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do you use any antivirus software? i don't have any antivirus software installed, and whenever there's a sussy file i'm afraid to open, i just upload them to those websites that perform a check using dozens of antivirus softwares

is this the right way to go?
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but i'm not so afraid of viruses that crash my os, i'm afraid of viruses that let some guy in another country see my bank account data and pics of my shaved, pink bucci


viruses don't matter unless you have something worth stealing, which most people don't. even their identity isn't worth stealing. cyberattacks try to cast a wide net but they'd be better of targeting rich individuals. also antivirus software deliberately ignores glowie shit because the NSA demands a backdoor into everything


>virtue signal
No one says that anymore, just accuse me of posturing.
>you know that there are good aaa games out there
A good AAA game is a pack of concepts waiting to be done better by an indie.


Your bank account should have two factor authentication and fraud protections. Bitcoin would be the worst so you should have even better security on your crypto accounts.


>he hasn't had hidden crypto miner installed by shady software

File: 1713323430560.jpg (105.23 KB, 1080x1594, FB_IMG_1713323395502.jpg)


Why are conservatives perpetually mad about coffee shops and the people who frequent them?
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It’s a weird whitoid thing where they reflexively hate anyone that doesn’t want to drink the shittiest caffeinated mud water, drink the crappiest beers, eat the most diarrhea inducing fast food slop, etc. These are typically people who like to virtue signal over how much they self-flagellate.


Honestly I agree with you on all the concepts mentioned, I'm just mad at Marxists denying they are intellectuals, especially when their most favorite pass time is endlessly quoting Marx and Lenin to prove their points, just like academics and redditors have an hard-on for citing sources. There is nothing wrong with having intellectual inclinations, anti-intellectualism in the political sphere give rise to shit like /pol/, not communism.


tbh I get it. I'm too lazy to hate anyone over it, but it basically amounts to: The inferior product is what I'm used to, it's fine. Then someone comes along and goes "no, it's not fine, it's shit" which is socially insulting (on two levels - you're insulting my stuff and you're insulting my taste) even if what they enjoy is objectively a higher quality commodity. It's hard for it not to carry connotations of: "i'm too good for the things you enjoy"

it's not really about self flagellation: it's not something that's felt as a loss to begin with. the inferior product is the default and deviation from that default without a normal excuse is easy to read as pretentious social posturing. which it often has elements of. people who like their good coffee, their fancy beer, their fancy and-or foreign food, can rarely resist contrasting it with the mud, the crap, the slop… it's not too hard to then connect this instinctive feeling to a fairly basic conservative outlook in life, explaining why it dominates there: "why do you have to be different? why can't you just be normal?"


> it's not really about self flagellation
Nah, this shit exists. People moralize masochism. I remember a documentary on the Tea Party where they interviewed an old white guy with teeth falling out of his head why he was against universal health care and his response was it went against his American principles of self-sufficiency. When the interviewer asked him about his teeth he claimed that was the price he had to pay.
There are levels before we get to that point.
First level is “how dare you market to me a better product and impugn my way of life”. The highest level is “I’m going to roll in the mud and not take a shower to trigger the libs”. Hatred for coffee shops is somewhere in the middle.
> deviation from that default without a normal excuse is easy to read as pretentious social posturing
What I’m describing is basically an inversion of this attitude. There are people that will embrace the default and even make it into moral currency.


> it's laughable that you believe they have any revolutionary potential
true but not because theyre petty bourgios consumers.

its more to do with them not interfacing with the means of production. a student strike doesn't do anything but a strike in logistics or shipping would bring down the economy

File: 1713161658043.jpg (394.75 KB, 1485x1547, 1636670513115.jpg)


i hate having no desire to talk with others beyond low commitment exchanges and being friendless
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im a degen and dont get those vibes from the pic, is it actually from porn?



It sucks seeing people having others to do things they like with while you watch.

Had no idea the pic was implied incest. I thought it was just creepily drawn since in the show Reagan's father micromanages nearly every aspect of her childhood so she could be a glowie and he could coax her into doing whatever he needed to further his plans, and she's aware of this to an extent but suppresses it until the final few episodes of s1. but looking at it now it's obvious.


File: 1713364268854.jpg (57.66 KB, 643x656, 1711421276721.jpg)

>Most people feel unapproachable irl
>Everyone online is in some tight knit group that feels impenetrable unless I stand out in some way
>If I do manage to talk to someone it's always small talk that dies off


I can only maintain 3 low commitment friendships at most. No idea how normies manage to put more effort into other people.
>Everyone online is in some tight knit group that feels impenetrable unless I stand out in some way
Yeah they suck. I can assure you from experience, becoming part of one really isn't worth it.


