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(No idea where to post this but maybe this is the best place since its the most active board EVEN DOE there is games but probably noone goes there idk i dont use leftypol…)

I have been posting my progress around a couple websites and i'd want to add getchan, ponychan leftypol and lupchan into the mod but i need help with 3-6 national ideas for each nation and perhaps leaders.

Ive noticed the wiki had a lot of care put into it so maybe someone wants to help out with the mod, we will see if this thread gets any traction.
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Oh don't remind me


You forgot about intbrigade and MLMaoist anon


Def my favourite path even it doesn't exist.


anon autocracy
no more tripfags. kills all the generals with portraits and unique advisors or whatever the fuck they r called. except for ismail


Please include the 'sharty. I can help make it.


It looks like Ubisoft is being criticized once again.

What are your thoughts on the deliberate inclusion of racial diversity elements in games?

People detest overt political propaganda, especially when it undermines the artistic integrity of the literary work itself.

I personally believe this is an example of political intervention in culture by Western countries to mediate immigration conflicts. It is evident that population's importance to the economy is now paramount. With the significantly reduced birth rates among white people and immigrants no longer primarily coming from Europe, having actors on stage say a few lines like "Welcome African friends" and featuring some black actors seems to be a way to ease conflicts.

The anger in Asian regions seems particularly intense. Not only in Japan, but also in South Korea, Taiwan, and mainland China, there is noticeable criticism. In the context of rising nationalism globally, doing this appears to be a form of desecration (although the admiration for white culture and disdain for darker cultures in Asia seem quite common). I believe if they changed the character to a white samurai, the issue might be less severe. Oh, my, imagine an Italian missionary in Japan (who looks like a mix of Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert Downey Jr.), wielding a katana engraved with Roman Catholic symbols, teaching Oda Nobunaga's army how to use advanced European weaponry, and eventually falling in love with a Japanese princess (1.55 meters tall), leaving behind symbols from another world during Japan's turbulent times. Isn't that cool? In China, if you created a comic about a German joining the Chinese army to resist Japan (preferably with the main character being a anime female with white hair and red eyes), it might be very popular. "My name is Feng Shilaiman, a Sino-German mixed race. My father graduated from Whampoa Military Academy, and my mother is the daughter of a German general." But if you changed the character to an African, many people would curse the author to have all-black children.

So, how would the left-wing comment on this? Political and capital interference in literature is indeed repulsive, but the racism it reveals is concerning.A more noticeable feature is that when Black people join, a lot of people say, "Can't you create your own African-themed content and add Black people?" But when White people join, no one says, "I hope to see White people only in European-themedPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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companies are just cynically pandering but if your genuinely pressed over black characters or women characters or whatever the fuck than your an actual fucking pussy and need to stop being a crybaby


A better duo would be actually organizing the proletariat. ;)


Grown ass men and women getting upset over aesthetic additions to video games is truly a sign of the times


being upset over culture isnt anything remotely new


People are not upset over aesthetics, they are upset over pandering and historical inaccuracies, even though these claims are not entirely valid. Though of course a black character was probably a mandate: it's a AAA publisher, their games are soulless cash grabs now.

In conclusion, fuck AAA publishers, I want their headquarters to be snapped out of existence.

File: 1717462114695.jpg (14.14 KB, 326x264, 20240322165024_1~2.jpg)


Game is gay as fuck. Play it anons
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>croccussy made him act up

Thank you. this will remain trapped in my mind.


>At least NitW has a call to action.
lol and the "call to action" in question is middle-class reform..

>communism is when adventurism
the hobby boards truly are at their best without brainlets trying to present pop culture as da epic commie content


Game gay and fun. If you want more communism le write fanfic


>adventurism is when you build an organized group of hundreds of people to take over the country
I mean it's more close to blanquism than anything


Absolutely dogshit post. Kill yourself.

File: 1703824589585-0.jpg (38.91 KB, 460x215, crisisinthekremlin.jpg)

File: 1703824589585-1.jpg (45.16 KB, 616x353, Ostalgie.jpg)

File: 1703824589585-2.jpg (53.82 KB, 616x353, Chinamaoslegacy.jpg)


Can someone tell me if any of them are worth playing? I bought them while they were on steam sale so they were like two dollars each, are they any fun or are they just standard libshit stuff
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how much is playable in the demo? im really excited for the game but dont want to try it out if theres not much content


It only lets you play till the end of the first year so not much. It's more for seeing the new UI, map, etc.


