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File: 1696101090562.gif (3.01 MB, 640x584, 1692564100785.gif)


I know a thread like this exists already but i burned through my last two boxes of klonopin in 3 days and theres almost a whole momth until refill day and i honestly dont know what to do..I cant even drink alcohol because of meds. Im going to go fucking insane. I finally understand what addiction feels like. And i's not withtdrawal either. I'm just emotionally depemdent because I have the most extreme form of ocd. Fuck my life honestly. I just want to get high.


File: 1696102614087.png (183.1 KB, 611x526, madoka fix her.png)

Watch Madoka.

File: 1695918914633.jpeg (117.71 KB, 896x1107, F6-3uUwXcAAo7ju.jpeg)


In an alternate timeline a bunch of alcoholic Polish crusaders crashed a plane at two skyscrapers in the middle of Tehran
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File: 1696062885028.png (972.19 KB, 4332x2140, ClipboardImage.png)

can't stop the Gunther doctrine


File: 1696078250423.jpg (15.62 KB, 200x356, kneel.jpg)

>tfw Gunther is redpilled on the lithuanian question


it's belarus


fuck. maybe i am unfit to be a scholar of the fehlinger doctrine


More and more inclined to belive Gunther was birthed out of the collective nightmares of post-'99 Serbs and somehow became a living person.

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Grace edition: by invitation of Cat Alunya
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Why do none of the other Royal Colony threads get archived on >>>/siberia_archive/ ?


File: 1696063816765.png (3.23 MB, 1080x1308, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1696064053696.gif (1.55 MB, 498x278, tenor-2063820317.gif)

Grace-chan is pants…


File: 1696064231968.jpg (497.7 KB, 1265x1344, 1676615308611.jpg)


That's a funny pic anon, ironically that's the exact same thing the American government does today, you know their lingo, "spreading democracy".


>make your entire career about how italian-americans are violent subhumans that are not to be trusted
What was his fucking problem?


He's Italian-American



File: 1696022079134.jpg (55.48 KB, 1024x576, 1121634_15044138345762.jpg)


>read through election program of local Communist Party
>criticizes NATO for not stopping "invasion of illegal immigrants"
Well I guess Ill be voting social democrats.
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Socialist countries aren’t in a position where they naturally need socialist policies to continue, imperial countries are dying and resorting to increasing amounts of centralization and socialist policy to prolong their existence.


Baysd kummunists? Wat cawntry?


I am fairly sure every single progeny of eastern block communist parties is like that. Nationalistic.


it's a good grift,and the other way around is impossible anyway since under the EU constitution,the military HAS to be under NATO supervision.


Rick and Morty anime adaptation looking good.


The best way to find out whether someone's a shitlib or not is to ask them if they think the expulsion of Indians from Uganda under Idi Amin was justified.
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False flag post.


There are a handful of stories of Asian Americans terrorizing black people. There are countless examples of the opposite.


I guess she was a white-adjacent model minority too, huh?


The vast majority of Asian Americans are not business owners you retard.



You're not even hiding it anymore lmao.


Please try to make your bait less obvious, chinlet. This is just genuinely embarassing

File: 1696079458370.gif (595.59 KB, 220x221, cat-bruh.gif)


"We must acknowledge our privilege compared to historically marginalized groups."

"Listen to black women."

"I'm not your model minority."

"Y'all aren't ready for that conversation."
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"Stop the Fursecution."

"We need more gay cripple astronauts."

So tired of hearing this every day, fams.


File: 1696089092187.jpg (367.4 KB, 1500x1326, furry wall.jpg)

furryphobia is a serious concern anon please do not make light of it


I have found that "listen" necessarily comes with the implied "uncritically accept"


>listen to black women- doesn’t necessarily mean you’re always going to agree with them
I was once called racist because I quoted Fred Hampton and WEB DuBois in support of a multiracial working class coalition.


theres nothing wrong with these sentiments in and of themselves, they are sometimes unfortunately used in pseudo-progressive attacks on for example universal healthcare


I'm a zoomer & I still don't get it wtf is this means. What did I miss?


what's there to get


weird knowledge added?


AI humor


it's reddit humor, the last panel, which originally had the meme come full circle by revealing the chad is secretely pinning for the pick me girl is replaced by some crappy non-sequitur. that's it, that's the joke. it's not very funny.


Everyone hates bass players.

File: 1696006762167.png (191.8 KB, 640x360, ClipboardImage.png)


Is this true?
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Almost true except for the Polish part. The Poles were one of the largest armies of Europe, bigger than Nazi Germany's at the time, and with plenty of armored forces. Moreover the USSR only entered Poland after the Germans had beaten the Poles and the Polish Government left Warsaw. The failure of Poland against Nazi Germany is purely because of the cowardice and poor organization of command and logistics in the Polish military, due to being led by a band of cowardly idiots of the Polish szlachta.

Moreover this meme, while meant to dunk on the Nazis by implying their incompetence, takes away from the Soviet victory over them. While it is true that the Nazis were not the ubermensch that Wehraboos fantasize over, they were by no means a poor military, and their early-war tactics let them defeat the French and British forces in direct confrontations, utilizing the weakpoints of their armies. The Nazis were never going to win a war with the USSR, but this by no means takes away from their martial force.


Yes but it's stupid also to trot out that Nazi Germany was particularly weak, either. It was a perfectly mediocre state and Hitler was a perfectly mediocre man. Nazi Germany was, materially, an attempt to restore capitalism to a more primitive form in the face of a massive criss. It was the logical endpoint of reaction. It had the appearance of a functioning, powerful state with its own mythology but had to commit atrocities just to maintain that because of how rancidly capital had developed in Germany at that point.


File: 1696055617406-0.png (618.13 KB, 634x996, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1696055617406-1.png (405.07 KB, 634x596, ClipboardImage.png)

Seems too soft on the French. French "resistance" is way overrated.


File: 1696059737886-0.png (341.89 KB, 698x980, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1696059737886-1.png (9.47 MB, 2080x3310, ClipboardImage.png)

im pretty sure most Hitler fans joined in first for the aesthetics, the snazzy suits or Rommel, It all downhill from there


tbh i really like oskar dirlewanger and nazi symbolism but that may or may not be a coping mechanism for having accidentally fraternized with a group of literal pedophiles for a while


Who’s your favorite leftist e-celeb and why is it keffals?
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Vagina envy?


Yes and I would imagine that when Freud initially described "penis envy" he was trying to square transgender men that he analyzed into his theory of the phallus.


I believe there is a material cause and that it can be deliniated scientifically, although as they say "the sceince is not there"
To me, this is just a dialectial materialist approach but it makes me "transmed" according to some people >_>


Nonbinary people, obviously, exist the same way the petty bourgeois exist, they are an in-between class with their own characteristics


it's because of the tits

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