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File: 1655863876488-0.png (1.21 MB, 940x530, bloodalone.png)

File: 1655863876488-1.jpg (311.51 KB, 1920x1080, FarEastCollapse.JPG)


By Blood alone waiting room edition.


I didn't realise they also reworked the Far-Eastern Collapse.
If Kerensky fucks up the Manchu's still take over the West, Republicans run off to Transamur and Vladivostok and then either become one of two different flavours of authdem, Ukrops spawn in the north, but can either be SocDem or Banderites who are now properly set to reactionary.
Harbin proper gets to keep some of the south now, Its either led by Gastev who calms down his autism a bit and becomes PopSoc

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tno only has one ml parth right now though


you know what I mean


File: 1656441556370.png (168.46 KB, 850x400, ClipboardImage.png)

I think he confused the two screenshots, the DLC name is from a Tortellini quote



Here we xan see the fatuousness of fascist theory. Blood is the lubricant of history not its motor force.


I like the main menu song they use in Red Flood


The human eye has an average horizontal FOV of 135 and a vertical FOV of 180
Also any person standing at a height of 2m should be able to see an object 5km in front of them assuming nothings blocking their vision

Games cannot actually render these kinds of visuals for two reasons. The biggest contributing factor behind performance issues in games is literally how many objects are rendered on screen at a time, FOV forces the amount of shit a game has to render exponentially with each degree of change. Despite this I still have tested in games with a lot of accessibility like Minecraft and have modified the games files to see how close to this kind of vision, it’s a little hard to get used to but god I do hope some time in the future more games can get optimized and be able to render this

That’s all bye
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If you wanna destroy the “zoom” effect caused by scaling up your fov just code a shader that changes the cameras rendering system from flat to a curved lense so the image comes out as perfectly straight as if you just zoomed out on a perfectly flat image

As for the shit about optimizationdont expect it. The gaming community wants graphics not the ability to run their games smoothly hence things LODs, draw distance performance, entity culling hasn’t evolved since the 90s


>Games can render detail like real life
You don't truly believe this do you?
Didn't watch. I've seen real life. This is not it.






The only advantage playing at lower fovs offer in games is making targets appear larger than they’re when upclose thats fucking it. When your view distance and fov is cranked up the unfairness caused by your visibility difference is obvious and suddenly someone playing a game like mw19 can get shot halfway across the map without even knowing they were being shot at at all


I used to think it was the opposite where old games were difficult while new games were easy to appeal to casuals but as I got older I’m beginning to see things are actually the inverse

Think of it like the tf2(valves tf2) situation, players that started off playing in its earliest days are the worst players in game or average, why? Because as time passes people on a general basis got better at tf2 and info about how to be good at it spread across the gaming community meaning someone completely new to the game today is gonna get demolished especially on casual servers where sbmm doesn’t exist and can’t protect them from pros. This same thing happened to black ops and the original modern warfares to the point where you can’t expect to have fun in them anymore without getting camped endlessly as the guys that still play it know everything about it, modern games like apex and and mw19 are far worse for this as they’re more popular and hence far more information on how to abuse their mechanics is more readily available

And it’s not just shooters but RPGs and single player games as well, platformers are more complex with more movement options than before with games like Celeste, Mario maker(especially kaizou levels) and geometry dash, old rpgs from the 90s genuinely have simpler progression and gameplay mechanics than titles like osrs, war frame and world of Warcraft where the amount of systems and shit to do is so high explaining it all to a new player would either take hours or send them off running. You just can’t expect to “hop in” to new games you haven’t tried before and expect to have fun anymore without spending sometime getting exhausted trying to get good
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File: 1656764087473.jpg (172.81 KB, 1080x1458, FUf_1eFXwAIuTso.jpg)

>play mordhau against zoomers
I do, they rage quit before the match ends leaving me and the other +150s to carry…


you still play FPS at age 150? respect


Tested out your idea by playing the original diablo 2 and man you were right about these games being a lot easier

I mean fuck you still had RPG shit like ranged attacks being limited based on your ammo availability along with your mana generally not being that high throughout the game but for the most part the progression was simple to understand, I never felt like there was something missing and most enemies were a breeze to kill assuming I had enough items available. Yeah these games were simpler not just in difficulty but in their setup made a degree of logical sense that you didn’t have to second guess things


Diablo was always meant to be an easy game for a novice to pick up and play. That was its principle selling point.


