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File: 1670001439456.jpg (178.97 KB, 1600x900, Hell Let Loose.jpg)


Never played it but installing now, anyone fancy grouping up?
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There's an urban legend that this is what they did with old Microsoft office stuff, see the comments of this video. Even if it wasn't the case back then, the fact that people believe it may have led to people trying it.


File: 1670254078180.png (916 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

People like high res textures and they take up a lot of space. Also movie files on single player games.

I don't know why devs don't make low space versions of their games for people like you. You can get some nice textures where you can see the pixels like old school shit.


>don't make low space versions of their games for people like you
because it's extra time of work not in the budget


And also probably because people with low end systems don't have a lot of money lying around to buy games. Why make games for broke people?


another part of it is that if you're a poorfag, you're probably gonna get a switch lite or some last-gen console to play games with anyways, so games that do have low space versions will usually have them on these platforms rather than the pc, because piracy isn't really the norm outside of slavlands and some specific thirdie cunts

File: 1632466434284.png (33.04 KB, 1024x1346, z5vz4asbyny31.png)


Are Undertale and Deltarune leftist games?
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Most monsters on the street don't even recognize you as a human as far as dialogue goes(main characters and the royal guard being the few exceptions), so it could very well be that random fighting is considered normal among monsters to some extent, and not just because you're a human.


File: 1665438255893.png (126.85 KB, 768x432, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm surprised none of you have hopped on this bandwagon.


>Communist? No It preaches non-violence, no?
What? Communism isn't when you go monkey mode and kill without a plan.
Frisk is a human stuck in the barrier, which requires a monster absorb seven human souls to break. A human cannot absorb human souls, and Asgore only had 6 souls, Frisk, and assumed dead, Asriel's human sibling, who Asriel absorbed the soul of before seeking medical attention for, before getting fatally wounded by the villagers and dying, spreading dust onto the flower that would be imbued with determination by Gaster to become Flowey.
You have to do a pacifist route to make Flowey remember they're Asriel, because if you kill, you reinforce Flowey's idealistic maxim of "In this world, it's killed or be killed." By refusing to kill or die, you force Flowey to reach an epiphany, unblock his memories of being Asriel, and use the souls to break the barrier.
It doesn't just blankly preach non-violence, it presents a situation where violence directly goes against your material interests, because you need to refute Flowey's idealism.
IRL, communism requires challenging the idealism that makes people think capitalism is still viable.


File: 1665594982034.gif (3.32 MB, 600x338, Chaos_Chaos.gif)

I liked spamton at first but the fan reaction of turning him into some kind of hobo sex pest turned me off from him
Jevil is far better anyways, imho.


>You will never live to see Papyrus become a puzzlemaster hermit in the catacombs somewhere, creating true clockwork capers that only two dumbasses that the plot needs to succeed could solve so they can get his refined loser-capturing training

File: 1608527929616.jpg (80.42 KB, 1200x800, Chess.jpg)

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I'm making this thread here, because the other boards are practically dead. If a mod chooses to move it to /hobby/, that's cool, I just wanted some exposure on /leftypol/.

As you might now, chess played a large role in the Soviet Union. They outright dominated the game for decades and it was commonly played ever since the inception of the union.

I think chess does possess the potential to develop and train the strategic thinking skills of players, if they abstract from the game and attempt to apply it to the real world.

But it's also a fun game. Because of that I made a /leftypol/ club on chess.com, which is a great website with a nice UI and plenty of resources to learn and improve at chess. I've been using it for months now and got far better at chess and I even do the puzzles on it for fun every day. The way the website is designed makes learning chess and improving really, really easy. Making an account is free and would be quick. I know this sounded like an ad, lol.

So, I'm inviting you comrades to start learning chess or improve whatever skill level you are at and join the /leftypol/ chess club. We could play against each other. Perhaps even organize tournaments. I think it would be really cool if we could get something like this going and make it the community wide hobby. If only 3 people join that would be good enough honestly.

