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File: 1683040850637.jpg (30.45 KB, 336x413, Black_ops_2_cover.jpg)


Best Game of 2012?

Def BO2
The black ops series in general is amazing
The action
The Characters
Also some really iconic weapons like the DSR 50 and the Peacekeeper
I recently finished Black Ops 1 and i loved the campaign but BO2 has better multiplayer by far

I love reznov
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Awful story and morality system though.
>"Look all these fun items and abilities you have! Btw if you use them you get shit ending."
>"We really want player to think about moral implication of their actions, the destructiveness of violence and toll it takes on them and the world around them, so if you kill enemies you get shit ending. Also lets portray every enemy in the game as a puppy-kicking psycho devoid of any redeeming qualities."
>"Hey, our story about being betrayed and now having to enact vengeance while protecting young queen ran out halfway through the game, what should we do?" "Hm, how about our character gets betrayed and now has to enact vengeance while protecting young queen?"
>"Should we in any way address all those interesting parts of our setting, the magic, the witches, occultism, mystical entities?" "NO"


agreed, the 'non lethal to get the good ending' craze, when the people you're killing are evil fucks, is retarded


It's just you creating more chaos when using lethal methods. It's not good/bad. Non lethal is a more restrained approach, in some cases it's even more brutal, like sending that lady away with a weirdo. (She ends up poisoning him or something). People are being too bitchmade about this system, even if it's far from perfect.


It makes perfect sense.
>Killing more guards, aristocrats, officials, etc. increases chaos, crime, and confusion as the state collapses from lack of personnel
>Plague speeds up even further when you've decapitated and destroyed 90% of the security apparatus in the local area
>Demoralization and complete anarchy spread

That's why going full murder hobo in the Daud DLC is so much fun because unlike Corvo your character is not concerned about broader society and you can use all the fun stuff because hey it's not like you cared about anyone anyways.


Also, the devs are most likely libs who think "bloody revolution bad". Like that boatman who bitches at you when dropping you off in the last mission. Just kill that old faggot, enjoy the chaos.

File: 1684471400707.jpg (155.75 KB, 900x395, 591829379.jpg)


We are not `hostile'. Hostility is unwarranted aggression! SNORT!

If you want to know about hostility, let us tell you about Culture Twelve!


Based on the lore most of the damage dealt from the mass bombings took place between cities and not the vast amounts of and occupying earth. Granted a lot of land isn’t good to farm on either due to deficiencies of nutrients like nitrates or being too far from convenient water sources, the list keeps going but it does show that people could sort of thrive in a post atomic world with minimal repercussions and that’s sweet lore wise because it sets up a lot of questions about the world outside of the USA.

What’s the NCR doing in Mexico that makes travel there worthwhile enough to establish new territory, how’s china doing with all the infrastructure it’s built today and will build from 2076 to the years after the bombs, is the only region that still couldn’t get past the war just the USA? Is the rest of the planet just fine from all the years and since then people have gotten a lot better. Interesting
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File: 1684435867351.png (2.59 MB, 2560x1440, ClipboardImage.png)

Not only is Point Lookout horribly irradiated and filled with its own breed of mutants and full of ghouls, but there are places that are more or less pristine and where it actually rains in the Fallout US. Still filled with critters though.


They fixed the sponges in the sequel


Game design rant:
IMHO there is nothing wrong with difficulty levels that just differ in how much health and ammo the player has :P It's just that with a design like that while bother having a menu option for difficulty. The game can just start on hardest and change to the next easier mode once the player goes past some limit of ammo spent or health lost. In other words, designers can just put all these LDDs (="lazy difficulty distinction", just made that up) into scoring mechanics or achievements. Would it be always objectively better design to do this with LDD? I wouldn't go that far because I think there is a psychological difference in how the player experiences it.


File: 1684448851192.jpg (163.22 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I have not idea what you mean.
But anyway, difficulty setting need to always be aware of how they affect the game balance and interact with other systems. Pillars of Eternity 2 is both a good and a bad example. On highest difficulty there will be additional enemies spawned along the "normal" ones, often of different type and higher levels, making fights harder, but at the same time more fun and diverse, forcing you to devise new tactics to overcome them.
It also lowers your chance-to-hit. Now this is a game with very limited per-encounter ability action points, so often you will be allowed to use only cca. 3 abilities per character in single encounter. They often synergize together, you are expected to use abilities thoughtfully to be able to win. If you use ability and miss, it still counts as used and consumes your action points. Meaning maxed-out perception (which increases hit-chance) is basically a mandatory character build on higher difficulties, significantly constraining player freedom and creativity.


I wouldnt be suprised that china has become dengist


Anyone else into games centered on political simulation? A fav of mine is The New Campaign Trail, which is focused on the campaign - the mods included on the website are the bread and butter. Recs are 1864, 1972d, and 1996Powell.
Can be played here: https://www.newcampaigntrail.com/campaign-trail/index.html
I've been trying to get into The Political Process but my eyes glaze over trying to parse it.
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Bear in mind that the stuff in the "main" window is from the original website, and some of it is of dubious quality.


Suzerain and democracy 4 is based


anyone here able to win as Nader?


When I tried my best I not only got less votes than IRL Nader, but also somehow secured clear victory for Al Gore by flipping Missouri and Arkansas blue.


That's what happened to me as well

File: 1684028306085.mp4 (19 MB, 1920x1080, IMG_1879.mp4)


I beat Celeste for the second time
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File: 1684063622325.webm (120.78 KB, 480x270, goodjob.webm)


I beat if one time and that was enough for me.


