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File: 1669584617189.jpeg (299.79 KB, 1387x2048, licensed-image.jpeg)


>steals billions of dollars from ameriKKKan imperialists
was he the greatest socialist who ever lived?


very cool

File: 1669351637102.png (135.48 KB, 290x290, ClipboardImage.png)


sometimes i want to build a new communist imageboard, but one where anti idpol people and class reductionists are banned.

does anyone want to help me
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Nope. They’re still the town squares of the web. Look at how much discourse from here filters out onto places like Twitter. Literally anyone mentioning a Marxist theorist’s name anywhere on the Internet that isn’t some boring academic owes it to forums like /leftypol/.


Also the “fediverse” Twitter alternatives are a massive dumpster fire of failure


The glowies will infect it.


Is there any proof of this? I have the opposite impression: look much shit from Twitter/Reddit and by extension Tiktok flow into here/


Just go to reddit or twitter


>be Africa
>do absolutely nothing
>have minimal deaths for the entire pandemic

Why are black people just utterly superior /siberia/?
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This. A significant part of India have similiar material conditions with Sub-Saharan Africa, and many African nations are dealing with severe population density in their capitals due to diseases and conflicts plaguing their provincial areas, Kinshasha is probably the perfect example for this.
The fact that Africa stil managed to record far less Covid deaths cannot be handwaived away with just poor record keeping or lack of internal travel. India,SEA and many parts of LATAM shared the same condition and recorded a far higher mortality rate


>don't live old enough to have mass cancers and COVID deaths
i wish we thought of that


covid is an american bioweapon that targets genetic groups; the israeli glowies had openly developed such to use on palestinians, so it's not difficult to imagine the burgers plot likewise


I think Japan's deaths were relatively low too despite having the world's oldest population and not an actual lockdown


China doesn't have free healthcare since dengoids did the neoliberalism thing


>you just got a 100 grand as a gift
>you need to spend it all in one day or it'll be taken back
>can't spend it on charity
>can't spend it on mundane necessities (food for 1 year, gas for 1 year, condoms for 1 year…)

What do you buy?
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Just buy some stonks and then slowly cash out as you need the money. Why is this even a question?


File: 1669584495879.jpeg (299.79 KB, 1387x2048, licensed-image.jpeg)


You didn't need to trick me, because you're cute and valuable



1. Good drugs
2. Nembutal
3. to be decided… there are a few things that could be done. Sooner or later I'm going to get really high then after that I'm killing myself. In the meantime? Guns, investments (to pass on), art stuff, maybe record production for local acts or sumt… who knows?


>>342210 ❤ no, you r qt & valuable
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ how va
luable u ask!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! AT LEAST 20 bucks

>>342187 what stonks would u buy
>>342188 very cool
>>342225 for the love of god, do not kys. we need and appreciate you, comrade


What are some interesting facts of history that the bourgeois media censor? Vid related.

File: 1669568829879.png (316.76 KB, 593x666, lol.png)


>family is a man and a woman and children
>73% divorce rate
>highest domestic abuse rate on the planet
>basically legal to kill your wife
>absolutely garbage birth rate
Why is estern europe so staunchly conservative yet that conservatism never lead anywhere?
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>it wasn’t real Europe!


I mean yes, but there is also a link between conservatism and the way the government is trying stall emigration depressing wages enough so that multinational companies will come to Hungary and create jobs. The talk about "family values" is an ideological construct designed to compell people to accept capitalist-imperialist exploitation at home instead of emigrating to Western Europe. As you can guess workers are hardly happy about low wages and women aren't enthusiastically pumping babies to provide a cheap labour force for German industry. Many people's answer to this is to become vaguely progressive West-worshippers who denounce the government for the bad living conditions but also wish for the government to submit to every single demand made towards Hungary by the EU or NATO.

Also actually they still pander to neonazis


Even Nazis hate Poland, get real bro.