I'm liking the detail of the stats with graphs tracking the trend in all the variables, but it's difficult to get a good easy overview, wish they added a single page or two with the union stats like in their first remake.


Hope the game has more events and event lines.


>you can pick a country
>currently only USSR
That's a good sign.


A new Marathon game by Bungie has been announced… but it's a PVP extraction shooter. Who even wants this shit? With Bungie's experience they surely could have made a Doom 2016 or Wolfenstein New Order style re-imagining and pulled it off, but instead it's a cashgrab. Honestly what was I expecting considering all they've been making for the last decade is a franchise so shit it makes me want to blow my brains out playing it. It's a shame because the original Marathon games were great. Porky is going to be porky.
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Extraction shooter is the new battle royale is the new survival crafter. Thanks to the Arma 2 zombie mods for starting this cancer.


Honestly maybe we're just the ones with the issue. I rarely play multiplayer because keeping a friend group active is too much effort for me. But maybe we're the weird ones for just wanting to play single player.


Let them cook tbh.


Problem isn’t even playing multiplayer games, gaming with friends is always a boon to my fun, but most looter-survival-extraction-shooters depend on that fun boost with friends to be barely playable, as the gameplay is repetitive and competitive play is encouraged. Playing solo, you’re at a disadvantage from the get-go, and it also gets boring quickly, cos without the chatting with friends as distraction you realize the looter shooter gameplay cycle is a total sham, the illusion collapses.

Singleplayer games are much better in that regard.



File: 1638234295183-0.jpg (514.04 KB, 1801x1014, 1.jpg)

File: 1638234295183-1.jpg (560.85 KB, 1799x1014, 2.jpg)


This is a thread about a third-person shooter game featuring Alunya.

It is a free-and-open-source game made using Godot and Blender. Contributions are welcome.
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File: 1674629376146.png (1.98 MB, 1200x1201, R (7).png)

Just want to say to the dev anon who is the only one doing this. You have my support and I hope you can continue. And if I could, I would help in any way possible.




make some of the enemies bio-luminescent


File: 1690762845569.webm (14.85 MB, 656x784, alunya_voice_acting.webm)

nice anon


Bumping this because I respect it

File: 1702437260467.jpg (8.59 KB, 207x243, 795321.jpg)


Anyone notice a massive flood of Cyberpunk spam on every gaming site and forum over the last 2 months? The worst part is that I did play it post patch and I know for a fact that claims that the writing/story are good and that the game is "fixed" are pure bullshit. Normally the game is super forgettable but holy shit is the fanbase incessant on spamming it everywhere, even in discussions for completely unrelated games.
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>formulaic combat that only really accommodates using a sandevistan and being a "loud stealth" build or a full on mage assassin hacker bullshit build.

idk I just shot everything to death


"I just killed a person until they died."


you could shoot someone and not kill them


>And that romance options suck ass.
based, give me better gay option.


CDPR died with Witcher 2


Is gacha reactionary?
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all products under capitalism are made by exploiting workers…

all this talk about gambling reminds me of notions about how credit is parasitic on "the REAL economy" which comes from a very ooc reading of capital. marx never made moral claims about credit, even explains it as integral to the development of bourgeois production lol, and as usual the misreadings only get used for reformist peddling

you go from a sensible statement
>The natural progression for videogames
to some libshit moralist understanding of the world
>In a sane world this crap would be actively boycotted and unrewarded
>we exist in a consumeristic society

tbh i wish i could make myself feel good for thinking im consuming the right media unlike the rest of consumerists/npcs/normies/protoneolibs/etc


>marx never made moral claims about credit
You don't need to point to a book to realize that it's immoral for companies to get rich off of people's compulsions.
>but it's not communism
Some of us are well-rounded human beings who can make judgments outside of the framework of a specific political philosophy, crazy I know.


I think the point of materialism is that morality is very easy to replace in it's totality with logistical concerns. It's midnight so I won't elaborate, but seems like gambling as a business model and the ethical violations with even ethics really just being logistics under the hood too that have to occur for people to see gambling as desirable; withholding information and the profit incentive to sabotage education, copyright, closed source codes, the manufacturing of a self-esteem crisis, perhaps advertising (I've seen a lot of Genshin ads), etc… is, among many things, unsustainable and actively diverting money away from more sustainable forms of art.

