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Is Deus Ex a libertarian game? Because from all the dialogue it seems that way.
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Human revolution's endings are trash, they don't actually 'end' anything. Invisible War has the best endings, but I don't know what you mean by the endings not 'systematically changing the world', HELIOS ending seems pretty clear.


Yah, but I wouldn't say it's either left or right.


Deus Ex HRs endings are realistic regarding how the world actually works. The endings are regulation, deregulation, complete banning, and the fourth is the liberal "let the people decide" ending.

Your idea of an ending is basically a cartoonish that could never exist because the real world doesn't have "endings". What if I told you that HR has a better grasp of dialectics than the original Deus Ex which was essentially as if a child wrote a story about how they think the world works.



Helios end = Wish fulfillment. AnarchoMonarchism to Jacobin Committee of Public Safety, to Full Socialism, to Outright AI Theocracy lead by your badass ascended self/Helios's secret plan all along when rhe/it overrides your brain or not.

Illuminati end = Status Quo for the world as described.

Smash it all end = An-prim reset to Bakuninite Stateless socialism, to Marxist primitive communism. But this can twist into either of the above as you are homo-superior cyber enhanced badass in techno backwards society.

Take your pick. The game ultimately tries to make the statement that conspiracy is bunk because humans are fundamentally free under all circumstances imho.

HR is/was crap by comparison.


Helios is literally Big Computer

File: 1638387314024-0.png (414.23 KB, 640x737, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1638387314024-1.png (273.49 KB, 513x435, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1638387314024-2.png (64.84 KB, 640x396, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1638387314024-3.png (601.47 KB, 640x923, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1638387314024-4.png (466.22 KB, 748x657, ClipboardImage.png)


>The history of all hitherto existing society) is the history of class struggles.
>Freeman and slave, patrician and plebeian, lord and serf, guild-master(3) and journeyman, in a word, oppressor and oppressed, stood in constant opposition to one another, carried on an uninterrupted, now hidden, now open fight, a fight that each time ended, either in a revolutionary reconstitution of society at large, or in the common ruin of the contending classes.

So the game foxhole is an MMO where plays fight a "World War One and a Half" style game with eachother, involving logistics to the frontline. The logistic players are so sick that theya re threatening a strike IG until they get gameplay improvements demanded of the devs. Players on both sides have agreed to this. I am not even joking, but you have a situation where the soldiers (or a large section of them) are threatening a strike against the international organisers of teh war (the bourgeoisie). Fucking hilarious shit man.


Wait shit could the devs move this to /games/ pls.

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I don't think Pooland has ever been particularly democratic to begin with; weren't they still a military junta when they fought against the Bolsheviks? Then they got rekt by Nazis and Soviets and then forcibly turned into socialism after WW2 and then the Cucktholic church and CIA convinced them to switch to liberalism and now they are a libshit democracy for the first time ever?????


Why do you call it pooland like a nazi instead of Poland?


Since when was pooland a """nazi""" term wtf
your brain has been rotted from being online too much touch grass


got it for free with a new tower, I liked it and the bug werent that bad at this point, but you definitely feel the cut content, there are still lot of a bit broken/clunky shit, especially in the mechanics and balance (and UI, and keybinds…)
the main story was a very interesting theme and the relation with johnny was well developed, but they could have went waaay deeper into various philosophical/political aspects, and the sidequest are mostly too simple and without choices / meaningful world interaction.
You feel a lot of wasted potential and broken gameplay systems, but its still fun and can suck you in. The end story was the best part, especially the bad ones

I've seen someone has made a huge rebalance mod which straight up "removed level scaling to be able to fix bugs and broken mechanics", will try it out, sounds promising.


don't be a faggot and act like that kind of infantile name-calling isn't a hallmark of online nazi discourse, mudslimes, Pissrael, etc

File: 1636261758186.png (161.13 KB, 255x198, ClipboardImage.png)


is capitalism lab good

Is it a good simulation of capitalist economies?

or is it filled with lib propaganda
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File: 1638151582779.png (293.39 KB, 1280x977, OpenTTD stacked metro.png)

>games like that tend to quickly become unplayable due to huge amounts of traffic from your own vehicles.
On the contrary anon, OpenTTD is at its most interesting when you're thinking about how to route high traffic.


imagine having to drive through that


File: 1638157030700.png (4.7 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

>I kinda wanna play Transport Tycoon or whatever the latest one is
Going out on a bit of a limb here but I assume you're talking about Transport Fever 2? Been a little over 8 months since I've played it but yeah the simulation is pretty lame and unrealistic. On the other hand the modding community for it is great so if you just like map-painting it's fun enough. Picrel is some intersection from vancouver I recreated
Maybe workers and resources would be more up your aisle? Its fun but learning curve is a bit too steep for me so far


has anyone here played gear city?


I know you didn't design it, but this intersection makes me want to shoot myself.

Yeah, I have, it's pretty good, though it gets kinda old after you get through a few decades, I've never been past like the 50s. It's fun abusing the stock market to buy out all competition.

File: 1636510515012-0.jpg (102.59 KB, 616x353, acc russia.jpg)

File: 1636510515012-1.jpg (218.37 KB, 1920x1080, acc russia 2.jpg)


All three Assassin's Creed Chronicles games are free on Ubisoft U-Play today, including one set during the October Revolution. It looks like you're tasked with assassinating various Bolsheviks on behalf of the Tsar. Looks memeworthy so here's a discussion thread for the game
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fuck I hate asscree


I don't hate it, I just laugh at the seething faggot who wrote that (he was probably forced to do it and it wasn't his decision to include Marx in the game)


Pls tell me that the 2nd pic is fake.


