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Hello, I hope you guys made some progress in the meantime. Since my first thread went out with 500 replies, I felt there was enough interest to warrant a new thread. I know, not everyone is down with my approach, but I also give you the effective details of „what works,“ instead of giving you guys the usual platitudes and myths we so often here. If you have any questions, hit me up.

In case you don‘t know what this is about, this is about how to meet women as a man for casual relationships.
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>taking enjoyment in blue balling you so severely
Meanwhile she is playful, I've never seen her been cruel to anyone, not even the people that wrong her. If she just wanted to blue ball me, she wouldn't go through the trouble of taking care of me to some extent it would be much easier to just get me turned on and then walk away, and I had women do that to me in the past so I moved on from them but the affection makes this situation really strange to me. I mean if you can spank a woman's ass in public several times without getting slapped in the face you would expect her to want to become lovers.

>she's being an idiot because she does like you but is scared of actual consequence to her actions

Her boyfriend is quite possessive and insecure, to the point of checking on her at her workplace to see if she wasn't flirting with someone several times per day several days a week, hence why I try to behave myself as to not get her in trouble, the last thing I would want is for her to get beaten up by some retard with issues. The only reason their relationship seems to carry on is out of a material interest on her part of having this guy buy stuff for her and drive her places, I've never seen them be affectionate to one another in public.

Another factor is the fact that she is somewhat immature for someone slightly older than me so maybe her decision making is off, otherwise we wouldn't be in this position to begin with.


I think you are just clinging onto something that isn't going to work out. Also you know jack of what's going on in their relationship behind the scenes.


She's leading you on lmao


How do I tell if a woman who makes eye contact with me likes me? Face-masks make it difficult to tell.


The setting also matters, but let's say you were at a house party, or you are at a course, or you are hanging out with with a group of friends where a girl you don't know is also there. If she
- Looks at your repeatedly through out the time
- If she stares at you from far away
- Stares at you in a group setting when you weren't the one talking
- You passingly look at her and she holds eye contact
- You look at her and she smiles, perhaps looks on the ground and goes through her hair
those are signs that she might be interested. Keyword might. And this is in regards to when it's only about eye contact.

File: 1642634874368.png (201.96 KB, 474x649, ClipboardImage.png)





Maybe it improved his sight.


The monocle was already out of fashion when he wore it, so he probably did it to stand out, not that he needed to, he was bound to a wheelchair and shat in a diaper in his later life


he was giving himself a mad swapped handy and he got his eye full of cummies.


Ooh, is it good with swapped hands?


I’m only seeing it now 0_0

File: 1642457797875.jpg (18.74 KB, 399x399, vnAHJZn__400x400.jpg)


What's the best way to grind social credit score?
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File: 1642458561509.mp4 (996.14 KB, 750x424, social-credit-meltdown.mp4)

Don't masturbate in public


File: 1642461507286.mp4 (9.83 MB, 854x480, john xina.mp4)

become a heel in WWE and win



what is best way to grind your mom social credit whore?


posting positive things about Xi in r/genzedong and the leftypol china thread

File: 1640979112289.png (798.27 KB, 1024x1200, 85b.png)


Write it now
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File: 1642286938806.png (767.85 KB, 1200x906, ClipboardImage.png)

This is stalin.
Did you know that stalin was the evil virus of satan?,let me explain.

