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I made a thread earlier discussing my woes with passivity in fighting games being I thought it was unfun but now I’m realizing it does have a lot of benefits I didn’t initially see

>passivity doesn’t equate to camping

>aggressive movement is really fun
Certain behaviours like dashing to and then away from your opponent to bait out an attack can be used aggressively. Along with that other behaviours like making sure to never stand still to ensure your opponent never fully knows what your up to helps it creates a level of thinking and problem solving involved in each match which allows for some level of strategy in these fast paced game

>there’s more ways to play passive than play aggressive

Beyond just being aggressive with your movement there’s other factors to consider. Changing your approaches to either rush with your movement or stay a distance with attacks with lots of range within a match to throw your opponent off guard so they can’t fully predict your actions making it easier to parry. Delaying your combo inputs to force your opponent to dodge or block early only to then follow that hit up with another string to finish the combo. Or just be a dick entirely and just jump around the whole match and only ever hit if your absolutely certain a hit will land

>it gets you to think more critically about a games mechanics

Passivity can encourage patience which allows for greater perception as to how certain attacks work and understanding concepts like hit box priority, when it’s safe to punish an attack or what strings can follow into a true combo etc it’s really fun seeing how these aspects can blend together and can lead to how you change your playstyle throughout a match

That’s all


Nah, play Sekiro.


literal character development


Have you ever played a fighting game. Won a round
And then got invited to a private lobby by the guy you beat only to then get kicked from that lobby the moment the guy you beat manages to beat you once?



ciuil uar

>imperials impose talos worship on skyrim

>get cucked by nazi elves
>get paid tons of gold for accepting white-gold concordat
>outlaw the religion that they imposed
>get a popular uprising

>nords get their based native culture replaced by the imperial cult

>empire then prohibits worshipping a key deity in that cult
>make stormcloaks
>stormcloaks fight for their right to worship foreign deities
>native religion worshipping Shor and Tsun is almost never referenced
<this is because someone at bethesda thought a nordic pantheon would be too complicated for people coming from oblivion
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>how the fuck do the Miraak cultists already arrive as soon as you get down from the mountain?
at least its not a dark brotherhood assassin attacking you as soon as you take a smoke break after getting off a bot


>I mean at least add some extra steps to things because they don't trust your ass
Shitty frost wraith quest should only be for non-nords or for imperials/high elves
>how the fuck do the Miraak cultists already arrive as soon as you get down from the mountain
they fast travel
>>Bleak Falls Barrow sucks
>it's obligatory if you want to get any dragon souls and it's just boring and too long for how little it offers
yeah, about 30% too long. a lot of dungeons and whatnot suffer from this exact thing
>>most quests don't have an alternate way to complete
>The fact that the game ever once has a "supposed to lose" fight
the game devs should've known the player's ego wouldn't allow them to surrender without causing an international incident or reloading a save.


>>befriend elves

Bullshit according to Gelebor tho, the colonizers were always hostile


Snow elves were also kkkolonizers who displaced/exterminated the beast races and battled over stolen lands with the Dwemer
No I will not elaborate


Critical support for Akaviri against Tamrielikkk imperialism

File: 1662957134095.jpg (331.89 KB, 1080x1350, 1662930414096774.jpg)


I hate the absurdity of copyright and the obsession with pop culture.


I hate that Epic went full Valve and does not make anything original anymore, just updating their engine and putting out Fortnite skins for third parties rather than based on their own games like Jazz Jackrabbit or Unreal Tournament. Speaking of the latter, I am still mad about how they quickly abandoned and then outright cancelled UT4 just when arena shooters started to reemerge as a genre. Fuck these guys.

File: 1654574946865-1.png (224.2 KB, 625x353, our gnulag.png)

File: 1654574946865-2.mp4 (43.64 MB, 1920x1080, Stalin90 6.mp4)

File: 1654574946865-3.mp4 (12 MB, 1920x1080, 9.0.mp4)

File: 1654574946865-4.mp4 (21.47 MB, 1920x1080, TROT.mp4)


A general permanent thread for the ICUP and /pol/eague meme tournaments.
Previous thread: >>10211
Note that during a cup, a thread will be made on /leftypol/, then merged into here after the end.

>ICUP: Infinity Cup, a competition between a wide range of small imageboards.

info - https://anon.cafe/icup/
vids - https://archive.org/details/@icuparchive
>/pol/eague: A 4chan Cup invitational league for /pol/ generals.
info - https://implyingrigged.info/wiki//pol/eague
vids - https://implying.fun

Aesthetics files: https://git.leftypol.org/comrade/divegrass_aesthetics/
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1-1 tie against /islam/.


File: 1662299204206.png (21.13 KB, 268x606, Schedule.png)

The ICUP stream is happening TODAY
17:00 UTC at https://cytu.be/r/infinitycup


File: 1662326136070.jpg (Spoiler Image, 122.84 KB, 1123x1200, EjHDXS0XsAMEtLC.jpg)

/leftypol/ 1 - 1 /cuckquean/


wtf bros where are our big dubs


File: 1662941539430.png (512.13 KB, 1920x1080, Infinity Cup 7.png)

Infinity Cup 7 is now complete! Congratulations to /eris/ who joins the ranks of champions as they defeated /japan/ 3-1 in the Final! Stay tuned in the following weeks for the award winners.
Thank you to every anon who chipped in throughout the Cup, and thank you especially to all the anons who took the time to tune in. We'll see you in the next one!


