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anyone know why japan has so many niche stores despite housing being so expensive there, how do they do it?
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Oops i keep thinking of more. They also hang dry their clothes. So no dryer machine. I think they use wash machines though.


im amazed not a single post tries to answer the actual question except for one part of >>380378


Many of those endeavors are run by public relations companies, meaning they do not expect the store to be a permanent fixture and they will not hesitate to close down stores that are not profitable only to replace it with another novel idea.


OP wasnt specific enough so it's open to interpretation.


> housing being so expensive there
it's a steep crisis but its less steep than the US housing market lmao


> Another Twitch Streamer, Silvervale, a VTuber, was brought to tears after being doxxed/harassed for playing Hogwarts Legacy.

This is like watching a puppet show go wrong.
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do you also think voice actors die in real life when anime characters die on screen


You either dont know what vtubers are or are so severely autistic and retarded you cant even comprehend the most basic concepts even a child could understand.


You're getting trolled by something so obvious and call others "autistic".


I hate everyone and everything


You underestimate what some people are actually like.

File: 1678464057871.png (1.99 MB, 2500x2500, pfp.png)


why do middle aged people use "quotes" for emphasis? most of the time when i use it its mostly just for scare quotes, to make it clear i'm being sarcastic
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The elders crave markdown formatting and don't even know it. The same way the younguns crave quake / Titanfall 2 but don't know it.


would zoomers actually like quake? markdown is really nice tho


I've seen normalfags remark that "zoomers are playing Fortnite in a retarded way", but to those in the know the youngsters are simply rediscovering fast-paced FPS.


you say quote-unquote "word" when it's just a one-word quote. You say quote "longer quote, of which there are many words, and sometimes many sentences, unquote, when the quote is longer than one word. Just something I've noticed from podcasters and audiobook readers over the year. It is a linguistic convention. Nothing more.


I am not a "boomer" you twats

File: 1678498626175.png (55.85 KB, 540x540, 1676679938149.png)


Hey tards checkout this tardfight


File: 1678498912905.png (277.07 KB, 507x369, Two retards fighting.png)

>leftism in current year


manmade autism beyond human comprehension


5 minutes in and I’m already in pain


File: 1678501616149.png (33.07 KB, 800x500, 1436558464828.png)

>Haz: how can you make sense of history without the idea of civilizations?
>Sunday: the concept of civilization is actually very recent, you don't need it to do history
>Haz: so you are saying there is no egyptian or incan civilization
>Agent Kochinski: ………….
why would you watch this


Because it seeds my YouTube recommendations towards things like this
Also because it funny

File: 1678434916637.png (521.7 KB, 800x698, ClipboardImage.png)


>"Davis: You can't come [cum], then fight or play. You can't do it. When I get ready to come, I come. But I do not come and play.

<Interviewer: Explain that in layman's terms.

>Davis: Ask Muhammad Ali. If he comes, he can't fight two minutes. Shit, he couldn't even whip me.

<Interviewer: Would you fight Muhammad Ali under those conditions, to prove your point?

>Davis: You're goddam right I'd fight him. But he's got to promise to fuck first. If he ain't going to fuck, I ain't going to fight. You give up all your energy when you come. I mean, you give up all of it! So, if you're going to fuck before a gig, how are you going to give something when it's time to hit?"


>""I stayed in Detroit for about six months. I was pimping a little then. I had me two or three girlfriends. I was even enjoying sex once again. One of the girls was a designer who tried to help me all she could. I don't want to name her; she's a very prominent person now. She took me to a sanatorium to talk with this shrink. He asked me did I ever masturbate and I told him, no. He couldn't believe that. He told me that I should do that every day instead of shooting dope. I thought that maybe he should put his own goddamn self in the nuthouse if that's all the motherfucker had to tell me. Mas­turbating to break a habit? Shit, I thought that motherfucker was crazy." - Miles Davis
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Nah bro you don't understand the power of cum.


Miles Davis is a goldmine of quotes, also he was the greatest band leader of the 20th century, no contest.


I don't know how a guy who did that much heroin managed to stay so angry through a very long life, there's no pictures of him without the anger vein ready to pop


Davis was such a nofap king that he would pay white prostitutes over three times their normal going rate and beat the shit out of them for an hour or two. That's probably where he got the idea he could fight Ali.


Fapping was apparently worse than heroin for him

File: 1678485715551.gif (9.05 MB, 1280x720, eternal_struggle.gif)


who is in the right here?