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Drama in the chess world https://youtu.be/mHZy9TNOGCk


If I recall this is a clip from that overhyped videogame Balan Wonderworld


File: 1663794520547.png (272.84 KB, 623x571, ClipboardImage.png)

>Magnus gets butthurt over loosing to a neckbearded teen and ruins his reputation by falsely accusing him of cheating



File: 1670316223615.png (866.94 KB, 1557x1091, 1652896599627-0.png)

Basically pic rel lel

File: 1664495291269-0.jpg (631.34 KB, 1920x1080, stalker asdfasdf.jpg)

File: 1664495291269-1.jpg (751.73 KB, 1920x1080, gta-sa sex shop.jpg)


post screenshots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(?)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Lovely chihuahua picture!


Forgive Me Father is a pretty fun boomer shooter. Not what I would expect from a H.P. Lovecraft-inspired game, but its all cooler because of this and the comic book-style 2.5D graphics.


I preferred it when it was called XIII


File: 1670010881146-0.jpg (322.18 KB, 1920x1080, deadcity1.jpg)

File: 1670010881146-1.jpg (409.65 KB, 1920x1080, deadcity2.jpg)

Day 15/16 (I've lost track at this point) of the special military operation to destalkerize and demonolithify the Chernobyl Zone of Exclusion


Ahh, good 'ol Starfield…


>Dose not see a oblivion thread
>Fine I’ll do it myself
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File: 1669054651702.png (938.4 KB, 592x1075, kill me.png)

The game usually checks to make sure beastfolk, goblinken, and dremora can't have kids with men and mer, but sometimes characters slip through the cracks and you get monstrosities. Apparently there are submods that make it possible to have kids and not get fucked up human textures stretched over argonian models, might check it out later. The inability to have kids with other races seems to be what keeps Elsweyr and Black Marsh largely independent from other rulers except through conquest.

I should have added last night, the game is most fun if you don't worry about the cultural or religious aspects. Your primary concern is your dynasty, so you make whatever cynical dealings are possible to see it survive and thrive. Abandon your ancient faith or adopt a completely different culture? Sure, if you can get a marriage alliance out of it and keep your dynasty alive. It's opportunistic and completely indifferent to the needs of your subjects, and I think it nails that part of feudal rulership pretty well.




>I have heard of this in lore discussions before, but not much. Care to explain?
Theory goes Aldmeris is the distant memory of all of elven-kind of the period where they were a united force either as the world-spirits which existed on Nirn pre-mortality or even before when they were Aedric essences, so partially a "place" but more in the sense that it was "a place in time", since it was pre-codification of time though it is both impossible to date to any period and exists as a kind of shared memory between all elves. "Returning to Aldmeris" is, essentially, returning to a unified state of being through shedding their mortality and Mundus itself and returning to that state.



Reminder that there is a new mod available that makes characters' heads less potato-like without completely overhauling the models.


Kingdom come deliverance and sekiro were the closest games ever to contain a mere fraction of the level of complexity and depth found in the average fighter with sekiro essentially serving as a block punish simulator made easy and kcd as the closest example of the skills in spacing and parrying needed in the average fighter but still gets too easy a few dozen hours in.

Action games certainly can have fun and rewarding combat systems but having systems that are as deeply complex and difficult to truly master found in a game like tekken, melee, guilty gear, injustice, brawlhalla, kof… Definitely not and that’s alright but that also means these games shouldn’t be so concerned over these systems and focus on literally anything else
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kingdom hearts
you know fighting games suck because of how toxic the community is lol


Ultrakill? At least as complex as melee.


based KH2 Level 1 Critical runs are the pinnacle of the action jrpg genre


Bulletstorm too.


Oh stfu not even close is the average toxic matchup in the fighting game scene anywhere near as annoying as what’s scene commonly in FPS and moba games and you fucking know it. Those communities are filled with so many egotistical little shits that they’ll complain over something as simple as being queued against people their skill level and will blame every god damb thing that happens to them on their teammates

File: 1658372340831.jpg (51.11 KB, 256x364, RA2 Cover.jpg)


>Check leftypol games
>No Command and Conquer thread
>Fine, I'll do it myself

Post Command and Conquer comrades, whether it be Tiberium, Red Alert or Generals.
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the first red faction was super fun. I played the multiplayer so fucking much.
RA2 was one of the games I played the most when I was a kid. Does it stand the test of time? Is there a recent sequel worth playing today?/


>2+ decades later and what was westwood thinking putting the likes of Cuba, Iraq and Libya up against UK, France, Germany and Korea?
It just shows how far the world has regressed.


