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A friendly reminder that in this day of remembrance our TRUE president Donald Trump and his son are currently commentating one of the absolute shittiest boxing cards of the last few years
It's actually not nearly as funny as it sounds
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(Me) It's better than seeing that eceleb Youtuber fight garbage tho


its literally the same thing. they're both showmatches


Lmao wtf. Holyfield got TKO'd within 30 seconds


Guy's almost 60 and looked like shit in training, honestly surprised it was only a TKO. Meanwhile Tito got knocked cold within three punches lol


Eh, I was still expecting better from him. Tyson at 54 went 8 rounds with Roy Jones.

File: 1631399228682.jpg (603.92 KB, 750x928, 1619709689433-0.jpg)


Why does this site hate East Turkestanis so much?


Can you explain why the United States removed the East Turkestan Islamic Movement off their list of terrorist organizations?


It is synonymous with the word n****r

File: 1631413522019.jpeg (26.97 KB, 353x432, E7hQZBUWUAEpIvA.jpeg)


A woman is calling for me, should I go to her or continue to chase after what may never be mine?
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This. Take it to /b/, faggot OP.


Do you talk like this irl or just online


Obviously just online, have you ever heard of something called "code switching?"


Was this thread moved from /leftypol/? lol


File: 1631416102785.png (41.46 KB, 256x256, ClipboardImage.png)

>not calling people 'faggot OP' IRL
beta fuck detected

File: 1631338426133.png (124.01 KB, 474x315, ClipboardImage.png)


How come I dont feel like shit, I have no friends or gf and Basically completely isolated that leads to stressful times but I always feel good after a couple hours but feel like shit when Im reminded about it during school
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File: 1631413363594.png (199.48 KB, 640x644, 7pat5vtnzbm71.png)

how do you did this anon, what is your secret?
Do you not suffer from fear of missing out or the constant feelings of inadequacy?


maybe ive gone insane
I just accepted that ive always been a loner and ive been working out lately so that helps, im like a ghost.


you sound like De Niro's character in taxi driver
but yeah, sometimes the mind can just become numb and go into autopilot. And the working out will certainly help, I don't leave the house very often so that's probably a big part of why I'm not coping mentally


yeah ive felt really nothing even when I see couples or just in general think about relationships I used to get very sad to the point of crying myself to sleep but now I just dont feel anything just think "oh wow thats pretty cool"


I'm still at the feeling anger towards couples and crying myself to sleep stage unfortunately. Want to neck myself really fcking bad some days
it's good that you don't obsess over relationships though, it is only one part of life after all. You sound very strong and resilient anon, I like it

File: 1631412076224.jpg (77 KB, 760x754, whisper.jpg)


"don't laugh but I need to tell you something"


"the giants lost 20-31 to the broncos"

File: 1631408312869.png (39.36 KB, 741x204, amesf34b0zm71.png)


Why doesn't r/neoliberal want to wish the lion of Damascus a very happy birthday? Do they wish for the Assad curse to befall on them?


Hitlers kind of hot, sex with hitler

File: 1631102587689.jpg (282.72 KB, 1985x2098, 1618039870027.jpg)





pls sticky


File: 1631400888894.jpg (67.31 KB, 406x576, 1631395185768.jpg)



This but unironically.


File: 1631403298294.jpg (22.87 KB, 480x360, 1622556616208.jpg)

>This but unironically.

File: 1631143570037.jpg (43.58 KB, 900x750, trotsky.jpg)


Is there any group more oppressed online than Trotskyists?
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Where did the trotskyist touch you?


probably maoists



is it real?


File: 1631365438493.png (237.05 KB, 608x254, yDbGtfracU.png)


Trying to get banned from leftbook today


The US had a 9/11 event every other day since the pandemic started.

More people died from being scared to get on airplanes and driving, than on the event itself. The media is responsible for fear mongering.

The US is indirectly responsible for a holocaust level of deaths every other year.

Bin Laden was an idiot, but 9/11 was an attempt to make the US public understand what the US govt was doing to them. It didn't work. The US citizenry is psychopathic and get their spiritual energy from the suffering, torture and rape of children in the middle east.


File: 1631388180858.jpg (34.38 KB, 650x407, sept11_towersfall.jpg)


>9/11 was an attempt to make the US public understand what the US govt was doing to them.
Nah, it was a glowie op to rally support for the invasions in the Middle East.



Osama is a CIA asset that attacked the US on behalf of the CIA's agenda to justify the spending to invade afghanistan and Iraq to seize their resources and create friendly puppet governments that coincidentally border Iran and China, america's most hated enemies.

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