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First off, I want to preface by saying I'm an autistic cis/AFAB woman who has been active in the queer community for over a decade.

I strongly get the impression the rise of detransitioners in the past few years is, ironically or not, correlated with the increasing visibility of autistic people.

Back in the early 2010s, all the social outsiders attributed the fact that they didn't fit in to the mainstream society to the fact that they were queer; this subsequently lead to A LOT of people coming out as trans, genderqueer, genderfluid, eventually non-binary, etc. Queer liberal idpol exploded on sites like Tumblr during this time. However, now that queerness has become a lot more assimilated into mainstream western culture (not anywhere close to perfect obviously but still), those same social outsiders feel like they can no longer attribute their inability to fit in to their queerness/transness, so many of them began emphasizing the fact they're autistic or neurodivergent, and likewise you're seeing an explosion of autistic/ND-related liberal idpol on social media.

(Maybe, just maybe, the issue isn't you and your identity, but the fact capitalism is an inherently fucked up system and will always be fucked up regardless as to how your brain works?)

But regardless of the cultural stuff, I think it's plausible to say a lot of autistic people assumed that gender dysphoria was the main reason for why they were having issues. Now that autism is a lot more visible and a lot more adults are being diagnosed, they realize autism was the issue all along and they no longer see a reason to keep transitioning. I've seen interviews with a few of these people, and they all said that if they had been diagnosed as autistic early on and properly accommodated they would have never transitioned in the first place. It makes sense given that young women are the ones being diagnosed with autism the most nowadays and likewise young AFAB people are the largest group of detransitioners.

What are your thoughts? No TERF shit allowed.
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>LGBT medicine is fake and astroturfed
>starts off with an exposition of a reactionary ballot measure pushed by an astroturf group
rightoid projection is an artform


Daily reminder the Medical Model is NOT the problem and any attempt at portraying it as the problem is woo revisionism.

The real issue is that the medical establishment serves the interests of the bourgeoisie.



There is the food industry problem too. Which varies. The US has so many ingredients and processes that are banned in the EU and Japan. Plus food is fortified with synthetic vitamins some like several of the B vitamins dont properly absorb and block absorption of the real form a little.

File: 1678333051266.png (893.01 KB, 1292x592, ClipboardImage.png)


its possible that i have a mental disorder, that causes me to have thought broadcasting, and where i might have auditory hallucinations, have had both of these symptoms it for several years, ama
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We are not the same.


stfu lol


File: 1678397015409.jpg (158.23 KB, 990x993, lol.jpg)

hello so i didn't want to make a new thread because i feel like its pointless but i'm worried about something similar.

i've always had depression and anxiety, suicidal tendencies that went along with it but mostly got suppressed and transformed into a general, semi-recurring self-harm and possible masochism. okay fine normal.

however, possibly over the last year or two i have had periods of incredible delusion, that seem to come and go over quite short periods, and after which i am often able to recognize as irrational/not real. i have noticed, and am thankful to OP for finally putting a name to it, that occasionally I feel this thought broadcasting, and also but to a lesser degree, thought insertion. likewise i recognize right now that lots of the time i will perceive an imaginary audience, although wikipedia calls it "enthusiastically" watching which isn't quite how it feels - enthusiastic to me connotes positive, but it more often feels like there's an audience watching my every move, and sometimes thought lol, laughing at my expense, doing so enthusiastically, but without any of the positive connotations of enthusiasm.

more specifically, however, is this feeling that i haven't found a name for wherein people will be talking, particularly shit-talking or general negative comments, nominally about someone or something else but it feels as if its a veiled metaphor for talking about me and my behaviors. often i'm able to recognize that what they're saying doesn't quite fit, but this recognition happens in retrospect.

i'm certain this latter thing will be called an issue of self-esteem and anxiety, but that isn't really how it feels. for the most part, i think i have quite a high self-esteem, i know and am aware of both my upsides and downsides, my virtues and vices or whatever people call them.

this is beyond the unexplainable and constant feelings of self-doubt and also guilt that i feel.

for the most part i just ignore my feelings and continue on with life, albeit some things others find easy i find quite hard i.e basic human shit like cleaning my floors or dishes idk, but it comes along with me being able to do stuff quite easily that others find quite hard ie academics, music, reading to a certain degree (although my attention and focus span have definitely gotten worse).

if anyone would care to offer help or had some questions go for it. i'm mainly debating whether i go to therapy or psycPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


i recommend a solid dose of meds and bbc


i'm 85% sure i'm asexual. i don't trust medications.

