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File: 1696388417460.jpeg (251.41 KB, 1580x2048, 1690662095069.jpeg)

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Things made for womens viewing pleasure.
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>Not sure how being a macho prevents you from expressing emotions.
It doesn't. I was listing different things that contribute to increased aggression.

>Read a fucking book you pseud. Testisterone absolutely does increase agresion.
Outdated information based on poor science and sexist assumptions.


>The hypothesis survived into the 20th century and was notably advanced in the context of feminism and especially second-wave feminism
When "female empowerment" is equated to "female dominance." Gender equality my ass.


>I was listing different things that contribute to increased aggression
Ah. You mean, TOUGH men think they're TOUGH because of testosterone?


Literally your own link is saying it makes them more aggressive.

>Hormones don't necessarily make men violent, but they do cause them to seek social dominance

>Castration experiments demonstrate that testosterone is necessary for violence, but other research has shown that testosterone is not, on its own, sufficient. In this way, testosterone is less a perpetrator and more an accomplice—one that's sometimes not too far from the scene of the crime.

>For example: regardless of their gender, the most violent prisoners have higher levels of testosterone than their less violent peers. Yet scientists hypothesize that this violence is just one manifestation of the much more biologically and reproductively salient goal of dominance.


>they're the passive, penetrated partner
Ever heard of pegging?

File: 1693381980278.png (195.87 KB, 474x356, ClipboardImage.png)

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my adblocker stopped working on youtube
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File: 1701911671321.mp4 (559.74 KB, 1920x1080, Crackers.mp4)


>Go to youtube
>Blank page
>Turn off ublock
>Loads just fine


Ublock works, just update it and clear internet history.


>Turn off ublock


>Don't turn off ublock

File: 1702000693076.jfif (7.45 KB, 326x183, lain.jfif)


Postmodernity is not an "ideology" but an advancement of material conditions for the age of digital technologies, which increasingly simulate Reality and thus cause an ontological shift which reverses the order of production, which now begins in the superstructure (mass culture, mass media, the "spectacle" of late capitalism and so on) and then flows into the affective instruments of (post)industrial nodes of distribution. This is a direct reversal of the Marxist dialectic, where now the unrepresentable base of production is the web of public interest, democratised along lines of free markets, which then flow into machines of production to give abstraction to the "real movement".
Today, the qualitative virtuality of culture leads in productive capacity, which gives false pretence to the necessity of industrial labour. The truth is that a youtuber and their data are more useful today than any warehouse slave. This is the postmodern turn, where all things real have become unreal, so that the very term has been overcome. We can no longer speak of Reality with authority - like Zizek says, ideology is imagining we have escaped the matrix, when the truth is that every red pill is actually a double-dosage of blue pills, since it gives the illusion of escape. There is no escape from The Wired of the Deleuzean "new earth", which has ensnared the earth within the capacities of its magnetic mantle, giving life to the artificial and artificializing life.
This is sustained by Keynesian mediation, which maintains crises of overproduction and overemployment, such as FDR said after the new deal, "I have saved capitalism", but of course, capital is the agent, which has saved itself by wrapping itself into the state structure, amplifying its reach over the world. As Keynes says in his prophetic tone: "in the long run, we are all dead".
So its good to accept the attitude of postmodernity, which embraces play over purpose, as nihilism broadens by the extraction from the well of abstraction that it builds itself upon. Today we have the multiverse of multimedia involutions, reflected in quantum mechanics and cinematic representation. Reality is expanding like the dark energy ripping the universe apart faster than the speed of light.
You imagine communism, but what does it look like in contradiction to today's progress? the worst among you idolise poverty as a sign of "authenticity", but isn't this already wrapped in the cloak of self-deception, like the PMC who Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Is Marxism deterministic?
> Bourgeois ideology thus attacks Marxism both for being too deterministic and for not being deterministic enough. In every historical situation there is a tension between necessity and freedom, between what is objectively determined and what we can affect or change, but the balance between necessity and freedom is not fixed or stable. At the dawn of human history and for a long time thereafter the element of necessity was heavily dominant. Human behaviour was massively dominated by forces beyond our control, by the interaction between external nature and our own physical constitution. Yet also present from the beginning – indeed it is what marks the beginning – is the embryo of human freedom, namely conscious social labour. The whole of history is the struggle to expand human freedom through the development of the power of human labour. The socialist revolution is this resolution of this contradiction. With each step taken towards the international abolition of classes and the unification of humanity, human beings take increasing control of their own destiny. As material scarcity is progressively overcome, so the ‘tyranny of economics’ is ended. What was hitherto the ‘ultimately determining factor’ in history, namely the production of the necessities of human life, while not disappearing, will play an ever decreasing role in shaping human behaviour.

