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Aaaaand this shit right here is why false advertising laws were invented
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Nah you can’t excuse this shit
This level of misrepresentation of a product is beyond Ubisoft levels of fucked up. Even cyberpunk and watch dogs had their trailers show an ideal of what the gameplay was supposed to work this is straight false advertising


It's a trailer you fucking retard. Did you expect warcraft 3 to look like this?


I was pretty sad that AoM didnt look like this tbh


File: 1659994223880.png (539.8 KB, 470x467, dubsaber.png)

Begun, the Trip Wars have.


harsh but fair


After playing half life 2 and comparing the graphics of that game to modern titles I can’t shake off the feeling that the amount of lag, stuttering and consistent crashes games have attributed to their graphics is justified in any aspect

The main 3 contributors to bad performance are
Vide resolution
Object count
And texture resolution

That’s it optimize those 3 things and most games run just fine except most developers seem to be forgetting this. It takes me several minutes for an 80 god damb gigabyte game known as destiny to even boot up just to be greeted with god awful poorly rendered textures and immediate crashes upon trying to move accompanied with knowing how boring the animations for the actors are before playing a game like l4d2 and seeing even the most generic actors look alive with a relatively stable frame rate

It’s not a hard fix for these games all they have to do is create downscaled versions of in game textures, models and allow toning down the resolution of these games and most people they want to play will play these games. So annoying
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>It’s not a hard fix for these games all they have to do is create downscaled versions of in game textures
Yes it is tho. It's a lot more work that will be useless because the vast majority of high end gamers are on consoles.


>high end gaming
Did you have amnesia over the state of cyberpunk when it launched on console, or anthem, or bf4, or this game bf2042, or quite literally any major release within the past 8 years?
Studios that aren’t Microsoft or don’t directly do not give too shits about the concept of optimizing their games for a wider audience


Sorry studios that aren’t Microsoft or Sony forgot to include that part


All of those games you mentioned sold more on consoles. Due to pricing, high end gaming is more accesible via consoles.


it's true tho,the vast majority of "gamers" or people that buy games is on console,even if the pc market is big enough for japanese companies to start offering it on there too.


>reason one: generally bullets always hit the centre of the screen
Because of this using static crosshairs is common as it prevents players from having to constantly guess their aim, with weapons like the aug even a new player can get easy kills immediately after downloading
>reason two: the game is really not complex
I can’t stress this enough. Some people see csgos lack of shit other shooters have like aiming, leaning, mostly destructible maps like in r6, lack of classes, perks or well anything as making the game primitive
That may be true but it also reduces the amount of shit new players have to actually learn in game

Like seriously you could probably tell someone that’s never played the game to just use a scopes assault rifle and change their crosshair to static rather than dynamic and they’d probably play better than someone with hundreds of hours in

That’s my take on this game


I ask because I don't know. Does Valorant have all these negatives also?


Idk I don’t play that game to give you an honest answer


>Idiots still playing CSGO like it's supposed to be an FPS
It's a stock market simulator you pleb. CSGO is what you play to get other games for free.


I’m just gonna say it immediately
This game really does function as an overglorified tech demo. The stories alright with me but the core gameplay is uh interesting

Not necessarily is the gameplay bad but it’s just not fun is what I would say. The controls feel really janky because way to much inertia is attached to the players movement meaning you can feel your character moving in the wrong direction when sprinting while changing directions but the weapons are alright and function just fine, the level design is pretty cramped as in linear being there’s only one way to get from a to b in most levels, mounted guns control really weirdly at least to me. In terms of attention to detail and overall aesthetic this game exells and holds up well even to today, the character animations feel lively, the ai isn’t brain dead, the levels at times feel cinematic, the performance is great, the physics in general work pretty well aside from small hard to see clipping issues. My only real complaint with the graphics is that it feels way to fucking colourful considering the situation occurring in the story compared to the overall world design which is why the beta feels more genuine and true to the lore

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And the linear railroad levels, the garbage weapon variety, the lack of replayability.


Oh and let's not forget the unskippable cutscenes hidden behind a veneer of false player control.


