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"No chin, no right to speak."
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If fascism is the politicization of aesthetics, then communism is the politicization of justice
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Fascism is the aestheticization of politics. Communism responds by politicizing art.




File: 1656368640476.mp4 (2.68 MB, 480x480, moai.mp4)



I think he was talking about letting your body float on water, which makes sense in that case.

File: 1656275667064.jpg (105.08 KB, 487x518, img.jpg)


All these recent threads about SEX are attempts to distract from the class struggle towards an intra- and inter-sexual one.

Stay vigilant, comrades!
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SEX reductionists in shambles


>Not a class reductionist
So what are you? A class collaborationist?


File: 1656373649311-0.png (260.7 KB, 600x841, 6e9.png)

File: 1656373649311-1.jpg (45.4 KB, 600x800, Eknvbh8XIAAsxzJ.jpg)

File: 1656373649311-2.png (13.04 KB, 644x800, d90.png)

>i had SÉX yesterday
>yeah bro it was awesome, I love having SÉX
>you like SÉX too? broo no way
>yeah way bro I have SÉX all the time
>yeah bro imagine not having SÉX
>i would straight up fucking KILL MYSELF if I had not acquired, possessed, owned, invested, liquidated and re-invested in SÉX to call myself a proud haver of SÉX
>yeah no cap bro haha


I remember a passage saying that the Bolsheviks viewed sex as a bourgeoisie conspiracy


File: 1656375411292.jpg (35.09 KB, 388x391, EvQ4r6nUYAETKgG.jpg)

begone thot

File: 1655680576886.png (1.03 MB, 746x602, alec baldwin.png)


say some cool shit you did

I once got sucked off by two girls at the same time when I was 15.

There was a guy jacking off watching it, one of them had just fucked somebody else in the bathroom downstairs.

I made out with a dude in a cupboard as well just before.

Closest I've ever got to an orgy I guess.
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I had a kindergarten gf and we were together until 4th grade.

>I broke a cops nose and got away with it.


"some cool shit you did"



Is typing really saying?


i know that i know that typing is really saying

File: 1640812161280-0.png (454.67 KB, 470x648, Burgerpunk1.png)

File: 1640812161280-1.png (908.84 KB, 1010x667, Burgerpunk2.png)

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Post Burgerpunk
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is there a supposed to be a difference? is this a muh phytoestrogen thing


Not necessarily burgerpunk but does anyone have a video that's like a compilation of gross anime and 3D fetish porn with creepy techno music playing in the background? Had a very similar vibe to these two videos >>199060 >>199055


File: 1655918365101.png (313.92 KB, 589x452, ClipboardImage.png)


the state of the drought in the southwest is pretty burgerpunk
Special mention goes to Utah governor calling for a "weekend of prayer" so the state could get "divine intervention" so they would have enough rain to meet their water needs.


we must bring back rain dances.


One of the biggest bourgeois things that has plagued the modern (or rather POST-Modern) world is dog culture.

No other animal on earth gets more blind support for merely existing than dogs.
Cats are beloved too, but they're subject to disdain. In fact, cats are the only beings, after children in which comical abuse towards in fiction is allowed.

Misopedia is a very popular sentiment in the west, especially America and UK.
Yet, dogs are just like children: loud, messy, stinky.

But even worse: they shed, eat garbage and bodily waste, and may chase after anything that moves.

But yet, these antics of the dogs are worshipped as cute by humans.
Yet, if kids acted like that, people would consider that as "lack of discipline".

But that's not all.
While dogs are chaotic , they are the biggest victims of dog culture.
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Fucking grim. Go vegan you pseudo-leftist fucks.




We really are in a mass extinction. We all are disaster taxa.


yes go consume more ethically


unironically have sex

File: 1613200313232.jpg (403.16 KB, 976x944, 1613137272539.jpg)

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You will never have your ethnostate
You will never have that race war
You will never have a tradwife gf
You will never lose your virginity
You will never have a chin
You will never bed a woman
You will never be a manbolshevikBolshevik
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I see the Revisionist/Tankie/Dengist Marcyite Campists in this thread are having a hysterical breakdown about “Le Ebil Biden” launching “MuH NucLEAr WAr wITh RuSsIA”, with “Le Spooky Brown Lady AOC”, supposedly joining in “Le Ebic Russophobic” conspiracy, 😂🤣!

