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File: 1715009744593.png (159.53 KB, 391x235, wp_ss_20240506_0001.png)


So entertainment technology is becoming more addictive, more immersive and more personalized. If you think your dopamine receptors are already fried, wait until VR porn becomes mainstream.

I don't know about you, but I will not touch this shit. I will not use modern entertainment technology, because I don't want to get used to this extreme brain stimulation. Basically the same reason, why I wouldn't try heroin.
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Showing it to yourself may seem like a common trope of advice. However common this advice may seem it's because it is an approximate truth. Something to be discovered for yourself if it hold meaning to you, which is a valuable use of your time.


No, they're right. It's not that your dopamine receptors get fried. It's your attention span that gets fucked. Big difference. When your dopamine receptors are hyperstimulated all the time you become more easily bored.


File: 1715162268719.jpg (118.46 KB, 640x888, just one more lane bro.jpg)

I'll keep using modern entertainment technology until society makes going outside worthwhile.


Actually, you know what? VR is based. Mega-based in fact. It forces people to actually use their whole body. AR is even more based, it forces people to touch grass. VR and AR are our last lifeboats before we are turned into the mindless drones of corporations, they must be protected at all costs from the Big Tech and the adoption of brain chips, brain chips should not exist, once they exist it's all so over.


Everything I don't like that other people like more than my vague arbitrary acceptable threshold of liking things is actually le drug.


Old thread fell off at some point. I've been trying out the hardcore addon for classic and it's been a lot more fun than I thought it would be. Only level 20 so far on my warrior but it makes what's usually a long slog to max a lot more dramatic with trackers for its own achievements like only using certain gear or not using professions. It's pretty sobering seeing all the death alerts too, knowing what a huge time investment it is for someone to get to the 50-60 range only to die from fall damage or something. There's also a big sense of community with all the hardcore guilds and people tend to look out for each other even if they're not "officially" allowed to, which is cool.

Not being able to trade (even if to hand off things you can't use), no grouping unless in a duo/trio or in a dungeon, and only being allowed to run each dungeon once before max is annoying, but I'm hoping the official servers will be able to smooth out the rough edges whenever they come out. I don't think they should make trading/dungeons unrestricted, maybe just put a level band on grouping (no group member can be more than 4 levels apart from anyone else, for example) and prevent trading gold before max level while making traded items soulbound so they can't get passed around.
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What a loser. I bet he has nothing going for him in life.


kinda epic ngl


Every single design decision that blizzard has had to go back on or regret making can be traced down to a single idea, one wow shares with multiple other MMOs. Wow is designed like a linear game with a fixed conclusion in a game that’s not supposed to end. If you want to know what this looks like compare world of Warcrafts quest lines to RuneScape 2s. RuneScape 2 has quest lines that function similar to gta 5s, although some do connect to the main story of the game most quests don’t relate to any specific grand goal or character arc, they all serve as one off stories about different aspects of the world as a whole and how the player goes about dealing with the problems prosed in them is their own choice. Thus quests in RuneScape 2 rarely ever feel bloated or pointless to the game, because they’re all optional, and serve as content the player can playthrough at any time at any pace they want. Wow on the other hand has a lot of quests that play a lot differently, most are integrated to some major plot point in warcrafts lore, to some grand journey. When the quests go off topic to these stories they feel completely out of place, they feel pointless and serve only to drag out playtime for the player and they don’t have to be but that’s just how they were designed relative to the game. This disparity between how the game is fundamentally set up - an MMO to hop in and play for as long as you want whenever you want - and how blizzard designs new content is what drives out the fun in a lot of expansions, often completely indirectly and this is why so many new decisions put into it get scrapped. Increasing level caps, scrapped due to p2w shit and also just the fact that levelling for that long is boring and hard to balance on the developer end due to bloat. Azerite gear and item leveling, has to be scrapped and completely reworked because it feels out of place and over complicates progression. Heirlooms and the old skill tree, ends up getting reworked or even removed in some places because again it feels out of place, like it’s bloating the game even if the game isn’t meant to be finished without it.

