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Couldn’t give less of a shit about the story but holy the movement options and exploration in this game is fucking satisfying to the point where levels designed to be completed in a pre calculated way can be side stepped if you understand the dash mechanics and abilities well enough. This all makes the game intensely fun to play through on a second run as it feels like a breeze the second time around


The instant respawn in the same place you die makes the game for me. Good 2D platformer.

File: 1656594284284.png (1.97 MB, 1939x753, ClipboardImage.png)


When are Donkey Kong characters getting some love? Smash isn't complete without Funky, Dixie and Cranky Kong.


Just make an all kong fighting game. Call it



Separate fighting games are pointless in this era. Same with Mario Kart, I expect 9 to include all of 8s content.

File: 1656023469637.png (196.09 KB, 1882x486, Steam.png)


Pick up anything good at the summer sale, lads?
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yeah it sucks devs be doing that, there's enough games out there you can avoid the DLC-raped ones though, or try to get them in a bundle


File: 1656389252032.jpg (Spoiler Image, 745.55 KB, 1920x1080, cooba.jpg)

Well, for a long time I have been wanting to buy some Ostalgie dlcs.
And although they were heavily capitalizing in the althistory shit (but frankly it is the core of their games in the end) and the Yugoslav campaign seems confusing at first (and at second) glance it is what I expected. Some ostalgie fun
Pic A cuban ending


I bought OMORI and finished it yesterday.
I haven't cried this much in years.


>an exploit can generate infinite free activation keys
>you don't even have to do anything special or difficult


They fixed it already according to the comments. Besides won't you get your account vanned if you try this kind of stuff?

File: 1608527995266.png (195.15 KB, 1440x500, leftytg.png)


Tabletop Games / Traditional Games
Wargames, Roleplaying Games, Board Games, Card Games, Drinking Games, and so on and so on.
What are you playing/running/home-brewing? What do you have to recommend or criticize?
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You absolutely can play as a nazi-type asshole, which is what they must love about it; but that's the point: you can play like that, but you don't have to. There are lots of different paths, and afaik the game does not condone nazi shit. Sseth has a video about the game which is suprisingly in-depth, and also shows this racist side quite explicitly (given the /v/-like humor he is known for), so watch critically.


I watched it when it was new, and discussion does pop up more when he discusses any game.
>(given the /v/-like humor he is known for)
Let's be clear, that's usually just racism, he definitely leans right and as do most of his viewerbase.
The usual thing I see being reposted is that orcs have a terrorist liberation movement and are also being bred by greedy rich gnomes who kidnap human women and have them raped to breed more orcs. You can see the obvious parallels here.


they should add Friedrich Engels to this game for maximum lulz


Weren't most of the books in the game and the gnome conspiracy questlines just parodies?


Even if they are what's to stop someone from just being like "this, but unironically."


If I had to describe this dumbass game it would be
“The most fun game I’ve never enjoyed”. The musics great, the quest lines are great, the level of accessibility and interactivity means any player can play however they feel which is wonderful, your actions do have an impact on the quests your doing making it immersive, but all at the same fucking time the p2w is obvious, endgame content is garbage compared to getting to endgame and the combat although complex and intriguing is also clunky as shit and unresponsive at times

It’s like a crossbreed between the RPG mechanics of morrowind and the charm but monetization policies of blizzard. So fucking strange

File: 1656402542498.png (246.8 KB, 320x320, ClipboardImage.png)


These games would be so much better if they were perma-death, and you could skip the cutscenes. Seriously I'm struggling to complete the first game on DS because there's so much downtime. Do the sequels get better? I just want to play the game. Not care about some bullshit time travel.


Sounds like you want to play One Step from Eden instead.


Yeah. I'm aware of that game. But since people claimed that game was like MMBN, I expected MMBN to be less grindy, is there a rebattle mode that allows me to replay the bossfights or something? On, say, a completed save? I don't quite like how Eden looks.

