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File: 1679519156377.png (1.18 MB, 1295x686, ClipboardImage.png)


valve releases a new game………and its just a semi-better looking version of cs go….(the mod/map tools will be nice still, i guess)
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Honestly this is a long time coming and has a huge range of applications in different games. Even just for atmosphere volumetric fog can be great.


that was the gimmick for all valve games


It's not a new game, they're just marketing it as such becuz they need them gelders and attention.
It's literally just port of CSGO (it's intended to be in the first place), and it's completely free, all your ranks, skins and the whole shebang is coming along


sorry for bit hard to read post, is tired; but I was waiting for the source 2 update since like 2014




Video game protagonists be like


More like
>you play elite spec-ops supersoldier
>runs out of breath after 8 seconds of sprinting


I’m kind of amazed knowing this was released this year. This feels like a 2000s game idk, maybe I was expecting too much of what gaming would look like in the future than accept that living in a vr fantasy or playing some super well animated and detailed physics based masterpiece of a pc game would be common in the 2020s


i prefer that they give me a million Pizza Towers and Ultrakill's than anymore of these Triple A garbage that is all Ray-tracing and Realistic graphics and nothing else.


I was playing fallout 3 with mods equipped to make the game way harder since I was used to the insane inventory space and weapons barely dealing damage to me and found myself dying as you can imagine often. Despite the experience the reasons for why o died werent different from how I would die in other fps titles
>running past edges where I could easily get myself at a frame disadvantage against enemies
>only reloading after wasting a ton of ammo or running out
>reloading in bad positions
It’s those kinds of things but it also made me realize how much movement can impact all these things because if a player has access to multiple techniques to enhance how well they can avoid getting hit as a relief for making these mistakes, while gaining the benefits of having extra options of positioning themselves to shoot their opponent with themselves at advantage in their position then an fps become way to how do I phrase it “jumpy” where the entire skill expression ingame is reduced to who aims the best and nothing else and I’m guessing that would actually make gameplay worse because what ends up happening is no one hitting anything and reliance on camping and abusing ingame traps becomes common. To me this is why casual fps titles are so much more grounded, why they prioritize tactics and team decision making and also why they’re way more commonly played than arena shooters. Those are just my thoughts on movement
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No quite the opposite. most fps games have some sort of advanced movement but when movement is made to be too exploitable the skill expression of the game is actually reduced because simply moving in a way that prevents you from being hit regardless of where your positioned against an opponent will always overpower that opponents options outside of how they’re aiming. Imagine trying to shoot someone while hiding in a corner corner and the guy you’re shooting at immediately charges into a full sprint just before your even allowed to put your sights onto that person

In this type of scenario even if you knew the map layout, common routes taken by enemies, and the mechanics of the options you have to aim with you would still lose that engagement purely because of that one aspect of movement and there’s way more than one instance of where that can happen.


>Imagine trying to shoot someone while hiding in a corner corner and the guy you’re shooting at immediately charges into a full sprint just before your even allowed to put your sights onto that person

Cool, so movement mechanics prevent camping. What about it?


It also prevents you from being allowed to shoot in any way that doesn’t involve abusing said movement mechanics. Imagine trying to play csgo but b hopping was made to have its speed completely controllable making it way better than running in all instances


This exact reason was also why a ton of movement tech was also removed from mw2 and why the base running speed was increased


I guess I see where you're coming from, but I think that you can have a game with diverse movement mechanics and isn't twitchy and without strategy. I haven't played overwatch, but it seems pretty strategic and not twitchy from what I've seen


Obviously my opinions are gonna be biased since I work with bethesdas engine often and know a lot of the mechanics present in how their games function but I really am honest when I say that gameplay wise FNV is about as awful as your standard 3d Fallout game on top of being horribly under developed

Level scaling is still thing
Enemies just have random weapons some don’t have any at all including the enemies you’d think should be armed like NCR
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This counters your points, not support them.
Not your most egregious move, I might add: your claim that file size was a hardware constraint in the year of our lord 2011 means you are either very young or delusional.


thread reeks of /v/


Seems to be a sincere dipshit.