What I’m saying here is that wows fundamental problems game design wise stems from a disconnect between the fact that it’s an MMO meant to be played indefinitely while having content designed to be finished once like in an ordinary game. What ends up happening is all that content ends up getting clogged with system after mechanic after feature and it all feelPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Classic Hardcore is out. Anyone else playing?


Some madman is remaking Runescape in WoW and is starting an alpha within a month. The world scale seems pretty wonky in 3D. Very little verticality as well.

File: 1659487031459.jpg (136.07 KB, 806x1199, 1656976942546.jpg)

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It's 2022 and TF2 still slaps.
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I hope TF2 doesn't suddenly die out otherwise my supply of Mann Co. keys from trading will be worthless


>The famous online video game, chess
Chess is a multiplayer game though.
>Franchises, not a single game
Team Fortress is a franchise. Team Fortress Forever still gets players to this day.
>sorry but the idea that games or media in general have an expiration date is moronic
It's not moronic because proprietary online games and games with DRM become unplayable if the server software isn't released and if DRM isn't removed. You can make private servers in TF2 so even if Steam DRM stops working there is a potential that private servers will still be working on cracked versions of the game. BUT some online features such as trading and achievements will not work anymore if the game gets delisted (even "dead" online games don't get delisted so that's unlikely).


none of this has anything to do with the age of a game though. games younger than tf2 have had their official servers killed


>none of this has anything to do with the age of a game though
Of course. Just saying that games indeed do expire, but not in a way the anon thinks they do. It's indeed not the age that expires them, but rather the devs themselves, and it's always either their own fault or their publisher's.


Yes it does

File: 1614681809737.png (394.59 KB, 616x353, ClipboardImage.png)

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Without Colonel Soll, there would be no New Sordland!
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>it's not like he releases the information anyways
He does. He literally does. It makes it easier for you to get Zillie through AN arbitration and pleases Wehlen, so you might not even have to.

If you send Titus after Su Omina and don't cooperate, you can use it as a chip against Lespia in negotiations. If you exhaust every option, but the last, you can bring up the spy, and either Lespia will give up Rusty to you, and you can nationalize RRG (for +5) or you can have them veto any sanctions against you, if you're going to war.

You will always lose AN arbitration, if you have a shit global image for being a racist asshole, accept ships from Valgsland, and keep ships in the field.


>Now that I think about it. Can Marxists potentially ally with lolberts?
And thus, the united front was born


I don't remember him releasing the information. Even if he did I feel like that being public domain would help my case at the AN right?? That Pales' primary backer is sponsoring terrorism against me. I did manage to get Zille back though without the AN so that's something. Wiktor is a funny guy!

In seriousness the only reason I would prolly consider playing it again is to follow up on the fact that if you pursue a pro-Valgsland foreign policy Hegel rings you up at some point and is like 'I think we may have a common interest which you have been keeping from everyone around you… is that right?' and you can be like 'assuming that was the case, now is not the right time, and I wouldn't admit it anyway', which makes me think there is some goofy Manchurian candidate path where you allow the country to have a socialist uprising. Possibly added to by the drinking game where you can be like 'sometimes I wish that the republican revolution had succeeded'. But no idea if that's a real fully fleshed out path or just a tease/an afterthought.


If you note the curious "Flagship" unit that there is no way to obtain, it's safe to say the DLC isn't finished.


I figured that was just to give the AI some advantage lol.

 No.28641[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

It actually looks like a pretty good game after skimming this video. I hope the combat will be more dangerous and punchy though and that the quest/dialogue aspect of the game which wasn't the focus the vid will be good.
Planned to release for September 6th, I think I'll pirate it on day one, or whenever empress does her magic if it's under Denuvo.
Well I would need a better PC, whenever I thought about upgrading my decade old machine to play releasing AAA titles such as Cyberpunk or Callisto Protocol I ended up not doing it because those games were shit, most of the big games recently were shit actually, hope Starfield breaks the trend.
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>>33507 (me)
The final solution is therefore communism the collapse of the console market.


