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Lmao the thumbnail looks like the intro to one really shitty porno
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File: 1655095150758-0.png (786.58 KB, 1007x673, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655095150758-1.png (3.52 MB, 3579x1174, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655095150758-2.png (189.65 KB, 360x360, ClipboardImage.png)

I never fucked with Blizzard past The OG Starcraft. When I saw the sub Yugioh-card tier artwork for the Starcraft sequel is about when I forsake them forever.

Motherfucker never learned the basics of perspective and renders like he just picked up a demo version of photoshop.


Most of Overwatch is just glorified porn. What did you expect from Blizzard?


it's pre porn I play it a bit to get my dick ready and desperate for more.


I bet at this point more people have jerked off to the fan art/animations than have played the actual game. Kudos to one of the biggest game companies for making the vidya equivalent of RWBY.


>video equivalent of rwby


Just a friendly reminder that gamers are not virgins but actually very successful men in real life
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>a secluded area
i would fucking kill myself


Idk, I'm torn between trying to change society and trying to exit it while not having the means to do either. It's set up that way. Capital integrates and colonizes everything while in the same act robbing you of the means of (re)production.


You would really miss waking up to the noise of your neighbors circular sawwing lawn that much?


>Capital integrates and colonizes everything while in the same act robbing you of the means of (re)production.
wow you don't know what you're talking about


That was an incredibly homosexual song.


This is gonna be the third time where they’ve literally released the same modern warfare people have already played and cod fans are gonna blow over a 100 on it.
The game isn’t finished and they’re already charging people dozens of dollars for it with even more micro transactions and restricted content than in the original which is a sequel to a franchise with probably 40 games at this point. And they’ll get away with it to because if immortal has taught us anything is that the gaming community is filled to the brim with idiots that’ll buy fucking anything with glee for a company managed by rapists ahahahahahahahahahahaha
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>having to copy paste your own posts after seeing screenshots of your own horse shit
At this point your just getting lazy with your arguments completely


It's not about requirement, it's about ability to do so properly, when at all. The fact that you can't do it properly means you don't understand my post and are severely retarded to boot.


>walks in coming in without a single shred of evidence to back ideas
>proceeds to waste hours to reply to a single post
>then when confronted abondons his own arguments in favour of copy pasting the same post and whining about ideas he didn’t even stand his own guard to defend not being taken seriously or understood

Your really questioning why your arguments are seen as invalid?


Second note

I replies. To every one of your dumbass replies just fine. You instead threw a hissy fit and tried coming under the excuse that I didn’t understand the content even after quoting your own dumbass texts, then when that didn’t work you resorted to name calling and whining about “requirements” and “abilities”. Your entire line of defence for all of your ideas has no sense of structure or consistency at all no wonder you think no one understands you you don’t even have a fucking clue as to what you can say to defend activision ms god awful monetization policy


I don't know why you refuse to respond to the contents found within my post and refuse to quote me in earnest. But that just means you're not responding to me.


You know when you think about it planetside 2 is the only massively multiplayer online game that exists


look ma i posted it again




Because the game treats the adult player base like adults

That’s it. That’s the only fucking reason considering so many games hold your hand on so much the game might aswell play itself and when it doesn’t the player actually has a fucking choice which is fucking rare to see in RPGs these days. Bye I’m done
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Sounds like you like “lingering will” types of enemies in game

The reason why I mention the boss from kh2 is that he fits your description perfectly. His attacks are random but mechanically speaking there pretty straight forwards if you understand shit like parrying, frame canceling and frame reading.


The series peaked after shadow tower abyss.


All souls-like fights are like solving a puzzle and developing the skill to execute your solution, that's what makes them both enjoyable and infuriating. Stockholm syndrome and frustration is part of the enjoyment. I'd wager those who suffer rage fits in these games don't realize that and approach it the wrong way.


It's wider than just video games. The ideal in the 1st world is everything being seamless and streamlined, you're never lost and data is projected into your eyeballs in real time through augmented reality. I'm not against smart tech, but that's the form it takes in a capitalist consumer society.