Determinism and Indeterminism (Necessity and Free Will)
>Social determinism, i.e., the doctrine that all social phenomena are conditioned, have causes from which they necessarily flow, must not be confused with fatalism, which is a belief in a blind, inevitable destiny, a "fate", weighing down upon everything, and to which everything is subjected. Man's will is nothing. Man is not a quantity to be considered among causes; he is simply a passive substance. This teaching denies the human will as a factor in evolution, which determinism does not.

Marxism and the New Physics
>Marxism, not being a theoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Sartre was an idealist who famously had a sperg out against freud because the idea of an unconscious was disturbing to him, who rightly saw it as a limiting factor of human agency - that what is freely chosen in the unconscious is not what we willingly choose for ourselves - our instincts precede our reason and so we are only determined by these chaotic forces. This is nothing new of course, the gods have always sealed the fate of men.
Political "freedom" begins as a baseless abstraction. What is freedom? Free choice? The point of socialism is to live by the fruits of labour, which with technology give us the delights of their occult potentials. Like ive said, we talk on the phone using satellites. We live in miraculous times, yet "freedom" is something i dont consider. I dont know what it means.
>marx says men make their own history
The passage is explicitly saying that the history men make for themselves is held in repetition, because man is a circular animal in his ambitions - this is why revolution comes from technological advancement which evolves humanity into the horizon of fuller opportunities, but these themselves are only mediated by these same machines. We are free to do what the internet allows us to do like we are free to consume what we are allowed to produce.
Proudhon and the anarchists idolise an "essential" human "freedom" - but marx departs from this.


I don't know where this mode of exchange thing comes from, but not from Marx, that's for sure. Socialism *is* the socialist mode of production, not some "outgrowth". Again, the contradiction is not between production and exchange, but the forces of production and the relations of production. The forces of production are already "socialistic", they are communal in the sense that to produce a single good, you need the input of many-many people. The contradiction is that despite this, the relations of production are still private, the means of production are owned privately, private property exists and the proletariat are exploited. To resolve the contradiction, the relation of production has to be made collective, which is what the revolution is supposed to achieve, by abolishing private property. The abolition of private property is the ultimate goal of socialism/communism.

The superstructure cannot be abolished because it is a pretty arbitrary analytical distinction that was invented purely to shut up idealists from trying to reform capitalism through conscious consumption and shit like that.


pseud post


Marxism belongs in the 19th century the way a fish belongs in a tank or dinosaur bones in museum


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Fascists. They think repeating it enough time will make it true.


its right wing cope that may have an element of truth in the sense that the few zoomers I do meet that are overt rightists are almost always way more fascistic if not openly some lame ass /pol/yp. The only expectations being ruralites and rich kids who usually shill muh prosperity gospeal muh feeze market type shit


>Why does everybody believe that gen z are a bunch of fascists
who is "everybody?"
who is "gen z?"
you seem to take problems with sweeping statements being made about "gen z" (fake concept) have no problem making sweeping statements about "everybody"


It's just manifesting. It's a psychological/rhetorical thing or whatever. /Pol/yps want to groom teenagers on dicksword, so they say le heckin "zoomers" are le hecking based neo-Nazis and part of the cool kid's club and they flatter their target demographic that way.


Nobody is saying that, it's a cope repeated by desperate reactoids.

File: 1702076258118.png (438.1 KB, 539x980, Juche necromancer.png)


Like, at least KJU and the internet-savvy government officials should know who these people are.


This makes me wish that Escape from Camp 13 book were real, and this guy were in it


File: 1702077713678.png (92.91 KB, 645x970, f2b.png)

>Is that- is that guy into KINK?!
>West has fallen, millions must be send into labour camps


This motherfucker doesn’t seem real.


We know that this about the irony of a kinkster supporting a state that would immediately ostracize them. My friend who visited the DPRK twice said one of his tour guides was always making jokes about gays.


the widely acclaimed speaker, writer, journalist, and political analyst Caleb Maupin should pay him for a spanking.

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King of the Ring edition: by invitation of Sonic the Hedgehog
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>I'll only be a reactionary for grace


Reactionary or not, to me you'll always be a spooked counter-revolutionary anti-individualist.


File: 1702064215207-0.jpg (243.67 KB, 1708x2048, 1643679542925-0.jpg)

File: 1702064215207-1.mp4 (14.1 MB, 1280x720, KJU Mothers.mp4)

Manse abeoji Kim Jong Un


File: 1702077083794.jpeg (60.85 KB, 540x458, c0fa3bba79869eca.jpeg)

This goes hard.


