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"No chin, no right to speak."
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File: 1613200313232.jpg (403.16 KB, 976x944, 1613137272539.jpg)

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<span class="heading">POST LEFTY COPYPASTAS</span><br/><br/>You will never have your ethnostate<br/>You will never have that race war<br/>You will never have a tradwife gf<br/>You will never lose your virginity<br/>You will never have a chin<br/>You will never bed a woman<br/>You will never be a man(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)
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Hey I know this is off topic but I was wondsring iif yyou knew of aany
widgets I could add to my blog that automatihally tweeet mmy newest twitter updates.
I've been looking foor a plug-in like this foor quite some time and was hoping
maybe you woould hqve some ezperience wwith solmething like this.
Please llet mme kknow if youu run into anything.

I tfuly enjoyy reading your blog and I look forward to your new updates.





><span class="heading">POST LEFTY COPYPASTAS</span><br/><br/>You will

Why broken?


Scraped from the other site.


File: 1680284233801.mp4 (738.83 KB, 1280x578, hGSZW10AEEJNnS6Y.mp4)

File: 1680265640754.png (992.91 KB, 1200x900, 1671389792127805.png)


>there is a tiny amount of vampire hentai on the web
it's so over


aint no way they romanticized bleeding out in the desert


File: 1680279591421.png (163.94 KB, 946x832, darling۰۹۱۴.png)

it's over or something along those lines

File: 1680147970528.png (1.03 MB, 750x672, ClipboardImage.png)


>TFW no handsome Arab bf
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an imageboard free of virgins (incels) has never existed and probably never will, they are all secretly homo tho


File: 1680235642322.jpg (10.74 KB, 214x236, chihuahua arab meme6.jpg)

>>388782 very coo
>>388785 l very co
>>388794 ol very c
>>388795 ool very
>>388824 cool ver
>>388826 y cool ve


gay as fuck


This is literally an incel thread.


Yeah, this is why I wish mods created lgbt board so we don't have to deal with straight*id lgbtphonic ch*u*ds as they're clearly not being banned for their homophobia

File: 1680243108355.jpg (239.05 KB, 1914x1080, IMG_20200803_152446.jpg)


What will happen to "pretty privilege" under communism?
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in the future we will all have custom appearances like vtuber avatars. transhumanism will resolve pretty privilege in this manner. instead people will be judged on their aesthetic sense and creativity in coming up with their custom appearance.


Real answer: communism doesn't purport to solve every single problem or contradiction afflicting the human species, only the problem of the expropriation of surplus vale from the working class by the owner class.


Didn't Zizek say that envy will be worse in communism as there won't be other status symbols to compensate for ugly?


>didn't Zizek claim something contradicting common sense to be fake deep again


I recall coming across a paper that said the less conventionally-attractive you are the more likely it is you will fight for roles that have power, and the conclusion it reached was that ugly people generally lack 'power' in their day to day social relations and thus will seek it more in an objective form i.e soviet leadership


File: 1680255947455.mp4 (2.09 MB, 576x1024, GBnoGWz9Lw242t8f.mp4)


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File: 1680265040883.png (1.24 MB, 1280x1280, ClipboardImage.png)

Your Muladhara is where the kundalini is stored. It has to rise to connect with your third eye.

>Men with unbalanced first chakras may experience prostate problems. Signs of an over-active 1st Chakra Individuals who have a persistently over-active Muladhara chakra express their disconnection from the world through an attempt to overcompensate by dominating their surroundings.


Grindset is basically "Take ritalin and talk non stop about the grindset."


meh/10 videobait


Amphetamemes are a hell of a drug


>Don't worry fam it's fine, lawyers and doctors are taking this shit to perform at work. It will improve my life. I got my dumb doctor to prescribe it lol.
>Talks constantly about anxiety for the next 5 months then has a breakdown
Many such cases in my life.

File: 1680258179298.jpg (106.09 KB, 581x500, 58at97.jpg)


the ever-increasing realism and popularity of shooters serves the purpose of make the difference between the videogame and actually being in the army ever smaller, to make the transition over to serving the imperial machine easier to stomach. Level up and die for capitalism.
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well, it could be possible, just nobody wants to do it lol


Violent video games are praxis. The more violent and gory the video game is the more praxis it is. But games that manage to be disturbing without gore… well that's communism.