File: 1659841608082.jpg (153.84 KB, 1040x693, kqj7bbysolw81.jpg)

the main art director of city 17 is bulgarian and drew a lot of inspiration from Northern/ Eastern European cityscapes


It's a pretty apposite theme


>Linear railroad levels
It just a different genre. not every shooter has to be an immersive sim.
>lack of replayability
Why is that important? And also, linear games can have replayability. I've replayed Portal and Portal 2 dozens of times.


You're right in the sense that replayability in itself isn't a direct measure of game quality because it is a condensation of many other qualities. Games with features like unskippable exposition, shallow mechanics, railroad levels, physics "puzzles" with a single solution that just serve to waste your time, etc. generally have poor replayability. There are many completely linear arcade action games that have fantastic replayability because their mechanics are full of depth.

File: 1659849287663.jpg (33.19 KB, 570x403, 1612567582245.jpg)


Hypothetical question for you guys:

What would a game look like that serves as communist propaganda? Something that will build class consciousness. (Let's just assume this is possible).

Restrictions would be that it must have a FUN gameplay loop and must be playable on mobile. I'm thinking it must be highly narrative as well. Maybe a descent into proletarization? An unraveling of the mystification of the commodity form?
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Something like that game 'Half Earth Socialism' but about building socialism instead


So Crisis in the Kremlin but more complex ?.
TBH i wanted to make something like that but the news about Unity engine kind of set me back.


I meant in modern times but yeah I guess, with better/simpler UI than CIK though.


both can be good to be honest, it would be a three act game,first act is the revolution,the second is the Socialist nation and the third and final is the World soviet.


Counter question, how did Soviets respond to old Disney cartoons? Answer - the ones that were apolitical were basically no different. Those that carried "reactionary" message like fairy-tale recreations that had kings and shit would either also stay the same, or be reimagined in a way where the hero instead of saving the kingdom and the princess saves the kingdom and the princess, but also overthrows the king. There also was one very based cartoon that was a comic deconstruction of fairytales of sorts where the hero was a lone army drummer who would beat various fairy tale monsters that were thin allusions to the Second Reich and Japan, and then proceeds to top it off by killing the Tsar and basically saying "yeah, I now saved the country from all the monsters".

So in other words, literally nothing wpuld rsally change, except maybe from time to time you'd get some narative trope subversions to fit left-wing propaganda goals.

File: 1659744928406.png (479.74 KB, 1139x836, aaa collapse.png)


Games are getting bigger, with enormous production teams. Development is getting more and more expensive, which incites to elongate the lifespan of games by abusing psychological failings of our brain (gambling dopamine, FOMO,..). These companies, having more at stake, innovate less and start to release the same games every year or two. Add that AAA games themselves are getting more expensive and with inflation in general tighting the budget of the "middle class" who is the main demographic of AAA gaming, it is inevitable at this point? Is the future budget PCs and lite consoles like the Series S or the Switch. Not saying it is good or bad. The death of high end consoles will kill AAA gaming, again I am not doing a moral judgement. Thoughts?
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look at both steam and the takeover of the AAA market by franchise cash-cows and tell me there isn't another atari incoming lol


Is there even a bubble to pop?


I can't wait for AAA games to take up a whole terabyte on the hard drive. You know we're on track for that.


Yes. You think most people playing Assasins Creed, Elden Ring, Halo or Horizon is doing it on PC? Because then you are wrong.


>although AAA studios get their around half their money money off micro transactions and the other half off people buying their games because around 60%-40% of game sales come from console players the entirety of the AAA gaming scene must be collapsing

File: 1659740110098.jpg (240.85 KB, 1280x720, Elden-Ring-Malenia.jpg)


