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General for all Nintendo Games and Nintendo related discussion!
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Aaaand it was fucking shit. Only a couple of decent announcements. Ironically they ended up doing what >>514 said would never happen


I am a big pokemon fan, and I am sad the series is ruined :'(


In a socialist world, all videogames would become free and open source, and fans would be able to modify shitty modern games as they please.


anime titties wins again

File: 1608527538882.jpg (141.33 KB, 1024x576, garrys-mod-download-free-1….jpg)


So I'm not an experienced game developer or anything, but I figured we should have a general dedicated to this sort of thing, especially since I'm interested to hear peoples' ideas on lefty-orientated videogames that would be cool for me to make.
I've been using Blender since I was 11 or 12 years old (I'm 20 now) so I'm pretty much at a level now where I can model any game asset I want. I'm also in school for Computer Engineering, and have been a hobby programmer since I was around 14 working with Python, C, and GLSL shaders, so I can script pretty much anything as well. I would say my main weaknesses when approaching a task like this are Sculpting, Spriting, and Painting, so to any drawfags/artfags with skills: I invite you to contribute on whatever projects we end up embarking on.



Blender: https://www.blender.org/
Kritas: https://krita.org/en/
>Game Development
Godot: https://godotengine.org/
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just use Godot. if you know python then just read the documentation to understand the GDscript API. it includes some beginner tutorials and has a pure 2D engine


I had the idea of an xcom like (TB tactics) set during russian civil war, with artillery train and self made armored trucks, with both a whole political/territory management aspect for getting missions & equipement, and some rpg elements for your forces.
Also works for a necromunda inspired game (you could even make a f2p multi game with this, people would pay a lot to improve their gang appearance, especially if they're getting attached to the characters thanks to the rpg part)

another idea was a fps/rpg, set in a not too distant future where climate, covid and encomy problems coalesce in a giant clusterfuck in europe with total breakdown of social order. We'd use a a big city like berlin or paris as the set, there would be various factions fighting there, and basically you'd be the usual super cyber-soldier roaming around there. The twist is despite your super powers, you just can't accomplish shit without the backing of a faction, and the biggest impact you can have is making/unmaking alliances and war between them, by giving them access to information about strategic resources or manipulating power relations inside the faction itself, just going in the battlefield alone fighting is fun but ultimately pointless (infinitte enemies and artillery fucking you up).
Prolly too big a scope. Its just that I like fps rpg and tried to shoehorn some of my ideas in it.

FPS/rpg alternative ; use a chivalry like melee combat and make it about being some robinhood

or go full magicka in fps form, I think its dynamic magic system really offer a lot of creativity

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>because the dev uses NO LIBRARIES, making everything from scratch instead
ngl, never did game dev, but as a java/web dev, that sounds fucking stupid


It is if you plan on making an actual game.

It is less stupid if you just wanna learn how games are made. However I wouldn't go as far as using NO LIBRARIES, just no engines (in fact, that's what I did, and it worked out pretty well)


Damn son, I made that post like 2+ years ago on bunkerchan lol. I actually didn't mean to imply that I don't use libraries btw, just that once could expect to learn about literally everything from watching HMH since Casey doesn't. I use quite a few libraries in my own projects and it would be absolute hell to develop without them.

File: 1608527995266.png (195.15 KB, 1440x500, leftytg.png)


Tabletop Games / Traditional Games
Wargames, Roleplaying Games, Board Games, Card Games, Drinking Games, and so on and so on.
What are you playing/running/home-brewing? What do you have to recommend or criticize?
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Agreed, it seems pretty silly. I'm not against weaving political themes into games in a mature way but roleplaying as le epic hero leftists feels like escapist cope for not doing much IRL.


>feels like escapist cope for not doing much IRL

By that standard we have to get rid of all videogames.


No theres nothing wrong with vidya or escapism in general, but channeling your leftist feeling into games and scratching the itch that way does seem fairly counterproductive imo


Not him but I fear that forgetting about politics or leftism when I engage in a hobby will make me less resistant to liberalism in the long term


Leftism is utterly fucking dead and buried, it makes no difference whether you play a videogame or go in the streets, it's the same effect on the world.

File: 1611449908659.jpg (82.92 KB, 600x800, 614.jpg)


>Assault Android Cactus
>Geometry Wars 3
>Race the Sun
>Hotline Miami 1+2 (especially 2)
>Katana Zero
>Fury Unleashed
>The Messenger
>Blue Revolver
>Fight 'N Rage
>Return of Obra Dinn
>This is the Police
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I have my qualms about a few entries in this list but overall based. Fuck roguelikes and masocore games, literally the worst trends to ever take over indie games. The only non-shit ones are Hades and maaybe Celeste/Nuclear Throne.


Your steam friend who likes Tarantino movies, GY!BE, reads Berserk and thinks Hotline Miami is the most deep game ever made.


>literally the worst trends to ever take over indie games
What are some of the best trends then?


