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If you had to pick a movie to become a game, which would you pick?
Ill start.
>Forrest Gump
>run through the ages
>QWOP style battle royale
>last one running wins

File: 1633183461659.png (1.29 MB, 744x914, dorf.png)


Hi, /Gay/mers. It's Agent Kochinski here, back at you today with another thread. This time we'll be analyzing the context of dwarf fortress using Marxist Dialecticals.

Dwarf Fortress (1999) is a game made 20 years ago by a fat bastard called Tarn Adams, who for the past 20 years of his life has spent his entire existence sitting in a chair typing out C code to create his most influential, and most famous life's work, Dwarf Fortress. A game about subjugating subdwarven beings and destroying natural environments to make room for the growing hustle and bustle of modern dwarfdom. The races which one may subjugate in this game include but are not limited to:
> Scaled elves
> Elves
> Round-eared elves
> green elves
> Demon elves
> cave elves
> furries

Often encounters with non-dwarven sentient life end in lethal combat as the game encourages racial wars, in fact Race wars are the most important conflicts in the game. You can even see race wars between the same 'races' since dwarves have specific regional ethnicities. Therefore Dwarf Fortress is a game about raping other cultures into submission. Any questions?

If you don't have any, please like and favourite this video and don't forget to SMASH that SUBSCRIBE button, see you later Vasuhrats! Vasuh OUT!


For real, how do you learn to play Dorf?


You just play, eventually you'll figure it out


Using the wiki a lot. It's incredibly well written.


Follow the wiki tutorial. Dwarf Fortress is really easy to play on a basic level once you get passed the UI.

File: 1633737009940.png (330.44 KB, 512x288, ClipboardImage.png)


So what is settler colonialism and how do we recognize it’s existence? Settler colonialism is a form of colonization where the invading regime/population seeks to build a civilization on conquered land vs simply extracting resources and/or ruling over the indigenous population. Settler colonialism is almost by definition always genocidal in nature, where the invaders seeks to eradicate the indigenous population physically, culturally, and genetically from the land so their own descendents can take up permanent residence. In the real world examples of settler colonies include the entirety of the western hemisphere including the US, New Zealand, Australia, Israel and other nations. All of these nations engage in a pattern of eradication/slavery, asserting sovereignty over the land, and in most cases attempting to erase the act of conquest itself and trying to naturalize their presence upon indigenous land.

Looking back to Tamriel we clear evidence of at least the replacement of an indigenous population with a foreign one. Elven recorded and oral histories, accounts gathered by the the different heroes through the games while they explored The continent, and first hand accounts given to the Dragonborn by Knight-Paladin Gelebor all state that the original inhabitants of Tamriel (at least above ground) was the Elves and their civilization of Mereth. Some time, humans showed up in Tamriel, perhaps from Atmora or some other unknown place. As elves and humans came into contact elves realized that their civilization and existance as a people was being threatened from contact with humans, until a group of desperate Elves sought to take an artifact of mass destruction which the human colonizers found underneath. Over the next course of evens thousand or so years, human tribes grew and took land from elves, enslaving and/or outright slaughtering those they captured. Humanity’s rise in power and land base coalesced into the Nordic Empire and the Cyrodiilic Empires. From that point, Cyrodiil conquered the rest of elven held territory and enslaved the entire species in some nations, and in other subjugated them to the bottom of society, in some, failed attempts of genocide also happened. In this way it is clear that humans engaged in a protracted settler colonial campaign of extermination and enslavement. So on a basic level, Tamriel at least under the Nordic and Cyrodiilic Empire was indeed settler colonized.

Some complications come up tho. The fact fPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>the elder scrotes
back to reddit


That's nice, tamriel belongs to the dwemer, always has

File: 1633714839620.jpg (32.6 KB, 474x266, 15019832560923535.jpg)


any of you play this? what's all the hype about? is it really a botw clone?


I don't get it either, it looks boring as fuck.
If I wanted to just stare at cute animu guys and girls all day I'd just read a VN or manga.


uygha use >>8683

File: 1633435451087.jpg (38.83 KB, 713x535, games.jpg)


What is the material explanation for this?
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Based Portugal


File: 1633483207236.png (109.7 KB, 639x639, ClipboardImage.png)







/siberia/ culture is cancer

File: 1633397597978.jpg (45.55 KB, 960x960, hmzlsncausd61.jpg)


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The most requested character among people who actually are likely to buy Smash Bros DLC


but genos is older than sora
genos fans are more likely to have a job, and more likely to buy a switch + smash + dlc just to play him
I think squenix must be planning a new game


File: 1633477410406.jpg (248.09 KB, 720x1408, FAjhWjNXoAITl9G.jpg)

you're going to be very disappointed
geno is already a mii costume,so he is no longer tracked in the results,becoming a mii costume = death.


>could have had crash


>some NND e-celeb over Reimu and 2B
>a character from a literal porn game
Fuck I wish we got Sol or Ragna, would've been pretty cool

File: 1633473380056.jpg (150.77 KB, 1600x1200, deltarune ace attorney.jpg)


Share your memes, thoughts, and so on.

