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Grand daddy xi has saved the gaming community once again from whales and the capitalist scum of activision blizzard. Third country immoral has been banned and it’s the country that blizzard needed to make this shitshow successful, worst rated game of all time yeaaaaaaaaaa


they need to nuke Genshin Impact sempai.


That's never gonna happen, the CPC invested too much in Waifutech to stop now.


China doesn't ban gacha. Stop letting this game run free in your head. Diablo is a dime a dozen. You don't care about good games, you just care about the drama surrounding a game that was never intended to be good.


Like this doesn’t matter

The overwhelming majority of gacha games get ignored and if this one gets flat out obliterated by sheer luck, the one that was looking like it was legitimately gonna devolve gamer standards of monetization drastically that’s a beacon of hope and an astral projection of Mao is smiling at us telling gamers to keep fighting the good fight against these scumbags

File: 1655978972196-0.png (309.1 KB, 740x657, Guardian2.png)

File: 1655978972196-1.png (267.39 KB, 762x657, Guardian1.png)


Ayooo where my nintendie fans at? Anyone bought 3 Copes I erm I mean 3 Hopes?
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>Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
A man of exceptional taste right here. I genuinely don't get how some folks (mainly 4chinlet) claim it killed the series when:
>complains of series-staleness already occured in the last game
>lack of humour, even though it has simply moved to the War Room segments as to not disrubt the story
>when the series continued on as Bataillon Wars anyway

Not really, you'd really have to stretch the definition of RPG elements for it to count. And in regards to cheese, yeah, a few COs in the past were pretty busted, but Days of Ruin kinda fixed that by making the majority powers requiring your CO to actually be on the field (making him a big costly target). And Infantry/Mech spam, can't forget that.


Days of Ruin was as close as any of these games ever came to perfect 50/50 balance and the soundtrack was also a banger.
Outside of CO powers (Isabella/the girl with amnesia was a fucking DEMON in multiplayer and Caulder was obviously overpowered) the unit to unit interactions were amazingly well thought out. Well the ground units at least. At sea battleships were stupidly busted from what I remember.
I heard the competitive community even later came up with a balance patch to fix out the last interactions.
Yeah there's no RPG elements, only hero units that can be destroyed (and then replaced), as well as veteran bonuses given to units that survive and kill other units.


File: 1656269565523.png (260.25 KB, 460x215, ClipboardImage.png)

What did AW do that pic related can't? This is really my issue. These games aren't anything special. They lack innovation to really justify being a franchise. I can just replay FFT with mods endlessly can't I?


Not being an SRPG, for starters.




It’s difficulty is actually balanced

Yeah I know this is weird to say but this is actually extremely hard to pull off in game design. Sekiros difficulty is balanced in the sense that to actually “get good” at the game you don’t spend your time memorizing attack patterns link in souls games or grinding endlessly for good loot like in most RPGs instead you get good by understanding the games mechanics like in fighting games considering enemy and boss attack patterns are random and respond to player behaviour not off some prescripted series of attacks making the game sometimes feel like playing against actual people. Like what happens in stalker making sure the games hard enough that you have to get better but not filled with tedious bs that only exists to make things artificially more difficult than they have to be

Because of this this means that overcoming adversities in the game is a matter of genuinely learning how to play through actually playing rather than through memorization and likewise the second playthrough is significantly easier than the first because you already know how to problem solve and respond quickly to threats rather than rely on shit like mob spawn locations or RNG to progress


Hot Take : Sekiro is a rythm game without a music to follow.
(also you purposefully ignore the arts that can and will demolish certain bosses because From actually like giving you a straightforward way and the try shit until you find a cheese way)


No no that’s the souls series your thinking of because they do have consistent attack patterns tied to music

I’m gonna bring up Brawlhalla real quick

On the fighting games training mode there are these bots you can play against that emulate actual players, rather than having some sort of predetermined attacks their movements are in response to what the player is doing at any given time meaning if a player attacks, the bot dodges, if the player uses a heavy attack the bot counters it with a light attacks and you get it. This is how the AI in sekiro is coded aswell meaning every fight is a matter of responding quickly and aggressively enough to your opponent and understanding how to use the combat mechanics to your advantage.


And no
Unless you have a boss like genshiro cornered and keep spamming light attacks don’t expect to cheese through bosses as they can cancel their stun frames


light light,firecracker,light light,firecracker,light light firecracker. (there is also the helmsplitter or something that do big posture damage and can perma stun certains bosses)
except if you never attack (can't really do it against the ones that keep going back and forth out of your range like the butterfly lady to be fair),and only do parries/goomba stomp/whatever the dodge forward is named,it becomes mostly about keeping on rythm with the ennemy attacks,and it's much easier than trying to actually be on the offensive (just like fighting games with too much/easy defensive options)


File: 1656180089070.png (41.37 KB, 156x192, chad wolf.png)

Chad Sekiro enjoyer. Best action game ever made. It represents the pinnacle of design by elimination like Fumito Ueda did with Ico. Fuck leveling, fuck multiple weapons, fuck multiple armors and shit, just go and fight. FromSoft magnum opus till date.
>Sekiro is a rythm game


