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I forced myself to play this boring game again on my shit phone and it’s about as boring as a remember it here’s why
>pop ups and the game being way way to flashy
The games developers think their players are completely incapable of thinking for themselves and constantly flood the screen with endless UI elements and popups distracting anyone like me trying to find anything interesting about the game world. Not to mention the VFx and sound effects are cranked to overdrive for absolutely no reason whatsoever it’s hard to go longer than five seconds in any quest or combat related scenario before the screen again gets flooded with damage text, flashy explosions and weapon trails pointlessly added everywhere, it feels like playing an mmo at times with how hard it is to pay attention to anything. Then there’s quests, I hate unskippable cutscenes and this game is full of them every few seconds in the main campaign. I genuinely and I can be confident that others wouldn’t care if there was just ordinary dialogue mixed in with ordinary gameplay between interactions or even just plain text with a lot of dialogue options like in morrowind than whatever the devs are doing. It feels horrible, I wanna play and go on an adventure not listen to some white haired midget screaming about generic isekai nonsense
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It looks like a mediocre and overmonetized Xenoblade clone to me.


No I mean in the sense that they’re watching, actively buying merchanise and consuming any form of media related to Japanese animation of that form in excess to the point where that hobby intervenes and damages aspects of their personal lives


This image made me wish I bought monster hunter world


you still can


monster hunter world + iceborne goes on sale like every other month

File: 1678227039161.jpeg (10.52 KB, 225x225, download (2).jpeg)


Why did they have to put smartphones in this game? It kind of threw the vibe off for me personally, compared to a lot of the previous games. Especially that scene where they scan a fucking QR code. I know it's not really relevant to the plot, but the vibe of this series just gave me the idea they would communicate using magic or something, instead of this imitation of reality. It kind of threw everything off for me. What do you think?
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Well, they are magic cellphones or they wouldn't have reception.


If you can have a magic screen broadcasting from anywhere to anywhere, why have the funny little box at all? Why not a cloud or portal or something?


It’s a video game have fun




In Minecraft and home front damage is communicated through stun or watching enemies flash red upon being hit. Generally most players work fine with this and throughout the years these 2 games along with games like cod in their campaigns also have not needed to implement this visual indicator in their games. In my opinion health bars for enemies are unnecessary and ruin immersion because health bars distract the player from the entity they’re dealing damage towards as it’s likely that they’ll be having to pay attention to their own, and their enemies bars over their actions.

I imagine I could be wrong about this when taking into account groups of enemies where it can become less clear what the player should prioritize attacking
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File: 1678305623432.jpg (171.56 KB, 1280x720, departed.jpg)

Vanilla minecraft works fine without health bars, because it has relatively few enemies whose power you can easily judge based on design and their environment. Most modpacks with many new, unpredictable enemies include them though, an extreme example being FTB Departed.


In order to have dwarf fortress level detail to a AAA game would be immensely slow to implement AND impossible to simulate without hardware from the future.

The only reason dwarf fortress can get away with it is precisely because it's entirely text, and despite that, people still experience total frame death from having too many dorfs doing dorf things like throwing their dirty socks on the ground.


I wish someone would make a shooter like Hideous Destructor


Simulating combat doesn't necessarily require everything else to be simulated, didn't sniper elite have a decent realistic human body model going? Build on that and you can have all kinds of fun.


That has more to do with the fact that Minecraft mechanically is really balanced meaning you don’t need health bars to know what your carrying should determine how effective certain weapons and items are


anyone heard of this? its f2p will all features. Love the guy complaining about no season pass lol


I don’t wanna play fps games. In terms of gameplay they haven’t evolved that much not anywhere near as much as 3rd person and 2d games have


Looks like a good modding platform type of game, although I am pretty sick and tired of the usual open-ended ultra-realistic shooter fare that has been done over and over already.
I would like to see more stuff like FEAR though, combining realistic arsenal with more arcade-y elements like powersliding, bullet time etc. So far vidrel seems like the only closest thing in a long while, minus the psychic/ghost characters.


Fuck AAA. Good on the devs.
What a stupid fucking name though.


I think art designers run out of creativity when designing high level gear in games that don’t look out of place because they’d have to imagine that gear being functionally better than all the rest but don’t know what it would have physically that would suggest that so they end up making armour and weapon sets look absolutely ridiculous to make them stand out and you end up with the OP

My suggestion to fix this is just base weapon and armour progression to crafting so you can visualize what the gear should have and cap off how good gear can get
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Games aren't supposed to be simulations and more realism doesn't automatically make a game better, plus a setting's internal consistency doesn't require the game to be realistic. Steam has a bunch of realistic, grounded medieval games and 99% of them suck ass because the gameplay is terrible.


Kcd, gothic, mordhau, bannerlord, and chivalry have bad gameplay?


nothing wrong with unrealistic armors but a lot of higher-tier ones look hideous.