File: 1656529467463.pdf (320.14 KB, 197x255, Rogue_Manual_DOS_EN.pdf)


I had often wondered where the term "Roguelike" that folks use to describe dungeon crawlers came from. Yesterday, I found out. It turns out that Rogue was that ASCII game that I played as a little kid on my Tandy 1000. So, forty years later, I finally finished the thing. It's still kind of fun, and every bit as frustrating as I remember it. God, the first time that I found the Amulet of Yendor and realized that then I would have to climb all the way back up again to finish the game had little me banging his head on the desk.

There is a downloadable copy here https://www.myabandonware.com/game/rogue-4n . If you try it, know that the food mechanic will be the bane of your existence. The most difficult aspect of the game is unquestionably getting down to level 26 and back without dying of hunger. You can't go too fast, or you will not have done enough grinding to survive a single hit from the monsters at the lower levels, but you can't go too slowly either or risk losing when your food runs out. Rattlesnakes, Wraiths, Vampires, and Aquators are the worst, because they can lower your stats permanently. Savescum, because there is no surviving without doing so.

Paleo-retro gaming threat, I guess?
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>God I fucking hate that kind of difficulty man.
Right? What is even the point of levels when the enemies scale to them?


First roguelike I ever played back in the day, the kino OST stuck with me



It is so strange to see a game that runs in multiple windows. That reminds me, I need to set up a Virtual Box.

That game was from 1994, right? Damn good year for soundtracks, that. NHL '94 had a theme song that still plays in hockey arenas today. The new CD consoles made high-quality music soundtracks possible, and Soundgarden convinced their record label to provide a whole album worth of music for the then-next gen game Road Rash.The result was probably the best soundtrack in video game history up until Crazy Taxi got released in 2000.


bsd-games: bsd-games (Classic BSD text games collection)
bsd-games: Games that go in /usr/games: adventure arithmetic atc backgammon
bsd-games:  banner battlestar bcd caesar canfield cfscores countmail cribbage
bsd-games:  dab factor fortune go-fish gomoku hack hangman hunt mille monop
bsd-games:  morse number phantasia pig pom ppt primes quiz rain random robots
bsd-games:  rot13 sail snake snscore teachgammon trek wargames worm worms wtf
bsd-games:  wump
bsd-games: Adds a call to 'fortune' to /etc/profile.d/ so that users will get a
bsd-games: fortune message when they log in.



File: 1656567414918.gif (491.71 KB, 192x144, YESS!!.gif)

Why have I never looked these up before? You rule.


I’m bringing this up because diablo 3 had a lot of it. There’s no demons exploding and bleeding out violently how tf am I supposed to be excited for this toddler shit without seeing peoples ripped off? Not to mention how the ragdolls don’t even exist, it’s all pre made animations(which is still cool) but then l4d2 also had that and rag dolls and people exploding so wtf

Why can’t I live out my fantasies of mass executing demons and other monsters alike in the most violent way possible???? Also wheres the casual nudity?
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The map is more barren than my fridge on a Friday night and your concerned with the game not being edgy enough? This game is looking like it’s not even gonna have any content in it even with procedural generation


If you look in the gameplay trailer actually there is quite a lot of blood and dismemberment, especially with the Barbarian. It is just that they have toned it down in comparison and made it disappear after a short while to prevent lag.


No not really
It’s all rag dolls, they didn’t even add in blood decals. And those rag dolls aren’t even good there like the highly flingable and constantly twitching ones you see in games like fallout 76, destiny or warframe


They probably left it out of the showcase then, but the previous updates clearly show gore effects.


>they didn’t even have something as basic as a functioning rag doll and gore system in place and decided three years ago was the best time to showcase immortal

My Christ if this game hasn’t been in development since season 12 of diablo 3 it’s gonna be another anthem, they already fucked up with immortal not just in pissing off the community but making money off it as their cash cow china flat out banned them while their own monetization system is too predatory for even whales to spend money on. Diablo 4 based on blizzards past behaviour and the state of the studio on a a general basis means at best is gonna come out mediocre