You also have to account for how many games the average console user in the early 2010s had installed considering back then at most you’d have 40gb or what’s possible on a phone around the late 2010s. Something like 10gb is already a quarter gone just one for one game and that’s the version with less information on it


Along side with the fact that this also had to fit on discs for anyone purchasing a physical copy of the game

File: 1667776219739.png (543.28 KB, 960x544, Junkomaeda.png)


Im making a thread about VNs because there isnt one on the catalogue and i wanna talk about my experience. I just finished danganronpa 2, which im not certain counts as a VN or if it's a point and click murder mystery social deduction game, and i think im pretty confident to say that it presents a pretty interesting moral dilemma. On one hand, the hope faction is pretty clearly a technocratic organization who obsesses over "Ultimates", or people who possess immense talent in a particular field or study, for example the world's best scientist, or the world's best doctor. It is revealed in the story of goodbye despair that before despair took over, hope's peak academy created a method of artificially forcing someone to become extremely talented, which dialectically had the potential to equalize mankind and develop the talents of anyone, which would make the idea of meritocracy, or ruling over others due to better talents or knowledge, completely obsolete. Despair on the other hand spawned as a result of the mass movement of reserve students, malcontents who became disaffected with the idea that people with talent mattered more than the rest, since hope's peak academy was formed to research peoples' talents and how to cultivate them.
I think it would be pretty easy to side with the latter out of frustration, especially if you're talentless like i am, but i think the idea that talent could be forcibly cultivated out of someone who never realized it before would be the "productive forces" argument. Not to mention that junko destroyed civilization, which is dialectically bad.
Your turn to die is a great game too, very similar to danganronpa on a surface level, i finished it a while ago and im glad i played it. Free btw. Anyone got visual novel recommendations? I need a weeb fix.
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>Zero Escape trilogy
I just finished the first game, it kinda felt like a mindfuck to me at times, especially during the true ending, but I liked it!
I found a good amount of the puzzles pretty easy to figure out (plus the game gives you plenty of hints), which is a good thing because I'm kinda dumb lol. Soundtrack was cool, characters were charming, and I'll make sure to check out Virtue's Last Reward next.


if you liked danganronpa i recommend seeing battle royale in some form, whether as a film, manga, or the original novel. especially since the ""political commentary"" is quite a bit more explicit than in DR
it's also widely considered the catalyst of the "death game" fad in modern japanese media
also seconding >>24390 since while i wouldn't really call higurashi "leftist" it's an interest read solely for the fact that it's a popular modern-ish japanese otaku work that dares to (obliquely) reference the '60s japanese left & stuff like the sanrizuka struggle
recommendations are ostensibly limited by what's translated into english and what english-speaking VN readers are aware of… meaning the perennial "top 20" titles
based take


also props on identifying the absurdist bent to the series; a lot of early english-language discussion about danganronpa (~2013) misread the games as being "subversive" or about "anime tropes"
certainly some part of e.g. DR1 ridicules the kinds of people who play games like DR1 (fat repulsive otaku hifumi) yet at the same time it includes near-unmissable bath scene fanservice and free-time events with galge mechanics
like i could tell you to read stuff like true remembrance and symphonic rain but i don't really give a shit about them either


Mahoyo is really good so far. Makes me want to take a bunch of screenshots at all the faces Aoko makes


Virtue's Last Reward is my personal favorite although many say the first game is their favorite. It's all down to personal taste, but I think you'll really enjoy it since you liked the mindfuck aspects.


They’re functionally too big to actually create

When I say that I don’t mean in the sense that someone can’t just create a map for players to relax in I mean in the sense that creating all the levels and ways for players to interact in every sector of the map on the scale servers provide is functionally impossible for any modern sized team to accomplish

Reasons established in post 2
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Feature creep tends to be a bigger problem among older mmos than it does newer ones
Take wow compared to new world. Wow has flying, pets, god knows how many races and classes at this point, an entire branch of gamemodes aimed at pvp. The base game ignoring expansions feels like a theme park meanwhile new world is pretty basic and only has community events at its core. Doesn’t even have mounts



New World is also the most boring shit I've ever seen from an artistic standpoint. Looks like every generic western ARPG ever. Where the fuck are the cool monsters and fantasy environments??? Magic??? Yeah I know its theme is to be more realistic but god how boring.


That sounds like an issue generally more related with the art and writing team being terrible at creating interesting environments that feel coherent to the map players explore through. That can’t be fixed with any new mechanics the game could introduce


Yeah I know, not related to what you were saying or the point at hand, I just wanted to take the opportunity to complain about all that amazon cash being wasted on such a pile of crap. It could have been good if it hadn't been doomed to be so soulless.