It’s the industry standard to combat hackers and modders in online games yet it has only partially achieved its main purpose

It’s been frequently documented to cause performance drops within games that shouldn’t even have issues with compatibility among multiple systems like apex, csgo and Brawlhalla. Sometimes when it’s implemented it actually escalates the amount of cheating, macros and hacks that occur because this software is updated frequently enough for modders familiar with it to not already understand how to bypass it. This keeps going but your seeing what I’m seeing
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I heard VRChat had some issues with this anti-cheat: you couldn't use custom content, but custom content is like 90% of the game.


hexbear thread


I mean they added it explicitely for that too,seeing as they purposefully said "it's always been against term and services to use outside files"


Link to vid


Here's some about Denuvo (DRM rather than anti-cheat specifically, but still), and another: https://youtu.be/baMwNSX-Y1c?t=90.

They've talked about Uplay being shit in the past too, but I don't fancy sifting through 10 years worth of weekly videos to find it.

File: 1662905290881.png (1.77 MB, 1400x700, ClipboardImage.png)


Is anybody interested in playing Yugioh? I have to relearn as it has been years since I've played, but I have had a strong desire to play lately even though I have nobody to play with. Reposting from /hobby/.
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There is, as well as a browser version. It does match you up with people, but it would be nice to play with somebody from here.


my brother in christ, play magic the gathering instead


does MTG have a sick anime universe? no? then get out of my face



The power creep is insufferably bad


seek psychiatric treatment as well


It’s basically nick all star brawl Warner bros edition
There’s no reason for you to play this over smash he’ll even Brawlhalla would be better as an actual game than this unless you just like the characters in multiversus that much

For me personally the combat feels really slow and less tactical than what I’m used to, the meta feels fucked up(Harley and the iron giant are completely busted considering their the few characters you can actually land combos consistently with) and the map design doesn’t feel as original compared to something like the iconic maps of final destination, or Brawlhallas twilight grove. Oh well
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no but seriously gamebanana still has new chars added to this day,and you can use the mugenarchive forum


They have been for a while, but I think it’s only started to take off recently. Nick Super Brawl was more than a decade ago.


The problem is that the mechanics are easy to copy but you need a great cast of characters to truly get the interest of others. Multiversus is the first smash clone with a roster people actually like.


>you need a cast of great characters
No it’s just the mechanics. People will play a game that is fun and multiversus made the same mistake as nick toons being it just wasn’t

People in this thread already clarified why multiversus gameplay sucks, the gravity feels weird, movement feels floating and at times unresponsive, the meta is awful, there’s nothing about the core gameplay that makes it unique from smash etc


An actual game with good deep combat with similar mechanics is kingdom come deliverance as you can’t cheese fights through button mashing the dodge roll key and cheese fights with magical bs and bows

Not just that but kc1, kc2 and mordhau all use a realistic approach to swinging weapons which provide a level of complexity towards how you approach people to the point where standing still and focusing on watching your enemy and strategizing with the knowledge given is better than constantly moving and praying your opponent gets stuck backed into a wall or locked into stun frames like what from software pushed. Sekiro to a general extent did address this which is why it’s my favourite from software title but all the souls fanboys completely over bloat how hard their games actually are
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When it's 1v1 where magic is supposed to go toe to toe with melee, it either ends up wildly imbalanced or you lose a lot of what both could bring to the table. I think magic works best in games where you have a party with roles to fulfill. In D&D for example you could have a spellcaster as a damage dealer, but they excel at other tasks like crowd control, AOE, utility, and support and it's best to let other characters specialize in raw damage, at least until late game when wizards can reshape reality at will. Or in Dragon's Dogma, a mage or sorcerer is gonna get its ass kicked unless they have other characters protecting them and only focusing on offense will leave the party much worse off. Although with sorcerers you can do a full party spell sync meme build to dish out constant, massive spells.


I don't think people think it's combat is deep
The appeal of darksouls for me is the many different ways you can kill bosses in it
Yeah you can strip off all your armor and dodge roll through everything
Or you can cover yourself head to toe in havel's armor and tank the bosses
You could also treat bosses like puzzles and study the environment to kill the bosses easier
At least that's what it was like in the first one
Over the years the games turned into action games where every boss played the same
Dodge roll through everything
Wait for the aoe
Then face fuck the boss
I could never finish sekiro because it felt too restrictive with it's combat


Disagree. They are decent games with interesting settings. The two are often conflated.
Definitely a breath of fresh air in terms of exploration, though that particular gasp has been going for more than 10 years for me so I'm not that impressed anymore. Really makes you reflect on how shit the industry is with adopting what actually makes Souls games worth playing.

The SMT franchise has interesting magic design. For me, magic combat works best if it is a modifier to combat progression and not a direct component.

I agree. I wish these games would incorporate "puzzle" (by lack of a better term) design into the bosses, and then allowing the player to figure things out. Demon's Souls had the right idea, but didn't go nearly far enough.


File: 1662666364397.png (214.16 KB, 616x353, ClipboardImage.png)

What if you were just a wizard who has no physical combat ability?


Something like Nioh blows Souls combat right out of the water, however, the simplicity of Souls combat is needed for its pvp system to work, which is pretty unique and hard to find in other games. Elden Ring kind of fucked it up with the insane Ash of War spam tho.


And kill people with them
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File: 1662667746857-0.jpg (19.53 KB, 511x242, Ursa_major.jpg)

Red Alert 3. Sure you cannot make the conscripts ride the bears, but at the very least you can command them, and in some mods like Epic War you can also train even bigger bears that can maul tanks.
Heh, classic mod.


Midickie's Wrecked


File: 1662697742418.png (469.5 KB, 1000x562, ClipboardImage.png)

an obscure indie game called kingdom: new lands (or two thrones if you want a MP version)


Far Cry Primal, but it gets old quick.



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