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File: 1655684085334.jpg (196.33 KB, 1023x682, Saloon.jpg)

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The game is simple, you must be the last man standing in the Saloon brawl. The Saloon Brawl starts when 3 players enter the Saloon and one of them drinks at least 3 drinks.

Anybody can enter the Saloon at any time, but they must assume a tripcode and a write a character description to do so. Each character starts with 5 HP, when you have no more HP, you die. This post will also count as your weapon roll.

0) You are unarmed
1) You are armed with a hidden 1 shot pistol. You must re load after every shot. Due to its hidden nature, it does double damage.
2) You are armed with a shotgun. You must reload after 2 shots. If you shoot somebody who has just melee attacked another player, both players are hit.
3) You are armed with a knife. Melee attacks are +3 damage, anybody shooting at you gets a re roll if they miss
4) you are armed with a 6 shot revolver. If the Barrell isn't fully loaded, you must re roll every shot no matter the outcome.
5) You are armed with a knuckleduster, melee attacks are +2 damage, anybody shooting at you gets a re roll if they miss
6) you are armed with a bottle. Your first melee attack is +1 damage, your second is +2, after that, you are unarmed. While unarmed, roll an even number to pick up another bottle. You may also throw the bottle giving a total of 2 damage, but leaving you unarmed.
7) You are armed with a pool cue. + 1 melee damage
8) You are armed with a tommy gun: once you start shooting, you can't stop shooting, for the next 10 turns you fire 2 shots, then you have no ammo and cannot re load. You cannot take cover, drink, or do melee attacks.
9) You are armed with a molotov cocktail. Select your target, if the roll is even, they take 2 damage and the bar is on fire, if you miss, the bar is on fire and everyone inside takes +1 damage each turn for the next 3 turns, then you are unarmed.

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holy shit has it really been 2 days?


You stumble from the bar through the saloon doors, bullets flying past your head, cleetus, the barkeep and his security watch with open mouths as you drunkenly wind up a haymaker back hand and unleash, there is a sharp intake of breathe as it looks like you will miss, your pinky nail catches on the top of the exposed brain, tearing at the naked brain flesh, slashing across it to rip out the sheriffs life.

He collapses knees, firing off one last bullet before he sways backwards and falls, the brains splattering in the horse shit and dust


With his final shot, the single bullet is pointed at Cleetus


Re roll for revolver


Miss, the sheriffs last shot is futile, his brains slowly spread through the dirt

File: 1656213563543.png (202.34 KB, 512x468, ClipboardImage.png)


I am a sexual deviant

In my long masturbation career, I have experimented more than all my ancestors combined
Feels good, I feel liberated, Not insecure at all anymore

Other than the big three (pedo, guro and zoo) and the nasty twos (shit and piss)

I have quite literally done it all

Virgin btw, You can't play the humblebrag card on me
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How can you call yourself a sexual deviant if you exclude those five? What's your most bizarre fetish? Inflation? Cartoon flattening? Dicknipples? Mindbreak/abuse?


Do have eroge/nukige recs for me? I like exploring interesting gaming/art subcultures.


File: 1656265692917.jpeg (35.96 KB, 384x500, 1655078238866.jpeg)

if u are not incapable of fapping to anything else but cub guro where the character shits and pisses from the execution-induced orgasm, you are a plebian. please do not talk to me

idk why but i have been getting this strange urge to nut all over the book ive been reading. idk why. like as i am reading my dick gets so hard and i wonder how it would feel to put my dick in between it or even coom on it. i wont do that of course since it is a library book

this tbh


haha that anime girl smokes weed :D


deleted scene from that famous hitler movie 'Downfall' showing the Soviets capturing the führerbunker.

pretty heckin' wholesome if I say so myself.
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Natalia is Monbol


How does anyone manage to convince himself that the imbicile who bungled both the Ruso-Japanese War and World War I before getting removed from power by every faction in the country was a martyr?




im not sure she'd react well to being called a bolshevik


mental illness

File: 1656211266518.png (46.09 KB, 595x275, 1656179381177.png)


/pol/ btfo by Tariq Nasheed
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The only buckbreaking I hear of is prison and that isn't particularly any race


Oh I dunno what his whole movie is about, but there were definitely gay slave owners who raped male slaves for discipline/to get their rocks off.