The only thing that’s really
“Hardcore” about diablo 2 is the skill tree system being a fucking maze to go through, it’s even worse in wow. If diablo 2 was any more casual the skill tree would work like this
All the skills thatre a direct upgrade from another skill would just be the byproduct of inputting enough points into whatever skill you like if your levels high enough juxtaposed to the arrow based model where your options are tied to your character and you have to constantly shuffle between builds each session and constantly micromanage what’s the best way to slaughter demons


One year
No no way especially since dragonflight is releasing this year no way anyone at the studio is gonna have enough time to finish this, ffs their own trailers didn’t even have blood and gore physics until like less than a month ago, no way these asshats are gonna release this game that fucking quickly no way that’s not enough time


Who cares man

You know damb well as I do that diablo stopped being an RPG in any aspect after 3 and became an over glorified loot piñata party. It won’t matter wether or not the games finished it’s just gonna be diablo 3 either way but with a moderate graphical upgrade and that’s it, no complicated quests with pages upon pages of descriptions, no sense of progression based on anything besides vitality and dps, nothing just another disappointment by the aaa industry once more while we wait for the west to completely implode under its own failures


Weapon durability
Gun jamming
<this one’s exclusively stalker related
<having a gorrillian anomalies everywhere making walking straight forward impossible and causing constant random instant deaths

Why do i despise these components shared in both games, because it’s part of what I call “fake difficulty” in game design where a game component only makes a component harder for the sake of harder but doesn’t encourage the player to get mechanically better at the game nor does that component make the game fun as much as tedious. I personally don’t wanna hear my gun jamming every few fucking seconds while I’m a single shot away from instadeath nor do I give a shit about durability because that shit straight up doesn’t matter at all in both of those games considering how easy it is to get weapons. Don’t get me wrong I love those games but yeah that shit needs to die it really isn’t fun to put up with at any time throughout playing
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I also like using guns you pick up to repair your actual guns in New Vegas, inventory juggling is the worst, you can drastically cut down on the shit you need to carry around


I'm not missing your point. anomalies are cool and not annoying or frustrating at all.


they are also generally not hard to avoid and a lot of the paths through them are static


Imagine a random spike you see in a platform we
Sure it’s easy as shit to avoid most of the time but every once in a while you get preoccupied and forget it’s there, then you die and don’t feel scared but annoyed. That’s how I feel about the anomalies, they don’t add anything to the atmosphere because they always are placed randomly in every fucking location on the map even in places where they look like they legitimately shouldn’t be, like in small ass corridor where your fighting human enemies and can’t afford to randomly collide with some random instant kill bubble


I was thinking of an argument but fucking hell that’s a little accurate to what it feels like to actually deal with anomalies everywhere. Fucking way you described them made me think of Minecraft’s creepers and how they seemingly always find a way to kill you regardless of how far into a world your in or how fast your reaction speed is, it’s not scary the second time you die to them and every time after only gets progressively more annoying and expensive when you start dropping endgame loot especially on hardcore worlds


>the maps were larger
This might be shocking to some of you but RPGs used to have maps a lot larger than they’re today, part of it was the lack of limitations imposed with using sprites rather than actual polygons to build worlds and account for physics led to minimal problems with precision and collision errors but most of it was, well it’s easier to paint something than it is to model build rig or apply physics to it, coincidentally this meant quests were also large and had cryptic as shit descriptions at times making the amount of time you played these games really fucking long but you’d put up with it because you likely didn’t have that much shit to do if you were playing games back then when barely anyone had computers beyond the ones they’d use at work

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Slightly related, the other day I stumbled across something called Project Diablo 2 (very original name) which is a modded D2 that has a very active online community. Has anyone tried it? You need your own original copy for that too apparently but I don't see why you couldn't just pirate+keygen yourself a copy. They supposedly delete illegitimate accounts but I'm not sure how they would detect a bullshit key given the game is a billion years old and it's an unofficial mod.


File: 1656791672450.png (260.18 KB, 750x645, soy waaaaah.png)

>delete illegitimate accounts
>noooo stop heckin pirating the wholesome corporation NEEDS you to buy the 20 yo abandonware NOOOW


Big Piracy are depriving ebay guys of their rightful $5


I mean it's for legal reasons, I doubt they have a choice but to say that


Makes sense, if too many got it it’s likely the launcher would get shut down for IP infringement since blizzards development team don’t care about their games until someone isn’t blowing thousands on them🙄


First we had the actual no mans sky
Then we had destiny 2 being garbage and then good
And it looks like the bf2042 community is recovering

Pleasant to see

File: 1656645919515.jpg (702.92 KB, 1536x1902, 1656644745972.jpg)


Famitsu ran a poll in 2020 to judge the age of SEGA fans and the largest demographic were the 45-49 year category.
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>boomer skew
My boomer parents absolutely hated that my brothers and I spent all damn day on that thing. They so regretted that purchase. I remember how frustrated my mother would get that I wouldn't bother to come out to eat, because I was in the middle of marathoning Kid Chameleon. "I can't stop, Mom, we have to return it to Blockbuster on Monday!" Old school gaming was like old school music in that the most gratifying thing about it was that it pissed off our parents. Come to think of it, I don't believe I ever got them to so much as pick up the controller. More for me!
>it actually outsold the Genesis there, after all
Really? Now that's crazy. I remember them making add-on hardware like the Sega CD and the 32X just to keep the old Genesis going, because it was such a cash cow. That venerable beast ran for years. The Saturn, on the other hand, kept breaking down for one reason or another. From what I hear, the disk reader was little better than a laser pointer, and you always had to listen for scratching when it was running in case you had to quickly pop the disk out before it got too scored. It had good racing games, though. Daytona USA and Virtua Racing were great. Road Rash was epic just for the music–the album that came built into it was better than the actual game. Sega Rally Championship was a blast, and it's the only reason that I know about how awesome the Lancia Delta was.