ARMA simulates the hiking part


Someone should make a realistic job simulator that allows you to kill the CEO of the company you work at.


>How is it a moot point? That's exactly my point and it's doubly true for soldier simulators, they aren't meant to be accurate, just fun.

Also I thought you were saying that job simulators in general were accurate lol.

File: 1680144170837.png (1.51 MB, 1024x1024, 1680057808004.png)


My brother keeps trying to push me to go to college but applying for it is so hard and im not interested in going. Im not smart enough to graduate and i probably wouldnt pass an ACT or SAT. Furthermore i think self sabotage is better for my character development. However on the other hand if i went to college i'd probably have to do a bunch of bullshit tasks to stay afloat but i might develop friendships, get invited to parties, or get high on weed for the first time, or maybe find a gf/bf. Also, going to college for something might make me a priority immigrant if i live long enough to become a refugee during the 2026 united states transgender holocaust.
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I was there, it was ok


Networking if you go to really good school maybe. I think people should go to college when they're older and ready to focus on the studying, but maybe you're not there yet.

Main reason to go to college is just so you can have a bachelors period because that automatically separates you from the people with just HS diplomas, just like people with HS diplomas are automatically separated from people without them when it comes to applying for jobs. After that would be getting a useful degree.


What is Sophia?


This only works if you’re white tbh


File: 1673057454026-0.png (147.93 KB, 500x500, Grace pik 6 alunya 1.png)

File: 1673057454026-1.png (150.97 KB, 500x500, Grace pik 6 alunya 2.png)

File: 1673057454026-2.png (85.18 KB, 560x315, snarling-dog.png)

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By the invitation of Cat Alunya
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File: 1680249051689-0.png (126.34 KB, 500x500, Grace concerning.png)

File: 1680249051689-1.mp4 (7.81 MB, 640x352, The Snorks.mp4)

This would probably entail the destruction of the USA itself.
Like Hobbes says, changing from one form of State to the next means the destruction of the previous State.
Like Bodin says, to make a subject equal with the Sovereignty itself means its destruction.
Sure, the old symbols and so on could be used, but that's no different than Putin using symbols of both Tsarist Russia and the Soviets. – Certain successor states use old symbols to gain obedience of the subjects and a seeming continuation of government and stability, in the way heirs adopt the name of Casear (a man of pre-eminence) to further their own majesty… as various successive states also took to being another Rome.
This is no different than the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood eating the grandmother & putting on her clothes.
The US Constitution sets term limits on the President by the 22nd Amendment.
& no noble titles
>Article I, Section 9, Clause 8: No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.
So it is doubtful this can be a de jure monarchy by institution, but de facto.
I'm not too well versed in this dilemma tbh.
Whether Trump gains this by right of conquest or not, Bodin would deem it to be a lordly monarchy (by right of conquest) or an illegitimate seizure of power as a tyrannical monarchy.

Executions, banishments, confiscations, and other deeds of violence usually mark a transition of State
Chuck Schumer says he's afraid for the future of democracy.
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File: 1680258728298-0.png (147.07 KB, 550x616, Grace cropped.png)

I usually keep this opinion to myself – though unlike other e-monarchists, the institution of the Nobility is not what makes Monarchy partial to me – in fact, the neofeuds, tocquevillists, and others annoy me more, esp. w/ views of the Nobility as a check or balance on the Monarchy or as a safety valve to regicide the Monarch or to foster localism where they value their local noble more than the sovereign monarch… these are treasonous & annoying doctrines to me – I guess also a heterodox opinion I hold. I'm not anti-nobility, more that I am pro-monarchy – if I was all about the pre-eminence of a few men or those eminent families, I would call myself an Oligarchist after all. This is inconceivable or ridiculous to many others in my circles, so I keep quiet. Simply the pre-eminence of one person, that is all, yes, the preference for hereditary monarchy might make this more confusing, but it's more about retain the connection to the previous monarch and to help all the subjects in general see as a familial bond there and between themselves as a whole. I have never been that much of a staunch elitist as my peers… not that I care enough, it's simply not my priority.
there are several things that confuse people: 1st, that they think of states simply as a rift between aristocracy and tyranny, or virtue and vice; 2nd, that monarchy is a manifestation of feudalism / neofeudalism; 3rdly, the confusion of royalism and monarchy and royal monarchy… The 1st point is absolutists think of states more as simply one, few, many – there is still consideration of virtue and vice in Bodin's case such as Royal or Aristocratic (virtuous) Monarchy, Lordly Monarchy, & Tyrannical Monarchy, but the Herodotus Debate outlook on monarchy, or oligarchy, or democracy has more primacy – & that's where the contention comes between us and traditionalists is we're right certain that the Sovereign Monarchy alone has a supremacy, whereas for traditionalists it's sort of the monarch and his peer nobles as one among equals as a virtuous aristocratic blob (the focus not per say on the pre-eminence of one person, but simply a clique of virtuosos w/ one among them). 2nd, b/c Medievalism & the Neofeudalist outlook, as well as Traditionalism & Catholicism &emphasis on hierarchy, it's very unfeasible for them to be content w/ simply the pre-eminence of one person per sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1680262257913-1.png (171.98 KB, 500x500, Grace joyous.png)