As much as I like the DPRK and KJU, they can be a bit weird–which is good enough to genocide them with nuclear hellfire according to your average burger. However, but what if the opposite is true *schniff* and they are one of the few honest humans on Earth.

File: 1702060655194.gif (360.76 KB, 931x682, 1702052378766357.gif)


>Carmelita hold me tighter
>I think I'm sinking down
>And I'm all strung out on heroin
>On the outskirts of town

>Well, I'm sittin' here playing solitaire

>With my pearl-handled deck
>The county won't give me no more methadone
>And they cut off your welfare check


being addicted to heroin sounds so cool


the bourgeoisie made a big mistake moving to cards over cash. i feel like the unreality of spending is a huge oart of why The Youth don't take capitalism seriously
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Yes you can if the store owner is willing to accept it


File: 1702015617329.webm (19.48 MB, 432x240, why_is_fiat_taxed.webm)

>there's no real distinguishing between US dollars, bitcoin, and robux


Roblox provides services for Robux and pays taxes
and its exchange rate is better than that of significant numbers of fiat currencies THOUGH


Credit has existed for thousands of years. Read capital

File: 1702063353901.png (1.38 MB, 1920x1068, ClipboardImage.png)


We do support the imposition of 15-minute city urban planning designs. For one, it helps advance our goals to propagandize communist ideals into society. This can be achieved by limiting personal freedom, including that of thought and mobility. Second, it helps curb population growth. This may help us advance Agenda 2030 safely and will be executed by providing abortion clinics, free HRT and reassignment procedures, and comprehensive sexual education from the age of 6. Third, everyone can have equal opportunities as we wish our communist society to be. This equalizing can be done by removing symbols of wealth - such as cars, guns, and private land - and supplanting them with populist ones - such as bicycles, public transportation, and the notion of walking to fulfill your daily needs. Oh, and free healthcare provided generously by professionals working for free, as well as secular schooling taught by revolutionary professors! No reactionaries allowed, however!

Isn't it nice to have a 15-minute city? It surely can increase the local population's HDI!(/pol/ retard)
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Every street corner shall have its own gloryhole!


there should be a free weed vending machine just so you can get into the mood easier


Bourgeois neo-hamlets are a reactionary retreat from the urban as a site of struggle. From historical analysis, we find the "15-minute city" emerges as the latest bourgeois fantasy, a neo-hamlet cloaked in the seductive garb of sustainability and localism. A reactionary mirage, it is but a spatial reconfiguration of capitalist relations, a commodification of community that serves the interests of the petty-bourgeois by inflating their capitals.

These neo-hamlets, with their artisanal bakeries and boutique grocers, are nothing more than enclaves of privilege, where the bourgeois can indulge in the illusion of a post-carbon idyll. They are spaces sanitized of the working class, who are pushed to the peripheries, their labor still exploited to sustain the comforts of the few.


File: 1702074730499.webm (1.41 MB, 200x200, maupin thought.webm)

The working class does not want the slimy 15 minute city (allegedly created by george soros to control your mind and make you a docile government slave), they want BIIIIIIG pick up trucks driven by sweaty muscular men with a southern accent and parking lots next to mcdonalds (mc proletarian under dotp circa 2034). God bless america, god bless chairman Maupin


Lol fucking cringe imagine putting on this pantomime of your enemy. For what reason? We socialists don't need to do this, the enemy makes a fool of himself well enough on his own


>see this vid
>obviously resulted from capitalist cost-cutting
<check the comments
<they're all blaming it on le """"woke"""" and China
Can we cure brain worms
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Based quote, anon, but I am still pretty sure that people are simply brainwashed and ignorant, they accept every MacCarthyist stereotype for gospel and view their [insert your political leader] as like God, infallible and wise, who does everything for their own good. And if the leader is infallible and wise then the socialists must be fallacious and dumb, they just "don't understand" that the king president is good, it's just the EVIL advisors and plutocrats that are not allowing him to pass his benevolent laws. I heard those exact arguments from my conservative family members, this shit is something they unironically believe in.

It's no different than the mindset of the peasantry under monarchism. Nothing has changed.


>Its part of the paranoiac logic of capital which denies people from blaming the system but instead it projects its own contradictions onto individual actors. This is why the right is filled with conspiratorial ideas, to distract from a systematic critique.
It's not just rightoids that are conspiratorial, either. Just look at how liberals blame the all of the failures of their "Open Societies" on Russia and China.


I don't like Russia and China myself but this is some schizo-level theory, even though the US already has FBI and CIA quietly meddling with the lives of citizens and the liberals don't even give a single fuck. #FreeAssange


Cause conspiratorialism is the coping mechanism of liberalism it seems

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