First off, you guys should be thankful that Biden is the President right now, because he has completely ruled out any U$ military intervention in Ukraine (this is honestly a big mistake for him politically as I believe an Air Campaign against Putinist Russia would raise his Approval rating, help the Democrats over-perform in the Midterms, and assure Biden’s Reelection), while a Republican President (including Trump if he was in the same situation as Biden right now) would have already destroyed the Conventional Russian Military with Stealth Bombers and Standoff Cruise Missiles, with the caveat that Putin would have never done this if Trump was President (a large part of the reason he launched his Imperialist Invasion of Ukraine was to help Republicans by raising Gas prices, thus fueling the exaggerated “Inflation” panic that will be used to hike Interest Rates and Crash the Economy) in order to avoid ruining their De-facto Crypto-Fascist Alliance against Iran and Dengist China, 🤮!

Secondly, if Putin thinks he can get away with invading the Baltic States, he will be in for the Surprise of a Lifetime, as that would force even the dovish Biden to launch a massive Air Campaign that would destroy the Russian Military in a Desert Storm style Beatdown with Stealth Bombers and Standoff Cruise Missiles as Lil Putin and his Zionist Billionaire Oligarchs cower on their Gold Toilets and beg for a Ceasefire, 😂🤣!

Third and Finally, the one silver lining of a potential NATO-Russia War (it wouldn’t be “World War III” unless Dengist China was involved, and their would definitely be Zero Nukes used as this is not in the Material interest of either side) is that in the aftermath of the inevitable Russian Defeat and subsequent Civil War, their would be the perfect Material conditions for a Maoist PPW to restore the USSR and place the Workers and Oppressed Nations of the World on the Shining Path to Communism, 😜✊!


And lets not forget the show trials against Slobodan Milosevic, Radovan Karadzic, Ratko Mladic and others. Milosevic was murdered by the EU nazis in prison, they didnt allow him medical treatment for his heart problems and he died of a heart attack. And the worst, even the fake tribunal had to admit he was innocent. That scum murdered an innocent man just for opposing US imperialism and neoliberalism.

Many people will say what you say, that they are “evil genocidal mass murderers”. However, i have read a lot on this, and i have found no evidence of this. The War in Croatia and Bosnia was started by the Tudman ustashe fascists and the Izetbegovic Al Qaeda jihadists. They wanted to create an ethnically pure Croatia and Bosnia respectively, and were very clear about it. Tudman as i said was an open admirer of the ustashe (croat fascist militia that fought with the nazis in WW2, they genocided hundreds of thousands of muslims and serbs) and a holocaust denier, who openly said that muslims and serbs had to be expelled from Croatia.

Same with Izetbegovic, who had fought in the Waffen SS during WW2 and was imprisoned for it under Tito. In 1983, Izetbegovic published his “Islamic Declaration”, in which he advocated for a sharia law islamic theocracy in Bosnia, and he said this was only possible by expelling all nonmuslims, since “muslims and nonmuslims cannot peacefully coexist”. In 1983, yugoslav courts ruled the Islamic Declaration promoted chauvinism and genocide, and sentenced Izetbegovic to 14 years in prison.

This is the type of people that ruled Croatia and Bosnia, bloodthirsty fascists. You would think that this would result in a prosecution right? And yet, while the police were hunting down Milosevic and Mladic, Tudman and Izetbegovic were calmly in their homes, undisturbed, they were never prosecuted. While Tudman and Izetbegovic were genociding serbs and each other, the serbs were trying to find antifascist allies against them. If Mladic was a “bloodthirsty butcher who wanted to kill all muslims”, then why did he ally with Fikret Abdic, a muslim politician? Abdic, unlike Izetbegovic, was a secular social democrat and antifascist. He led muslim militias to try to overthrow Izetbegovic, and he proclaimed the Republic of Western Bosnia as a base to do so. This republic was allied with the serbs against the croat and muslim fascists during all of the war. Coincidentally, while Izetbegivic was never prosecuted, Abdic was immediatePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


So a lot of you have been making fun of liberals. Sharing memes about Goldman Sachs pride floats, Nancy Pelosi wearing a Dashiki, the list goes on. And you might take one look at me and think that I'M a liberal.

