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File: 1707094944878.png (235.09 KB, 510x576, ClipboardImage.png)


quints and amerikkka must die
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haha benis


this is america not amerikkka, trust there is still hope bismallah



File: 1707186147882.png (168.78 KB, 596x449, biden progress.png)


elder abuse administration

File: 1707388734521.jpg (8.18 KB, 200x200, ZmIsTj1r_200x200.jpg)


>"The west has fallen and is fun because muh lgbtv or something. I plan on leaving for a based and redpilled non-western country any day now!"
>*wait until said country become as developped and liberal as the west to actually go there*
This is such a common behavior with native chinlets and reactionnaries diasporoid living in the west (i am a diasporoid myself).
In truth, everyone love the shit out of social-liberalism, individualism and "decadence". The west and china have manufactured the perfect system when it comes to peoples desires to live in.
Even my most islamist family member would break down in tears if the authorities came to remigrate him to his ancestral "based and non deg3n3erate country". The west and china are indeed facing problems when it comes to birthrates, but not everything is about birthrates and being as much low quality meat as possible.
Obviously China is an objectively superior nation than pretty much everywhere else outside of a few western nation.
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it happened with techbros moving from Cali to Texas lol


wasn't lindyman like homeless briefly


I can think of a bunch of reasons you'd choose to depict yourself as a half melted grumpy strokehead's self portrait and none of them are especially flattering


File: 1707649139288.jpg (160.02 KB, 1500x1500, F7S3Zm9WQAA3z5V.jpg)

>I can think of a bunch of reasons you'd choose to depict yourself as a half melted grumpy strokehead's self portrait and none of them are especially flattering


File: 1707497238833.png (189.87 KB, 418x498, 1588714636356.png)


I could never understand why I just had a disdain for anime fans until I talked to a friend, the convo deviated towards online discussions, and she was like "with film,tv, etc the elitists jerk themselves raw over highbrow stuff that appeals to the least amount of people possible whereas with anime the elitists pride themselves on liking the most pandering derivative slop imaginable while deriding what the former group would like as either pretentious garbage or for normalfags."
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Never had any problems with tv shows, but I've seen how music people can be dickheads. Maybe people being more friendly with anime recs is a recent thing but it certainly wasn't when I was in those communities several years ago.


military is le epic cool guys pew pew


oh damn he cute


For some reason I want to rape him.
Even though normal female asuka I just want to avoid because she reminds me of my middle school bully


>For some reason I want to rape him.
Woah, buddy, calm down.
>normal female asuka I just want to avoid because she reminds me of my middle school bully
He's not emotionally unstable enough.


Convine me that Gamergate (which i still don't truly understand what it was all about) wasn't the tipping point of internet "culture wars" and was ultimately the first step into the era of politics and toxicity that the internet is still dealing with. Possibly the birth of mainstream internet conservatism and "anti-woke" (previously known as "anti sjw") sentiment, as I've been on the internet since 2008 and rarely remember seeing anything like that prior to 2014 or so. I actually feel there's a divide between "pre gamergate era" and "post gamergate era" internet discourse.
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/leftypol/ was at least influenced by gamergate since it popularized 8chan


there were always reactoids and nerd guys that really didn't like girls in their spaces on the internet
gamergate was just one weird episode of that


witch hunters werent fringe idiots. they were backed by the law and religion which was still extremely societally influential in early modern europe


File: 1707635560405.jpg (38.83 KB, 680x379, gamergirl gets told.jpg)

>/leftypol/ was pro-Gamergate
So you haven't seen this pic from /leftypol/ IRL Xmas meetup 2023?


GG remains a controversial topic here. The very fact that this thread exists shows it is true.

File: 1706224493317.png (561 KB, 1156x940, 1706221820548509.png)


Imagine if she still posted…
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She was a cat all along??


Every synagogue and other temples that reflects the despised relics of the past shall be engulfed within the fires of revolt!

>Everyone making positive posts about this person should be perma-banned

Well, this seems to be a little harsh.. people usually can't hold themselves to not simp, it's their own material experience I guess..
But, ur right, simping that reactionary is pretty ewwkkk

She is not cute tho, she carries a rotten idealism and jewish religiousness in herself, straight to the Gulag.