I'm confused why people seem to hate the Elden Ring bosses so much. For me the main bosses are among the best Fromsoft has made, only really beat by some stellar bosses in Dark Souls 3. I read that people dislike the Elden Ring enemies because they have delayed attacks which put you off, feints followed by quick blows, long combos leaving you sprawling and little down time for you to hit them. These are all exactly why I love the Elden Ring bosses! It is much more engaging for me to fight an enemy like this than your standard Dark Souls knight with 3 part combos. I love being put on the back foot, having to guess when an attack is coming, seeing through a feint and not attacking into it, having only a second to retaliate. Basically the poster child for this is Margit, who people seem to ruthlessly critisise, but man that boss battle was awesome. I really had to treat it like a fight. And I get its a game with crazy magic and dodge rolls and such, and I wish they added better parrying, but its just so much more intense than 90% of Dark Souls bosses. I'm more of a casual gamer but I loved the challenge and my favourite boss has got to be Malenia since its just so tight to fight her. Not even considering her awesome visuals and presentation, she probably has the best boss design in the entire franchise (I haven't played Bloodborne so idk) since you are punished even further for mistakes because of the healing, and mistakes are incredibly easy to make, meaning you have to constantly fight at your best. I must have spent 100 tries on her but when I got her it felt amazing. I was on my toes the entire time, frantically dodging her crazy attack combos and retaliating when I could. I loved how she would quickly change combos making me change my own play style. I want more of that!
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What does fake difficulty even mean though? Like the critisism that if you have a one shot build you breeze through the game can be applied to literally every action rpg and if you actually want to play the game you can just not do the OP build and instead play what you find fun like you should really be doing. Every Dark Souls game has magic which breaks the game but we all know not to play it since it is easy mode, unless you want the game to be easy. Attack patterns are a thing in every video game except next gen procedural tech demos and the only way to escape them is to do martial arts irl. As for the horse glitch that isn't even an argument. Being able to glitch to the end doesn't effect the game design at all unless the glitch gets in the way of actual gameplay (which it doesn't).

Also I do want to play Sekiro. I'll probably download it after I beat Hunter in Rain World.


Fake difficulty by my definition is hardship in games that doesn’t encourage players to use creative means to overcome problems

This is attributed to games less Celeste and dark souls where most of your actual problems arise from either not knowing the only legitimate route to complete the level like in Celeste or not memorizing the exact attack pattern like in dark souls where you can straight up win at level one using only parrys and ignore the entire rpg element of the franchise
That’s what I mean by fake difficulty, it’s also tedious as shit when you throw bullet sponges like new vegases death claws into the mix


I don't have a problem with the delayed attacks but it's annoying as to fight bosses that are aggressive with input reading where you have several moments in the fight that's just walking in and out of their attack range for them to do something other than slowly walk towards you and occasionally back/sidestep. Can't be the aggressor in most instances because the frame you attack is the frame they finally do something and you eat shit for it. I really hate how simon says-ish Souls combat is in general, especially with how FROM wants to bosses and enemies to be more involved meanwhile the core combat remains untouched beyond bells and whistles being added.


Is FromSoftware based? Most of their games seem to have a theme of killing the old order and bringing about a new order. And Sekiro dealt with Japanese history responsibly, instead of valorizing Samurais and stuff, they focussed on a shinobi and portrayed the warriors as bloodthirsty and whose objective is killing the enemy in any way unlike the usual trope of the Bushido code in games.


File: 1659779744107.jpg (932.64 KB, 1500x2233, ex77aqg9zwu21.jpg)

Prepare youself for the best action game ever made.


I wouldn’t say it’s fair to say bethesda games are buggy and unstable
Why because I’ve played a lot of their games especially creation ones and generally the bugs I do find are rarely game breaking, hard to find and dissapear as fast as they come

Skyrim on the other hand is where I think most of the criticism towards the studio comes from. The games objective garbage, you can’t readjust texture detail because the game launched several times without low res textures for in game assets. Bugs are fucking everywhere to the point where it’s noticeably bad, the game is horrendously optimized to the point where my game crashed over and over again several times and sometimes wouldn’t open at all and when it was running it ran at a terrible frame rate compared to any Bethesda game I’ve played(yes even fo76). This game solidified the belief that the entire studio doesn’t have to give a shit at all about actually trying to produce finished, stable, mostly bug free well made games and it shows in any game they’ve made post Skyrim

No the mods don’t fix the issues with Skyrim often they make everything worse as mods can be divided into three categories for this game
>mods requiring files from mods completely unrelated to it causing save bloat and adding more bugs to the base game
>mods that just straight up don’t work and are as buggy as the base game
>mods that are so disconnected from TES as a franchise lore and gameplay wise you’d question if the modder even opened any file from Skyrim other than the creation kit