Is he talking about Doja Cat?


It looks like he was responding to a Brittany Venti tweet


But it's real tho, at least in Brazil it happened a lot






Why do people think masturbating is "killing off offspring" yet they think nothing of abortion.


Bcus abortion is keyed



File: 1656252449874.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.96 MB, 4032x3024, EFDB5B9C-02C3-46D8-BE1C-1….jpeg)


Apparently there’s supposed to be some sort of white protein covering this females abdomen yet I can’t find anything that looks like that. Anyone know why?


1. why


A white protein? Where did you got that from?



Oh no anon her white protein is missing
you had better replace it or you'll be in big trouble!


Apparently female rats have that lining their abdomen for something related to child rearing

File: 1642971855336.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.63 KB, 640x853, 1ec6389e9bd2f56202a6_01FK4….jpg)

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Uh oh



imagine when aoc gets older and can no longer rely on simps to support her campaigns


People simped for that green party woman too and she was ancient


File: 1655754283316.jpg (448.31 KB, 1000x1000, 1655678532681.jpg)



File: 1656115516121-0.png (13.45 KB, 1168x144, from 8ch moe bunker.png)

File: 1656115516121-1.png (15.98 KB, 880x95, ClipboardImage.png)


nazi bunker got v& rofl

it's an inconsequential pseud cesspit that even classical fash laughed at but we might as well celebrate brownsharts crying. I wonder if it was admin's irl activities, fedposting or child porn that did it.
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If it was the feds he wouldn't be allowed to talk about it. Probably just local police about copyright or some dumb shit like that.


Yep. Effectively a /pol/ continuation but renamed after all the drama.




>dude in the third image blaming this on Jews
It seems these people can't stop thinking about Jews all the time, huh?


They can also switch to Muslims or LGBT people on some situations but honestly, they sound like broken records.

File: 1656229760611-0.jpg (536.79 KB, 850x1019, California Overlay.jpg)

File: 1656229760611-1.png (719.59 KB, 602x647, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1656229760611-2.png (1.09 MB, 648x864, ClipboardImage.png)


I have done the science. This map is an overlay of the population density, topology, and fault lines of California. The greenest parts are the least populated, least mountainous, and least earthquake prone areas. All we need to do is fill San Jaoquin Valley with nuclear reactors.

Sorry lakefags but in real life the pre-emptive dam Chads get the girl


Fuck off, General Zod
Nobody likes terraforming as much as you

File: 1655837723130.png (363.53 KB, 543x745, plaid trousers.png)


Why can't I find this info anywhere?
Also, when did Yahoo Answers close down?
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Some music for you (no dount extremely, extensively precious) time. (-_-)


Jesus Christ. Typos. Lol.


Are you actually serious? The waist and the inseam are two seperate measurements. How is it possible to not know that?


First number is waist (circumference).
Second is the length of the pands (inseam I gess?)


The inseam would be 34 inches, are you retarded? How long the rise is depends on the brand/the cut of this pair. "Long" in pants is usually referring to the rise. These will be a higher rise, made to be worn at the natural waist and not the hips. This says nothing about the waist. Pants are usually sized like "32x34" or something like that - waste size x inseam. To know other measurements, like rise, thigh size, seat, etc. you are going to have to look at the website of whatever brand sells them.

Waist and length are given in two separate measurements. "Long" refers to rise, it would be retarded to give the measurement of the inseam and then have it be a few inches longer than that lmao. If a website you are buying clothes from doesn't give all of the relevant measurements for a garment, don't buy lmao. Don't buy shit clothes.

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