8 months after release it sounds like they're finally getting their footing with the latest update. Some of these changes were sorely needed back when I played, and it looks like they're introducing the first pieces of survival mode with the modular difficulty settings; I'm hoping they'll carry over the separate incoming and outgoing damage multiplier settings into TES VI, at the very least. Still no creation kit, but it sounds like they're giving paid modders access to it first so the monetized creation club has a leg up compared to free mods. Exploration still has glaring problems but maybe they'll fix it somehow when the DLC comes out this fall.


ehhhh starfield was dead on arrival.
>Generic visuals and art direction
>Generic setting and characters
>Generic gameplay and mechanics
It’s just boring.


>release bad game
<maybe they'll fix it a year later with a bunch of updates
absolute state of AAA god damn


This is how the life of a Sonic fan feels like, now every company will become Sonic Team, welcome to the club, buddy.

File: 1714577259514.png (45 KB, 400x261, Tetris.png)


>Progression system
The pieces drop faster the longer you play.
>Build variety
The number of piece combinations and placement options means you can customize as you see fit.
The emergent narrative possibilities are unmatched by any other RPG, as they're restricted to simple dialogue options.
>Choices and consequences
Putting the pieces in suboptimal locations can fuck up your run completely.
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It's named after the Shakespeare play. Russians love their native arts.


what is the role that you play in the role playing game tetris


File: 1714711453450.png (914.13 KB, 1200x1488, ClipboardImage.png)

>RPG where combat is played out via Tetris


Actually, it's a shortening of "tetramino," a puzzle game Bazhenov based his game on.
>Russians love their native arts.
Lol, no.


It's up to player headcanon, it's very immersive in that sense.

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There's going to be a Fallout TV show and it looks like a yoghurt ad. It's also solely based on Fallout 4 and it's going to have even more BOS wank. Thanks Todd!
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Todd says everything is canon, for what that's worth.


I love BB and all but I seriously don't like the idea of random celebs crawling out of the woodwork to try and worm their way into shows because they like the IP. If Aaron Paul is in S2 I'm actually going to be a bit irritated.


Matthew Perry was put in New Vegas because he talked about playing 3 a lot. Aaron Paul could work in Fallout. The problem is they would probably put a bunch of BrBa jokes in there.


That pic is from New Vegas' launch event.

>If Aaron Paul is in S2 I'm actually going to be a bit irritated.

Maybe if the pics get enough traction on social media but I doubt it.


I hate to say anything good about dark souls 2, but elden rings combat is considerably worse. The only good thing about it is the lack of enemy spam and that’s it. AOE attacks, environmental hazards and gank squads in boss fights, projectile spamming, enemies that exist as ai variants of the player character, unusually high poise enemies, and unpredictable delayed swings make running a melee play through even more painful than it is in dark souls. I’m not asking the game to have sekiros combat pacing, quite the opposite. I like the feeling of weight the souls trilogy had with their combat, it feels sluggish, fair and brutal like the world you were in. Only a few large enemies were actually fast and that’s if they were more lean than large like yhorm or gundyr. Every fucking enemy in elden ring has so much cheese attached to the way they attack that it’s meta to spam jump attacks and rolls which is even worse than the r1 and estus mashing of ds3, also poise is meaningless against spells unlike DS2. It’s a shame knowing DS2 and 3 still have the best pvp that’s far more aggressive with much less of people straight up running away, spamming spells/summons and constantly fishing for jump attacks, parries and backstabs like in DeS and DS1.
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File: 1714256743600.jpg (56.68 KB, 1100x732, 1713117565205697.jpg)

>The fact it caught on as its own subgenre shows that bandwagoning redditors don't even understand what made the games appeal to people.
From software fell off after bloodborne and you can tell just by how people talk about their favorite bosses
Every single one always pics the flashy, cinematic looking boss
I've been saying this shit ever since elden ring came out that every boss turns into a dodgeroll, then wait for their aoe to finish and dodge roll again
No more boss battles that reward you for paying attention to the environment or anything like in DS1


I just gotta say that this is my first time coming here after checking to see if 420chan was finally back, and it's reeaal fucking weird to see the same damn opinions here as on /v/, albeit without seeing the word transhumanist being thrown around by obnoxious manchildren.


