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File: 1631424346092.jpg (161.29 KB, 851x1277, BASED.jpg)


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based, more gachafags need to be treated like that.




>literally everyone shits on it and it's only peddled by autistic programmers who can't even use it themselves


I use it pretty often and have no problems with it.


I used it probably 5-6 years ago.
Has it gotten better?

File: 1631436261292.png (212.5 KB, 434x434, dejikoga.png)


>be an anti-american communist in america
>get called "rasist" by a random chinese user that hates americans
bros how do i even react to this
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>implying chinese internet users even use the western internet
bruh it was probably some taiwanese or singaporean-chinese guy or chinkgusano in burgerland


If they're speaking Chinese and calling you racist there's a non-zero chance it's some pasty teenage Dengist armed with google translate.


Most Chinese netizens are nationalist retards who aren't even communist, don't worry about it




by not talking because clearly you do not understand that you could still be racist even if you're an anti-american communist in america.

File: 1631467245488.png (8.64 MB, 4000x4000, 4wa7s70avom71.png)


should posting Reddit memes be frowned upon here? pic related by the way


Only the political ones



File: 1631464815898.jpg (68 KB, 750x559, 9asd4serzvk71.jpg)


Turks BTFO
anyway, this is now a euro political cartoon thread, let's see whats their version of ben garrison/stone toss/hedgewick is.


no such thing


What you mean, at some places you can even pay with them

File: 1631455226127.png (920.13 KB, 1617x1080, 1592838159776.png)


roll at your own risk for a BPD gf
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it made me a more understanding person so it did have an effect on me


>All these women are white


emily is cute but mw emo sucks


What it's like?


??? Not all of them

File: 1631410545142.png (1.17 MB, 900x1200, ClipboardImage.png)


this fucking social construct walked past me today. it said something in its irrational zealot-babble. I lost it and called it what it is, a worthless spook. it literally doesnt exist lmao people still believe this
I dont know why people got mad Im just saying what we all know


cool ghost story bro


File: 1631434512257.jpeg (91.68 KB, 540x960, fa854f33a681bef0.jpeg)

When will this "a phantasm is just a social construct" meme finally end? Just read the fucking book already.


I dunno man it looks pretty real to me. more so, it feels real. so fuck you



File: 1631421625308.png (771.43 KB, 900x1117, yeschad.png)






Happy birthday random k-pop celeb


Oh so that's who he is

File: 1631340986003.png (1.59 MB, 2376x1552, 1606753909047.png)


I lost a bar right against a taller man. I feel emasculated and strangely what women probably feel when they are raped. I want to die man. I lost because his bitch got angry at me for asking why she peed outdoors. I want to kill everyone there honestly but i know i wont. im a fucking pussy.

pic completely random from my years of browsing LEFTYPOL.
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File: 1631452856315.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.3 KB, 680x307, height.jpg)


this mfer about to release the manletfesto


i guess this is more of a meme thread. that was real legit advice, but ok. good luck, have fun fighting random guys on the street just because they're shorter than you so therefore you think they're easy to beat up. I'm sure that will go well for you ;^)
doesn't have to be "secretly jet li", he could just be secretly a boxer who goes to gym and spars on regular basis. attached is a video of retired pro boxer Scott Lawton beating on Eddie Hall (one of the physically strongest humans ever, deadlifts over 1000 pounds) like a piñata in a sparring session and not even breaking much of a sweat in doing so.


*retired lightweight pro boxer
to clarify that he's far from a big guy


I literally am a manlet bro I’m fucking 5’8 you think I wanna fight some 6’2 uygha?

File: 1631440747750.jpg (7.59 KB, 299x168, clean it.jpg)


Who do you hate siberia?
How would you punish them?

People that let their dogs shit on other people's lawns out of indifference/laziness/entitlement are not redeemable human beings imo. If we drowned every dog shitter in pooch poo I think it would be a net positive for the human race. I once stepped in fresh dog shit right behind where some guy was walking his dog without bags. I asked him if it was his dog's. From the outrage he responded with, I should have known he was lying. He looked much smaller and weaker than me. I could have easily beaten him, I could have easily killed him with my bare hands.

Part of me wishes to return to the primal violent past. Some mythologized conception lingering in the back of my mind of a savage world of might makes right. I want to kill. I want to immerse myself in violent catharsis, but only people that trully deserve it. Come to think of it I probably could have gotten away with beating that man without getting arrested no? What would the odds be like I wonder. I frequently had fantasies of war, do all boys dream of killing? I wonder how much of this is nature and how much is nurture, so to speak. Can anyone else relate?

Anyways I don't mean to be too negative. Just venting. feel free to dissect this line of thinking if that interests anyone.
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> Who do you hate siberia?

> How would you punish them?

You should see the way I live.


Thanks anon; after all this recent drama bullshit, that means a lot.


File: 1631447241906-0.png (336.43 KB, 640x640, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1631447241906-1.png (728.51 KB, 1900x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

no offense


>People that let their dogs shit on other people's lawns out of indifference/laziness/entitlement are not redeemable human beings imo.
Come on man, it's just poop. Under communism and if pets are allowed, cleaning after your pets WILL be enforced and everyone will get used to it.


Hahahaha just go to leftychan and stay there dude


I just got a no hit run on my opposition exams i think, probably
Feeling really gigachaddish right now bros.
How was your day like?


What's an opposition exam??

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