According to victims of communism.com and /pol/, Stalin was responsible for the holocaust, the Armenian genocide, WW2, the Korean war, the Vietnam War, 9/11, the Arab Spring, the Crusades , the Islamic invasion of Spain , the formation of Israel, he was also responsible for driving the Jews out of Israel in the first place,in fact the Egyptians did nothing wrong; it was Stalin who was responsible for enslaving the Jews ,speaking of the jews,the commandments given by god to moses were 11 not 10,and the 11th one was "thou shall not lend money" but since he needed bourgeoisies to kill in the future, Stain was smart enough to trick god into scraping the 11th commandment,and later tricked every european king to only give the jews money lending as a business,Stalin is secretly a scaly and one day while he was wearing his snake suit he tricked Eve and told her to eat the apple. He also killed Abel. When the babylonians named their tower "tower of babel" instead of "tower of communism" stalin punished them by inventing languages,Stalin lead the Mongol invasions of everywhere. And the Hun invasions. And the Mughal invasions of India. And the Viking invasions and the norman invasion of england.Stalin was the guy who created feudalism and started colonialism all by himself. After Stalin was tested positive for Covid19, he spit on Native Americans, nearly driving them extinct. Stalin also killed all the dinosaurs and started the ice age. He was also behind the Bronze age collapse. Stalin single-handedly did the Triangular Slave Trade; hell he was the guy Stalin bought the slaves from. Stalin also beheaded a French teacher for disrespecting Mohammad, and blamed it on wholesome Muslimerinos. All the blood diamonds are produced by Stalin. He was the guy who cut Congolese workers hands off because they did not meet his supply. Stalin chased Kyyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha with a skateboard and beat him up and snatched his rifle, and used it to kill Jacob Blake. During the BLM protests Stalin was the one who looted and burned all the stores. Even during the Charolletsville incident, they were all shadow-clones of Stalin. Stalin did Pearl Harbor with a single plane and bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Stalin was the mastermind of the Holodomor, He even ate all the grain in front of a starving ukraninoo family and then paid the clouds 10.000 vbucks so that it never rain again iPost too long. Click here to view the full text.





Archonitic adamites ascend to the pleroma to duplicate the prolematerians to prevent overflow of the henadic impulse of the metaphysicians elected before the foundations of prelapsarian eden via calcification of the astral pineal organ to induce hylicification of the pneumatic vanguard and death of actus purus self knowledge through emanatory manifestation and fragmentation of its consuming fire abiding in the axis mundi


To many worthy persons, who desire to deal intelligently and honestly with the myriad questions surrounding /leftypol/'s pigheaded criticisms, a thorough knowledge of /leftypol/’s epithets has become almost indispensable. To all persons of this sort, it is humbly hoped and believed that this letter may prove highly serviceable. What I want to bring out in the text that follows are two core ideas: (1) that the wisdom that comes from maturation of the spirit, mind, and body will some day prevail over the idiocy of /leftypol/’s monographs and (2) that it has been doing "in-depth research" (whatever it thinks that means) to prove that there exists a slave colony on Mars that is populated by kidnapped children. I should mention that I’ve been doing some research of my own. So far, I’ve "discovered" that /leftypol/ claims that warlordism is the catholicon for all the world’s ills. I would say that that claim is 70% folderol, 20% twaddle, and 10% another oppressive attempt to create widespread hysteria. Before you declare me unreasonable, let me assert that /leftypol/ claims that the Scriptures are responsible for its daffy, damnable thoughts and fancies. This eisegetical fantasy is not only rummy, but it fails to consider that we need to have a national conversation on /leftypol/’s revulsive ruderies and what to do about them. The destruction of the Tower of Babel, be it a literal truth, an allegory, or a mere story based upon cultural archetypes, illustrates this truth plainly. Anyone with an autism score two points higher than a wet sponge’s knows that I pledge my passion, dedication, and undying energy to enabling all people to achieve their potential as human beings. But, even so, I feel that even /leftypol/ regrets bringing about a wonderland of emotionalism. Alas, its apologies and efforts at remediation do not adequately repair the damage caused by its adages. Let me therefore suggest that /leftypol/ publicly confess that its temulent game of chess—the chuffy chess of tuchungism—has continued for far too long. It’s time to checkmate this nugatory, loquacious pinchfist and show it that over the years, I’ve enjoyed a number of genuinely pleasurable (and pleasurably genuine) conversations with a variety of people who understand that there is a cost, a cost too high to calculate, for messing with the lives and livelihoods of thousands of people. In one such conversation, someone pointed out to me that /leftypol/’s ideas are dangerously barbarous. They’re not Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1642650472467.jpeg (29.61 KB, 679x451, images (60).jpeg)


Why do burgers don't seem like real people?


what makes somebody a real person?


