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File: 1608527889503.png (876.33 KB, 1280x646, L197L_sDsoo.png)

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File: 1637856411118.png (75.95 KB, 474x314, Fax.png)


>Fax machine
Kek, I still have mine from the 90s, functional too. Man I love those things.


File: 1639118686736.png (579.36 KB, 1482x819, ZRedSun.png)


File: 1639358805752-0.png (1.25 MB, 2656x5584, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1639358805752-1.png (344.13 KB, 888x615, ClipboardImage.png)

Saw pic related and besides it being excessively long for a meme, it's also just pretentious as fuck and people are going to buy into it because it sounds "right" to them.

It's just 2 extreme strawmen, one positive and the other negative. Yeah /pol/ does say that kind of dumb shit, but the other side is idealized liberalism that straight up ignores legitimate concerns about games. It's not about females or furries being in games, that stuff and more has been in games since the 90s and I can name a dozen of them off the top my head, and the only vidya I play is Tf2 occasionally. It's undeniable that blatant idpol garbage gets shoved to appeal to a vocal minority of people that do not play vidya much. Characters being female and not sexualized is not a problem for anyone, but making it in your face and insufferable as possible in a holier-than-thou kind of way, is annoying, (not to mention often breaking the story of a game).

For example the recent Battlefield V had a stereotypical cyborg bull-dyke dark-skinned soldier doing commando raids on Nazis… and that'd be acceptable if it'd been a diesel-punk alt-universe, but the marketing specifically leans on "realism" and "accuracy", then has this character pop up in the trailer and you cannot seriously tell me that this self-insert is either real of accurate.

Not to mention that for games that supposedly promote women, most of them completely omit a Soviet Campaign and none display the rather distinct role girls had in the Red Army, serving as pilots, battle medics, snipers, etc. compared to all other armies of the time. The same goes for multi-ethinicity in the Red Army; but nah lets make up fictional British and American commando units from bad fanfiction. The USSR is only to be depicted as "le human vaves", "3 men to 1 rifle" and "muh evul nkvd" bullshit.


File: 1639604442476.png (46.34 KB, 640x464, in the end.png)

File: 1639159327938.jpg (Spoiler Image, 143.5 KB, 850x660, 443346.jpg)


So, has anything noteworthy happened in the Game Awards?
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persona 4 arena is getting rereleased and it's the arcade version that was japan only


Infamous industry whore Geoff Keighley embarrassed the hobby again and people legitimized this swill by showering it with attention. Other than that, no.


Nobody expected this lmao. It is also nice that you will get to fight Tyranids.


File: 1639242682735.png (351.18 KB, 800x598, ClipboardImage.png)

New Space Marine games drops like steel rain.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your next post thanks once

File: 1627418726125.png (85.3 KB, 404x295, Navi.png)


So the entire premise of Majora's Mask is that Link lost his friend Navi and went on a journey to look for her… And never finds her in the end. Did they forget about her at some point in development? Tatl gets a nice resolution to her story, but we never hear about what happened to Navi. What a cruel way treat a character from the previous story.
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>The n64 zeldas have awful camera controls like all n64 games
Good thing I almost never play newer 3D games then


People like them because they're great games. Not everyone despairs over reading.


I haven't played the N64 ones in like a decade so IDK about that, but BOTW is amazing, it was so good playing it. It gets a bit repetitive sometimes sure but what open world game doesn't.


>but what open world game doesn't.
That's the whole point imo.


That's a fan theory

File: 1629454211311.png (11.7 KB, 1005x942, 9vnxu4f7fs461.png)


>mfw when you realize elder lyons is the deng xiaoping of the fallout universe

>mfw again when you realize elder Maxson is the xi jinping of the fallout universe
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I feel like you're confusing the BoS and the enclave.


Meanwhile in Obsidian Fallout:
>Woah we da Ameriga but post apocalyptic faction join us and our heckin awsome 100 red laser ranger helmet guys
>Woah we da ubderdevelopped evil barbarian faction join us and our heckin retvrn to tradishun roman armor guys
>Woah I'm da reddit technocrat smartypants faction join me and my heckin advanced tech aesthetics robots
>Woah I'm da "write in your own special snowflake ending" faction join me and my heckin wholesome 100 funny robot face

And their DLCs:
>Did you just done did heckin bring a package through my town, omg now I will have to build up a shitty contrived past narative for your OC and nuke the world under the name of an overrated Union general
>L-look at these cool OC's I made Bart! I call this one Dog but you can spell it backwards as God and he has split personality and shit… isn't that cool Bart?
I won't even laugh at the last one. Its just a shitty hour long sidequest about mormons and a boring character that relates to the shitty barbarian faction from maingame.


the difference tho is the writing at least makes it tolerable

meanwhile in bethesda fallout 3



Whoops, wrong thread

File: 1639143377358-0.jpg (172.87 KB, 800x600, 3-1gnvF.jpg)


what the hell was even stalin vs martians
>>Apparently there is this really shitgy RTS stalin vs martians it's <<probably the most weirdest shit in existence


Game trailer


Yes it exists


File: 1639143936347.gif (3.02 MB, 330x274, theres-no-limit.gif)


This looks like the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter of videogames.

