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The only 2 mmos I know whose combat mechanics aren’t revoltingly shitty are wizard101 and new world
Wizard because it’s a card game, and new world because collisions exist and you can’t(entirely) rely on button mashing or stats to save you from every fight yet it still feels well behind any normal single player game

The rest of MMO combat is a fucking disease, it’s all just button mashing and exploiting broken metas to progress. I don’t know how anyone could have fun with these games because outside of just having shitty combat these games have some of the most boring and satirically casual gameplay I’ve ever seen that seems to get worse every time I come back to check up on them


I agree, the only MMO combat I can tolerate is osrs but probably due to its sheer simplicity.


I think part of why so many MMOs have terrible combat including the ones that try to make it not complete shit like Tera and bdo is that those games, map design wise just aren’t designed for anything resembling satisfying combat

God of war
Dark souls
Bethesdas DLCs for TES and fallout
The list goes on. Those games have maps built to be played in a certain way that can allow an individual the most amount of fun possible hence why they’re so linear and are almost designed like a one way road. MMOs are typically open ended and barren in basic things like structure and purpose for the overwhelming majority of locations outside of dungeons. Combine that with enemies whose attacks are basically copy pasted swing animations, nonexistent collisions, and skill execution being based off keyboard spamming and not off combos you’d see in traditional fighters breeds boring as shit combat that’s only tolerated through having damage text numbers flood the screen and overly complicated metas in place for those games to appear deeper than they’re.
Like cmon you don’t need to be a professional game designer to look at the gifs posted to realize which games combat is genuinely fun vs the one whose combat is overly flashy and at times stressful


I don’t get why every component of this game FEELs like Skyrim. And I specify Skyrim over the other TES games because elden ring feels dangerously close to that game in particular over the others

The dragon encounters, the NPC mechanics, the companions and summons, the completely broken meta regarding magic, the casual enemies capable of oneshotting you from time to time, just aspects of the combat itself sometimes feeling like a game of “who has better stats” often makes this game genuinely feel like that 11 year old ass game.

Holy I couldn’t be the only one to have felt like I was playing Skyrim with too many mods when I first picked up this shit…
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Lmao have you played ordinary souls games outside of blood borne
Fucking he’ll even sekiro has this problem with the prosthetic enhancements. Souls games outside of blood borne are terribly balanced. Like to the point where all you need to do is fuckup the meta and you can easily cheese through the games difficulty


does magic in skyrim suck ass?


Yes. Its good in early levels but sucks dick late game unless you use it to cheese things like the enchanting/alchemy/restoration exploit.


I hate magic even at early levels, tried making a mage build once but ended up doing bitch basic melee anyway


They tried to nerf it and it sort of worked except NPCs that use magic are overpowered since they can spam magicka. Magic already isn’t affected by armour rating and due to hidden damage multipliers on higher tier enemies that you need xedit to patch out unless your alright with getting randomly one shotted by ice bolts


Lmao imagine your existence being only acknowledged in a fucking dlc of a several years old crossover game featuring a side character of your franchise whom your not even apart of

Fucking ubishit man always finds a way to clown on this limbless fella


Sucks because the last rayman was actually kind of fun and I was hoping for a sequel


rabids are such shit


what are your hopes friends?
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FUCK Konami for how much shit they’ve put their developers through and the shit they’ve pulled against the gaming community as a whole


>western studio making another silent hill game
i hope at least that it's funny to laugh at


File: 1666188874027.jpg (170.29 KB, 615x644, 1632357495772.jpg)

That isn't MGS 3 remastered.


Out of all of the things that i could have expected, When They Cry Silent Hill was not one of them


File: 1666335575149-1.webm (2.29 MB, 1246x692, 1666217235462509.webm)

Townfall and F are the ones that look the most interesting to me to be honest. Annapurna has a great track record as a publisher and the developers' previous games, Stories Untold and Observation, were both pretty good. F looks like it has a pretty intriguing aesthetic and its writer seems to have a good reputation as a Virtual Novel writer (which is an extremely low bar to be fair). The studio developing F is pretty unknown though. The thing I like most about both of these is that, at least at first glance, it looks like they have pretty much no connection to Silent Hill or any of the previous games. This is especially the case for F, being set in Japan. It sort of looks like Konami's trying to make the Silent Hill brand a sort of vehicle for publishing a diverse set of horror games unconnected to the main franchise, which I completely approve of since it means they'll maybe stop ruining the legacy of the original four games as much.

