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File: 1694375818226.jpg (92.52 KB, 600x900, prison.jpg)


Why was Chrischan allowed to be free I thought it was an open and shut case that he raped his mom.
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it seems to me that christine chandler is more than just autistic because they at one point believed that vidya characters were real etc, in a proper sociaty they would be in a facility being taken care of or something of that kind, not running around ruining their life and ruining my mood by making me relate to themselves.


I mean the current Virginia governor is a republican, he probably persuade the court to let him go. He probably thinks mom and son incest is hot.
They still do, they were writing letters in jail talking about how the dimensional merge is still going to happen.


Collected Prison Writings of Chris-Chan publication when?


This lolcow bullshit is cancerous. At least Brian Peppers died and got forgotten.


>This lolcow bullshit is cancerous
well yeah everyone involved should be in prison in my opinion but it still doesn't explain why the criminal charges were dropped


Does anybody know the current whereabouts of Pennyfag? Have not seen him on here in a long while.
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File: 1694394685166.jpg (15.67 KB, 136x115, 1304376955947.jpg)

>posting S1 penny
That's a different pennyfag a much cooler one too


They retired to /GET/.
Don't know much else other than tomoko poster hates the site now


>tomoko poster hates the site now
GETchan? Or this site?


She already hated leftypol before the migration to bunker chan.


File: 1694493167498.jpg (52.58 KB, 500x564, 7ytw0v.jpg)

File: 1693964719124.png (445.57 KB, 498x346, marxist yiffist.PNG)


Petition to change the default name (anonymous) to "comrade"
poll: https://strawpoll.com/e6Z28m71GnN

if you do not wish to vote in the strawpoll site, vote here by replying to this thread with a yay or a nay

[ ] Yay
[ ] Nay
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You're welcome lad, come on >>>/anime/ any time.


Nay. It's corny. Did not vote on the strawpoll site.


Reservoir Dogs?


I was thinking: maybe implement the thread id system that 8chan used (each unique poster of the thread has an id to that thread), but the ids are impactful leftists.
Big to small, theorist to just freedom fighter, Karl Marx to Che Guevara, etc.

Comrade is still a good idea – the site should push abit more of its unique culture, and this is assuming thread ids are a good idea – I'm just thinking of going one step further beyond.

The vote could be done with flags.
Last posted flag of the unique IP is used as the vote.
Its pitfalls are of strawpolls, but at least you can feel better about not clicking on a link or somthn.


<[ ] Yay
<[ ] Nay
>[✔️] Gay

File: 1694478449729.jpeg (96.61 KB, 571x679, F4fI9olXgAED335.jpeg)


just dropped beef on my keyboard now it smells.like beef


update now im rubbing ketchup on it to add a little flavour lol


try sprinkling some old bay on it trust me


very cool


add msg


Add hot sauce and salt.
Then play on the keyboard board with cut fingers

File: 1694489304865.mp4 (1.12 MB, 520x360, videoplayback (1).mp4)


I discovered a city in the province of Buenos Aires with less than 100 inhabitants, this is my plan to create an anarcho-communist commune based on piracy there;

step 1; get together with other anarchists and create an initial fleet of 8 people who move and settle in the town

Step 2; create a stable agricultural base from which we can live

Step 3; earn the love of people with the work we do out of solidarity

Step 4; establish the commune abolishing money and ignoring the Buenos Aires government

Step 5 (my favorite); starting a black market for weapons that we steal from police stations in nearby cities and attacking the strategic infrastructure of companies and factories, basically applying a form of piracy on national routes, in order to find a way to get the weapons abroad. things we cannot produce.

anarchists, give me your opinions
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lower the drinking age.


bro, this is Argentina
When I was 13 I bought beer.


Your plan will only work until the arachnids launch a meteor and destroy the entire province of buenos aires. Good luck though soldier


I'm a fascist and I'm up to be a pirate. Can I join your pirate commune? I'll play nice.