File: 1678301471205.jpg (69.28 KB, 383x395, 90ufd8ol9mla1.jpg)


Has anybody ever really noticed the big cultural shifts on image boards? Like I'm not talking about the politics necessarily but I have noticed a general trend of

Numbers faggotry: A phenomenon in which I noticed on 4chan that there are a lot of people who dismiss those who like not-popular forms of media, and instead just gravitate towards more mainstream stuff. Hell even within the realms of mainstream media you are likely to get shit on if you don't like THE most pouplar form of media out there. Such as One Piece fans telling Hunter X Hunter fans that their manga sucks because One Piece has more readers than HxH or other sorts of "How many viewers people can find" There is just no real appreciation of the more obscure stuff anymore.

Performative assholery: I feel like you can't really have a positive opinion on something on 4chan because someone will just outrage insult you, granted this has always been the case but it seems like everybody has to have the most asshole opinion possible unless it's revolving around some form of culture war topic. The general piss-mist of negativity is just kind of boring at this point, and if I had to register to post on 4chan I would just not even be there anymore. It just seems like you just have to have a certain set of opinions lest you be called a transsexual or whatever.
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twitter pseuds


using twitter is cancerous to the brain. so is leftypol but a different kind of more, testicular less important cancer.


Cancer is cancer and can spread. There is not "less important" cancer ma'am.



>They are libs, as much as they'd like to insist otherwise
This though. Social fascism is a real thing, most people on 4chan work off of liberal ethics and logic.
The logic of capitalism in decay.


Gay Ben


File: 1678373762454.jpg (268.57 KB, 723x1000, 1678373744734.jpg)

What be your ail, my son?


Would you go back to 2010 if you could?


I would give my kidney to live through the golden age of TF2 again.


Re-do the past 13 years? Absolutely, you wouldn't be able to stop me.


Yeah I'll be younger, but I wouldn't want to. If it isn't 199X or even 198X it can get fucked. I really don't miss my early 20s.

File: 1678389561756.jpg (115.86 KB, 408x410, 20210122_180635.jpg)


A seller at a very small store (I don't know the name of this type of store in english) told me to go fuck myself, and it was a very sincere, very frustrated, very passionate fuck you, and it made me feel really sad.

Details: I was testing a smartphone compatible gamepad for between 5 to 10 minutes, and decided not to buy it even though the price was really good, because it wasn't compatible with any android emulator I could find. I was very, very polite with the guy, so I have no idea what I did wrong. Did I do anything wrong?


do empaths really


maybe h e was just having a bad day because his manager who promised him a promotion months ago turned out he was lying and fucking his old lady behind his back, or maybe he was just born a dick. there are days when im serving in a shop, and the boomers want to make conversation, I try to nod and smile, but I dont engage, not because I want to be rude, but I'm dead inside.


Go fuck yourself with this post.


He felt entitled to your money, assumed you were going to purchase his product, then got mad when reality slapped him in the face and you decided not to. Fuck 'em. If he can't handle customers not buying anything he shouldn't be in sales.

File: 1678384600718.jfif (133.75 KB, 1170x1280, Fqtpm_9XoA05yaI.jfif)


Amerifats, tell me which one of them tastes best? We don't have 20 billion different burger restaurants here. Popeyes do be lookin buzzin tbh


popeyes isnt really that good. church's and kfc is better but i think kfc has a tendency to undercook their chicken. anyway popeyes chicken is very salty, no complexity or spice, just salty. their red beans and rice, gravy and mac and cheese are good though. zax sauce is really tasty, i always try to get like 10 of the containers of those mfs when i go there. their chicken is good but it doesnt really have much complexity as before. chickfila's chicken is really good. its cooked in peanut oil which is the secret behind it. its expensive though. i still eat chickfila despite being queer. bk chicken is mid. you need sauce or lettuce to improve its taste. wendys chicken is good but not great in my experience. i just eat their junior bacon cheeseburgers instead, and i need 2 cuz 1 isnt enough. bojangles chicken is good cuz it has spice but its not a very complex or unique flavor. mcdonalds chicken sandiwches are mcdonalds chicken sandwiches. ive never eaten carls jr, jack in the box, or sonic's chicken.