who is she ?. im newfag



>obsessing over some girl who came here this much


I decided to make this thread after seeing this tweet, which seems to be popping off. Of course, you have the usual swarm of people who have caught wind of the tweet, reactionaries, Hazites who will make fun of the responses of the tweet. But it was those original responses that is the issue. Why is it when it comes to the issues of self-improvement and exercise do certain people on the left get worked up about it. They begin to call it fascism and how you are abandoning disabled people. It's insane how that is the response. And you think "oh, it's just Twitter. That bird app makes anyone on there go crazy." But no, there is a resident user on this very site babbling on and on about the very same notion. How its reactionary, anti-communist even. It's insane how just the idea of exercise gets people to start to come up with this fantasy about body building fascism. Or even the idea of improving one-self begins people to have a break down. There is a clear trend on the left, not just radlibs, "leftists" and liberals, but even so-called communists. Doesn't mean we need to swing in the other direction and start being all macho and drinking raw eggs and eating raw liver. But there needs to be a clear and concise line drawn that things like exercise isn't fascism, and its good. I know it makes me sound like a crazy person saying this, but there are people who actually believe this nonsense and will perpetuate it. And of course, the right will seize on this moment, not necessarily to call us weak, that's already done. But to call us weird, and out of touch. And that stance is weird and out of touch. Exercise is a normal thing. Self-Improvement is a normal thing. These things won't 'disappear in socialism'. They have nothing to do with it.
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As has been noted, self help is a genre of books, but it is also a general attitude and ideological category. Because self help also exists outside books, including talks (Tony Robbins), social media, and lifestyle changes (like journaling, cleaning your penis, making your bed, etc), as well as the feeling of inadequacy with regards to productivity both professionally and privately.

So when you talk about good advice that might help someone improve their lives, you can't simply remove the context in which this advice is given and usually the medium in which it is given too.

Basically, it is near impossible to separate giving or taking advice about lifestyle changes without it being mediated by the same ideological structure that makes self help a very popular commodity.


Exercise is good on it's own regardless of your political rev LARP.
No exercising won't bring you a revolution or even make you win more or anything.
Yes most proles of all political stripes have shit bodies and health in 2024.
Why do we have this idiotic discourse every month anyway? Do you think people facing actual revolutionary conditions have debates about if going to the gym and lifting dumbells is "based"? People who get worked up about this may it be in the "pro" or "anti" won't lead anything. And i say that as a pro-gym anti-fat person, this is just not relevant to actual existing power and politic.


> and lifestyle changes (like journaling, cleaning your penis, making your bed, etc)
No no no, the whole point is that this is NOT self-help on its own.


you need to go back


if all the time devoted to arguing this issue were instead devoted to actually doing the exercise, the world would be a much better place.


Communism is a vision for a just and better world and a doctrine and an ideology that we must spread to workers to enlighten them. Sounding appealing to the majority with good optics is the greatest need of the hour. Yeah I'm a middle class activist, how can you tell?
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See in my head, when people say that they mean petite bourgeois, cause they're kinda in between. But I know they don't, I'm just not sure what they do mean besides proles and small businesses owners who love comfortably I guess? I dunno, hate that term.


>when people say that they mean petite bourgeois
but thats what it is


< The moment anyone started to talk to Marx about morality, he would roar with laughter.
meanwhile almost all leftoids can only speak in moral terms today


Just to be clear, what exactly do you think was the reason Marx laughted at moral preaching?


because it makes for quite shitty analysis


does anyone else feel like they’re always acquiring the commodities necessary for the reproduction of their labor power 😂


Yeah it's called food


yeah im an exchangepilled usevaluecel

File: 1707494288241.png (1.43 MB, 1131x884, ClipboardImage.png)


Best 10 commie gangestas

Numbah 10
madeo bordiga
At number 10, we ain’t got a gangesta, we got dat quiet dood from school , now mb over here, dude's Italian, But he ain’t a wiseguy like Them dawgs from The movies, he ain’t The godfather or capone The cat, he likes To waltz in, say Shit And Eat spaguet And fuck The goomah, real homie knows What it’s like to sit back And enjoy the ride.

Numbah 9
Bad Vlad Lennon
Made some dope beats and led the gang war against Makhnovshchina hoods, dat was some blood n crips shiet fo real, red shootin’ on black, black shootin’ on red, homie shootin’ on homie, families killin’ old families in drive byes, people cappin’ each other in tha hood for bustin’ dangerous gang signs all while dem Czech dudes steal gold from the damn train CJ.

Numbah 8
Stalina “uncle joey” batina
Startin’ as a Caucasian thief from the sweet state of Georgia, He got dem slavic ice cold killa skills, he ain’t a bureaucrat fakie, he keepin’ it real, knows what its like to live da struggle, to steal from dem Czar Nicholas cats to help his homie lennon with the revolution.
many men, many many many many men, wish death upon him, blood in his red eyes as dat gay ass cracker adolf tryna put his life away. And then lifted many men outta the german ghettos.

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New copypasta just dropped


What are some writings similar to "blessed is the flame"? Stuff that posits that, no matter how hard the repression, resistance is remains possible?
Asked on /dead/ but it's dead


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