What hurts more about this than how goofy the armies look is how much less diversity there is

In real life there’s a multitude of variants and types of armours people wore throughout history that serves both mechanical and cultural reasons but in video games there’s typically a lot less diversity due to finding issues so not only do you get unrealistic or even hideous looking armour sets you also get a lot less to equip with a lot less variation between them

File: 1677372800697.jpg (146.09 KB, 768x1116, dupoen077-768x1116.jpg)


Anyone here play yugioh?
also tcg general.
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I tried to get back into it, but the super long effects started to become too complicated for me when I'm just trying to relax. I switched over to MtG and it's scratching the same itch for me that Yu-Gi-Oh did when I was younger.


not reading a ygo player's greatest skill


File: 1678119798031.jpg (115.92 KB, 905x695, screwtherules.jpg)


Power creep the card game


that's every card game anon

File: 1632466434284.png (33.04 KB, 1024x1346, z5vz4asbyny31.png)


Are Undertale and Deltarune leftist games?
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Jevil fits "egoism" better as well; it's just harder to make a Stirner Jevil.


Ralsei is an even bigger doormat than his Light World counterpart smh.


I'm fully aware this is jumping full into speculation-tier, but honestly I'd love an infodump on how monsters construct their food so we could analyze the political economy of monsterkind. Their society seems to resemble capitalism, but we have no idea how their nourishment translates to how many magical goods they can produce. I suppose those are just arbitrary variables and the fundamental points of Marxism would still stand though, even if valued in monster-food units instead of human-food units.


I didn't see Undertale making a political point. The protagonist is a kid. How many kids become killers? It was more a critique on RPGs and grinding mechanics than anything about violence being good or bad.


Vaguely /leftypol/ related AU:

A post-Pacifist world where Muffet dominated the world through her business prowess, and her descendants dominate a cyberpunk world 80 years after monsterkind left the underground. Main character starts as a libertarian type, the best of their political analysis being that if we get rid of the state and the "cronies", the market will set itself well again.

Good ending: Main character, through allying with those either struggling under and/or fighting against the capitalist system, realizes that a society run by the market cannot stand and joins the communist revolution, understanding that ArachCorp is not the end, and never could be, not until capitalism worldwide is destroyed.

Bad ending: The character joins in with the corps and their ideology goes to full-on ancapism. After getting promoted for their ruthlessness, they are pushed to the conclusion that relying on the idea of "property rights" to make sure that no one takes from you is nothing but a show of weakness, becomes a full-on egoist, slaughtering their porky allies and taking their wealth(and perhaps literal power through some soul-harvesting mechanic), only for it to be implied that they too will fall to the revolution eventually.

Neutral Ending: They get blackpilled and become a shitposter like us I guess


Which console's visuals do you dislike the least, n64 or PS1?
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Don't you forget Doom64


damn, the 3D fish part looks beautiful. that's a really clever use of parallax 2d with 3d


File: 1678066307726.png (559.28 KB, 640x480, ClipboardImage.png)

>What PS and N64 games have the best looks?
Resident Evil series because they were using fixed camera pre rendered tricks.


File: 1678066616113-0.png (563.37 KB, 640x480, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1678066616113-1.gif (420.79 KB, 500x435, wLOMh3U.gif)

Oh and the Breath of Fire series. Probably peak pixel art. You still don't see better looking ones. Also Final Fanstasy tactics.


Oh and I forgot Heart of Darkness, one of my favorite games and one of the best looking games of all time.


Beyond good and evil 2: 15 years
Skill and bones: 11 years
TES6: 12+ years
Diablo 4: 11+ years
Cyberpunk 2077: 11 years

Notice something? All of these games have been in development for a decade. It’s kind of jarring to think about too knowing most are still being worked on to this day, sure you can blame things on god awful management but generally speaking games have been taking longer and longer to release leading to less and less games. How long is it gonna be until every studio is so busy trying to finish a playable game that we won’t even see any new announcements for any new title
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that's weird, because the sentiment i see from gaymers most often is that having to upgrade sucks and new games are ridiculously unoptimized. there's some people who like new graphics, but a lot of people who play video games are stuck on older hardware (because of course regular people in the second/third world won't be able to afford the newest shit without making gaming a huge priority in their budget) and don't play the newest aaa releases because of that. in fact, i think that the power creep in pc gaming is a major reason for the indie game boom


One of these years, something is gonna happen. All the 3D action photorealistic games released that year are gonna be so bad that the vast majority of the game awards are gonna make a simple but great indie game win to not lose credibility. That will mark the end of AAA gaming.



bro you think they give a fuck? the aaa studios pay for those awards in the first place


More like a massive economic crash is gonna take the games industry alongside everything else




What is your opinion on proliferation of porn games on mainstream gaming platforms?

Like when I first saw shit that I am used to downloading off F95zone popping up on Steam and GoG I got weirded out, but then I though about it and its probably for the best, maybe this will encourage higher quality games rather than shovelware trash dominating the industry currently.
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"Old" eroge (think before 2010) are very, very good because many of them were written by regular people while lately some VNs suffer from being written by fans who got influenced by these games instead so you get sex scenes written by people who have never had sex. Obviously there's still a lot of good stuff being produced (like Tokyo NECRO, huge recommend) and many of the OGs like Tanaka Romeo are still in the business.


>Orc massage
🤤 Get skin2skin with leftypol jannies!





Is it an exe file? lmao. Enjoy your RAT

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