Video games in particular are more directly influenced by the system under which they are produced because they're interactive, meaning the relation between the game and the player can more fully reproduce social relations. And if they seem a step ahead and some now talk about "gamification" of society, that's because video games are only reflecting the still imperfectly realized ideals of the system.


Nah, let dark demon elden borne souls die, it had its place in time. What a relief that the next From games are gonna be Armored Core and Sekiro 2.

File: 1654605393169.mp4 (9.38 MB, 1920x1080, Old StarCraft trailer.mp4)


Not only was it discovered that the new and terrible diablo game didn’t cost 100k but 110k but now it’s getting review bombed, shit talked by everyone in the pc gaming community, all on top of getting banned in the Netherlands and Belgium and it’s looking like blizzard is about to be out on trial again like EA did for lootboxes.

Dear god I hope this shit implodes more because this could cause a cascading effect that destroys microtransactions in games permanently
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>t. imageboard user


If they did they would’ve done so from the start. It’s here to stay
No what matters is your real world actions not what platform you post on. Believe me there’s a lot more normal people you’d find on these kinds of sites than you’d think


This just in! Blizzard Activision found that itself is innocent!
This is just beyond parody at this point.



It doesn’t matter anymore diablo 4 has zero hyper surrounding it after the dumpster fire that was immoral that’s officially classified as the worst game in existence


arent te=hey rightoid libertarians tho? they called micheal moore a socialist weasel and had a jihadi blow him up in one of their movies


people who makes ARGs be like


It do be like that


The heck is an ARG.


10 years late


Apex is a game with fun mechanics for the wrong genre. If im being completely honest it really should’ve been a hero based movement shooter like tf2 or quake than what it currently is as a battle royale game and it shows, the combat works at its best when shits fast but falls apart completely when you have to these long ass pauses in between skirmishes where your trying to find someone to kill

It really plays like a mini game to another game that should’ve released we never got


ADHD opinion

File: 1635004757199-0.jpg (108.82 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353.jpg)

File: 1635004757199-1.png (1.16 MB, 1040x596, last_run.png)

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Its out soon. Any other HOI4 etc. grand strategy enthusiasts here?


The Second World War’s hardest fighting was on the Eastern Front of Europe.

No Step Back is the newest expansion for Hearts of Iron IV, Paradox Interactive’s grand strategy wargame about the world crisis of the 1930s and World War II. This expansion adds greater detail for many nations in Eastern Europe, unique game systems to reflect Soviet politics, and many improvements to the military aspect of the game.

>New Soviet National Focuses.

>New Polish National Focuses.

>New Baltic National Focuses: Shared alternate history paths for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, as well as unique paths for each.

>Army Officer Corps: Build a general staff, drawing on the talents and expertise of available officers to take advantage of changes in technology and tactics.

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"Communitas proletarisque romanum"
Rome = red abd yellow flag = comunism?


Forgot vid


Only if you were retarded, I think. Although Panzer was far more ruthless and it generally got better for both communists and some lowkie-rightoid but in an esoteric-conservative way guys, like that "Hindustan needs rework" dipshit. I'd still be on the sub despite my clearly red-glowing posts, if not for reddit admins banning me along with everyone else who ever participated with Chapo subreddits all those years ago.


I still can't get over the fact that the Battle for the Bosporus trailer makes it seem as if the Greeks, Turks and Bulgarians will all unite together against the Nazis.

Meanwhile, the Greek focus tree:
>1. Liberty and free elections! 2. KILL TURKEY
>1. Workers of the world, unite! 2. KILL TURKEY
>1. For his majesty the king! 2. Bring back the Ottomans (KILL TURKEY)
>1. Heil Hitler 2. Friends with Turks

That Luftwaffe guy in the trailer could have probably not worried about those three uniting together if the Germans just told them they'd give the Greeks Constantinople back or some shit. They'd hop on faster than a boomer clicking on a scam. Fucking Thanksgiving country.


