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you might think the reason Rockstar Games have been so slow to make GTA 6 is that they're still making money off of online DLC for GTA 5…. but the real reason they haven't released GTA 6 is because Amerikkkan society has become so insane that GTA's attempts at parodying it would be tame by comparison
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My point is that you are doing mental gymnastics for being a Butthurt Tulcel burger


Wrong, the real reason is they don't want to be canceled for the female protagonist of their comedy satire game not being an epic girlboss but being flawed and kind of shitty.


Lol. That's good point. Has Rockstar ever had a single female protagonist?


No, but the next game does, it was confirmed by the leaks


that didn't stop that game with the black girl and the cuck links


This was an experience for me after playing 2. this entry by far the weirdest one being its considerably easier even on harder difficulties most notably guerilla mode due to how easily exploitable the game is, similar to what Bethesda and obsidian did with fallouts difficulty curve. In far cry 2 on infamous difficulty you kind of have to know how to get around without a map to guide you since enemies do just spawn in cars or isolated on roadways and not paying attention to where your going could easily get you killed immediately, this can’t be said for 6 beyond enemy spawn placements and even then
<I’m guessing due to the engine switch this was actually a preformance issue due to script lag on top of new graphics
The ai of far cry 6 was drastically nerfed thanks impart to the whole detection meter thing 3 introduced on top of enemies in general not having the same level of mobility, sense of self preservation and resourcefulness they have in 2. Another major thing is resource management in 2, I actually didn’t have a problem with being constantly low on ammo on infamous as I already got somewhat decent at the game after beating it on hardcore which made running out of ammo for poor sim frequent but not impossible to get over with good positioning. This just doesn’t matter at all in guerrilla mode because Ubisoft gave the player way too many guns and gadgets they can carry at any given time to the point where I felt like I was playing doom at times due to how little thought I could give towards stealth in favour of just rushing through outposts. What a difference in time and game design


sure, but lookit them grayphics


I’m kind of amazed knowing this was released this year. This feels like a 2000s game idk, maybe I was expecting too much of what gaming would look like in the future than accept that living in a vr fantasy or playing some super well animated and detailed physics based masterpiece of a pc game would be common in the 2020s


i prefer that they give me a million Pizza Towers and Ultrakill's than anymore of these Triple A garbage that is all Ray-tracing and Realistic graphics and nothing else.


Good unlike transhumanist ultrakill game


>muh troons


I think he meant transhumanist as in transhumanism because ultrakill is about AI revolution taking over and destroying all humans


Wow needs an activate button. Games since the mid 2000s have been implementing a designated hotkey to interact with NPCs, objects, and items and it’s a shame wow doesn’t despite all the accessibility features it’s given to its users paired with the addon support. Same goes for osrs. Also I find it weird how they still don’t have an option to keep the mouse locked with the camera to move around like again nearly every other game has since the mid 2010s


Man I wish the Crysis series hadn't shit the bed so hard


I wish crytec would release a game at least hunt is good and crysis 4 is in development


It is crazy how CoD and these other games are basically help train and reframe the US military's image

Are there people who play CoD games that are still anti-us military?


Who tf plays cod and genuinely believes anything that’s represented in the us army by it is accurate?


People under 18 and some adults


general milley will lead us down the burmese path to socialism


The Chinese assault rifle from fallout 3 is literally just a rusty version of the ak74 wtf how is it Chinese????



Wait but the model for that variant is different from the one in the game most noticeably the stock


yes but there have been plenty of chinese ak knockoffs. it's also 100+ years after when the ak was invented so it's reasonable for it to diverge a bit. basically it seems the devs just wanted to put in AK in the game as it's an iconic cold war weapon, but the ussr in this timeline is a second string player to China which is the main power in conflict with the usa so they called it a chinese rifle

