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File: 1684376200712.jpg (62.49 KB, 310x355, chihuahua zelda2.jpg)


Favorite racing game:
Favorite action game:
Favorite adventure game:
Favorite shooter:
Favorite RPG:
Favorite puzzle game:
Favorite strategy game:
Favorite (other genre here) game:

Ignore the genres you don't like, and don't think too much, just answer with whatever game in the genre that you'd want to be playing
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Favorite racing game: Mario Kart 8
Favorite action game: Sekiro
Favorite adventure game: Breath of the Wild
Favorite shooter: Half Life 2
Favorite RPG: Persona 5
Favorite puzzle game: Portal 2


hi data mining person, please tell to your bosses that I don't want another disco elysium or the witcher saga. stop wasting money writing scripts and stories: I consciously refuse to read game dialogs. and no, adding more rails to your rail adventure games doesn't make them open world. come up with some actual game mechanics with emergent gameplay potential and I might consider spending money on your product


Greetings customer, might I suggest Battle Brothers or Wartales? They are open world tactical RPGs, in which you manage a group of mercenaries in a low-fantasy medieval world, taking various contracts and building your reputation with factions, exploring, fighting or trading in order to lead your company to wealth and glory. Both games are critically acclaimed and available on Steam and GOG store.


battle brothers also has a dynamic economy


A delightful game, but I never really managed to get into it. The company size is at fault, at the beginning you grow attached to your brothers, getting levels and equipment for them is exciting, but when you have 15 guys micromanaging them is just tedious.


I can’t believe knowing that after it was abondoned so many years ago that I’m still torn over it. I’ve never seen a game in my life that looks distinctly like anthem, the sense of scale that brings back memories of morrowind, the unique geometry of the terrain similar to earths or Minecraft’s new caves that makes you want to explore every inch of terrain out there, the fact that unlike most games that keep you grounded in anthem you become airborne as a core element of gameplay.

I NEED a game that has these kinds of mechanics and aesthetics so bad. Every time I come back to this game I get hit with a pang of sadness knowing what could’ve been, it’s like seeing rdr2 and tlou2 or kill zone 3. You always wonder where games could’ve been if that level of quality and uniqueness in game design became a standard for the industry

File: 1683894038674.png (171.11 KB, 500x282, rey90o7nm5c51.png)


ITT we complain about overrated games or games we were looking forward to but ended up not living to our expectations.

My number 1 spot would go to Witcher 3. I was a fan of books and games, played Witcher 2 on lowest setting at like 10fps because thats the best my old computer could handle. When Witcher 3 came out it swept the awards, everybody was praising it a the greatest RPG of all time, so when years later I finally got a new laptop I was so excited to play it. And then I was greeted with a generic ubisoft-tier open world gameplay, repetitive combat, lacking RPG mechanics, god-awful progression system, and frankly a bastardization of Gerald as a character for the same of making him into the Elder Scrolls protagonist. Even the quality of writing ended up squandered because every quest just boiled down to blindly following a quest marker.

Warhammer: Total War is a contender though. Again, was stuck playing Medieval 2 because computer couldnt run newer titles, picked the specs for the new one based on Warhammer 3 requirements, only to finally get to play it and realize how much that series regressed over the years. Even fucking visuals got in some ways worse.
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IDK about that, mostly saw people praising his quest line, which is one of the better ones in the game. Anyhow, I think the main story is pretty mediocre, but that's pretty similar to the books themselves, the source material is not all that great outside of the two short stories collections, which weren't focused on Ciri that much.


There's not much I can say about this game that hasn't already been said over the years. I got a mild interest in metal gear playing rising as a teen but I wasn't driven to go play the rest of the games until I saw the 2013 E3 trailer for phantom pain, and it looked so cool to me that I saved up for the legacy collection for ps3 and played through the mainline series and PW a few months before TPP released.