>albeit without seeing the word transhumanist being thrown around by obnoxious manchildren
so whats the problem exactly


That was the nice part. I just wasn't expecting to see people shitting all over DS3, Elden Ring etc. like the perpetually angry and hateful chuckle fucks on /v/. I guess I just miss 420chan still.


I mean pure melee builds are not really supposed to exist. You have STR casting options with minimal Faith, or Dex which improves casting speed so it's good combined with Fai or Int which can both work with Arcane shit too.
The whole game is balanced around casting and weapon arts but melee is super sustainable with a high amount of endurance.
Probably my best build is just pushing STR and END with 14 faith, and 2h scaling works fine even past 100, there seems to be no actual cap on carry weight bonus from END. Also it lets you take some points out of Vigor and many out of Focus.


been on the resident evil mood. it's a much better franchise than i thought!!!!!!

i played 1(hd remake), 2, 4, 5 and 7. i haven't finished 3 (ps1) yet but it's already my favorite along with the first one. can't wait to play the remakes of 2, 3 and 4

do you like any resident evil??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


4 with wii controls is goated, but wii shooter controls in general are an unfair comparison


cute leon jacket on the chihueyey. I like all of them except resident 7 and onwards, they're too SCARYYY


resident evil 4 VR is pretty solid, good replay value


I played REmake, 2, 3, 5, and 6 and like REmake the most of them. 2 is good but I kinda prefer 3 to it. Live selection's a cool idea and I like making your own ammo as a mechanic. 5 was the first RE I played and I liked back then, hated 6 and only did Leon's campaign. Tried playing 0 and CV but they have obnoxious level design and mechanics that made me fall off. Played a bit of 4 but not that much. If I ever play another RE game it'll probably be the original re1 just to see what it's like.


File: 1714609259995.jpg (55.86 KB, 475x539, jill sammich.jpg)

>>35030 damn i wanna pl
>>35037 ay these versions
>>35036 no you r qt :3 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
and scary is fun, it makes me feel alive when i get spooked, so i rly liked 7. haven't played 8 yet
>>35038 i played the remake and then the original first game, and i was shocked with the amount of cool additions the remake has. that invincible monster woman isn't in the og (i rly like her), and crimson heads aren't in the og either (they're a brilliant addition!!!!). There are also more puzzles in the remake, and i love puzzles

File: 1714434409382-0.jpeg (955.4 KB, 3264x2448, suck it down.jpeg)

File: 1714434409382-1.jpg (233.11 KB, 1566x881, doomguy.jpg)


What kind of world would we be living in now if John Romero did indeed succeed in making us his collective bitch? What kind of effect would "sucking it down" have had on the course of events in gaming?

>daikatana is the killer shooter instead of halo

>2 weapon max doesn't take hold
>9-11 averted
>high concept boomer shooters displace brownanbloom ww2/cowadoody at the big industry cash cow
>ion storm goes on from its massive successes with deus ex and daikatana to buy up a bunch of other 90s studios
>with design being law origin, westwood, etc aren't cannibalized and destroyed by EA
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>Metroid Prime would be the killer app and Samus would become the most popular Nintendo character.
Multiplayer is what drove Halo. Metroid Prime only had multiplayer in 2 and Nintendo wasn't going to do online, so couldn't replicate Halo 2 and 3 regardless.


That doesn't necessarily mean that military shooters would look the same as they do now if boomer shooters were popular, they'd probably look closer to Wolfenstein: the New Order and such instead of CoD. And when it comes to story-focused FPSs they'd probably be immersive sims instead like Deus Ex and System Shock.
I said "Bungie would've continued to make Marathon games" for a reason.


In this universe Nintendo would also be different after id convinced them to let them put Mario on the pc, and it's success along with the runaway hit that Mario deathmatch would bring convinces nintendo to invest heavily in online multiplayer.


Splatoon would have been created earlier.


Someone didn't play Sigil 2.

UT is better, cunt. Eat my flak.

>2. The only genuine contribution of COD was ADS. But ADS sucks in arcade-y games and ARMA did it first anyway so…
Hoooly shit, I can't believe someone else finally said this. This this this.

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