Someone tell me about the non-pacifist routes cause I feel too bad to play them.


uygha >>12574 it's on PAGE 1 FFS


Oops. Well IDK. There's so many posts on the matrix about it but none on this board hardly.


>so many posts on the matrix about it but none on this board hardly.
That's kinda the reason I dislike Matrix, it kills the alt board PPH, personally I think the Matrix should encourage board posting, and leave the matrix chat for more meta content.


Yeah. Well that was the intent of this thread, since it seemed like the last one didn't catch on (I didn't realise it was on page 2 though so oops).


Actually it only got to Page 2 right now, it moved from siberia after some activity and… yeah. Maybe the mods can merge the content of this thread to that one.

File: 1633342617253.png (474.01 KB, 616x353, ClipboardImage.png)


>be me
>decide to play mount and blade napoleon wars
>realize its a fun game
>starts interacting with the community
>big mistake.jpg
>realize the community is filled with incels
>realize further the community is filled with reactionaries
>realize further further the community is filled with unironic nazis especially in the tropical paradise server
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Oh I was in a "regiment" ie a group of players that would compete in line battles/sieges for a few months in 2017. We had 2 alt lite guys in there out of 30, I guess I got lucky or the community really went down the shitter since then


isnt Mount and Blade obsolete now that chivalry 2 and mordhau are popular?


every day you go to tropical paradise you will ecounter 1 to 2 unironic nazis, and people just joking around pretending to be nazis
every single day


lol no you be suprised mount and balde has a surprisingly active community. because no game has a simmilar combat system like mount and blade. the 4 diagonal block system makes mount and blade unique


and its not the same people its a different person every single time

File: 1633462183313.jpg (1.52 MB, 3508x4961, diablo.jpg)


Diablo Revolutions or resurgence or resurrection or whatever is out now, but I'm not giving Blizzard any of my fucking money. Watching videos about the changes and the bitching about underboob and manazons did give me an appetite to play the original though.

The ISO can be found here: https://archive.org/details/Diablo_1996_Blizzard

Patch 1.09 and 2.1.0 can be found here: https://diablopat.ch/download.php

Personally I found that the original game really shows its age. I found the fan-made HD mod that adds a bunch of features, like a stash, HQ graphics, the ability to zoom in and out, and adds a bunch of content cut from the original game. It's called Belzebub and can be found here: https://mod.diablo.noktis.pl/download

Anyway just throwing this up so that there's an OG Diablo thread and people have the opportunity to play blizzard games without giving them any money. Enjoy.
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Nostalgia seems to be the main motivating factor I guess. I played the shit out of D2 when I was in high school and loved it, but if it's anything like going back to D1 I'm sure if I went and dug out my original CDs then D2 would show its age as well.

Aside from Blizzard/Activision being a shitty company, I think that releasing an update on something like D2 ought to have more than graphical updates and some minor gameplay fixes like a shared stash or whatever. I'm sure there was plenty of content cut from D2. After 20 years and however many millions of dollars, it should really be packed to the brim with new shit, not just given a new coat of paint.


What's the best ARPG these days? I haven't touched anything since D3 (which I enjoyed) no desire to play D2. Heard Grim Dawn was good but looks really ugly…

POE is super-autismo, no desire for that.

Anything else?


Unfortunately PoE is the best one on the market so far and there aren't really any alternatives besides Diablul 3


is the arpg a dead genre


Nier Automata was pretty good
So was DMC 5
I dont think it's dead, anon. Just wait for the next Tales of game to come out

File: 1630589613281.png (606.99 KB, 1359x252, streets.png)


In the canon universe made by the RS worldbuilders/lorewriters:

*Everybody's value and worth is measured according to their immediate utility to the system or to Zaros. Those who show little utility are forgotten or ignored. Seen as a 'burden on society' by upper class nobles.

*High tech society with the most powerful military on the planet, encompassed all of the largest mainland continent except about 3 places

*Wealthier than other powers but with severe inequality for some, people don't feel life is fulfilling and are generally very unhappy

*Theocratic fanatical devotion to an amoral 'Empty Lord' who simply does not care about what doesn't benefit them and is often nearly always absent. An organized religion driven more by loyalty and faith to him instead of any humanitarian beliefs.

*The homeless are murdered on the streets or eaten by shadow ghosts and demonic citizens, drained by vampiric creatures to point of near-death. Laws exist against killing people but they are ultimately not enforced because 'nobody cares for them, they have little value to the system'
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"There is a law in the empire against consuming humans, but I do not think they keep to it very well, and I do not think Zaros is aware of the violation. There are many forces that keep the streets of Senntisten clear of the homeless, and not all of them are economic."


Post you replied to got deleted apparently, what was he saying?


All the minorities could be gone without a shot fired or some dumb shit


So basically if you are homeless in the U.S.A, U.K, Australia or Colombia:



Would Senntisten resemble any cities in particular irl or pretty much all big cities in Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Anglo countries?

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