Are Jiangshi socialist?
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By being a slut who likes to air her fishy pussy out


>her fishy pussy
>that is not a guy
absolutely disgusted


She doesn't look very comfortable though.


I wouldn't know. I'm not a harlot like her.


File: 1713385919236.jpg (26.47 KB, 400x400, s-l400.jpg)

she may be wearing very subtle adhesive underwear doughever

File: 1707512616949.png (392.74 KB, 736x910, madoka-autism.png)

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Since the original autism thread has reached the reply limit, I decided to create a new one. Discuss your autism here
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File: 1711733417147.png (1.15 MB, 1162x982, 572b3b11b98c38f4.png)

How did they cure him? I want to be cured too.


I would like to experiment on you with MDMA, LSD, psilocybin, and semi-synthetic opioids like oxycodone with complete wanton abandon as to pesky medical ethics. I believe this to be unfair if not outright cruel with Aspergers and autism, however I do believe my experimentation to be fully in line with a spirit of cleanliness if I'm doing it with antisocials, who themselves are mostly just gonna be like "so I get to get high for free? ok"
My suspicion is sociopath brains are way too neurotypical, I think I need real psychopaths.

There simply has to be a way to rewire somebody's brain hard enough they experience real empathy and true love. We don't have drugs triggering hardcore oxytocin excitation do we?

The alienation and isolation is intense and severe and total.

The thing that bugs me is now allll the assholes we was getting away from be coming on to the fucking internet so now I need to leave my precious internets and go dwell back in meatspace because the absolute worst of the bydlo masses be on here and only turbo accelerating that very mundane mass conformiing herd mentality of idiocy into the most psychotic stupid shit like trumptards, the gender shit I mean it's really bizarre seeing the way 80% of humanity is so fundamentally a follower that you can quite literally have a hive of us online, just doing our own thing, and it gets normalized and then the masses enforces it. Like verything from charismatic personality cults to Qboomers to the "there's no such thing as biological sex" to evolution denialism and climate change denial to the coofers burning masks in public to fat acceptance moverments.
It's fucking bizarre to me how malleable and spineless the idiot masses tend to be. All the moreso given that they are so freely willing to ostracize certain targeted others.

You do realize what this means, don't you? That given the preponderance of cat ladies and incels, with the stupidity of the way Western dating went, hookup culture, tinder, hoe culture, mass thottery, retarded chinlet incel culture. Basically I see a large ripe mass just ready for the plucking, throw your word like a burning match into the vast ocean of humanity and set it alight like a pool of gasoline. This is far easier to manPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


We must exteriorize the spiritual hierarchy and get as many people consuming psilocybin mushrooms as possible for the ten year plan

I am actually not trying to be funny, I'm being blunt. How do we make sure there's enough psilocybin to permeate all strate of society for the 2025-2035 A.D. period of this timeline? I know we can convince leftists to do it. How do we open that third eye of the tradcons? [spoiler]it was literally put there by God and my actual hidden objective is ultimately a spiritual one[/spoiler]


>So if an autistic person is frustrated about their condition because they feel the bad outweighs the good, have been unable to have form human relationships and connections because of it and go on to express a desire for some sort of scientific fix in the future that will make them mentally wired more like a neurotypical person… they're just wrong and they should basically go fuck themselves?
Well, they can't be wrong about how they feel and what they desire. My point was that I think it's wrong to frame autism's problem as innate when it's actually socially contextual.

>What do you see in being autistic that makes you not wish you could have been born neurotypical instead?

I addressed that in my last paragraph. I do think the allistic cognitive type has various biases and heuristics aimed at maximizing social status and prioritizing one's position in social relations that are short sighted and harmful, and it seems allistics are not even aware of the irrationality of their behavior from the perspective of their own psychology. It seems to be only apparent as an outsider who is devoid of that.

Don't get me wrong though, I am well aware of the mountain of problems that also come with autism. I have plenty of painful experiences as well that relate to my ineptness to integrate in allistic society and have worked very, very hard to do so. That doesn't lead me to shun my autism because I genuinely don't believe autism itself is the problem, for the reasons I have stated.

>Life is still far easier for autistics than it must have been 40-50 years ago.

Life would become much easier for autistics if what I explained would become mainstream opinion. Your problem isn't an inability to connect with people, your problem is an inability to connect with allistics, but that's a problem that goes both ways. You would have been much more able to connect with them in a world that thoroughly understands autism and compromises for differences, which today is still insufficiently the case.