>it apply to nearly every eastern european country
Burgers *really* need to stop posting about Europe


>multicultural as a byword

>"eastern europe has more social cohesion"

>mortality rate is high, psychological disirders are an all time high, black market bases its heasquarters in eastern europe

Reactionary detected

File: 1669336050150.png (514.35 KB, 532x552, 1608457294359.png)


This is probably shitty paranoia, but I'm genuinely starting to worry that my mother is diddling my sister.
>My sister, who is 10, is continually pissing herself. This has been a problem for several years. She also had a period of apparently having constant rashes on her genitals (If you ask, we lived in an apartment at this time, and walking by the washroom, next to my room, would be met with cries from my mother not to enter; as she was apparently applying corn starch to alleviate the rash.)
>Also compiling to this is that my mother is an… odd type to say the least. She clearly has some form of personality disorder, potentially some light schizophrenia due to nearly lifelong marijuana use. But she also is an odd type when it comes to things relating to sexuality. For example, she almost never shuts the door when using the washroom - whether to use the toilet, or to bathe. She also has consistently left her baths with her sex toys in the open.
Now here's the kicker: my mother still bathes with my sister, who is 10. Although she's now finally branching off, the fact that it went on for over a decade is unnerving to me. My sister also sleeps in the same bed as my mother.
Should I be concerned, or am I being a schizo?
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Coomer brained.


>I should also note my mom has a strange preoccupation with kiddie diddling; such as going on tangents on how she'd kill me if I ended up being a child molester,
Very sus


CPS cop detected


Where did OP ssay he's from Australia? My sister had one of her kids taken from her temporarily (been months)for being accused of something she didn't even do and yes there is no trial for this to occur and the foster parents are mean but my niece doesnt want to swap out to another place just being moved around a lot.


yep she's a molester

File: 1669576922695.jpg (1.02 MB, 1920x1080, 169591596596.jpg)


>leftypol most of the time;
yeah religion sucks, I'm an atheist
>leftypol when Israel harms Palestine;


Palestine cause isn't a religious one so it's coherent


Common Leftypol W


Great job /leftypol/ stay winning


Have sex with me, Junko.
we should do it Junko. Together.


File: 1669581933228.png (153.38 KB, 306x306, 1649509195205.png)

what does supporting palestine have to do with religion? Before the creation of Israel, Palestine had all sorts of people living together - Jew, Christian, Muslim, atheist. One of the reasons Israel is bad is because it replaced a tolerant society with a quasi-theocratic ethnostate.


Long live the Confederacy yyeeeeeeehhhaaawww!!
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File: 1669495729400.jpg (33.07 KB, 574x588, bro.jpg)

"is this… a description of communal sleeping arrangements?"


couldn't they just throw something at the box rather than kicking it


A very dystopian time in American history. I sometimes wonder how Kapital would've turned out had Marx been raised in the US and saw that hardworking urban proletariats were more interested in lynching uyghurs while having barbeque than attacking the brutal railway tycoons and oligarchs that sucked American blood.


File: 1669576115888.jpg (211.38 KB, 720x991, 20220821_175942.jpg)


> I sometimes wonder how Kapital would've turned out had Marx been raised in the US
Marx tried to move to the USA once but was rejected by the Prussian diplomatic core. Some of his comrades in the first international, like August Willich and Joseph Weydeymeyer, moved to the USA and fought in the civil war, and being German Communist immigrants were more ideologically committed to abolition than to the preservation of the Union.

> saw that hardworking urban proletariats were more interested in lynching uyghurs while having barbeque than attacking the brutal railway tycoons and oligarchs that sucked American blood.

While there was no doubt plenty of lynching, Read "Reconstruction: America's Unfinished Revolution." Some of the biggest labor actions in US history happened in the immediate aftermath of the civil war. In fact one of the biggest reasons the occupation of the surrendered South ended early was so the Union army could go back North and suppress strikes.

File: 1669541115335.png (49.02 KB, 640x384, ad.png)


life is meaningless
kill yourselves now




If you hate living so much why dont you marry it


you first


no because its meaningless either way :P

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