BIPOC folk fighting for national self-determination against colonizers


the african american guinea pig is in the left part of the image and the mayonnaise guinea pig is in the right part of the image


Unbeknownst to the viewer, the reality here is that the one filming
this propaganda jif has deliberately starved these poor creatures, knowing that with each subsequent feeding they will struggle more and more over artificially scarce food resources. All of this is done the intention of splitting them among racial lines, protecting the glorified chimp behind the camera from any threat of rodent revolt.


Thanks for the hysterical laughter OP

average /pol/ or /gif/ thread webm


Rate my rhetorical strategy for spreading leftism

Against liberals: hide my power level (using the term "free-market" instead of capitalism), talk about democracy in the work place, and point out that the free-market is responsible for the looming climate catastrophe;

Against fascists: expose my power level, show them how cucked they are for hating exclusively jews (most of which aren't rich) instead of hating the billionaire class as a whole; say cruel and maybe even performatively edgy things about the billionaire class;

Against other lefties with major disagreements with me: completely ignore to avoid in-fighting, unless there's any chance of them getting massive political power and they're the nationalistic, totalitarian schizo types (not gonna happen lmao)
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i feel that this is replicating the rightwing tactic of using dogwhistles or codewords or something like that. I'd rather we just use the terminology we already use, since it would be more honest being that way


>i feel that this is replicating the rightwing tactic of using dogwhistles or codewords or something like that

Yes, and it fucking works. For instance, Tucker Carlson wouldn't be nearly as effective in turning people into neo nazis if he didn't use every dog-whistle in the book.

Communism has an awful image, most people find it repulsive, because of all of the propaganda. We won't get anything done if we have to do pr for communism whenever we push back against capitalism.


I just tell people I'm an anarchist, communism is basically just hella advanced anarchism any way, and people in America will at least hear you if you claim anarchism. If I don't hide my redness I'll get lynched down here in the boondocks.


do American boomers think anarchism is turbo libertarianism?


File: 1678516644501.jpg (665.58 KB, 1200x822, 1569781833711-b.jpg)

I dunno, in my town they just see them as gubment hating cop killers, which is still generally considered at least cool if not admirable. All I really gotta do is tie rich people's role in to the state for them and I feel like I've made progress. Now if I could just get them to stop instinctively hating non white people, and lgbtq etc. folks, and anyone who isn't baptist or church of Christ, or women who speak without being asked, or non English speakers, or people born literally any besides the confederate states, or critical thinking, or the very concept of change.
Come to think of it, I should lurk this thread some more, my strategy is lacking a bit.

File: 1678450052871.png (577.72 KB, 1600x900, ClipboardImage.png)


the "I hate the anti-christ" meme is inherently right wing schizo nonsense.

1. It's used by libertarians and christian conservatives living in the imperial core

2. it pretends that the UN has way more power than it actually does

3. it pretends America has almost no agency (you see similar shit when these people criticize israel)

4. it pretends blue helmets are gonna invade america and attack god-fearing imperial core property owners in their schizo bugout bunkers, when in fact blue helmets are much more likely to "peacekeep" in the third world on behalf of those very same god-fearing imperial core property owners

5. it pretends as though the UN is some kind of satanist communist organization

so why do I keep seeing "communists" on this site post this nonsense?
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Ok ex-/pol/cel


> hatred for jews=hatred for anglos
Reddit tourist detected.
Everyone knows it’s the Irish.



>leftists triggered by funny reddit pictures
many such cases


File: 1678489753577.jpg (57.29 KB, 663x500, the seal binds them.jpg)

This is now a schizo thread

File: 1678445846209.jpg (86.9 KB, 750x863, 1678445089090365.jpg)


Chairman MBS… i kneel…
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Revizionism strikes again



Is MBS actually trying to secularize Saudia?


The claims in that pic are false, but the general trajectory that MBS is taking is real. He's trying to compete with and imitate the UAE. The latter gets more foreign investment and tourism because they aren't well known for beheadings and shit like that.


that article didn't really debunk most of the claims


What are the chances that a white police officer, first name Derek, stereotypical asshole name, last name Chauvin, like chauvinist, with one of the most punchable faces I've seen, would commit a hate crime? You can't make this shit up even if you tried. It would be more likely that ayy lmaos did it like that Simpsons episode.


conformation bias.


Hate crimes happen every single day. Low probability versions get plenty of chances.

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