I can’t say Bethesda’s a bad studio I’ve played enough to know they can do so much better but the community surrounding the studio is making things so much worse for any room for genuine improvement. God damb


I havent played these games since they dropped but I never understood the hype for skyrim and new vegas. each of their immediate predecessors were far superior if only because the engine wasn't showing its age quite as much at that point.
NV especially I just dont get the love for, my main memories of it are losing entire playthroughs to some janky bullshit
Peak bethesda experience for me is getting into firefights with the supermutants around DC memorial


Can you actually critisise the game rather than random bugs and obscure settings? I don't remember many game breaking bugs when I played except fun ones or out of bounds exploits I saw on YouTube. I don't care if the game has low frame rate as long as it is over 20 fps and I don't care about . Yeah they should have spent more time optimizing it but that doesn't make the game trash, the barely existent combat mechanics and boring quests are the reason it sucks and is just worse than the good Elder Scrolls games like Daggerfall. Saying a game is poorly optimised isn't a critisism of the game its a critisism of the development. Ok maybe I'm being a bit rude or harsh (sorry if I am) but I mean if you really care about that can't you just mod it in? The problems you have don't really apply to 99% of players who just don't care about that stuff and I think your issues with the game, whilst valid ones which should be fired at Bethesda, don't make or break the game. As for mods I enjoyed them as a teen, though we were probably using different mods since I just got the cool sword mods and put the swords in the display cases in my house. Also I don't understand why mods being different from TeS lore is a bad thing since mods can be anything, complete game-changing mods are awesome. They don't ruin Skyrim lore, they are just cool mods.


Yeah I felt similarly about nv especially with the whole
>aiming zoomes the camera
Along with the nerf in progression. I do like some bits of the game like the diversification of ammo, deeper reputation system and aesthetic but I’ll still see fo3 as the game for me

But still fuck Skyrim holy I don’t wanna imagine what levels of fucked occurred during development for the game because you can tell something between it and oblivion went TERRIBLY wrong


I guess you just don't use mods? mods are pretty based and entire one-click-install modpacks exist that work flawlessly without any bugs

if you don't feel like mods fix it then you can just turn skyrim into your own game with mods


Because there's a lot more to it than just gameplay (and even the gameplay took cues from several F3 mods).


Name a game with mechanically better combat I’ll fucking wait
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the rocket flares..
maybe I just have nostalgia goggles


The probable cause for that may be the fact that Monster Hunter doesn’t restrict the full range of your camera and character movement with some lock on mechanism. You actually have to direct the camera and the position of your character inside the frame yourself. This is of course awkward at first.


More ignorance. It's only redundant as in it is not utilized by the game as in it isn't there. I never said he was doing a single attack. I said he was doing a single attack, every single time. Mm3 doesn't have a lock button. You actually have to aim in that game. Not sure how that makes me retarded. mm3 is simply not only a better game, it also has better combat.


> a first person attempt at recreating for honours combat

lmao for honour has nowhere near the depth of mordhau. mordhau is more closely related to chivalry which came out before for honour


chivalry had no depth whatsoever tho,it ended up a mess of exploits, I didn't forget about everybody spinning to ignore each other guards (ironically,same as for honor for the first year and a half of it's life) I'm also pretty on the fence about mordhau's depth,but I didn't play later than the backwalk shield meta.
the boss rush is litterally the only good part of the third game too


Hey everyone just wanted to mention why games typically don’t see players accelerate when falling
The reason is due to two reasons
Having the player fall at an increased distance each second will inevitably cause the player to clip through the ground if falling fast enough
Also because accelerated motion should ideal be increasing the players falling speed but with the limits imposed on timers it shouldn’t be possible for the player to simply move a smaller unit of space faster to overcome the clipping issue

You can just set a parameter that teleports the player towards the surface ground if clipping happens though this effect is obvious if not hidden under a Black Death screen, also if real world gravity is attached to any non player object the actual player will be able to see clipping occur just fine

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