I liked the game the first several hours I played but fell out of it halfway through when I realized how bland the environments and mission design were. The game gives you a ton of options and the most effective one will always be shooting soldiers with a tranq and then launching them with a fulton so they're gone for good without having to kill them. There's hardly any The cost of making weapons started to rear its head and I would do shit like leave my ps3 on while I was at school (side ops missions you sent soldiers on took IRL time too now that I remember) because a gun took 9 IRL hours to make. FOBs felt half assed and MGO3 was fun for a day until they patched all the busted shit and it became a bland, both made me wish they just axed both of them during development and implemented coop instead like in PW. The story's significance to the overall plot of the series is hilarious, especially with how the marketing was hyping it up as the final thread to everything.


MGS5 is in my top 10 games of all time for sure, in terms of fun the gameplay is unparalleled for me. I do like MGS1 and 3 too and somewhat like 2, never cared for 4 or PW.


Well, I just finished Metro: Last Light since Steam was giving it free (and since I read 2033 a long time ago I knew it to be written by the scum that is a liberal russian). So yeah, we did it guys! The base is secured and the reds are dead! So full of anger they are that they are red!
The game played itself apart from the beasts that torn you up if you didn't buy shotgun shells. And sadly Beria 2.0 loses in both endings.
How to say it? Apart from the obvious white russian adjacent propaganda (insert Trotsky as a demon a top a mountain of skeletons kind) it is slow but decent 6/10 (I would have given it a 7 but seeing the old -maybe it was a mania in games from its time- walk through ventilations and hear everything in exposition trope tired me by the 3rd time it happened)


And I miss the second most important thing that made me just be zombie in the ending!!
>Miller kept opening the doors of the ancient bunker and kept finding more bioweapons instead of supplies
What the hell were you expecting retard! That a secret russian/soviet bunker lab is going to be a bread stand!
Didn't someone knew for that goverment they were working for!
The writing men, the writing. I can only seem to think that the writer put a or his gooditooshoeness in "Miller for making it seem like the honest man whom he intends the prota and reader/player to intend to be.

File: 1684466719681.jpg (166.12 KB, 1471x828, img.jpg)


>the timeline has been reset three (3) times so far
This is getting ridiculous. Ed Boon seriously needs to learn about story roadmapping and pre-planning. Don't turn every game into an Ultimate Showdown of The Ultimate Destiny where there's no further room for anything, save that for the last one.
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That's what happens when your franchise is built around characters killing each other. Then you realize fans want to play as the classic characters and have to think of the ways of not letting them stay dead.


Except the original MK timeline went through 7 main games without any of this shit.


The story was already retarded as fuck due to all the deaths, they just resorted to regular resurrections instead of multiverse type shit.


Story? I just want to kick my family members ass until they quit.


Finally someone understands mortal kombat


She was tired of killing and seeker revenge again as a way to deal with her inability to resolve all the grief she’s endured throughout her life since she met Joel. Based off the story it’s known to the player that she didn’t hunt down abby a second time out of a want but to make peace with her own trauma she felt from the death of Joel, the murder of Nora, the mass casualties she’s caused in her hunt for Abby, the motivation to hunt for Abby once again did not come from her directly but out of a heated argument Dina and Tommy had with Ellie nearby. Thus the second attempt at revenge wasn’t truly off a want for vengeance, something she demonstrates by saving abby instead of killing her and almost contemplating leaving Jackson for a life of isolation before another flare of her trauma comes back to motivate her to try and fulfill her initial goal. Ellie doesn’t truly want abby dead, she wants some way to come to terms with the pain she’s experienced, something she wasn’t able to find when she was with her family and friends and something she’s now having to dealing with by the ending as she leaves her home one last time.
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>dude revenge is bad. it's just a vicious cycle that destroys lives
>also you are stupid if you don't like a character who's introduced taking revenge against the protagonists and destroying their lives
such writing
many theme


That's because Cuckmann is a retarded writer. I can write a better script on toilet paper in 5 minutes than that hack.