File: 1638077135463.png (75.79 KB, 1003x265, ClipboardImage.png)


Ubisoft Marx is inexplicably Sucdem, though the real Karl Marx's quote is utterly out of context too.
Pic 2 is kind of funny.

File: 1621838560990.png (484.12 KB, 907x673, ClipboardImage.png)

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To join:
>open minecraft
>add server
>use address leftypol.aternos.me and name it whatever you want
If it's offline you can log in to the public-use aternos.org account leftypoluser to turn the server on.
The password for that account is bunkercelsBTFO
Reminder to bump the thread if you bring the server online so other players will see.

Mode: Survival
World Type: Large Biomes
Pirate Friendly: Yes
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All servers listed in this thread are working. If you want to join just restart the one you want to play on through the Aternos leftypoluser account and hop in once it's up, although you'll need the prerequisite mod packs to join the modded ones. If you want detailed instructions and the latest updates for the Reborn server, join the LeftyCraft Matrix space and go to the "LeftyCraft - Announcements" room.


File: 1637810004039-0.png (538.04 KB, 1366x705, 2021-11-25_06.32.38.png)

File: 1637810004039-1.png (883.04 KB, 1366x705, 2021-11-25_07.22.00.png)

I have migrated the server to Forge since Mohist is still highly unstable. Since doing so also required modifications to the modpack anyway, I have included a couple new mods to the mix: Create and Alex's Mobs. First one introduces various blocks to faciliate the building of factories and contraptions based around mechanical power sources like windmills and water wheels, while the latter adds more wildlife like raccoons, grizzly bears and ravens.

Link to the new modpack version: https://www.mediafire.com/file/eg8lbw8bm77djbb/LeftyCraft+Pack+v3.rar/file


File: 1637813045796.jpg (27.99 KB, 378x434, 1433711562602.jpg)

> windmills and water wheels


Are you guys like, a Socialist Republic, or an Anarchist/Communist commune?


dunno we just play vidja and talk about Cameroonian sandpaper


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There is original Biocorp, which ended after Hollow Earth incident. There is reformed Biocorp, established after that to maintain peace, that was overthrown by Melek. And now it is Protectorate Biocorp.

I guess it is kinda bad because it lead to shitload of deaths and the result was a fascist regime bent on expansion.

>Can General meleke be considered a revolutionary?

Most likely, no.


>direct movement control in isometric game
Trash taste you’re having. The fast paced is mostly coming from the fact that getting zoned out by multiple enemies is so easy with a shit build.
>Can General melek be considered a revolutionary?
<Can a military junta that toppled a corporatist regime and replaced it with another oligarchy revolutionary?
If anything they’re even more reactionary.


You're still wrong, but ironically it sounds like you're making a case for isometric being a shit perspective.


>The fast paced is mostly coming from the fact that getting zoned out by multiple enemies is so easy with a shit build.
No, it comes from combat being resolved very quickly one way or another, while having plenty of tactical options. Except for a couple of encounters (beach invasion) i never felt that i grinded through enemies, repeating same actions over and over


File: 1638006942147.mp4 (10.71 MB, 816x656, 1637948420978.mp4)


Are you as hyped as I am for the full version of this indie gem! Its gonna be the new undertale!


File: 1638007417979.mp4 (6.46 MB, 816x656, 1637776193119.mp4)

More leaked scenes


File: 1638024211284.jpg (56.98 KB, 649x770, soylander.jpg)

I am so hyped rn. A true indie RPG masterpiece in the making.

File: 1637754101299.jpg (98.39 KB, 1280x450, download (4).jpg)


Why the hell are Nintendo Switch games so expensive and often hard to find? I had to pay 15% over retail for a used copy of a four year old game, and I was one of the fortunate ones who even found a copy. Are they trying to push people towards digital sales for the higher profit margins, or is this just a natural consequence of fewer games being in print? Paying for the equivalent of a second console just for five games is insanity. The PS4 has been way easier and cheaper to collect for and those games, at least the exclusives, have way higher development costs.
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File: 1637792927347.png (224.29 KB, 1828x983, ClipboardImage.png)


Emulate them
Yuzu works on a 6GB RAM PC with AMD Radeon graphics card btw
Also, every time a game is released, it's usually up in a couple of days
I'm playing New Pokémon Snap (although it does get slow and there are graphical glitches at times) and having so much fun


lmao that's great


Nintendo was always greedy but it seems like the company got noticeably worse after Iwata died. He started out as a code monkey and tinkerer and pretty obviously loved video games. Kimishimi and Furukawa were always businessmen. One started as an accountant and the other a banker. It's really a product of the times and the development of the industry. Once you get big enough you don't see the workers who built the company ending up in leadership positions. It's just money men these days.


Why do classicfags claim they're not pedos when they prefer the vulnerable shota design?
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there are many things wrong with people attracted to STH but I'm not sure pedophilia is necessarily one of them


>I'm not sure pedophilia is necessarily one of them
<he doesn't know


>now shorter or chibi is shota.
Turn of twitter or whatever social media is lobotomizing you, it's not good for your brain.


idunno i like Megaman X and Contra for the most
Castlevania, Ninja Gayden, River City Ransom…

it's funny considering i don't like fighting games but i'm a sucker for hack n slash games and their precursor genres

OH OH OH! and inrail shooters, those were the fucking best


Don't you know? Sonic has a flat chest. Literally pedo fuel!!!

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