File: 1638234295183-0.jpg (514.04 KB, 1801x1014, 1.jpg)

File: 1638234295183-1.jpg (560.85 KB, 1799x1014, 2.jpg)


This is a thread about a third-person shooter game featuring Alunya.

It is a free-and-open-source game made using Godot and Blender. Contributions are welcome.
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New update: https://archive.org/details/EscapeFromCatalunya-0.0.2

Main changes:
>procedural animation driven by physics
>improved run animation
>significant filesize and load time improvements

>added a ball. idk it's fun.

>minor low-effort visual improvement to the end of the main level
>slightly smarter mercenary AI will now look to see where it was shot from, even if you're out of its idle line-of-sight
>basic level select
>other very minor things
<new strafing animation doesn't exist yet, so Alunya isn't always looking where she's shooting
<can still shoot through walls (shooting is from the camera rather than the gun); want to keep it simple at this point in time and have the bullet go where the crosshair is pointing at


>>Is the name a escape from tarkov reference
>>When will a mobile version be released???
>>Why not use the cnt-Fia flag
>>T-34 pls


Tested it. Nice progress. The ball is cool. So are the achievements. Still get lag at random times, usually when enemies shoot.


I do want to look into developing some conceptual ideas to distinguish this game, something beyond just a fun graphic theme. The cat-like nature of Alunya could provide some inspirational clues.

>>Is the name a escape from tarkov reference
It wasn't a reference to any game, but that is a neat coincidence.
>>When will a mobile version be released???
Hadn't thought of it. Might actually be cool, but I would need to work on how to port the controls. What's a good way to do it? On-screen movement joystick and on-screen buttons for aim-toggle, shoot and reload? Good examples would be useful to see, since I don't game on mobile.
>>Why not use the cnt-Fia flag
I didn't think too much about it, but the Estalada is one that might expect to be seen in a town in modern times, rather than a historical flag.
If I get around to adding some balconies and plants and a few more houses with flags (which I think should be my goal for next release), it could a nice easter egg among the others.
>>T-34 pls
As in the tank? I don't see vehicle-use happening for a few months at least, especially if the dev team remains one person. Cool idea, but priorities first.

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>Is it once when they first fire and once when it first explodes? Or random times?
Random it seems. I also get lag spikes when it seems like things load (at the beginning and when I enter the vicinity of enemies, before I see them).

>it's a pretty intense object to render. The main bullet has a light and two particle generators (emitting 1000 particles/second) and the blast is made up of six emitters.

yeah that sounds kind of intense
i have a solid PC but if you have to render a bunch of complicated things at once of course it can slow things down
>I wonder if I should replace those energy blasts with normal bullets (at least for the normal merc characters). The issue with that is that the current ones are slow and visible, providing an easier challenge the player can react to, where you can't prepare much for a bullet. You just get hit without warning or clear visibility.
This is a pretty fundamental game design decision for a shooter that informs the rest of the mechanics. The way you deal with slow projectiles vs fast projectiles or hitscan guns is completely different. The latter is about cover and tactical movement from place to place while the former is about nimble avoidance. You're talking about almost a shift in genre, between like call of duty or a bullet hell.

File: 1608527804553-2.jpg (1001.72 KB, 3840x2160, disco_2019-10-29_22-10-43.jpg)

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I think this game is on to something lads
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Holy seethe
Holy cope


get help.


File: 1638447119745.png (Spoiler Image, 285.48 KB, 834x541, ClipboardImage.png)

Faggots like you will never cease to entertain me.


Maybe you should try playing the game before publicly humiliating yourself


File: 1638937593510.png (4.28 MB, 1802x1080, lf1lkuo3oq181.png)

One thing I don't see talked about concerning this game is how it acts as a pseudo-political compass test yes i know those are bullshit. At some point in the game, one of your skills tells you that you need to "pick a lane" and decide what your politics are. I believe the dialogue options up to your decision are unique based on what choices you've made so far.

My first playthrough of this game was when I first started delving into communist theory but I still had a lot of liberal brainworms. The game told me I was always picking "option D" and that I'd fit right in with the moral-intern. I did a 2nd playthrough of the game when they released the voice acting update and I was constantly facepalming at missing all the obvious commie choices I though were confusing when I first played this game. I'd recommend anyone to do another playthrough of the game after a few years, just to see how you've changed with time. You might be as surprised as I was.


Thoughts on Automata?
I'm going to replay it soon in order to write an effortpost on it relating the philosophical themes and dialogue together.
I grew up playing Drakengard and never really got it until I replayed it as an adult, and realized the disconnect between the story and gameplay was the whole point. I got bored of hacking and slashing through hordes of enemies which had no connection to the story, but I realized that the mass murder I comitted was the whole point of the game. To make the player question who is really the good guy in the context of the game. Nier, the original, plays on this more.
Automata presents this idea at the beginning with Pascal and the robot village, instead of hiding a plot twist later into the game.
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Still gathering my thoughts. Just finished all the endings for Nier replicant.
Making connections between musical motifs, character archetypes, themes. Need to watch a drakengard 1 and 3 cutscene compilation then I think I'll be good to start.


