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File: 1642608244471.png (133.12 KB, 914x320, funnyjoke.png)


best promo materials for /leftypol/ POST EM!
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How do you say, "Sir, this is a Wendy's" in Esperanto?


Sinjoro, ĉi tio estas Wendy's


File: 1642625414775.jpg (144.71 KB, 500x750, fritoj.jpg)

Ĉu povas havi ni fadenon esperantan?
Ni ne havis iun longtempe, bonvolu diri al mi ke ankoraŭ ĉi tiu retloko esperantistojn havas. Mi ne iras ĉi tien tre ofte nun, ĉar la plejparto da la homoj de ĉi tiu retejo estas perversiuloj, faŝistoj, kaj aliaj specoj de stultuloj.


Vi ne rajtas plendi pri perversiuloj afiŝante bildon ĉi tian.


>yotsuba a

File: 1641200335336.png (7.55 MB, 3235x2201, ClipboardImage.png)


what it would be like if the unabomber, Julian Assange, el Chapo, Ross Ulbricht, sam hyde, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Brenton Tarrant all shared the same prison cell?
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It would be the latest zany sitcom


the big band praxis


the episode with judy greer is amazing
she wears a polka dot bra


sorry i dont watch
>le reddit sitcom


File: 1642626134819.png (1.86 MB, 2286x1240, 22613.png)

They will form a team and escape from prison.

>sam hyde

The leader, makes sure his comrades stick to the plan.


He gathers intelligence on the ins and outs of the prison, especially the location of the prison's armory, as well as other unknown secrets about the warden.

>El Chapo

He will bribe the guards with drugs and use his outside connections to smuggle-in tools, mostly bomb components

>Ross Ulbricht

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File: 1642587888594.jpg (132.78 KB, 678x800, EfsI4jLUYAAcfOy.jpg)


Doing a Computer Science degree and not only am I surrounded by crypto-lolbert techbro retards, I also don't find much enjoyment or interest in the subject and pretty much only came here because IT jobs pay very well in my country, and I kinda need the money. Will probably kms like 2 years into my programming career
How to resist the urge to go full adventurist
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Imagine thinking money compensates for living around shit people


you live in capitalism
don't try to make sense of the stupid consumerist bullshit

it's nothing


>Why would you be a commie when youre a labour aristo?
Only programmers who are working at GAFAM or in very specialized domains, that have a job in the Bay Area doing meme shit with VC money, or who are doing financial analysis in NYC or London make 6 figures. The rest of us earns average salaries for skilled work, not much more than an electrician. Wake up gramps, the dot-com bubble has popped 20 years ago.
>under socialism youd necessarily get less. Youre betraying your material interests.
Not having to generate surplus value for porky means work hours could be dramatically reduced, this alone makes socialism worthwhile for a "labor aristocrat", whatever that means in the context of the 21st century.


I'm in the exact same boat as you OP, except a few years later. Just started at a coding job and I hate coding/coders, home office is alienating shit, and it's gnawing, seeing how hard my parents worked, how little I work, how much more I earn than them, and how many people are in positions like my family while I'm spared that shit for no good reason other than happening to be born at a time where this lifestyle is possible, with a particular (and generally useless) skillset.


Lol wait until you look for a job.

File: 1642576384226.png (725.3 KB, 758x726, shut it.png)



Why can't the sadomasochists just accept that we're gods of the new universe now, The rules are changed

What is "right" and "wrong" has never been set in stone, We'll clone whoever we want!
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i agree with you anon
but what if lets say in 50 years

cloning people who are dead is normal
the world is much odder

would you regret the then progress at all?

>it could easily be a step down
in what sense could it be a step down? morally?


>in what sense could it be a step down? morally?

No. A lot of times it is direct steps down, in terms of human capability and creation.


We aren't giving or getting our all, because it is often more profitable to develop ways to cripple technology. It is more profitable to mass produce shit than it is to sell well-designed things.

Likewise, rentseeking is more profitable than labor or production, so our laws and technology bend to accommodate it. Even resources which would be free and plentiful without this "progress" become choked by it just the same. A lot of progress, in the real world, is directed against improvement of the human condition and quality of human output. But make no mistake, it is still progress.