Yeah, RA2 is still quite fun to play . There is a Red Alert 3, but it is jank unless you play it with a mod like Rejuvenation or Entropy.
A lot of country units in RA2 are gimmicky shit, but Allies somehow got mostly useful ones while Soviets got mostly jank, with them being highly situational at best (shooting over walls) or downright useless (low HP, medium-damage infantry unit that will like get rekt before reaching its target).


Also a heads up that there are Nod and GDI flags now available on the board.


File: 1669995023790.jpg (51.21 KB, 600x790, peace through power.jpg)

File: 1669918435083-0.jpg (845.51 KB, 3840x2160, BG_4k.jpg)


>Be building the Refugees workers city
>The lords come
>Kick them out
>They come back, they're gravely ill
>Kick them out again
>They try to steal our resources
>Catch the thieves and execute them
>My people the workers are becoming violent towards the lords
>Have the resources to build guard depots and stop them doing violence
>Choose not to
>Game ends on the workers gong to the lord's camp and wiping them all out


is frostpunk worth downloading? i've been wanting to play it but i've heard it's hard and i'm a brainlet


It's not that hard, it's definitely made to make you fail the first few attempts. In my third attempt I completed the main story. It's also down to what you consider a sucess, in that first time I beat the game I "won" even though the big storm at the end brought my population down from about 235 to like 103


I found it really enjoyable. It kind of bothered me that your two government options are theocratic tyranny or fascist despotism but I guess the setting isn't really conducive to more optimistic options


man i thought i could do communism since the game is supposedly all about survival after an apocalypse and planning the economy but ok
i'll probably download it then, i hope it runs on linux

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Lately I’ve seen a huge influx of good games that try to update the outdated capitalist realist Cyberpunk genre to the current political and economic landscape. Stuff like Disco Elysium is getting more and more recognition they rightfully deserve for depicting the hopeless and bleak death of modern revolution. However they’re still have some semblance of hope like with Ghostrunner having the corporation being destroyed by a revolution in contrast to the sad oppression of the system.

Another great but obscure example is whatever the fuck Cruelty Squad is. It’s fully embraced the boring drug fueled dystopia aesthetic while delivering basically Deus Ex but without the stealth. Compared to the faux shell of a Cyberpunk game 2077 was (full of cyber but nothing about the societal implications of such technologies other than some edgy infantile “message” about “soul”), this game have everything and everyone be miserable using the cyber-enhancements. Space colonization and AI being pipe dreams. Corporations are not knowingly malicious but only apart of the rot of capitalism.
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disco party has ended. fuck zaum


Capitalism strikes again


Pyrocynical is actually going to be making a long-form review of cruelty squad soon. Wonder if he’ll touch on the Nick Land and George Battaile references.




Updates in the ZA/UM situation

The company is responding to previous allegations by claiming Kurvitz, Rostov, etc. were actually toxic to the company and employees, tried selling the IP, and did not fulfill their work obligations. GameIndBiz claims that they are "confirming" all this with this statement.

Kurvitz and Rostov meanwhile are alleging that the capitalists who took over may have done so with fraud and stealing from the company, which the company will of course deny.

I don't doubt that they were probably difficult to work with, a lot of creatives (especially those with substance abuse issues) probably struggle with working collaboratively, but this is a pretty clear attempt to muddy the waters in what is a brazen attempt but a bunch of money to men to steal someone else's work and pretend like it's yours.

The appeal to recognize this was a large team of people that made the game is particularly devious, trying to dilute the work of the creatives who also contributed a significant amount of work themselves. Nevermind that ZA/UM's statement doesn't actually discuss the treatment of the creatives during this time, being minority shareholders and being excluded from company information.


Reality often immitates art

File: 1660175257512.jpg (156.14 KB, 1080x1079, 1649626382933.jpg)


I'm going to post a master thread for fellers who want to share codes for games they are not going to use, I will specify that the codes I am posting are for steam, so please leave a note if the code is for another platform.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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> PFBI6-9R75R-YMJ40 Pesterquest

> 7DQRY-Y6JTP-LVDYH Mind Scanners

already hit dang


my new favourite frog, thank you





this is why you dont spam a bunch of codes, even bot crawlers can detect a steam key

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