Taboritsky is just Q bullshit for 1960s Russia
Was this intentional


Short answer
They made a pvp multiplayer game but forgot about making sure the pvp and multiplayer aspect of it worked

Long answer
It’s the short one but with explanations.
>One at the start this game was inherently supposed to be hardcore
the day the developers decided to allow a consent to pvp feature they already started losing players as now the game fundamentally lost a part of its identity. You just can’t expect to make a game with universal appeal either you stick with the hardcore players that will stick with the game even if they’re small in population or the casuals that don’t wanna get jumped every few minutes
<Two the game needs to account for exploits
this happens in every yes every hardcore pvp game. Players will always search for cheap tricks and bugs they can exploit to gain a competitive advantage and developers HAVE to look out for things like animation canceling, collision box issues, client security etc before implementing pvp which has to be under constant regulation. New world didn’t have any of that and unsurprisingly shit tons of crashes, hacks, cheats and scams flooded the game to the point where the economy in it completely collapsed due to duping and pking
<three the game was not only unfinished but for a multiplayer game it was missing shitloads of multiplayer components
No cross play, no cross compatibility, no ports to console or switch, no account linking, your getting the point there’s not many ways to interact with other players in the game like you can in rust. As for that unfinished part just like with the exploits bugs were rampant and at times made the game completely unplayable likely due to being poorly playtested(or it was and the devs simply ignored the bugs to keep up with quotas which is the more likely reason)

All of this combined created an unfinished mmo with no identity, no sense of massively multiplayer components and a very small online community.
So what’s the lesson in this? Don’t build games around casuals, finish games before release
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>sold a f2p game at 40 a pop


It has 14k players a day so technically no but yeah it’s dead from an analytical standpoint when you consider it’s growth

Pretty much this, the devs really should’ve just stuck with the hardcore players about PVP with having minor safe zones for getting quests and trading like with your standard pvp server in RuneScape, trying to appeal to both a hardcore and casual audience is how you get world of Warcrafted into irrelevance


I find it kind of shocking knowing this couldn’t kill world of Warcraft

After all we’ve been through with that shit title from the monetization, the boosters, the cosmetics and mounts overtaking the actual games sense of progression, the instanced content, the loot system being dumbed down to a loot piñata party, the horrendous RNG, the games inability to appeal to both a casual and hardcore audience, the lack of content, the amount of cut and resold content, the recycled assets, the stolen ideas from guild wars, the online modes also being instances and requiring no sense of teamwork, the fact that world of warcrafts player count has been overtaken by RuneScape and ff14 repeatedly

And not a fucking ick of all of that shit manages to kill wow not even this game whom had hundreds of thousands of tired gamers looking for a hardcore game they could sink time into that treated them like adults over the infestation of casual games shitting up the mmo scene. Fucking crazy to think about


Isn't WoW basically propped up by addiction? I haven't played it but it seems dated as fuck.


It is dated in alot of aspects but nearly all MMOs haven’t evolved to actually kill the fucking thing which is why it’s still alive and if diablo 4 somehow manage to piss people off blizzards gonna stay on top for even longer

I think I can trace a few things gamers as a general community want out of MMOs
<technical features
Crossplay, cross compatibility, cross server and private server support is generally a way for these games to massively boost their populations. It worked for RuneScape and Albion and if that’s an indicator it’s gonna work for anything else
<that sense of exploration
I think this is why games like diablo 2 did so well. Even if diablo 2 isn’t an mmo most mmos and just open world games that do well in general have good exploration mechanics that allow the player to do more than just grind enemies at location a to location z once they’re max level, shit like underground levels, paths to zones, a minimap that only expands to new regions you explore, region specific shit etc all encourage players to play dynamically considering so many MMOs even osrs feel fucking static for far to long considering the sizes of the maps in these games. ESO handled exploration however fucking perfectly
<respectable levels of difficulty
This is a universal problem not just with MMOs but new games with general that’s driven so many players from these games. They’re too easy, theirs no endgame, there’s no skill required beyond button mashing, there’s not much pvp in them if any, there’s no risk to dying, there’s no reward for playing aggressively or taking risks in higher level zones, etc I can keep going on

Like fuck the original wow was never a hardcore game in the true sense but hell if it released to day people would be complaining nonstop about how fucking long it takes to level 60 due to their not being shortcuts with boosters

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