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File: 1641978864508.mp4 (5.87 MB, 640x360, 1641978822.mp4)


>Aww look at the kids playing with their toys
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File: 1642078798189.png (10.01 KB, 776x509, Ink blunderbluss.png)

put the bottom of the of the ink cartidge between the compass legs and press. Your tumb is usually put behind the cartridge to make sur the ink goes forward


Do you make a hole first? Otherwise it just seems like it would explode in your hands


File: 1642080374972.jpg (12.51 KB, 380x380, 4237523756238753.jpg)

You don't need to make a hole. The flatter part at the bottom is more resistant than the front part which is obturated by a small plastic marble that sink within the cartidge when you insert it in the fountain pen.
When you press the sides of the cartridge, the ink follow the path of least resistance and the marble is expelled instead of being pulled in.


But still, even if the cartridge is of poor quality and explode easily, just putting the tumb at the bottom is enough to make the front give way first.


and furthermore, making a hole before would prevent pressure from accumulating and the ink would just flow instead of being propelled

File: 1642053309060.png (327.04 KB, 748x656, Screenshot.png)


I hate americans

I fucking hate them all, they spread the disease everywhere around the world
The disease of muh freedumb

Now Covid is never going away, if this ratfuck is saying something truthful
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oo ooooo


What's wrong with Americans?


>I'm always like no guys american proles are still proles but if this is true, that covid is never going to get slowly phased out and that everybody, literally every single person on earth will get covid and lose their fucking sense of smell, and we'll all just be a race of no smellers, I will turn racist against americans
>speaks in American dialect
>spooked about Americans
Many such cases.


>abloooh blooh
>bloooh blah blah

Kill yourself
I would stab the devil with his own pitchfork

I don't care about these wasteful things like dualities and hypocrisies
Means to an end

People who waste their time "exposing" hypocrisies are worthless

You can malign and twist words to make the mere act of living, an hypocrisy

You're the same kind of useless cunt that would call the USSR hypocritical because they became a superpower cause according to you, Ding anything other than sitting around and jacking off is hypocritical


File: 1642080706949.jpg (49.83 KB, 584x796, 34963054_sa.jpg)


File: 1642020566381.png (116.76 KB, 600x531, ClipboardImage.png)


Christcom for Whites
Islamcom for Browns
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What about the references to camels not being able to pass through the eye of a needle, and such, in the Bible OP? Camels aren't exactly native to burgerland /bongland.


You can't pass these through the eye of a needle either


Abrahamic religions all originate from Middle East and monotheists whites are doing cultural appropriation.
Pagancom is the the White man's way


Who is shilling this to /pol/?
Ever since traditionalism went mainstream, /pol/ has been idolizing Church and the clergy, monastic life, and fundamentalist theocracies.
This appears to me to be a new development.


it's a cope for their movement collapsing after charlottesville and needing to retreat into some kind of "normalcy"


Return to Monke


return to ur mums pussy


return to muff


video gone


File: 1622684911377.jpg (53.94 KB, 984x518, 1366_2000.jpg)

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Dump posts with cartoon images or discussion attached to them

anything goes
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File: 1640596873677.png (40.23 KB, 385x183, ClipboardImage.png)

Hey /co/mrade, wanna join the party?


File: 1641411611940.png (50.77 KB, 461x471, Castro cringe comp.png)


Yea nice try porky
Alunya isn't a goddamned slut


File: 1641594250544.jpg (39.74 KB, 474x316, slut and proud.jpg)

>Alunya isn't a goddamned slut
Stop slut shaming.


What the fuck are those kids dressed in?


Duginist Stalin

File: 1642019442756.jpg (66.91 KB, 828x618, i think i feel.jpg)


I think

I feel

I believe
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File: 1642025303340.png (358.9 KB, 859x341, ClipboardImage.png)

Huh? And what's that supposed to mean?

I think you better check yourself before you wreck yourself


I use both.


Porn is good.


File: 1642033993556.jpg (33.63 KB, 600x600, carlos.jpg)

i piss

i shid

i fard


File: 1642034575214.jpg (21.7 KB, 474x266, downloadfile(8).jpg)

I cum

I see 2 holes

I am the conqueror

File: 1641249471605.png (26.3 KB, 1500x902, ClipboardImage.png)

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I don't think asexuality actually exists. It's all unresolved trauma. One type of it doesn't allow you to get close to others sexually, another, "aromantic" is so deep you can't even feel intimate connections to people.

also it's frustrating, after talking about it like this feels like i'm about to get jumped by junkies with all the RGB colors in their hair
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Human sexuality is not fluid. You're just a bisexual who thinks everyone must be like you.


Asexual is not about trauma; it's actually your inner desire to remain single.


Which is why there are a lot of reasonable people here


quite seriously bc vaginas gross me out, like I get disgusted seeing them
and no this isnt bc of trauma they just look like wounds, boobs are better anyways


Aromantic here, I have always hated romance and intimacy and there is no unresolved trauma, at least for me.

Some people just like to fuck, bruh.

File: 1642027245183.png (575.89 KB, 960x903, ClipboardImage.png)


an image of Alexei Romanov pretending to shoot his sister Tatiana Nikolaevna Romanov during a trip,1916.

File: 1641931303062.jpg (100.2 KB, 1024x654, 1641929370872.jpg)


Why do liberals fear the "alt right" "far right" or whatever so much in the usa so much

This right here is the people they are scared of in comments
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Bro at least take off the Sabocat flag when you post this bullshit


Sabocat right as always. Haters can drown in their shit.


>Frankly I don't think you have to be a rightist to lust after Abby or her feet.

>I would feel bad for her if it wasn't for the fact that she's an absolutely awful singer with all the pretention of some kind of virtuosa.

>Fuck, I would strangle a palestian child just for a single lick of those heavenly feet
Here's a better challenge for (YOU): Thinking of jews without bringing in
<muh zionism
<muh imperialism
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no it isn't


If you didn't report that comment, then you're facilitating zionism.
No excuse, do your part. Report.
t. Stasi

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