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File: 1654575338215.png (49.87 KB, 357x83, sexbot.png)


Fallout New Vegas is the best.


fallout 2 is the best


his name is fisto roboto


Some quests are good but most are trash.




I was fucking around in stalker anomaly for a bit and watching the AI either fuck me over and do interesting shit and it hit me how fucking garbage modern RPGs compare to the game

It feels like every new RPG forgets the role playing aspect of the game in favour of pushing out overused tropes with VFX over substance. Dungeon crawlers don’t feel scary or have anything unique it all feels like walking from copypasted map to map watching glowing items burst randomly from mobs not carrying items, JRPGs and Korean MMOs don’t play like your in a world with life on it, for JRPGs it feels like your playing in some shitty isekai where the main protagonist is incapable of shutting the fuck up, while the lore and story is all over the place, Korean MMOs are so awful at times the only point not making them overglorified digital casinos are literally the combat in them and that’s it assuming the combats good. Modern western RPGs all feel like action shooters that forget concepts like emergent AI and animation you see in games like dwarf fortress or hell stalker I was just playing where the games so detailed that shooting someone in the head will result in a damaged helmet with a bullet hole you shot them in you can see if you wear it.

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Every game has RPG mechanics now, so what are RPGs supposed to have?


I come at this from a somewhat different direction than OP. I actually feel that some of the worst games in the RPG genre can trace their flaws to an obsession with "role-playing" at the detriment of good game design.


File: 1654611496552.png (2.91 MB, 1600x1028, ClipboardImage.png)

Roleplaying. All American RPGs are DnD descendants, so to be a true RPG in the American sense is to have a character creator. You have to have the feeling that you are creating your unique individual that has his own unique relation to the world they inhabit.


That’s the point dude

That’s why role playing is in the name, that’s why they had so much appeal and why their mechanics got so popular. RPGs are inherently slower that’s why action RPGs always felt off. If your looking for an action game than play one like my friend Pedro, max Payne, hotline Miami, cod world at war etc.


>RPGs are inherently slower
I dunno about that, some of my favorite turn-based RPGs are pretty damn snappy.


I love this game so much bros
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Driving around San Fracisco at night whilst listening to this is peak dopamine



is the game well optimized? thinking of playing it on an iGPU


This game made me realize just how awful and bourgeois the bay area is.


It absolutely is not.


Triple AAA companies optimize your game and assets challenge (hard mode)

File: 1654586156790.png (133.33 KB, 400x400, ClipboardImage.png)


Fly Like A Bird, Team Tanks, Russia's Army, Cooperville, etc
So much simple flash game fun. Is there anything still like it nowadays? Seems like they put up a standalone client of Team Tanks of itch.io but the servers seem to be down now and the studio has shut down for good now.


>Russia's Army
Ah yes that brings back the memories


does multiplayer still work?


File: 1654586559177-1.png (175.84 KB, 420x315, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1654586559177-2.png (158.84 KB, 420x315, ClipboardImage.png)

It always slowed down the shitty computer that I had access to at the time.
Their servers are down now that they're not in business anymore. Not sure if you can even get the shockwave files themselves to run anymore.

File: 1654057691752.jpg (44.63 KB, 600x600, FHeySxqWYAAg3hT.jpg)


Can we have an IRL leftypol meetup and play the Shining Path board game
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insert chad.png


i would fug all of you


I doubt that there are that many of us in one place. Could we use teleconferencing software like Jitsi Meet? The only person who would need a camera would be the guy with the game board.


>The only person who would need a camera would be the guy with the game board.
And let him fucking cheat?!


>glowing path
*Sorry couldn't help myself*


I know this is a puny fucking thing to whine about in videgames but RNG on shit like DPS, drop chance and spawn rate is so fucking egregious to work with at times to the point where I’ve found myself quitting gaming sessions over it

For context RNG stands for random number generator that pretty much sets a random value for a specific thing in a video game and based off the value of that number a certain thing will play. Example RuneScape both R3 and OSRS are the prime examples of RNG at its worst

Because in both games it’s possible to be at max stats and do a single hit point of damage on your opponent simply because nearly every passive stat in game is tied to RNG like defence not deflecting hit points but the rate you dodge attacks, or strength not increasing your set damage but maximum potential damage or sword increasing not your melee damage but your accuracy of hits, it’s all random and it sucks ass to work with especially during grinding sessions where there can be a 1 in 5000 chance of getting rare items like a red warhammer which can send players doing nothing but clicking the same god damb mobs for real word days, it’s not fucking fun and by the time the grind is over you’ll just feel relieved not happy, same goes for games like terraria, minecraft, WoW or games that shouldn’t have RNG in them at all due to their competitiveness like overwatch, COD, league etc that actually fuck over players because now their time spent practicing to be any good at the game can be demolished by a single failed statistic they had zero control over
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I mean, there's still major RNG in Phoenix Point, when you shoot there's a massive 'aim reticule' usually so the shots can go way wide. Or the game just glitches out lol.


rng is literally the will of god. wanting to remove rng means trying to impose the will of man over the will of the divine. if god wants you to succeed then you'll get good rolls and if not then tough luck. people shouldn't seek to subvert the divine plan.