At least attempt the b sides


Are you trans?


No I just like platformers. Though I have noticed that I’ve been having to thoughts and dreams about being a woman since I’ve been trying to lose weight with the initial goal of making running and climbing a lot easier


It's funny how the advertisement for "Tears of the Kingdom" featuring a sad man playing the game after his wife goes to bed and on the bus, syncs perfectly with Gary Jules version of "Mad World".


>he drowns exactly when the lyrics say it
that's gotta be edited come on


What the fuck it's not edited at all they actually just slapped the music on there.



splatoon takes place in a earth where humans die after 5 world wars? genocide? wtf


my man check the video description


File: 1683963846949.jpg (141.16 KB, 890x962, 9jpxig483xn51.jpg)

Imagine letting your wife going to bed like that


I understand that in real life modern wars are generally slow due to the time it takes to actually schedule, strategize, mobilize and actually give commands to troops before any actual time is spent fighting and also the time it takes to do all of that once each firefight ends but in arma it feels noticeably slow compared to the violence seen in wars like the Tigray thing and Ukraine. Are wars really that slow paced or does it really depend on the region?
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irl what you have as a result of this is concrete bunkers burried deep underground connected by tunnels with the occasional breakthrough via superior artilery and mechanized pushes.


Assuming staff could afford that and were willing to blow the funds for it yeah


Immersive Ukraine simulation for western mercenaries. kek


Kinda real tho. ArmA 3 went out to create a combat environment we had not seen until Armenia vs Azerbaijan or Ukr vs Russia now and in hindsight they were on point


Of course they were. ArmA is a commercial version of a real combat sim that real soldiers play.

File: 1683260494129.jpg (199.35 KB, 1170x2010, nintendo mafia.jpg)


In Reggie’s autobiography, he talks about his time at Panda Express, and how he was excited to push the chain to compete against small family-run Chinese food restaurants. He left the company after they decided to pull back on expanding.
The book is a real eye-opener, because he just comes off as a vapid, asshole business guy who kept failing upwards until he lucked into working at Wii-era Nintendo and became famous on the internet because of e3 banter memes.
Anyway, the new Zelda has leaked onto the internet and it is incredibly easy to find and emulate.
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Do they even exist? I thought they alienated pretty much everyone at this point except for the most casual of consumers.


I don't think there's actually any EA 'fans' but there are people who dutifully buy the the new FIFA/Madden/etc every single year


The casual consumer is the biggest demographic after all.


Paradox paypigs are worse.
Just checks the reviews and discussions on Steam when a new DLC comes out.


Stay mad.


Due to the lore most of the infected should ideally be bloaters due to how long the games take place in after the outbreak but based off demographics of the infected it’s obvious there’s way more runners and at times clickers than the fully blown mutated shamblers and bloaters running about indicating most of the infected are fresh victims, not casualties that got bit when the cordyceps started spreading for the first time. And that also means that in the timespan the last of us games actually take place in the spread of the fungi has actually gotten worse not weakened with time
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I'm afraid femboy disease is psychologically transmitted


I'll have to quaruntine I suppose from this femboy board.


Too late pal. You might as well stay with us now.


Project Zomboid is not wacko enough for me.
In CDDA I'm past the shitty interface now that I have some muscle memory to navigate the menus, there's just still a lot to learn so I keep dying but I'm getting better.


it's okay floor
i will protect you


Dark souls 2
And rainbow 6 look so much better in the trailer for one reason, the lighting. Same goes for unrecorded. Games use ambient lighting way to fucking much and rarely will you be in any space that’s genuinely dark in a natural sense since that hides shit the player needs to see for gameplay purposes but in the end games look generally way fucking worse no matter how advanced the graphics are. Which makes me question how can games use ambient lighting less to make games look significantly better…



File: 1683608933609-1.jpg (398.95 KB, 1920x1080, Doom 3 bathroom.jpg)

File: 1683608933609-2.jpg (86.23 KB, 1200x675, FEAR elevator.jpg)

Yeah, its lazy and it sucks. Thats why some of the older games like Half-Life 2, Doom 3 and FEAR look so favorable compared to even some of the newer titles, because they used ambient lighting sparingly if ever and instead used static and dynamic light sources to light levels up and made use of various lighting tricks like chiaroscuro to create mood in their scenes.


It’s not even just that it’s the colour choice
Take a look at this frame from fear and compare it to an ordinary screenshot of dying light 2s map, far cry 6, and watch dogs legion. If the UI for fear was disabled this image would look convincing but with the new games they have so many over saturated colours that it looks fake. Maybe this was for stylistic reasons so these games could consistently look good in the future but for me I hold the sentiment that it just makes these games look cartoonish similar to Fortnite


File: 1683640599787.png (306.91 KB, 640x361, ClipboardImage.png)

It's a fixed capital vs variable capital thing. It's simply more labor intensive to set up the kind of lighting you want, which imitates the lighting techniques of film crews and tries to carefully select the proper light for each important element. Ambient lighting lets you drop your light sources into the level and let the computer do all the work. It might be more "realistic" but that's not the same as looking good. A lot of people focused on graphics tend to think of video games more as visual simulations than as visual art.

There's a bit from the Lord of the Rings commentary tracks where Elijah Wood talks about a conversation he had with the lighting guy about a particular scene. The scene involves a close-up on Frodo's face as he's facing a wall, with the camera being positioned "inside" the wall. Wood observed that in that position his face should be too dark for the camera to see anything and jokingly asked the lighting guy where the light's coming from. He replied "the same place as the music."

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