File: 1694465929582.png (1.45 MB, 1440x1080, Level those towers.png)


Happy Resist Amerikkkan Imperialism day! How has your holiday gone? I was very energetic at work today and talked to everyone around me and propagandized because I was so filled with energy at the thought of a thousand finance capitalist genocidal mass murdererers dying at a minimal cost to the working class (R.I.P every worker who died in collateral damage).

How did you spend Resist Amerikkkan Imperialism day, /siberia/?



i had to go do some part time work today but otherwise my day was cool, death to the divided $nake$ of amerikkka as always comrades



File: 1694462116115.jpeg (109.43 KB, 900x900, jesus.jpeg)


Not religious, but is there anyone else out there that beat the odds as much as Jesus Christ? Going from a lower class upbringing in a political, economic, and cultural backwater region of the Roman Empire to being arguably the most influential single person in human history?

And people love talking about van Gogh dying thinking he was a complete failure, but surely Jesus is the ultimate example of this phenomenon? Most realistically, I have to imagine he died on the cross thinking that his movement would fizzle out shortly after his death and that if he was lucky he'd get a footnote in history, and yet here we are today.
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He was an artisan (carpenter) not lower class, and the version of him in the book is certainly very different from the real guy, since the religion we ultimately got was a product of Roman design meant to psyop people into following them.


Jesus' brother; Hong Xiuquan


Muhammad was a merchant. Do merchants outclass carpenters in the Classical and early Post-Classical west Asia meta?


File: 1694378606792.png (471.2 KB, 1200x997, ClipboardImage.png)


How did this country from 700 years ago cause son much seeth among imageboards till this day?
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I didnt make the dixie andalusia flags but maybe when i get off work tonight


Shay has a job??
Weren't you a neet?


Yeah. This job is my last ditch attempt to transition before i hit true twink death. I dont like working but i cant live off welfare or onlyfans. Also i have a shopping list of things i need to buy or repair but i might use my money to just buy drugs and go down the addiction rabbit hole


consider using a large chunk of your first monthly wage to buy like 10 vials of lena's bathtub juice. that way at least you won't be able to run out for a while if you do decide to get into drugs


I thought Mongoloids made Pakistan


Can someone please upload PDF attached to libgen and/or other shadow libraries? It's a collection of Eleanor Marx's letters to Wilhelm and Natalie Liebknecht. A very obscure work as it is an English-language supplement to a German-language book, so I thought I'd excerpt it.
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File: 1694412884845.png (1.07 MB, 900x900, ClipboardImage.png)

at your service comrade


uygha you just called Adolf Hitler your comrade


File: 1694414169882.gif (444.77 KB, 498x280, 332rfe3.gif)

dont discriminate others based on their name uygha… any way its historical work he asked me to upload, nothing wrong with that… he didnt ask me to upload mein kampf or somethin


I'm pretty sure moderator approval just means you get a star for file quality or whatever.
t. Z-Lib volunteer


>Imagine reforming Hitler into a socialist
That would be some epic Russian Isekai tier shit


Why did people start saying "Let's go!" after they have just finished doing something? Isn't it something that one would usually say before starting something?
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File: 1693982009704.png (1.64 MB, 400x225, sakurako_slump.png)


I used to frequent a Bengali spot in town and there was this nice gril who worked there. I asked her out once and it was a success, we went on a few dates and all I kept political autism to the side death to the Romanovs tho. Then I invited her to my loft, we had a few drinks….well. Afterwards I asked her (primal instincts kicked in) if I could lick her feet. She was taken aback by it but said sure, and I yelled LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO

Anyway we dated for a few years until I broke it off upon finding out she was dating her brother on the side.


File: 1694393627714.mp4 (1.35 MB, 720x722, Zoomer fight.MP4)

idk ong fr, but have a video of some zoom zooms going boom boom to the face


Disgusting kys


Is this correct form for fighting? I never did it.

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