There's also Ascension, some live-interaction stream-based thing published by Bad Robot. Might be interesting, probably won't be. There's also a movie adaptation of Silent Hill 2 coming out. I very much doubt it'll be very good, but I'm at least happy that Christophe Gans gets to make the movie, since he's wanted to for years at this point.

The Silent Hill 2 Remake makes me feel the complete opposite, and I honestly have absolutely zero interest in this one. Why would you even want to remake Silent Hill 2? It's graphics have held up incredibly well, and it's slightly awkward combat only helps to build tension. You can even turn off tank controls if you're one of those people who gets filtered by that. From the little snippets of gameplay they've shown, it looks like they've given it third-person gameplay, which already damages a lot of the atmosphere of the original as it means that the fixed camera angles are out. Even more egregiously, there was one shot in there showing that it has dodge mechanics now, which makes me pretty worried that the combat system is going to be a repeat of whatever Homecoming was doing. Honestly, despite all this the game may very well end up being good, but I still have zero intention of playing a worse version of one of the best games ever made. A remake can only detract from what made Silent Hill 2 good tbh. Out of the original four games, I'd say that the only one that might be improved by a remake is The Room, just because that game isn't designed very well and hasPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Stamina systems are simply unrealistic and mechanically unfun. Unrealistic because in real life humans are a fucking pillar of evolution and have been documented to be able to preform actions like running for days and in rare cases weeks on end without having to stop for breaks, a trained soldier should be able to swing as many times as they please without constantly needing breaks
Second they’re just unfun because they introduce random pauses in between fights to allow room for stamina recovery and discourage the usage of diverse weapons because the loss of stamina is so huge you ultimately almost never get to play aggressively with them. Also infinite sprinting is just dumb fuck fun and gameplay wise really isn’t that overpowered as it’s just another movement option

Stance systems is where the real fun happens as it encourages swaps in play styles like how in dark souls disregarding your shield boosts damage at the cost of being block same in Skyrim when using two weapons or how in games like kcd, for honour or mordhau where you aim your weapon affects what can and won’t deal damage entirely
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Realism isn't a great measurement when it comes to games because more realism doesn't always make a game better nor should it be an end in itself, it should be about the experience it adds to the game and how it fits with other mechanics. Survival mechanics are a good example of that, as unless the game is specifically designed to make food, water, and shelter scarce it's an annoyance that quickly becomes a chore rather than adding anything narratively to the game.

Stamina, mana, and other resource management systems more generally are the same, in that they shouldn't be slapped on carelessly because a game "needs" stamina. In dungeon crawlers like Etrian Odyssey your mana functions like a time limit, where the longer you explore the more you'll expend in combat until eventually you run out and get stuck doing basic attacks against a bigass fuckyou deer and lose all your progress. It adds a layer of considerations above combat in that you need to conserve resources from encounter to encounter not knowing what the next fight will bring until you decide to teleport back to town. Classic WoW, like your example in the OP, is an example of poor implementation as certain classes spend most of their leveling bored as fuck just eating food to regain resources between single mob pulls. In Morrowind it's extremely annoying at the beginning before becoming a complete non-issue once you buy or craft a few restore fatigue potions or find some kwama eggs.

For action combat systems I agree that managing a stamina or mana bar can get annoying, but there should be some resource management system in place to ensure players can't call in airstrikes every 5 seconds. Making it a scarce resource like ammo or adding cooldowns are some ways to do that. Stance and trade-off systems aren't really opposed to stamina systems and can even work together with them to add more gameplay considerations. Maybe spells cost less mana when you're unarmored, or blocking stability is terrible without a shield but weapon ability cooldowns are shorter, or counterattacking restores some resource or other. I dunno, my post is long winded enough as it is.