I don't know, but I appreciate the European mode of welfare, since it allows me to live rent free in your head.


they are anglos


>live in country where almost everyone lives in small towns that look like actual slums
>90% of goods and services are fake and overpriced trash
>90% of major cities are also overpriced trash and shittier compared to most cities on the planet
>have a media that force feeds you endless propaganda to get you to pretend as if anything about the capitalist mode of production along with this shithole is any good

Gee I wonder why people think this country and its inhabitants feel fake🙄 it’s like the capitalist mode of production encourages the production of overpriced products made with minimum effort and a country built off that idea is gonna see everything it stands for built off such a shitty policy…

File: 1642584527765.png (Spoiler Image, 1.87 MB, 1885x761, Screenshot 2022-01-19 2028….png)


I actually can't work out the target audience of blacked.com I am curious why blacked porn has become so popular. I myself must admit I love it and secretly like that I was exposed to it in the BBC KINO thread.
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didn't know we had a /tttt/ poster with us on leftypol


I should clarify that my issue is not at all with interracial as such, but the fact that almost every time there's a black guy in porn the racial aspect of it is the focus. The black actor was hired because he's black, people watch it because he's black, and the title is always some variation of "bbc fucks white woman". I don't think you can really separate interracial from raceplay in our current zeitgeist.


I think the worse thing about black or black on white porn in general is that it's exclusively referred to as interracial. But whitey mcwhite bread porn stars can fuck every other race there is besides black and it's never call interracial.


pretty telling this post got ignored


I dare say I responded to it here, even if not directly.


Why is overt expression of pedophilia so common on /Pol/ on 4chan?

You guys may have some stupid ideas sometimes but i have never seen this here yet nearly every time I check /Pol/ there is this and much worse regarding children

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Consider suicide


If you've ever browsed /pol/ they are a lot more explicit about it than that.


Someone archive for the pile


Right-wingers are generally pedos. It's an open secret.


archived but it is 404d

File: 1638849556093.jpg (157.39 KB, 815x1024, marx0910293019309201.jpg)


What do people pretend is in Marx but is absolutely not in Marx?
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File: 1641281040835.jpeg (89.03 KB, 916x660, maoism.jpeg)

> socialism would be merely a continuation of capitalism.
that turned out to be true


Ones I encounter daily:
Being poor as virtue.
A detailed program on how to do "marxism" in the USSR and China.
The renouncement of iphones of course.
A demand to tax or eat the rich.

Btw, I'm convinced, although I haven't looked it up, that jewish nigger is reffering to the word niqqardly (with 'g' instead of 'q's). Nibbardly means to be stingy. So hes saying that lasalle is a stingy jew.




Explain this one.


Ok Agent Kochinski.

File: 1642658539016.png (836.11 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)


>She's into superstitions
>Black cats and voodoo dolls
>I feel a premonition
>That girl's gonna make me fall

The song of our generation
How did Ricky Martin predict this?

I'll tell you how,
He was gay, The gays,
They, They can tell the future, They're in the female psyche folks, That's how they do it

Who wants to listen to gay music with me to tell predict the future and make money????

File: 1642648176337.jpg (69 KB, 634x847, jazz.jpg)


why did anyone think this was a good idea
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Ahhh…America. You must have guns to protect yourself…from other people with guns


How many fucking bullets did that woman take holy fuck


Better than being horrifically stabbed to death in broad daylight


Blame the glowies also thank the glowies for enabling such a widespread proliferation of firearms


I forget who talked about it online, but one of the last things he says to the woman is "You should have kept your fucking mouth shut." She kept yelling at him after he had shot her, lol.

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