Like if you argue by morality, you're insisting upon your concerns being vibes, when there may be concrete criticisms you can make that people may become irrationally averse to considering if they've heard moral arguments they disagree with to the same effect too much.


>well-rounded human beings
The only reason they're not "well-rounded" is because their critique of morality isn't sophisticated enough, a Marxist humanist is just as well-rounded as a Marxist nihilist.


The AES machine is fueled by the bodies of gacha addicts, glory to communism.

File: 1716920010275.jpg (3.63 MB, 3300x1844, VotP-WebHeader-21.jpg)


I'm pretty new to victoria 3, and I'm looking for some advice. What are some fun countries to play as while still being a beginner? Also, what are the best mods I should get?
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the appeal of victoria games, ideally, is to enjoy seeing how the domino effect of your limited interventions unfolds in the pop/economic simulation, and then once you get a sense of that trying to influence it in different ways for desired outcome. vicky 3 is way better now than it was at launch, but it was such an empty broken mess at launch thats not saying all that much. but vicky2 was so beloved in spite of its many flaws, it was outright broken in some ways as well. vicky3 is disappointing because the devs have far more money and manpower now and fumbled the release version of the game so bad that it was borderline unplayable. personally ive been really enjoying it lately (with some key mods), but the appeal is pretty narrow. if you dont have a particular type of simulation autism + particular type of grand strategy autism, theres not much else there to enjoy


>the appeal of victoria games, ideally, is to enjoy seeing how the domino effect of your limited interventions unfolds in the pop/economic simulation, and then once you get a sense of that trying to influence it in different ways for desired outcome.
It seems your options are really limited and the timespan rather short.
>personally ive been really enjoying it lately (with some key mods), but the appeal is pretty narrow. if you dont have a particular type of simulation autism + particular type of grand strategy autism, theres not much else there to enjoy
Which mods? I enjoy the autism but having to click and unclick trade routes all the time gets annoying. I thought the game lacked a lot of depth. I only did one playthrough as Belgium. Maybe I'll try a major power next.


These are the ones i recommend >>35764

Better Politics Mod adds a lot of the depth I was missing, highly recommend it. The trade route shit is annoying but you actually dont need to engage in trade as much as it feels like at first. Youre going to want to build your economy more intentionally, with basic good like wood, fabric and grain etc cheap but not THAT cheap, like -20 to -10% base price is a good range, because the price of the good effects the wages of the pops working in those buildings. Then youll want to have industrial goods, early ones are tools, iron, and coal, which you ideally produce relatively cheap domestically to keep your construction cheap, because every now and then when its viable you want to built up the construction sector. About late mid-game you want to have a healthy steel industry, glass industry, chemical industry, some railroads and engine factories. Thats the core of your economy and you expand outwards from there as needed, with consumer goods like liquor, groceries, tobacco, furniture etc also making great exports. Played right in an average sized country, trade only really needs to be used to supplement necessary industrial goods like if you have a shortage of lead or tools, or to boost the price of a very cheap good to allow it to be profitable enough to expand the industry, e.g. if youre producing a ton of wood without many domestic industries buying it and it's -40% price, the wood industry will stagnate, so its good to export enough wood to keep the prices in the -10%-10% base price range, expensive enough to keep the industry profitable without being too expensive to hurt your industries requiring wood inputs.

This is all assuming you have an interventionist + mercantilist economy, which is generally the safest middle ground. Free market + laisse faire puts much more emphasis on trade and trade goods, and can be very good for big countries with a lot of resources but makes smaller countries with less developed economies much harder to manage. But if youre trying to develop robust capitalism as a way of pushing towards communism as I usually do, the free market/lassie faire route does empower capitalists to a much greater degree, which is a very fun way to play with Better Politics Mod but not really without itPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1717612125488.png (218.03 KB, 492x379, 122141282.png)

Talking about "better politics" mod, CWP is integrating that mod in their teasers.


Hell yeah. Ive been waiting until its more developed to play CWP mod but very glad to see this

File: 1717549093338.png (186.88 KB, 255x400, ClipboardImage.png)


i said come in, don't stand there. i said come in, don't stand there.


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