Oh where to start with this ancient fucking trainwreck

For one, don’t bother using the passive attack button, there’s no real “combat” in this game it’s just spam skills and watch vfx play until loot drops(don’t worry about mana as that doesn’t matter either). Passive attacks might aswell do nonexistent damage, enemies can’t block or parry your attacks, movement feels clunky as hell along with platforming sections being badly designed, for some reason the developers never bothered to implement an update where environments transition into each other meaning every time you go from one level to the next one you have to put up with a loading screen EVERY FUCKING TIME you switch to a new zone and that’s just the beginning.
Despite the fact that this dumbass title is decades old and has a shitload of regions to explore all of it feels content barren which is strange considering they add in new quests everyday meaning at any time they could’ve just recycled that content and make it better for new players to get into.
NPCs are the most lifeless and boring as shit sprites you’ll ever see in any game that straight up don’t have simple shit like non quest based dialogue options, the map is shown to you in full display meaning there’s zero sense of exploration at all to be found in this game at all nor are there secrets to be unlocked through playing, the animations on enemies is lazy and the design of them is even worse as all of them are limited to doing exactly one attack and there’s an above 90% chance that it’s not one that can fire projectiles to keep the player moving and fights more than overglorified loot piñata parties.
The UI is simultaneously the most overcluttered and useless component of the game because it’s so easy and repetitive you don’t need to see nearly all the shit on screen
The games aesthetics go either from being a fantasy setting where magic and old forms of governance dominate to some sci fi anime shit that feels like a cartoonish version of wh40k, not just in the set design but also the design of classes, like cmon I shouldn’t see a cyborg and a kinetic highschool student beating the shit out of a wizard with the powers of a god yet that’s just a common occurrence in this dumbass game
The difficulty as mentioned prior is nonexistent as the devs don’t wanna risk driving players away with actually hard shit because the games overall mechanics are so poorly fleshed out any type of difficulty in it would be less of Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1656130227192.jpg (13.52 KB, 350x274, UniversalPaperclip.jpg)


Go for it then, grow the productive forces, see where it gets you


we will achieve communism when we turn everyone into a brain in a vat

File: 1654111782235.png (68.33 KB, 1378x1378, JRPG.png)


>wake up in small village
>it burns down
>go on adventure to kill god
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1. this shit does not matter
2. triss's jaw is just as big as the chicks in bottom pic, you're just retarded. apparently the jaw doesn't bother you if the hair is covering it or if you can't see the cheekbones.


File: 1654384295084.jpg (188.12 KB, 1280x720, DAO party members.jpg)

I perfectly see the cheekbones and the still look a lot less uncanny than how DA:I characters turned out. The funniest thing about Bioware's characters is that they used to be pretty good in the first game, while DA:I has decided to emulate Skyrim's art direction and gave them overdone "realistic" textures that together with the rather shitty animations sent them straight into the uncanny valley.


File: 1654680790558.png (2 MB, 1500x1000, falcon.png)



Man, Demeter really does look like shit in comparison


Ok, but Pokemon has 150 /FUCKABLE/ party members.

File: 1656091722849.png (2.76 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)


What exactly is leftypol's response to the unrest driven by the pride event in Runescape. Considering how many young people still play it, I can safely say that any bullshit that you say about them being more progressive is just straight up wrong considering how the game was filled with protests, saying that LGBT shit is heralded by demons. Like seriously just look at the comment section here.
25 buttholes is a pretty big name in the runescape community too.


>caring about what autists say about what other faggots do in an early 2000s grind simulator


File: 1656092008131.jpg (55.89 KB, 531x531, 1493339124561.jpg)

>attempt to cause unrest
>can only riot in the designated PVP areas
Heh, better luck next time carebears


Like seriously how do you not notice the increase in reactionary rhetoric on the internet?


who's this semen demon

it depends where you go obviously


oh right it's this retard again

File: 1656014741756.jpg (9.57 KB, 178x283, noo your too.jpg)


Who is the biggest comrade in dota? i only play treent protector and use ecosia so i am doing my part but i feel like i could be doing more for my activism what is the best leftist hero i want to raise awareness


The biggest comrade in dota is Io obviously holy shit you're literally fused to another hero as part of a collective and have to cooperate together.


Ask your friends.


Dota? More like Don't-a play-a this-a game


Lmao the thumbnail looks like the intro to one really shitty porno
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File: 1655095150758-0.png (786.58 KB, 1007x673, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655095150758-1.png (3.52 MB, 3579x1174, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655095150758-2.png (189.65 KB, 360x360, ClipboardImage.png)

I never fucked with Blizzard past The OG Starcraft. When I saw the sub Yugioh-card tier artwork for the Starcraft sequel is about when I forsake them forever.

Motherfucker never learned the basics of perspective and renders like he just picked up a demo version of photoshop.


Most of Overwatch is just glorified porn. What did you expect from Blizzard?


it's pre porn I play it a bit to get my dick ready and desperate for more.


I bet at this point more people have jerked off to the fan art/animations than have played the actual game. Kudos to one of the biggest game companies for making the vidya equivalent of RWBY.


>video equivalent of rwby


Just a friendly reminder that gamers are not virgins but actually very successful men in real life
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>a secluded area
i would fucking kill myself


Idk, I'm torn between trying to change society and trying to exit it while not having the means to do either. It's set up that way. Capital integrates and colonizes everything while in the same act robbing you of the means of (re)production.


You would really miss waking up to the noise of your neighbors circular sawwing lawn that much?


>Capital integrates and colonizes everything while in the same act robbing you of the means of (re)production.
wow you don't know what you're talking about


That was an incredibly homosexual song.

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