Summary: it’s not hard enough

Explanation: it’s not balanced in a way that makes progression feel as meaningful as it was in diablo 1. That’s not to say that the scaling back of power and feature creep from d3 wasn’t a massive improvement on top of the shift in aesthetics for the game but the implementation of health globes, low damage dealt from common enemies and too an extent bosses even against ranged builds that should be vulnerable for poor zoning to compensate for the range of their attacks, on top of mandatory minimaps and other accessibility features that waste the effort animators and level designers put into this don’t still make this game feel really casual like d2 does take me out of the sense of grounded-ness and genuine feelings of anxiety over how my performance would dictate wether or not I could complete an area/boss with how I was playing I felt from d1. That’s all I gotta say beyond the fact that sorcerers are completely busted
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they were the first gacha/lootbox games


File: 1679496430890.jpg (109.96 KB, 1200x800, packcoon.jpg)

Kinda. Diablo 2's appeal to me is that it has a diverse class roster and tons of enemies to reduce to tiny giblets with a variety of skills, as well as digging through the aftermath looking for loot and then sorting it.
By that logic any game that has an element of chance for its loot tables is a gacha game.


i said what i said


File: 1679500444292.jpg (134.06 KB, 1600x1120, raccoon with apple.jpg)

There is difference between a game having an element of chance and being a game of chance. Apples and oranges.


Cute critter.

File: 1608527995266.png (195.15 KB, 1440x500, leftytg.png)

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Tabletop Games / Traditional Games
Wargames, Roleplaying Games, Board Games, Card Games, Drinking Games, and so on and so on.
What are you playing/running/home-brewing? What do you have to recommend or criticize?
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Now that I think about it,faerie creatures already are like that in pathfinder,they also lost empathy because they're immortal and unaging,so think murder is a fun side activity. (they just respawn in the fae world,unless killed there in the first place,then they're dead)


>Come to think of it, how would you present a race that's above capitalism, feudalism, communism
They never developed a class society or developed something different. For fantasy races it makes the most sense to do this based on the aspects that make them different.

Elves live forever so the original elders hold onto power indefinitely. Instead of producing heirs they just keep having offspring, who they keep loyal to them. Controlling reproduction is still important but for different reasons - only the elders get to reproduce, because the more generations removed you are the less loyal you are.

Dwarves are so focused on crafting by nature that they don't need class to emerge for them to start producing a surplus, and because they all bond over their common drives to mine and craft, they naturally lean toward a planned economy accumulating treasures and devices. Their greed might make them vulnerable to the kind of people who became early capitalists in human society, but without an already-existing feudal state to seize, the wannabe capitalists lack the power to do primitive accumulation or to proletarianize other dwarves, making capitalist production at most an oddity on the periphery of dwarven society. Through their tendency to tinker and dig, they are most likely to start burning coal and to develop the steam engine, leading to steampunk communism. However, they also tend to be insular and knowing the kinds of things that the capitalist dwarves get up to, are extremely protective lest early industrial technology proliferate among other races who lack the worker-centric ethos of dwarven society.


>who they keep loyal to them

By means of?


That's up to them, but probably the least resource intensive is infantilizing the kids emotionally and making them desperate for parental approval that motivates them. Maybe that's why elves reach maturity at a much older age, too. The more kids you have the more they have to compete for attention but also the more opportunity for rebellion, so there would be a balance to strike.

The thing about being immortal is you have plenty of time, and you don't need to have a high birth to maintain your population because nobody dies of natural causes. So the leaders of the society can personally keep raising a new generations of mommy's boys and daddy's girls as necessary. You don't have to rely on some ideological apparatus or state institution if you can personally raise your people the same way generation after generation. Elves would have the least dynamic society by far, and probably be continuously speaking basically the same language and holding the same ideology with thousands of years of continuity.

Elves tend to me more magically inclined as well, which means the elders would have more time to master magic than entire civilizations of other species. They wouldn't even need mundane psychological abuse. They have charm spells and such. In a really extreme version (like the drow perhaps) they might dominate person so much that younger generations don't even form individual identities and their society is more like an ant colony than a human-like culture.


In Spirit Island, does the fact that we play as wondrous spirits, as opposed to the island's inhabitants proper, detract from the anticolonial struggle?

File: 1679167508253.png (493.28 KB, 600x662, pain.png)


>Create the Disco scenes of your dreams.
>Introducing Collage Mode: the new functionality that gives you the creative freedom to stage just about anything in-game.
lmao ZA/UM usurpers come up with worst possible choices for the franchise now that they kicked out the creators and have become just an Amazon subsidiary now, expecting to see Disco Elysium NFTs soon
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To put it in absolute terms; a majority shareholder owns the majority of the company, therefore they can do whatever they want with it (as long as they don't intentionally destroy the business), minority shareholders don't make management decisions (unless they group together to make a majority) or are on the board, etc



it's a fitting end for Disco Elysium ig


File: 1679296005020.jpg (126.52 KB, 1366x768, orszMNU.jpg)

>so fun guys please don't talk about the fact that the corporate far right scumbag of estonia have purged the team


Is it? Last I heard they got all replaced by a bunch of Americans and Europeans.


there's literally nothing worse than an estonioid

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