607461.jpeg (203.95 KB, 1223x1279, IMG_5638.jpeg)


If you guys are voting for anyone in your countries or looking to campaign and spread the word, post whatever you can here.


only my mom tells me what to do


I’m your mom


File: 1695336536510.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 931.66 KB, 1181x1181, c977ccefe8bf7828a9360706d….jpeg)

no his mom is with me on the left


ok vote for Biden anon o-owo


File: 1695362604509.jpg (280.14 KB, 810x375, show me the source.jpg)


I always wondered why does this bayonetta bgm sounds like sonic music. feels like it's from sonic adventure 1 but no song matches on the OST. is it from a sonic game by any chance?


>this bayonetta bgm sounds like sonic music
Don't know if this is a legit Bayonetta track… but you're right; it does sound like fucking Sonic music LMAO


Apparently, the song is a remix of this song from Space Harrier. It's an early sega game so I'm guessing some of the composers probably worked on Sonic in the future.


holy shit argentinabros, you're so screwed…
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This thread is weird.


It's all just one guy lol


like yeah this thread is glowing hard because of like 1 guy probably(or a leftychan raid idk)


lol no


Neoliberalism is not a good ideology.

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