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File: 1641630344902.jpg (49.37 KB, 501x585, 634.jpg)


French people can't be leftists, especially quebecois
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Quebecois can be MonBol gang



They may not be as classcucked by theyre still libcucked which makes any upheaval effete



they literally invented it


File: 1641651059083-0.jpg (147.53 KB, 714x1024, 20220108_140753.jpg)

File: 1641651059083-1.jpg (403.97 KB, 1080x1641, 20220108_140800.jpg)

File: 1641651059083-2.jpg (188.55 KB, 751x1024, 20220108_140841.jpg)

File: 1641651059083-3.jpg (69.7 KB, 426x570, 20220108_140831.jpg)

File: 1641651059083-4.jpg (244.5 KB, 1087x1454, 20220108_140900.jpg)

Here's some French Socialist Party posters from the 1970s I just found on twitter.


File: 1641654169610.jpg (259.1 KB, 1024x1024, charles_fourier.jpg)

>mfw sea water still hasn't turned to lemonade in 2022


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I hate this junji ito book


File: 1641637455632-0.png (1.96 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1641637455632-1.png (100.72 KB, 640x332, ClipboardImage.png)

>tfw used to be affected by tryshit
>tfw barely feel anything now

feels good



File: 1641637721564.png (284.26 KB, 500x667, ClipboardImage.png)

good good, now you only need to overcome the fear of demons ambushing you at midnight when you go to the bathroom


bathroom is small, light is within me
no fear

anons tell me everyday that i glow



File: 1641644769055-0.png (504.86 KB, 467x658, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1641644769055-1.png (484.91 KB, 424x600, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1641644769055-2.png (630.66 KB, 580x580, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1641644769055-3.png (1.82 MB, 2000x1478, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1641644769055-4.png (14.99 MB, 3504x2336, ClipboardImage.png)


can you imagine working in the modern Japanese army? few drills, spending most of your budget on maintaining pieces of equipment, having to rely on anime in your recruitment ads to appeal to your recruitment age of 18 to 32-year-olds
and spending half your time doing nothing but rest, go into fists fights with ivans, changs, and squidgame people over mini-islands, or help uncle sam in his occupation of Iraq.


America got em on a leash but it's better than actually going to war and dieing for porky.


Does it still come with comfort women?


I'm actually surprised they didn't pump up their military budget with aid yet considering the maritime clash with china

>comfort women
anon, they are the comfort women, this was decided in a conference in Okinawa a decade ago, for more information google Okinawa 1995.


(Skip to paragraph four for what I need help with—the first three paragraphs are just background information.)

I live in the United States. Since sophomore year of high school, I've grown more and more distant from other people. Now that I'm 18 years old and out of school, it's gotten to the point where I cannot feel loneliness, and just being around people makes me slightly uncomfortable. I've hikikomotta for about a year, and just NEET'ed for another, since I dropped out of high school and got my high school equivalency. I've also acquired mild symptoms of anhedonia, avolition, and apathy, so I have stopped partaking in any hobbies & interests I used to have; the symptoms aren't really an issue though, I was a failure in my previous hobbies. The only activities that I do now are listening to music, thinking, walking, and "people-observing." The only thing that I have to look forward to is my Mind Amalgamation Project, but I'm having a bit of trouble getting it rolling.

Recently, I have gotten my first job; I do not like it. It is repetitive work that requires just the right amount of care that makes it impossible to go on auto-pilot and return to my internal fantasies and daydreaming. Also, if I mess up badly enough, I have a chance of being fined and/or going to prison—this job involves handling a lot of private information, really the only enjoyable part for me. The money I get for my paycheck also does not excite me, because I have little use for it—my only material desires are for things that will help sustain my existence and activities, such as food, water, electricity, &c; I already have all of the items I have ever wanted, and anything else that I want is just information.

There are also a lot of people at this job. The extremity of my emotions pales in comparison to those of normal people, and changing myself in this way is not desirable for me. I dislike small talk, and the charade of office politics. I was being trained by two people, and they kept trying to talk to me about things that they obviously didn't care to know about; I have no issue with silence, and usually prefer it, but it seems everybody else at this job starts to get nervous/awkward when I don't say anything. It was even in the training that my sort of usual lonesome behavior is suspicious, and should be reported to higher-ups.

I don't want to work for the rest of my life, I just want to be like Gondola, so I have come up with a few pPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1640922277905-0.png (255.79 KB, 680x360, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1640922277905-1.png (123.61 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1640922277905-2.png (19.07 KB, 404x364, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1640922277905-3.png (14.79 KB, 220x271, ClipboardImage.png)


Need pics pls
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File: 1641595129275.png (7.5 KB, 183x275, ClipboardImage.png)

My favourite



names/sauce for the first and last?


*heavy breathing*


>*links the two 600+ replies /pol/ threads on 8ch.net/interracial/*


It's all the same person - jade cargill


This baby headed mf really mortgaged the world's largest empire bc he hated Germans.
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mortgaging the british empire was the final step in achieving world capitalism


>anyway, genocide




real ceterum autem censeo Carthaginem esse delendam vibes


How about a millennial and GenX buzzword? Becky.