Your description made me think of how games like kcd and morrowind make basic actions like archery and swinging a sword somehow harder to do in game than in real life


Some games are less gamey than other games. I think simulation is just as valuable a factor as pure gameplay mechanics. It's all up to taste. In my opinion simulation if done right can lead to "emergent gameplay" mechanics, whereas a game designed for purely gameplay, like say chess or checkers, will have close to zero, and it's alright for both to exist.


Maybe I should make my own topic, but I think all games are somewhere between simulation vs. gameplay, just as all art is between abstraction vs. realistic depiction. Especially when it comes to real-time gaming.


Nah fuck that
Humans only need quick breathers before performing long stretches of physical activity
The systems awful regardless of how you do it just let players go ape shit. It’s fun

File: 1666001099416.png (58.97 KB, 225x225, ClipboardImage.png)


Someone rec me some game that has an infinite ceiling that will help me keep my mind sharp

I have problems with spellings and arithmetic, I want something to challenge me daily




>coolmath games




lads i found another, this one is more customizable, keep your mind sharp

now i just need to find a one that is for spelling stuff and words


File: 1666240029436.png (93.86 KB, 320x180, ClipboardImage.png)

do you think regular games challenge the mind enough as these "brain" games

If you have 1000 hrs on soldier would you still be using brain as much to traverse


>AI can create HD texture, mapping, and lighting overhauls of old games in real time
What are your thoughts, /bethesda/? I've heard of AI-assisted upscaling of textures but never on this level. The only thing missing is some kind of mesh upscaler, the new textures look pretty weird on an octagonal wine bottle.
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I think it's a useful tool rather than a replacement of regular methods, but having a computer take care of 50% of the work and doing the rest by hand is still a huge timesaver. It's like those AI speech synthesizers, if you just plug in a sentence it's gonna come out dogshit, so you have to fiddle with it for a while and in the right hands it can give good results.


File: 1665410682976.png (1.29 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

this lol
At most AI shit would be good to give you a base to work from and cut out a portion of the work. It's never going to replace the work of an artist because you can't give it feedback during the process and adjust what it's doing the way a human can.


it's crazy and scary cool

damn is this what the they used for that ass port? they basically beta tested the game lol, had to release it and then work on it


There will never be enough props for the Resident evil 4 fan made hd pack. That shit is crazy.


This: >>23304 basically.

>It's never going to replace the work of an artist because you can't give it feedback during the process
Well you're not wrong since it's all about the end goals, (and obviously it's not going to replace all workers/artists), but you can still easily improve it by giving it more and more references and break down each step of the work more and more.


Why do games made in the early 2000s and 90s still look good? Like even the graphics for games like hl2 still hold up
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jesus christ oblivion looks like puke, morrowind, for all its sharp ass polygons that cut right into your cornea, does not look half as bad as this game


Yeah having an fov of 120 can cause those to look that distorted


Texture filtering was a mistake.


It look good because of poor resolution lets your brain fill in the details to make it look good. That's why crt tvs are the best monitors to play nes games, the fuzz make the games look better.

With the rare exception of wind waker of course

I'll one up you, I don't like half life 2 gameplay. I stopped at the boat level excuse I was bored. Granted, hotter take: every single player first person shooter (I have played) is boring

Don't worry poster, I'll properly link the reply. >>22432


>I'll one up you, I don't like half life 2 gameplay. I stopped at the boat level excuse I was bored. Granted, hotter take: every single player first person shooter (I have played) is boring
HL2 is one of the rare games I finished. I think I tend to beat games that are more simplistic like HL2. When games start putting in 1000 hrs of side content it tends to trigger my ADHD and completionist bent, then I get distracted and never finish them.

File: 1608527545182.jpg (14.8 KB, 314x161, streetfighter.jpg)

 No.355[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

General for all fighting games and fighting game competitive scenes
2D, 3D, Anime, Tag-Teams, Platform, Shrek Super Slam
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1/16th? WTF? How the hell is it that small now? It's time for the tribes to admit that they don't actually have a "people" anymore.