Drak3 runs pretty good on emulator, you should try actually playing it before resorting to just watching cutscenes. Some parts of it will definitely never land if you watch it on youtube.


>ps3 emu
lmao, if you really think I should play it, I'll order the game soon and play it on original hardware. I don't got the computing power to emulate a fucking ps3, not even close.


It runs on emu better than on actual PS3 lel
I beat it myself on PS3 though, it's fucked up but playable and pretty enjoyable.


Sorry for bumping but Nier replicant 3.1415 ending e still has me in tears tbh. I don't get emotional at all when playing games or watching movies, but the songs ost just pushes me over the edge.
I'll download it tonight and see how it runs then, no sense in not trying

File: 1638127364164.png (1011.5 KB, 1920x1001, ClipboardImage.png)


Are they the good guys?


How would they be the good guys? All they do is kill people for no apparent purpose. The villagers aren't harming anyone. They can't even do very much without the player's help. And the player will just keep respawning. Pillagers are just the older-than-dirt trope of a horde of barbarians coming to break things.


Villagers are capitalists and the player is an imperialist colonizer, the pillagers are completely justified in their actions.


Pillagers are barbaric war hungry brutes whose pillar of civilization is some shitty tower, they do not have cities, national iron golem guards, specialized workers or even technology like red stone equipment, a concept of currency and value like the villagers they are only wandering the world of minecraft(it’s like 7 times larger than earth is the average map size) before they get slaughtered at the next invasion


The Pillagers are merely proxy forces of the larger "Illager" faction, who dwell in gigantic mansions where they live their decadent aristocratic lifestyles.

File: 1634510865910.jpg (336.01 KB, 1280x1603, dragon dnd.jpg)


Hey guys, I wanna play TTRPG, I've never really played more than a few one off sessions here and there, I was also a DM for some people for a few months but I couldn't deal with the stress.

Anyway, where's the best place I should look for a game (online)? It all seems so intimidating.

I've never been the best at social stuff. Also it would help if the game is furry friendly.
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File: 1638495914152.png (947.08 KB, 1920x969, chrome_zzksqop98X.png)

Any other DM's lurking around? /tg/ is barely usable nowadays and it'd be cool to see what other /leftypol/ anons are running/working on.

Here's a screenshot from the OSR-style sandbox campaign I've been running using a niche D&D retroclone system I've made some additions to over the year. Originally I just whipped up a simple, medieval feudal setting with various fantasy/mutated animal races (so mixed in with humans and elves are froglings, sparrowlings, cricketlings, etc because fuck it why not) to drop a couple of modules I enjoyed into and by now I've spent way too much time drawing maps, organizing my notes, and homebrewing a bunch of new stuff.

We're about ten sessions in now and the party after successfully clearing out the starter dungeon I started them off in, have now gotten themselves entangled in the whims of the local Duke who has sent them to grave rob the tomb of his long-dead ancestor for an ancient amulet. I was a bit nervous because this was the first dungeon I've made up from scratch, but the players had a blast hacking their way through undead and sneaking around. They're not super far into it yet, but they've discovered the remains of a previous adventuring party and have heard Ghouls prowling around in the darkness, so they're thoroughly spooked and I'm pretty satisfied with the progress they're making.


> /tg/ is barely usable nowadays and it'd be cool to see what other /leftypol/ anons are running/working on.
It'd be nice if lefty /tg/ refugees came to /games/ and created a community here.


shill the board then
anybody who bemoans the unusability should get a "lol fuck off to /leftypol/ you commie queer" or something. Give them a little extra mean kick to encourage them to give up 4chan for good (and for their own good). May not be as effective as it was on 8chan.

I've DMed before but not running anything currently. In a game that's been on pause for a while with some IRL friends. I've been working on a bottom-up home brew system cobbling together mechanics I like from various sources but it's nowhere near playtesting yet (haven't worked out the flow of attack/defense completely because I'm doing something pretty unusual with dice mechanics). It's something I pick up from time to time.

>by now I've spent way too much time drawing maps, organizing my notes, and homebrewing a bunch of new stuff.

Publish it. You already did the hard stuff and it might make you a little extra money and give people cool resources.
>have now gotten themselves entangled in the whims of the local Duke who has sent them to grave rob the tomb of his long-dead ancestor for an ancient amulet
>they've discovered the remains of a previous adventuring party and have heard Ghouls prowling around in the darkness, so they're thoroughly spooked and I'm pretty satisfied with the progress they're making.
Sounds like fun.


By the way, I've never played TTRPG but I've always been interested. How the fuck do people play these on an imageboard?


You don't play them on an imageboard. You do it elsewhere and put a link or something on the board. There's a matrix room for /games/. Something like that would be more useful to set up a game or to play. You can play by post without much trouble as long as nobody spams and you can identify people, but imageboards aren't ideal for that.

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