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your a faggot the second you post on an imageboard


bro that section fucked me up so bad, I still remember it.


Its mainly capitalist bureaucracy and laws which stifle their potential to build their own life.

In almost any capitalist countries any kind of construction must be connected to an electric or sewage grid, also meet building codes otherwise cops tear it down.

The monopoly on violence also ensures cops can harass or shoot the homeless and tear down anything they build.

Literally you cannot make your own life and it is all about conformity to a single borg.


it's a dude, you gay now


I'm just gonna go ahead and say it, I preferred KOTOR 1 to TSL. It was just…more fun. I will now turn in my gamer card.

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File: 1648084209841-1.png (69.76 KB, 2794x1217, flag of LPA.png)


Preparation for a Roblox raid against Azov. this is a raid perp thread against Azov battalion members / groups on Roblox
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File: 1649107680372.jpg (16.98 KB, 459x446, fuckThemKids.jpg)


File: 1649193227457.png (110.3 KB, 655x528, vixavaxa.png)


Are you zombiepatrol or is that somebody else?


>organizing online raids with leftypol
not going to happen, I've seen this board try and organize several of these it allways ends with no more than 4 people


It's also coming from /games/, which only has like four people to begin with.

File: 1655411960434-0.jpg (168.57 KB, 640x898, Spore.jpg)

File: 1655411960434-1.jpg (103.91 KB, 660x385, WillWright.jpg)

File: 1655411960434-2.jpg (63.27 KB, 601x600, ChrisHecker.jpg)


What went wrong? Was it EA's corporate meddling forcing the Maxis team to redesign the game mechanics to fit a more casual audience when the game was already almost done? Or was it as commonly thought the developer team splitting into two camps over whether to follow a realistic or cartoony graphic and gameplay style? What is your take on this whole story, anon?
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Mostly talking about not about the shit game itself, but rather how it turned out to be shit. Also for all of Spore's faults as a game, the creature creator at least turned out to be a pretty fun thing to toy with, especially with mods that add extra parts, although in the age of Sculptris and Blender 3.0 even this might seem like a rather unimpressive feature.


Because it offers something unique. Playing the space stage with a creaure you designed since a cell is cool. Also, the creature creator is unmatched still.


A spore succesor should drop the bullshit about being a game about evolution and teaching science. It is the complete opposite, a god creationist game. Just create a good science opera game with a fun and advanced creature creator.


The defining characteristic of Spore for me has always been its assfucking anti-user DRM.


it came out 15 years too early to properly do most of the things it tried to do, and while the core concept and creature creator are interesting the gameplay is not


File: 1655234514383.jpg (92.96 KB, 900x520, toddler.jpg)


>fallout comes on screen
>is it a remake?
>a new fallout game?
>heck maybe it's, new vegas 2?
<the pitt a 76 update
<I die

I was excited for it mostly just to see avowed and what inxile's been doing, but non of that was there sadly
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There is a theory that Fallout 3 was originally intended to be a reboot of the franchise until Bethesda decided to scrap the idea for some unfathomable reason, which would explain the various lore and design inconsistences like the Enclave being still out there and kicking, the presence of the GECK as a major plot point, the completely different power armor and creature designs as well as the whole "Capital Wasteland is still a barren irradiated shithole despite two centuries passing since the first game" deal.


File: 1655432187798.jpg (124.51 KB, 968x700, media_FVVWAe1acAA9PQU.jpg)

Forget Bethesda and Todd. There's a new fallout in town baby.
<adam Lacko
<Olympus 2077 and Fallout Sonora slav devs
<Fucking Mark Morgan
Now they only need to hire Ron Perlman for the voice over and we'll get the true dream tean going.


Is this a Doom Fallout TC? Looks dope.


it's just concept art


Yeah sadly, but a first-person classic Fallout game with vintage pre-rendered graphics would be awesome.

File: 1655469425360.png (1.94 MB, 1600x900, ClipboardImage.png)


They don't make 'm like this anymore


What your looking at is the games preset for the way it loads in its assets

Apparently bethesdas development team made most presets un customizable like the ability to disable vsync, render, and entity distance or the ability to enable things like G sync or Multithreading that would drastically reduce the clients input lag.

Why did Bethesdas developers decide to make the game not run like total dogshit but then prevent the players from being able to play the game at that level of performance in favour of a lag riddled game, I have no fucking clue at this point
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I just wanna understand why those good changes weren’t implemented like seriously imagine being on the dev team and randomly deciding one day to actively make the servers and client side run like complete shit for no reason


Probably to reduce risk.


And forcing players to play the buggy artificially laggy build that can be bypassed by re enabling the features anyways was a better idea?