File: 1641354706728.jpg (52.46 KB, 876x708, vowsh.jpg)


Why do so many comrades here dislike him?
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Did you just post a video from an anti-communist right-wing diaspora Cuban who has openly stated his support for members of right-wing militias that have murdered left-wing demonstrators in order, uhm, to support your position on the legality own traced CP?

Do you lack complete and utter self-awareness at this point?

Like, has being immersed in these disgusting communities for this long unironically fried your brain?

You people are fucking nutcases, holy shit.


<proofs given
>well is that really such a bad thing


Lmao what is this from?


i keep lol'ing at this


File: 1641622126972.png (6.8 KB, 235x128, ClipboardImage.png)



>Believe in inevitable return of Jesus Christ and his holy kingdom on Earth, this will and must happen no matter what
>Believe in an eternal endless paradise with God in heaven
>Frequently believe in execution of unbelievers
>Believe in inevitable creation of socialist state and communist society no matter what happens to the Earth in this century and proceeding ones
>Believe in eternal Earthly paradise
>Believe in executing people with vaguely different conceptions of socialism
What’s the difference beyond one being explicitly spiritual and the other pretending to be secular?
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You say this like an omnipresent all knowing invincible figure who literally created the universe can be castigated as a mere human despot. If you do not object to AI algorithms efficiently running a planned economy ala Cockshott than you should not have any objection to the de facto most knowledgeable and well-meaning figure in all of existence running the universe. Any objection you would raise would be no more valid than an anarchists' bleatings about hierarchy inherent in democratic centralism.


Sorry but I don't need to be a 5000 autism score polymath to know that if god has unlimited power (stated in the bible), yet chose to create starving orphans, he is a monster.


Are you really that triggered by my claiming advanced socialism will solve nearly every problem faced by humanity, that you had to make a whole thread about it?


Pick one fag
>Wahhhh God is a totalitarian monster who smites people for stepping one step out of line
>Wahhhh why won't God smite every evil person in existence
The fact is both approaches have been tried (Old and New Testament) and both have their share of critics and yet that won't stop atheists from attempting to hold true to both views simultaneously. Humanity is not pleased by either route, as YHWH is castigated for being "genocidal" "abusive" "a human rights violator" etc. while they castigate Jesus for being "meek" "accepting towards oppression" etc. The reality is that no one would be happy under either approach so the rest is just bitter people coping with that fact.

Edited so I can relate it to the specific example you posted:
>Starving orphans
So that's an interplay of a myriad of factors from imperialism allowing exploiters to devastate developing countries, to commodity traders speculating on and deliberately increasing the scarcity and price of food, to a lack of action taken by people in richer countries whether it be through their governments or their own families etc.
You want a visible taste of justice? Alright then God reverts to Old Testament methods and smites your entire country (guessing you're Euro or Amerikkkan or in another developed country) for sitting idle in a wealthy society and refusing to help those people minus the charities or NGOs or government bureaucrats or workers who actually did step out and do something. Now anywhere from 60-90% of your country is dead for their sins and you would undoubtedly cope by deciding to blame God even more even though in that case He would be doing what you "want".


shut up bitch
didn't read

File: 1641383166152.png (258.56 KB, 1582x495, Healthy gamer.png)


Have you seen Healthy gamer I think some of his videos saved my life particularly the ones on how to reduce time spent on the internet.
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It's important to go offline to read theory and do praxis irl atleast


>I could literally be in his position and doing that
Are you a qualified psychiatrist?


Is he a qualified psychiatrist?



I hate him because I could literally be in his position and doing that

I hate anybody who can do things I can do

But I guess it's good what he's doing? Idk

>stereotypical blue pill stuff
like what does that mean

File: 1641424853570.png (379.65 KB, 1600x1333, logo-for-Autism-support.png)


How do you, as a sperg, feel about autism logos?

If I had to hazard a guess it seems like there was essentially a PR campaign for retards at some point where it was decided they'd use this really childish imagery and pretty much just focus on it as a children's issue and this probably at least slightly preceded the point where every dork got diagnosed and put on SSRIs by age 6. Children are a more sympathetic focus and you can kind of sidestep the problems with how ugly actual autism in adulthood is. But it comes across really weird given the vast span of people the diagnosis can cover at this point. It's all "my beautiful retarded child" and that's just an acceptable association whether it's repulsive retarded adults who can't function or neurotics with jobs who go to comic cons. It's weird.
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Anyway wondering about my insights, why and howcome social cues or the emotions and other people being there 'burn/melt' your brain if that turns out to be the reason why we have something insulating it from that?

If there was a pill you could take to get rid of the insulation for a time when you need to switch it off I think it would be ok. It doesn't have to be a 'cure', just a way to have control over the part of your brain that is insulating the sense.


I hope the chinese figure it out with all their gene editing




Before, when a child got chewed up and spat by a combination of school, parents, peers and environment, you had to ask all the uncomfortable questions and shamefully put them on meds to make them productive workers.
Now, they are "on the spectrum", their circumstances stem from an intractable chemical imbalance of some sort and you have to proudly(and profitably) put them on meds to make them productive workers.


don't sexualize ashbie
aspiegirls are taking her back

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