IDK. I don't object to cloning humans per se but cloning your dead wife is pretty sus, I mean she's gonna be like 20 when you're 50 or something and are you gonna be raising her yourself from birth and basically grooming her into fucking you?

If you can recreate the memories/age of the old person, then that would be much more reasonable


feel like if this is even successful, we're gonna get an increase in pet abuse stories, as they gotta cope with the fact that their cloned pet is in fact not their own pet that they knew from the past and might try to compensate any perceived difference by getting mad at them etc.


shut up faggots

File: 1642584105123.png (29.14 KB, 640x640, ClipboardImage.png)


Let's separate material conditions from it because we as individuals can't control much about that

So what is it?

Does actually living and being out there does it?
Does reading about the human condition does it?
Is it socializing?
What is it

What exactly helps you in being a well-rounded individual
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You get better at talking to people and understanding them through experience.


>You get better at talking to people
When you say this
In a way, do you mean we get at picking the masks to use to talk and negotiate with people?

People often talk about these masks, the way we talk and act, it's different with different people

It's usually said in a negative way, But what if this mask is a fundamental human skill?

As you say, while socializing we learn how to talk, maybe we're meant to be different with other people, maybe not, and all this capitalist relations and class and hierarchies has vulgarized our normal communication with human beings


shared values. the usage of better automatically implies you are not alone in the world and are interacting with others, and other people are around you to perceive you. For reactionary pieces of shit, you are a "good" person bc youve got the same values as the other shitbags. for us radicals and/or leftists, theyve got different values.

if you're alone completely, you cannot be better or worse. you are simply your self.

But even if you're truly alone or in company of others, i feel what can bring peace of mind is living by your values. of course, if youre rawdogging it out in nature, youre not really "alone" as your subject to the relationships of nature.


Yes, we all relate to each other through the "masks" we wear for other people, but the problem is the policing of these relations and thus the masks is in the hands of the ruling class as opposed to being something that people can control for themselves (for the most part). It's part of why we see more variety in pre-class societies in the anthropological record. Any class society intentionally restricts the ways people interact or understand the world around them so that the class system appears to be the only possibility. Capitalist Realism isn't unique to capitalism, just that the idea is a reflection of how the dynamic is reflected in contemporary capitalism.



No. I, personally, mean that you get better at talking to people, the same way you get better at playing a guitar by playing guitar. People downplay it, but even in socialization practice makes perfect.

File: 1642611522637.jpg (20.7 KB, 400x400, dsTQUdg1_400x400.jpg)


Sorry Shay Shayism was already trademarked before you by this guy


Its over. Im not the CEO anymore


File: 1642611972528.png (368.75 KB, 700x467, ClipboardImage.png)

There there, shay
It's okay

You are free now

File: 1640999536598.png (746.46 KB, 546x558, ClipboardImage.png)


The first day of the year is officially a Caturday.
Post nice kots!
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File: 1641010654221.png (20.76 KB, 458x347, Oekaki.png)






File: 1642609806532.gif (782.13 KB, 498x498, pepe w kitty.gif)

File: 1642605819522.png (800.87 KB, 800x672, sorry.png)


new political compass just dropped


political compass: suitable for ages 8-12


File: 1642608345261.jpg (40.13 KB, 640x628, IMG_20171205_150101.jpg)

You will notice that each quadrant has its own "safe space" and end result, where the player settles and doesn't move afterward. The pieces also have to move around the board (staying on the extreme outer edge of course) before they can settle, but where they end up is predetermined from the start. This really says a lot about our society and how people's political convictions are really a matter of underlying material interests and ideological exploration is merely performative and designed to create the impression that people arrived at their convictions through reason and deliberation and not because of underlying determining factors.


what is this?
a retarded version of Mensch ärgere Dich nicht?

File: 1642172946897.jpg (166.71 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-3.jpg)


Are family vlog channels reactionary propaganda?
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No but it's enough to make people sedated and hence unproductive.


>you just feel like a friend
I’ll never understand this reasoning for breaking up.



It means they don't wanna fuck anymore.


File: 1642604294717.png (33.15 KB, 1136x237, ClipboardImage.png)

The bizarre spook that is the family created as a direct result of private property? Damn right we hat it, worm.

File: 1642593400752.png (25.71 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


so this happened




I guess it happened in April, Mandela effect huh?


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