Here's a plot outline I thought up in 5 minutes on how I would fix TLOU2:

>Still part of the Fireflies
>The Fireflies are still active but maintaining a much-reduced presence after the events of the first game. Their goal is still to find a cure, but Abby's personal group of Fireflies also desires revenge for what Joel did to the hospital outpost - this revenge mission is totally unsanctioned, and the Firefly higher ups are unaware of Abby's group’s real objective
>The Fireflies, realizing the dangers and the high casualty rates that come from maintaining large standing outposts after Joel's attack, have gone back to their guerilla roots and reorganized themselves into an pseudo-intelligence network with many hidden cells that can act independently, and have sent infiltrators into multiple other towns and factions such as the WLF and the Seraphites in order to keep tabs on everyone so that they can continue to try to search for and to kidnap immune candidates to further their research, in addition to the side benefit of receiving a pre-emptive heads up in case anyone else wants to attack them like Joel did
>Abby has successfully infiltrated into Jackson and is keeping tabs on Ellie and Joel by the start of the game
>Her cover story is claiming to be a defector from WLF (which will be true as her original assignment was to infiltrate the WLF – not Jackson, which the Fireflies have been ordered to stay away from for fear of provoking another Joel rampage or larger attack) warning Jackson about the WLF's expansionist ambitions and desire to eventually control all of what used to be the United States (which will be false as in this story they will be isolationists instead of yet another generic power-hungry military group)
>Abby will be constantly urging Tommy, Maria, and any other Jackson leaders to send scouting missions led by her to Seattle, the HQ of WLF (as she knows the locale and can keep everyone relatively "safe") so that Jackson can keep tabs on and receive an early warning if the WLF decides to attack Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


N one in this thread is realizing that nobody actually apologized. Abby left Ellie alive twice not because she wanted her alive but out of exhaustion and wanting to leave to somewhere else with the fireflies with lev
Ellie didn’t give up on killing Abby twice because she forgave her for anything. She got exhausted off her own violence and was already dealing with too much going on in Jackson to see killing Abby while she’s in possession of a child as worthwhile


>giving up on vengeance because you are le tired
points for originality in this interpretation lol


Didn’t she also get beaten to near death and told to not come after again by both Abby and her wife Dina for her own health?

File: 1683040850637.jpg (30.45 KB, 336x413, Black_ops_2_cover.jpg)


Best Game of 2012?

Def BO2
The black ops series in general is amazing
The action
The Characters
Also some really iconic weapons like the DSR 50 and the Peacekeeper
I recently finished Black Ops 1 and i loved the campaign but BO2 has better multiplayer by far

I love reznov
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Awful story and morality system though.
>"Look all these fun items and abilities you have! Btw if you use them you get shit ending."
>"We really want player to think about moral implication of their actions, the destructiveness of violence and toll it takes on them and the world around them, so if you kill enemies you get shit ending. Also lets portray every enemy in the game as a puppy-kicking psycho devoid of any redeeming qualities."
>"Hey, our story about being betrayed and now having to enact vengeance while protecting young queen ran out halfway through the game, what should we do?" "Hm, how about our character gets betrayed and now has to enact vengeance while protecting young queen?"
>"Should we in any way address all those interesting parts of our setting, the magic, the witches, occultism, mystical entities?" "NO"


agreed, the 'non lethal to get the good ending' craze, when the people you're killing are evil fucks, is retarded


It's just you creating more chaos when using lethal methods. It's not good/bad. Non lethal is a more restrained approach, in some cases it's even more brutal, like sending that lady away with a weirdo. (She ends up poisoning him or something). People are being too bitchmade about this system, even if it's far from perfect.


It makes perfect sense.
>Killing more guards, aristocrats, officials, etc. increases chaos, crime, and confusion as the state collapses from lack of personnel
>Plague speeds up even further when you've decapitated and destroyed 90% of the security apparatus in the local area
>Demoralization and complete anarchy spread

That's why going full murder hobo in the Daud DLC is so much fun because unlike Corvo your character is not concerned about broader society and you can use all the fun stuff because hey it's not like you cared about anyone anyways.