File: 1680262257913-2.png (153.42 KB, 500x500, Grace smile cheerful.png)

File: 1680262257913-3.png (126.34 KB, 500x500, Grace concerning.png)


File: 1680262299296-0.png (131.18 KB, 500x500, Grace shy blush.png)

File: 1680262299296-1.png (138.36 KB, 500x500, Grace shy love.png)

File: 1680262299296-2.png (146.19 KB, 500x500, Grace majestic.png)


First and Second picture is just when Grace-chan thinks about Alunya ^^

File: 1680252951898.jpg (129.26 KB, 961x951, marx.jpg)


Good afternoon /leftypol/

I am a highly trained and practised spiritual medium. I am here today because I have had dealings from the otherside with beings who have identified themselves as "Karl Marx" and "Friedrich Engels". The beings in question spoke to me at length over many issues in the present world and seek to undo some of the problems they have caused in their previous lives.

As such, you may ask me questions and I will relay them to these beings who will in turn provide answers. The process is slow, so allow some time before you recieve a response. No photographs are to be taken of this thread, or the seance will not work.
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Marx is agreeing with you. He's saying:
"In my original conception, in a socialist society, alll men would be required to wear short leather chaps in the factories. Communal showers in the mines were simply ways to escape our wives who never bothered to bathe".

Engels has something to say:
"It's actually not gay to look at men naked. Aritstotle was a trained gymnast and besides how little is known about the greeks, they did exercise naked. You have modern gyms were women are allowed to exercise with men which isn't what we imagined for a socialist society. Men should be allowed to be naked with one another and to improve their physique".


File: 1680256530118.png (41.09 KB, 872x583, 'acist.PNG)


>In my original conception, in a socialist society, alll men would be required to wear short leather chaps in the factories
Holy shit so communism is when big gay then? I honestly thought the critique of value movement was right to say "stop the gay industrial alienated orgy, no more big abstract gay domination", but I guess I can't contradict the master himself.
>Engels has something to say:
<It's actually not gay to look at men naked.
<Men should be allowed to be naked with one another and to improve their physique
Engels thought that lusting over men was icky, very sus… (see https://marxists.architexturez.net/archive/marx/works/1869/letters/69_06_22.htm)


ChatGPT is a /leftypol/ janny confirmed.


/leftypol/ janny is ChatGPT confirmed.

File: 1679033793773.jpg (144.06 KB, 1368x1026, 1647231864376.jpg)


ITT: Post Based Comrades
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I would add Marx and Lenin but those are too obvious


I'm aware it's a naive request, idealist in fact, just somewhere, some place, they could get along, It would have been better off, a united socialist camp.

Oh well, we move on, history and it's dialectic marches forward, there is no more USSR or Warsaw pact anymore. new material conditions, new struggles and strategies.


My soul left my body.


File: 1680263285700-1.png (1.55 MB, 1309x1567, 192843292353.png)

File: 1680263285700-2.jpg (199.17 KB, 1024x737, 124032948237583562.jpg)

File: 1680263285700-3.bmp (1.19 MB, 1092x382, 1039586295925.bmp)

File: 1680263285700-4.jpg (111.77 KB, 1280x720, 12984372403253.jpg)


File: 1680265188456-0.jpg (142.91 KB, 767x697, 5069487935.jpg)

File: 1680265188456-3.jpg (346.84 KB, 1600x1253, Joseph-Stalin.jpg)

File: 1680265188456-4.jpg (108.84 KB, 500x739, Mao, Zedong.jpg)

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