The game that was supposed to take in billions of long term cash has been obliterated by china due to violations of blizzards PR team meaning immoral is banned in the Netherlands Belgium and the cash cow blizzard was counting on china. Lace that in with the newly discovered even more p2w with mechanic of awakened gems in the game has now got most of whoever still played this game free to play only as the game has outpriced the people it was trying to milk.
The effects on blizzard are noticeable and here’s some examples
>they’re now relying on trying to get their developers to market their games not just immoral rather than the marketers
>blizzard despite all the micro transactions has been recorded to be pulling less revenue than it first started off especially with major games like WoW having visibly less profit production due to all the players who subscribed having left ages ago
>more and more staff not just the developers anymore are leaving on either a daily or weekly basis damaging revenue output even more along with screwing over the quality of anything they put out, game or advertisement
>due to sheer corruption bobby kotic has been in place of activision once more right after the entire gaming community bore witness to their scandals over misconduct and a lesser known horror known as “the stolen breast milk incident”
The studio on a general basis is collapsing and as time passes I doubt anybody at either blizzards fan base or the studio directly is planning on sticking around out of fear of being stuck with another “Konami”
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I mean the 500k figure is the estimated cost to get 10/10 gear in every category, so in a way it's a little misleading, the devs probably only were interested in how much it costs to get a top level gem in one category. But it's still their fault so whatever.


That’s assumed RNG is also on your side

Fucking hell man. This games a perfect example of why RNG systems are outdated and need to die in games, the only reason why diablo immortal hasn’t been flat out shut down for loot boxes is because you can’t actually pay directly for them, I wouldn’t even be surprised if the awakened gem thing isn’t the only hidden monetization mechanic and only a few days later the community finds something new. Either way immortal doesn’t have a future, they outpriced the whales that they were relying on to buy shit from their game and china flat out banned them meaning a massive fucking portion of revenue isn’t available for them


More AI blogposting. Clickbait and half-truths masqueraded as news. Keep it to your single fucking thread. Stop making a new one for every goddamn schizoid thought you put out.


Keep posting threads OP.


Yep, keep it up OP.


>theyre really fucking slow
Before BR games were a thing they were mostly fast paced mini games, like minecraft hunger games. Modern BR shooters typically will have the player jump from a flying object and land wherever they want there junk

This is a terrible approach as this means players aren’t pressured to quickly get what they need, this also means it’s likely players can simple avoid coming into contact with their opponents making most BR matches overglorified searches for finding opponents. BRs should instead design matches so that players in a lobby all spawn right next to each other at the center of the map where most of the best loot in game is ensuring players get their shit fast before the long part of the match starts
Another problem with maintaining pacing in BRs is how fucking long it takes for the map to apply pressure to where the player is. 2-5 fucking minutes at the start of a round just to close the map by a smidtch even once is too fucking long even if the lobby is big, at minimum 40 seconds should be the default for all circle enclosements to ensure players aren’t just lying around and actually use their time better while playing. When these features aren’t included it doesn’t make the game reward aggressive and skilled play but rather camping and waiting out the agonizingly long minutes until the match ends
>RNG is awful in literally any pvp game
It’s kind of obnoxious how it’s 2022 and competitive games still have RNG mechanics in games, in BRs it’s even dumber to have RNG on item drops and where they spawn as it essentially means there’s no reason to move towards a specific location as you’ll either always or never get what you want, this also means players are less likely to compete over items causing again long as periods of doing nothing all round. As for shit like spread patterns while hip firing/ADS, damage output, special drop locations you get the point it’s the same reasons established above

I hate battle royales not just for being a fucking snooze fest that require zero skill to play but also for how less fucking boring and slow they could be if someone considered building them better, fucking apex and warzone only got recognized for not being slow as shit and even then in any round you’ll still find these long ass stretches where nothing ever fucking happens. Also remove all the bots in these games holy it’s even shitPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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if you wanted 'quick and intense' you wouldn't play a battle royale in the first place


Minecraft hunger games and skywars literally prove battle royales don’t have to be slow at all


>he plays minecraft for the pvp


As opposed to?


Bro literally the most fun I’ve had in battle totaled was war zone because it was fast paced and encouraged players to play aggressively rather than hide in the same place like in PUBG or abuse movement mechanics to run away from every fight like in apex before all the actually fun movement mechanics like bhopping, pathfinders grappling hook etc all got fucking nerfed

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