What's necessary is that autistic people have the power to assert their own self-conception and for their experiences and opinions to influence our understanding of what autism is, not merely out of some sort of identity politics, but because that Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



File: 1696400290486.png (140.46 KB, 480x280, ClipboardImage.png)

 No.456918[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Post your best results from AI generators, could be DALL-E 3 (free here with a Microshit account: https://www.bing.com/images/create ), Stable Diffusion, or anything. Coomers slightly allowed but don't flood the thread pls I want it more shitposting/curiosities focused.
Also you can just post AI memes, doesn't need to be original.
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File: 1713140180146-4.jpg (267.98 KB, 1024x1024, OIG4.jpg)

some are really cool


File: 1713185853589.png (1012.15 KB, 768x1024, C2ESBmMUSNSKmab8iAMw4A.png)


What were the prompts for these?


File: 1713381866263.png (Spoiler Image, 2.07 MB, 1024x1024, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1713367492693.jpg (95.11 KB, 735x632, 1709893184362934.jpg)


I wish the "petite-bourgeoisie is when you can afford savings" anon wore a flag or name so I can filter him and never have to read his revisionist shit.


Sleep snug, smug.

File: 1713357489845.png (117.57 KB, 219x230, ClipboardImage.png)


i ask it all the time to /pol/uyghas, if they are that concerned about the modern life killing away the birthrates of the nordic aryans and killing the incentive for both white men and women to copulate, why don't they support technology to get around it?

you know, things like artificial wombs, you get your nordic moneyshot, you inject in in an artificial womb, you wait until the aryan 300IQ baby is ready to save the white race, no w*men required

or if you're a woman, test tube bebe, you take the frozen coom of a thulean viking chadcel from sweden, you inject it in an egg, and you shove that down your ovary, wait nine months, repeat until you are satisfied with the birthrates

everytime i'm asking this to a natsack they say it's a jewish modernist ploy, lab made babies are dumber and more likely to die, if that's so, why not support the technology to make the newborns better? i thought nazoids loved science and technology
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gem gem gem GEM please start a blog and post it here


Nazis don't actually care about any of that stuff, they just want a hot Aryan slave GF.


Nice textslop


They are eternal contrarians, robot Hitler could invade with his UFO fleet and create the global ethnoglobe fourth reich and they will suddenly turn communist.


Stop trying to garnish your retarded thought with fancy prose. It makes you sound even stupider than you already are.

>So technology here isnt this driver of pure immanence, but is a political object. My feeling is that the technological concept on the left is *transhuman* while on the right its *superhuman* and each discourse supplements this perspective on futurity.

>The left wants to liberate the self by the false universality of "morphological freedom", but implicit in this is the transsexual slime of the lowest life being unchained against the tyranny of the constrictions that underpin humanity itself in physical form. You can be a cthulhu monster, or a furry android, but a beautiful white man? Now, this is "problematic".
>But here i transpose the necessary particularity of the superhuman, who might look at TRT as a means to a more perfect end, and thus inscribes a vital idealism into his thought. "Its good to be beautiful" he might think, but what is beauty except something wrought from intuition?
is really just
<Leftists believe in *transhumanism*, which means taking on whatever form one pleases (provided it's not a handsome white man, which would be "problamatic"). Rightists, on the other hand, believe in *superhumanism*, which means taking on a well-defined ideal human form that transcends any personal preference.
but three times as long and one tenth as readable.


if you type before:2010-01-01 preceding your search term in youtube you can limit your search to videos from the 2000s, the first four years of youtube. I'll be ripping gems I find during my archaeological dig with yt-dlp and posting them here. I'll be focusing on things that interest me but I hope others join me. I'll avoid posting memes with high views like chocolate rain, etc. that people already know about. This is more for niche content that gets buried under the current search algorithm. A lot of this content will be "cringe" but nevertheless… there might be gems in the muck. Perhaps even some low video/audio quality content that might be worth revisiting with up-to-date editing software
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needs more youtube poops


i noticed that as well
most youtube poops prior to 2010 were dogshit. Golden age of YTP as an art form was 2012-2015, though there are some good ones from recent years.


>description mentions robin mcveigh
that's a blast from the past, that person was a psycho who worshiped mass shooters. wonder what they're up to now



Does anything left exist of them?


funny thing, plastic was originally added as liner to aluminum cans to avoid heavy metal poisoning

File: 1713302079105.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 957.05 KB, 2480x3508, 76a90de3ca0a317aa5a33a741….jpeg)


me on the right
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girl is cute but why draw on boy


it's Evangelion


that doesnt answer my question im afraid


why not?


he's the main character and you're supposed to self-insert like OP

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