File: 1680244804523.mp4 (29.74 MB, 1920x1080, Smooth movement.mp4)


while modifying skyrims movement behaviour files I discovered something really awful about bethesda titles I thought was only an issue from morrowind to new Vegas. Bethesda doesn’t attach grounded momentum to movement, whenever you walk or sprint in a bethesda made game you will always without a shadow of a doubt always immediately move at full speed on frame one. This is also why the games feel noticeably janky and dated despite having their graphics and animations updated each release and why npc and third person movement tend to feel like you’re controlling a character with absolutely zero weight. Turns out it’s not just Bethesda a lot of game developers for first person titles will pull this same kind of trick aswell here’s some recent examples of this

Dying light 2
Cyberpunk 2077
Modern warfare 2
Ultra kill
Not just that even third person games especially the pvp ones don’t hide this or even try to
The division 2 pvp
Literally every 3d MMO
Nearly every assassins creed title has this same issue of weightlessness

This doesn’t sound bad but play any souls game, naughty dog, Bandai rpg, rockstar title or any game with half decent physics and it becomes way more obvious how much better movement in those types of games handle, it’s also why those games feel so much more advanced
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>you will always without a shadow of a doubt always immediately move at full speed on frame one
…this is supposed to be bad? why do you want fucking realism at the cost of making the gameplay worse


You're posting in a thread filled with people who conflate battle royale with FPS.


Making gameplay worse? This shouldn’t be in single player games period regardless of perspective because it makes it harder to control the movements of the avatar when it’s not adhering to the laws of physics but your inputs are. Also within pvp games it makes countering strafing and people that abuse that element of jank physics far harder for new players and turns high level play into a running simulation than anything that looks like grounded, and calculated gunplay.


Thanks for the laughs!



Post TES IV Oblivion memes
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i one shotted the heart of lorkhan by fortifying attack a ludicrous amount. there's only two ingredients in the game that fortify attack and one of them is from an expansion.


the game breaks if you do that though. you won't be able to end the game, so i regreted doing it lol


lol nice
I guess I'll continue with the main quest then, which seems tedious at this point




File: 1674844210241-0.jpg (822.25 KB, 1920x1080, Minetest-5.3.0-animals.jpg)


Since joining to my Minecraft server has proven to be quite a headache for a lot of players, I want to propose the board admins to host a server for its free, open-source alternative: Minetest (minetest.net).

The prime upsides of this would be:
- Much less resource consumption on both client and server end due to Minetest using an engine written C++ rather than Java.
- Extremely deep and wide maps compared to Minecraft, with the estimated maximum size being 60000 chunks on every axis. Minetest's terrain generator also creates caves and mountains much larger than any seen in MC even after the Caves & Cliffs update.
- Ease of moddability due to the game's modular nature and a built-in modding API based using the Lua language, as well as automatic mod fetching from the server eliminating the need for players to download mods beforehand. Also, the game does not need to be quit from when editing mod files, just for the world to be reentered.
- No need for third-party plugins for stuff like sethome and logins as this functionality is already built into the base game.

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And I'm too paranoid to put my name on it. 🙈


File: 1676196746011.jpg (216.65 KB, 1024x576, MTEtherealNG.jpg)

Bump. What does anyone think about biome mods like Ethereal?
Aside from more grass types and trees it adds stuff like flight potions, crystal material with respective tools and staves. Also I find the Mesecon mod much more versatile than Minecraft's redstone, whats with being able to place the wires vertically and extensibility through Lua mods including even things like Lua controllers.


This went nowhere


The hosting problem still holds sadly. Unless either the board host finally agrees to host it or somebody volunteers to I doubt it will anytime soon. At the very least the poll results tell that it would be quite popular if it actually goes online.


File: 1680442371628.jpg (90.45 KB, 600x499, 8947712.jpg)

Update: I think we have progress. A user has expressed interest in renting a server to host MT alongside other games. Potential games we have considered are Space Station 13, Terraria and TES3MP. Feel free to suggest other games that you would also like to see hosted.


Pfffftahahahahahaha on par with the definitive edition of gta
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it's flat out ridiculous that they are charging £49.99 for this anyway for a game that came out like 8 years ago


At least modders can fix this


seems kind of counterproductive when they want the last of sus to be some sort of multimedia franchise



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