Virtua Fighter was cool just for how significantly it changed the fighting genre. Am I wrong in thinking that Pai's counter throw was the first of its kind in fighting games? Putting somebody on the ground with that was good for so much trash talk. "What happened to your combo, bro?"


>I am shocked to not see Madden on the list
What. Do you think it would be there if they had polled Euros. Also, Madden and NBA Jam are multiplat, so of course they aren't associated with Sega in particular.
>Road Rash
3DO port.


>It played like it was cobbled together by monkeys using recycled PC parts.
The hardware was rather unique quads as a 3d generalisation of sprites instead of triangles like everything else in existence including your PC A graphics card based on the Saturn was released for PC iirc


File: 1656740675460.mp4 (637.41 KB, 480x360, BoomShakaLaka.mp4)

>What. Do you think it would be there if they had polled Euros.
You guys would have posted NHL at least. Remember when the NHL games started including the European leagues like Elitserien and the Russian Superleague?
>Also, Madden and NBA Jam are multiplat, so of course they aren't associated with Sega in particular.
Yeah, but if you played Madden, you wanted the Genesis version. NBA Jam was an arcade game first, and it was one of the great quarter-munchers. I dropped a lot of money on that game at the arcade before I got the cheapo console version. Somebody would always run out of quarters before you got a chance to finish the game.
>3DO port.
True, true. It's a pity the 3DO didn't pick up more commercial traction than it did. It honestly was a better system.
>A graphics card based on the Saturn was released for PC iirc
Whoa, crazy.


>I must really be underestimating its popularity.
It was definitely massive in Japan, at least for a time.


Does anyone here play tarkov and also want to play tarkov with me?


Sweet game. I would but I don't have a desktop atm. Bump anyways


Bumping coz I've started to take an interest in Tarkov as well although it looks intimidating as fuck. Can you play as a team w people?




I don't have it, but the more I read about it, the more I want it… except for the Windows-only limitation. Gay.


From everyone’s favourite dum-studio comes starfield
Immerse yourself in gamings most mediocre first person shooter gameplay that only barely manages to not completely piss you off just by watching it. Enjoy not being able to lean, not being able to ads while reloading, not being able to dual wield guns, not being able to throw weapons and items to stun enemies, not being able to shoot at dropped items and watch them move, not being able to have an fov past 110, not being able to have a high draw distance despite the planetary levels of detail, not being able to manually pick select firing modes, not being able to see the world with a freecam while moving, not being able to quickly change your guns setups with a convenient attachment wheel and a shitload of other basic gunplay features from god knows how many other FPS games that even modders could finish in less time than Bethesda could recycle an asset for an entire release

Does the gameplay seem too unfun for you? Well don’t worry because movement and exploration will be even shittier, enjoy floaty and unresponsive controls, enjoy the limited movement options as a byproduct of still working with creation instead of pure coded havoc or source, enjoy seeing constant popin, enjoy rag dolls whose physics are constantly breaking down due to floating point precision issues, enjoy exploration through procedurally generated terrain filled with nothing beyond more meaningless terrain to see for all 1000 worlds, enjoy seeing copy pasted assets from fallout be substituted as aliens you’ll encounter, enjoy the lifeless art design that makes every generic procedurally generated world feel even more procedural, enjoy repetitive quest lines, and don’t forget everyone’s hated component of every game made with creation, the endless clusterfuck of collision and rendering bugs you’ll encounter on a consistent basis

No man’s Skyrim: special edition with 16 times the laziness you’ve come to expect


>the lifeless art design that makes every generic procedurally generated world feel even more procedural
If there’s anything that’s gonna kill this game, the atmosphere by FAR is gonna be the biggest factor. Bethesdas art team is notoriously lazy especially compared to any other division because at least the programming and server teams at least try to work with creation, the art team will straight up reuse assets for entire levels and call in to leave before acquiring their pay check. Fucking world of Warcraft in its god awful state still gets consistent love and attention for its set design, bethesdas games since 3 look static and boring and considering how the already confirmed prebaked trailer looks compared to generic gameplay of no man’s sky I doubt anyones gonna be playing this dumbass game for longer than 2 hours without deleting and refunding out of sheer boredom from how boring everything in game looks

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