They don't use the type of clothes and weapons the girl in he picture has.


fair point


T. Hawk is canonically from the US, but they thought they had to many characters from there so his story takes place in Mexico. Though a lot of people, like the Apache, were between both countries.


I like ssbu but the constant camera motion and fx attached to seemingly every move along with the small ass stadiums makes it hard for me to figure out wtf is going on in some games especially when watching replays or tournies


I’m gonna use this term to describe the instance where a game designer artificially bloats the stats of an enemy in an rpg to compensate for that enemy or the game itself mechanically being badly designed

I started noticing what this shit was in Skyrim after being one shotted by a guy using a crossbow whom when in my hands did little to no damage on anything. That day I discovered what crextradamage was and then started noticing how other games like dark souls, or xcom 2 pulled the same dumbass infuriating shit. I have one question, how the fuck does one get rid of this shit? How do you balance an RPG in a way where having to inflate the health and damage of mobs to the point where seemingly every enemy becomes a boss fight that can one tap you doesn’t become a requirement because right now I’m playing elden ring and having to kill hordes of enemies that have inflated stats is killing my urge to want to play at all knowing how unfair and unbalanced some encounters are


Mass Effect 2 had a great difficulty system where enemies got smarter the higher the setting, and while it did increase their health/damage it also made dealing with their armor and shields something you had to build your squad around. They were way too spongy in 1 and 3, but 2 hit a sweet spot. Divinity Original Sin 2 also handled difficulty well, and on higher difficulties the encounters felt like puzzles to solve where other tactical RPGs might feel like a slog of the same exact moves after a while.

Mass Effect has the advantage of being more structured in the order you'll enter encounters while being entirely combat-oriented in leveling and squad-based. In Skyrim you don't have any of those advantages: you can enter nearly any dungeon at any time, you can invest perks in non-combat skills making character level comparisons unreliable (a level 20 character with perks in only speech and lockpicking is, in the game's view, as equally suited for combat encounters as a level 20 character with perks in two handed, heavy armor, and archery), and vanilla companions can't effectively shore up the player's weaknesses and can't do even 10% of the things the player can. The devs settled on making most content clearable by lower levels, and since NPC combat AI is extremely simplistic and encounters aren't dynamic (the game will never add/remove enemies with difficulty changes or in response to player performance, or give them better gear/abilities, for example) the only knobs they can really turn are enemy health and damage. Elden Ring, on the other hand, takes the opposite approach in using a fixed difficulty and trusting the player to figure out what they can and can't do, but still manages to be extremely poorly tuned in the late game to where the player feels forced to engage in cheese and use the same broken builds as everyone else. Dragon's Dogma on hard difficulty weirdly made the game easier: enemies did double damage which was only really an issue in the beginning, but they also dropped a shitload more gold so you ended up with much better gear earlier on.

Better difficulty could take a lot of forms, from making encounters more dynamic in the ways listed above to making enemies smarter, in addition to giving them resistances and weaknesses. In any case, it should require the player to learn and engage with the game's mechanics and reward them for playing well and taking on challenges. For the latter I'm a fan of Fallout 4's legendary enemPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Do what sekiro and Pokémon did
Don’t have enemy attack patterns have enemy movesets so it feels like your fighting against other players. That way it feels like skill and practice matters over just item spamming and using broken builds


Personally I feel souls games can’t properly how do I describe it
Increase linearly in difficulty properly. They’re games fundamentally and like games enemies and bosses alike have variety in how they function and inevitably some bosses will just end up being easier than others just due to how they behave, even sekiro has this problem but to a lesser extent as some bosses feel more like players than generic bots. I guess one way of jacking up the difficulty of these games is to convert attack patterns into movement and increase the rate at which enemies attack and sprint like what blood borne did to force players to learn new skills than rely on broken metas and items, but unlike blood borne that speed and aggressiveness is based on ingame progression


Sekiro made me feel I was good at gaming.

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