>anything on that list


I used to play it when I was a child, what's wrong with it?
>>Hotline Miami 1+2 (especially 2)
I agree the fandom is shit, but the game is actually funny
>>Don't Starve
My grandma loves this game, I don't see the problem with it tho, just seems boring to me

>and thinks Hotline Miami is the most deep game ever made
Who thinks that? The only reason I ever played this game is because it has gore and nice music. People who think games are deep are cringe anyway.

File: 1608527914132.png (31.45 KB, 455x420, e2l3v5lb44j21.png)


ss13 thread
what servers do you usually play on?
what do you think of offshoots such as SS14 or unity station?
any greentext moments you want to share?


File: 1608527992464.png (290.41 KB, 1000x1000, 1440307608201.png)

/vg/station, because I don't have to walk on faggot ass eggshells.
>what do you think of offshoots such as SS14 or unity station?


/tg/station is alright. But the jannies on it are being cunts currently.


File: 1613356841715.png (42.07 KB, 667x561, ss13 had it not been for t….png)

Of course, they're from /tg/.


It's "TG", as in "TGstation". It hasn't been /tg/ in a very, very long time.

File: 1608528070116.png (75.85 KB, 376x157, Total_War_logo.png)


Does what it says on the tin.
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There is a LotR mod for medieval 2 if you are interested


>if theyre gonna keep doing fantasy stuff i would love to see LotR

I heard that the Tolkien estate weren't happy with how the movies turned out and are being assholes about the licence. So that might be a reason why there's not more LOTR games.


Im pretty hyped
also I love dawi zharr concept (basically hashut embodie capitalism infinite greed, they sell arms and enslave to build more weapons and enslave more)
and if they make a separate map for chaos realms, with TP to/from it through dynamic rifts (or from all the way up north if you cant be bothered with opening chaos gates in middle of cathay), that means potentially also a true underway

>anybody play Three Kingdoms
nope but what I heard about its diplomacy indeed made me quite excited for the revamp in tw3. Whats special about the map ?

I do have some concerns about big gameplay issues in tw2 not being solved
namely :
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>Whats special about the map ?

its more like a paradox map, but honestly looks much better and feels more intuitive imo. scrolling to a smaller scale shows terrain, mid level shows provinces with colored borders of nations, high level shows a full political style map. one of my biggest problems with TW usually is how you need to drag the screen because the map doesnt pull out enough but the whole UI looks and feels much better in Three Kingdoms


Shame about the unit variety, or lack thereof.

File: 1608527563065-0.jpg (689.62 KB, 839x595, __ageha_alice_blackburn_bo….jpg)

File: 1608527563065-1.jpg (113.8 KB, 720x478, __vic_viper_gradius_drawn_….jpg)

File: 1608527563065-2.jpg (176.42 KB, 500x732, xixoc21f6dj21.jpg)


Real shit.

>wut an STG

STGs is another term for shoot 'em up/shmup (though typically used for Japanese made ones), all of which kick ass.

>didnae die???

No, though we came close. STGs have been kept alive in no small part by doujins, which has led to such awesome games as Crimzon Clover, Blue Wish, Hellsinker, and Blue Revolver, and the players who have been documenting, replaying, and scoring since the early days.


Blue Wish Resurrection is awesome and free:
Plus: http://www.vector.co.jp/download/file/winnt/game/fh452584.html


Sure. Just try out Dodonpachi at some point.
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File: 1612291888653.jpg (400.11 KB, 1920x1080, eXceed 2nd - Vampire REX.jpg)

eXceed 2nd - Vampire REX is super fun, short but sweet. Basically Touhou + the color-swapping mechanic from Ikaruga, satisfying melee, and vampire lolis. The dynamic difficulty is nice for scrubs like me, it increases if you go long enough without getting hit and drops when you die.


Wrong thread? This ain't even an STD.


Oh shit, this thread revived.
Some music to celebrate.

>Basically Touhou + Vampire Lolis
You wrote Touhou twice.

Not a fan of eXceed myself, but you should definitely take a look at Stella Vanity, Anon. Now that is a well made STD.


File: 1612988069685.png (119.42 KB, 640x480, Hellsinker logo.png)

Best Touhou comin through!


Excellent taste, Anon.

File: 1608527694311.gif (571.27 KB, 267x150, get.gif)


So our idea was as follows (as I understand what we discussed)

We want to make a VN in Ren'py because the software/coding is pretty easy.

moo_moo knows how to code python for the backend
hardkoba does nice sexy art for the characters
spurdo does 3d and 2d works and can possibly do the backgrounds and/or other design elements
caballo is a writer and can write the novel bit
pepe_pp does writing and some art and can assist with those
moo_moo also does music (electronic) so can handle that

Other people may want to contribute with their skills of course.

Plot concept:
Main character lives in present day Earth sadly because capitalism and the ongoing social collapse sucks.
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File: 1613114616013.png (505.21 KB, 600x416, You live like this.png)

It’s a shame, but was one of the things originally said could happen. Do you guys have a very early alpha stage that could be shown


>Do you guys have a very early alpha stage that could be shown
Yeah, I wonder about that too. There's also people who have released their progress to the public like the dudes who made Eisai (they worked on Katawa Shoujo too): https://gitlab.com/Leonhart231/eisai/-/tree/master/
Like this guy said >>4660
>The project can be adopted by another group/person/team if needed.


what is a "VN"?