Bethesda games always have some of the neater features tunable only through the .inis because they first they cannot be fucked to make a good interface for tweaking them, and secondly they seem to think that the defaults for them are good enough as they are (no shit). Most serious modding guides for these games advise the player to get BethINI and tweak the configuration files through it instead of relying on the shitty vanilla launchers.


>someone at Bethesda studios would prefer the games the devs release dying on day one than just releasing the good version they spent years developing

File: 1654909233143.gif (40.92 KB, 200x200, 1499120479181.gif)


Uhhhhh so is it just me or is Doom easy as shit?
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Boomer shooter thread? I wish I could get into retro Doom cause the modding is legit but it's just not flashy and noisy enough for my deep fried ADHD baby brain.


Get Russian Overkill + a good slaughterwad like Holy Hell or NUTS.WAD + optionally a lightweight gibbing mod like Bolognese or Nashgore. Its so flashy that your PC might explode even.


I’m a retard and can’t aim for shit with a controller and barely with a mouse, so no


File: 1655385798036.png (80.67 KB, 466x486, 1607310175099.png)

>Uhhhhh so is it just me or is Doom easy as shit?
Elaborate. Which doom? Which difficulty? Which mods?


if you mean the original dooms or doom 2016,yeah,because the difficulty isn't the point,the point is for the game to be fun.
if you mean doom eternal or brutal doom in max difficulty and shit like that,then you're just an adrenaline junkie and I don't want to know what you find difficult.

File: 1654942524074.png (1.51 MB, 1080x2340, Google Play Store.png)


There are like so many of apps, Do all of them even get played?

i don't play mobile games much, I just stick to a couple of mine and that's it

So much labor and effort thrown into an endless ocean hoping to get noticed
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>2 years isn't enough time to produce a truly aaa title
What about COD? 2 years is enough, for any competent studio, to make a fully-fledged 5 hour long singleplayer campaign with all its voice acting, and mocapping and big set-pieces and bombastic soundtrack.

That is ignoring the multiplayer and zombie modes. Or is cod not AAA enough?


COD games take 3 or 4 years to make, but they have a system of rotation between two giant developer teams. That makes it possible to release a COD every year or two.


>Activision developers take nearly half a decade to recycle assets and game design concepts so that there games are buggy as hell and content barren


I mean, yeah. AAA games like God of War, BOTW or Halo Infinite take 5 years or more.


False. CoD games by Treyarch and Infinity Ward were done on a cycle of 2 years, but Activision decided to simply add a 3rd studio to the mix, resulting in giving developers a 3 year working schedule. I don't know what you get out of fucking lying about it. CoD games do absolutely not take 3-4 years. They can be done in 2. They just are that willing to invest enough to give them 3 years. If only Pokemon had that amount of dedication put into it. There has never been a 4 year cycle. Though they have added a 4th studio so it might point towards that in the future. 2 years is enough for any competent studio. There's no reinventing of any wheels needing done.

File: 1654930650339.jpg (23.56 KB, 480x360, Donte.jpg)


After I played the living shit out of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and many of it's mods a few years back, I haven't been able to feel much joy when engaging with videogames in any meaningful way. Last year I started playing minetest for a while and had some good fun with it, specially with the industrial mods just to drop it in the dust a few months in. Later I tried to get into Dwarf Fortress and the same thing happened, although the UI and endless youtube tutorials that feel like a lecture on Plump Helmets certainly didn't help.

Recently I've had an itch for trying out the Devil May Cry saga, mainly out of listening to the soundtrack and getting a rough image of what the characters are like, also due to the (supposed) similarities with God of War which I used to play over at a friend's house in terms of gameplay. My main limiting factor is owning a shitty old laptop and running an operating system I'm too lazy to fully learn or at least enough to emulate/install old games.

Am I just burnt out of Videogames and in Denial about it or am I just growing up to a willing wageslave for porky?
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Get high and play vidya, works for me.


100% of the idea that childhood is fun and adulthood isn't is just normalizing depression and other mental problems that come with being a wage cuck.



true but ironically i find being a NEET more depressing than being a wagie personally (my job isn't that bad though)


Why do you need to play video games? You tell yourself you have to 'get into' something. You don't. Billions of people have lived just fine competent lives before yours, before video games. They didn't need to 'get into' something, they just did or did not.

Having a PC that can handle your games would help. Don't expect other people to convince you of something. We're not here for a sales-pitch.

>I'm too lazy to learn

then don't. just lay in bed and do nothing.

File: 1655233477490.png (266.39 KB, 1200x673, ClipboardImage.png)


It's not happening.


29th tho


I'm tired of fanfiction.

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