File: 1678385630027.jpg (61.24 KB, 700x525, worldadv-yuluga.jpg)

would you be open to tasting sonic's meat?


if a stranger touches you in a way or place that makes you feel uncomfortable, DATS NO GOOD!


le funny numbers get


Why are most people on the internet (imageboards, mainstream social media, etc.) neurotics who micromanage everything about themselves while also policing every little thing others do? Meanwhile regular folks in real life are pretty relaxed and do not care about most things, even stuff that would get you crucified online.
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drink the blood of the young


sunscreen every 2 hours, cleaner and then moisturizer daily

>I want to look like a kpop star



That's called being neurotypical. Typical is merely a statistical statement, not an ideal.

Imageboards have the same feed for everyone, so neurotypicals can't be easily hidden away so chill people just leave.
For more recent social media like fedi, you just see who you follow, so chill people and neurotypicals tend to self-segregate. Whereas older social media like Twitter do the algorithm thingy to try and expose the wider audience to neurotypical content, making using those sites unpleasant.
You are lucky to not be forced into too many irl situations where you have to deal with neurotypicals.


Are you sure op is autistic


the neurotypical/neurodivergent divide is so fucking rarted and this is another example why, just diagnose everyone over anything bro


>tfw I thought I was getting a good deal on Amazon for Soylent
>It was for 320 calorie bottles instead of 400
>Bros, why do good things never happen to me?
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it's more attention consooming and you can't leave it on and eat it immediately after coming back from grueling wage labour
ofc you can probably do meal prep but i find the slow cooker to be more convenient




big tea tries to paint it as unhealthy but it's all propaganda



And then you'll spend the next day in the bathroom shitting your brain out.

File: 1678268956989.jpg (58.87 KB, 780x470, inuyasha-cast-780x470.jpg)


For me its when i first watched InuYasha because funny dog man goes swoosh swoosh. Little do i know that it's luring my unsuspecting childhood self into a hell of Japanese autismo

What's lefty/b/'s first anime? Don't say shit like Evangelion ok i don't care if you're 200 autism score ashkenazi-aryan ubermensch there is no way your first taiwanese cartoon show is evangelion

>Inb4 datamining
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File: 1678371773609.png (1023.59 KB, 1920x1080, Sesshōmaru.png)

I remember staying up till 3 am one night on a school night when i was 7 years old because i was vomiting so i was watching adult swim on tv and the first anime i ever saw was this one




Princess mononoke


File: 1678372600108.png (535.47 KB, 480x708, ClipboardImage.png)

Grave of the Fireflies


Pokemon but the first anime that I was consciously aware of being an anime was eureka 7. It was like an entire new world opened up full of adventure and romance and all that, a stark contrast to my very shitty dysfunctional family. Too bad that the owners of the franchise have attempted to squeeze it and have just reused the characters over and over to tell shittier and shittier stories

InuYasha kinda felt like filler because adult swim never seemed to play the episodes in order. They repeated a lot and I swear to god I vividly remember the priest guy sucking in all of the poisonous insects because they kept playing that episode

File: 1677451025152.jpg (67.33 KB, 600x487, chihuahua canada.jpg)


Steven Crowder, Jordan Peterson, Ted Cruz, Nickelback, Justin Bieber: all Canadians. What should be done about the Canadian question?
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File: 1678357697421.png (170.49 KB, 500x468, 1500NP_map.png)

forgor le map


the problems with the Canadians there whole identity is wrapped up around how they're not as bad as burgers, when they are


Western Europeans make the same excuse.


The whole identity of North Americans is thinking they're better than Western Europe, when they aren't.


Any national identity is about believing being better than another group.

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