But guess what?

I'm a leftist.

Not a liberal.

"B-b-but I thought they were the same thing?!" You scream, pathetically… Silly fuck. Let me help you out a bit.

If someone voted Democrat and they're cringe, they're a liberal.

If they voted Democrat but VERY begrudgingly, and also they're extremely cool, now you're talking leftist.

See leftists, we really be out in these streets doe. We really doin this, building networks of queer voices AND getting invited to the cookout. We BEEN doing the work to unravel the intergenerational trauma, while always questioning the colonial legacy that even non-normative bodies can have while occupying indigenous lands.
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Its ok to be a salafi fundamentalist

Can you please explain to me in detail what you find so utterly repulsive about pan-islamic ideas? Personally i believe islam is a complete guide for humanity in all aspects, and its thorough and perfect too, i reject any deviations of sharia law and i reject any other ideologies, thoughts?


What does it mean when a woman says 'Hi' to you?
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>i'd just sperg out and leave
Is it because you have no interest in women, or you do want to get closer, but are too much of a sperg to actually do it?


File: 1656358894947.jpg (6.58 KB, 226x223, frog coffee.jpg)

it's because i have no interest in people who i don't know dating me. that just sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. in the past it was because i was too socially inept to respond in the first place and i would just ghost them or physically run away


Huh, well you do you then.But dont ghost or literally run away, that is just shitty behavior towards someone who had to gather up the courage to approach you first. Just tell them you are not interested.


yeah i know, that was years ago


To me? That she's a lesbian trying to get a piece of this ass.


I grew up on the mean streets of Santos and I had to survive
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File: 1656359120584.png (76.91 KB, 238x211, ClipboardImage.png)

>it's a shitjak thread




uygha why you keep making threads about yourself
no one cares

if you were called "random brown brasileira" though thats another story


I only made two


you don't need to be sorry retard. just don't make more

File: 1656356359481.jpg (72.14 KB, 680x1021, do it.jpg)


Does anyone else find capitalism, or rather its contradictions extremely funny? The fact that there's something like the falling rate of profit or the destruction of our planet built into capitalism is just so surreal to me. Even more so considering that capitalist propaganda keeps citing capitalism as
>the most viable system
in its socialism deboonked prager u videos. You'd think that they would find a better way to defend a system constantly trying to -ACK itself.


I can't believe the world is controlled by something that isn't even physically real.


always has been. whether ancestor worship, or angels, or demons, or gods, or money, or capital, or race, or nation. the world is always controlled by an abstract ideal because physical entities can be destroyed much more easily

File: 1656237479608.png (246.74 KB, 560x420, ClipboardImage.png)


I don't know what mine is

If I try
I can only think in the narrow sense that I should get a job and accumulate as much money I can

What is yours?
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File: 1656299878765.jpg (172.02 KB, 566x526, maolongmarch.jpg)


What was the book about?

Is it really hard nowadays that you can self-publish even fanfics?

>Maybe I can help people not be hungry in my town or something.

What's the plan, Community Gardens?


File: 1656303554492.jpeg (94.94 KB, 600x900, E0YmxLdWEAQQGBP.jpeg)

to make the whole world live as a monastery not necessarily to god but to enable devotion unfettered to all that is good of which god is the highest wether people realise that or not.


>So how do you pursue your goal? To have sex?
I once asked junko to have sex with me but she didn't respond. Other than that I haven't really done anything.


>So how do you pursue your goal? To have sex?
Figure out what women want and then pretend to be that

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