Also, the devs are most likely libs who think "bloody revolution bad". Like that boatman who bitches at you when dropping you off in the last mission. Just kill that old faggot, enjoy the chaos.

File: 1684471400707.jpg (155.75 KB, 900x395, 591829379.jpg)


We are not `hostile'. Hostility is unwarranted aggression! SNORT!

If you want to know about hostility, let us tell you about Culture Twelve!


Based on the lore most of the damage dealt from the mass bombings took place between cities and not the vast amounts of and occupying earth. Granted a lot of land isn’t good to farm on either due to deficiencies of nutrients like nitrates or being too far from convenient water sources, the list keeps going but it does show that people could sort of thrive in a post atomic world with minimal repercussions and that’s sweet lore wise because it sets up a lot of questions about the world outside of the USA.

What’s the NCR doing in Mexico that makes travel there worthwhile enough to establish new territory, how’s china doing with all the infrastructure it’s built today and will build from 2076 to the years after the bombs, is the only region that still couldn’t get past the war just the USA? Is the rest of the planet just fine from all the years and since then people have gotten a lot better. Interesting
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File: 1684435867351.png (2.59 MB, 2560x1440, ClipboardImage.png)

Not only is Point Lookout horribly irradiated and filled with its own breed of mutants and full of ghouls, but there are places that are more or less pristine and where it actually rains in the Fallout US. Still filled with critters though.


They fixed the sponges in the sequel


Game design rant:
IMHO there is nothing wrong with difficulty levels that just differ in how much health and ammo the player has :P It's just that with a design like that while bother having a menu option for difficulty. The game can just start on hardest and change to the next easier mode once the player goes past some limit of ammo spent or health lost. In other words, designers can just put all these LDDs (="lazy difficulty distinction", just made that up) into scoring mechanics or achievements. Would it be always objectively better design to do this with LDD? I wouldn't go that far because I think there is a psychological difference in how the player experiences it.


File: 1684448851192.jpg (163.22 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I have not idea what you mean.
But anyway, difficulty setting need to always be aware of how they affect the game balance and interact with other systems. Pillars of Eternity 2 is both a good and a bad example. On highest difficulty there will be additional enemies spawned along the "normal" ones, often of different type and higher levels, making fights harder, but at the same time more fun and diverse, forcing you to devise new tactics to overcome them.
It also lowers your chance-to-hit. Now this is a game with very limited per-encounter ability action points, so often you will be allowed to use only cca. 3 abilities per character in single encounter. They often synergize together, you are expected to use abilities thoughtfully to be able to win. If you use ability and miss, it still counts as used and consumes your action points. Meaning maxed-out perception (which increases hit-chance) is basically a mandatory character build on higher difficulties, significantly constraining player freedom and creativity.


I wouldnt be suprised that china has become dengist


Anyone else into games centered on political simulation? A fav of mine is The New Campaign Trail, which is focused on the campaign - the mods included on the website are the bread and butter. Recs are 1864, 1972d, and 1996Powell.
Can be played here: https://www.newcampaigntrail.com/campaign-trail/index.html
I've been trying to get into The Political Process but my eyes glaze over trying to parse it.
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Bear in mind that the stuff in the "main" window is from the original website, and some of it is of dubious quality.


Suzerain and democracy 4 is based


anyone here able to win as Nader?


When I tried my best I not only got less votes than IRL Nader, but also somehow secured clear victory for Al Gore by flipping Missouri and Arkansas blue.


That's what happened to me as well

File: 1684028306085.mp4 (19 MB, 1920x1080, IMG_1879.mp4)


I beat Celeste for the second time
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File: 1684063622325.webm (120.78 KB, 480x270, goodjob.webm)


I beat if one time and that was enough for me.


At least attempt the b sides


Are you trans?


No I just like platformers. Though I have noticed that I’ve been having to thoughts and dreams about being a woman since I’ve been trying to lose weight with the initial goal of making running and climbing a lot easier

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