You can’t convince any game dev that running across a map praying for a drop for several hours is any fun


god didn't put us here to have fun


<points to the entirety of the F2P genre and half of the paid games too

File: 1654127272480.jpg (120.83 KB, 1200x800, 1654022135803.jpg)


Do you own an arcade stick? They look pretty cool and I'd get one if I had the money.
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I wanted a hitbox but I tried my friends and I did better on pad.
I don't care if you can consistently get perfect electrics, I can do it on pad just fine.


I bought a mayflash since the dpad on my controller was losing sensitivity playing fighting games and it was relatively cheap. One day I want to build a custom hitbox controller.


I want an analog stick for shmups and fightahs
I bought an expensive fightstick but it's 20c digital crap that wouldn't hold a candle to a ps1 controller with 25 years of dust on it
Any idea what sort of terms I should actually search for?


Are arcade sticks the Vinyl of videogaming?


Why not buy some Atari joystick clone or something?


I genuinely can’t list any particular instances of good zombie AI in games beyond l4d2 and WWZ but I can explain what components to zombies should be added to make them good in games

>they must travel in groups

>they must disperse when shot at in groups
>they must have varying speeds
>they must be able to sneak, flank and surround the player
>they need to be designed to look like humans
>they at a bare minimum should survive two shotgun blasts
>they must also be agile in groups and as individuals

Let’s begin with the first component
<travelling in groups
This is obvious as to why this is important, not only lore wise but mechanically it ensures players have to consider how many zombies to approach at a time and if it’s worthwhile allowing some level of challenge.
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>must have varying speeds
There I find issue with your statement. Zombies are slow. This is the default. You're looking for Zombie AI that isn't slow and call it bad when it isn't. When the actual, truthful honest answer is that Zombies are supposed to be slow. You want to create fast zombies. You call them something else. Zombies are only the threat they arte because of what they are. If you want fast AI sure, fine, challenge I get it, but slow Zombie AI is slow because that's what zombies are. That's like asking a metroidvania to take away the boring maze designs and shitty point of no returns. It simply becomes something else.


Zombies are people


File: 1654516353440.jpg (69.51 KB, 550x575, CURE.jpg)

based and C.U.R.E. pilled


Yeah what he

Zombies are literally people carrying a virus not some sort of insect you’d see in the wild

It would make sense for them to still have the fraction of intelligence of a normal person along with the overall appearance. For me that was one of the primary reasons why I prefer l4d2 over b4b, the zombies in valves version don’t look like some weird alien plant monster thing and occasionally can scare you


Why are you such a bigot to the transliving?


There just a publishing company. Despite how many studios have died working with them, looking briefly into their history reveals most of the time it was self inflicted death and now that I’m seeing this trailer for a single player, linear, offline game something I didn’t even think could be released in the AAA space these days it made me realize that this shit can happen whenever EA wants it to

The company just publishes games, not actually develops them like activision relationship with blizzard before the Microsoft buyout, what this means is that we can get single player games that are fun to play, we can get rid of microtransactions for that company because EAs top managers really don’t give a shit what the devs of these games do just as long as the games release on time and satisfy quotas.

Fucking hell makes me wonder how much better things could be and how much less garbage that company could’ve been…


But if you ignore the publisher you lose your cash flow


From its very beginnings in the '80s, Electronic Arts began as a predatory company whose focus was buying out developers, squeezing them dry of profits until destroyed, and then moving on to the next. For four decades they have never stopped doing this.



File: 1654492432025.jpg (135.09 KB, 800x1141, Starflight.jpg)

>The company just publishes games, not actually develops them
Hell, that's been the case since Starflight.


Nintendo used to steal western toys and just put a japanese family on the box. They only started inventing after, and even their first inventions were all inferior (to what I can tell) copies.

Nintendo is also just a publishing company. That weird Suicide Squad Switch exclusive? Nintendo paid for it like Square Enix paid for GotG. Lets be honest here… one of them was clear shovelware. The other costed at least the part.

Pokemon? Handled by 3rd parties.
Kirby? Handled by 3rd parties.
Ninty's output is laughable considering their position.

But you're simply wrong if you think EA doesn't have a 'relationship' with their partners. Or just arguing semantics, since even if you're right, nothing would actually be different.


>I’m seeing this trailer for a single player, linear, offline game something I didn’t even think could be released in the AAA space these days…
Bruh that meme again. Those games never left the AAA space, only thing they left was the atention span of twitch and youtube viewers.


Name a video game with a UI shittier than ff14s I’ll fucking wait considering this is beyond cluttered, the amount of redudant information onscreen takes up more space than the actual gameplay
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For me it’s how I feel about modern UI design in games except for naughty dogs

So much redundant and pointless information and if you want an example of good UI design look to stalker anomaly whom you can disable the UI entirely and play through the entire game just easily since everything needed to be communicated is well communicated through gameplay


Wait for FF16


>The re-release made it better!!!
Why do squarefags keep pushing this shit tier cash grab of a game? Just another by the number Chinese MMO but caters specifically to westoid weebs.


It's considerably less pay to win than any other subscription mmo and has a serviceable story.
I haven't played it but that's what I've heard


>I want ff14 but it's actually ff12
that was the dream T_T

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