It's basically a digital version of a choose your own adventure book (in some cases they're like a regular book instead), with (usually) anime visuals and sound.
Or did you mean what VN stands for? Visual novel


In other words, not a game.

File: 1608527743631.jpg (1.48 MB, 1920x1080, cyberpunk2077shows_3108293….jpg)

 No.1853[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

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Devs who left CDPR said otherwise. Fuck r*ddit, what a shitty cesspool of corporate suck ups.


Made for BBC (Big Black Creepypasta)


You are beyond retarded if you believe this.


Considering he used the "Friends from everywhere" meme, he probably doesn't believe this.


Wasn't addressing the Anon, hun.

File: 1609983766058.png (85.44 KB, 698x656, cata-01.png)


Hi /games/. I'm looking for a few volunteers to create a leftist post-apocalyptic community in C:DDA both to discount the Hobbesian idea of war of all against all and show that humans are communal creatures as well as showcasing leftist ideas to a large, international group of gamers.

No Technological Experience or Knowledge is required, mostly just an active imagination, possibly some writing and an interest in having real leftist examples in video games.

If you do not currently play c:dda but would like to understand the other factions that currently exist in the game, read:

It's important to mention that the two currently most developed factions are a capitalist one which broadly speaking are free market capitalists, with some just wanting to make money whilst others are pure 'right libertarian' ideologues. The second being a faction which is the remnants of the old american state and seeks to unite the US back into the old USA. Patriots, Generals, beurocrtats, basically govt people and there patriot supporters.. rumored to have a good portion of the US fleet still active and just off-shore of somewhere preparing for a ground offensive.
These two groups are allies. This is significant as it allows for conflict with leftist organization and as we know Conflict Drives Plot.

Let's Get Shit Done, anons!
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File: 1610136653062.gif (195.87 KB, 1209x734, commune-jobs-2.gif)

>What sort of game is this? Is it even fun?
Survival. Zombe Survival specifically but it is he most intricate Survival game that exists even f you turn zombies off. guarantee you could not name a more intricate, 'realistic' one.

>I started a few CDDA games, but either did not get out of the starting location or starved/was poisoned, because of the lack of reliable food sources.
You will die a lot. ths is part of the experence. every death is avoidable and you will learn with each one. Find a building to use as a HQ and run expeditions from at night to get food and supllies.

>hey will probably object strongly to any kind of straight-out revolutionary factions.

We could get away with some kind of syndicalist faction though.
Revolution s uncessary because the old orld has been destroyed. Now it s just a matter of building a community (i have an idea for them to start in a church or school, they were using it to have there reading group when it all went down.)

With regards to your other stuff i was thinking they'd start in a building just on the edge of the city but is stlll urban. This gives them some reason to want to try to agitate in the Tacoma Commune so they can take over a rural, working commune and will in the larget context create conflct with the Free Traders Captalist Faction and Old Guard faction which i imagine to be guided by a kind of neo-American Exceptionalism.


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>the old orld has been destroyed
The relations of the pre-Cataclysm USA are mostly destroyed.
Through the strong focus on defense against the zombie hordes, relations above communal level will probably stagnate for the first few years.
However this does not spell out the end of classes.

Because of the sudden nature of the Cataclysm, the starting factions will for the most part be influenced by their former class, as you already took into account.
Therefore we need to carefully weigh the desire of the factions clinging to their former self interests against the emerging material conditions.

>Undo the Cataclysm, or failing that, re-establish civilization under the Old Guard’s control.

>The Old Guard claims to be the remnants of the US Federal government, with an armada of ships in the Atlantic Ocean and a few walled off cities near the coast.
<The established conflict of the Old Guard is predominantly concerned with the administrative question of balancing military presence and living conditions in newformed settlements.
<The Old Guard is probably aware of the large growth potential of their relatively save communities at the coast, so will they be able to regain farmland and resources inland, or will they focus on aquaculture and send missions to overseas?
<Their need of overseas expedition may depend on the success of the Free Traders with stabilizing trading relations and projects like the Tacoma Commune.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1610886271362.jpg (263.92 KB, 1396x1250, Hotwheels.jpg)

I'm thinking of making a tutorial video for newfriends to better get into this game. Any ideas on how I should structure this? Never done any videos before.
I'm thinking an edited video of the first few days where I explain what is needed to craft the most basic stuff, how to gather supplies etc.


I would structure it as a kind of "what to do in the first few days" thing where it is more a loose set of recommendations you can give which will maximize their chances of survival in all situations. stuff like what skills to raise quickly, what they can do to grind them, good starter weapons, how to use the terrain when fighting towards your advantage, recommended early armor, encumbrance and warmth and how to manage it, ect.


Straight up unnecessary.
Instead make a fun video showcasing all the wacky shit you ran into. Then start that video with a brief explanation of how to get the game, and how it works.
You get more eyeballs pointing your way and it's a more entertaining video besides.

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